The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a giant book to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Kah' scribed in dull yellow ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Kah's book..

Author: Kah Date: Tue Dec 2 19:56:57 2008 Subject Journal Excerpt: Coming to Terms It has been a few weeks since Rostane had taken me on as his apprentice. He placed a task before me to earn that right and I accomplished it with finesse. Of course it was a simple assignment to locate three scrolls, potions and wands that couldn't be bought or made by our brethren. I collected some potions from the creatures of Zahn, as well as, a scroll from a merman on the river within the forest. Next I travelled to Thalos and collected a scroll from a mimic. My travels took me to Gerighelm where the Troubadours were pleased to provide me with their magical instruments. Finally I went and visited a scholar in Palanthas to obtain a boring scroll. On my way back to the tower I confiscated a crystaline wand from a goblin mage. Returning to the tower of the white robes I relinquished my charges to my Shalafi, as well as, giving him a report on their qualities. He was pleased with my thorough detailing of the nine items I had collected and set me on a new task. After storing the mystical objects I had given him he fetched a White, leather-bound book from a pocket within his robes and handed it to me. He told me to begin studying the book and that when I finished he would test me on the knowledge I had learned from within. I quickly went through the book learning the spells and secrets contained within. Today was one such day. I was visiting the town of Tantallon using the practice yard for my studies. I pulled out a piece of licorice and began passing it through some mystic motions and whispered some words of power. As the magic began to take hold of my body I felt a slight prickling sensation cross over my skin and the guards around me began to look as if they were moving in slow motion. However, I knew that it was truly myself moving more quickly and my senses were heightened. Since I had enhanced my reflexes I decided to enhance my strength as well. I removed a carapace of a dung beetle from a pouch and proceeded to pass that through more mystic passes and recited more words of power. Immediately my body tensed with the tightening of my muscles. I felt ready to begin my other practices and ordered the elemental I had purchased from the Conclave Summoner to begin combat with me. As I dodged the Elemental's strikes and recited words of arcane power many lightning bolts flew from my hands and battered the lumbering chunk of rock and earth. After several hours of intense training the Elemental finally succumbed to my magical onslaught. As the creature crumbled into unmoving clumps of clay and shattered stone, the dust of it's destruction billowing into the air I heard someone clapping from behind me. Turning I noticed a Silvanesti Elf standing there granting me the praise. He introduced himself as Darnari, a hopeful mage of Solinari. We discussed his hopes of joining the Conclave and I told him I would pass on his wishes to my superiors and that I would give my recommendations, even though I had no idea how much weight it would hold. Kah'rihn Author: Kah Date: Tue Dec 2 19:58:02 2008 Subject Journal Excerpt: Drawing a Beaker It was only a couple days since I met Darnari in Tantallon. Since then he had met with the Mages of the Conclave and had been inducted into our ranks. It is nice to see another White Robe within the tower. He has been at his own studies and I have spent those last few days finishing up with the book my Shalafi had given me. The last spell held within the old yellowing pages of the white book was an extensive ritual of Summoning. Today I planned to try it out. I left the Tower and headed walked the short distance to the Forest of Zahn where I could preform the ritual in peace. I started out by drawing an intricate symbol upon the earthen ground in the clearing I chose to do this spell in. After the symbol was draw I rummaged through my pouches for the items I needed for the spell. I found them easily and in my left hand I held a small patch of moss and in my right hand I gripped the skull of a lessor demon. I begin the spell with a few incantations then began to circle the symbol, while rubbing the skull with the moss. After circling a quarter of the distance of the symbol I chanted some more incantations and a glow began to form in the center. I paced once more towards making a full circle around the symbol, this time moving the skull in odd patterns around in the air. The glow floating above the center of the symbol started to pulse brighter and brighter, faster and faster. As I reached the halfway point around the symbol I raised the skull into the air and held the moss towards the ground and shouted more incantations of power and beckoning. The glow began to take the shape of something living instead of a shapeless orb. Continuing around the symbol I moved the moss in odd motions towards and away from the symbol, the magic of the spell disintegrating the clump of plantlife it's particles floating towards the glowing form. Reaching the three quarter point around the symbol the shape within the symbol was blinking quickly in bright flashes of changing colors. I recited the next string of arcane commands and cast the skull into the blazing form that was coalescing within the symbol. A blinding flash engulfed the skull and it disappeared, being devoured by the magic. I began to finish the circle around the symbol now moving my empty hands in the precise motions detailed within the book and chanted the remaining evocations of the spell. Reaching the point of beginning I called forth for the being I was calling and turn to face the symbol and watch as the glow faded. As I looked on and watched the spell complete itself, the glow faded and the symbol burned off from the ground in a blinding flash. When the sensation of blindness passed I looked for to see that the spell worked beautifully. I had summoned Darnari to me. He tumbled to the ground and landed on his ass, the quill that he held in his hand flew from his grip and bounced a few times until it came to rest by my feet. It seems that I had summoned him while he was sitting at a desk writing some notes or sorts, or maybe copying some spells in the library into his own spellbooks. I helped him up from the ground and apologized for the inconvenience I had caused him and we walked back to the tower laughing about the experience. Once we returned to the tower we retired to the library so I could aid him in his own tasks the best I could without infringing on his master's good graces. Kah'rihn Author: Kah Date: Tue Dec 2 19:58:52 2008 Subject Journal Excerpt: Brewsters Choice It was great news to find out that Darnari would be a fellow apprentice under Rostane. We worked together on our studies whenever we could. However my studies today were something I was delving into for personal intrigue. I spent the day in a stuffy laboratory with many empty beakers and a wide assortment of spell components. The door to the small room was closed and locked so no one could disturb me, or for any unpleasant results from my practices to affect or harm anyone else. As I set up to brew a potion I took a book from my pack and laid it open to the page I needed on the strong vallenwood table I chose for the task. Grabbing an empty vial I whispered a word of power and waved my empty hand over it and it filled with crystal clear water. I placed the beaker upon a heating device and turned to gather some ingredients from the left-hand side of the table. I measured out an ounce of powdered nightshade leaves and two grams of crushed volcanic rock then added them to the water. Picking up a pair of silver tongs I lifted the boiling potion from the heat and began to roll the bottom against the flame seven times. Setting the tube aside to cool I added nine drops of wyvern venom and stirred it counter-clockwise with a diamond rod four time. The mixture sputtered twice then turned a light green. I then added three teeth of a gnomish gear into the potion and grasped the vial in my hands. It suddenly began to frost over and turn a shade of yellow. The concoction began to hiss in a sizzling way and I place it on a stand made to leave the bottom exposed. Gently I placed a small piece of sea sponge gathered from the floor of the blood sea under the tube. Removing a small steel rod from a pouch at my side, I waved it at the sponge while whispering words of power. Suddenly tiny bolts of energy began to arc from the sponge and the round of the vial above. The undergoing potion increased it's hum to a high pitch buzz and started turning blue. Pouring two and a half ounces of liquified walrus blubber to the potion and stirring it with a bone rod clockwise once, counter-clockwise twice in four repetitions calmed the piercing wail the fluid had adopted. As the contents of the glass receptacle reached a full brilliant blue I sprinkled in a pinch of crystal flakes and 12 hornet thoraxes, including stingers. As the particles floated into the small electrical field near the bottom tiny icicles started to form floating within the fluid and small drops of liquid began sputtering from the top. Requiring a heat source over the top of the potion at this time, which I provided by waving my hand above the bubbling potion's opening. The glint of a quik reflection from something concealed in my palm beckoned a small contained flame to envelop the very edges of the mouth of the bottle. I began to blend in an ounce of ground white dragon scales into the potion with a rod made of bronze. After the ingredient was mixed thoroughly into the bluish concoction I grasped the middle of the beaker and my fingers began to frost over as I cooled the liquid. Instantly the potion flashed and the sparks ended and the flame extinguished, seemingly to be sucked into the potion. The liquid began to regain a normal fluidity then turned a deep crimson red. It was complete. After all the meticulous motions and measurements, I had succeeded in making a working potion of Protection against the Elements. Kah'rihn Author: Kah Date: Tue Mar 24 23:22:41 2009 Subject Haven Sent Many thoughts and feelings were running through my head as I left the prescense of my former Master, Rostane. He had just gifted me with an object of great importance. The light book with the blue spine weighed lightly upon my hip inside of the tylor scale pouch that was fastened to my belt. The possession of it weighed greatly upon my thoughts. I rounded many corners of the tower and decended many steps as I wound my way to the one door that led to the grounds outside. I saw no one on my travels throughout the halls which I greatly appreciated for I wanted to tell know one of my departure. As I entered the forum that housed the door I sought I slowed my pace to take in the last images of the tower I would be seeing for some time. The anteroom was barely furnished with only having a bench on either side of the room and a few paintings hanging on the walls. Four fluted columns held the barrel spined ceiling overhead. The images of the room and the sense of home that it inspired would stay with me throughout the journey. Approaching the dark wood door with no handle it swung open for me without the hint of a sound. Stepping through the door it closed behind me just as easily and quietly. Staring across the lush green courtyard that spread out before me I could see the trees of the magical forest of Wayreth. Taking a deep breathe and releasing it I started towards the dark woods before me. As the trees began to close in around me I noticed that I never once needed to change my course. Trees surrounded me, however my path was straight and unempedded. It was if the forest was helping me on my journey. After only a few hours of walking through the bright forest of Wayreth I began to notice that the trees and surroundings were beginning to change slightly. Soon the trees were no longer the dark oak of the forest surrounding the tower but were now small vallenwoods and various other trees denoting an area somewhere close to Solace. It didn't take long wandering through these new woods when the signs of civilization began to show. I could see the smoke from cooking fires and smell the scents of the food cooking upon them. The lights of a small city began to show and I quickly made it to a lightly guarded gate leading into the small town. "Greetings Traveler and welcome to Haven. So what brings you here at this hour of the night?", the older of the two guards on duty spoke as I approached. The other guard stood there looking towards the woods casually listening for any sign of trouble. Looking around at my surroundings I spoke to the guard in a pleasant tone, "I am here for some lodging for the night and in the morning I shall be looking to hire some people to accompany on my travels." "As long as you start no trouble your welcome here. And try the Taverns or the Market Place to find some adventurers.", the older guard spoke as he waved me through. "Thank you." I said to him with a slight nod as I stepped under the arch of the gateway and started into town. The streets were kept fairly clean but the smells of alchohol and animals still filled the air. It only took me a few moments to find an Inn to find lodge for the evening. The small pudgy innkeeper served me a small plate of roast mutton and some steamed vegetables in my room which I quickly finished. Leaving the plates from my finished meal upon the table by my bed to be taken down tomorrow when I woke, I fell asleep before my head even hit the pillow. Author: Kah Date: Wed Mar 25 21:15:11 2009 Subject [FWD] Journal Excerpt: Testing my Patience Day of Shinarai, 11th the Month of Hiddumont. 345 PC The day started out as any other. I began the day studying the many arcane book I have collected during my time in the Conclave. I was midway through commiting a difficult spell to memory when a Knock on my chamber door broke my concentration. Looking towards the door I called, "Enter." As the door opened silently an initiate with long auburn hair and fair skin entered and approached me. Coming to a stop in front of me her bright emerald green eyes sparkled in admiration and she spoke softly. "Master Rostane bids you to attend him." She quickly bowed and left my chambers, closing the door behind her without waiting for me to say anything in reply. This was an odd summons and thoughts of what it could pertain to tumbled about my mind as I tidied up my chambers before setting off to Rostane's chambers. It only took a few minutes to reach the chamber, the door sitting ajar as I approached. I knocked on the door as I stepped over the doorway into the quaint room. "Master Rostane, you wished to see me?", I asked as I came before himsitting in a high backed oaken chair padded in some white material that looked pleasantly soft. "Ah, Kah'rihn. Follow me.", Rostane said as he stood and walked from the room. I had no choice so I followed him as he wound an erratic path through the tower, which finally ended at a plain oak door in the middle of a long empty hallway. Standing to the side of the door he gestured for me to enter. I placed my hand on the door and pushed gently and the door didn't move, but my hand passed through the wood as if it wasn't really there. I stepped through the door and was suddenly submerged in complete darkness. I heard no sounds, felt nothing around and was completely blind. Without knowing where I was or what was around me I began to walk ahead senseless. After hours of travel, or what felt like hours since there was no way of judging time in this empy dark place, a strange glow appeared in the distance before me. Thankful for any change in the scenery I headed towards the light with a quick gait. As I drew nearer the light began to take on the shape of a glowing white door. The white door stood there a stark contrast to the blackness that surrounded it. Approaching the door I tried to feel the blackness framing the shimmering white door and met with no resistance. I poked my head around the edge of the door to notice the door was identical on the other side, a slice of light shooting from the ground up into the darkness. Standing in front of the door I reached out and placed my hand on the flat surface. The white material was solid to the touch and extremely smooth and it felt cool against my skin. Taking a deep breath I pushed on the door. Nothing happened. I pushed harder upon the door. Still nothing happened. Taking a few steps back and glaring at the door in frustration I began to go through my mental list of spells that could help. Whispering a word of magic meant to unlock magical locks I touched the door with the index finger of my left hand. The door stood stoicly, nothing changing. I shot out several other spells meant to unlock various things in quick succession to no avail. My frustration was beginning to build. So I tried a weak attack spell. A single arrow of pure magical energy shot from my fingertip and flew towards the door. The missile disipated against the door causing it to flash red quickly then returning to the pure white so fast it was barely noticable. Noticing the change however, I tried a more powerful spell. Going through the arcane movements while using the correct and tediously measured spell components I spoke the arcane words to unleash a blask of acid to douse the door. The wave disipated as soon as it made contact and flashed black as quickly as it had red. The door stood unscarred, unblemished and still glowing as brilliantly white. I dropped to the ground and sat cross legged three feet from the door. I just sat there for what seemed hours staring at the bright doorway. The surgace shifting like it was floating through the darknesss and incomplete clouds were passing before it. My mind began to drift towards thoughts of my patron diety, Solinari. The warmth I always get when his light shines down on me during the darkest nights began to seep throughout my body. Smiling to myself or maybe to the gods, I ushered a prayer to Solinari, the white moon, of Thanks for always guiding me through the darkest of times. A sense of calm flowed throughout my body as I stood determined to enter this doorway. Closing the gap between myself and the door quickly I placed my left hand on the left edge and my right hand upon the upper righthand corner and uttered the word "Soluisis". Suddenly the white doorway began to swell and round out taking on the shape of the white moon in the night sky in high sanction. I looked down as I began to feel the pull of gravity take hold of my body to see the tower of wayreth very far below. I began to pick up speed as I plummeted towards the tower, it's spires coming closer and closer by every second. I still felt calm as I began to come perilously close to the sharp point above the main tower, I was in Solinari's hands. Right before I slammed straight into the top of the tower a white door appeared before me and I landed safely on the otherside in a small room with a table in the center. There were no doors so I walked to the table and looked at the top. Laying there atop the table was a neatly folded white robe. Picking up the robe I pulled it on over my head. Suddenly the robes began to melt away from my body and seemed to be sucked into the dur of my normal attire. As the transformation of my robes completed the table disappeared and a mirror appeared on the wall before me. In the mirror I saw myself in the white robes of Solinari with the white moon shining behind my in the reflection. However, I could see the faint shadows of both the red and black moons behind and to the left and right of Solinari. Instantly I was back standing before the door with Rostane. A smile shone upon his face as he spoke, "Good job, you passed. I had passed the test of High Sorcery. Author: Kah Date: Tue Feb 23 05:43:43 2010 Subject Petition of an Archmage (Pt.1) Standing on the barren dias that the seats of the Conclave of Wizards encircled, filled me with great pleasure and some horrid dread, as I pled my case to the order. The faces of my fellow mages looking down at me in a wide array of expressions. The numerous Black robes had looks ranging from hatred to disgust, disinterest to completely ignoring me. The Reds, less in number then the Blacks were bickering more between themselves then giving the attention properly entitled to an Archmage. And the Whites all listened intently though their numbers were very few and barely filled the minimum for attendance. The leaders of the Conclave sat in their respective seats and did their positions credit and held themselves in accordance to the doctorine as I spoke, each word being weighed with the greatest of sincerity and consideration. For they knew that what I spoke of had importance to the future of our orders, as their gaze shifts uncomfortablely to the vacant seat for the High Archmage of the Whites. My arguement continues, "not too recently I was sent on a mission to retrieve Archmage Ciskei from the Seven Kingdoms. They had arrested him for accosting one of their ranking officials and needed to be escorted back here." Turning to face the order of the red robes I scanned their numbers for the Archmage to no avail, hoping his presense would help to influence the others. "Shortly after returning I set off to continue some research I had started before that mission had detained me. I heard of some ice formations in icewall that had some magical properties that could be applied in many fashions." The mention of a new source of more magic caused those that had until then only listened half-heartedly to listen with great fervor. I never skipped a beat in my heated explaination of what I felt would be the most beneficial for our survival within this world. "The trip took me many months and was a perilous quest to undertake, which I am sure you understand. The environs of Icewall are very harsh and unhospitable to those who do not naturally inhabit and dangers lurk hidden within the whiteness stretching in all directions." The words of my convictions began to fuse with the memories in my mind and I slowly began to feel as if I was reliving the events instead of telling the tales of.... @------\___________________________________________________________/------@ The cold chill of the air bit into my skin as I wandered the slick and deadly plains of ice. To any onlooker it would appear as if I was insane, for I wandered this frozen wasteland in clothing that would scarcely protect from sunburn let alone frostbite. The glare of the sun reflecting off the thick ice made seeing more then a few feet ahead impossible. Even with the many dangers lurking about and the lack of my senses I trudged on looking for the signs of the cavern that the ice formation could be found. I stumbled across a few of the natural wildlife as I searched for this cave. Seals with slick luxourious hides and fierce bears that breathed frost at close range before they bit their meal. Before long I began to notice the signs of cracked and buckled folds in the surface of the ice, a note that I was getting close to what I sought. As I walked on the terrain gradually became more and more ridged and before long I came across the frozen over enterance to the caverns that resided below. Holding my right arm at shoulder height, extended to the side, elbow slightly cocked, and the hand held like it was grasping ahold of something, I uttered a command devised through years of practice and and structuring. A staff of a pure white material faded into view grasped between my fingers. It's cool smooth surface pulsed with an energy of life that was it's own and could be felt, merging with my own lifeforce. (To be continued...) Author: Kah Date: Tue Feb 23 05:53:38 2010 Subject Petition of an Archmage (Pt.2) A great pleasure coursed through my being as I connected finally to the magic I had long sought. It appeared to be time to undertake the responsibilities I had seen far approaching. This was the first time I had been able to complete the spell, to summon a Staff given with the blessing of Solinari, and made from his flesh. The length of the staff appeared of be smoothed, carved wood, but felt as tho it was made of marble or some other sleek stone. Atop the staff the cap resembled a three-quarter full moon, the crescent facing upward a blade to slice through the barriers of magic. Taking hold of the weapon in both hands I tapped the ice with the butt end and the enterance began to unfold itself im miniscule blocks that added together till great slabs were sliding out of my path and forming a sturdy stairwell leading down. Taking the steps I gradually made my well into the blue tinted depths of th caverns. Spiky formations of crystal pruded from the edges of the steps and walls and spotted along the cavern ceiling. Stopping to inspect a fairly large cluster halfway down the decent I noticed that these crystals of ice gave off a bluish glow. However these deposits were fairly weak in whatever magic they held and I could not get a good enough reading on what the magic meant. It seemed a storm had started above ground for the sound of the wind gusts echoed along the tunnels through the caverns. As I rounded a corner the winds stopped, I had stumbled upon a dragons lair. From the looks of the dragon he was quite old and therefor very dangerous. His white scales were slick with caked on ice and he seemed to glow with a strong blue magical energy. It seemed this dragon was what fed the ice crystals their magic. Seeing me entering his lair the ancient white dragon rose into a crouch and swiveled its head towards me, stopping only a few yards from me. His deep voice shook the ground and walls of the cavern and small chunks of ice crashed to the ground all about us. Some even glanced off the hard scales of the dragon taking some of the glowing crystals along as they fell to the floor. "Welcome Magi of the White Moon. I wondered how long it would take before one of "your" kind found out about this place.", the dragon stress on the word your brought my attention to several skeletal remains half frozen into the floor and walls of the lair. "Before I eat you pretty robe, I want to tell you what you will be missing out on. To help torture your last moments in this world." Shifting his weight and easing his bulk into a groove before continuing the dragon spoke, "Your kind is losing grace in this world. Your members bicker and fight amonst them selves. The members of your orders are confining themselves and shutting off the world, and the world does not wait for them. The is no structure within the magic anymore and the power of the moons are dwindling." A sinister glint crosses his eye as he rumbles out the last words before exhaling a plume of frost from his gigantic maw. As the cloud of sparkling death approached with sickening speed I held the staff I still clenched before me, my faith in the God of Good Magic strengthening my bond with the weapon. The force of the impact skided me back a couple feet but I had been unharmed. A roar of pure hatred rang through the cave as the dragon noticed his meal had escaped storage preparation and the ground trembled as it charged it's prey. Wispering a few words I suddenly appeared on the opposite side of the chamber a grand distance from the beast that had been attacking me so viciously. (To be Continued...) Author: Kah Date: Tue Feb 23 06:12:44 2010 Subject Petition of an Archmage (Pt.3) Before the wyrm could track me down and realize I had eluded him I began to conjure great borrowing beasts with thick hides that protected them from the sharp stone and metal ores they tunneled through. The worms latched onto the dragon, their sawlike maws boring through the thick and powerful scales. Blasts of frost and frenzied claws slew a few of the minions I besought upon the beast, but sending a blast of brillant energy from my staff pierced his skull where a worm bad eatten through the scales before being destroyed. With a quivering shock the dragon colapsed into a heap the worms still eatting their fill before vanishing and returning to where they had been summoned. The corpse had been ravaged by the mindless things I had summoned but one large scale still thickly caked in the ice remained to my pleasure. Taking the scale I left the cavern and once again on the surface I utter the words that would return me to the tower of the white robes in Wayreth forest. The thought of returning home brought me back to the convention before me, apparently I had continued to put up a good arguement while I was lost in memory.... @------\___________________________________________________________/------@ "I returned to the tower to find that even in the short absense I had been gone that the white robes had dwindled more. We are in dire need of leadership.", I look over those in attendance once more. A few of the black robes had begun to whisper amongst themselves and the red robes had all but left the meeting. "For the good of the orders and for that of magic I should take over as High Archmage of the White robes." A beam of white light highlights me atop the dias, this occurance snapping the attention of the conclave to me. A voice seems to fill the air, a masculine voice full of wisdom and compassion "Kah'rihn, You have shown your devotion to the magic of the moons." A sense of calm overtakes me as quiet consumes the hall. The voice speaks once more, "Today you showed courage by bringing your views before your peers. Today you showed the depth of your loyaly to the orders." The strange feeling of the world shifting underneath me overtakes all other senses and within a moment I am seated within the chair of the High Archmage of the White robes and the voice speaks again. "You will be my conduit within the Orders. With my blessing and faith I send you to guide those seeking magic to our fold. To the safety of our watching." The light fades from the hall and all the others begin to blink and look around in wonder, they had never seen me leave the dias. Noticing my new position sent gasps amongst the rows of mages. Snarls of spite and anger befiled the air around the black robes and remarks of envy and ignorance tainted the air around the reds. The whites sat quietly accepting in their patron's decision and glad to have a figure to look up to. Looking to the seats of the leaders of the other orders I noticed looks of welcome and pleasure upon the faces of both great men. They showed great faith in me, and I will live up to it. (The End) Author: Kah Date: Sat Feb 27 09:25:58 2010 Subject Ajantis The day was a brilliant decadence of pupils of the conclave showing off what they had learned during their initial introductions into the orders. One ititiate in particular stood out amongst the others. A human male with brown hair and blue-grey eyes bested almost all of his trials with adequate efficiency and seemed a promising candidate for my teachings. After the mentors had completed all testing of the initiates it was time for the pupils to petition for apprenticeship. The young man approached the tables where they would sign their names in hopes of gaining tutorage from a respected Magi of the Conclave, and noticed me sitting before a petition slip. Taking purposeful strides the man stood before me in no time. Looking me in the eyes the boy picked up the white feather quill of some unknown aviary and signed his name on the parchment. His name was not alone many others had also petitioned to be taught by the High Archmage of the White Robes. I nodded at the young man and a charming smile crossed his lips and he departed to allow others to pen their name with the same hopes he held. Hour drawled by as the countless initiates filed by signing their names and heading back to their dorms to await word of which mentor had accepted them. Collecting the stacks of papers covered with names I headed to the chambers of the initiate Ajantis. Having qualities I admired in a student I anticipated a pleasant response to my tidings. *KNOCK* "Come in." the voice of the occupant called out nervously and with a motion of my hand the door swung open for my admitance. At my appearance all sense of control left the human as he dropped onto his cot staring at me his mouth ajar. "Your studies begin when Solinari reaches his zenith in the sky during his high sanction. Be prepared and I have faith in your abilities." I spoke to the startled young man and turned leaving him there staring at the closing door and my back. I had a few other initiates I wished to see and give them their schedules and the shock of their lifetimes. (OOC: Ajantis is now officially my apprentice. Keep a look out for some coming RP everybody and Ajantis be prepared lol) Author: Kah Date: Sat Mar 6 05:02:13 2010 Subject Mariala A slender Silvanesti woman wandered the halls of the White Tower as the sun began to sink in the sky. Her white robes rustled as she strode absent-mindly towards her destination. She passed a few of the other initiates training in hopes to one day wear the robes of Solinari without ever acknowledging them or even noticing. My chambers were well lit for the hour, the sun had just dropped out of view, but the sky was still bright and cheerful. A light rap upon my door brought my attention from the parchments of complaints and requests from people all across the world. All with hope of the involvement of the Conclave. "Come in." I called out as I signed off on the missive I was reading and I laid the parchment atop a pile to my right. The door swung open and a shy looking Silvanesti woman walked in through the open portal and onto the plush carpet from some exotic place. The floor it covers appears to be made of fine golden sand and strange plants grow from the ground. Coming to stand before my desk I gesture for the young girl to take a seat in the ornate wooden chair she stood before. She took the seat thankfully and spoke up in a very distracted voice, "High Archmage, I have heard of your interesting and unorthodox training you give your apprentices. My current teachers cannot seem to hold my attention with their boring drabble." "Yes I do have a different approach to teaching the ways of Solinari then most other mages of the conclave. As for the request to be one of my chosen apprentices. It took a lot of guts to come here and ask such a thing." I leaned over the desk, my elbows resting on the cool wood as I continued. "I like the show of motivation and think you would do well as one of my students." The shock of what I said struck her with such force she appeared as if she would be bawled over straight out of her chair and onto the carpet. A slight smile of pleasure crossed my lips as I gave her the first instructions as her mentor, "During Solinari's high sanction, when he reaches his zenith in the sky, your studies will begin. Of course I expect you to be prepared for whatever I may throw your way." The Silvanesti just looks dumbstruck that her plan had actually worked and that he studies would begin not too long from now. "Thank you High Archmage. I will be prepared." The smile grew wider at hearing the young girl's words, "You are excused now, my time is needed spent on other duties. You will hear from me when the time is right." Mariala stood and bowed to me and began to step towards the door, stopping just shy of being in reach of the knob. Turning to face me once more she asks, "May I ask what all the sand is about?" She scuffs the sand beneath her feet to punctuate her question. "It keeps me connected to my home.", I turn back to the stack of papers before me my attention returning to the important issues before me. I hardly noticed her departure, though I knew my response left her unfulfilled. (OOC: Mariala is now officially my apprentice. Keep a look out for some coming RP everybody and Mariala be prepared lol) Author: Kah Date: Wed Mar 10 06:15:18 2010 Subject Leonard The night had flown by in a blur as I pieced together a plan to help the initiates of the conclave by imbuing the elementals with stronger energy. Gathering the four elementals the initiates would be using to aid and protect them from the Master summoner I left the tower and entered the forest of Wayreth. By the time I found an appropriate location to try the spell safely the sun had broken the horizen and the forest was ablaze with mosiac beams of light. The clearing was a complete and true circle of a variety of trees and other peculiar plants and seemed to vibrate with its own energy. It appeared as though the forest sensed my intent and wished to aid in my endeavor. Walking around the parameter of the glade, I sprinkled soot ashes as I went and whispered "Suiota conzvil pryvhid" at each cardinal point. Completing the circle a shimmering field highlighted the edge instantly, shielding my actions from the sight of all. All four of the elementals stood outside the barrier looking around bewildered at my disappearance. Taking position on the southern axis of the circle I drew and arcane symbol depicting water and ice. Next I crossed over to the northern axis and scribed into the ground a symbol for earth. Following that I took place on the eastern axis and scorched the arcane sigil for flame and fire. Lastly i etched the sigil for air and lightning over the western axis. Phasing out a reappeared in the center of the prepared spell foci. Facing each sigil in turn from south to north, east to west, I chant out the corresponding spells to embue the elementals with greater power. To the south I hold a piece of star metal, reciting the words "Iscus Shiid". An orb of freezing force forms inches above the sigil, convulsing with a life of its own. To the north I hold a fistful of soil, reciting the words "Erra Shiid". An orb of dust forms inches above the sigil, convulsing with a life of its own. A force of stasis and absorbtion radiates from this sphere. To the east I hold a fiery brand, reciting the words "Flarima Shiid". An orb of fiery force forms inches above the sigil, convulsing with a life of its own. To the west I hold some metal filings, reciting the words "Buozz Shiid". An orb of electrical force forms inches above the sigil, convulsing with a life of its own. Raising my hands to the sky I called out for the elementals to transcend space and into the vortexes of energy hovering above their marks. The shapes of the beings began to form hazily, slowly progressing to more solid form. Before completing their transfer a Silvanesti elf stumbles through the barrier of the circle toppling the structure of magic I had worked for so tediously. The elementals all exploded in a fury as the power I had hoped to instill them with consumed them. Looking at the elf I noticed he was wearing dingy white robes, probablely bought from an aghar tailor by the looks of the quality. He also was not alone. Several other elves accompanied him wearing a variety of robe styles and colors. Storming over to the elf that had disrupted my procedure I shouted, "You ruined everything!". Calming myself I lowered my tone and continued, "I see that you all have an aura of magic about you. And I assume you are all headed to the tower of high sorcery?" In unison they all reply confirmation to my assumptions. I think to myself how I can get back at the elf responsible for spoiling my experiment. "You are going to be working off what you spoiled...". (OOC: Leonard is now my apprentice. He is in for some fun. Keep a lookout for some RP and Leonard be prepared lol) Author: Kah Date: Wed Mar 10 06:51:30 2010 Subject Shedding Light I stood inside a barren room within the tower of the white robes, chosen for its alignment with Solinari when it reached the zenith in the sky. Tonight the white moon would be in high sanction, the pinacle of his power. I mediated as I awaited the arrival of my apprentices. An hour before the required time of the lesson the three apprentices shuffled in drowsily and took up seats on the floor in front of me. We all sat quietly as the pure moon of good magic climbed the heavens to finally rest in its full glory high above the world. A blinding light filled the room and an image wavered in the air between the gathered mages depicting a strange humanoid creature known as a Disir, half dwarf, half insect. The beast stumbled along through dark and interesting tunnels of some far off and unexplored underground catacombs. Carried strapped to its torso the insectoid had a large satchel filled with an assortment of magical artifacts that blazed with untold powers and knowledge. Turning a corner within the tunnel the humanoid stood before the carved and crafted doorway to what appeared to be an ice slicked archway to a temple dipicting images of Solinari and his followers. Crossing through the pristine white marble archway the creature stalked purposefully inside the temple and into a room cached with artifacts of the gods of magic. Sensing it was being watched the Disir spun and glared in my direction, two eyes glowed below the hard, smooth surface of his shelled face and gazed into my own. The connection disapated the vision and the room dimmed back into darkness. A concern of our patron god had been shown to my apprentices and myself. I looked at the human sitting between the two silvanesti and instructed him to go and start research into the race of the Disir. We needed to know everything about that being and what importance it played with our order. Facing the male Silvanesti I instructed him to research any and all temples dedicated to the god of good magic. Knowing the place we would be traveling too and what knowledge or dangers it could offer would be very valuable in our quest. The Silvanesti woman looked at me with a hopeful smile upon her face. I bid her to fashion a spell that would allow us to lull the creature into peaceful interaction with our entrouge when we confront it. I dismissed them to their duties as I left to make preparations and conduct my own research. The outline of a familiar magic caught my attention from within the satchel the Disir had just horded within its home. (OOC: Everyone keep a look out for some upcoming RP to continue this storyline as I embark on the wonderful world of mentoring the young magi of the world!!)

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