The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a dirty book showing much wear to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Kamafal' scribed in dull orange ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Kamafal's book..

Author: Kamafal Date: Sat May 30 13:07:19 2009 Subject The Search for Kin The harsh chill winds stung his backside as he marched across the frozen wastelands of Icewall. He had lived in seclusion all his life, never knowing his mother or another of his kin. Anyone or anything he had ever met he had killed, such was the way of survival in these frozen planes his worst enemy of them all. Across his back was a massive axe from a large lizard creature he had found half frozen in the snow. Trudging through the almost waist deep snow, not a moan or grunt of complaint for his body accustomed to plowing through the snow it was just another day, but today he had a bit of spring in his steps a purpose. Today was the day Kamafal was to leave Icewall, to find his Kin... or some more creatures to kill. Noticing the sun ever slowly but constantly moving to set Kamafal quickened his pace, He had to make the passes soon, within a few days they would be blocked by hundreds of tons of snow, making it nearly impassible if not difficult for this massive ogre. Night had fallen and the temperatures had dropped, most creatures would not be able to function or move in such frigid conditions but it didn't seem to bother Kamafal much his skin thickened to a degree that the deadly chills could not settle into his body, this very same skin that saved his life over and over again acting as a second armour per say. Many a foe believing they had finally received an opening in the ogre's defense would slash, hack or stag towards an opening to see they have barely bruised or scratched their foe, moments later they would lay there for eternity pondering what had happened as their head lay split. Kamafal came to a hault, Looking in the distance he smiled... the first signs of civilization lay in the horizon below him. Kamafal did not know the name of the place he saw in the distance or who lived there, but it was a start. His strength renewed Kamafal shouldered his packs once again, he would skip camping out tonight... A long ways he still had ahead of him. Author: Kamafal Date: Sat May 30 14:31:56 2009 Subject The Search for Kin Part II He stood before a large sign staked into the road... the large written letters where barely legible not that it would of meant anything to Kamafal. Kamafal knew no written language, or spoken language for that matter. He knew the language of battle, he knew death cries, cries of anguish and war cries. So what did the large letters spelling out 'Tarsis' mean to him? Walking closer to the city Kamafal noticed that many things along the path were extremely burnt... more burnt then any fire Kamafal has ever seen caused. Only pausing for a moment Kamafal continued on down the path. Horns blew an alarm... A warning. Already an arrow protruded from kamafal's thick hide. As soon as he had approached the gates, someone called out to him in a language he did not understand... so not knowing to heed he continued towards the gate when an arrow struck his upper left thigh, then the horns blew. Clenching his fist he slammed it down on the arrow smashing it a sunder, not even grunting in pain. Creatures swarmed out of the gates... Kamafal had never seen this many people in one time, there must have been twenty of them. Lizard creatures, pink skinned men, of which had seen before in his days in Icewall but there were others short green creatures that almost resembled himself but weaker, in sufferer. A big grin revealing kamafal's large tusks spread across his face, he loved a challenge. Letting out his loud feral battle cry, he unslung his axe and started towards his opponents, one of the pink skinned men started a head of the crowd and started talking in his language none of which Kamafal understood. "Stand down ogre, or you will face the wrath of the dragonar..." He never had a chance to finish whatever he was saying to Kamafal for his head lay on the ground. The others of the group in alarm drew their weapons and swarmed Kamafal, surrounding him leaving no room for escape. Never has Kamafal retreated nor had a need to escape... Stepping forward he started swinging his axe with no particular style other then complete brute force. With one sweep of his axe he cleaved one of the pink skinned men in half armour and all, and felled another nearby lizard in the same sweep. Felling a sharp stinging sensation across his back Kamafal turned around blocking another stick with his axe well at the same time pushing outwards putting the small green creature on his back another ran towards his letting go of his axe with one hand he grabbed the creature by the neck and lifted him of the ground strangling his life-force out of him while swinging his axe in large arcs keeping the others at bay. They stood back in amazement that a creature could even wield an axe that large in one hand. It was short lasted, they swarmed forward again. Something drove hard into his knee bringing him down to his knees, seeing the opportunity another crashed their sword into the top his kamafal's head. The creature in his hands ceased to struggle but Kamafal just clenched harder another weapon drew into him. Slowly losing consciousness he swung his axe again cleaving a leg from another, not sure which creature though for everything was becoming blurry. Another creature finally put an end to the fight with a hard drive to the top of the ogres head with his hammer. Kamafal feel to the ground. To the people he was dead, but in reality he was just badly hurt. Author: Kamafal Date: Sun May 31 11:55:38 2009 Subject A meeting (Last Nights RP) * Kamafal Groans and stirs, slowly opening his eyes as streams of painful light pour in threw his eye cracks. * * Ainuna looks at the figure as he starts to move and quickly pulls her dagger. She stands up studying the man more then twice her size. * Ainuna ICs in goblin 'Well it's about time I have work to do you know. Can't wait all day for you to help me.' * Kamafal completely opens his eyes, noticing the figure standing before him, still fuzzy for his vision isn't completely back reaches for his axe, but to his dismay realizes it is not nearby. * Ainuna ICs in goblin 'See, Ainuna is smart enough to take away your toys...' * Ainuna points to the large axe on the other side of the small clearing. * * Kamafal seems confused not understanding a word coming from the figures mouth, grunts with displeasure and bears his fangs * * Ainuna pulls her dagger in to his view and smirks down at him. * * Kamafal eyes slowly start to close, never realizing their hold on the creature ahead of him * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'now is this any way to treat someone who has saved your lunk head life? No, you owe me your gratitude And I will gets it from you one way or another.' Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'besides you in no shape to be fighting even lil ol me' * Kamafal stares, completely confused by the sounds being emitted from the creature standing close by. * * Ainuna continues to study the ogre while biting on her lower lip, obviously trying to think. * * Ainuna glances out toward the road and back at him once again and nods approvingly at him. * * Kamafal strains himself completely rising to his knees, a howl slides from his mouth as pain shots through his body almost blacking out again. * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'You killed quite a few of those lunk head dragon men, so obviously you're strong...or were...' * Ainuna easily pushed him back down forcing him to rest once again. * * Kamafal senses the pity in the eyes of the creature before him, growing angry ignoring all signs of pain or strain stands to his feet growling in victory. * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'well come on spill it, you must have something to say....thank you would be a good start.' * Kamafal growls again becoming ever so tiresome of this creature and its noises that confounded him. * * Ainuna taps her foot impatiently. * * Kamafal clenches his fist, but releases it. For the first time he had met a creature he did not have the urge to kill, though he did not know why * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'what don't you talk or do you only growl. Either way you sure are ungrateful. Sheesh. Ok lunk head, I am Ainuna....I-noon-a. Got it?' * Ainuna points to herself as she introduces herself. * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'Ainuna...I-noon-a' Ainuna ICs in goblin 'Ainuna.' * Kamafal opens his mouth for the first time using it for some thing other then a howl or war cry. * Kamafal ICs in Goblin 'Ainuna' * Kamafal points towards the creature * * Kamafal points to himself and shrugs his shoulders also confused. * * Ainuna nods toward him with a smile on her face her own sharp teeth showing through her grin. * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'Good, now what do I call you?' * Kamafal blinks confused. * * Ainuna shift slightly thinking for a moment then points to him. * * Kamafal hits self in chest with his hands hard and howls ever so defiantly at the corpses surrounding him * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'Kamafal!' * Kamafal strikes himself self in chest again and repeats Ainuna's last words. * You IC in Goblin 'Kamafal' Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'Yes, I think it means deadly one or something, maybe that's not right but I like it?' * Kamafal nods baring his large tusks, his pains and wounds forgotten. * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'Now, Kamafal, we can't stay here too much longer do you think you can walk?' * Ainuna motions with her hands miming her words in action. * * Kamafal takes one step forward, grimaces in pain but ignores it and walks forward toward his axe. * Author: Kamafal Date: Sun May 31 12:02:10 2009 Subject A Meeting p.II (Last Nights RP) * Ainuna trusts he can't do much damage with his injuries as they are, and puts her dagger away. Taking a few moments to clear the area of signs they had been there. * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'Ok I have to stop and tell an old lady about the death of her three sons and find us a place to hide till you're fully healed.' * Kamafal hand reaches out and grasps his axe, which at that instant seems to give him life-force back as he stands up straight and hefts the axe in the air and howls. * * Ainuna mutters to herself as she thinks out loud. * * Ainuna looks up at him slightly amazed at his new found vigor. * * Kamafal notices Ainuna's displeasure and lowers his axe blinking innocently. * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'Ok lunk...I mean Kamafal, lets go.' * Kamafal using one hand heaves the axe across his shoulders and follows slowly behind Ainuna. * * Ainuna smiles reassuringly at him and heads slowly out on to the clear road. * * Kamafal all the while repeating a few words to himself, the first what the creatures at the gate had called him and second what Ainuna had called him * Kamafal ICs in Goblin 'Ogre.... Kamafal.' * Ainuna nods at him with each new word he uses correctly as they travel along. * Ainuna ICs in Goblin 'going to have to try not to call you lunk head anymore, your much more dangerous then my brothers.' Author: Kamafal Date: Thu Jun 4 03:52:18 2009 Subject Surprising findings all around A crackle from the nearby campfire awoke Kamafal. Slowly coming to his senses, he gave a great toothy yawn and stretched out leisurely. A small kick in his side ended his few moments of pleasure, quickly opening his eye's looking for what danger might befall on him. His thoughts were short lived for the face of Ainuna hovered above him, a fond smile found its way across his face "Ugh, Hi Ainuna" and pausing for a moment before continuing "It night still, should you not be out hunting pockets?". Scowling Ainuna kicked Kamafal in the side again, a look of fondness also appearing in her facial features, "Get up you great lunk head" her hand slowly patting something at her side "I have... 'Found' something that will help us." Intrigued Kamafal quickly pushed his great weight off the ground, slowly following behind Ainuna to a large rock being used as a makeshift table. Pulling out a large piece of parchment Ainuna spread it across the crude table. Peering over Ainuna's shoulders, Kamafal began to take a greater interest. "Stop starring over my shoulders you lout!! Come over here and look at this." Nodding Kamafal walked across and stood on the opposite side of the large rock table. Peering down once again, Kamafal started analyzing a very large detailed map. Looking up confused, Kamafal shrugged at Ainuna not understanding. "You really can be thick! This map will help us find your ogre people!" Nodding with understanding, visibly quaking with excitement Kamafal barely caught Ainuna's words "So here is where I figure you crossed over from Icereach" She pointed just west of a place labeled Zeriak, "And this is the route you took, at least that I can figure to reach Tarsis." She quickly traced a line from Icereach to Tarsis. "And here we are now" Ainuna pointed to a non-labeled location just east of Tarsis. "So what now?" Kamafal impatiently cut in. "Sheesh you big lunk head, always cutting directly to the point, " Chuckling Ainuna pointed to a place darkly labeled Bloten in a region called Blode. "This is said to be the land of the Ogres... Not that many have ever came back alive" Kamafal nodded, "Then its where I go!" Slowly nodding Ainuna corrected Kamafal, "Were WE go you mean, you lunk headed oaf. You're my favorite lunk head and where I go, you go and where you go I go. And don't you ever forget it." Kamafal slowly backed away smiling knowing Ainuna's temper, he knew better then to oppose, "I go pack then..." Kamafal turned and walked toward his And Ainuna's Cavern. Smiling to herself Ainuna followed after. Author: Kamafal Date: Thu Jun 4 04:01:22 2009 Subject Surpising findings all around p.II ---------------Meanwhile in Neraka--------------- A large ogre adorned in green Dragonarmy armour stood with his partner guard at each side of a large wooden door. Peering down the hallway he saw a human dressed in red Dragonarmy armour walking quickly towards him, and was standing before him in a few quick moments. The middle aged human saluted and the ogre and his companion saluted back in return. "What business do you have with Highlord Luerk?" The human Straightened and returned "I have interesting reports from Tarsis that the Highlord might want to be aware of." Nodding the ogre motioned for his partner to stand in front of the door as he knocked and quickly entered the highlord's quarters. Looking across the room Luerk could be seen sitting behind an enormous wooden desk with his head bowed over the many pages of paperwork in front of him. "Yes?" Luerk asked without looking up. "A red officer is here to report to you from Tarsis" The ogre jerked his thumb towards the door. Looking up for a moment Luerk nodded "Let him enter" nodding the ogre opened the door allowing the human in and taking leave to stand outside the door. "Greetings Highlord" The Officer saluted, "I bear news from Tarsis..." The office then began his tale of the gigantic ogre who had slaughtered many of their men and had himself been dealt many a death blow to only be reported seen limping away from Tarsis with a goblin companion. Luerk nodding walked over to the door and closed it. The ogre guard nudged his companion, "You hear that?" His partner grinned and nodded. That night word about Kamafal started to spread among the higher ranked of the Dragonarmies and also among the ogres. Author: Kamafal Date: Mon Jun 8 18:23:29 2009 Subject A release * Kamafal nodded to himself at his handy work * * Kamafal looking at the solamnic knight pinned up to the wall he stood at the other end of the cavern and loaded his crossbow * * Kamafal hated to stupid hay bales he had to practice on, this was much better. * Kamafal IC's in Goblin 'Stupid shiny man.' * Kamafal raised his crossbow and took aim. * * Garner spits at the ogre, a look of hatred in his eyes. "I'm going to get out of here, and I'm going to skin you alive and make you watch as I eat your organs!" * * Kamafal grins at the mans antics and fires, hitting the man in the shoulders. * * Garner cries out in pain, tears of pain and anger washing over his cheeks as he struggles against his shackles, causing more damage to his shoulder. * * Kamafal fired another at the mans wrist, his aim true the bolt sinking deep into his wrist. * * Ainuna watches from a dark corner, unnoticed and keeps quiet. * Garner IC's in Common 'I'm going to kill you!!! Burn in the abyss you piece of shi...." *He roars again as another bolt strikes him* * Kamafal starts becoming bored with this already, suddenly his eyes open wide with excitement as he grabs some discarded fabric on the ground. Wrapping it around the bolt he places it in the fire for a moment and loads again * You IC in Goblin 'Burn silly man, this be fun.' * Ainuna steps from the shadow and stands behind Kamafal. She remains silent and continues to watch. * * Kamafal taking aim he fires just above the knight's hair catching it on fire as it passes by. * * Garner closes his eyes and shakes his head and banging it against the wall behind him in a attempt to put out the flames. A sick circle of blood starts to form where he keeps bashing his head. * * Garner whimpers, whispering more to himself than anyone else. * "Stop...please...what do you want from me...." Ainuna ICs in Common you enjoying your visit with us Sir?' * Kamafal noting that the man would be unconscious soon he grabs the pot of water boiling over the fire and tosses it over the mans head watching some of his skin boil, the man screaming in agony. * * Garner glares at the newcomer * "What do you want from me!?" * Ainuna Places a hand on Kamafal's arm, holding him from another attack while looking mockingly at the knight. * Ainuna ICs in Common 'Me? Why would I want anything from you' * Kamafal nudges Ainuna * You IC in Goblin 'Another shiny man is coming, the one you asked for.' * Garner attempts to spit on the goblin, instead bloody spit manages to drool out his mouth, leaving a long string hanging towards the ground. * * Garner squeezes his eyes shut, whispering over and over again * "Kill me....kill me....kill " Ainuna ICs in Common 'now now we invite you to our home that is no way to repay your company, hopefully your friend is more learned in manners' Author: Kamafal Date: Mon Jun 8 19:01:38 2009 Subject A release p.II (Todays Global RP) * Railen clanks toward the cavern where he was told to meet the kidnappers. * * His face was hard and his left hand was on the hilt of his sword. His eye was full of hatred as he enters the room and lays eyes on the tortured Page. A squire stood a ways behind * Ainuna ICs in Common 'YOU there knight man Tell me, why would a metal man like your self would be wandering in the woods?' Garner IC's in Common 'So I could rape your mother....gonna kill me now?" * Ainuna Turns to the knight who just entered and smirks * Ainuna ICs in Common 'you knightys are all virtues and what nots' Railen ICs in Common 'Release my man there.' * Ainuna Smirks again with her brow raised. * Ainuna ICs in Common 'are you sure you want one like him really now.....' * Ainuna Takes a moment of silence as if thinking about something. * Railen ICs in Common 'I brought what you asked for now release him.' Ainuna ICs in Common 'What are you willing to promise for his return?' Ainuna ICs in Common 'yes the ransom is grand but I am looking for an added incentive' * Kamafal shuffles awkwardly not know what is being said * Railen ICs in Common 'I am not at liberty to promise anything else, Goblin. Take your ransom and release him.' * Ainuna her smirk remains as she gestures toward both knights. * * Garner glares at Railen, his voice strengthened by his last bit of resolve * "Are you going to let this continue!!!!! GET ME DOWN!" Ainuna ICs in Common 'you are in our home here I think that you have more then enough power to negotiate terms' * Kamafal slugs the man across his face. * * Garner sags in his shackles, the only thing holding up his body at this point as all strength is gone. * Kamafal IC's in Goblin 'Shut up stupid human' * Railen looks at Garner and shakes his head. * "Be Silent." * He orders in a stern voice and then looks back to the female goblin. * Railen ICs in Common 'What do you want?' Ainuna ICs in Common 'You see we are just making our selves comfortable and men such as your knights are not helping us at all.' Ainuna ICs in Common 'We only want a place we can call home.....' * Ainuna stands watching him waiting for a sign of understanding. * Ainuna ICs in Common 'YOU were told TO SHUT UP HUMAN' * Garner tries to spit again, managing only to have more bloody spit run down his chin. * * Kamafal smashes the humans head up against the walk, rendering him unconscious. * * Ainuna stifles a laugh at the pathetic prisoner * Railen ICs in Common 'Stay where you will. It is of little matter to me right now. Release my man, or keep him and face the wraith of my Knights.' Ainuna ICs in Common 'now sir metal man, we want your knights to let us go about our business as need to make our home more comfortable' Railen ICs in Common 'You want me to give slime like you free roam? I think not goblin. I would be risking more people that way.' * Kamafal growls and takes a step towards Railen. * Ainuna ICs in Common 'Seeing as we do not have business that concerns your lot I do not see why you should interfere But I do ask that you leave us be' Railen ICs in Common 'I am not in high enough standing to promise anything Goblin.' You IC in Goblin 'What he say Ainuna?' You IC in Goblin 'I grow bored with these tiny men, can I just bonk them and be done with em all?' * Ainuna waves off Kamafal's questions and remarks * Ainuna ICs in Common 'well then this, tell your metal men that any attacks on our home or business will make us angry enough that we will war with you' Garner ICs in Common 'kill me or let me down...or I'll hunt down everyone you've ever known...kill em all...kill you all...' * Kamafal slugs the man again putting him back into the realms of silly knight dreams. * Railen ICs in Common 'Be silent damn you! You'll do no such thing.' * Railen turns to the goblin and shakes his head. * Railen ICs in Common 'I will tell them. But I can't promise anything' Author: Kamafal Date: Mon Jun 8 19:06:37 2009 Subject A release p.III Ainuna ICs in Common 'I suppose for now that has to be working for us, now take your man and get the hell out of our home' * Ainuna motions to Kamafal to release the man * * Kamafal walks over to the man and rips him from the wall chains and all, hearing bones snap in the process * * Kamafal snickers at the sounds and heaves the knight through the air to the entrance of the cave. * * Kamafal glares at the remaining knight and fingers his axe. * * Garner cries out in agony brought to full awareness by the breaking of the bones. * "Kill me!!" * Ainuna Leaves from the room quietly letting them alone * Ainuna ICs in Common 'goblin lunk head hurry we leave soon' You IC in Goblin 'Alright Ainuna.' * Railen clenches his fist as he motions to the scared squire that stood behind him. Railen moves to one side of Garner and the squire the other. Together they carry what's left of the man out of the cave and outside where a group of 20 knights* * Kamafal grunts and walks after Ainuna * You IC in Goblin 'You goblins! make sure they do leave.' * Kamafal watches two goblins scurry outside to watch the departing knights * Author: Kamafal Date: Thu Jun 18 18:05:27 2009 Subject Back to life Pain darted through his head, a high frequency wistle screamed through his brain as he opened his eyes staring directly at the soft morning sky. Trying to move pain shot down throughout his whole body. Kamafal was still in disbelief that the silver man had bested him in combat 1 on 1. Thinking back on it he grew furious, Ignoring his many pains and injuries he rolled onto his stomach and slowly pushed himself off the ground looking about for signs of friends or foes. Seeing neither about, standing to his full height kamafal roared. Knowing that he did not have the energy to start off insearch of ainuna he looked to the ground to see his crossbow and axe laying where he had been downed. Kamafal would need food and water... and a place to rest safe. Throwing his axe over his should with relative ease considering his many injuries, kamafal loaded his crossbow and lumbered off into the nearby forest insearch for food and rest. slowly raising the crossbow kamafal waited with a new found patience, he had one bolt and he needed food. a doe stood maybe 10 yards from his position, surprised the creature had not heard him kamafal ment to make the best of this situation. Raising the cross bow to eye level kamafal held his breath to steady his aim. Click. The doe had lowered it head at the last moment to graze on some grass. The bolt flew harmlessly past lodging itself in a unknown location. Roaring with furry and frustration kamafal through his axe in anger. Thump. Raising his head, kamafal had heard a wet crushing sound. Looking to where the doe had stood kamafal saw it laying on the ground the axe lodged in its body. Gasping, he didnt even realise where he had thrown his axe in anger. lumbering over to the doe, pulling his axe free. Kamafal smiled, also noting a small stream hidden by a bush beside the doe. His wounds where draining him of his strength so kamafal quickly went to work cleaning the deer and drinking his share of water . Lying down behind the bushes hours later, his stomach full kamafal quickly fell asleep tommorow he would start looking for Ainuna. Author: Kamafal Date: Sat Jul 4 22:05:27 2009 Subject anotehr one bites the dust. A small signal fire to the west of the city brought a wide smile to kamafal's face. Ainuna had done her part. When planning out the issues they would have ransacking the village Ainuna and Kamafal had quickly found a few resolutions, They couldn't afford high casualties and goblins burned and killed before they stopped to think about the precious loot they could have gained if they hadn't of burned it all. There plan, Ainuna would have the stealthy squad eliminate guards at the gates and raid all valuables before Kamafal and his large squad of hobgoblins and goblins destroyed the village. Kamafal looked at all his warriors hidden in the thick bushes before the city "Everyone weapons drawn it's our turn to have some fun." Kamafal whispered, "No noise until we are inside the city!" Kamafal and their warriors sprung to their feet and ran silently towards the city, with enough noise to wake or alert anyone who would be guarding the city yet no alarms sprung. Ainuna had done her work well. Kamafal smiled this would be easy. The village hadn't even stood a chance half of its inhabitants where dead before the other had awaken. And that second half barely put up a meager fight. Kamafal himself had counted 40 kills for himself. They left none alive man women and child lay slaughtered in the streets, homes and even beds. "What do we do now master Kamafal?" ask a slimly looking goblin. "Burn." And with that Kamafal walked out of the city as large billows of smoke raised towards the sky. Author: Kamafal Date: Fri Aug 6 00:57:27 2010 Subject A thirst for blood. A loud shriek... CAWWWWWH! Pain... Everywhere pain... REVENGE... I'm alive... Slowly I open my eyes... A dark cloudy sky... Vultures circling, the smell of urine clogs the air... smoke billowing from all over. I turn my head... a massacre. Hundreds of dead goblins and hob-goblins littered the ground blood and gore everywhere. No movement, no survivors... well one survivor. One pissed off angry survivor. It had been his first outing as a squad commander for the dragon armies; they had given him command over approximately 150 - 200 pitiful goblins and hob-goblins, barely separated from their bitch mothers. They were his though; a sense of pride going through my mind was the last thing before we were ambushed... "Commander, there seems to be no resistance ahead... Our queen has sent us on a fool's mission!" A larger hob-goblin barked out to me. He was smart I guess for a gobbo, still I can't have this kind of talk! Thawk! My backhand sent him sprawling across the ground "Don't question our queen maggot! Question her or my orders again those will be your last words!" well they were his last words... Arrows filled the sky. The first one finding a home in my hob-goblin scout's soft throat, a second later half my squad was dead. With one arrow deep in my shoulder and another in my thigh, I ignored the pain and roared, "AMBUSH!! Defensive positions!" It was pointless another barrage of arrows, one whistled by my face another blocked by my large horses body. Bunkering down behind the horse to wait for the assault to cease I heard a loud whines of horses, hooves beating across the ground, "STAND, draw your weapons, Fight for your lives!" The arrows stopped and instantly out from the cover of the forest Hundreds of knights dressed in heavy armour broke from the trees. Solamnics! Loath and hate clouded my vision... I charged... It was hopeless. Cawwwwh! Snapping out of my trance... I rolled onto my stomach and pushed up... Pain shot through my body... I collapsed... Growling I pushed up again, ignored the pain... I'm on my knees good... looking around the world was spinning... I started to feel sick... STOP! You are not some weak pitiful creature! My vision started to return... stumbling to my feet I looked around. My suspicions were confirmed all dead. No survivors. Raising my head to the sky I roared in defiance; "ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!" Blood curdling, chilling and angry! If anyone was around they would be running. Looking down to the ground, I smile. A bloody mouth full of broken teeth and two large tusks... I am alive revenge will be sweet. Author: Kamafal Date: Fri Aug 13 17:15:18 2010 Subject Captured "Don't move a muscle ogre" The voice snaked into my head waking me from my slumber. Grumbling I swatted at the annoying noise, then to my surprise a sharp prick formed on my throat. Alarmed I opened my eyes. Elf. "That's right wake up vermin! Don't make a single move or it will be your last." Glaring I shifted my eyes from side to side, Stupid little Elfies everywhere... Shifting my eyes back to the speaker I growled and pushed my neck closer to the blade. Apparently thrown off guard a bit the elf took a step back. All I need, quickly throwing my arms up, snatching the blade in my hand. The elf quickly jerked away as quick as he could. Pain. The knife had severed one of my fingers off, ignoring the pain I quickly lept onto the elf and dragged him to the ground. The other elves quick jolting into action jumped up and sprinted over to my location. Grabbing me the attempted to pull me off my victim, That wasn't going to happen. Hammering my fists down on the tiny creature's chest I smiled at the sickening crunches I was making. Finally wanting to to finish my pray off I bite down hard onto its throat my tusks slicing through, pulling my head up gore flew everywhere and the elves screamed in fury. CRACK Pain... The back of my head throbbed immensely. CRACK Darkness, pain and darkness... I dreamed of my homeland, Cold, Barren, Deadly. I dreamed of hunting down ice bears and wrestling them down to the ground and feeding on their warm thick blood, curling up in their warm carcass to avoid the storms. I remember the respect the walrus people gave me, No interfering with me... I after all killed their leader. The two axes smashed together! The massive ogre, dwarfed by the large tusked walrus creature struggled in a game of strength, locked together in combat. Thinking quickly the ogre kicked quickly into the walrus mans gentiles. Roaring in pain the walrus man fell back, The ogre quickly raised his axe in the air and heaved down. The walrus man seeing danger raised his axe up to block the blow. Sparks blew everywhere and the axe went flying. Unarmed the walrus man quickly plowed into the ogre driving him to the ground, attempting to gore the now also unarmed ogre. Grabbing onto the large tusks, The ogre used all his strength to keep the tusks from piercing his unprotected skin, It seemed to be a losing battle. One of the tusks pressed hard into his chest slowly sliding in a trickle of blood slide out from the point of entering. Roaring in defiance the ogre used the last of his strength, Muscles bulging and one quick jerk he snapped off one of the tusks as the other slide through his shoulder. Screaming in pain the ogre slammed the walrus-man's own tusk deep into its head. Blood splattered everywhere and the heavy body of his opponent dropped down lifeless. They respected him, wanted him to lead them... He was a loaner then... "Wake up Ogre!" Ahh yes, now time to deal with those elves.

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