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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a pamphlet to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Tellumaelnor' scribed in light red ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Tellumaelnor's book..

Author: Tellumaelnor Date: Tue Sep 4 04:19:48 2007 Subject ... In a galaxy not so far away, and not to long ago a mighty warrior was plopped into this world. One day he was not walking the world, and then the next the world knew the wrath of his axe. Travelling the world near and far rogues and bandits learned to cower with fear when he walked near them. Goblins and orcs fell by the score, many people feared him, though they loved what he did. They all thought he had an odd air about him, one that they thought might cause him to destroy them and not the evil doers. Many times he was approched by townships to stay and protect them from raiders, but always he would turn them ! Down. The road is his home, so he continued to walk it, never wanting to limit himself, he wished to aid as many as he could. His travels took him to many places, some not upon any maps. Some how he always came back. Author: Tellumaelnor Date: Sun Nov 11 19:38:10 2007 Subject [FWD] Solamnic in Estwilde [FWD Note] - [ 97] Tellumaelnor: Solamnic in Estwilde [FWD Date] - Sun Nov 11 19:31:56 2007 [FWD To ] - all [Original to:] immortal [FWD List] - story Twas early in the month Fierswelt, myself and my small band of men at arms numbering only 14. Though our training was beyond reporch, we had lost 3 of our members recently due to the silent death that floats upon the night air. Our moral was dropping as we scouted through the mountains of Estwilde. The enemy knew that we were about as we had laid waste to several military transports. The armour and weapons would aid ourselves as we waged our small war. Hidden high up in the mountains where the snow never melts was where we based ourselves. It had taken a small group many months to find this hideen and easily defended place. It was doubted that even the locals of the region knew that this cave exsisted, but it suited us perfectly for what we needed to do, and for when our might was to be truly felt would give us a defensivable position from which to rain down our fury. On our raids of the military transports and caravans we would leave none behind to tell of what was out in the woods. The corpses were taken into the woods and buried in the ground, for we wanted them to think that there was a large force in the mountains, for us this was as much about the physcological aspect as it was the physical. The armies of darkness began to send their caravans out more and more heavily armed, which was cause of some concern for us, but from one of the caravans we had capatured it carred many crossbows and barrels of bolts. We had had the time to fully set up a proper ambush site where the entrance into a small valley was bottlenecked and we were able to block both ends of the valley. From high above hidden behind bolders we were able to fire down unhindered with the captured crossbows, very quickly they began to throw down their weapons to surrender. Walking down alone to speak to their leader one of them pulled a dagger from his belt and tried to slash at me, he died with 10 bolts stuck in his chest, and for his action all the remaining soldiers were put to death. As my men searched the wagons to see what we had captured this time, I decided it was time for us to step up our actions and the fear that we tried to instill in the populus around us. Burying most of the bodies as always in the woods, we had put 5 of them in one of the wagons, and with my men taking the captured wagaons back to our encampment I took 3 other men and made my way towards Kalaman. Waiting until nightfall we had fashinoned large stakes from chopped down trees, and in the dead of the night in front of each of the gates to the city of Kalaman we impaled the corpses on the stakes and plated them in the ground upside down. Leaving the wagon in a field we took the horses and rode back to our encampment knowing that early in the morning there would be a large search for those that did this. For a week or two we stayed in the encampment sending out only scouts to observe the motions and actions of the enemy. They tore appart everything, destroying the farms of their own citizens. It would appear that my gamble had paid off and that their actions here would aid us in our bid to gain a strong foothold in this important region. Though my scouts also came back and reported that many villagers and farmers were fleeing their homes and taking their livestock into the walled city of Kalaman. Once the enemy patrols slowed down and became more lax we went out in force again, and we began looking at the villages. We came to this one very secluded township, we watched it for several days and we saw no activity. Though the only reason we watched and waited at this village for though it was small its location was one of the most defensible positons I had seen in a village near here. And though it had not man-made fortifications they would not be hard to make. So late one night, one where the moons themselves stayed hidden. We crept silently through the streets and into the buildings. The only signs of life we found were rats and birds, all the villigers having left carrying with them whatever they could. That next morning sending two of my best riders I sent them back to our main garrison in Palanthas to speak with the Grand Master Maraxus. With them I sent a message stating my intentions of fortifying this village and requesting a large contingent of soldiers so that when the time was right we would be prepared to sweep into Kalaman and bring her to the light. Author: Tellumaelnor Date: Sat Jan 30 22:57:57 2010 Subject on the plains Bodies lay strewn across the plains of Solamnia. The grim reminder of the battle fought between the forces of good and evil. It was a large battle where many men gave their lives, unfortunatly for the side of good the dragon armies had come out the victors. With the battle only recently over the screams of the wounded pierce the air. As the air cools and darkness approches the scavengers begin to appear. Howling coyotes and wolves can be heard circling the battlefield, looking for an easy meal. The wounded men throw aside old hatreds and huddle together in the darkness for protection and warmth. Few dare to be caught alone against the wolves as they lay wounded. In the centre of battlefield loud cursing can be heard as the body of a massive smelly ogre shakes and moves. Struggling from beneath the massive beast Tellumaelnor emerges from beneath its corpse. His body covered in blood and guts. As he stands he collapses from exhaustion and loss of blood from his wounds. He lays there in the bloody and mud through out the night, his breathing shallow and slow. Groggily he awakes in the mid day sun the following afternoon. Blood and mud cacked to his armour and face. His body stiff and sore. As he begins to regain movement he calls upon the healing powers granted upon him to heal himself. This little bit of healing power leaves him feeling drained, but he knows that others are still alive on the battlefield as he can hear their crie cries and wimpers. As the afternoon goes on his strength returns to him and he begins to move through out the battlefield, stopping to aid his fallen comrades and those of the enemy who ask for his mercy and assistance. Some of the wounded dragon army soldiers spit upon him as he heals those near by, and sighing to himself he ends thier life leaving them for the wolves to devour. As the 3rd night begins to approch Tellumaelnor has worked his way towards the back of the battlefield and near the High Cleriest Tower. Watching the ramparts he sees the flag of the dragon armies flying high above the towers, and his heart sinks into the pit of his stomach. He gathers as many of the Solamnics alive on the plains as he can and tells them of the situation. And what must be done. Many of them are too wounded and ill to travel far and those opt to stay behind and make their way into the woods to regain their strength. There are about 30 men who go with Tellumaelnor to rejoin the other knights at their rally point. Traveling through the nights and sleeping durring the day they make thier way to Caergoth. Reaching the port after several nights of travel, they remain hidden in the woods uncertain to if the dragon armies have gained control of the port or not. Several of the men venture into the city to see what can been seen. Oddly they find the populas untouched but no guards around at all. No Solamnics can be seen in the streets nor can any from the dragon armiesl The men return along with Tellumaelnor bringing with them food and information. And learn that Tellumaelnor has arranged for transport to the isle of Sancrist upon a merchant ship. Meeting the ship upon a gravel beach to the west of the city the knights wait into the wee hours of the morning fearing a trap. They wait in the woods. As the hours drag by and the darkness deepends they begin to fall asleep. When all of a sudden the sounds of wood scrapping along the gravel cuts through the air. A large row boat is driven up on shore and several sailors jump out to hold it in place. They call out to the knights to hurry up as they need to make the tide. Wary of a trap the knights emerge from the trees and board the row boat. their hands gripped tightly around the hilts of their weapons. And their cloaks pulling them tight against the cold night air. As they near the merchant ship they can hear the captain bellowing orders to pull up anchor and get ready to make way. As they climb up the ladder the men are hurried into the holds where they are given warm blankets and food. Author: Tellumaelnor Date: Sat Jan 30 23:03:06 2010 Subject on the plains cont. After seeing to his men Tellumaelnor heads back up top to talk to the captain. As he stands by the captainand the tiller his head dips to his chest and he falls fast asleep on the deck. For 2 days he lay passed out, his men worried for him wrap him in blankets and pass broth through his lips. When he does wake he seems to have forgoten where they are and he reaches for his axe. As he reconigizes the faces around him and where he is the captain comes in and tells them they are nearing the drop off point and to get ready to board the row boat. As the men all board the boat, Tellumaelnor pulls the captain aside and thanks him for his help and passes him the small bag of gold that he has. As they near the shore they can see the smoke from fires of a large camp. The men begin to feel better as they know they are no longer alone. Thanking the sailors as they leave the row boat the men make their way towards the camp and the voices of their commrades. Forcing all his men to see the healers first, Tellumaelnor goes off to report to Master Lanfer and report on what they hav have learned in the past few days.

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