The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a journal to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Wulf' scribed in rich yellow ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Wulf's book..

Author: Wulf Date: Fri Apr 3 02:57:17 2009 Subject Scouting The sun overhead cast its warmth on the lush plains close to the boundry of the forest. The birdsong from the trees added a peaceful sense to the area. Yet, the pleasure of nature was foreshadowed by his quest. The cloaked plainsman knelt beside tracks in the grass, almost seeing the image of his query. His brow furrowed as the tracks veered off into the forest. Cursing under his breath, he continued to follow his prey. ************** Four long weeks he had hunted the fiends, those bastards believed it possible to raid a small village belonging to his tribe, when the word spread to his Chieftain, he was summoned. He was the Chieftain's hunter and son. First born of his Chieftain's line, he would inherit the tribe should his father fall. Yet he knew that was unlikely to happen for a long long time. Resolute, he proved himself away from his father's name. As to be expected of the Chieftain's son, he proved his worth to the tribe, and solidified his role as Hunter amongst the tribe. Years had past, his tribe prosperous, before the first signs of war shown. A simple tribal war was all he thought was upon his tribe. Reknowned for their battle skill, he took pride in his tribe. Yet, the rival tribe began their raids early. As the effects of Winter slowly faded to Spring, reports came of sightings of warriors amongst the forest. At first it was only small bands, then word from outlying villages began to stop. Leading a band of warriors, he was amongst the first to see the true carnage these fiends were capable of. ************ The thoughts of that small village still lingered in his mind, yet he shrugged them off, focusing instead on freeing some of the captives those raiders took. Flitting through the forest with born ease, he came to a halt behind the boal of a tree. Scanning around, he heard sounds of movement at his front and left. Drawing his bow, he fitted an arrow and crept from the tree. Eyes sharp to any and all movement, he made his way forward. Sensitive to the workings of the plains and forests of his homeland, he picked out the faint shapes of three ambushers ahead. His thoughts were abuzz with disgust, these men couldnt even hide themselves adequately. Kneeling, he sighted the first ambusher along the shaft of his arrow. Steadying his breath, he took aim and let loose the arrow. Before the arrow made contact with the first, he fitted another and fired at the second. Both shots proved true, hitting the awaiting men square in the chest. Thrown off by the ambush, the third fled hastily through the brush. Putting his bow back in place, he continued forward following the panicked man. Charging through the bush, leaving such a trail a blind gully dwarf could of followed, he had no time following the man. Cautious with the knowledge that he was moving towards the raider's camp, he kept his wits about him. He stopped following the trail as the sounds of battle drew closer. Dashing close to the edge of a crop of trees, he scanned around and grunted in admiration as he discovered the cause of the noise. The captors were trying to free themselves from the raiders. He watched as men of his tribe fought unarmed against the guards around them. Some had weapons now, retrieved from fallen guards, yet more raiders were coming. Drawing his blade, he dashed forward, to the aide of his people. Author: Wulf Date: Sat Apr 4 04:15:44 2009 Subject Liberation He slid his blade across the belly of the first raider to cross his path. Blade gleaming red in the sunlight, he smashed the hilt up into the nose of another raider. Making way to his desperate people he fought beside them. The tribesmen roared as they saw their hunter enter the fray, bolstered by his arrival, they fought on with grim determination. Several young men retched at the smell of bile and death around them, this was their blooding. around them, this was their blooding. The older, more experienced tribesmen formed a half circle around the younger, yet they allowed them more than enough chances to attack the onrushing raiders. The Hunter glanced around the battlefield, twenty-five raiders laid dead or dying around his battling warriors, yet ten or more continued to fight. Grunting, he scanned his own lines, thirty tribesmen fought now, better armed from the fallen raiders. It was over in a flash, he leaned against one tribesmen, clutching his side. Blood slowly seeping from a glancing blow from an enemy axe, he knew the wound would become serious if not tended, so he rallied the survivors to him. Kneeling now against one of the slave wagons, he removed the torn leather armor from his side and allowed for one of the tribesmen to tend to his wound. Glancing around at the people around him he cursed the raiders. Men, women, and older children crowded around their wounded savior, each looking worse for ware yet hale enough to fight. Most bore wounds from the previous battle, and others from their capture. Cries from the women mingled with the questions of the men as they all turned to him. Looking to his father's people, his people, he thought of the right words to say," my father feared the worse for his people when word wasn't sent from you or the surounding villages." Wincing as the healer began to bandage his wound he continued," you are the first surviving band I have found yet. I will return with you all to my father, their you will be safe until we find and defeat our enemies." Men and women muttered to themselves, yet most nodded in consent. One such nay sayer spoke up," how can we be safe there, when your own father cannot defend his own people?" The hunter scowled, yet tamed his anger," we have been fighting these men as they raid from the woods. We have also rescued many other bands, yet our ranks slowly diminish with each battle, we cannot spare the men to save everyone." Panning the men and women he continued on," yet that is why I am sent, to find those we cannot send aid and bring them to the safety of our own walls." Finding reason in this, many of the nay sayers ended their arguments, yet the man persisted," I will not follow you, and I urge others to not either. I will go, and barter a better trade than to flee and wait for death." Few sided with him, yet each one who left with him was a personal blow to the Hunter, sighing he watched as the last one left with the rebellious man," our people are becoming too divided," he thought to himself. After the healer stood and examined his work, the Hunter stood and marshalled the rest of the tribesmen who remained," we go now to my father, and safety." Leaving the battlefield behind, after they collected their dead on commandeered wagons, they departed towards the Hunter's father, each weary with doubt and fear, yet none more than the Hunters'. What can he do for his people? What will he do to further aid his father? How will they survive this tribal war? Thus plagued by said thoughts, the Hunter continued onward, back to his father, onward towards fate. Author: Wulf Date: Sat Apr 4 08:51:28 2009 Subject Allies on the Plains Walking through the plains, he kept his thoughts focused, yet the questions still buzzed inside his head. He and those tribesmen still following him were half a day out from returning to his father, and the questions seemed to mount with each step. He had seen the carnage the unseen enemy had begun to bring to his people, his father's forces were all but powerless to stop the constant raids from the forests. He knew that the tension was rising towards a full blown conflict, soon. A man rides slowly on the back of his big shaggy roan of a horse towards the group. He rode alone through the Plains, his thoughts elsewhere. The Hunter walked immersed in his thoughts, yet soon his thoughts where shattered by a warning from one of the group's men. Looking up he spotted a man riding a roan heading towards him and his people. He drew his bow and fitted an arrow to it, ordering the men, they drew their blades and stood protectively in front of the women and young. Calling out to the man," halt." The man shook his head and looked around, his hand falling on a throwing dagger at his side. "Step aside and let me be on my way." He says, his eyes glinting dangerously. Hunter eyed the man wearily, noticing the hand lying on the hilt of a throwing knife," remove your hand from your weapon, spy," he ordered. Casting a glance at his men," I do not want a fight, we have seen enough bloodshed this day." The man began to chuckle gently and shook his head. "You would order me to remove my hand, yet your men have weapons drawn and you have a bow with an arrow nocked. Forgive me if I dont. Stand aside and let me be on my way and none of you shall die." Hunter grunts, looking to his men he dipped his head in a silent order to sheath their weapons. Putting the arrow and bow back, he looked up at the stranger," we are weary, my people were just freed from a raider camp and we are distrustful of spies." He watched the man carefully," You are on the lands of the Que Kiri tribe, my tribe. My father is Chieftain of these lands, and we have been beset by strange raiders as of late." The man slowly removed his hand from the throwing knife and looked at the men and women before him. "Sad story but im just passing through. I have no intention on doing harm to you or your tribe, plainsman. Now let me pass." Hunter stood firm, eyeing the man," If you do not intend harm, maybe you could aid us, stranger." Looking to his men, he told them to keep going. Turning back to the man," My name to foreigners is Hunter." The man moved his roan to the side so that the men and women could pass him on the road. "I also do not intend on getting involved with tribal skirmishes, Hunter." He says, but sighs to himself. He really had nothing else to do..but he couldnt be easy. Hunter looked up at the man," this is not a tribal skirmish as I once thought, something fouler is attacking. The men we fight wear strange armor, not of this area or any tribe of this land." The man thinks for a moment and then dismounts his horse. "Why dont you go to the Que-Shu or one of the other tribes for help? If these attacks arent from other tribes then I doubt there is much I could do for you, Neighbor." He says looking him in the e eyes. Hunter acknowledged the man's show of respect by looking him on even ground," my tribe is a proud tribe, we are respected by the Que Shu, yet we are not allies in any means," sighing he looked to his people walking in the distance." We have been fighting these raids for months, first in small numbers, yet now, we fear invasion." The man glanced over his shoulder and nods. "Aye." He says and falls silent for a moment. "My name is Atael..I will help you as much as one man can against many." He says offering a hand to Hunter. Hunter clasped hands with Atael," thank you, friend. My name among friends, my true name is Wulf." Author: Wulf Date: Sun Apr 5 05:46:38 2009 Subject Strangers and Exiles Wulf and his people, accompanied by Atael, arrived at his his tribe's main village. Its wooden pallisade guarded by the elite of the tribe. Looking around he spotted his friend, and chief guard, Lorgas. The two spoke in quick silent tones in the language of his people," these are all that I found," he said as those he rescued filed past him into the village. "What of that outsider?" Lorgas warned. Wulf motioned for Atael to join them," he has offered to aid us in finding out who these foreign raiders are," he says in common. Atael nods gently and pushes back his cowl, showing his stark white hair and a strange scar in the form of a broken circle on his left cheek. "My Name is Atael And as Wulf has said, I would like to help you in your problem..." Wulf grimaced as Lorgas spoke in their language," we do not need the help from outsiders Wulf, we can handle it on our own." Sighing, Wulf turned as a wagon filled with the dead of the captives filed past," No my friend," he says in common," I think we do need his help." Atael frowns gently and runs a hand through his hair. "I believe if you could handle it by yourself then it would be handled already and your People wouldnt be dieing." Wulf walked between Lorgas and Atael as he noticed his friend's growing distrust of Atael," we do not need to be fighting amongst ourselves Lorgas, I will vouch for him." Looking to Atael he speaks," We go to see my father." Wulf walked in front of Atael, casting a glance to his sides as he passed the warriors of his tribe. Known for his own strange workings, Wulf cast off the angry looks of the warriors. Soon both were stopped by two guards outside of his father's hall," Belgrus, Dhoma, I need to see my father, stand aside." Both warriors loosened their weapons as they noticed Atael behind him. Smirking Atael glances at the two warriors. "Easy boys, im a friend." Wulf begins to grimace knowing whats to come," hold my friends," he orders as the warriors following them reach out and grab Atael," he is friend to me, release him." Atael chuckles and glances around. "You are lucky i am here to help you or i would kill you all. Wulf, get these men off me before they get hurt." Growling in frustration," enough," he roars in his tongue," he is our ally against these foreign raiders, your Cheiftain needs this man's help. Release him and get out of my way," he warns the men around him and to Belgrus and Dhoma in front. Shoving the two guards aside, Wulf opened the doors to his father's hall. With Atael in tow, he walks up to his father's Table and grimaces as he sees his father's new bride at his ear. "Great Father, I have found us aid," he says in his tongue. Atael gets pulled into the Hall by Wulf after he shoves the two guards aside. He glances around the hall and then his eyes fall on The Cheiftian. Atael bows deeply to the older man yet stays silent. Wulf scowls as his father's new bride speaks first in their tongue," he is an outsider Wulf, we do not need his aid." Wulf waves away his father's wife," you were not spoken to, this is for my father and myself alone, your words are not welcome." Wulf's father sat unmoving during the conversation," father, he would be of service to us to combat these raiders." Wulf's face is alight with shock when his father remains silent," he does not heed the words of traitors," his father's wife hisses," what makes you think he would snoop so low." Wulf growls and lunges toward his father's wife," you great bitch, how dare you speak for my father....," he begins before being struck back by his father. Staggering back, he looks on in shock as his father bears his sword. "You have no power here Wulf, I am Chieftain," his father roars," you do not bring outsiders here, into my village, and dare to command my wife." Taking a step towards Wulf, his father calls for the guards awaiting outside. Wulf steps back beside Atael as those he shoved past, and commanded, charged into the hall. Hands clamping tight over his shoulders and arms, Atael's as well, he looked towards his father, yet more importantly to his father's wife. "You are banished Wulf, from this village, henceforth, until pain of death," his father growled. Looking onward at her victory, the Chieftain's wife smiled sadistically as she saw Wulf's face turn from outrage to grief. Wulf mastered his emotions enough to hold from shaking," if it be your will father, it will be done." Looking to Atael he bows his head," release us and we will leave." Wulf and Atael were led forceably from the village, to be thrown out like criminals. Wulf looked back as Belgrus and Dhoma closed the gates to the village with a vicious grin on their face. Growling in anger, Wulf, knelt down, hands clenched. Atael sighs gently and puts a hand on Wulf's Shoulder. "Forgive me, my friend. If It had not been for me things might of been different for you." Wulf unclenched his numb hands and stood, looking at Atael," it would not have, my father's fell to that foul bitch. Things have fallen far in my tribe, too far I fear," he said as he looked back to the closed gates. Wulf sighed and walked over to Atael," yet I will save what little I can, I must still find whats killing my people, find who controls them." Atael nods. "Then i will help you as much as i can. It is wrong what theyve done to you..We will right it." Wulf bowed his head," yes, let us head back towards the woods, away from my tribe, and go to the heart of the raiders." Atael nods and pulls his cowl back up over his head and his mask up over his mouth. "Aye..lets move." Author: Wulf Date: Mon Apr 13 02:29:20 2009 Subject Thoughts Wulf looked around at his land. His Homeland. The birds flew high in the sky, the wind swept across the oceans of grass. Yet he knew the darkness he was facing. The darkness that threatened to consume his world. Many days of travel set Wulf and Atael amidst a flat grassland five miles from the heart of the raids. Yet each step was made in silence. Neither man spoke, for neither were inclined. Wulf's thoughts remained inward. His business, his burden. Loathe was he to speak of private matters, regardless of company. He was unwed, a ranger of his people, the chieftain's son. His concern is for his people and them only. Yet he walked now as exile, not from misdeed, but from treachery. His father's new bride, outsider, long conceived means to rid the clan of him. He has seen through her veil, through the deceit she brings to his people, sees the malice and evil spirits surrounding her. First to fall to her charms was his father, and then the tribe began to fall apart. Now he walks, across the plains of his homeland, in the company of an outsider, to the source of evil that is bringing down his way of life. Thus is the role of Chieftain's son, the role of a man devoted to clan and kin. Author: Wulf Date: Mon Jun 1 04:26:45 2009 Subject Xak Khalan Wulf flitted his hand across the black feather fletching of the arrow in his hand. Placing it against the bow he crept closer to Atael," there is voices to the north." Atael creeps silently next to Wulf, and nods to his statement, even tho it is barely Visible. He pauses and glances around, straining his ears to listen. Whomever was taking Wulf's people they were close. Wulf crept past Atael, crawling in the brush to get a closer glimpse. Eyes scanning the scene before him, he turns back and kneels up at Atael," there is a large stone ruin ahead, men crawling around it. The same men who raid my people." Atael nods. "How many?" he asks in a hushed voice, pulling the cloth mask down away from his mouth. Wulf crept back under the brush, then quickly returned," there must be twenty at least in front. Their marshalling in my people like slaves," he says as the anger boils inside. Atael frowns gently and leans against a tree. "Too many to fight. There is probably more that we cant see." He says, mostly to himself and then falls silent. Wulf sets the arrow back into the quiver and sets his bow back. Standing, he walks past Atael and looks off towards the east. "We should try and work our way around them, see if there is a place farther east that we can enter." Atael nods and pulls up his mask. "lets move then." He says, already moving swiftly, yet silently through the trees. Wulf tips his head in acknowledgment and walks beside Atael, mindful not to make any noise. Atael stops suddenly and glances around. He quickly holds a finger to his lips and then points to spot behind a tree. He moves gracefully like a cat and quickly climbs up a tree, where he waits on a branch, perched like a animal awaiting his prey. Which was some unlucky fool who was making too much noise and was alone. Wulf watches as Atael makes the move up the tree, catching his signal, he kneels down behind a fallen log, bow and arrow at the ready, just incase. Atael pulls out one of his throwing knives and waits until the man had walked underneath him, then jumps from the tree and as the man turns with a startled curse, he hits the man soundly over the head with the hilt of his dagger and watches as he falls to the ground. Wulf remarks at Atael's skills, mindful of the outlander's grace. Standing, he walks next to the man and rolls him over, recognizing the insignia on the man's breast he quickly binds his hands with a thick cord. Atael sheaths his knife and leans against a tree, sighing almost boredly. Wulf hoists the unconcious man up onto his shoulder and stalks away through the forest, away from the ruins, speaking in hush tones to Atael," we will find what we need from this man, or may the gods pity him." Dropping the man a few feet away, Wulf draws a knife and cuts the man below the left eye," wake scum." Atael sits down by a tree and crosses his his feet on a long. "Wake me when youre through." He says, closing his eyes. Wulf grabs the awakening man," what have you done with my people," he hisses at the man. Brandishing the knife against the base of the man's left eye," if you yell I will kill you," he threatens," now where are they!" Wulf watches as the man strains against the bonds binding his hands," I will tell you nothing you barbaric filth," the man grunts as he fails to break the bonds. Wulf growls in anger as he pushes the blade into the man's eye, stiffling the man's screams with his left hand. Jerking the blade up, he felt the satisfying scrape of the blade against the man's eye socket. Wulf asks again," where are my people." The man gasps in pain," inside, we brought them inside, to feed it." Feed What?" Atael asks, not even opening his eyes, his finger toying with one of his throwing knives. Wulf shakes the man, who then blurts out," the dragon." Wulf drops the man and looks back the way they came," a dragon?" Drawing his sword, he turns back and points the tip of the blade against the man's chest," how many of you scum are in there? and where are my people held?" The man grunts in pain yet hisses out," theres more than enough to end the likes of you two, and as for your people, they are more than likely dead, fed to the great wyrm." Wulf growls in anger and decapitates the man, growling still as the man's lifeless body falls to the ground, head rolling to lay at his feet. "A dragon? That is nothing more than children's stories, lies." Looking back," what shall we do Atael?" Atael sighs gently and stands, looking at Wulf. "You killed him too soon, my rash friend." He says quietly as he looks down at the corpse. "The Uniform." Atael rolls his eyes at Wulfs nonunderstanding look. "Take the uniform, clean the blood, then put it on. You can infiltrate them, and find out where your people are. I can not because i will stick out too much." Wulf nods, stripping the corpse, he donned the uniform after he cleaned it as much he could, and turned to Atael," If I fail, I thank you for aiding me this far friend." Atael smirks and pulls up his mask. "I didnt say i wasnt comming along, i just said i wasnt wearing the uniform. Just hold your tongue and try to act like the soldiers there. Find them, and then i'll free them. Understand?" Wulf nods and sets off back towards the ruins. Taking a final breath, he stalks out of the forest into the sight of the men herding his people. To his suprise Atael's ruse worked, walking past the main group of guards he follows the group of his people. Wulf walks deep into the ruins, following the guards sheparding his people, right hand on the pommel of his blade he scans the walls for signs. Following closely, he stops as the smell of decay hits him in a wave. "Surely the dragon is false," his speaks to himself. Atael stalks after Wulf, sticking to the shadows, moving as if he himself was nothing more than a shadow. He moves un-noticed after Wulf, and pauses crouched low to the ground in a shadow when he stops. Wulf gets ahold of himself as a strange fear seeps into his bones, trying to conquer this fear he continues on slowly. Hand ready to draw his blade, he turns the corridor of the ruins to find three guards on their way back from escorting his people. Wulf steps back as the three guards advance, trying to act normal, he nods his head as they pass by, quickening his pace as their bootfalls echo down the hall, before they abruptly stop, followed by a shout. Wulf drew his blade and turned as the first of the three guards made the corner," your not one of us," the first guard shouted. "No I am not," Wulf growls as he plunges his blade into the gut of the guard. "I'm one of the Que-Kiri, the people you enslaved." Author: Wulf Date: Mon Jun 1 04:33:23 2009 Subject Xak Khalan (2) Atael hurls a knife at one, hitting him square in the back and then leaps out of the shadows, his knife plunging into the mans back, his hand moving over his mouth to quiet an outcry. Wulf stood back, blade still dripping the first guard's blood, looking at Atael," fitting end for these scum, now lets go, my people are up ahead," he says as he turns down the corridor. Atael drops the corpse and retreves his knives. He sheaths them and then draws his short sword from his lower back and follows Wulf in a half crouch. Wulf crouches after clearing the end of the corridor, the smell of decay and rot intensifying with every step. Images of what may be happening to his people flare across his mind as he takes a few steps forward. Wulf covers his mouth with his hand as he glimpses around the next corridor, wretching against the opposing wall he shudders in a ragged breath. Wiping bile from his mouth he motions for Atael to glance around the corner. Atael glances around the corner and shudders gently at the sight before him. He ducks back and shakes his head. "I guess the dragon is real." He says in almost inaudible whisper. Wulf cringes at the fate of his people, preparing himself to witness the horrors again he stands and creeps around the corner. He knelt by the end of the corridor, which opened into a wide cavern, remnants of the ruined city filling the wide cavern. Wulf shudders in horror as a twisting fear seizes his body. His eyes scan the cavern, watching as a massive green behemoth gorges itself on a screaming woman, her entrails hanging from its maw. Atael follows after him and shakes his head. "Theres No way to get to the others, without being seen by the dragon.." Wulf looks back at Atael," we must do something." Atael nods gently and motions for them to hide behind a massive rock so they can plan without being seen by the dragon. Wulf looks up at the ceiling of the massive cavern," we mustn't be too far from the surface," he says as he glances at the dragon, then past to a pen of his ill fated people. Atael glances up and nods. "Aye, we cant be that deep. What do you have in mind?" Wulf thinks openly," we could distract the dragon, get its attention long enough to get my people out of that damned pen...." he mutters. Looking back at the dragon," yet what could we do then to kill it before it kills us?" Atael shrugs gently, glancing around. "The ceiling maybe, but there's no way to bring it down." Wulf looks around looking for something to use. "There!," he exclaims as he grabs an abandoned spear lying against the wall. "The beasts eyes, take out its eyes and we might have a chance!" "If you miss, you Die..So its your choice," Atael says. Wulf looks back at his people, shuddering as the dragon continues to gorge," I must rescue my people." Looking back at Atael, then examining the spear," What I need you to do is circle around and free my people as I get the beast's attention, and then ru n. Atael nods gently and turns to move but pauses. "It was good working with you Wulf, Try not to die." He says before stalking off in the shadows. He pauses and waits for Wulf to move. Wulf closes his eyes and prays to the gods of his father's before he turns and walks towards the dragon. Seeing the man walk from behind the stone, the dragon stops its feasting and looks at the man, and begins to laugh. Wulf looks up at the bloodied face of the green dragon, the fear bellowing from it rendering him paralyzed. The dragon looked down at him with an amused, bloodied grin," you pathetic mortal, how dare you intrude on my meal." Atael darts through the shadows after he sees Wulf move. He hurries toward the pens and pauses, to see what watch what was going on. Wulf shakes from the terror flooding his bones, looking into the eyes of the dragon he cringes inward. Trying to conquer the fear he quickly mumbles out," I am sorry master, but I was sent to deliver an urgent message." Atael shakes his head and continues to the pens. He puts a finger to his lips as he nears the gate and turns back to watch what was happening. * Wulf cowers under the terrible presence of the dragon, his mind flooded with a primitive fear. The dragon blew out a fowl breath of air," what is it you were sent to tell me human," it growls in irritation. Wulf looks back at his people, the thoughts of their fates tearing through the fear of the beast. Steadying his fluttering heart, calming his shaking hand, he looks back at the dragon," Die," he roars as he launches the spear at the dragon's glaring eye. Wulf falls back as the momentum of his throw knocks him off balance. The dragon's roar of pain bellows out from the cavern as the spear aimed true and embedded itself deep into its green skull. Wulf fell to the ground as the dragon threw its massive head back and struck the ceiling of the cavern, stone and dust falling from the point of impact. Roaring in pain the dragon looked down at the man in untold rage," you will die for that human!" Atael curses under his breath as the whole cavern begins to tremble. He smashes the lock on the Pens and turns to see the dragon lashing out at Wulf, but cries out in pain as a massive chunk of the ceiling falls on its tail. Ateal curses again and throws the gate open and points across the cavern. "RUN!" He shouts as he rest of the ceiling begins the crumble. Author: Wulf Date: Mon Jun 1 04:39:01 2009 Subject Xak Khalan (3) Wulf looks to his left, as a last glimpse to his people, expecting to die, yet turns back as he hears the roar of the dragon in pain. Watching as the massive chunk struck the dragon's tail at its base, the dragon turned to free itself. Wulf got to his feet as his people start to run past, turning back to the dragon, he watched on awestruck as the dragon finally managed to turn the massive stone off of its tail. Roaring, the dragon turned to Wulf, who only looked up. The dragon, enraged by the pain, never felt the massive ceiling of the cavern fall in upon it. The massive blocks of stone smashing scale and bone to a fine dust under its massive weight. Atael skids to a stop beside Wulf as the ceiling falls. He grabs Wulf and pulls him along as he begins to run again. "Move man!" He yells at him. Wulf plunges after Atael as the ceiling begins to collapse around them. Hurling himself down the corridors, he hears the cavern behind him fall in upon itself. Running from the collapsing ruins, they both make it out into the open sky. Atael scouts the area around them as Wulf reunited with his clansmen. The guards it seemed, were camped over the roof of the cave and had died when it collapsed. Ateal finds a paper on the ground with a strange insignia on it and takes it back to Wulf," Take a look at this." Wulf glances down at the paper handed to him. His eyes scanning over the words in common. His hands shake in rage as he recognizes the handwriting and the seal at the end of it," that bitch," he roars. Wulf set down the paper and finished donning his original clothing and weapons before tucking the paper into his shirt," we must head back to our home," he says to his people," from there, we shall take down my step mother, the one responsible for all of this." Atael nods and falls in beside Wulf. "She'll Deny it you know. Probably say its a forgery..And your father will probbly believe her." Wulf marshalled his clan's men and women and began to lead them back towards his homeland, looking back at Atael," not this time, the seal on that paper comes from her ring soley, and that cannot be reproduced." Atael nods, falling silent and following after Wulf. Wulf chats among his people as they trek through the forests. The grasslands soon came, as well as a boost in morale to them all as they recognize there homeland. Wulf looked forward as the walls of his village began to creep closer and closer. Soon he spied men on the walls overlooking them, then the shouts as they were recognized. Wulf shouted out to the men overlooking them," open the gates, you have wounded in need of aid," he roars as his orders are hastily obeyed. They walk through the open gates, into the throng of people turned out to see what has happened. Atael stays silent and out of the way, but removes his cowl and mask. He his white hair stood out in great contrast to that of the other peoples. Wulf looks left in right, covered in blood, grime, and dust from the ruins, he appears to be a shade of his former self. The group stops outside of his father's hall, roaring at the guards, challenging his father. Wulf's father and step mother emerge from the hall, guards lining them at both sides," what have we here," his step mother chides in amusement," a rabid pack of dogs returned?" Wulf growls," hush bitch," he unfolds the paper from his shirt and hands it to his father," your time enslaving my people are at an end, nevermore will your foul words taint my clan, or my father's soul." Atael stands there, his hand unobtusively on one of his knives. Wulf looks on as his father recognizes the handwriting," I cant believe this," his father says in shock," this from my own wife," looking down at the seal, he then looks at his wife's finger," your ring, my gift, donns this report." Wulf shouts as his father's wife lunges at his father with a knife," you will die," she begins to scream in panic. Atael's hand blurs and he is already moving as the knife sinks into the chest of the woman. He grabs her wrist, twists, disarming her, and then hurls her quite hard to the ground. He bows his head, but says nothing as he steps away. Wulf lunges, blade drawn to defend his father, yet hes beaten to it by Atael's swift movement. His father steps back as his wife is taken down by Atael, disbelieving in her treachery. Looking back to Atael the Chieftain says," who are you outlander?" Atael bows to the Chieftain. "My name is Atael." Wulf sheaths his blade and steps before his father, and kneels," I have brought our people back father, from the mawl of a dragon, and from the ruins of the forest." The chieftain tips his head forward in sorrow, the burden of what has happened to his people bearing down on him, yet he looks down at his kneeling son," rise my son, you shall never again kneel to me." Wulf rose at his father's command and turned to his people," you are all free now, never again will you be under the heel of someone, never again will the dragon people taint our hearts or lands!," he roars, bearing his sword in the air. Author: Wulf Date: Tue Jun 9 06:24:24 2009 Subject A Fateful Meeting Wulf looked back on the past weeks, the arrival of his new friend Atael, the liberation his people from the dragonmen, and the return to the old ways of life. Yet soon his thoughts were interupted by a loud knock on his door. "Enter" Wulf looked up as a borderguard came through the threshold. "We've caught sight of armed knights heading this way," he says with a tone of urgency. "Gather my men and be prepared, we leave now," he orders the borderguard as he walks past him heading for his father's chambers. Wulf brushed past the guards outside of his father's chambers and opened the door," father, knights have crossed our borders, their numbers are unknown," he says. Looking up his father nods," I have recieved word as well." "I have men at the ready and I leave now to intervene," he says as he turns to depart his father's chambers. "Be cautious my son, change is on the wind, now go, and defend your people." Railen thunders across the grassland, his column of Knights close behind him. He was returning to Palanthas, after getting his kidnapped man and taking care of the beast that took him. Their Column had to ride at a slower pace because of the woounded man who lay on a strecter between two horses, But Railen Road ahead to keep a look out for trouble. Wulf mounted his black geldling and turned to his other mounted warriors, 30 in all some with bows," knights are encroaching on our land, we will not tolerate the same injustice that had behallen us once before," he roars as he turns his horse and speeds from the stables, out past the main gates, warriors in tow. Railen waits at the top of a hill for his knights. He could see a settlement out ahead of them and there were mounted men comming up fast. He sighs gently and looses his sword in its sheath. He Holds up his hand to halt the comming column and waits. Wulf looked up at the lone knight atop the hill," we've been spotted," he muttered to his captain at his side," arm bows and swords, and be weary." Coming to a slow canter he draws his bow and prepares an arrow to fire, should he have to. Railen shakes his head gently as his knights reach for their weapons. With a sigh he removes his helmet and hangs it on his saddle horn. "Wait here." He says to his knights and then pushes his big roan horse into a walk, his hands open to show he ment no harm. Wulf remains cautious, the sight of the armored knights lining the ridge adding pressure to the situation," be ready in case of attack," he orders his men before advancing slowly towards the unarmed knight advancing. Wulf comes to a halt a few feet from the knight, bow still at the ready, his face a stone mask. Railen bows his head gently to the savage looking man. "Lo There Neighbor. Nice Evening for a ride isnt it?" Wulf remained stoic, judging the true motives of the knight, aiming his bow at the knight's armored chest," you are no neighbor of my people, what business do you have on the land of the Que-Kiri," he says in common, his accent thick. Railen shifts in his saddle, his hand vanishing under his cloak. "Just passing through. Im headed for the north coast, so i an catch a ship back to Solamnia." Wulf keeps his aim on the armored knight, aware of his hand slipping beneath his cloak," I would not try that knight, my men behind me are not the only warriors of the Que-Kiri." Issuing a whistle to his men, they fan out and prepare for combat. Railen chuckles gently as his Knights fall into place behind him. "And i have Twenty full armored Knights of Solamnia with me. Even if that arrow kills me, They'll surely kill you. So its a no win situation. So why don't you just stand aside and let us g o. Wulf glances past the knight, summing up the full force of knights. He would die if such a fight would occure, yet more so would his men. Releasing the tension on his bow, he lets it sit at his side. Wulf issues another whistle to his men, who form up behind him hands at the pommels of their blades. Looking back at the knight," you have crossed into the land of the Que-Kiri in force, if what you say is true and you are just passing, then myself and my men will escort you to the borders of my land, from there return at your own risk for we will not be formal the next time." Railen shakes his head and tosses his cloak up over his shoulder to free his sword arm. "Afraid im going to have to refuse that offer, Neighbor. Your thirty men would slow me down alot more than I have time to be held up. Stand aside, or draw your weapon s." Wulf drew his sword, each of his men following his example, and from the back of his lines a horn blared. More horsemen of the Que-kiri appeared from the horizon, awaiting such a call," you will either accept my terms of die as a trespasser." Railen eyes the men on the horizon and glances around at his men who sat silently and unmoving. "I never said you couldnt come along dear boy. I only said thirty of you would slow me down too much. I have pressing matters to attend too." "I'm not here to harm your land or our people. I have a wounded man who i need to get back to Solamnia. Choose a smaller number of men and you can come, or you can kill me and call the full force of the Knights of Solamnia down around your ears." Railen knew it was a bluff, but against the odds he hoped it would work. Wulf looked around at his men, each ready. A fight with this group would prove costly, yet it could be won. Yet he did not with to bring further enemies to his people's doorstep. Wulf signaled for his men to peel off, the forces in the background fading into the horizon. Ordering all but ten to return, he turns to the knight," then we will come." Railen nods and fixes his cloak down around his armored body. "then let us go." He nods to his men and then thumps his heels into the flanks of his roan. Wulf wheels his horse around and takes the lead, his men remaining to the sides in case of betrayal. Author: Wulf Date: Tue Jun 23 07:57:38 2009 Subject Arrival "We have more need of allies father," he urges," without them we would not be able to withstand the darkening tide." Thus was the argument Wulf found himself in for the third time this day, the day of his leaving. Many days had passed since the armored knights departed Kiri lands, and with them a promise, aid in the coming darkness. "You cannot leave this land," his father stated flatly," they are outsiders and not to be trusted!" "Father, I must do what I can for my people, your people," Wulf says as he seals his pack," with or without your blessing, I will go. I will follow those knights and see what can be done." His father, Chieftain of the Que-Kiri, was not pleased at the news of his son, the tribe's protector, leaving on a quest to follow foreigners into a strange land. Yet he knew the wisdom in his son's words. Sighing, he looks up at Wulf," You have leave to go, but do not expect the aid of your people in this quest. This is your sole responsibility now, begone and be safe, my son." That was a week past, looking around at strange peoples aboard the ship, Wulf reminded himself of what he set out to do. He had heard word from one of the sailors on board that they were close to landing. He had never been to what the knight called his homeland, Solamnia. Yet it is where he must go to find that knight, to see what the gods have in store for him. He kept to himself as the crew docked at the port of the lord city, Palanthas. Begrudgingly admiring the majesty of this foreign city, he trudged on, in search of the knight. Author: Wulf Date: Sat Jul 4 23:27:09 2009 Subject A lesson in Temperment Wulf managed to wind his way through the bustling port city of Palanthas, wearily watching the strange comings and going of the city. Several times he was accosted by peddlers and beggars, yet he shrugged them off and continued on. He was searching for a Solamnic Knight, Railen. A man who had crossed his lands with his knights, a man whos words struck Wulf to the core of his being. After many hours of searching, Wulf finally managed to track down another knight who could direct him to Railen. Wulf soon found the aide and was escorted to the compound where Railen resided. Looking around to the stone structure, he noticed with a silent awe the grandier even this simple structure had over the homes of his people. Shrugging off the feelings of inadequacy, he stood outside the door as the aide knocked and then dissapeared within. Seconds later the aide returned and allowed him entry. Sitting in the middle of the plain common room, Railen awaited the young ranger. Knowing the man to be devoit in his loyalty to his people, Railen had a certain respect for the man. Yet he was still gauging the plainsman. Watching as the young ranger entered, Railen greeted the young man," hello Wulf, I see you finally found me." Wulf scanned the common room and then turned his attention to Railen," aye I have." Railen looked to the ranger and asked," what brings you to find me?" Wulf thought to himself for a moment before he replied," I came to gauge the truth of your words, see about the aide of the knights for my people in this darkening world." Railen understood, for he knew his words were true in the fact of the Oath and Measure he spoke with the man on his way through the Que-Kiri lands. "My words and oaths are true Wulf." Looking to the ranger and seeing his weapons he noted," do you have skill in your weapons?" Wulf looked at his weapons and back to the knight," aye I do. I have trained with the warriors of my clan and I can hold my own." Railen nodded and began to stand," alright, tommorrow I head back to Lemish to further my fight with the goblins there, come with me to the practice yard and test your skill, should you prove worthy, you will come with me." The ranger bowed his head and took his place with the knight as they left the for the practice yard. The knight and the ranger squared off in the practice yard, to the judging eyes of fellow knights and their squires. Looking at the young ranger, Railen judged his skill and decided it time to begin. Drawing his blade, he looked to the ranger," draw your blade, ranger, and prepare to attack." Looking at the readied knight, Wulf removed his bow and quiver and promplty set it aside and drew his blade, looking at the knight's relaxed guard, he though it best to launch a quick attack to his unguarded flank. Quickly, Railen dodged aside and lashed out at Wulf's unguarded back. Grabbing ahold of his tunic, Railen threw down the ranger," don't be to hasty young man, patience is the key to victory." With a growl, Wulf stood and prepared for another attack. Not underestimating the knights' skill this time, he made a quick lunge for Railen's right side. Once again the senior knight struck away the ranger's blow, this time knocking him flat on his ass," never let anger get the best of you." Feeling humiliated by this knight, Wulf growled and charged him, roaring an oath to his god, Kiri Jolith. Railen dashed to the side and tripped Wulf, disarming the ranger in the process. Wulf grinned," anger is a good tool, makes it easy for someone to underestimate you," he says as he tackled the knight to the ground, disarming him as well. Wulf now stood between Railen and his blade, and Railen knew it. Looking past the ranger to his blade, he was unprepared for Wulf's quick dash past him. Getting in close, Wulf lashed out at Railen's unprotected back and connected a solid blow. Turning Railen retalitated with a solid strike to the ranger's face that left him staggering backwards. Shaking the blow off, Wulf looked up at the knight and stood, albeit it a little wearily. Coming in close to spar again, Wulf tried to attack the knight again but Railen proved faster. Soon the ranger was on the ground unconcious, victim to a savage blow to the jaw delivered by Railen. Looking at the unconcious ranger he thought," the boy has potential." Summoning two knights to take Wulf to a common room, Railen made note of the ranger and departed, making plans for their return to Lemish. Author: Wulf Date: Fri Jul 17 20:30:30 2009 Subject Why's the Rum always Gone? Wulf stood against the railing at the harbor of Palanthas. Lost deep in thought, mind mulling over the last few grueling days training with his Lord and learning the ways of the knights. He still thought of the times on the plains, and the thoughts of his people often came to the surface when he spent time alone. Yet soon his thoughts were disturbed as a rather unsavoury man staggered drunkenly towards a post. Taking several swigs from a bottle of rum he looked up at the posting nailed to the pole. Reaching up, he tore off the sign and threw the crumpled paper to the floor. Turning to leave, he began to stumble down the road, rum in hand. Annoyed that his thoughts were disturbed on this clear evening, he looked at the man in disgust. The man should have more respect for himself than stumbling around drunk. Walking over and picking up the paper, he unfurled it and scanned the person on the wanted ad. When the recognition hit, the paper fell and his hand held his blade. "Halt, pirate. Release your blade and come with me and you will not be harmed. Failing to do so, well thats an option you don't want to take." The pirate turned and looked at the warrior with his blade drawn," put your blade down boy, and have a drink." Wulf shook off the temptation to unwind and chose the Solamnic path instead," you are a wanted criminal, either release your blade and submit, or draw your blade and prepare." The pirate grinned and drew his slender rapier. Standing away from the boy he took a long swig of his rum as the knight in training attacked. Quickly saluting his opponent, Wulf slashed out at the drunken pirate. He flew past the pirate as he dodged Wulf's attack. Swinging around he slashed out again, smashing the rum bottle to shards, spilling the liquid about the pirate. Looking at the neck of the rum bottle in his hand, the pirate looked back at Wulf," why's the rum always gone?" Wulf offered one more time for the pirate to relent, to no avail. After trying to unsuccessfully attack the pirate again, Wulf feigned a retreat. Turning his sheathed his blade and took a few steps away. Seeing the man turn to leave the Pirate had let his guard down ever so slightly. Enough for him to be caught in the shoulder as Wulf turned, knife in hand, and embedded the thrown blade deep in his shoulder. Clutching his wounded shoulder, the pirate turned and fled down the docks. Heading for an empty spot in the docks in which to dive. "Your wounded pirate, submit and follow me, you have no where else to go," Wulf ordered. To this the pirate almost grinned, with a flourish of his unwounded arm, he bowed with a flourish of his hat," remember this day knight, as the day you almost caught Captain Morgan," the pirate said as he turned and dived into the harbor. Scowling at his unsuccessful capture of the pirate, Wulf turned and headed back to the compound to report this to his superiors.

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