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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a small book to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Vistra' scribed in unearthly orange ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Vistra's book..

Author: Vistra Date: Sat Mar 21 14:53:33 2009 Subject Prayer The flames of the forge flared as air was pumped into it to fuel the flames. The sound of metal heating and hammers landing blows ringed though out the workshop. The violent hiss of heated metal hitting cool water tempering new weapons and jewelry. Here was home here was safety with in these sounds. The smell of the forge the taste of strong metal in the air. Here is where Vistra came to say her prayers to the great forge, The father of her people. Her softy prayers mix into the sounds of the hammers as if talking with them. Slowly she pulls out a piece of hot metal and begins to pound it into form. Back and forth she moves her work from the fire to the anvil working the metal with her fathers hammer testing her skill's and belief in the great forge. Each strike brings the metal closer to her vision, each fall fills as if guided by an unseen hand. Sweet hangs from her brow and is forgotten her mind on the work before her. Deep into the evening her pounding continues with a steady pace. With a great hiss expels a cloud of steam from the barrel of water as she slides Her work into it. Careful not to over cool the metal she removes it and lays it down on the anvil. With steady hands and great care she slowly begins to work detail into the handle and head of a war hammer. Softly she speaks aloud. " Roerx thank you for guiding my hammer" softly she works leather around the handle and testes the balance of her work. pleased with her work, she remove it and her self to retire to her bed chamber. Quietly she strips down and changes into a sleeping gown. She stiffs and yawn behind her hands and say's her nightly prayer before laying down for sleep. A dream of a great forge with the sounds of the smith fill's the air a great dwarf stands there and works with a great hammer. The sound of his hammer falls fill's her being with wonderment and passion only a dwarf could feel. When she awakes she fells something pressed agent her chest. With genital hands she moves the weight to find a medallion with a hammer on it. Softly she prays her thanks to Reorx for allowing her this. Author: Vistra Date: Sun Apr 5 21:54:55 2009 Subject The path.... In the early hours of the morning Vistra wakes with a yawn. Slowly she looks around her chambers. With out thinking she close's her eyes and moves head hand to her medallion and utters thanks to the forge for another day to serve. Quiet she dress and fixes her bed back up. Slowly she leaves her chamber and heads to the temple hall. The halls is filled with other dwarfs looking for answers and saying prayers. Among the other dwarfs clerics both young and old walks with there people talking. Vistra makes her way though the hall back to the temple it self. slowly she opens the door to the temple and steps inside. The Elder Cleric of Thorbardin sits inside by her self saying her morning prayers. She waits as the cleric finishes her prayer. The elder looks up to see her and gives a mother like smile to Vistra. " Morning child i see you are here to learn more." The elder says in a soft voice. " Yes Elder i am here to learn more so i may serve are people as well as Reorx him self." Vistra says with cheer and joy in her voice. Author: Vistra Date: Tue Apr 7 10:29:43 2009 Subject Story The Elder smiled as she looked at Vistra. Softly she spoke. " Now child i will tell you of Reorx as was passed down from are People from the first dwarf to now." She Cleared her throat and moved her self to a chair near the fire place. She smiles and begins her tale. "During the Age of Starbirth the gods created dragonkind. The original five dragons were fashioned from the raw elements of the world, these were corrupted by Takhisis and transformed them into the chromatic dragons which have plagued the world ever since." "After the corruption of the original dragons, Reorx fashioned five more dragons, which he gave to Paladine to ease his heart at the loss of his children to Takhisis. These five dragons became what are known as metallic dragons, valiant fighters on the side of light." "Reorx, having crafted two sets of dragons, both of which were lost to him and his fellow gods within the Pantheon of Neutrality, created yet another set of five dragons. These dragons were fashioned out of the very bones of the world, crafted from lavender kaemererite, crystalline fluorite, green malachite, deep blue azurite and shining yellow tyuyamunite." She begins to cough stoping her tale. ' Be a dear child and fetch me some water' she ask between each cough. Quickly with out a thought Vistra moves to where she layed her water skin. she grabs it and hands it to the Elder, who quickly takes a deep drink from it. "Thank you child now where was i. Ah yes." "To each of his fellow gods within the Pantheon of Neutrality, save for Gilean the Grey Sage, Reorx gave one of the dragons carved from precious gemstones. Each god took their dragons out into the planes beyond the material world and taught them the ways of their faith." "Reorx took his kaemererite dragon to his forge deep within the Hidden Vale and taught it the arts of craft, forge and foundry. He then showed the dragon the ways to pass from the Hidden Vale to the planes nearer to Krynn, where they mined for mithril on the Elemental Plane of Earth and used the fires of the Elemental Plane of Fire to forge that mithril." "This is the gift we where given by the Kaemerite dragon Reorx made for us and him self. This child was the start of the craft we dwarfs love." With it said she close's her eyes to rest. With out thought or being ask Vistra moves over to the chair and pulls a blank from a near by table to lay on the elder cleric. Quietly she says " May Reorx watch over your dreams elder and fill you heart with the warmth of the forge." Slowly and softly she moves from the room to go about her other duties. Author: Vistra Date: Thu Apr 9 12:08:04 2009 Subject Duties Water splashes back and forth as Vistra lugs the bucket of water though the temples main halls. A robe of grey hangs loosely around her hefty frame, with wet spots from the water splashing her. She turns into one of the chambers and set the bucket down. " Well no one said this would be all fun and games." She says out loud as she digs out the scrub brush from the water. Slowly and steadily she begins to scrub the floors to the chamber. Sweet begins to appear on her brow as she makes her way around the room. Slowly she begins to scrub along the edge of the fire place, carefully working along each piece of the stone work moving her way up along the fire place. " one day i will be the one making sure this is done, not the one doing this. My place is in the forge working no this." she closed her eyes and lets the brush drop to the floor after she speaks. The feeling of the forge and the sound of the hammer hitting. The taste and smells fill her as if she just walked into the forge she worked and trained long and hard in. The hammer she crafted the day she was giving her calling lays before her glowing and just like that it all fades. " ahhhh those where simple days Great forge yet i know my place is here now, guild me and help shape me like i use to shape metal years past." She prays out loud as she reaches down to pick up the brush. She goes back to her clean of this room and the four other she has to do this day. Author: Vistra Date: Fri Apr 10 19:07:56 2009 Subject Free time " Finally a day to my self and a chance to work in my papa's shop" Vistra says to her self as she wakes up to the new day. This would be her first free day since she went to study with the clerics. The work was not hard and she has learned a great deal from the elder Eldeth whom has taken to her like a mother. But today was not a day for lessons like everyday has been. No today was to work hand and hand with Reorx though blacksmithing. Careful she stood up and fixed her bedding. With great joy she dug though her chest for her old clothing. A smile filled her But today was not a day for lessons like everyday has been. No today was to work hand and hand with Reorx though blacksmithing. Careful she stood up and fixed her bedding. With great joy she dug though her chest for her old clothing. A smile filled her plump face as she placed the sturdy leathers on and slide her feet into her boots. How much she missed the smell and familiar feel of her leathers was like seeing an old friend after years. With out looking back she left her small chamber and made her way though the temple. Her pace was set fast hoping she would make it out of the temple before someone stoped her and change there mind about her day. After an hour of walking she slowly open the door to her fathers shop. Her Father face was joyous at seeing her walk though the doors, yet after a second glace a wonderment look took its place. "What are you doing here in those child?" Her father asked her as he walks over to embrace his child. " I thought i would work in the forge a while papa, and i dont think my robes would take to much of that kinda work." She says with a smirk and a hint of laughter in her voice as she hugs her father back." Aye i reckoned that be true dear. You know my forge is yours cleric." as he father finish Vistra lets a giggle pass at her fathers joke. She speaks a few more moments with her father before she makes her way to the back where the forge is. A grin lights her face as she looks over the room. Quickly she grabs her old apron and begins to start working. Author: Vistra Date: Sun Apr 19 20:38:11 2009 Subject Flames Her hammer strikes the metal that glows like fire. Sparks fly with each strike of the hammer. The glow of the forge lights the room, the heat grows as each stoke of the air blows into the flames. Sweet glistens on her forehead as she works her craft, the same craft as her god. The ring of metal on metal fills the room. " Reorx Guide my hand as i work, Allow me to forge beauty from this metal. IF it is your will great forge show me what it is i should create." Vistra pray's out loud as she strikes with great force. slowly she see's a shape in her mind, slowly with each strike the image grow's stronger as it takes shape. Author: Vistra Date: Thu May 7 20:28:00 2009 Subject what's left After the meeting with the high king and the new stranger in the under ground kingdom vistra returns to the temple of reorx to think and reflect on the events. She moves back and forth along the edge of the anvil shrine running her fingers along the edge lost in thought. Her mind races back and forth on what has happen and what is to come of this. The sound of the smiths hammer rings in her mind as she close's her eyes. Something wasn't right with all of this and yet somehow she felt as if everything she was taut as a child was wrong. Yet her faith in the father of dwarfs was not wrong. Now her thoughts turned to leaving the safety of her home of Thorabardin and head to the dwarven city of Kayolin like the elders of the temple have told her she was meant to do.

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