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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands an elegant book bound in elf-skin to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Valtam' scribed in orange ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Valtam's book..

Author: Valtam Date: Thu Jun 18 08:41:37 2009 Subject Out of the Depths Part 1 The continues moving dark waters surrounding the air tight dome, cast an eerie atmosphere about the two figures seated infront of the marble Khas set. Bright Indigo coloured pupils stared down at the Khas pieces, the Deep Elf deep in thought, this would be his last game with his old rival Aluras, before he left for the lands above, and he intended to win this one, just once he wanted to beat his rival at this game, just once. He thought back to his younger days when they use to dare one another, seeing who would swim closest to The Pit, where the once great temple of Istar once stood, not even the bravest Dargonesti warrior could or even would get close, yet as youngesters do, they tested themselves, tested their courage and resolve. He shook his head with a grin bringing himself back to the game, his hand moving down to his Queen piece, he would have to take risks if he was to win this game, he would not lose, not this time. Many years before this fated Khass game, Valtam, his back pressed against the sharp edges of coral, looking up along the length of a trident at Aluras. They had both been training all that day, both wishing to join the the honorable warrior society called the Order of the Dolphin, the elite order of religious warriors. Valtam had always lived under the shadow of Aluras who everyone said was destined for the order. Yet where Aluras went Valtam went too, striving to be the best as his rival and friend was. He was breathing hard now, cold steel against his throat. "Another point for me Val" Aluras beams down at his friend, why Aluras had put up with him this long, 50 years long infact, Valtam could not guess. But right now his blood was up, and the bitter taste of defeat rising in his throat, he glanced across at his own fallen trident then down to his sheathed dagger. }B"Don't even think about it Val, your done, just tap out, you can never defeat me" A trickle of blood started running down Valtams neck as the point of the trident pricked him, but it was the mocking laughter of his rival that set him off. All his life he had felt, what he could only discribe as a force, inside him, but could never put his finger on it. Now with his wish to win so badly, the bitter taste of defeat and humiliation stuck in his throut, his pupils adruptly shining bright, it all suddenly burst from him in a wild surge of magic lancing down the trident of his friend, and slamming into his chest sending him flying through the water, to come slowly floating down to the sea bed his body limp and unconscious. Valtam looked on with horror and quickly swam to his friends side, calling to for help. His friend of course lived, Aluras claimed he couldn't remember a thing, joking that Valtam must have beaten him so hard that he couldn't even remember it. But this victory tasted worse than any defeat, it hadn't been a fair, he hadn't beaten him in armed combat, instead a power he didn't understand had almost killed his friend. Instead of learning to control it, he hid it, bottled it up, refused to talk about it to anyone. Over the next two years, a short time for any elf, though it seemed like an eternity to him, Valtam could feel the power stir within him, wanting to be release, he knew instinctively if he gave into it he could raise out of his rival's shadow, but he feared it. But that changed shortly after his 55th year. Author: Valtam Date: Thu Jun 18 12:06:15 2009 Subject Out of the Depths Part 2 "Githtro you've got to face up to what you fear, if you don't it will eventually conquer you, no matter how scared you are, or how scary it is, you have to pluck up your courage and show that you won't let anyone or anything imprison you with fear. You may even find that what you fear isn't as scary as you thought to begin with, it might even be fun..." Valtam was dispensing a little advice to a young Dargonesti who was about to go onto dry land for the first time. It made him stop, he should be giving himself that advice, was he a hypocrite if he didn't follow the advice he just gave? That would be intolerable. "Not today Al." Valtam was walking past their usually training spot, he took a deep breath, readying himself for the question that was surely to follow "About time Val." Valtam is taken aback and looks at his friend with a questioning look. "If you're passing up an opertunity to train then it means you have realised that no amount of training is going to help until you have learned to stop fighting against yourself." Valtam thought about this for a moment wondering if his friend knew just how right he was, instead of asking, he asked something that he had been wondering for sometime "Aluras, after more than 50 years of knowing me, of me following your around, sticking to you like a bad rash, Its just, Its just, I'm just suprised you haven't send me away all ready." Aluras looked, and sounded genually suprised as he answerd "Valtam, listen, you were never a hinderance or anything like that. Honestly, if it were not for you I would never be who I am today, I would never have been as good enough to be accepted into the Order of the Dolphin." It was Valtam's turn to be suprised "I, I always thought.." "Val, I could never have asked for a better friend, or rival." Valtam was speechless. "Now don't let me keep you back Val, I always thought you would surpass me one day, I still think you will." "Thank you my friend for your kind, but improbabale words" Aluras nodded with a smile and they clasped arms as they bade each other farewell. The next 20 years seemed like a blur, he saw Aluras rarely during those years, either Aluras was off on some mission for the Order, or Valtam's new mentor kept him busy in studies. Valtam, worked and studied hard, and it wasn't long before he was able to control what he now identified as magic, his mentor, T'Kril, taught him of the spell-fables as well as the more traditional magic of the magi, as well he learned more thoroughly about the three moons. Valtam dilegently studied, practiced and researched these new found abilites, experimenting when he could. It wasn't long before learned that he had a particular affinity with water air and electricity, with the very storms of the ocean, at first he was afraid the ever raging Zebiom may have singled him out, or her twin the dark moon Nuitari, but he never felt a calling to either of them, and was glad for it, he could not imagine himself walking that path, if anything he felt like it was his task to help calm those storms to help not just his own people but also to help the ships and the sailors aboard who get caught up in the storms on the Sea of Blood "Master T'Kril, have I somehow offended you?" His master had told him that there was nothing more for him to learn here, that he should head inland, find the conclave of the magi. Rarely did any of the Dargonesti wizards go to the conclave, infact since his people had settled Istar, he could not think of a single one, he asked himself that one question that so many others before him had, why me? Valtam had been on land before, to some of the Blood Sea Isles, but never to any big land mass, it seemed like an exile to him. "Not at all Valtim, Infact its just the opposite, We need a representative there, and you have shown the most promise. Go. Learn from them, and when you return, which you are free to at anytime, you will be of far more use than if you stayed here, your power would only stagnate if you stayed. And perhaps with you there, more of us will be able to join their ranks." Emerging from the water, a robed figure walked, his wet robe clinging to his tall wirey frame, though the figure seems completely unconcerned by this fact. A smile on his face, a white marble Khass piece in his hand, a pawn. He had lost that last game with his friend Aluras, he had given Valtam the piece saying "You are not destined to be the pawn of others friend, Watch yourself out there. And don't worry I'll look after things while the mighty wizard Valtam is gone." He would miss Aluras's mocking, carefree attitude. He looked out across the lands and mountains, not a drop of ocean before him, only behind, spreading out as far as the high could see, from one side of the horizon to the other. He was a fish out of water here. But he would learn. People on the harbour of Palanthas stopped in their tracks as they stared at this tall, dripping wet figure walk into their fare city.

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