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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a book to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Baylen' scribed in dull blue ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Baylen's book..

Author: Baylen Date: Sat Oct 14 14:41:02 2017 Subject First There is a Mountain

It's hard to to remember a time when I didn't have a blade in my hand. When I was younger, they were wooden of course. My brothers and I play fighting and then sparring under the tutelage of our father's Master at Arms. As we got older the blades got heavier and the stakes only slightly more so. Although we fought with real steel it was never to kill, only to learn. We grew up safe and loved and exhausted. Day in and out we had our chores, followed by our time training. I can't remember a day when I wasn't asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. This was the life expected out of what amounted to Solamnic royalty. My brother and I were being trained and not just in swordplay. In the way of the oath and measure. We would become Knights of Solamnia like our father and his father before him. We prayed daily for strength and riteousness (and for the hope of not disappointing our father). Life was repetative and could be tedious, but we knew the path that had been set down before us. There was certain comfort in that. Every morning chroes, every evening prayer, and every minute planned in between. When I was 18 something changed. Something that turned the straight path before me into a mobius strip. I was taking one of my few free moments in the day to survey our land. I rode up the long path that led to our gate and then along the gate. The gate ended next to a large forest, although our lands continued someways into the forest. As I rode along the treeline I spotted a man within the woods and called out to him. I received no answer. I pulled up and clambered off my horse and began to walk into the woods. Children of safety and money are naive. They learn certain lessons far later then they should. I approached the man and hailed him again. This time he answered me. He was a twitchy little guy. I could tell from his stance that he was unarmed. There was no worry here for me. "Hail, friend! What are you up to on this fine day?" My tone was easy. Although this was my land there was no reason not to share it. I didn't want to scare the fellow away. He already seemed nervous."Master Baylen? Is that you? It can't be - you're so - large!" As I got closer to the man I realized that I recognized him. He'd been my father's servant when I was much younger. I hadn't seen him in years. As I got closer and closer I could see that his eyes were wide and he was quite surprised. "It is - friend. I'm so sorry, I don't remember your name. What can I call you?" "No trouble Master, no trouble. My name is Rylian. I know it's been many years since you've seen me. I don't blame you for not remembering my name." He stopped speaking but his mouth kept moving as though he was conversing silently with someone else. "Well, Rylien, where have you been these long years? I mean - it mut be 8-9 years since we've seen you last." The man burst into a wide grin. "Why - I've been here! I have a few other friends here too." He motioned around the woods. "We can do what we want here and no one gives us any trouble. Your father is a good man and lets us be. Come, let me introduce you to my other friends..." We walked a little deeper into the woods and came to a ramshackle cabin. It was surrounded by a haphazard fence and there was a sign firmly planted in the lawn that read BEWARE OF GOD in drippy letters.

Author: Baylen Date: Sat Oct 14 14:45:41 2017 Subject Then There is No Mountain

The inside of the cabin was comfortable if mismatched. There were chairs and couches, a table overloaded with books, and what looked to be five other people at least two of whom looked like they were asleep. As soon as Baylan walked in the three who were awake stopped talking. They apparently had been having some kind of really intense discussion. "Are we there?" The question came from a person that Baylan had missed, he had been tucked behind a couch on the floor. The other four (Rylian included) looked to Baylan for his response. "Not yet, but we're getting closer." The man sighed in relief. All tension in the room eased and conversation resumed. Baylan did not know what to make of any of this. Rylien explained, "He's worried about the Cataclysm and when it's going to happen. He offered no further explaination which confused Baylan further. He pointed to an empty seat and gestured for Baylan to sit. "If the gods are real then why don't they help us?" "Maybe it's not that the gods who aren't real but WE who aren't real. Or maybe we're the gods. Or maybe..." This conversation seemed like it had been going on for a very long time. Baylan pretty much ignored it and turned back to Rylien. "So you've been living here for the past 8 years?" Rylien nodded in response. "You gave up living in the castle and serving my father for this?" Rylien nodded again. Baylan shook his head in disgust. "Why would you possibly do that?" "Let me make you some tea and I'll tell you my story." Rylian fixed them both cups of tea and that sat down to explain what had happened. He'd be sent to gather firewood and ended up not too far from this cabin. As he was going about his chores he saw a couple people who were foraging for mushrooms. He had just about finished bundling up the kindling when one of them approached him and asked if he would like to come inside and have a drink. He accepted and they made him the same tea Baylan was drinking now. The story took about an hour as Rylian went off on tangent after tangent. Baylan found himself getting sucked into the story. As Rylian finished Baylan noticed some other things. He noticed a feeling of warmth he never felt before. He also noticed a feeling of closeness with everyone in the room around him. He got down off the chair and lay on the rug. Rylian turned his attention back to his other friends and Baylan lay on the carpet by himself staring up at the ceiling. A phrase was repeating over and over in his head, one that he'd heard since birth, "Est Sularus oth Mithas", "Est Sularus oth Mithas", "Est Sularus oth Mithas" it began to seem ridiculous. "Est Solarus en Mithas", "Est Solarus en Mithas", "Est Solarus en Mithas" a new phrase repeated. Finally "Est Solarus en Cadaver", "Est Solarus en Cadaver", "Est Solarus en Cadaver". These three phrases rocketed around his head and he found his thoughts racing in ways that didn't seem to be possible. My honor is my life? Why? That seemed like a garbage message to him. Honor was one thing but there were more important things as well. Things that were harder to express and couldn't be conveyed in a catchphrase. It was sixteen hours later that Baylan woke up a changed man.

Author: Baylen Date: Sat Oct 14 14:50:37 2017 Subject Then There Is

Baylan walked back out of the woods the next day. He heard a shout go out almost as soon as he passed the tree, "There he is! There he is!" Six of his father's men came riding up to meet him. They all looked pale and worried. They followed him back to the castle where he arrived to find his mother in a panic and his father looking grim. His mother hugged him tightly and then started into a breathless speech in which she didn't actually finish a single sentence. His father was silent. His mother finally finished speaking and hugged him again and then gave him an empathetic look. She knew what was coming as well as he did. She left Baylan alone with his father. He sat stone faced for another few moments before breaking the silence. "Well? Where have you been?" Baylan had been composing the answer to that question since he'd woken up this morning and wasn't sure how to answer that question still. Where had he been? The cabin in the forest, sure - but other places as well. Places where he was terrified and delighted. Places where he'd learned things that would have seemed unimaginable only days earlier. Places where he'd seen peace and others where he'd seen death. He couldn't convey these thoughts in words. His father would think him insane. . He decided to try anyway. "Well, I was riding the grounds yesterday when I met a man. He used to work for you. You may remember him? Rylian is his name." His father shook his head slowly and then stared at the ceiling. Baylan continued, "He-" His father cut him off with a gesture. "Son, I know where this is headed already. I wish I didn't. In fact, I know far better than you do." He paused and seemed to weigh his words carefully. "I would do anything I could to go back and prevent you from walking into those woods. Perhaps I should never have let Rylian or those others live." Sadness crept into his eyes. "Unfortunately I didn't have it in me and I certainly don't have it in me to end yours - however, I know what you're going to become. You're my blood and I love you, but there's not going to be a place for you here and I well know that any plans of knighthood have been quashed." Baylan nodded in surprise and agreement. His father knew. He ran forward and embraced his father tightly. "I love you son. Now go. Don't return." Baylan released his father and turned away. That actually had gone better than he thought it would.

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