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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a leather bound tome to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Progane' scribed in unearthly blue ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Progane's book..

Author: Progane Date: Wed Aug 21 14:09:28 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest!

Upon my late day arrival in Haven, I immediately set out looking for a place to stay for the night. Quickly I found out, that would not be such an easy task. With a travelling fair in town, most of the inns were full. After some searching, I managed to procure a room at the High Hand Inn. Inquiring with the barkeep, I came to find out that the local tailorer's shop was merely directly across the street from the inn. Being closed for the night, I preceeded to my room to turn in after the long journey from Solanthus. Awakening to a bright sunlit morning, I hurriedly got dressed. A short stop in the common room of the inn for breakfast. Already the sound of children dragging parents onward to the fair filled the air. With a smile, I departed the inn. Heading across the busy market street, I came before the tailor's shop. Opening the door, I could hear a small bell ring. 'Yes, Yes. Come in, sir. be right with you, ' a voice called out from amid the the myriad of fabrics and clothing hanging about the shop. A wave of motion moved through the cloth, and a short middle aged lady stepped forward. Human. Not exactly the person I was looking for. 'Help you with something, sir? Many, nice shirts we have.' Frowning slightly, 'Perhaps. Are you the owner of this shop?', I asked. 'Oh, good heavens no, sir. Mistress Sharl is in the back. Right this way.' The lady took hold of my hand, guiding me through the blinding labyrinth of color. As the last hanging dress swung away from my face, I came to stand before a lovely woman. Bent over her table, a lovely pair of almond eyes, watched carefully what her thin lean hands did. She paused momentarily, lifting her hand to catch an errant wisp of her light brown bangs, she pulled the hair behind her ear. An elven ear. 'You have a guest, Mistress, ' the lady stated, and with a curtsey returned toward the front of the shop. The seamstress looked up as she set down her work. 'Please, Do, come in. And none of this Mistress stuff please. My name is Sharl. How can I help you, this fine day, sir?' 'Progane uth Peres, m'lady. Pleasure to make your acquaintance.' To be continued...

Author: Progane Date: Wed Aug 21 14:20:22 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part Deux-

Setting down my cup of tea, I turned to Sharl, 'So as you can see, Lady Amelia sent me here not just for a social call. She specifically sent me to find you for your skill in tailoring.' Sharl says 'Well if you can collect a few items I can go over a particularly tricky technique I know, to craft a light weight woven leather garment. It is very strong and durable, but will provide a greater range of mobility than your normal thick hide leather.' She stands up, moving with a grace only one of race could be capable of, and begins to rummage through one of desk drawers, Finally withdrawing a small sheet of paper, she sets her quill to ink. Holding out the parchment, I quickly move to take it from her. 'When you've gathered these items, come back here so that I may begin work on the vest. The thread you will need would best come from Karn, the local blacksmith. He is the only one I know capable of making it.' Tucking the parchment into a pocket, I bow. 'Thank you, Sharl. I shall return as quickly as I can.' She merely nods, smiling as she waves goodbye, eager to return to her piling workload. An hour later, I sit myself upon the fountain's edge in the center of the grand market. I try to block out the sounds of the busy locals going about their day. A noble lady, complete with bodyguards shuffling behind her, is inquiring about one of the local baker's presumably delicious honey cakes. Withdrawing the note from my pocket I look over it once more. I had already tried to start with the easiest lead.. The blacksmith grumbled and growled. 'Sharl put you ta this lil' erran' eh?' He chuckled politely, as he looked at me. 'Well aye, I gots 'er thread but she owes me muh shir' first. Tell 'er when I 'ave me muh shir' she ken 'ave 'er thread.' Karn looked at me once more, tossing a spool of silver thread up in the air before catching it and replacing it on a shelf. A hasty return to Sharl's shop provided even less help. Sharl said 'Ahh yes, he -would- ask for his fancy shirt first I suppose. I was hoping he would invite me to the dinner party one of the local nobles is assembling. Karn's presenting his wares at the dinner, later this evening, but he must've forgotten that little part of our deal. I'll never be invited to one of those fancy dinners.' Sharl sighed and left then, heading into her private room, with what seemed to be tears in her eyes. So, here I sit, list in hand. Where to next... To be continued..

Author: Progane Date: Wed Aug 21 14:25:54 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part Puex??

After a few questions of a local merchant, I decided to to head for the docks. Sharl's note made reference to a pearl she needed from one of the fresh water; calms in the river just oustide the city. As I ventured on my way through the; streets of Haven, I came to realize this was probably the best course. The list; also stated the need for a crocodile's hide, and that city rumors would lead one to believe that there may be one of the beast, roaming through the sewer system. Though not one to normally give in to wild gossip and rumors, I thought it best to check out it's possibilities. After a few questions of a local merchant, I decided to to head for the docks. Sharl's note made reference to a pearl she needed from one of the fresh water calms in the river just oustide the city. As I ventured on my way through the streets of Haven, I came to realize this was probably the best course. The list also stated the need for a crocodile's hide, and that city rumors would lead one to believe that there may be one of the beast, roaming through the sewer system. Though not one to normally give in to wild gossip and rumors, I thought it best to check out it's possibilities. Arriving on the docks, I made my way through a small surge of fishermen and merchants. Finally finding a ladder, I descended down to water level. A few folks were scattered open the river's bank. Several fishermen could be seen in the distance, casting lines into the river, hoping to bring in today's big pay load. A small boy was barefoot, ankle deep in water, chasing crabs. Turning, I spotted a few of the city's lesser inhabitants. Homeless, beggars had chosen to take refuge under the dock, near a large stone archway that lead back toward the city, underground. I loosened my sword from it's scabbard around my waist, and headed into the sewers. Quickly I thanked Kiri-Jolith that the fair was indeed in town, or there would have been no telling how long it would have taken to remove the stench from my clothes. As it was, the water level was extremely low. Making my way cautiosly forward, I was relieved at amount of light coming through from the city above. Storm drains from the streets above marked every twenty yards. I made note of the sun's position within the sky. Less than three hours of daylight left. I did not want to be caught in here after dark. Twisting and turning through the sewers, I could hear the sounds of heavy scratches over stone, and a loud smacking against the walls every so often. Sword now in hand, I moved forward. Coming around a curve, I finally saw it. 'So the rumors were true,' I whispered to myself. Moving quietly, I decided my best course of action would require a quick attack. Best to leave these tunnels in tact, and with both arms and legs. As if with some sense of procognition, the crocodile lifted its body from the ground and began to take a few steps toward a tunnel leading away. 'Now or never. before it gets away,' I told myself. Tightly I grasped the hilt of my sword in two hands. Taking three running steps, I planted my right foot high up against the wall and used it to leap into the air... To be continued...

Author: Progane Date: Wed Aug 21 14:30:01 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part.. 1 2.. 4 yeah

Soaring through the air, I swung the sword with all my might. Too much momentum. My swing late, I missed my marked. The sword glaced off the side of the beast's thick skull, yet the richoted drove the blade deep through the left arm. Following the arc of my blade, i tucked my head, rolling as I landed past the howling crocodile. Quickly, I moved into a squating position, and wiped my sword around, spinning around to face the enraged moster head on. Striking true, three of it's teeth flew from the gaping mouth, hitting the stone wall. The beast pushed off with in right arm, lunging at me. The maw clamps down on my vest behind my right shoulder. Frantic, out of position for any return stroke, the croc tries to drag me back toward deeper waters. Scrambling for any leverage, I reach for the dagger in my boot. Drawing the blade, I feel my feet make purchase on a ledge under the water. Summoning all the strength, I twist my body. With the dagger inverted in my left hand, I stab upwards, backhanded, as the beast is drawn over me. The chapel bell sounds second watch in the distance, as I finally exit the sewers. The hide in tow behind me, I drop to the sand at a fire made by some of the vagrants below the docks. Tasting the blood on my lip, I try to take stock of my wounds. At least one broken rib, three broken fingers on my left. Numerous cuts and bruises. 'Could be worse..,' I mumble. Staggering to my feet, I make my way slowly back to the High Hand Inn. I need rest.. and maybe an ale.. or three... To be continued...

Author: Progane Date: Wed Aug 21 14:36:59 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part.. 5 maybe?

Opening my eyes, the bright light of mid day streamed in through window. A shadow moved across the window, coming to stand before me. 'Awake at last! I was afraid you'd be out for days,' a female elven voice. Leaning down over me, her hands moved gently over bandages. 'Sharl?.. How did you..' I began. 'Rest now, Progane. This young man here came to me early this morning,' she motions to a small boy I had not noticed before, sitting in a corner of the room. He looks vaguely familiar. 'He followed you back to the Inn last night. Most likely awestruck, as young men normally are, by your deeds in the sewers. I must say, I too was a bit amazed.' She tightened a knot on sling around my left arm, then moves away to the lone table in the room. She opens a pack she brought with her, mixing some small concoction together. 'The hide I recovered..,' I asked. 'Has already been sent over to my shop where my assistant has begun the curing process. And now, it is time for your curing process.' She comes to stand by my bedside once more, a small vial in one hand, a cup in the other. 'Here, take this vial, it will help the broken bones mend faster. And drink this. The tea will simply make you feel better. Then rest. Should you need anything, food or such, the boy will stay for tonight. His name is Reg.' With a simple nod to the young boy, she turns and leaves the room. Downing the vial, and drinking half the tea, I lay back, still exhausted and bruised. As I fall back to sleep, I can barely make out asthe young man gets up and moves toward my pile of clothes and belongings. To be continued...

Author: Progane Date: Wed Aug 21 14:41:31 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part.. 6

The next morning, I awoke refreshed, yet still thoroughly sore all over. I slowly sat up taking a quick inventory of my injuries. My rib and fingers seemed to me feeling better, though i was unable to to ball my hand even half way. My breathing was shallowed, that was good. Most of my bruises were already fading. I would have to thank Sharl personally. Looking around, I spotted a tray of food on the table. Bread, a few cheeses, and eggs that seemed to be still slightly steaming. I glanced over my shoulder. Reg was sound asleep, propped up against the corner of the wall. No doubt he had stayed up all night, even ordering breakfast, before passing out. I made my way slowly over to the table. Legs seemed fine, but stiff from being in bed for a full day. Sitting down, I noticed a bundle on the floor. My clothes, washed by hand it would seem. And my sword and dagger, cleaned, polished, and sharpened. Young Reg must really be enamored with dreams of heroism. The midday sun high overhead, I followed Reg as he showed me an easier way down to the river. I had come to like Reg. He reminded me of some of the other young pages and squires within the knighthood. 'My real name is supposed to be Reginald, after my great-grandfather, but my parents couldn't spell it correctly. So, they just named me Reg. My father's a baker on this side of town. Mother works seasonally in one of the local taverns as a barmaid. Times get tuff, but we manage,' he had told me. We walked the river bank, thanking the beggers and vagabonds for their concerns and praise, with a few coppers. Looking at Reg as he waved his hellos, I started to formulate a plan. Scanning over the river, I reached down into the water. Drawing forth one of the fresh water clam, Sharl had told me of, I passed it to Reg. 'Well Reg, as you can see with my hand as is, I'll be hard pressed to open these at all.' Reg takes a small, wide width, round edge spade from his pocket. With a little effort he pops open the clam. A small, white pearl rolls around in the shell. reaching over, I take the pearl and hold it before Reg.'So as you can see, you could help yourself and your family, all by helping me. The clams you could take to your father. I know a recipe for a wonderful soup that we used to eat in Caergoth. That, combined with what you make from selling these,' I said as I placed the pearl in his hand, 'to the jeweler, your family should find a change for the better. I merely need an onyx pearl.' Reg looked at me for a long moment, then to the pearl in one hand and the clam in the other. Nodding in agreement, he pocketed the pearl, and moved right to work. To be continued...

Author: Progane Date: Fri Aug 23 02:10:42 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part 7

Ten days of being thigh deep in cool water, my tan had deepened, and my patience had long since vanished. Daily, I had to remind myself, to keep my temper in check. By the end of day three, I had decided that my path in life was better suited for knighthood, than fishing. By the sixth day, I had sworn to never eat clan chowder again. Just this morning, I had rebuked myself from taking an oath that should I ever see a strand of white pearls again in my life, I would throw myself into the Abyss with a bored kender. Reg, however, was plunging into the waters with a joy and exuberance he could barely contain. His father, with use of the recipe I has sent, had seen a flourish in his baking. With the fair in town, he was hard pressed to make enough soup everyday. Already from his sales, he was talking of building his own shop by the docks. His mother, had left the tavern behind, taking up as an apprenctive with one of the local jewelers, learning how to craft the pearls into beautiful works of art any noblewoman would be proud to wear. And Reg. Well, his parents had agreed, that on his sixteenth birthday, if he still so wished, they would pay for his travel to Solanthus. The boy still held dreams of becoming a knight. I left Reg, with a wave, tired of clamming, I decided I still had another problem to solve, the silver thread. Karn was still reluctant to part with his spool. I made my way through the various streets of Haven. No other blacksmith in town was capable of making the thread. The few merchants that had accompanied the fair here, were hessatant to even waste good silver trying. As I left the fair grounds, heading to back to the inn, I heard a commotion from up ahead of me. 'Stop him! Someone catch the lil bugger! Help!,' came a loud shout. Over the heads of the folks before me I could see an armed raised, spatula waving frantically in the air. 'THIEF!!!' At this lone word, the crowd in front of me parted. A small, diminuitive figure, carrying a large sack over it's head, came skidding to halt two feet before me. The figure whipped around, dropped the sack, and yelled, 'Thief? Where? I don't see any cutt-throats here! No shady people, who may be up to no good.. well maybe that guy over there, could be. But, I assure you, I am no thief!' A kender. Should have known. To be continued...

Author: Progane Date: Fri Aug 23 02:17:01 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part 8

As the kender before me began to describe in lude detail what a proper thief was known to look like, the waving spatula fought to make his way through the crowd. Reaching down, I picked up the sack and threw it over my left shoulder. Then I grabbed the kender by the back of his bright yellow vest, hoisting him into the air. He gasped, twisting and turning, until finally he managed to face me directly. 'Oh hello there! Nice to meet you. My name is Gundollop Thatchleaf. If you'd be so kind as to put me down, .. say, are you a knight? Not much for armor, are ya? Can't says I blame ya. Must be hard to walk around in all that heavy stuff. Your moustache is a bit, well, lacking if you take my meaning. I met a knight once..' With a glare, I pulled a finger to my lips, indicating for him to silence. At that moment, a portly man, wearing an apron, and carrying the spatula, came through the crowd. 'Ah. I see someone caught the little thief,' the baker stated with a smile. Gundollop began twisting again in my hand, spouting out rebutals. With a shake and another glare, the kender quieted into a fuming stare. 'Thank you, good sir. That was the last sack of flour I had. The mill wont be shipping out supplies for two more days.' The baker kindly takes the sack from my shoulder, cutting a look of pure malevolance towards the kender. 'If you'll come by my shop in the morning, I'll set aside a few of my tasty treats for you sir,' the baker offered as he turned and left. 'Now then, what to do with you, Little One.' I eyed the kender, as he began rambling at high speed, possibilities. He was imaginiative, I'd give him that. The Moon via gnomish flying ship! Setting him down, 'Now then master thief, run along your way, before I decide to call the guards. I have no doubts you've seen the inside of the Haven jail, and I would venture to guess that while nice, you'd prefer to be elsewhere. Run off, Gundollop. I heard the fair has a guy that can swallow a whole sword.' The kender's head popped up in excitement, 'Really??,' he asked, as he turned and skipped past me. To be continued...

Author: Progane Date: Fri Aug 23 02:22:05 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part 9

The next morning I departed the baker's shop with a small basket of his self- proclaimed tastiest honey cakes. Taking one out, I nibbled on it, as I decided Reg could enjoy the rest. Passing through the grand market square, I turned north, heading for the docks, when I felt a tap on my shoulder. The noble lady I had seen soon after arriving in Haven, still with bodyguards in tow. 'Ahh, I see have you managed obtain some of the local honey cakes. Might I ask where from?, ' she asked. 'One of the local bakers, ' I pointed down the street from which I had just come. Opening the basket, I held it out to her. 'Please, take one, madam. I have more than enough, and I'm sure the baker would approve.' She reached into the basket, pulling out one of the honey cakes. Delicately, she took a bite, and immediately her face lit up. 'They're amazing!! Thank you so much, sir. Why don't you come to my dinner party later? Just bring this with you and you'll have no trouble, bring someone along with you if you like.' She motioned to the nearest bodyguard, who produced a small envelope into her hand, which she in turn placed in mine. 'Thank you again, kind sir. Perhaps I can talk the baker into serving these tasty delights tonight to accompany that wonderful chowder I've already ordered.' As she walked away, I grimaced at the thought of clams. Changing directions, I headed to tailor's shop. To be continued...

Author: Progane Date: Fri Aug 23 02:28:28 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part 10

As she read the invitation, Sharl squealed with delight. She exclaimed 'You've made my day! I'm so excited to be able to attend this ball! You are so nice, would you do me a favor and deliver this shirt to Karn?' She grabbed a package from off a shelf and placd it in my hands. 'He is expecting it by now, it has been a few days. I must go get ready! What to wear? What to wear?' She disappeared amid a flash of colored fabrics. 'Ye brought me shirt 'ere eh? Ye saved meself a trip o're there' Karn said, as he took the package and placed it on a chair in the corner. Reaching up onto a shelf, he pulled down the spool of silver threading and tossed it to me. 'Might ye be willin' ta bring this o're to Sharl fer me? She seems ta like ye a bit.' Karn chuckled politely as I placed the thread in my pocket and left. 'Reg!!,' I called to the young man, waving him to come out of the river. I handed him the basket of honey cakes as he finally came to shore. 'A little something for all the help. Enjoy a change for breakfast, young man.' 'Thanks, sir,' he replied as he took the basket and tore into a cake. 'Oh, I almost forgot, my father found something this morning, as he was preparing a large batch of his soup for some noble lady's party this evening.' Holding the cake in his mouth, he fished into a pocket, then held up his fist for me. Placing my hand under his, he unball his fist. A small shimmering black pearl landed in my palm. 'I believe this was what you were looking for.' I quickly placed the pearl in my pocket with the thread. Clasping the young boys arm, in Solamnic fashion, I said, 'Reg, you truly are an honorable young man. When you come to Solanthus, as I have no doubt you some day will, seek me out. I must be going.' He merely nodded and waved as I raced away from the docks. To be continued...(yes, AGAIN)

Author: Progane Date: Fri Aug 23 02:35:02 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part 11

On the sewing table, I placed the spool of silver thread. Slowly and gently, I deposited the onyx pearl directly on top of the spool, so that it settled in the hole. 'You've collected all the pieces, that is wonderful!,' Sharl said as she came over and took both over to her desk. 'This is just what I needed to make the vest I was talking about. As luck would have it, I had one of these vests made already.' My jaw dropped. She held up a beautifully tailored, dark brown leather vest. The threading reflected the sunlight, as the leather seemed to give off a dark glittering. 'I do so apologize, Progane. I simply forgot that I had made one, well over a year ago for a man from New Coast, who never returned to pick it up. I found it buried away while I was trying to decide what to wear tonight. Speaking of which, would you care to see what I decided on?' I merely nodded, inspecting the vest, as she disappeared into her private room. The vest truly was magnificent. Light weight, yet durable and strong. Flexible, moving with twist, yet I had no doubt it could even turned a blade aside. Lost in thought as I examined the vest, I didnt even notice Sharl re-enter the room. 'Umm mm?,' she coughed. Looking up, my jaw dropped again. Dressed in a long, flowing gown of lavender colored silk, she stood before me. The silk was gathered about each shoulder with two white pearls each. the fabric hung in a low scooping neckline, hinting at her bosom. The silk flowed to her hips, gathered snuggly, by a white silk sash, then on to the floor. A slit on each side, came up to her mid thigh. The back was low, coming as low as the sash, before hiding her feminine curves. 'You look absolutely stunning, milady..., ' any further thoughts were blown from my mind as she turned back to face me. Around her neck was a strand of white pearls. Quickly I thanked Kiri-Jolith that I had indeed decided not to make that oath. She smiled, my heart melted. 'Thank you,' she said with a curtsey. 'I have some clothes here for you as well, Progane.' I looked at her questioningly. 'Surely, you would not make me attend alone?' she asked, with a bat of her eyelashes. 'Shall we meet here in say, three hours?' 'It would be an honor, madam,' I bowed, and taking the clothes headed for my room at the Inn to change. To be continued...(YES, alright.. theres more!)

Author: Progane Date: Fri Aug 23 02:40:17 2013 Subject A quest! A holy quest? No, a Knighting Quest! Part A Dozen

Thanking the dwarves, I waved goodbye to the caravan, as it turned and headed for Qualinost. turning north, I headed into the forest. One of the dwarves had provided me with a copy of their map of the forest. He had been kind enough to denote a few choice locations, including the area in which I could find an elven altar to the forest. That would be my starting point. As I walked, I looked back at my departure from Haven. Reg, and his family, had wished me a safe journey, and saw that I had provisions for a week of travel. Thankfully, no chowder. Sharl, after having, in her words, the time of her life, at the party, had paid for the Caravan to take me to Alhanost. As I grabbed hold of the wagon to board, the had grabbed my hand, pulled me back down. With a whisper in my ear, she planted a kiss on my cheek, and waved goodbye. Finding the altar was easy enough, solving it's mystery, I hoped, would be just as easy. Not far away I managed to find a spruce seed. Placing it carefully in my pouch I moved on. In the distance I could see a ring of birch trees with a wide gap. Taking the map, I makred it's location and carried on. Hours of wandering, many spider webs walked through later, I had pocketed two more different seeds and marked a stand of elm down. Finally, an hour later, I spotted a ring of golden aspens. Heading that way, I heard a lot of commotion coming from my right. Slipping through the forest, I came within view of a camp of hobgoblins. They seemed to be content in their safety, and were going about the day's meal. At least six. Steeling my nerves, I gripped my sword, drawing it slowly from the scabbard. Before I could draw my sword fully, an arrow thudded into the tree by my side. Whipping around I saw an elf, lower his bow, shaking his head he pointed towards the encampment, then turned and disappeared into the forest. Turning back, I heard the first scream as the first hobgoblin fell, with an arrow in his chest. Releasing my sword, it slide back into it's scabbard. The elves had this fully in hand. Circling around the camp I came to the grve of aspens. Finding the gap, I tooke the proper seed from my pouch and carefully planted it within the soil. A shimmer passed through the forest, and a shoot of green reached for the sky. As the tree grew, I turned and headed back for the other groves, to repeat the process. Finally, I arrived back at the altar. To my suprise, upon the altar was a small totem. Shimmering with an aura of nature, it was delicately carved with a representation of each tree upon its surface. Thanking Kiri-Jolith and the gods of the forest, I carefully lifted the totem. Placing it in my pack, I headed back to Alhanost to meet up with the Caravan, for a ride to New Coast and the journey home.

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