The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a large tome gilt in gold to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Sdresk' scribed in orange ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Sdresk's book..

Author: Sdresk Date: Sun Jun 1 01:32:29 2008 Subject Travels through Palanthas As the young human man headed south on a makeshift canoe, he wondered where his travels would truly take him. He paddled slowly, wearing barely enough equipment to survive, he looked on ominously at the pirates and sharks in the oceans around him. Perhaps, if he could make it to Palanthas, he though to himself, he might be able to find work for himself. As the sun set on the seas, the man Sdresk (prounounced Dresk) paddled into the docks of Freeport a small snapping lizard approached him. Fearing for his safety, knowing that reptiles are often aggresive to humans he proceeded to attack him with the makeshift sword given to him by his father. With a few sharp blows the lizard died and its tongue fell to the ground, glowing strangely. 'Thats odd' he thought to himself, not having seen anything of this nature before, he quickly stashed it in his small pack before anyone else could notice. Quickly, as the shadows began to lengthen on the day, Sdresk headed to find quarters for the night at the local Inn. As the door to the inn swung open, Sdresk looked quickly around the room, gathering his thoughts on his surrounds. Looking over to the innkeep, he asked for quarters for the night, upon recieving them he headed to the barkeep for a tonic. Looking up to the barkeep, Sdresk inquired about work in Palanthas. 'Aye, I think you'd be able to find something to do for yourself in that town' 'Do you have any skills or are you a complete chump?' Before he could speak another word, Sdresk quickly removed a small blade from his sack and cut a large gash across his arm. The onlookers in the crowd look on in shock at the man, but then the shock turns to awe as they see his intentions. Speaking a single word of prayer, a bright blue glow begins to eminate off his hands as he touches the open wound. It quickly seals up and the blood dries and flakes off. The crowded inn becomes silent, as Sdresk, realizing the scene he had created, resigns to his room for the night. Early the next afternoon, Sdresk arrived in the Harbor of Palanthas and found a place to put his raft aground. Upon reaching the edge of the beach, Sdresk came across a small curious fellow with a strange braid of hair pointing straight up from his head. Looking on curiously at this man, Sdresk offered his introductions. 'I am Sdresk, a traveler from Ergoth looking for work in these lands' 'I am Brim, a kender, traveler and rarities collector extrodinaire' That word suddenly reminded Sdresk of the glowing blue tongue in his pack. Knowing he had no gold for himself Sdresk offered inquiry to the kender about the value of the item he had ascertained by his own strength, something unknown to the family of priests he had left behind. Sdresk explained his past to Brim. A rather sad tale, of poor pathetic old clerics who spent their years worshipping the gods rather than providing for the family. An impovershed life, where Sdresk barely had the food to survive. Finally, when his family wanted to travel across the continent on a religious journey, Sdresk decided to leave that life behind, and head to Palanthas with his sword, his prayers and his wit. Brim, understanding the story and the value, offered not only his friendship and companionship to Sdresk but also assisted him with some basic equipment for himself and enough gold to stay in an inn in town for a week. The two headed off to the inn for a few drinks, as Sdresk realized this new friend would be a person to stick with, even if he did often aquire things underhandedly. Brim and Sdresk sat up for hours that evening at the bar, trading back stories of travels, as Sdresk had seen many great temples around this land, Brim had seen many great ruins and castles throughout the world. A friendship had begun. Author: Sdresk Date: Thu Jun 19 22:32:08 2008 Subject Patrol Gets Interesting As the young squire went out on this day on his patrol, he again strapped his armor across his chest and sheathed the sword he had been sharpening for hours on end. Walking slowly out the Hall of Solamnics, the squire Sdresk again headed for his usual stop when suddenly he felt a pain that felt like a thousand hammer striking him in the back. The wicked dwarf that had stalked Palanthas for weeks now struck him, blinded by the smoke from his magical weapons the squire fled combat to regain his composure and say a prayer to his lord Paladine. After a few short moments again the dwarf snuck upon Sdresk, stabbing him in the back, but this time the squire had heard a footstep and managed to counter the dwarf's final stab with his own blow. Again though the squire had to recover from combat, slightly drained and feeling the heat of battle, he saught out a fellow squire, a cleric of Paladine for his blessing. This proved to be what helped the squire the most, the blessing from the cleric made the dwarf's blows to less damage than usual and helped him fight longer before needing to recover from his wounds. Being a paladin, the squire was able to heal himself lightly as the dwarf ran from him to clearly do the same by some other means. Several other times the two encountered each other, each able to disarm the opponent but neither able to gather the other's weapon. The sword of the paladin was enchanted by the forces of good, as the sabre of the dwarf was cursed with the evil blessings of darkness. The two faught for what seemed like hours, but to a stalemate. Each time one appeared to become weak, the other would lose track of where they had ran to. Surely there will be another meeting between the two, as the squire is sworn to patrol Palanthas and the dwarf sees it his duty to disrupt it. Author: Sdresk Date: Mon Jun 30 00:51:10 2008 Subject The Duties of a Squire Shortly after meeting his patron knight, Lord Ridel, the humble and lowly squire Sdresk bowed his head slightly and thought to himself about the task before him. He was to travel to the high clerist's tower, and fetch a potion of the high clerist, no simple task as it required scaling the entire clerist' tower. Lord Ridel was no easy master, and this task would prove it. As he slowly climbed the stairs to the fifth level of the high clerist tower, Sdresk thought to himself nervously about the monsters that roamed around this level. He prepared to cross through a long hallway when he found himself in a maze of doors. Confused and disoriented, the squire wandered for what seemed like hours before reaching a strange disk hanging from the ceiling high above. After taking a leap of faith and finding himself sprawled out on the floor with a giant bird with young innocent looking eyes pecking at his back, Sdresk rose and found himself near the top level of the High Clerist's Tower. Sdresk searched high and low for an advisor to the high clerist, in hopes of getting advice as to where to find the potion Lord Ridel required. Sdresk found a tall man in robes standing on a balcony near the top of the tower. After confering with him shortly, explaining he was a squire to Lord Ridel and that he required a potion of the high clerist for his lord the advisor handed a glowing glass vial to the squire and sent him on his way. The squire returned slowly to Palanthas and returned to the Hall of Solamnics, potion in hand and smile on face. Returning to the chambers of Lord Ridel, he was no where to be found. The lesson was easily learned. Having friends in high places can often prove helpful. Author: Sdresk Date: Tue Jul 15 17:31:43 2008 Subject (SQ-Sdresk) 1 I traveled through the streets of Tarsis, avoiding the draconians I saw and keeping my head low. A squire knows his place in the world, as a lowly member of the knighthood of Solamnia I would likely be ostracised or possibly arrested in this part of the continent. Quickly and quietly i paced through the central part of Tarsis and onto the sideroads that led out of town. I had hoped to leave without incident but instead was forced to run thru the Sands of Sorrow, as I had kicked a local guard in the groin as he harrassed me on my way to the gates. I made my way through the desert and into Neraka, a bastion of evil and a pit crawling with draconians. I made sure to remove my armor and any markings of my allegience, a Knight is always true, but a squire is not stupid. Night fell shortly after I entered Neraka and I made my way through the Red Dragon Quarter and wound around Snake road, nothing would stop me from completing my assignment. I would bring glory to the knighthood again, rumors of a sacred treasure were abound and I was damned if I wasn't going to find it. Perhaps it would even help my own cause as I saught to become a full knight myself. As I left Neraka I continued on the path towards the Great Nerakan Forest and Jelek, another city of evildoers. I quietly wound through the forest, the evils of the night startled me at every turn. I could feel eyes looking at me and whether it was animal, reptile, or something worse, I dare not imagine. I pressed on through the night and into morning, a light fog blanketed the path as I reached an intersection in the road. A strange blue sign stuck in the road caught my eye as I walked closer to it. Upon inspection I realized that this indeed was the first true clue of the supposed treasure that had been rumored. This meant it was all true. With renewed vigor I read on, and learned quickly what was in store for me. I knew precisely of where the sign spoke of to travel next, what I did not know, is how I would survive the journey. Author: Sdresk Date: Tue Jul 15 17:44:40 2008 Subject (SQ-Sdresk) 2 Now, almost as if possessed, I traveled onward without regard for my hunger, thirst or exhaustion. What I believed the sign to say would send me back through Neraka, and this time I had no time to waste waiting on night to fall. I traveled back trough the forest, this time during the day, there were several other travelers making their way down the road towards Jelek. I knew what they would find and I knew what would happen. I picked up my pace to a slight jog as I ran towards the gates of Neraka, try hard to just look like a citizen that needed to find an outhouse. I rushed through the gates and west down Snake Road. I was not amused that my destination would basically double me back on my journey, but I knew whatever I found would certainly be worth it. I made it safely through neraka only to be attacked my a group of muggers near the desert known as the Sands of Sorrow. Praying to my lord Paladine and drawing upon the training Lord Ridel had given me, I manhandled the group of three thieves, plunging a sword through each of their chests and saying my piece to Paladine before I was finished. I traveled through the desert and again into Tarsis, but this time heading south. The temperature in Tarsis is strange, the north gate region is roughly 20 degrees warmer than the southern area, that is due to a large glacier that lies directly south of the town. After heading thru tarsis I found myself freezing cold and requiring to bundle up greatly in this frost area. I knew there was a great dragon in this region, but I needed to look long and hard to find his cave. He saught a powerful artifact called an Ice Orb, but luckily enough Lord Ridel and I have traveled through this glacier once before. I reached into my backpack with widened eyes as I placed the orb on the ground before the dragon. Be granted me entry into his lair, begging me for help with a problem he faced. I had my own goals but agreed anyways. I made my way into the lair and suddenly caught a tinge of green amongst the white. As I approached the green sign I nearly collapsed from exhaustion. I knew I was the only one who would be here for a while, so I slept in the snow and regained my strength. I awoke several hours later and regained my bearing, I stood and discovered there were footsteps in front of me in the snow, someone had been here first. Someone had beaten me to the clue! I read quickly and headed out of the cave, distraught and worried, rushed and hungry. Author: Sdresk Date: Tue Jul 15 17:55:24 2008 Subject (SQ-Sdresk) 3 The green sign had given me a decent idea of where I needed to head, directly through the lands of the dwarves. I knew that at least one, if not more than one person was ahead of me in this hunt for Paladine knows what, but I knew if I perservered, prayed and fasted, I could catch up somehow. I returned to the town of Tarsis and quickly removed the extra cloaks and fur leggings I had worn in an attempt to stay warm on and in the glacier. The stop in Tarsis was short, I knew where I must head and the first stop along the way was Southgate, a long walk through the plains and across treacherous terrain. The plains proved uneventful, the morning light turned to afternoon heat as the sun shone overhead. A few gophers played near southgate and that proved to be the only creatures I noticed the entire walk. As I reached southgate I pushed open the huge dwarven crafted doors and made my way deeper into the city. I traveled down a sideroad and through more of the city in my long treacherous walk to what I believed would prove to be my destination. The King's Road was my last stop in southgate, and I saw Paladine smile down upon me as the drawbridge descended for the day, allowing me to pass. I left Southgate and entered into the Valley of the Thanes, a dangerous valley deep within the Kharolis range that was home to undead dwarves. I shook off the terrifying though of their presence and used a powerful ring to make myself unseen and a light cloak to make my movements unheard. I traversed this valley as quick as possibly, avoiding contact with any creatures I saw. Believe me I saw dozens of them too, but I played my cards right and made my way to the Western Warrens. A farm land west of the valley. These farms, and the farms of the Eastern Warrens both connected, the path was rather arduous and crowded but I made my way towards my destination, Mudhole. A long road connected the eastern farmlands to Mudhole, a strange land that I cannot even describe in words. I believe it to be partially a land of gully dwarves but it is home to many creatures indeed. I entered mudhole and traveled through "The Beast Pit" home to the largest inesct-like creatures, centipedes, spiders and red ants, I had ever beheld. I was forced to dispatch several as I made my way into a large open sky room. I took a left turn towards the buildings in the city and saw a small yellow sign nailed into the ground. I dove to my knees and thanked Paladine that my guess was correct, and I quickly read the sign and prayed to Paladine, who returned me home to Palanthas. Author: Sdresk Date: Tue Jul 15 18:08:32 2008 Subject (SQ-Sdresk) 4 I returned to Palanthas by means of a magical Harp and Paladine's blessing. I wandered slowly back to the hall of Solamnics. This time I needed both rest and food. I had gone almost a week without proper food only dried meats and a single ration of water. I rested in the squire's quarters for nearly twelve hours, regaining all my strength and vigor for the test that lay before me. I proceeded to head towards the map room in the Solamnic Halls where I studied the bodies of water on Krynn for several hours. The clue given to me obviously mentioned water, but I had confusion about where to head. I retrieved the services of a local cleric, Thiro, in making my way around the continent much more quickly. I traveled to several of the major bodies of water on the continent, the Blood Sea of Istar, the Dragon Sea, the Ice Seas, and the Urkhan Sea. These travels proved fruitless as the days light had faded and dusk settled upon the lands. Thiro, the cleric had retired for the evening to the Halls of the Holy Order and I myself was confused and tired. I again returned to the halls of the Knighthood, but this time I chose to rest in the common room, amongst the fire places. During the night I slept soundly, but had visions of water, sharks and blood throughout. The dreams made me sweat heavily through the night and when I awoke I smelled to high hell. I rose early that morning, and headed outside of the halls of Solamnia's Knights and towards the Harbor of the great city of Palanthas. I headed out to sea, my last hope was on these seas to find the next sign, or perhaps the treasure. I got a small canoe and headed out into the seas, at first this proved no problem but several times that morning I nearly drowned. Soaked, confused, angry and canoeless, I made my way back into town again. Three times I had been "canoewrecked" that morning and this time, I went to the magic shop to fetch a potion of levitation and solve this problem once and for all. I had never done it before, but I had seen several of the other knights able to levitate over water with magic. I made my way back out into the waters and headed northwest towards the tip of the Seas. I found a strange Path and made my way into the Seas of Chaos. There was several different types of sharks Mako, Hammerhead and other powerful varieties abound, I luckily floated above them, unharmed. The sharks chomped at my feet so I landed softly in a cove, when I was shocked at what I saw. Author: Sdresk Date: Tue Jul 15 18:26:15 2008 Subject (SQ-Sdresk) 4 I returned to Palanthas by means of a magical Harp and Paladine's blessing. I wandered slowly back to the hall of Solamnics. This time I needed both rest and food. I had gone almost a week without proper food only dried meats and a single ration of water. I rested in the squire's quarters for nearly twelve hours, regaining all my strength and vigor for the test that lay before me. I proceeded to head towards the map room in the Solamnic Halls where I studied the bodies of water on Krynn for several hours. The clue given to me obviously mentioned water, but I had confusion about where to head. I retrieved the services of a local cleric, Thiro, in making my way around the continent much more quickly. I traveled to several of the major bodies of water on the continent, the Blood Sea of Istar, the Dragon Sea, the Ice Seas, and the Urkhan Sea. These travels proved fruitless as the days light had faded and dusk settled upon the lands. Thiro, the cleric had retired for the evening to the Halls of the Holy Order and I myself was confused and tired. I again returned to the halls of the Knighthood, but this time I chose to rest in the common room, amongst the fire places. During the night I slept soundly, but had visions of water, sharks and blood throughout. The dreams made me sweat heavily through the night and when I awoke I smelled to high hell. I rose early that morning, and headed outside of the halls of Solamnia's Knights and towards my final guess on where this damn treasure could be. The long and fruitless search came to an end at the end of a shark filled sea. I quickly fell to my knees in blessing to Paladine thanking him for what he had helped me achieve. The final gray sign lay before me. Author: Sdresk Date: Tue Jul 15 18:33:38 2008 Subject (SQ-Sdresk) 5 The treasure I had searched so hard for proved to be a gray sign that gave me yet another "destination" via a clue. I couldn't hide my disappointment as I used the harp Ridel had given me to play Paladine's melody and return home. I tried to sleep that night bus was unable to, dissatisfied with what I had found and yearning for what lay ahead, I made my way out to the city well after midnight. I made my way to the disgusting gully gathering east of Palanthas and made use of the Gnomish Device they had clearly stolen from some poor befuddled gnome. I asked for Solace, and screamed as I was hurdled across the continent in a powerful flinger. I landed in the Inn of the Last Home and had to regain my composure from the rough landing for nearly an hour. After doing so I quickly climbed down the main tree from the Inn and headed east out of Solace and south towards the Goblin caves and the Kharolis mountains. My destination was somewhat clear, but would prove to be possibly the most dangerous of all. I headed down the path of the Kharolis mountains and instead of going through Southgate or towards Tarsis, this time I traveled west on the Border Pass, on the road through the mountain range. This proved an interesting journey, a large green goblin attacked me after I headed away from a Vale that was part of the path. We faught for several minutes, and he struck me a few hard blows across the chest, but Paladine and I proved too much, as I called down his wrath upon the goblin. I had to stop and speak a few of the minor healing prayers I knew to regain my strength before I would again continue on. *censored for adventurers* I found myself standing atop a stairwell and before a fat lady wearing pearls and jewels, and laughing about god knows what. I was certain as to what was in front of me as I approached her, and I knew I was the first to reach her because of the unused path I had traveled. I knew who I stood before, the avatar of Shinare, the goddess of Wealth money and industry. This would prove to be the final destination, and there was no sign in the ground only this woman who, though not beautiful, exuded a powerful aura and I could not take my eyes from her. Author: Sdresk Date: Wed Jul 16 23:00:43 2008 Subject (SQ-Sdresk) 6 As I slowly climbed to the top of the spiral staircase my strength left me and I collapsed, crawling up the last few steps. I was shocked at what I beheld before me when I finally reached the top. In the large chamber just ahead a large woman with incredible furs and jewelry stood pondering. She giggled as she heard me heave a heavy sigh. Surely knowing she had beaten me she must've been elated. Was this the one I thought was ahead of me all along? It couldn't be... 'You are the first to arrive, brave squire.' The woman spoke with a grin and again let out a small giggle, obviously she was happy at something. I was confused and shook my head unsure what to make of her. 'If I was the first to arrive milady, then why are you here?' I spoke to her with a quivering voice, confused by the situation. We spoke for several moments on the situation, and I learned I was the first to arrive and that she was the guardian of the treasure that I would hold most dear. 'You stand in the presence of a Goddess, soon to be Knight.' Her voice played like a harp as she chuckled at my stupidity. Completely unaware and flabergasted by the statement, I returned to my feet and bowed before her. She went on to explain the great scheme of things, how she was a god of Neutrality, and whichever side had reached her first, they indeed would gain that which was most dear to them. Some would seek treasure, fame, power or glory, but when this goddess asked me what it was I chose I spoke with conviction, 'I want the knowledge and the wisdom to bring freedom and peace to the lands of Solamnia and her allies.' The woman looked on at me, slightly tickled at what I had said. 'Such noble words for such a young man, you truly have great things in your path.' At the moment she finished that statement the small colored seals, trinkets I had recovered at the site of each sign, began to levitate as she stood and poured golden feathers from her cloak that danced amongst the seals. At the instant when the seals and the feathers appeared to become one, a golden sphere became visible to the squire, and as he was told to do so, he reached out and grabbed for it. Once he had placed his strong hands upon it, a noise behind him startled the pair. A powerful looking mage in red robes stood disapprovingly staring at me. 'Grab it quickly, I will protect you, ' Shinare spoke to me, and as i held the golden orb in my hand, it materialized into an object of great power, one to fufill my wish. At that very instant, before the sphere could even fully transform, I found myself in a vortex, the world before me a blur. I awoke in the Grand Hallway of the Solamnic Knighthood. Shocked and extremely excited I ran off into the common room, yelling for Lord Ridel and the other knights to inform them I had found Shinare's treasure. Author: Sdresk Date: Sun Feb 14 20:09:55 2010 Subject a new tale Theres a new upcoming tale that will entertain us all. Starring: Ciskei as Tom Cruise Railen and John Travolta Sdresk as R. Kelly aka kells Lysathara as the closet. This epic tale will surely win RPAs for all involved. More to come. Author: Sdresk Date: Wed Feb 17 21:36:06 2010 Subject Fall of a Magi Citizens had begun to talk in the local towns, people began to lock their doors at night. A red robed magi had stalked the locals, searching for innocent victims to confuse with his cantrips. Upon casting a few incantations upon innocent victims they would awaken to find their belongings stolen. I decided, it would be my duty to put an end to this tyranny and make the local citizenry safe again, at least for the time being. I set off to enlist the help of a local cleric, who would aid me in locating the current whereabouts of the magi know simply as the blood robed one. Making short work of the locating and saying a few prayers to Paladine, I had the cleric use his powers to open a portal directly to the mage. I found myself nervous as I went to enter the portal, unsure of the strange powers I was being assisted by, but as soon as I stepped into the gateway I was instantly inside a dark forest. I gathered my bearings and quickly looked around, off to the east I barely saw a strange red figure in the darkness and I knew I was in the correct place. I dropped to one knee, said a quick word of prayer and blessing and lunged myself toward the east, in an attempt to engage the enemy. I let out a fearsome battlecry that caught the mage off-guard. He fell to the ground in a slump as I slammed my body into him, disabling him temporarily. I continued to lay into him with my mace, causing him severe physical damage. As he came to his senses he stumbled to the west in an attempt to run into the small woodland town and perhaps escape or blend in but I did not faltar in my tracking of him. One final blow to the back of the head as he ran made him fall to the ground in a heap of blood and robes. I decided to take the belongings of the mage in an attempt to put a stop to the attacks of the innocent citizens of the countryside. I returned several articles to local citizens who had reported stolen goods to the town guard and I aided a fellow knight in regaining his own lost gear as well. Upon returning to the Hall of Solamnics I was greeted by cheers and applause for ridding the area of a bothersome pest, at least for now. Author: Sdresk Date: Sun Sep 17 18:37:36 2017 Subject The Rise and Fall

Sweat poured down Sdresk's face. He breathed heavy, panting. They were losing. For hours it seems, Sdresk and Verrochio had faught against Dragonarmy forces. Nearly all had fallen except for two. A repulsive goblin, and his counter part an equally disgusting hobgoblin. These two were not just average conscripts. His hands hurt, his heart raced, and his body burned with pain. "I'm too old for this shit, " he spoke aloud to Verrochio. He looked to his fellow knight, "You keep their attention, I'll flank." Verrochio nodded and headed forward down Shard Street. As Sdresk rounded the corner to Zephyr Street he saw the hulking hobgoblin standing over the slumped form of Verrochio. His long flowing cape stained red with blood and his face white with fear. Anger immediately overtook fear as Sdresk screamed out, "You foul fucking beasts! For Paladine's glory..." before he could even finish an arrow sailed right by his head, so close he could hear the arrowhead slicing through the air like a knife. He immediately put his shield up to catch the next arrow, its tip piercing through the Vallenwood shield he had cherished for years. The loud smack of another arrow hitting the shield echoed through the narrow street. Finally an arrow got past his guard, piercing through the chainmail given to him by his father, a knight himself. "Arrghh, " he immediately dropped the shield as the arrow pierced the shoulder of his off-arm. Now only five feet from the two sub-humans he let out a scream as he attacked the grotesque hobgoblin. The hobgoblin reeled back with a powerful punch and landed it squarely on Sdresk's temple. As he began to black out the only thing he could think of was the children singing songs at the parade for his promotion ceremony. A strange but peaceful thought as he fell forward in a slump, a thin trickle of blood coming from his mouth.

Author: Sdresk Date: Sun Sep 17 18:57:40 2017 Subject The Rise and Fall II

Sir Sdresk, Marshall of the Rose and long time Knight of Solamnia had been chosen as High Justice. The official ceremony was something that he had been actively avoiding for weeks, twice calling it off for "personal reasons," but the day had come at last. Like his father before him, Sdresk enlisted at 18 as a Squire of the Crown. He served as Squire to Maraxus, a Rose Knight who went on to be Grand Master of the Knighthood for decades. He worked his way through the ranks over the years, and finally had found himself at the pinnacle of his career. "Verrochio, Frank, I truly hate this pomp and circumstance. Wouldn't we be better served preparing for the invasion that we have been told is happening in Schallsea?" Sdresk spoke to the two other ranking knights. "You may be right, High Justice, but today is a day of ceremony. It has been done this way since time remembered, and will continue to be done this way long after we are all gone." Verrochio said confidently to Sdresk. "My biggest fear is that we are left with our pants around our ankles. While we have parades and feasts in Solanthus, an army of Takhisis minions is bearing down on one of the most important logistical resources on Krynn, Schallsea. The three knights walked out of the Knights Hall and into the streets of Solanthus to cheers and applause. Each had been promoted to the senior position of their respective order. Sir Frank, the new High Warrior, Sir Verrochio, the new High Clerist, and Sir Sdresk, the new High Justice had a strange relationship. Frank typically kept odd bedfellows, having befriended a ship of pirates to aid the Knighthood. Verrochio, a more traditional but progressive knight tried to keep the peace between Frank and Sdresk, a by the books, honor-first son of a bitch who had a hearty disdain for ships. As the three knights walked through the streets of Solanthus they came to Paladine Road at the northern gates. A group of children, the sons and daughters of the Knights had gathered to sing the hymns and songs of the lands of Solamnia. As the chorus began to sing the hymn of Draco Paladin, the three senior Knights smiled warmly. "Perhaps you are right, this might be the last time we have to enjoy ourselves for quite a while. War is upon us men, but today we celebrate, " Sdresk spoke as a few tears began to stream down his face. The memory of his lost son, dead at age 5 began to overwhelm his emotional stability. Sdresk's face hit the pavement and blood began to pool around him as the goblin and hobgoblin hissed and walked away, leaving he and Verrochio to choke on their own blood.

Author: Sdresk Date: Sun Sep 17 19:08:41 2017 Subject The Rise and Fall III

The world swirled hazily as Sdresk coughed. He lay helpless in the middle of Schallsea with his fellow knight on the ground next to him. Both men were alive, but barely. A testament to their hardiness as both had just survived something that the average man could not. The strange bedfellows of Frank, a ragtag group of pirates of any and all race had arrived in Schallsea shortly before. A prisoner exchange was set to occur. Sir Maccus for their Highlord. Something seemingly simple that turned into an all out assault. Before Verrochio and Sdresk could meet up with Frank, the newly named High Warrior found Maccus, bound and beaten and anger overtook him. At the same time, planned to the T and executed flawlessly, the black wing of the Dragonarmies had cornered the High Justice and High Clerist. It took flawless swordsmanship and hearty constitution to even survive the initial assault, but the Dragonarmies plan had worked either way. They now had their Highlord back, had two senior knights cornered and in trouble, and had a strong stakehold on the Schallsea perimeter. A single block seperating them, Verrochio and Sdresk stared down the street roughly 30 feet at a sinewy hobgoblin and a particularly tough looking goblin. "I'm too old for this shit." Sdresk spoke. "You keep their attention, I'll flank."

Author: Sdresk Date: Sun Sep 17 19:22:20 2017 Subject The Rise and Fall IV

As Sdresk slowly began to come to he saw Sir Frank dragging the High Clerist down the street and towards safety. He slowly stood up as Kentaro, a newly recruited ally helped him to his feet. "We have to leave. The port is lost." Kentaro spoke to Sdresk. "Retreat is for our enemies! I am a knight of Solamnia and I either die on the battlefield in glory or prove triumphant against my foes!" Anger overtook Sdresk as he stood face to face with Kentaro. His thoughts going faster than his words as spit and blood began to spray from his mouth. "I won't have you die here, you are too important to your people." Kentaro grabbed the knight by his arm and attempted to pull him forward. Sdresk's knuckles cracked as he made a fist, his face turned from pain to anger as he landed a punch square on Kentaro's jaw knocking him completely unconscious. Diziness overtook the High Justice as he turned behind him. The sound of screams and shreiks began to echo out in chorus. Mass hysteria was ensuing in Schallsea as the world began to again fade to black. Sdresk leaned at first, then fell flat on his back smacking his head on the cobblestone street. As the haze and darkness began to overtake his vision, Sdresk felt the sunlight cool as an enormous shadow was cast across the street. The gripping feeling of dragonfear, like a hand squeezing one's heart and a giant standing on one's chest overtook Sdresk's sensibilities. He was breathing harder and faster, almost panting, as panic washed over him like waves washing over a ship during the worst of storms. The last image Sdresk saw before he completely blacked out was that of an enormous black dragon shreiking in the skies above Schallsea.

Author: Sdresk Date: Mon Sep 18 15:15:10 2017 Subject Knightly Disdain

Two weeks had passed since Sir Frank, then Warden of the Crown had used his network of spies to find out the Dragonarmy Highlord had been lost at sea. Further networking, and the involvement of a kender, much to the disdain of Sdresk had led to an exchange, diamonds for human property. Sir Frank had taken 450 diamonds from the coffers of the Solamnics to pay for a prisoner, and not just that but he made the exchange with pirates. "I will bring you up on charges! Who gave you the damned permission to proceed forward with a bone-headed move like that? You're a fucking knight!{" Sdresk spoke with vitriol towards Frank as he slammed his fist on the table. "But unlike you and the rest of the "senior knighthood" I actually get things done, " Frank stood up, believing just as much that he was right as Sdresk believed that he was wrong. "Your unconventional tactics will leave us exposed and dishonored. I won't sit idly by while you use connections that would just assume cut our throat as help us." The two stood face to face for a moment. Silent. Angry. Each man believed the other was wrong but both men had the same goal. The glory of the Knighthood and the strategic victories needed to hold off the Dragonarmies from advancing on Schallsea.

Author: Sdresk Date: Mon Sep 18 15:34:56 2017 Subject Knightly Disdain II

A scream of pain echoed throughout the halls. "He's at it again, " Sdresk looked at his squire as they walked down the halls towards the in-house jail. For two weeks now the Dragonarmy Highlord had been held by the Knighthood. Much to the chagrin and disdain of Sdresk, torture was being used for the first time in hundreds of years to extract information. "Frank, I'll never agree with what you're doing. It brings dishonor to the Knighthood. Do you think Vinas would to this?" Sdresk looked at Frank questioningly, concerned for his brother and his decisions. "Vinas is dead, times have changed and if the Knighthood doesn't adapt it will follow him to the grave. Lives are at stake damnit, if trying to do everything possible to save the lives of the innocent is dishonorable then i think we should all hand over our swords right now and let the darkness take us, " Frank responded with passion as his eyes grew wide with anger. "Off with you Padraigh," Sdresk sent his squire from the room. Padraigh pulled the door closed and it creaked loudly, the halls echoed with a loud boom as the door shut. Blood trickled from his mouth and his eyes were puffy. The Highlord had survived more than any normal man could be expected to. Another punch landed squarely on his jaw, rocking him. "Enough....," the Highlord had reached the end of his rope. "We have one of yours." Maccus had been missing for weeks. His last mission sending him on reconnaissance in the southlands. His report had not come when it was due and he was presumed dead. It was this revelation that set in motion the events that unfolded in Schallsea and the first blows of War.

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