The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a gorgious hardback to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Sakwar' scribed in light blue ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Sakwar's book..

Author: Sakwar Date: Thu May 8 01:27:56 2008 Subject First Task For The Apprentice After meeting with my master, High Archmage Jendaron, I bowed and left with haste. I have just recieved my first task as his apprentice... I will not make him wait. I searched high and low and could swear I'd been everywhere in Krynn at least twice. I was tired and weak from transporting and running about but I was relentless in my task. "I will not let down my master", I thought. I found myself in the throne room of the Goblin king Grumm. Needing only one last item, I demanded to see his shaman. He refused. I flew into the air in an evil rage! Letting him feel all that I could muster of the dark magics of Nuitari. I finally dispatched him with a furious bolt of lighting through his heart. I kneeled down next to his corpse as he was almost dead and asked him, "Where is the Shaman? ". He pointed to the door behind me as his eyes rolled in the back of his head. I stormed through the door to find the shaman hiding in the corner. "Give me the potion or you will end up like your lilly king!". He stood, shaking uncontrollably, and retrieved what I came for from his desk and handed it to me. I placed the potion in my bag. Grinning, I uttered, "You dumb Goblin...". I turned and walked towards the door and with just a few words, the room began to fill with water. I quickly closed and locked the door behind me, leaving the shaman to dround. Making my way way back to the tower, I was exhausted from the quest but relieved to have completed it. I made my way up the Black Tower to the High Archmage's Quarters. I knocked firmly on the door and from inside I heard the word "Enter.". I opened the doors and entered slowly into the room to find High Archmage Jendaron at his desk. With a deep-black bag in my right hand, I kneeled in the door way. Still kneeling, "Master, I have the items you require"... Author: Sakwar Date: Wed Jan 28 02:34:14 2009 Subject Ascension to Evil Sakwar sat alone in the back of the library. He spent much of his time studying and committing his spells to memory. As an ogre, he knew he would have to put forth much more effort than most magi. He had came in early that morning to pick up where he had left off the day before. Night fell and he was still there. He moved from the chair only occasionaly to stretch his long legs. Sakwar had just returned to his seat after a good stretch when a cold, hard gust of wind swept through the library. Sakwar shivered and yelled to the apprentice working in the library, "Close the shutters apprentice! There's a mean draft sweeping away my health." Sakwar got no response. Angry, he stomped towards the front looking for someone who might be on duty. As he neared the entrance to the library, the double-doors swung open violently and the young apprentice burst through them and into the library. Out of breath, the apprentice spoke between labored huffs, "Master Sakwar, forgive my intrusion. High Archmage Jenda-", the apprentice sucked in a big gulp of air. Spit it out you worthle-." Before Sakwar could finish his sentence the apprentice interrupted. "The High Archmage wishes to see you at once..." Another deep breath. "He's atop the Black Tower, Master. It seemed... urgent." Sakwar stood there for a moment gazing at the boy. He wondered to himself for a moment what might be so urgent that the High Archmage would send this young apprentice running to him so swiftly. He snapped out of it, blinking a few times before speaking... "See that the book on the back table is not disturbed." He reached and grabbed the hood on his robes and flipped it up over his head. The dark, black hood made it almost impossible to see the ogre's face. He walked swiftly out of the library and down the stairs. His long black robes flapped violently in the wind as he made his way across the gardens to the Black Tower. Ascending all the way to the top, he hesitated slightly before entering the shrine. Jendaron stood in front of the altar facing away from the door. Not sure if the High Archmage heard him enter he spoke slowly, almost in a whisper, "High Archmage Jendaron..." (To be continued...) Author: Sakwar Date: Wed Sep 15 03:29:34 2010 Subject The Staff A large fire crackled in the fireplace a few feet away from the Ogre. Flickers of light danced across the imposing physique of the Highmaster known as Sakwar. His soft, flowing robes of black dangled down to the floor as he sat in an oversized chair staring intensely at an old, dilapidated book. A small gust of wind raced across the room pulling the fire ever so slightly towards the door as it opened suddenly behind Sakwar. A soft spoken man stepped just inside the Highmaster's quarters and spoke, "Highmaster." Sakwar grunted back swiftly, "Who disturbs me during my time of study?" "It is I, Taskmage Elroth, Highmaster. I must speak with you at once", said the man. Without lifting his gaze from the old book in hand, Sakwar replied, "Speak." The Taskmage began, "A young Adept came to me this evening outside the tower. He's heard... rumors." Sakwar lowered the book onto his lap and stared into fire, clearly a bit intrigued as to where this was going. "He spoke of a large man and something about him being hunted. I was less than interested, Highmaster, till he mentioned a peculiar object the man was carrying... a peculiar staff." Sakwar quickly jerked his head around to stare intensely into the eyes of the young Taskmage, "Go on." The Taskmage inched forward into the flickering glow of the fire. His eyes stared blankly into those of his superior within the Order. "He said that this particular staff was adorned with a unique blue crystal..." The Highmaster's face went from intrigued to fierce as he snapped the relatively small book closed and dropped it on the floor beside the chair. He stood and stared into the fire for a few seconds before turning to Taskmage Elroth, "Leave me at once." Author: Sakwar Date: Thu Sep 16 05:14:43 2010 Subject The Staff (2) Sakwar paced about his quarters high within the Tower of Wayreth. His mind raced from possibility to possibility. Could it really be the same staff he had only heard mentioned as nothing but a myth? He stepped over to a small window on the far side of his room. Sakwar gazed up into the sky at the Dark Moon only visible to those with dark, magical intentions. He thought to himself, "I must see the Highmage..." The large Ogre stormed out of his room and made his way through to the Highmage's personal quarters. Sakwar had long studied under Jendaron before he had been chosen to head the Conclave. He knew the Highmage had, at least for most of his life, drawn his strength and magical prowess from the Dark Moon, and if anyone knew about this staff it would be him. The guards that typically stood sentry outside the Highmage's quarters were not present as Sakwar approached the double-doors. He flung the doors open and searched the rooms, only to come up empty handed. "Where in the Abyss.." The Highmaster stomped quickly into the courtyard outside the towers and approached Taskmage Elroth. Speaking sternly, yet soft, Sakwar asked, "I am unable to locate Highmage Jendaron. Where has he possibly gone during a time such as this?" Elroth replied, "I overheard a pathetic member of our Order telling another that he plans to send the Highmage bouncing forward through time itself. The buffoon's name, as I heard it, is Falkore. He claims to be a Highmaster within the Order." Sakwar's brow furled and a primitive snarl overtook his face quite uncontrollably at the notion. He lumbered closer to Elroth, towering above the smaller Human. "Is that... a joke?", Sakwar grunted between his teeth. "N-no, not a joke. He boasted to another member of the Order just a day and one-half ago, " he stuttered. Sakwar stared into the man's eyes and then glanced about the courtyard. Seeing nobody around he leaned in as close to the man's face as possible, "Gather some supplies. We leave tonight." The Highmaster turned and started back toward the tower before halting abruptly and yelling over his shoulder to the still Taskmage, "And have that idiot Falkore removed from the tower. Only the Gods themselves possess such impossible abilities."

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