The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a metal bound tome to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Segwarides' scribed in rich white ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Segwarides's book..

Author: Segwarides Date: Wed May 20 19:57:00 2009 Subject Fresh beginnings Coming from the town of Kaolyn, Segwarides grew restless hearing the continuing rumors of goblins massing in the east. Having spent a great deal of his youth learning the plains as well as the forests of the region, he felt himself ready to set off to find out the truth of the rumors. His father seemed against his leaving, but when pressed as to why he was resistant to Segwarides' leaving, he would not give a conscious answer, absently stroking his deeply tanned and clean-shaven face. His father did give him an oil-wrapped leather bundle, with instructions on how to care for the blade as he left for Caergoth. Entering the city of Caergoth with the intent of gathering both supplies and leads, he eventually took passage to Palanthas to see if any information could be found. What he found was a Solanmic Knight that seemed to be intent on him keeping his sword in its harness. After speaking to the Knight for some amount of time about his concerns, he found out that the Knighthood was expanding in numbers. Perhaps Segwarides could join the Knighthood for more training and perhaps the chance to stop the goblin hordes that are said to be massing in the east, past Lemish. Author: Segwarides Date: Sun May 31 14:58:54 2009 Subject Assignment Sitting within the current command compound of the Knighthood in Palanthas, Segwarides was reading a recounting of the Third Dragon War. Having lost himself with his reading, he did not notice until it was nearly too late that a ranking Knight had entered the room with him. Hastily standing and giving a formal bow, Segwarides was introduced to Lord Railen. Explaining to Lord Railen that he was newly recruited into the Knighthood, he was awaiting a Knight that was willing to take on his training. Lord Railen spoke of other matters before offering to take the new squire. Being instructed to turn in early as his training and duties as a new squire would begin with the morning sun, Segwarides went to the barracks that he was assigned to await the coming dawn. Author: Segwarides Date: Tue Jun 2 14:59:15 2009 Subject Training and mending After a morning of weapon and tactic training with Railen, Segwarides was ordered to buy himself some armor. Having been raised to make what he used, the idea of buying new armor was slightly strange, but it was a command from his Patron, and thus must be followed. Taking the pouch containing the coins with him, Segwarides went to find a suitable armory. Glancing into the pouch he noticed far more steel than he had ever seen in his short life, but it was not near enough for new, so used would have to do. Finding an armory that at least catered to the Knighthood was a second challenge that was surprisingly more difficult, but in the end completed. Walking into the front of the shop, Segwarides noticed right away that most of the armor was made for people much taller than him. Hailing the armory master was a task due to the busy nature of the establishment, but when he arrived; Segwarides placed an order for used with the exception of a new breastplate fitted to his frame. Paying for the goods that were in stock, Segwarides returned to the training grounds to await Railen so that he could report that the new breastplate would take several months to create and fit properly. Author: Segwarides Date: Sun Jun 7 17:54:07 2009 Subject Choices made After riding from the clearing, Segwarides reflected on what had transpired that morning with Railen. Being told of the role of the Defenders within the nation was something that followed along with his natural impulses. Railen was bound by honor of his grandfather to be in the Defenders, and Segwarides was bound by honor to follow his friend and mentor. Committing himself to the defense of Solamnia was far more important to him than becoming a ranking Knight within one of the other Orders. Railen was correct, the Oath is what a Knight must live by, using the Measure to guide him. A short time later, after arriving at the gates of Palanthas, the feeling of unrest could almost be seen within the populace. There was trouble brewing within the lands of Ansalon, and it was now starting to show even here in the Lordcity. Segwarides determined to train to his upmost potential to be ready for when the time comes that his sword and his abilities would be needed to defend all that he held dear. Author: Segwarides Date: Mon Jun 8 23:56:25 2009 Subject Troubling news and responsiblities Sitting within the library reading a volume of the Measure, Segwarides sees Railen all but stagger into the gathering hall covered in what looked like blood. Hurrying to his side, Segwarides checked to see that his friend was unhurt. Finding out that another squire had been taken captive by a band of goblins and had to be ransomed back did nothing to ease the concerns over rumors, but the welfare of the squire was more important than a group of goblins. Railen said that they were near to Tarsis. Immediately Segwarides asked when they were going to deal with them. Railen nodded silent approval of Segwarides' concerns for the unknown squire, and spoke to make ready for the ride within the hour. Author: Segwarides Date: Mon Jun 15 02:09:25 2009 Subject Knighting and Declaration After their return from the southern lands, Railen had spent sometime within the library's walls. The Plainsman, Wulf, had decided to return to Palanthas with the ban of Knights and squires. Railen seemed contemplative of him. Arriving in the library, Segwarides found that Railen was reading a report. 'You wished to see me, Railen?' Without taking his eyes off the report, Railen nods slowly and indicates the chair across from him. With little preamble, Railen speaks, 'I have petitioned for you to be knighted, my friend.' Raising an eyebrow at the statement, Segwarides is slightly stunned. 'Certainly there is the matter of my time.' Railen waves most of the ensuring arguments away. Railen speaks 'You are ready for this, more so than I was at you age.' The next day, Railen met with Segwarides in the practice yard. 'The Council is ready for us in the chapel. Come, it is now time.' Following Railen into the keep's chapel, Segwarides finds that there were only the members of the Council present. He is the only squire to be knighted this day. The acting High Clerist beckons to Segwarides to step forward to being then calling to the Triumvirate to bless the ceremony. The High Justice begins by telling Segwarides to kneel and draw his sword. Holding the sword's blade vertically with the hilt over his heart, Segwarides begins to recite the Oath of Ennoblement. After the recitation, he transfers the sword's blade to his hand and holds out the hilt to the High Justice. He takes the sword and gently taps Segwarides' shoulders before commanding him to rise as a Knight of Solamnia. Standing before the Council, Segwarides begs a moment more of their time. 'I wish to declare my intent to remain within the Order of the Crown as a Defender of the Crown.' With a nod of approval from Railen toward Segwarides, the rest of the Council grants the petition. Author: Segwarides Date: Wed Jul 1 21:41:41 2009 Subject Reporting to the Council Having seen Railen safely back to Palanthas was the least of the worries now facing the young Knight. Segwarides had seen something that could be called a miracle, or that of trickery, but never the less, the elf woman had seemingly healed Railen of his most serious wounds. The gathering crowd however decided that the elf was a witch of some sort. Protecting her while he investigated things further was a prudent move, and one not regretted. Seeing that Railen was out of mortal danger, Segwarides set down to prepare for his audience with the Council to give a full report over the battle near the Lemish border. Standing before the Council was not an easy thing to do when the time came. His every action was questioned; especially the one to bring back all the wounded to Palanthas. He felt a good amount of disgrace until the acting High Clerist told him that while the campaign near Lemish was not concluded, bringing all the wounded was a wise maneuver for one so new at his role of Knight. The Council was eager to hear of the attack on the camp that had brought Lord Railen into his present condition. He described what happened in detail that he could remember, as most of it was a blur after Railen was stomped upon. His killing the ogre was something that caused him a bit of an embarrassment as it was the second time he had clashed against one of the race and again, walked away with minor wounds. What was of more a concern was what had happened after he had returned with the wounded. About the elf woman named Coria seemingly healing Railen after she mumbled what sounded to Segwarides as a prayer to one of the 'old' gods. A strange thing indeed if it was true. Author: Segwarides Date: Sun Jul 5 15:35:37 2009 Subject Harsh Reality Watching Railen and Coria go back into the Keep with a slight bit of amusement, Segwarides went to look on the Plainsman in the infirmary. Seeing that he was still as much a hot head as he was on the return to Palanthas, did not surprise Segwarides much. If he decided he was going to attempt to join the Knighthood, he certainly was going to have to get over that phase. True he was good with a sword, but had no where near the training that was going to carry him through a major confrontation with any trained foe. He would need patience in all things, and most importantly, he would have to forget he was the Chieftain's son and was no better than any other man within the ranks of the Knighthood. As these thoughts filtered through Segwarides' mind, Wulf was being tended by the healers. His jaw was swollen and bruised, but the semi-conscious Plainsman didn't even notice. Waving the healers away and lifting a bucket of water, Segwarides splashes Wulf full in the face. " It is time to get up. You have had your nap; it is now time to see if you can handle yourself in a more controlled setting. Please dry yourself and meet me in the practice yard in on hour's time." Walking away from the infirmary with a slight shake of his head, Segwarides knew this was not going to be a pleasant time for the Plainsman, with a return campaign to the Lemish border so soon in coming. Author: Segwarides Date: Sun Jul 12 18:26:49 2009 Subject Recent tidings Picking up some of the recently used practice equipment, Segwarides simply shakes his head at how Wulf can be so wise and yet so foolish at the same time. His time in the training yard has been bringing returns, but he isrough on the equipment. The other young squires have been commenting him on his skill and on his honor. Time is the only thing that he lacks. Time that Solamnia does not have to give. Breaking his musings as Railen shuffles into the yard, Segwarides completes his task and turns toward him. "Taking a stroll outside the city walls, Railen?" Railen winks and runs a hand through his hair, "I wasn't strolling." "It seems that the Lady Kiyohime has taken a special interest in your friend, Coria." "It seems that Coria has some talents with the healing arts that Kiyohime has taken her interest in." Looking at how Railen was shuffling about and hearing the rumors around the Keep, Segwarides could readily guess what was coming next. "What is this about a special Council meeting, Railen? It can not be about Wulf, could it?" Railen shook his head slightly as he spoke, "Nay, it has to do with you, my friend." Raising an eyebrow, Segwarides responds, "Habbakuk's sake, tell me this isn't about the ogre." Chuckling slightly, Railen smiles, "It might have something to do with that. I have talked with some of the Council about you and they seemed to have taken an interest." Muttering under his breath a few more choice curses, Segwarides turns to face Railen fully. "We have more important things to do than spread over-blown deeds of daring." Railen replies grimly, "But that is what the Knighthood is all about, my friend." "It should not be that, Railen. Vinus Solmanus must be rolling in the Dome of Creation to see the Knighthood in such a state." Nodding in agreement, Railen continues, "Aye. But we need good men who can lead in the position to do so when needed. I have asked you to grant you more responsibilities. I trust in you, my friend. With my life, and the lives of the people of Solamnia. Segwarides smirks slightly adding, "As long as I don't find you conveniently under another ogre's boot, then things will have improved." Railen chuckles then nods, "I will try not to do that again." Author: Segwarides Date: Tue Jul 28 20:37:54 2009 Subject Arrest warrent *To be posted all around the surrounding roads and plains of Palanthas* Let it be known that two persons of the Red Robes have attacked a lawful member of the Knights of Solamnia this day. While shopping in on of the many shops within the walls of Palanthas, the Knight known as Segwarides was attacked by two Red Robes with no prior provication. Seeing the attack, Lord Alenth uth Sbweb, came to the aid of the then wounded Knight and covered his withdrawl as the odds where unfavorable and innocent witnesses were present. The two mages have been identified as Leodas and Ciskei by persons that have seen them frequently in the mageware shop. All lawful members of the Palanthan milita and Knights of Solamnia should seek to have these two arrested and brought in for questioning. As they are mages, they are to be treated as highly dangerous. Use extreme caution while dealing with them. Author: Segwarides Date: Sat Oct 3 15:35:09 2009 Subject The quest of Justice (pt. 1) Having watched the return of the small group of squires from the High Clerist Tower that were subdued by a goblinoid there, Segwarides was ready to take the next step in bringing those persons that murdered Coria to justice. Sending a pair of messenges out; one to the Council, and the other to Gaelehad, Segwarides waited for the responses that he needed to have. Gaelehad returned to the Keep at the behest of the messenge. "We are ready to move against those responsible for Coria's death, Gaelehad. The suspects were captured. Three surrendered without a fight but two died when they attempted to flee." Gaelehad simply nodded his acknowledgement. "Gaelehad, under questioning, those that remained alive told of someone that was in the city at the time, and hired them for a bag of steel to murder Coria. They was able to inform us that this individual gave the name 'Supai' and was from Tarsis. I have requested the Council to allow myself and a small group to go and attempt to bring him to justice for his crime." "Once I have the consent of the Council, we will be leaving at once. Make the final preperations for the journey. May the Triumverate grant him the mercy that he did not grant Coria. We will make certain that we arrange that meeting." Gaelehad left to finish his duties just as Segwarides was called to the Council. What happened inside the chamber was kept secret, but heated voices could be heard. In the end, Segwarides had his permission to go, but he was also taking the squires Etilyn di Delgaard and Blaine di Caela for "field experience". This was going to be a long journey. Author: Segwarides Date: Mon Nov 9 10:36:37 2009 Subject Capture and Escape A blur, and a bright flash was the last thing Segwarides could remember. The rocking of a wagon brought him back to consciousness to see Gaelehad chained to the other side of the wagon, equally beaten, but breathing. A smelly hobgoblin sat in the wagon looking bored, with a set of keys on a ring dangling off its belt. Segwarides shifted slightly to get a better look of the rest of the wagon proved to bring a moment of pain to the young Knight. All the others of the supply caravan were missing, most likely dead, by the looks of the amount of weapons scattered about the wagon. The shackles binding Segwarides were not the finest craftsmanship, but held him securely. Gaelehad began to rouse himself when a distant cry of pain sounded. Seeing it as the last, best hope for escape, Segwarides snapped a kick to the side of the hobgoblin's knee, bringing it down in a heap. Wrapping his legs around the hobgoblin's neck to choke any sounds from him was the plan, however the hobgoblin was stronger than expected. It rolled with the entwined knight still attached, pulling him taunt against the bonds. Still, the roll was to prove futile as the leg lock was set and held. Gaelehad was able to reach a set of keys on the belt of the thing during the struggle and freed him of his bonds. Once freed, the knights looked over each other's wounds. They proved superficial and would heal, provided they could be away from this band of desert marauders. Arming themselves with their own equipment and that of the fallen, the pair heard yet another wailing as of something in pain. Looking out the back of the wagon, they seen that they traveled near the end of the caravan. Pointing off to the distance back the way they came, they could see a force fighting some sort of beast. "We make for them. We do not stop, no matter the cost. May the Triumvirate guide us, now go." Author: Segwarides Date: Mon Jan 25 19:59:30 2010 Subject A Recounting of events An excerpt of the Iconochronos of Astinus of Palanthas: The small force that was lead by the Knight of Solamnia, Segwarides T'orgh came upon the city of Sanction by dangerous mountain pathways. Lord T'orgh and his command were expecting a lightly defended city with the massive Dragon Armies set out to conquer the whole of Ansalon. What they found was nothing of the sort. A large armada of warships held the harbor, with barely enough room to maneuver. What truly startled the Knights was the amount of dragons left behind. Nearly all five chromatic dragon races were present, but the only heartening view that could be seen was that they were fighting amongst themselves for dominance. Soon after finding the city, a large band came upon the Knights, and attacked without mercy. Many Knights and foot soldiers lost their lives in that initial charge. Regrouping against the over-whelming odds, Lord T'orgh and his senior Knights began an orderly withdrawal toward the east, hoping to reach the Blood Sea. Many days were spent trying to out pace the Dragon Armies, until finally the battered Solamnics reached their destination. The terrible Blood Sea of Istar. Finding enough boats was a difficult thing, but they were away before the Dragon Armies could cut off the final avenue of withdrawal. Of the one hundred that he commanded, fewer than seventy made it onto the ships and into the Blood Sea. Sailing to the east with the current of the Blood Sea was not so difficult a thing, until they ran into minotaur pirates near Mithas. The attack was brutal and very effective, but it did not stop the Knights from making the cape near Kalaman. Having seen the wide-spread armies of the Queen, Lord T'orgh requested the captain of the vessels to travel onto Sancrist and was granted the request. He knew a build up would be there and that was where he and his remaining men were needed. Author: Segwarides Date: Fri Feb 12 21:39:54 2010 Subject Duel in the Sand pt 1 Walking along the beach while the members of the Conclave continued to sort through tomes and grimores, Segwarides sees a Red Robe standing watching a group of what appears to be younger users of magic. Ending his trek by stopping beside the ranking Red Robe, Segwarides studies the younger mages for a moment. "Good afternoon, Master Mage. I am Segwarides T'orgh and I will be a part of the Knights that is to assist you during your stay here." Turning slightly to see whom spoke to him, the Red Robe snorted slightly before saying, "I know who you are Knight, even if you do not readily recognize me. We have meet before, shortly before you had an arrest warrant place upon me and another." Startled by the blunt announcement, Segwarides turns toward the Red Robe. "I know you now, you are the one known as Ciskei. I see that you have progressed within the ranks of your Order." "As have you, but you have not progressed as much, it seems. Still just a lowly errand boy for those that lead your ancient Order. I would have thought you better suited for the stables." Bristling at the slanderous remarks, Segwarides looks closely at Ciskei and notices that he seems quite aggitated while watching the mages. "I see that my presence is beginning to upset you, and your tone toward me is boardering on the line of a challenge that should be answered with a duel. I do not believe that my presence here is productive to either of us, nor do I wish to be provoked further. A messenger can be sent to me if anything is needed. Good afternoon, Master Ciskei." Turning slowly to walk back to the main portion of the encampment was cut short by a magical blast of lightning cutting across his path. "But I insist that we continue this topic, and I do believe I will accept your challenge to a duel. I would so dislike to cause any trouble between the Conclave and you Knights", sneers Ciskei. To be continued. Author: Segwarides Date: Sat Feb 13 00:48:51 2010 Subject Duel in the Sand pt. 2 The smug looking mage continued to watch the Knight before he spoke, "I believe I will take your suggestion for a duel to settle things between us." Segwarides watched the mage closely before responding, "Then we will use the training circle down the shore line after I speak to my superiors so that they will know that this is an agreed upon matter." "Speak to them if you must, but I do not foresee any trouble from mine. Unless of course I kill you, that is." Given the short amount of time it took to report what had happened, a large number of spectators surrounded the ring. There were equal numbers of both the Knighthood and the Conclave present to watch. Having checked his equipment before stepping into the ring, Segwarides was certain that the mage was still more than he appeared to be. He was soon to be proved correct. Chanting in the arcane language, Ciskei began the duel by throwing what appeared to be missiles made of pure magical force. Several thudded into Segwarides' chest but some were deflected by the various angles on his armor. Closing in on melee reach, Segwarides started measured strikes against the mage, fearing to bring him true harm, but with more force that is reserved for sparring practice. A few more blinding displays of magic from Ciskei forced Segwarides backward before he could bring the mage down. Seeing that his spells were beginning to wear down the Knight, Ciskei began to stalk around as if looking for a clean kill, but was surprised by having his ankle hooked out from under him by the inside grab of Segwarides' padded axe. "This duel is over. I will give you the grace of a draw, but do not presume to use your magic here again, in arrogant displays of power."

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