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Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a heavy leather-bound book to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Shronius' scribed in unearthly maroon ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Shronius's book..

Author: Shronius Date: Sat Dec 4 03:35:27 2010 Subject Time and Revenge Had I thought about it, it may have seemed quite odd that a stranger would have the audacity to stop me mid battle to talk. The stranger was dressed in some outlandish colorful silk most likely imported from Silvanost. He leaned towards me from his steed addressing me at last, "Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?" "But of course," I responded while simutaneously reaching into my cloak and handing him a spare jar I carried. Seconds or minutes later I found myself blinking off the final effects of sleep. The clouds covered the sky and the moons had long sank from view. My previous dreams did not even cross my mind, but I did not pay any mind to it as they never seemed to any more. Stretching and yawning, I finally stood up from my bed in the grass. I paced back and forth for a few minutes deciding what needed to be done first, then realizing I was thirsty proceeded to a nearby stream to have a drink. The stream moved at a very slow speed making the water seem almost still. The water was cold and sweet. The water was always wonderful here, but there were no fish in the water I remembered. My eyes slowly drifted over to my reflection as I pondered unimportant early morning things. It had been quite a while since I had even looked at my reflection or honestly cared about my appearance anyways. Despite my general apathy, I found myself shocked at the strange man I saw that seemed to have no connection with myself. 'How long has it really been?' I muttered to myself. My once beautiful ebony hair now reflected back at me with large tangled masses of grey and a dull lifeless black. My eyes once bright and scary in their cursed red state now seemed much less intimidating and quite dull. A long beard hung from my once clean shaven face also streaked with grey. Even my body seemed less toned than before, but only slightly as I was constantly engaged in activity on my own. I looked into my herb bag and found enough for one final bowl pack. After smoking on my pipe, I found myself sitting and thinking. I had never really realized quite how long I had been gone, but reflecting back I could remember at least 10 winters passing possibly 20. 'Whatever happened to everyone?' I wondered. My friends, enemies, and clan had all vanished from my life many years ago. Even the gods seemed to have vanished. I had no clue why I was being subjected to the loneliness of this existence. Having not eaten yet today, I located some mushrooms and berries I found the previous day. My stomach lurched after eating them still not used to the food in my current lifestyle. I laid back down in the grass ashamed of myself for getting beaten by a stomach ache. 'I used to be one of the most famous warriors in the world, and now I'm lying here like a little kid worrying about a stomach ache. ' "Shronius..." the trees whispered. My body felt warm hearing my old name called once again. I blinked, and realized I was not in the same place. I blinked a couple of times then scanned around. I was in fact exactly where I had been, but some thing was different. The wind blew carrying an enhanced melody that entered my ears and followed my spine. The sky was glowing a frightening color due to the appearance of the two moons hovering in the sky with the sun. Squinting, I thought I could even see Nuitari shining, but perhaps my eyes were just playing a trick on me. The color of the moons and sun swirled through the sky and seemed to sink into everything and encompass reality. The ground was non existant under me. In fact, I seemed to be floating amidst nothingness, but yet I felt everything at the same time . The contents of my mind seemed to be reflected in front of me. I saw myself in my youth battling my enemies amidst a mixture of former battlefields and the odd universe of colors I seemed to be trapped in. Continued... Author: Shronius Date: Sat Dec 4 03:39:06 2010 Subject Time and Revenge continued The images of battle soon shifted to other people and events. I saw Brim, Miranda, Fuzzfoot and a few other kender whose names I couldn't place, but were distinctive parts of my younger days. The kender morphed into a minotaur mage. He taunted me thinking he was truely my better as he used to. The minotaur quickly became a young solamnic knight. The knight was then joined by many other knights of his order eyeing me with a look of determination and hate, but at the same time fear and respect. Once again the images morphed, but this time becoming the band of mercenaries I had long fought alongside and at one point lead. Many more past memories confronted me, but slowly they began to recede and the swirl of colors that I seemed to be trapped in and blinking I was caught offguard to my reflection in the stream once again. "These people....they never left me....I left them." I said in realization to my reflection. "All of these years I have sat here wondering what would become of me and unaware that I was forcing this lifestyle on myself.." 'I have been holding myself back and imprisoning myself all of these years' I finally realized. "I let myself age and become seperated from this world." How had I let myself become so entangled in my own mind and so infatuated with the drugs and alcohol of this land? I had years to think. I knew it was time for action not thinking. I unsheathed a knife and cut my beard as close to the skin as I could. Following suit I trimmed a large portion of my hair off so it would not get in my way in battle. "I held myself back for so long, but not anymore." My eyes seemed much brighter and full of life than they had earlier. 'I've wasted a lot of time, but I shall make up for my own actions.' I thought. My brothers in the mercenary clans would surely want news and enjoy my sword alongside theirs again. After reuniting with my friends and finishing my business, the world would be ready to pay. I had never fully accepted it and it would not accept me, thus I would destroy everything in my way. "I am a god. nothing can stop me, not even myself." Author: Shronius Date: Tue Sep 22 17:01:59 2015 Subject Teague's Torture

Shronius sat comfortably on a fine elven made couch amongst the halls of the Elite Mercenary division. Unraveling a string around the bag, Shronius proceeded to flip the bag and it's contents onto the elogant mahogany table in front of him. Shronius' face remained completly expresionless as he silently counted the diamonds the sorceror had given him. After a few seconds, Shronius with no change of expression shoves the diamonds back into the bag and inserts the bag into the top of his boot. Shronius takes a long swig from a bottle of Dwarvish Spirits and proceeds to stand and walk down the halls of the Elite Mercenary division. Withdrawing a key on a small golden chain around his neck from underneath his chain mail, Shronius unlocks one of the many Mercenary vaults and tosses the sack of diamonds inside and promptly closes and locks it. A smile almost draws on Shronius' normally cold face as he remembers the days of his youth when metals and gemstones once meant something to him and he had aspirations of wealth. Shronius returns to the mahogany table and produces an iron key from the drawer and walks to a nearby hatch in the floor. Bending down with an unexpected ease for a man of Shronius' stature or age, he quickly unlocks the door and opens the hatch flooding light into the room below. The room is barren, the walls reinforced with steel on the innerside and enchanted with magical protections from the most skilled magicians and clerics amongst the Mercenary Elite ranks. In fact, the only thing inside the room is the prisoner he had previously abducted, Teague, laying bound and gagged in only undergarments on a pile of straw. "I trust you find our quarters accomadating young warrior. However, I have a real treat for you to enjoy today." Shronius spoke to Teague in Common in a tone slightly higher than a whisper and smirked. Shronius withdrew a dagger sheathed along his calf and gently pressed the cold steel into the man's cheek no more than a hair width's deep and began to slowly slice downwards towards the man's throat. A very light trickle of blood quickly dripped from the small incision on Teague's face. "It seems you really pissed someone off. They want me to bang you up real nice." Shronius spoke again in the tone only slightly louder than a whisper. Shronius thought briefly about the sorceror's request to simply break Teague's fingers. Teague began to writhe in response to the pain as Shronius proceeded to draw his dagger across the man's face drawing a matching line on the other side of the dragon lord's face. "Don't think of passing out or dying on me. I want you to feel the pain, and I have a real special treat for you. Real special. We'll call it an added bonus for using my time. It is not often that I get to come into contact with people of such high rank after all..." Shronius trailed off then began to grin an evil grin and the strange red eyes in his pupils seemed to glow brighter than normal. Shronius used the dagger to cut the bond around the dragon lord's hands and slammed one hand onto the ground with amazing dexterity and brought the pommel down onto Teague's fingers individually. After working over the man's right hand he proceeded to smash the bones inside of the man's left hand as well. Teague had to be in immense pain, but the discipline of the dragonarmies did not let him cry out in his pain. Shronius stood silently and closed his eyes leaving Teague's body bleeding on the floor. He whispered a prayer to his diety and smiled. "Now for the fun part.." Shronius whispered and his eyes seemed to widen. Shronius draws a line across his palm with the tip of the dagger and blood begins to trickle out. Stooping back down, Shronius brings his hand down onto Teague's face and pressed the cut against the cut on the right side of Teague's face. "It is always an honor to meet with people of such high rank...dragon lord..."Shronius whispered...

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