The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a tattered paperback to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Sirene' scribed in glowing white ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Sirene's book..

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Sep 13 20:59:17 2015 Subject Bird and Bull xPart 1}

Sirene was in the middle of a meeting half a world away, not doing much more than watching the other two. She closed her eyes, attention brought to a scene. Her mark held the cursed jewelry, and her unwitting pawn was drawing close. The night had fallen on the port, the unlikely band having made short work of their trip once they'd been run out on account of the mercenaries. Malicai probably should have been more picky...But they seemed like decent enough fellows. Just trouble. Everyone had settled in and he'd slipped off to clear his thoughts. Boots padded against packed street as he made his way along. He was seriously due for an evening's worth of relaxation before they set to gathering leads in the morning. The weather was fair and the evening seemed quiet enough for one. This had potential... The whispers of the bloodthirsty blade haunted his mind like no other this very night. Perhaps the one bandit he sliced was a bit too much for his clearly starved blade. His whispers were, of course, meant not for the man but his blade. "Silence yourself, we have no time for that." His boots and legs were still wet from before. Even though his hands are always steady his blade is shaking uncontrollably. "What is with you. Knock it off." Joseph said as his footsteps echoed on this packed street. Sirene muttered a prayer to activate the sword's curse by the blood. The curse was just -there-, begging to be activated. So close to active by itself, it just needed a little nudge, directing it to her mark. If the guy wanted to use that sword, she could use it too. Malicai hadn't intentionally angered any priestesses lately. Or pirates. That he's aware of, at least. Thumbs hooked into his sword belt he strolled without purpose, vaguely heading towards the shore, he whistled a slow tune to acompany him on his trip. Tonight was going to be a good night, he told himself, just about the time he lifted his gaze to catch the fact that he was no longer alone. Eh. It was just some guy down the other end of the less-traveled side street. Malicai gave him a nod as he carried on towards him, intending to pass on his way. Joseph was feeling some kind of itch in his head. It was the same feeling he always got when the falchion was hungry...But stronger. Almost as if it was moving all over the place. Before he knew it, he had some kind of possessed look coming across his face. His hand swiftly slid down to his holstered blade where he hooked it out and shot it forward, flicking it sideways towards the man's throat as if he was trying to hold him right there. He wasn't exactly doing anything lethal. No, in fact, it was exactly what it looked like. He was trying to put the man to a halt. Joseph's eyes fell into shadow while his blade was shaking. Malicai's movements were a bit of a jerk as he came short of the point of the blade. He gave a skip-hop backwards, shouldering his buckler down as he tried to wrap his head around it. Was he being robbed? A sigh came as his free hand went for his own blade but didn't yet draw. He wasn't quick to ruin the evening, for certain. But there was something off. The hairs on the back of Malicai's neck rose as he tried to keep a passive feel to his voice, "Hey now, let's not do anything we'll both regret tomorrow..." Sirene excused herself from the room she was in and into a back half of the command tent. Selecting a vial of blood from the cabinet, she prayed over it. Come on guy, stop getting a conscience about randomly killing people. Joseph could't hold on for much longer. He looked up with one last bit of his own sanity left. "Run." He tried to put emotion into it but there wasn't much left, damn it. His eyes fell back into the shadows and his blade's edge shone {ppurple then red. This time he took a step forward and swirled his blade back around to slice at the man's torso. His speed was to be noted, because he was -very- fast.

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Sep 13 21:11:12 2015 Subject Bird and Bull (Part 2)

Malicai wasn't generally one to be rude, but the polite just drained right out of him as slid back in time with the swing. He threw his arm into it, buckler seeking to knock the blade back. He closed his fingers over his blade, drawing it as he continued to fall back towards the more populated routes. They weren't likely to get much attention back here and... Well, there was something seriously amis with this fellow here. "Are you out of your mind?! What do you want? I don't even know you!" This, Malicai, is what happens when you have a fondness for other men's pretty sisters. You knew it would come back to haunt you ev--Wait. He'd never even been here before... Joseph certainly was out of it yes, thank you for keeping him in mind. His expression seemed to be unimportant because it certainly stayed the same. His blade was leading this particular hunt right now. The purple haired fellow continued to slice his blade forward in X-like shapes. Whether, it was the air he hit or actual flesh, he was bound to hit something eventually. Populated areas? Awesome a crowd. Malicai wasn't so keen on letting this spill into people. Trouble aside, folks could get hurt in this mess. He made a go at deflecting the blows, but he was losing ground nice and quick. Should he try and break for it? He didn't have time to consider many options before he was pushing -back-, though. Yes, he had at least decided to see what this was all about and the first step to that, was disabling this madman. He took the last swipe with his blade, trying to knock his opponent off balance with a sudden rushed attempt at a shield-bash to the nose. "Hey! Get a hold of yourself! Who...What in the Abyss--?!" Joseph had been taking a lot of those steps. Certainly he -was- being a madman. But he wasn't a rookie, no sir he was not. The sudden bash was a good attempt but Joseph's footing stayed professional. In fact, the madman used the knock back to his advantage. A swift step to the left side prevented a nose bleed at least. It would hsve been a lie to say that Joseph wasn't enjoying this. He proceeded to withdraw his blade a little and his torso lowered while his arm thrusts his blade back around to cut the guy's left side open. So much for the quiet night... Malicai's strength was solid but you might think this guy had been used to unsteady footing. He didn't so much as flail as he was right upon him again. Swordsman was amongst his list of talents, but he wasn't much of a warrior. Yet. This trip would either shape him up or ship him home in a box. It was becoming more clear by the moment, especially when he found himself a bit too slow on the parry there, the blade tearing into the flesh. He was light enough on his feet to save himself a worse injury but this was getting serious. The young man braced and swung wide, enticing his crazed foe in closer, hoping he could make use of any chance he could get. He had never seen anyone fight like this before. Then again, his experience was sorely lacking. Something was going to have to give, and he was hoping it was going to be this guy's skull instead of his. First blood was on the pirate for now, though...Not a good sign. Joseph wasn't showing any sign of remorse, nor any sign of forfeit either. In fact, he was winning. Well it wasn't exactly -him- that was winning, but you know. Oh but now the blood of it's prey was upon the blade. This was never good and Joseph whispered almost automatically. "Kill." The blade shone dark purple for a brief moment once more and he didn't hesitate to charge, thrusting his blade forward.

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Sep 13 21:17:39 2015 Subject Bird and Bull (Part 3)

Wasn't that wonderful. It didn't work. He thought for sure it would, but here comes his foe just a little to hard and fast to-- "Shit." --He was fast enough to twist, jerking his shield up to catch the thrust. The sound of rending metal came as the brunt of the hyper focused attack forced him to give with a stumble. He hadn't expected the strength of his attacker to come in such a surge, and Malicai was forced to give. He skidded back, spurs dragging as they went into a tumble. His blade clattered aside, both hands having to grip the steel buckler to keep the blade aloft and out of his body. Sweat dotted his brow from the struggle, a good deal of cursing and kicking was about to ensue... You see, the cursed blade drew its power from its victim. This time it was fueled by an unholy rage no less. Joseph could feel the blade screeching through the metal and, forcing his entire weight upon the blade, began to push it further and further. The tumble caught him slightly off guard, though. Who would have thought, the surprise factor worked against him. Joseph put enough pressure on the handle of the Falchion to keep the process of cutting going. Yes, certainly the tip of his blade would find the other's flesh soon, right? Malicai had his back to the dirt and this man atop him like he was possessed. Things were looking bleak for our young philanthropist turned adventurer tonight, to say the least. Teeth clenched, his gloved fingers caught the buckling shield and struggled to hold it steady. He knew he couldn't do this. It was too much. He was too heavy. Too strong. The blade's edge pressed closer, dipping into the fabric of his shirt before Malicai did what any other man on death's door would do. He squeezed his eyes shut, pushed as hard as he could...And he prayed. Sirene felt her curse lifting, clarity returning to her victim as she was pushed away, the image a bison driving her off in her mind's eye. She fell to the ground with a clatter, the vial she had breaking as she fell unconscious. Joseph didn't seem to be stopping, or at least not right away. Then suddenly the pressure put on his blade would becomes less and less. His eyes were more lucid... That's when a clarity hit him and his eyes stared down at the man below him. A few blinks were needed, and that pressure practiced up on the man's shield was long gone. Who was this man? It certainly didn't look like someone he'd target, hm?Joseph took a few steps back and quizzically stared at the man. "Oi..what are you doing with my blade?" You just tried to kill him, Joe. Huffing to catch his breath, Malicai opened one eye as the strength of his attacker began to lessen. He got the second one open by the time the other man was backing off of his shield, his arms casting the shield to the side with the blade still deeply embedded. He just lays there a moment, staring up at the stars. Malicai wasn't sure what just happened...But it was -not- relaxing. That was quite possibly the direct opposite of relaxation in the worst of ways. Breath slowing a little, he shifted his head to the side to see the not-so-mad man, "What...? You just--Do you usually meet people li--Ooow..." Oh look, we're bleeding. This was -not- your night, Malicai. Possibly not your week...Or year. Joseph stares at the man like he was the crazy one. Even though this purple haired maniac swung his blade around like Old Mac Donald ran his farm, which he ran with a passion even though he kind of wanted to be a scholar. But enough about Old Mac, back to these two. "Usually I still have all my stuff." He pointed to his blade stuck in the man's shield. Joseph took a few steps closer, getting better look at the man. He looked like he'd seen a ghost. Secondly, he had an open wound. What in the world..? "Can you walk?"

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Sep 13 21:19:27 2015 Subject Bird and Bull (Part 4)

He wasn't sure what he just saw or did...What he was sure of, was that he did not enjoy it. He was pushing himself up, light-headed despite the shallow wound. If that wasn't a rush, he'd never find on...But what just happened? A hand up to his face, Malicai gave up once he was half way to a knee, the free one bracing him. Yeah, about that walking? Probably not. He's trying to pull himself up still, but his legs felt like sun-warmed cheese. "Hn...But you just tried to kill me?" Hey, Malicai? Meet gravity. And then? He ate dirt. Assuming no one was going to stop him from it. -Not- his favorite dish. This guy was going to need a bed and maybe a doctor...Stitches on the best day. Joseph knew a fallen man when he saw one. He made a quick dash forward to catch the man before he ate a newly found dish called 'dirt.' "Oi oi.." Ah great, not even two days in and you already have people telling you that you're trying to kill them. He tilted his head a little, lowering himself only to straighten back up with the man over his left shoulder. Jo wasn't sure, but something told him that this man wasn't lying. Grabbing the new universal blade and shield in one combo package from the ground, he lifted that over the other shoulder. "This guy needs a drink. Oh and a doctor..." No no Joe, also a bed. Off they go then, to uh..a bar or...Something like that. (This is an RP in response to warnotes 35 & 36)

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Sep 27 17:14:21 2015 Subject Ayasana and Sirene: Impressions (Part 1)

Sirene travels with Zeke to the Temple, Zeke blanching once he is there and realizing more -where- he is. But he stays with her. He said he would do this, and though not happy about it, he is going to do it. They walk in and she tells the guards there that she is there with an urgent message from the Red Dragon Highlord. Giving an explanation that Sirene has the message and Zeke is her guard, she is admitted into the Blue Wing, while Zeke is asked to wait outside. Ayasana is consulting with one of her commanders about troop placements and defensive measures. "I want protective glyphs and wards on all areas around the Temple. Have the Temple priests oversee that." then sends him on his way. Turning to the newcomer, Ayasana waves her over. "Come along now, don't tarry, what message do you have?" Ayasana turns back to the map of the city, making litte notes on it. Sirene has... been traveling and has had over a week to think about this, and now that she's -here-, she doesn't know how to start. She... gives Ayasana a bow, then straightens back up. "My name is Sirene, and I am a priestess of Sargonnas. Highlord Vaughn gave me a list of items to report. First, there is a Conclave meeting occurring very soon that he must attend. He was given little notice, but it is important enough to draw him away from things." Ayasana snorts. "Conclave business should never trump Her Majesty's concerns. Who made him a Highlord ayway?" She moves a token on the map south. Sirene umms... not sure how to... "There is a possibility of Conclave involvement in the war due to the Black Highlord's activities. And Highlord Vaughn will be returning to the temple directly from the meeting as soon as he is able." She bites at her lip slightly and tries to keep her gaze with Ayasana, but she can't help but look down. Ayasana's eyes narrow as she takes a closer look at the priestess. "First of all, that was a jest. I know all too well about Vaughn's schedule. Second, look me in the eyes when you speak. Are you of Sargonnas or meek Mishakal?" Sirene looks up to Aya with a firm -frown-, just a hint of anger in her eyes. She is working on the less meek thing. She can -do- things, but -talking- is not her forte. Yet. She knows it is a yet, and will change it. Become the priestess Sargonnas wants her to be. "The gods of light are starting to involve themselves. I have had direct experience of it." Ayasana turns back to the map. "The Gods will do as they please. Our Queen is well aware of this, as would be your god. We as mortals can not affect that. We CAN affect their mortal slaves, which is what I am doing while your Highlord goes to play with his fellow tricksters." Sirene mmms. "We can't -stop- it, but it's important to be -aware- of. That they are actively involved now. And... Highlord Vaughn was being very cautious once he found out, but in traveling here, there was one night... Something -bad- happened back at the camp. I don't know what, but with all of the news of the Conclave and the gods of light and then for that impression to come while I was traveling with the message, it does not bode well. Sargonnas does not give me unsolicited messages often, but I was awoken with that, so take this all with the importance he gave it. That the timing of it is related and important." She gives a shallow bow. "Lastly, I was to ask for a situational report." Turning slowly from the map table, Ayasana appears amused by this priestess' somewhat milquetoast demeanor. As she contemplates the girl's words she taps on the saya of her katana. She smiles, "I am aware, and my Queen is aware. I have all the respect due Sargonnas, but this is in Her hands. And you can tell your Highlord..."

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Sep 27 17:16:14 2015 Subject Ayasana and Sirene: Impressions (Part 2)

Teague had shown himself in, past the eyes of most and the minds of many more. He was in a -mood- and it wasn't the one where he felt inclined to dally with guards and silly questions. Clothed in a long open robe of leather, the hood up over his face, and simple riding wear of dark wine and grey hues, he came into view -directly- behind Sirene as he spoke. His voice was hoarse, but very much his own, laden with obstinate stubbornness and a razor's edge of annoyance, "...Tell me what?" By the time he had finished, he held a bandaged hand up, intending to still her by the shoulder should she startle from the affair. Teague was standing tall, but there was a fatigue that he could not help but betray...His week had been quite eventful. Most of Teague's face was shrouded, almost unnaturally so, but both of the women were much shorter and would almost certainly see that he had been on the wrong end of a hateful hello...Or six. Sirene startles at the sudden appearance of Teague, staring at him now. He... But he... she slowly takes him in. What... -happened- to him... She straightens and then gives him a bow. "Highlord Vaughn--" Standing straight again and staring more. Ayasana grins crookedly at the tardy man. "Tell him if he wants a report of any kind, he can come here and ask himself." She then breaks into laughter. Perfectly timed dramatic entrances are my favorite. Thank you both, Aya and Teague!

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Oct 3 23:34:40 2015 Subject Rest. The World Does Not Wait (Part 1)

Teague had heavy footfalls, making his way through the wide open hall as he drew his abaya about his face. It was more for the protection of others than himself, though most everyone here was already ill to one degree or another. He wasn't in a particularly diplomatic mood this month. Things had been...Hectic. By the time he reached her door, he paused with a hand on it, catching himself to give her a sideways glance, "You may call me Highlord Vaughn." There were his manners. Then he was knocking with the back of his knuckles and pushing the door ajar, "Sirene?" Sirene lies on her bed, half-in half-out of sleep. She mumbles to herself, most of it blurred together or incomprehensible, but some words here and there that can be picked out. Mentions of eyes, fires, watching, burning. As the Highlord calls, she stirs, the mumbling quieting, but not sitting up quite yet. Ryna followed with quiet steps. She blinks at bit at the sudden introduction and she nods. "p"Nice to meet you." Teague flicks another brief glance towards this so-called doctor before he makes his way across the room to pour the girl a glass of water. Leaving his own cup of tea beside the basin, he crossed the room to pull a chair over to her bedside and took a seat to try coax her awake, "Sirene." Neither gentle nor particularly abrasive, he paused to cough before reaching to touch her forehead with a glove hand, pushing the hair back. "As you can see, there are worse off than myself now. I'm not much of a worry." Certainly not looking like he just spent a week sunbathing in the Abyss. Sirene opens her eyes and looks up. And then works to slowly sit up. "Is... something happening...?" She tries to look attentive, but is not fully awake even. Ryna moves to step in the room and looks to Sirene. She shrugs glancing to Teague, {p "There is almost always someone in worse shape. You should still finish your tea." She looks to Sirene again. {p"Hello, I'm Ryna, How are you feeling...?" Teague coughs into the silks, placing the glass of water into Sirene's hand, "No, priestess. This is that physician that he heard about. I called her to help organize a clinic of sorts." He hadn't mentioned calling on here prior, but he wasn't sure she would remember it. The fevers were wicked. He would eventually reach for his tea and drain it slowly. Sirene sits up more and takes the glass, then coughs into her fist. Taking a sip, she looks to Ryna. "Not... great... um. Hello. I'm Sirene..." Ryna Looks to the water and works on getting out her pouch, {p"How long have you been sick for...? Looks like just a few days in... correct?" She moves to get a small pouch that was of a dyed leather. She checks the knot.{p "Do you drink tea?" Sirene mmms. "A few days, yes. Started as really tired, but it quickly worsened. I haven't been able to be out of bed for long with it. And yes, a tea would be good." Ryna nods and approaches with a pouch. {p"This one should be the right mix to help you feel better. Be sure to use all of one of the smaller pouches in a cup. The blue dyed ones for a morning tea and the red dyed for evening. should be a weeks worth in there.. Need to reconsider what is needed at that point.. Did not account for potential chills or fatigue yet." Teague finished off the tea and set it aside, letting the two women interact without his interjection. He was mindful of what was going on, but held a myriad of considerations in the back of his weary mind. As much as he wanted to, it was only the first day that he was even capable of functioning on a fair level. He was quick to tire, but unwilling to give in without a fight. Sirene gives a nod. "I will do that..." She coughs into her fist a bit more. "What time of day is it right now? I've lost track... And if you could put the tea on the table or nightstand..." Somewhere else. She'll take care of it later.

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Oct 3 23:41:53 2015 Subject Rest. The World Does Not Wait (Part 2)

Ryna moves to put the tea bag on the table, eyeing Sirene as she does. She looks to Teague. {p"Anyone else I should give the instructions to. She is likely to forget in her current state." Teague gestures to a desk with some papers upon it as he eyes the priestess from his resting place, "If you would write it down, I will see to it." His hands closed upon his knees as he sat up, leaning forward a little to inspect Sirene closer, "Did you have any other questions? If not, I would like to speak to the girl alone. We both have business to attend, after all." Teague was not attempting to be rude here, but the haggardness ridding the edge of his voice gave hints to his dwindling strength for the day. He was at least not so much the proud fool as to think he was well. He would need his strength as soon as possible. These delays were beginning to become rather tiresome. Sirene blinks blearily at Teague. So something -is- happening... She looks to Ryna again for a moment. Trying to get as many details as she can of the person. Maybe she'll remember come tomorrow. Ryna eyes Sirene again and nods before moving to write things down on a fresh piece of paper from her book. Having the two doses, when for each, the warnings to both empty the small pouch complete when making each tea... and at how not to mix any of them.{p "And how is best for me to deliver the overall list..?" Teague waves off the question as he explains, "Someone will accompany you to be certain no complications arise to slow your progress." Certainly they could see to it for her. He gave no hint to Sirene if something was happening or not, instead offering a wary smile to the woman. Magic was his trade, but the sciences had always drawn curiosity from Teague with fair ease. Sirene mmms, and then clumsily sets her now empty glass on her nightstand. And then she lays back down. She'll get back up in a -minute-, Highlord, as soon as you need her to talk about whatever thing... But a minute of waiting is a minute she can use to lay down, and she will use it. Ryna's brow arches fully this time. {p"Complications?" She puts the page down and moves to fix the pouch to her belt. Moves to tear out a page and puts a few pinches from a pouch into it after folding the page to something that could hold it. She offers the folded page to Teague, {p "That one helps alertness. Up to you if you feel it is needed. That pouch bag is what I have come up with so far and been offering those that I have worked with but the fatigue seems to be more prevalent then I knew..." Teague rose to take the page with a nod, "Of course. Thank you for your time." Yes. Complications. Moving along without so much as a pause, he slipped it away into his cloak, "I look forward to hearing more about your findings. Perhaps it will prompt some well-needed insight." He would get the door for her, reaching into the cloak again to offer up a small bit of silver coin. For her trouble. There would be more to come if she could give Teague reason. Ryna nods and accepts the coin with a smile. {p"I'll be sure to include such information explaining the items, rather then just a list." She nods and moves to head out. {p"Try to get at least a small few bites to eat before you rest. Not much, but a bit at least. I recommend soup..."

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Oct 3 23:49:16 2015 Subject Rest. The World Does Not Wait (Part 3)

Nodding again, he assures her that he will make certain that he does before giving her an almost friendly farewell. Teague hasn't decided much about here yet, but the chaos of the day was settled well with the visit. He would wait for her to pass and then let the door swing close of it's own accord. Satisfied with this, he made his way back to the chair. Unmolested here with Sirene resting, he let his thoughts rise as he settled in. After s good few moments, he drew in a slow breath and peered over the abaya at her, "I received word from Sanction this morning. I may have to leave you to recover." Sirene ngnns and slowly sits up again, staring at Teague. "What's happening there?" Some coughing. Teague sits forward, getting his feet to begin prepare some tea at the hearth. No reason to bother someone for something so small. He lingered by the low embers, watching the coals ebb and glow for a moment before snapping out of it to cast a glance over his shoulder, "The sickness is spreading quickly here, and I'm afraid that these roads are well-traveled." Sanction's environment was ideal for something like this. The ashy and sulfurous city was larger and even less equipped than Neraka. The forward Flight had already arrived, preparations were being made, but it was already too late and the Highlord was too ill to make the trip home. Wonderful how it works that way. Still. Rumors of it's cause were already afoot, working fear and outrage into the hearts of the people. All he could do was wait, heal and pick the right time to drop the match on the slowly pooling kerosene that was their populace. "Of course, I am in no shape to make such a trip yet. We will see how you fare then, hm?" Sirene hmms and nods. And coughing a bit throughout, she says, "I'm glad... that you are doing better, at... least. And a doctor... can actually... -do- something..." She mmms, furrowing her brow, trying to remember something... "You mentioned... lots of things. Falkore. He did... this too?" Teague was no fool, and he certainly didn't play on certainties. He did believe it was the most likely cause, but he was a skeptic at heart when it came to the Ways of Man. He left the water to heat and returned to his seat, hands bracing on the back as he stood behind it and smiled, "It is most certain." But why? What was Falkore -doing- that he would suddenly go through all of this money and trouble. Teague didn't believe for one moment that the words he used to justify his actions were hollow. This had been happening for months and never had he once lifted a finger before. What did he have to gain in this? Why single out Nestos with him? Teague had never been a threat to them before, why now? Falkore was a blind spot. He did not care for blind spots. He added a smile before coughing a bit. The tea did seem to help somewhat. "They will see the error of their ways soon enough, priestess." Sirene gives a nod. Now not just an enemy hurting those close to her, but her, and someone specific to hate, not just on someone's behalf. She gives him a smile back. "We will get through this." Her eyes have more clarity than before, but are soon drifting again. Teague didn't seem to hold a single doubt about that. He gave her a nod and returned to gather the water, beginning to prepare the tea. His head was clearer with the medicines working through his system, noticeably so. That being said, he was working with limited resources still. "Of course we will. I have made no attempt to keep the truth of the matter from the people." It was dirty, effective and at least relatively truthful. How could he ask for more? Could Falkore have made this any easier for him? Perhaps he thought he Perhaps this was too simple. More than likely both, but one could second-guess in this game unto their deathbeds. It was time to be decisive. "There is, however, only so much I can do from here." Neraka was not Teague's city, after all.

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Oct 3 23:54:17 2015 Subject Rest. The World Does Not Wait (Part 4)

Sirene nods. "Maybe... I can join you by... the time you go... and ah... maybe have insight... by then." Small coughs throughout, but she takes a break to have a proper coughing fit. "I see many... things now, but... can't understand." Returning to her with the tea steeped, he offers her the cup with a hint of mint. He had an idea of what her throat must feel like. They both seemed somewhat froggish after all, "Give it time. Better to stop and lose the time repairing a bridge than to lose your cart in haste." Teague! You incredible hypocrite. Sirene gives him as much of a -look- as she can muster in her feverish state, then accepts the cup. She just breathes in the vapor for a bit, then takes a sip. And then a sigh. "I will rest..." Breathing it in again. Teague was being too soft on her. He let himself pour himself some tea into his own cup and set the pot on a stone by her bed. He give her a nod as he did so, "It would be a pity to have to leave you." But I will. He gave her a look that wasn't -cruel-, just truthful. At that, he drew back with the steaming cup and pulled the abaya back up over his face more tightly. "The world, as we both know, waits for no one." Sirene sighs. "I will do my best, alright?" The tea helps her throat a bit, but the hint of annoyance in her voice is making her cough again. She takes another sip of tea. Quieter again, "You're Solamnic then?" Her question caught him half turned away in a frown. She was doing that thing she did when she caught him doing the -thing- he was doing now. Lips pressed to the edge of the glass as he eyed her out of the corner of his vision. Teague gave a slow sigh out and drew the drink down, halt turning back from his near exit, "Does it matter?" Sirene smiles 'innocently' at him. "Of course it does. In exactly the same way it matters that I'm Silvanesti." He broke off and is at war with them. It makes sense. "Why did you show your face and give your name and not say that part though?" Her voice is a little croaky, but the tea is good. She sips it here and there. Teague glanced upwards and shifted his weight to his back foot, considering how to word that. He wasn't looking for a cover, but it wasn't something he often discussed. Not at all, if he could help it. "Because I'm not. I abandoned my place as a squire and ran away to a Tower when I was but a boy. That shield in there belongs to my brother. I took it from him..." Mostly on an assholish whim. He didn't consider blood any more important than hers was. The years had began to show him that there were sparks hidden beneath many skins. "And your ears mean as much to me as anyone else's. Do you see me turning away an elven hand when they see reason?" His reason, of course. -Theirs- was generally wrong. Sirene hmms. "What I meant was, it's a similar thing of leaving what you were born into. If the elves see reason and that the current way things are is wrong, then that is some turning away too. It's all..." And, too much talking at once. She coughs a bit, drinks some tea, and tries again. "It's all important. You had to have left for a -reason-, so that you were that is part of who you are now. Weren't you talking of revolution?" Why hide the more personal firey words of vengeance? Tea snorts, "One would think it would be obvious when one hears my name. People are wont to assume." He nods a bit, though, taking another drink before adding, "I am who I want to be. What I am has -nothing- to do with those people or that dead Order of pretty lies." He was cool, calm and final in his reply. Not even a hint of emotion to it. This one, he had practiced many times.

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Oct 3 23:56:41 2015 Subject Rest. The World Does Not Wait (Part 5)

Sirene gives a nod. "Understood." Let that anger grow... feel the power of the dark side... Oh, who is she kidding, he's been on the dark side far far longer than her. Another sip of the tea, finishing up the cup and a sigh. "I should rest... Unless you have something else to discuss?" She sets the cup down on her nightstand. Turning back towards the door he took that as his cue. Teague was dead on his feet but even she only got to see a fraction of how weary he really was. Clearing his throat, he pulled the door open as he bid her farewell, "I will come tomorrow." He would pull the door shut himself this time, briefly wondering where the Mountain Man Vagrant had gotten off to.

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 13:51:07 2015 Subject Cont.. More Firsts (Part 1)

This is a continuation of story 171, where Sirene and Zeke leave the Emperor Sirene walks to her room, keeping her expression blank the whole walk. She pauses at her door, and opens it with a sigh. Zeke had stormed off in front of Sirene after the confrontation with Teague, but slowed down once out of eyesight of the Emperor to finally come to a rest outside the door of Sirene's room, leaning against the wall when the priestess arrived to open it Sirene looks to Zeke, and gives him a small smile. "Hey... I... should go inside the room. Sorry I can't head out with you." She steps inside, but looks back at him. Zeke asks Do you have any alcohol in all of the supplies you have around here? Sirene mmms... "The high proof stuff that I use for cleaning wounds. I doubt it would taste very good, I don't buy it for the taste..." Zeke debates for a moment if he really needs a drink that bad, and its honestly closer than he would like to admit 'No, I'm not quite that desperate, not yet anyway..' he sits on the ground, leaning against the bed, seeming exhausted now 'You seem awfully timid all the sudden, I thought this place had livened you up. Sirene sighs. "It... Teague is -different-. I don't like it. And I got too lax, overstepped. I may be backtracking a bit too much, but I don't know how to read him anymore..." Zeke says 'I don't know, maybe its different for me, but, I wouldn't let him tell me what to do.. I guess we are in different circumstances though.' Sirene shrugs. "A bit, yes..." She stands up off the bed to slide down and sit next to Zeke on the floor. "Are you doing alright? That... you knew that person, and he talked of those gods... You going to be alright?" Zeke chuckles politely. Zeke says 'Who knows if I'll be alright, probably not I guess, long term, that was, that was certainly something I never in all my life thought I would see though. I don't know what to think of it. It certainly doesn't make anything in my life any clearer.' Sirene nods, frowning. "I... You don't need to stay here, at the temple, at all if you don't want. Not that I don't welcome you here, but you don't need to feel obligated as a guard or anything... And I just..." Sigh, ok... "I worry about you. I think Teague needs to hear those things, but I don't know what he'll do..." Zeke says 'Well, we're leaving soon, hopefully, so none of us will have to stay here much longer, thankfully. And as for Teague, well, he wont do anything to me, not yet, I don't think he's that far gone yet, but he might be getting there... Don't worry about me though, i've made my bed and plan on lying in it.' Sirene nods slowly. And then she looks down a bit. "Alright, I'll try..." She mmms, and looks to him. "Zeke, I umm... I kind of, umm..." Looking down again. "I like you... and I think I love you a bit..." Biting at her lip.

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 13:54:26 2015 Subject Cont.. More Firsts (Part 2)

Zeke blinks, that was not where he had expected this conversation to go 'That, oh boy, that is quite the revelation, shit' how does he put this 'I don't like, women, Sirene..' Sirene ahs, looking up to Zeke in surprise. And then... a nod. Closing her eyes. "A-alright, umm... I'm... sorry, sorry I said, umm... sorry I said anything there..." Rejection and she can't even be angry at him for it... Zeke slowly states 'You shouldnt be sorry, people cant help their feelings, that stuff just happens, and I don't exactly advertise that fact to people so I cant blame you for not knowing, listen, I'm sorry, doesnt change anything I've said though, i'm still willing to go with you if you want to leave here, nothing changes, its just that I cant return those feelings like you want..' Sirene nods 'I... at this point I don't fully want to be here but... I can't just run away. You were right, I can't just leave if I want to. And... there is enough of me that wants to stay with this, see it through.' Zeke mutters 'Well, suppose I'm oh for two today then, people just love the idea of war I suppose. I always thought I was a bit more convincing, but I suppose not.' he doubly wanted that drink now 'You could still leave you know, you can just run away, I guarantee you could get out of here and be long gone before anyone realizes. There are other gods out there, you know.' Sirene sighs. "I... I'm a priestess..." Switching gods is just... "I think there are members of the Holy Order in Sanction. I can reach out to them there, find more information in general." Zeke nods 'Well, I suppose I have the trip there to try and convince you there is another way. I need to get out of here though, this temple, its going to drive me mad, and I want to drink something, and not have to stoop to gut-rot you use to clean wounds. You don't mind, do you?' Sirene shakes her head. 'No, go ahead. And I'll likely be asleep by the time you get back, but if you could pick me up some, I'd appreciate it." Zeke chuckles politely, and says 'Sure thing'

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 14:11:23 2015 Subject Introductions and Preparations(Part 1)

Sirene sits on a chair in her room. A smaller room, with a bed on each side. One for her, one for Zeke, their personal items near the foot of the beds. It's smaller than Teague's room, at least, but it has a small receiving area, with a half circle of four chairs, one of which is where Sirene waits. Sirene has packed, is ready to go on a journey. Her baskets and bags full of gauze and herbs and flasks. Her gaze is idly towards the door, but vacant. Considering many things. As is usual for the dark elf, Nestos sneaks through the temple dodging those he can to avoid notice, and as usual, he manages to make it the final corridor before stepping out of the shadows so the guard at the door could see his approach. He pulls his hood down so the guards can see his face, and watches as one opens the door and sticks its head in. Nestos does not wait for the introduction to be fully made before he enters the room, with a sharp look from the guard. He makes a small bow towards the seated woman, with a smile on his face. "I received your message, priestess, I hope nothing is the matter," he says, feigning worry. He stands by the door waiting to be invited further into the room. Sirene looks to him gives him a somewhat nervous smile. She's -plenty- nervous, but trying to keep it not showing so much. "Nothing is the matter, no. I would like to ask a favor, and maybe discuss a few items. Come on in." She waves to the chairs. Nestos saunters over to one of the chairs, seemingly at home, though he has never been here. He takes a seat in the chair across from Sirene and crosses his legs. He leans back in the chair slightly and broadens his smile towards the half-elf. "I would most enjoy discussing things, and you really should not be nervous. Despite what you may hear, I am not all that bad of a guy," the dark elf banters lightly, with a wink at that end for the priestess Sirene a-ahs, and gives a nod. "I... haven't actually heard all that much about you." Bits and pieces... But... he's a Silvanesti and for all her hatred of racism, she's so very racist. But more just wary. Scared. She takes in a deep breath, and lets it out in a sigh, relaxing -slightly-. Putting her hands in her lap, Sirene smiles more politely. "Well, let's take care of the asking a favor first then. With you, you have someone who speaks with a god? Would it be alright if I spoke with him sometime? Nestos looks at the woman as if not sure what she is talking about, then nods, "Ah, yes, another half-elf even. May I ask what it is in regards to?" The dark elf studies the woman carefully as she responds to his question. Sirene nods, and straightens up, sitting tall. She is a priestess, she is doing business, and she can be -confident-, yes she can. Regardless of her own hangups, she will just stop that hiding thing she loves so much. "What god does he worship?" Nestos grins as the priestess pulls herself up and is suddenly more confident. With a nod of what could be approval, he responds, "That i am not certain. I have my thoughts on who it is, but if you do not mind, I will keep that thought to myself." He leans forward in his chair now, the smile still on his face, "I can deliver him to you if you like, but I would like to know what business you would have with him. I am not a strong believer in sending my people into traps...not to say that is your plan, he says, throwing another grin at the woman. Sirene returns his grin. "I would like to find out what god he serves. As you don't know for certain, I need to find from him. I've been told that he doesn't know for certain either." She tilts her head slightly. "Would that be alright with you?"

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 14:36:52 2015 Subject Introductions and Preparations(Part 3)

Nestos chuckles at the woman's response, seeming to approve moreso than with her change in demeanor, "That would be more than alright with me. Yes, he does not know who, and I would really like confirmation...and I am sure he would as well." The mage begins to dig through pockets, pulling out scraps of paper then making them seem to vanish, some flashing and burning up. Nestos finally pulls out a slip of paper and hands it over to the woman, "That is where he is staying, at least until we head out." Seeming satisfied with the answer he gave her, Nestos leans back in his chair once more, "Now, you wanted to discuss something as well? Sirene accepts the paper and puts it in a pouch at her side, nodding. "I don't have anything specific to discuss, but, would like to know more... more of who you are, I guess. Like I said, I have heard very little. Only saw you for a few minutes when you arrived in camp. And I can tell you about myself, and how does that sound for a start?" Nestos seems to ponders the womans words for a moment before replying, "Well, I am certainly willing to discuss myself, but if you do not mind me asking first," The dark elf leans forward in his chair slightly, clearly interested in an answer to his question. How does a half-elf from Silvanesti end up a priestess of Kinthalas?" he asks the woman in Silvanesti. Sirene so very much wants to answer his question with a question of her own. Why -he- is here as a Silvanesti... But she wants to actually learn about him, and answering questions with questions sets the tone for that. So, with a sigh, Sirene says in Silvanesti The Silvanesti culture is not kind to us halfs. That my life was considered unfortunate, but normal... I want to change that. The society that considers people like me not worthy of a chance, the society of pretty lies. "I suppose that is true," Nestos responds in Silvanesti, nodding to show his agreement, "I left myself to seek power in magic, despite my family's wishes. Thought I would be corrupted by it." The mage grins broadly at the last statement, clearly enjoying the fact that their concerns had been justified. Nestos says in Silvanesti '"So, you left because of the way my kin treated you, but how is it Kinthalas comes into play?" Sirene chuckles at his grin, but then goes back to serious with his question. Quieting slightly, she says in Silvanesti still, "I got into trouble for speaking up about the way I was treated, but I didn't leave just from that. But there were slavers. Burned our whole little village down, and I don't know if the Wildrunners even came at all, but certainly not -in time-." She sneers, then calms again. "I was captured along with the rest. And then Sargonnas spoke to me. Said I was strong. Exceptional. That if I did what I knew I had to at that point, he would give me the extra strength I needed. So, I escaped and fled. And followed him ever since." Nestos leans back in his chair, listening to the woman's story, a serious look on his face. He waits a few moments after the priestess had finished to responding in Silvanesti, "That is unfortunate. I can understand why you do not trust elves, but I hope you do not mind speaking the language. There are very few around here that will converse with me in it, if they know it at all." He then smiles at the woman again, continuing in Silvanesti "So, you speak directly to your god, unlike our friend we were talking about." Sirene gives a nod and a smile. And in Silvanesti, "I don't mind the language at all, no. I pray in it. And... it's not always direct. Those times are more rare. And almost all things are from me asking something specific. When I get unsolicited guidance, that's when it is really important to be paying attention." So often involves leading her to Teague... What -does- Sargonnas want of him... The goals align at -current- at least...

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 14:47:24 2015 Subject Introductions and Preparations(Part 3-2)

Nestos nods agreement, before responding in Silvanesti, "I imagine if a god speaks directly to you, you should listen." The dark elf folds his hands in his lap, "I think i had an interaction with the Ungod once. It was when I was tossed into Wayreth Forest after being...dismissed from the tower. He sent me a raven to guide me out of the forest." The mage puts a frown on his face, obviously recalling an unwelcome memory, but it quickly turns to a smile. "He let me roam around the forest aimlessly for a few days first, of course."' Sirene hmms and gives a nod. How much does it apply for a will of a god embodied... Probably a lot. She tilts her head, looking at Nestos. 'Why were you dismissed?' "That was some time ago, but ultimately, we had a...misunderstanding," Nestos says, then seems to consider his next statement, not sure how much to share, "In the end, it meant I was tossed out of the tower to fend for myself. I found myself in Neraka." Sirene nods. "Neraka is a good place to learn about the dark gods. At least I have... So, if I may ask, what do you do here? You seem... different from others." Nestos grins broadly at the priestess, "I procure information for a price, sometimes gold, sometimes for items i need." He then adds as if an after thought, and a chuckle, "Nothing is free, after all." Sirene grins back. "Interesting... So, that night you came to the camp, you were delivering information. What kind of price did you get there?" Nestos says in Silvanesti 'That night, I was in the camp on Tower business, delivering the message that there would be a meeting. This was before the nonsense that happened with Falkore having Teague abducted. That kind of information was duty, not business. As for the price, it depends on what information you need. That slip of paper I gave you will no doubt prove to help me with something in the future.' Nestos grins mischievously at the woman and winks, "Nothing is free." Sirene says ''Well, I hope I do not disappoint then." A grin, and then she goes back to a more serious face. So, you left Silvanost to be a mage and were kicked out of something for an understanding... How much are you involved in the dragonarmies now though? And that cause?" Nestos scratches his head as if he is not sure, before responding, "Well, I do just about the same thing that I do for coin. I suppose the difference would be I do it for...advancement rather than coin. Of course, I continue my work on the side, other people need information as well." The dark elf shrugs his shoulders. Sirene nods. 'Makes sense." Hmm... "So, information... I'm limited in what I can offer, but maybe can add more to your collection? What questions do you have? But my cost is I'd like to know about you in general, what you feel like telling me beyond what I have asked already." "Well, payment does not need to be decided upon ahead of time," Nestos says, putting his hands out to the side and shrugging, "But information about me, huh?" The dark elf looks up to the ceiling, clearly considering what he would like to share, before leveling his gaze back at the priestess, Nestos says in Silvanesti "I do not know what kind of information would be interesting to you. You obviously know enough of Silvanesti, no need to bore you with stories of our shared homeland. I tell you what though, give me a direction, and I will walk to speak." Sirene hmms... 'Unspecified future payment... I will negotiate if I feel the price is too high then.' A shrug. 'What got you interested in magic?" All casual, just two people chatting, it looks like.

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 14:59:02 2015 Subject Introductions and Preparations(Part 4)

Nestos nods his head and looks to think on the answer, "Well, I had a cousin that was a powerful mage in her time, she just...went down a dark path. Hence, the family not wanting me to have anything to do with it. It turns out there was something to their worry." The mage grins again, clearly not worried about sharing the information. Sirene hehs, and gives a nod. "And you do... portal things. I heard that mentioned, and then with how you arrived in Neraka so quickly. So you are a very -powerful- mage then. Is that part of what your information and costs for?" Nestos shrugs at the mention of the portal, "I am good at what I know, I do not know I would say powerful...but yes, I can create a portal. It is harder to create one that others can travel through, and can be taxing. I do obtain information through magic, if that is what you mean. Magic can be a very persuasive tool, especially to those who do not know what they are looking for." The mage pauses for a moment before continuing, "I do not always pay for my information, sometimes others do." Teague paused outside of the priestess' rooms, lifting a hand to knock upon the door with a heavy clawed gauntlet before reaching to let himself in. He paused half in to glance between the two, closing the door behind him with his escort waiting outside. Keeping his expression neutral, he gave a slight chuckle with his words, "I was unaware you had guests, priestess." It didn't keep Teague from coming in of course. Nestos gets a nod of the head and he's ready to put them at ease if they even think of being formal preemptively behind the doors and out of sight. Sirene looks up to Teague and, staying sitting, gives him the motion of a bow. Switching to common, "Do you require my presence, Emperor?" She hmms, looking to Nestos, then Teague again. Nestos turns slightly in his chair, a knowing grin on his face, splitting his face. He responds in common, "Yes, do you need me to leave...Emperor." The dark elf uses the last word as more a friendly jab, than being used as a formality. Teague gave Nestos a brief consideration and then shakes his head, "No, stay. I would speak to you as well." He looked to Sirene then, a thin and almost stern frown pressing onto his lips. It was brief, lost to a serpentine smile as he offered her his gloved hand, "There's hardly need for formalities behind closed doors is there? The next person to call me Emperor loses their head." That joke was -very- dry if it was indeed a joke. "Last night..." Tilting his head to the side, Teague then waits to hear what he knew that she knew she was aware of. Sirene takes his hand, and looks him in the eye. She will give what she knows she should say. "...was completely unacceptable behavior on my part. It will not happen again." Not daring to glance to Nestos, not yet. Nestos does not pay much attention to the two, clearly not wanting to be involved, but he does not seemed surprised by the encounter between the two. He does not say a word as the two have their moment, letting them have it without interruption. Teague gave her a warmer smile when she spoke, nodding, "That being said, I was out of line. You should always tell me your mind." That smile twisted as the light of those rubies caught his eye and he gave her a warning look. If you do it in public again I will carve off your pretty lips. Teague lips mouthed the words and he straightened up to face Nestos without a trace of ire, "Have you heard of this Grand Master, Nestos?" Sirene stiffens, and gives a little nod. She... she understands. And he is still holding her hands, umm... She gives a glance to Nestos, but the positioning of taking the hand seems to be commanding her attention... Oh. A power display. She relaxes somewhat and angles her gaze to face up to Teague partially, but watch and pay attention to Nestos.

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 15:05:31 2015 Subject Introductions and Preparations(Part 5)

Nestos shrugs his shoulders as if he is not quite sure what the Emperor was talking about, while still ignoring the interaction between Teague and Sirene, "Do you mean the one that Ayasana has shoved in a room somewhere in this place?" He says indicating the temple around them, "I know of him, but very little specifics. Why do you ask?" The dark elf says, adjusting himself in his chair and leaning back slightly. Teague wasn't visibly aware of any power play, keeping her hand in his with an increasingly casual grip. He inspected her digits as he spoke, "Because he is -here- and back from the grave. For what purpose I am unaware..." His voice trailed thoughtfully as he looked up once more, this time at neither of them, Teague slowly states '"I am told he is here because She has use for him...A traitor twice over at least. I do not know much about him, but he seemed familiar with the Blue Highlord. More so than is usual for a 'guest' such as himself...I would like to know how they know each other if that is within your power to find."' Sirene internally sighs. And slowly turns towards Nestos, both in body and gaze, to see if she can just have her hand hanging up there in Teague's hand without the more awkward position. And she is curious too here. "Traitor -twice-...?" Nestos grins towards the man, "I think that is probably something that I can find out. Perhaps some of my people in Solamnia can find something out there, but I plan to visit the man myself. I am intrigued by his being alive again." The mage seems to ponder something for a moment, "I will see what I can find out from the man himself. As for the traitor part, from what I understand, he lead the Knights of Solamnia against...Her. I do not know a whole lot more myself, however." Teague nods drawing himself up to his full height before letting her hand slip away. He considers a moment and then decides to add, "I've heard of mages capable of siphoning power from existant magical effects. Did you ever come across something of the sort?" It's nothing but a curiosity in delivery, but it's unlike Teague to ask without a reason. Certainly he has one this time as well. Sirene wants to know more about the Grandmaster but... huh? She looks up at Teague with a question on her face. Nestos looks at the Emperor sideways, clearly curious as to what the man was asking about, "I have heard of the ability, yes. Why do you ask?" His eyes flick towards the priestess a moment before going back to the other mage, "What is it you are trying to do, if you do not mind me asking?" Teague pauses a moment, searching for words to the reason before simply smiling, "I will have to speak with you at greater lengths, of course, but one must wonder at the various applications there may be to such a thing." It wasn't just for himself, of course. There were plans taking root. "Imagine if one could find a way to maintain such a thing within a city's walls...What one could accomplish within." Plans, indeed. Teague's thoughtful expression fell to the side with his gaze a moment. There would have to be something done about that volcano too, of course... Sirene hmms... Strange... She looks back to Nestos, lost in so many thoughts. Nestos considers the man's words, seeming to piece things together. He waits a moment before standing from his chair, "Interesting considerations. I will see what I can find on both of these subjects, but I fear I must leave you two. I will let you know what I find." He then turns on his heels and takes a few steps towards the door before turning around to face the pair, "Sirene, it has been a pleasure, we will have to speak again. I will be in touch, Emperor." Nestos emphasizes the final word, and gives the man an exaggerated bow, and a final nod to the priestess. With that, he pulls the hood of his black cloak up and over his face before exiting out the door, disappearing into the darkness down the hall

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 15:13:23 2015 Subject Introductions and Preparations(Part 6)

Teague waited until Nestos had gone, a slight bow from the shoulders to the departing mage. He breathed in and turned back to Sirene once they were alone, watching her in silence. He as hard to read tonight, somewhat distant with traces of concern both sincere and not. He had to be curious of what she would say if it was left to her. Sirene gives a small bow to Nestos as he leaves. She then looks up to Teague, considering him in that same silence he watches her in. After a bit, she finally speaks up. "Nothing in public. But how much may I speak in private? I do not want to overstep." Taking a moment to let the question fully sink in, Teague glanced briefly over his shoulder to the door before returning to her, "Would you be of much worth to me if you lied?" He wasn't offended, the question was as sincere at it came. He sighed, muttering under his breath, Teague says "I realize this is requiring some adjustment, and trust me, it hasn't spared me either. Still. My council would be worthless if they couldn't speak their minds." Teague cracks a smirk as he almost quotes Akadin, "I listen even if it doesn't change my decision." Well, when Ziratell says it there tended to be more cursing, and general frustration. Sirene hmms, and gives a nod. "You are going to lose Zeke if you treat him like that. Not just what you did in front of the blue highlord. And yes, he does know the Grandmaster." It's not giving away information if it is confirming what was clearly obvious. Teague iced over just a bit at the reply. Wasn't it already clear that Zeke did not belong with them? He let out the breath he'd held in upon delivery and let it sigh out, "It -is- inevitable. I would like for it to be otherwise but you know our paths are meant to part, clash or both." He had more than simple wants involved here, have no doubt. Teague had a way of finding use in everything. If he could not, there was not enough justification to want it. He glanced upward with a roll of his eyes, "If he insists on pushing me in public, I will push back. He all but demanded it. That being said, I shouldn't have tormented him." This whole affair had been more than Teague had intended. He didn't have time to play house with them and their feelings...Which included riling them unnecessarily. "We both acted like fools, as we are wont to do..." Sirene watches him, considering... "What... did it mean, with that Grandmaster being there? I know you don't know fully but... Traitor twice, Nestos listed one, so what was the other time?" Teague was willing to switch the subject with fair ease, "This so-called Grand Master of the Solamnic Orders was one of us. He said as much himself. Now he is back. Possibly." Assuming he was willing to survive whatever was about to come to him. "How many times will he change his mind, I wonder..." Sirene frowns. "So he was a very convincing traitor... If he is back with us, forcibly or otherwise, you won't believe his words, will you?" Teague wasn't keen to, no. "That depends on what he says, and what our Queen requires of him." Believing sensible or plausible words was possible, but trust was a much more complex monster. Sirene nods slowly. "So, brought back to life... that means Chemosh, right?" Just a flicker of fear in her eyes. Teague doesn't actually know much of the story there. Yet. He is, of course, curious. "Possibly." Her fear catches his attention quickly, however. He sighs at her, almost sorry for her as he reached out to cup her cheek with the metal-clad fingers. "It is a pity you fear so very much. You could be greater than you are."

Author: Sirene Date: Sun Oct 18 15:15:44 2015 Subject Introductions and Preparations(Part 7)

Sirene looks up at him, holding his gaze for a moment, then averting her eyes as much as she can with the cupped cheek. "I... It's all very new to me. There is a lot to fear. The path I am trying to walk, if I falter... I need to just look forwards, not at the sides, but..." She bites at her lip. She has gotten herself into quite a lot and sometimes it hits her harder than other times. Teague frowned, drawing back as he gave her a slow shake of the head, "We both knew that everything would change. Was that not the plan? Your second-guessing will be costly to you." He knew this for a fact. "Does your God not move through you? What is there to fear? Does he not provide what you need?" Sirene frowns at him. She knows... And a sigh. "I think... I need to do something as a show of faith. Get back in touch with what I should be doing as one who speaks to a god. I've been talking in hypotheticals too much lately." Teague narrows his eyes ever so slightly, "Why are you here?" Sirene mmms... "Sargonnas has continually pushed me towards you. Given me the tools to be useful to you. I am here to be yours to command. And Hers." She gives a bow, still sitting. Teague says "Hn." He disapproved, he didn't seem -angry- at her, though, and kept it -almost- under wraps as he turned to see himself to the door, "I won't keep you from your contemplations. Good night, priestess." Teague didn't exactly give pause for a reply on his way out, disappearing from view behind a closing door. Sirene nods, sighing to the closing door, "Good night, Emperor."

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Oct 24 03:27:59 2015 Subject The blood between us binds (Part 1)

Lanfer Looks at the two rather large men that had been assigned to watch over him when he left the confines of the small office room Ayasana had posted him up in. It was fairly comical that she felt he needed to be watched, but I guess even her trust had its limits. No one really knew why he was there yet not even himself. "You lads need to give me a little space. You can see me from over there," he points to the other side of the large domed ceiling hallway in the temple he now sat in. Lanfer says "I swear that you two should have better things to do then watch a Knight with no plans to run, but what the blue lady wants the blue lady gets, right?" He chuckles at the two men as the both shrug and move to the other side of the room. In truth Lanfer had known these men in years long past and Ayasana had left them with him for that reason. Sirene had left her room to wander about the temple a bit. The talks with Zeke and Zhell and just... a walk is good right now. Entering the hallway, she sees Lanfer. There was a curiosity... what -was- his deal, anyway? She watches him for a moment, not hiding, but not bringing attention to herself. Lanfer continues to chuckle to himself as the two men move off talking amongst themselves. How his orders still carried weight even here baffled him. Looking himself over as he sat there on the stone bench he couldnt begin to imagine how a man looking so unlike the man he had been for all those years could be taken seriously. Looking up he noticed the women the Emperor and ex knight had been with, cocking his head slightly taking her in and offering her a slight smile. Sirene gives him a slight bow and tilt of the head. "Hello there. How are you faring?"What is he... Lanfer stands and offers the girl a slight bow. "As good as can be expected I guess given the fact I can't move six feet without my two lovely assistants at my heels like some lovesick puppies. I suppose its to be expected given the nature of things." He chuckles and runs his hand through his black hair. "Does the night find you well? I see you have shaken free of the Emperor for the moment." Sirene hehs. "You have a lot longer leash than the other ex-solamnic here. Didn't know you were even allowed out of your room though. And, well enough. Just wandering a bit to collect my thoughts. You?" She speaks casually, but watches him closely. Clasps her hands in front of her. Lanfer nods to the girl smiling as he takes her in some more. Her features almost hauntingly familiar, She had the look of age and youth all at once. Elf blood perhaps he thinks to himself. "I think deep down the Baroness knows that I am not going to start trouble. She knows that I understand how surrounded I am and I wont give her the satisfaction of getting to be the one to slide a blade in me." He stops and thinks for a moment taking a step closer to the girl looking harder. Sirene takes half a step back before stopping herself. Hands falling to her sides. "Well... That's one form of motivation, I guess." If only Zeke was just a little more scared of Teague enough to behave. Lanfer chuckles again this time allowing the laugh lines to draw tight on his face. "Staying alive can be a great motivator my dear. I would like to at least make it long enough to understand why I have been returned to this blasted place and by the one I fought so hard to destroy for a good majority of time. It was not the gods of light that wanted me back. It was the Dragonarmy and their Queen." He reaches up almost unconsciously to gently grab you by your chin. Lanfer says '"You have the look of someone I once knew, though I can not place how."'

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Oct 24 03:33:27 2015 Subject The blood between us binds (Part 2)

Sirene jerks back from the gesture, taking a full step back and putting a hand on her favorite dagger. Warily watching Lanfer. "Please don't touch me." Lanfer pulls his hand back quickly almost taking a step back himself. "I am sorry Lass, that was inappropriate of me." He watches as his two overlords both drop their hands to sword hilts ready to intervene if need be so he takes a step back from her and lets his eyes drop to the dagger hilt her own hand had dropped to. He can feel the blood almost instantly drain from his face and the look of shock spread. "Wh....Where did you come by that girl?" His tone was harsher than intended. Sirene stiffens. What... She stares at him, trying to figure... Well, she'll go the playful route. "Hey, -I'm- not a prisoner. I'm allowed to have weapons." She now grips the dagger handle tight. Lanfer looking once more at the two men assigned to him he makes a brash decision and grabs the girl by her wrist with speed that almost impressed himself, forcing her to draw the dagger pulling her to near tip toe as to get a good look at the blade and hilt. "Its not a matter of can you carry it GIRL, but a matter of should you possess this specific blade. I will ask again where did it come from?" Sirene is not going to let go of that dagger, but tries to jerk free, her other hand coming up to her wrist to try to pry his hand away. "Hey! Let go, that belonged to my father!" Don't take it from her, you can't... Lanfer suddenly drops the girls wrist and holds a hand out the the men approaching now with blades out nearly stalking the pair before them. "I won't touch her again boys, go back to your perch." His voice seems hollow almost as he sits back on the stone bench never taking his eyes from hers. "Again I apologise. It has been a long time since I have seen that blade." He nearly laughs but instead tears fill the edges of his eyes. What was the Queen playing at now he wondered quietly. Sirene sheathes her dagger, her eyes not leaving the man. Won't start trouble but grabs her like that. Can she trust what he told the guards... But, curiosity now. "Where... did you see it before...?" Lanfer shakes his head still uncertain what he had just seen. Was it a game played by those here to draw him deeper down this rabbit hole? Was it the Highlord and her ever changing sense of humor seeing how far she could twist the knight. Or perhaps this was some trickery by the would be mage Emperor. Even not knowing he still had to push forward. "There was once the most beautiful elven women I knew." He pauses for a moment letting himself fully remember her. satisfied with the fact he could still see her face in his mind's eye he continues. "I was but an advisor to the Grandmaster of the Solamnic Tillove, my brother, when we went to Silvanost to talk ways to stop the Queen's army from rolling over our own positions. By the gods they were slaughtering us...." Lanfer trails off another moment before simply saying, "Maeriel Silverwater." Sirene lets go of the dagger, leaving it in the sheathe. Her guard is dropped, eyes wide, mouth hanging slightly open. He... "You... that..." Stumbling back a step, staring at the man... "You.. are... that's..." A whisper. "That's my mother..."

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Oct 24 03:38:12 2015 Subject The blood between us binds (Part 3)

Lanfer let his jaw work up and down but he can not seem to get a word out. He stands suddenly and takes a few steps away from the girl looking up to the ceiling of the room calling out loud nearly crazed, "WHAT GAME ARE YOU AT TAKHISIS!!! IS THIS THE STRING YOU TIE TO ME???" He regains some sense of composure and turns back to her. "I spent two long years stationed in that bloody elf infested place. An outsider at best even though I was there to advise and help them not lose their lands." Looking the girl deep in her eyes Lanfer struggles to make sense of it all. "Maeriel, was the only thing that kept me sane in those days. Those people needed our help but would not allow a lesser race to aid them. She made it seem as though I had been brought there for a reason that went way beyond the fools and their wars. It was her that showed me there was a way in this world that did not require bloodshed" Sirene startles at the yelling, but watches Lanfer. Mesmerized. This... this man... He is the father... that she never knew... She'd imagined meeting him so many times, that he would come back, come make everything better. "Why... did you leave?" Lanfer stops suddenly going nearly still, his breath almost halting. He had never known there was a reason to stay or go back. She had never told him about what they had created. "The Grandmaster recalled me to Solanthus when the Elves would not take our help, and I was never told that you were..... created." He stops for a moment and thinks, "Perhaps she knew you would have been enough to make me defy those orders and perhaps stand on charges of treason." Sirene stares. That's... Oh, mother... you -were- once such a shining light, weren't you... And all she can do is give a little nod. "But... then what is this twice traitor thing now... prisoner here, were with the Dragonarmy before that..." Suddenly the room goes black, a black so thick that not even the brightest rays from the torches along the wall can penetrate it. You can hear the guards assigned to Lanfer begin to shout in panic as they draw their weapons clinking them against the stone of the wall. As quickly as it went black the light returns and Lanfer is gone. Sirene jumps back in surprise. Where, what... no, don't just... give her this and take it away like that... please... She sinks to her knees, staring at the spot he was at.

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Jan 4 12:26:58 2016 Subject An Evening Chat (Part 1)

Lanfer stands in the doorway of the Inn he had taken as an outpost for him and the small contingent of blue wing members he trusted enough to accompany him in the dealings the Emperor had sent him on. So far they had followed many leads, only a few had lead to mages while all the others the death of the mis-informant. He stood there wondering if this fools errand had been just way to keep him occupied while the Emperor went about other things. Things he did not wish him - and by extension Ayasana - to know about. That wasn't a matter worth thinking about though. As it were a messenger had come asking permission for Sirene to visit. The only thing that concerned Lanfer was the fact he had not spoken to her since the day in the square Sirene is escorted by her own two guards and then some of Lanfer's, one of them going ahead to announce her. Once in sight of him, she will give him a bow, then rise and approach. Lanfer speaks quietly with the two blue wing guards that approach, eyeing one of Sirenes own personal guards more intently then the Lady herself. When the conversation is over they return and one motions for Sirene to enter the Inn Lanfer has disappeared into. Lanfer hears as the Red guard begins to protest whatever the other blue guard had said to him, but finds a seat at one of the many empty tables and awaits her entrance. Sirene glances back to the guards for a moment, then steps after Lanfer, taking a seat across from him. "Good evening. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me." Lanfer waves away the pleasantries idly as he pours some grog from a larger pitcher into a smaller. "You haven't asked since that day, you could have come whenever without the formalities." He eyes her, somewhere between sternly and perhaps hurt. Sirene frowns slightly. "You have a job to do, and so do I. I waited for us to have free time that coincided. How has it gone so far?" Lanfer watches from through the window as the two red guards who have accompanied Sirene seem to argue with the group of blue soldiers who now stand around them. "It has gone well. Those who have brought false information have dispatched, while those leads that have proven useful have rooted out one small sect and a free lance finger wiggler" Lanfer does his best to mask a smile as he returns his gaze to the girl, "And how have you been since we last met?" Sirene had considered long and hard about how to break the news right. But she is throwing all that away and just smiling. "Pregnant. Now, what did you have said to my guards?" She's not far enough along to be showing yet. But has thrown up plenty... Lanfer nods past Sirene to one of his men in the doorway. The message relayed outside and the unsheathing of swords can be heard as the two men who had come with Sirene are overtaken and finished quickly. "I had heard rumor that they had failed you. I just did not know how yet. By who?" Lanfer turns a almost inquisitively peaceful gaze back to the girl. Sirene sighs. "The ones who had failed me were -replaced-... It is becoming really hard to find people willing to guard me who are of any caliber. Please don't off my next ones without asking me..." Lanfer chuckles to himself shaking his head. He looks up to the ceiling and mumbles something, the Queen's name being the only word to make any sense. "By whom are you with child? The boy who asks for guidance, or the Solamnic? Or perhaps one of the men I just put to the sword?" Sirene sighs. She really needs to meet more people, doesn't she... Glancing about a moment, she then looks back to Lanfer. "Zhellik, but for appearances for the Empire, all parties have agreed that we are saying it is Zeke." No, Lanfer didn't get a vote.

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Jan 4 12:32:24 2016 Subject An Evening Chat (Part 2)

Lanfer nods as he rises slowly taking his mug and walking to the window overlooking the street. "And what good does it do the "Empire" either way girl? What does a baby born from a half breed elf matter one single bit to them?" He motions out the window, out to the town of Sanction and maybe even beyond to all army held lands. Lanfer turns and looks Sirene over once more. "And what does it matter to any of them if it is a member of their army or one being forced to be a member? If you have been convinced one is better than the other, the man who helped you to the conclusion is as crazy as I had thought he might be." He finishes the mug and returns to the table to refill it. Sirene sighs. There... She is silent a moment, frowning at the table. "There are... a -lot- of reasons. This decision was not made lightly." And she's not sure she's willing to tell you all the reasons. Frowning a bit more, she changes the topic. A tangent, really, as it -is- related. The unspoken tension. Sirene says "Mother -used to- be kind, a shining light. But by the time I left, I was an affliction, a reminder of her mistakes, some -burden- she couldn't escape." Lanfer shakes his head and utters a low raspy growl, "Do not change the subject to her.....You do not get to speak her name any more freely than I do. We share the blame if she is dead." Turning from her he swallows back what perhaps was about to be tears. "You know who gave the orders for you to be on that stage right?" Sirene frowns right up at him. "If she's -not- dead, I'll kill her myself. And does it matter? What needed to happen happened." Sirene still has a flicker of that anger in her eyes from that night. Lanfer lets his hand drop to his sword hilt as a rather interesting thought drifts through his mind. Letting it go he ignores her statement. "I have often wondered if you have my sense of things or if perhaps you are being lead by your reigns by a creature who holds more power then you realize." He shakes his head again muttering something to the Queen. "I know we will never have a relationship. The Emperor has made sure to drive that wedge deep quickly. '"I only hope you know that I did not want any of this. I did not wish to be a bystander in your life." He turns back to her drinking from his mug as he sits back across from her. "I have told your baby's father I would take him on. For the Queen's sake I have even allowed myself to entertain the idea the Zeke could be of use. You do not see with the mind of a leader yet. You are still too busy following."' Sirene 's expression changes. Softening. Her tone humbled somewhat. "I... I know. None of us intended any of this. And I am trying, but really am seeing as a follower. I... have you been told that I will be heading back to Neraka when the Blue Highlord returns there? To be taught more. I... know I am needing improvement there. Maybe... I will be able to live up to my potential. Grasp that." Lanfer chuckles, perhaps more to himself than anyone else. "If Ayasana is willing to teach you, there is perhaps no one better to learn from. I taught her in a time when my mind was so far less full with other things. So much less tormented by the decisions I have made and the lives I have wasted on nothing. She is what I once was. A machine for the Queen. A dedicated servant with the ability to use both halves of her brain in tandem." Lanfer looks Sirene in the eyes making sure to draw her gaze fully before speaking his next words. "What ever comes from your womb will always be family, they will always find protection and love under my gaze as long as I breath on this wretched world. That may mean nothing to you Sirene, but blood is something you can never escape. It is all we have in this world when we are done being useful as pawns by those above us."

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Jan 4 12:40:20 2016 Subject An Evening Chat (Part 3)

Sirene frowns slightly, looking down. "I... I'm still not sure of all of that. It's why it's hard to really... know what to make of you. My chosen family has been more of what family is supposed to be. It's not your fault, you didn't know. But it is just... I don't know about bonds of blood. It's... hard..." Lanfer nods at her not letting her eyes fall from his. "It was that bond of blood that made me leave this very city and head to Solamnia. It was that blood that allowed me to see a different way of life and perhaps it was that blood that brought me back once more to the Queen. One day you will learn that what I am telling you now is truth. And it is a truth told by someone who wants nothing from you." Lanfer says '"Nothing more then to see you flourish in this world. I have no plan for you. No errands for you to run, or information for you to get. I simply am here with the hops I get to watch you live out what years I am given in some semblance of happiness Sirene. To me you are no chess piece, you are my family, and the only one left." Sirene hmms, and gives a nod. "I... will try to believe that. Learn that. It just... Please understand that it is a very foreign concept for me." Lanfer again nods not letting his eyes lose hers. "I can tell you do not by the way you speak of her. Do you have any idea what would have happened to her if she didn't play the game there? Do you think either of you would have survived? Perhaps death at the hands of elves would have been better than life in the midst of feeling your mother did not care?" Sirene mmms... and gives a nod. "I know. My..." She looks up more to hold his gaze as he holds hers. "I said that sometime I'd say what I want vengeance -for-. It's... the culture. That what happened to me was normal, acceptable, by people who call themselves good. I don't want others to grow up like that, lower than dirt from birth." Lanfer lets his eyes fall from hers to the table as he sets his mug down. "Then how can you say you would run her through yourself. There was no escape for her, nowhere to run. Her life and everyone she knew was there. Had she left there was no certainty either of you would have survived. So she stayed and gave you a chance to live." Lanfer looks back up his blue eyes now nearly flickering fire. "And if you do not think that killed her soul every day, if you think your judgement of her inadequacy is correct then you are far more lost than I could even begin to say. I knew your mother when she took the chance on a Solamnic knight, A human, Sirene. She knew nothing but love. And that is why she stayed and allowed you to live." Sirene drops her eyes fairly quickly with the words. Stares at the table, grief cracking through her mask until she is crying. Why does Lanfer do this to her? She's not supposed to be crying and this is the second time she's done so around him and just... tears flowing, she looks up to him. Almost pleading, Sirene says "Please... please stop... I had to leave her, I only barely got away myself. It's... I want to hate her, have chosen to leave her. I wasn't... I wasn't strong enough, even with a god directly helping me..."

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Jan 4 12:41:58 2016 Subject An Evening Chat (Part 4)

Lanfer slams his fist down on the table firmly. "I never believed you would just leave her Sirene. I knew it was your way of coping. She did things the same way" He almost chuckled in the moment thinking about how stubborn she really had been. "You know what family means. You know what they sacrifice. Send me your baby's father. I will take him and train him as my personal guard. Send me Zeke and I will bless whatever he has to say." Lanfer reaches across the table and gently rests his index finger under her chin raising her eyes to meet his once more. "No matter what we see in the times that come. No matter who lives and who dies, Sirene, I am here."

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Jan 4 12:44:36 2016 Subject An Evening Chat (Part 4)

Lanfer slams his fist down on the table firmly. "I never believed you would just leave her Sirene. I knew it was your way of coping. She did things the same way" He almost chuckled in the moment thinking about how stubborn she really had been. "You know what family means. You know what they sacrifice. Send me your baby's father. I will take him and train him as my personal guard. Send me Zeke and I will bless whatever he has to say." Lanfer reaches across the table and gently rests his index finger under her chin raising her eyes to meet his once more. "No matter what we see in the times that come. No matter who lives and who dies, Sirene, I am here." Sirene has pregnancy hormones and you are giving her -feelings- that would make her cry even without that... Her tears are flowing freely and it's all she can do to nod, lip quivering. Please don't make her talk, it might come out as blubbering and will embarrass her forever. Lanfer nods knowing what her look means and stands walking to the door talking with the man outside for a moment before returning. "My men will take you home. Please tell the Emperor I am sorry for the loss of his men. When you are ready return with Zeke and I will have that conversation." Lanfer helps Sirene to her feet and hugs her gently before letting her go. "And I will send for Zhellik to finish our conversation." Sirene nodnods, hugging back a bit, and then wiping her tears as she goes. Another nod, lips pursed to keep from blubbering, and then a hint of a thankful smile, before she departs.

Author: Sirene Date: Fri Mar 11 00:08:10 2016 Subject Where to go from here (Part 1)

Nestos moves around the room methodically, collecting things he would need and placing them on the simple desk in the middle of the room. There are already several spellbooks, as well as components on the desk as he places a collection of clothing on top. He gathers up a number of potions, taking his time to not destroy any of the vials. He then reaches over to an ancient book lying open on the desk and carefully closing it, revealing the cover to be made from the skin of the sentient races of Krynn. Nestos places it in the satchel at his side and closes the pack. Finally, he pats himself down, making sure that he has all of his usual wands and dagger and components. Finally, he reaches up and caresses the jet black chunk of obsidian set in silver hanging from his neck. As he does, it seems that dozens of whipers emanate from it, many of them hushed screams. Sirene walks up to Nestos's door, no guards around to announce or stop her. She has taken to wearing looser clothing, a baby bump just starting to show. She still wears her favorite robe as usual, the black robe with a red lining inside. Reaching the door, Sirene gives two firm knocks. "Nestos?" Nestos looks up from his preparations and gives the priestess a broad smile. "Sirene, please come in. I was just preparing for my journey," he states in Silvanesti, "What brings you to my door?" Once finished with his greeting, he goes about his preparations, checking everything on the desk. He then walks over to where his charred vallenwood staff, with the silver sigils rests against a now bare bookshelf. Sirene gives a small smile and a little bow, before continuing in Silvanesti, "I... with the meeting, shakeup of things... I'm determining where I should be for going forwards, and I was wondering if I could discuss it a bit with you." Nestos nods and smiles to the half-elf, "Certainly," he says, pointing to the chair in front of the now cluttered desk. He then proceeds to stand infront of the chair behind the desk. He waves the staff over the desk and speaks a word of magic, and all that was on the desk is gone in a blink of the eye. He then takes a seat in the chair and smiles again, "I am more than happy to listen." Sirene has seen magic, has been around magic, and can even do some non-moon magic. This does not stop magic from really cool, nor does it stop her from showing a hint of awe as Nestos does his packing there. She then smiles for Nestos again. "I... well... I now find myself needing to make a new place for myself. My exact where I am in the Dragon Army has always been kind of fluid, undefined." Sirene starts pacing a bit. It's comfortable for thinking. Looking to Nestos again, this time with more of a worried frown, "Being a cleric of Sargonnas in the midst of Her army is... well, I definitely want a better foothold. And of course he's not -telling- me where to go. That would be too easy." She gives a slight chuckle. Nestos nods along as Sirene speaks before responding, "I can understand the sentiment, but I think that you do belong in the midst of the Dragon Queen's army." He nods again, staring into his clasped hands for a moment, "But I would also say that it is a dangerous place as well. Have you considered leaving the city?" Sirene gives a nod. "I have, actually. That... is part of the reason I came to you." She holds her gaze right at Nestos, no longer pacing. "May I prove myself useful to you and accompany you to Icereach?"

Author: Sirene Date: Fri Mar 11 00:10:51 2016 Subject Where to go from here (Part 2)

Nestos grins at the priestess, almost as if he had known the question was coming. "I would enjoy the company, and if it is useful that you are looking for, I can absolutely use you. There is certainly a task that would help me a great deal, if you would like to make the trip to Icereach with me." The dark elf leans back in his chair and fishes into the pockets of his red robe covered in black sigils, and pulls out his pipe and loads it with green leaves from a leather pouch. "However, if you do come with me, you will no doubt witness...horrors that cannot be unseen. Does it still interest you?" Nestos then adds, before she can respond, "I will however do all I can to ensure that you...or your child is not used in some foul scheme by Her or Her armies." Sirene has seen some horrors that she would rather not, enough to know that there are plenty more in the world that could be far worse. And so Nestos's question -does- give her pause. She considers, almost visibly mulling it over... but that last line there, that assurance, helps. She gives Nestos a firm nod. "I would like to come with you. I -will- come with you." Nestos gives Sirene a sickly sweet smile, "Good. I welcome the company, and the power you will bring. Now, how long will you need before you are ready to depart?" He takes a few puffs from the pipe, holding the smoke in his lungs for a moment before letting it out in a cloud. "I expect you will at the least want to speak with your father. I can understand that and can give you some time, but days at the most." Sirene nods, then mentally tallies. "To pack up my supplies should not take too much longer. I have already started gathering them up. And I will send messengers to locate my father, try to meet with him. Thank you for giving some time, and if I can't arrange to meet with him within a couple days then I agree, it would make sense to depart anyway." She gives a smile and a hint of a bow. Nestos rises from his seat, and taps out the pipe on the edge of the desk, crushing the embers under his boot after they hit the floor. "Good. I head for Neraka tonight to get together the White Watch there and make sure everything is in order." The mage then draws a slip of paper from a pouch and a pencil from his satchel. He scribbles something on the piece of paper, then takes a moment to make intricate folds in the paper. Nestos then reaches over to Sirene the delicately folded paper between his fingers. "There is a warehouse off of Ash Street with a sign that says 'Harold's Outfitters'. It looks like it is closed down, but it is not. When you are ready, go around the back and knock on the door. Ask for Gorthnak, and give him this. He will make sure you get to Neraka in a timely manner. Do NOT open it yourself. Do you understand?" Sirene averts her eyes slightly as Nestos writes, and then takes it with another hint of a bow. She of course is intensely curious about the note, but that is not a curiosity that she will indulge. She nods, tucking the note in her pouch that contains her gauze. "I understand. I will prepare and come promptly. Thank you." She now gives a proper bow, then takes her leave.

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Mar 28 20:33:52 2016 Subject A Word Before We Part (Part 1)

Flanked by guards, Lanfer made the walk through the streets of Sanction towards the home Teague had set up for Sirene. Thoughts rolled around his head causing him to pay little attention to the goings on around him. It seemed the Emperor had vanished in the wake of Ayasana's move on the city. He had begun to remove his wing from the city but upon entering the square near the gate had found out of this disappearance and had taken it as a sign that he did not need to leave quite yet. His men were stationed in the district he had set up for them and things had gone back to semi normal. Arriving at the residence he waved his men to post up at the gates Lanfer walked the rest of the way alone, knocking as he came to the door. Sirene has -a- guard outside, but as things are shaking up all around, there is need for more vigilance in general, so the second of the guards is simply staying inside with the priestess. Less privacy, more security. The guard outside gives Lanfer a bow, and since Sirene told him to be expecting this one, Lanfer is allowed in. Sirene is currently taking a break, items around in nice, organized piles. And she is on the couch, sitting up straighter as Lanfer enters, giving him a pleasant smile. Lanfer nods to the girl offering her a smile in return. He takes in the state of things inside the home and shake his head slightly letting a soft sigh pass his lips. "It seems you are making plans to be the next one to leave this city...." He trails off noticing the difference in the girl's belly since they had last seen one another. Sirene gives a nod. "I am, but I did want to talk to you before I left. Have a seat." She is calm and just a bit tired sounding. Lanfer unbuttons the top button of his high necked blue coat and crosses the room adjusting his sword belt as he takes a seat on a wooden chair across from the couch. "Strange times we find ourselves in. I dare say this was not an outcome of the Baroness's arrival that I ever saw coming. Any word from Teague?" Sirene shakes her head. "None at all..." She hmms, staring off a bit. "Zeke is gone as well." And who knows -what- Zhell is up to. He's not -here- at least. "I put a lot of thought into... what to do next, where to go. Came to a decision, but still want your input on it. What do you think of Nestos?" Another 'finger-wiggler'. Lanfer leans back in his chair letting his head fall back looking up to the ceiling. The fact all these men were gone at the same time raised more than just suspicion for the long time commander. The question of Nestos was also a strange one to him as it was well known that Lanfer did not care for mages of any sort. He gestures to the items around, "I take it from that question that you mean to join him in Ice Reach?" Sirene watches him, patiently, and gives a nod. "Yes. After consideration, I asked him if I could join him there, as the priest he was going to bring is doing other things." She is not going to worry about that guy, she wants to worry but it's not worth it... Ok, a -touch- of worry touches her eyes. "And yes, he'll happily take me. I know it won't be easy." Lanfer cocks his head to the side and lets the worry of this thought pass across his face. "Have you done your study on the place that you will be going? Do you think it wise to bring a child into the world in that barren wasteland?" He stops for a second considering if he should continue. Deciding he should push forwards, Lanfer continues, "The white wing is weak, and just forming. The Emperors disappearance has cast many eyes on what it was he was doing before he left and there are many who seem to think no good will come of any of this. The people he surrounded himself with are also in the eye of this Storm. Do you know the weight of all that, Sirene?"

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Mar 28 20:38:57 2016 Subject A Word Before We Part (Part 2)

Sirene's smile shrinks a bit, and she gives a small nod. "Because I was the Emperor's ward and the Emperor has disappeared, every single thing I do will be under more scrutiny. It's always been kind of unspoken that I stay extra in line, as serving Sargonnas through serving The Queen's empire is already very unstable footing. There is no -safe- place in all of this, nor would I want to be in it." Sirene says "Right now is my choice as opposed to being guided to somewhere. And I still feel that I should stay with the dragon army. Just not here." Lanfer nods to her feeling almost silly he had thought the weight of this may be lost on her. There was his blood running through her after all, and even if she didn't want to admit it she had his cunning. "I just worry about not being able to keep my eyes on you during whatever comes next. Even if you do not see it my men are always with you. I can not do that in Ice Reach." Lanfer continues quickly, "There will be a lot of changes in the coming time. The wings are moving to meet as the Queen has called for them to gather. There will be many people of power in the city in a short time. There is now a gap in leadership within the Red wing as well as the missing figurehead at the top. I myself am unsure of where I move next, so your worry and confusion is well echoed on my end as well." Sirene chuckles. "I know you worry about me. But I -am- a grown woman, you know. And you had mentioned once that I did a good job allying myself with" What does she call him anymore... "Highlord Vaughn. I was not aiming for a specific position there, earned it through circumstance. I think I have that with Nestos now, circumstance allowing opportunity." Sirene then hmms a bit, looking Lanfer over. "For you though... I see you keep aiming high, acting higher than you are... I'd like to see you -reach- that..." She gives him a mischievous grin. "Of course I get no say there. Let's just both try not to get -killed- and impress the other next time we can meet again?" Lanfer chuckles and lets the same mischievous grin pass his lips as a spark alights in his eye. "My options are three. I either stay with the Blue wing and move when they move, Move to unify the Red wing or I stay here as an interim manager to the armies until a more fitting Emperor can be placed. There is war on the horizon. I have never known the wings called together for anything but." Looking once more to Sirene's belly, Lanfer lets out a usually unheard softer side. "I will miss the chance to be there when this child comes into this world. I had such hopes to be one of the first faces he see's. To know I had a chance to be a part of his life. To let him know his Grandfather and to teach him things about his blood only I could teach. If you go I will be sad beyond belief." Sirene gives a nod, hmming again over the options. "Lanfer, you were -brought back to life-. Don't assume greatness but... why would She go through such effort to bring a leader back and have him simply follow?" And with the other comments, she just gives a long sigh. "And maybe you will still be able to see him. Of all the places in this army, I still think being with Nestos in Ice Reach is the safest for me and the baby." Sirene then gives one of her serious looks to Lanfer. She doesn't give them to -him- often. "Make this world one that I would want my child to live in. If the war is going to pick up the pace, then you go and help us -win- this war."

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Mar 28 20:49:56 2016 Subject A Word Before We Part (Part 3)

Lanfer seems almost stunned for a moment by the thought she has just raised. He knew that he was here for some purpose, but had not considered this as being part of Her master plan. "Perhaps you are right, my child. Perhaps I should move to unify some portion of this Army to better serve the end goals." Lanfer scrubs a hand through his hair and sighs, "I never expected to be at the precipice of another role such as this. I never thought that I would have to lead men to war again, but perhaps that is what must be done. Your road to Ice Reach wont be without perils, but I do agree it is safer than along side me in whatever comes. The war there will be less bloody than on any other front." Sirene gives a smile, a nod of approval. "It will still be difficult and bloody, just not the kind where we need the whole red wing or anything. Smaller. And believe me, I will shine so bright and you won't be able to help being proud of me." There's that spark of mischief again. "Try to not kill everyone with leadership potential for acting up, ok? Or at least make sure you get the right people" It's just a thing that happens in red. It'll happen regardless. Lanfer lets out a hearty laugh at the small jab. "As long as they do their job no more red wing members will die by my hand." Lanfer looks over his shoulder to the guard stationed inside Sirenes home and flashes him a devilish smile. Turning his attention back to Sirene he can't help but know the other part of her thought was also true. Lanfer says "I will need someone keeping tabs on the bloody mage that is being sent to Lead the White wing. I know you trusted Teague, but the fact with all magic is that magic consumes the person harboring it. It makes them do things a normal man would not because it demands more from its host. Do not get yourself into situations you can not get out of, because you will be asked to play a great role in coming times. You have the mind of a great leader and once you allow yourself to see it others will too, Sirene." Sirene frowns a bit, brow creasing with thought. "Since I'm leaving and we never really talked about it much before... What do you even think of me being a priestess of Sargonnas? Not any of the good gods, not The Queen... That demands a lot from the host too, don't you think?" Lanfer gives a thoughtful nod to her and leans forward in his chair placing his elbows on his knees. "I have never been one to care one way or another about the deity someone follows. The gods one follows do not make that person who they are. The gods are all fickle and selfish no matter which one you choose to observe." Lanfer says "As long as you do not cross the Queen in your dealings with Sargonnas you should align just fine within the white army. You draw your power from where you must and you also keep reaching forward. Make your new station one that means something. Make your presence known, but be safe. If you can manage that you are well on your way to becoming something far greater than anyone could have imagined." Sirene chuckles a bit. And Sargonnas if you are listening, you know it's true, it's hardly blasphemy. She gives a small nod. "He was the first one to tell me that I was great, you know... Lifted me up, granted strength where it was needed to help me grow even stronger..." There is a fondness in her voice there. She follows for more than power and revenge, though those are still definitely major things. Lanfer says "And one day he will see you through to that greatness. Perhaps if we can solidify things under one banner and you make an impression we could even see our first Empress in quite some time." Lanfer chuckles a moment as the weight of that thought hit him. "The fates know that we could use a woman's mind leading these ruffians at times."

Author: Sirene Date: Mon Mar 28 20:55:20 2016 Subject A Word Before We Part (Part 4)

Sirene laughs. "Like She would have someone who serves Her Consort first, Her second in a position like that and have it be anything but a figurehead, a doll. Showing off. Wonder if those Two want that kind of alliance..." Because we are -not- getting involved in the relationships of gods. Not touching that at all. We can still wonder though. Sirene gives a little smile. "But it would be worth being a doll to see those high-elves have to bow to me. That would be beautiful." Lanfer says "The heathen raised to Empress, yes that would be quite the story to be told. I would enjoy watching them scrape to you when we take their homeland from them and turn it into a desolate wasteland. I would enjoy salting their fields and letting the men at their women. It would serve them right for what they did to you and your mother." Lanfer stands suddenly, re buttoning his coat. "I must leave you now however. There are things to attend to if a change back to the Red army is to happen. Men to speak with, members of my own wing to turn towards this new cause. And of course a Baroness to speak with to inform of this change and the men I am absconding with to another wing. When we meet again I expect to hear all about this adventure you have in front of you, as well as meeting my grandchild." Those last words tasted sweet as they came off his lips and that soft smile once more the soft smile shone through. Sirene 's smile widens, imagining... And then a slight frown. "Well, don't destroy the -land-. Those who claim superiority have better land for growing things and think that makes them blessed or whatever. But still, if there is a bigger empire we will need more food." Sirene then gives a nod to the rest of it. "And I expect to hear of your conquests, your victories. Meet me with lots of stories to tell the child." And now a soft smile. Sirene stands up, stepping to Lanfer to give him a hug. Lanfer gently wraps his arms around the expecting mother but embraces her firmly kissing her forehead as he does. "Do not hesitate to send word if you need anything. I will make sure you get what ever it is you need. Be safe my daughter and do yourself, this army and me proud." With that said he lets her go and turns for the door, doing his best to not let the tears in his eyes loose before exiting the house.

Author: Sirene Date: Sat Apr 30 21:10:40 2016 Subject On the road again

Sirene looks around her house one last time, a sense of longing touching her features. This place was -always- too good to be true, the short time she was able to stay here. A house? A stable place, a place she can always come home to? There's a war going on, and she only had the house for that short time because of being -part- of it. Throwing on the last of her packs, Sirene's longing turns to a small smile. As if she'd truly be happy with a safe home. No, not when there's so much injustice in the world, wrongs to avenge. It's time to be on the road again. -------- One guard escorts Sirene to the indicated warehouse, 'Harold's Outfitters'. It does indeed look closed down, but she goes around to the back and knocks on the door. The answer at the door asks her and her escort their business, and she dutifully asks to speak with Gorthnak. Shortly after, the ogre comes to the door, looking Sirene and her escort over. The ogre then looks to Sirene with a gruff "Whadda ya want?" Sirene had been doing a good job hiding her nervousness before, but subtlety is not her strong suit and she wrings her hands as Gorthnak looks her over. She pulls out the folded paper from Nestos and hands it to Gorthnak, then goes back to wringing her hands, head slightly bowed. Opening up the note and reading it, the ogre's demeanor changes, and he even returns Sirene's slight bow. "Ah, Lady Sirene, come on inside." As she does so, Gorthnak thanks her escort, handing him a sum of money and sending him on his way. With the escort sent away, Gorthnak becomes the escort, politely helping Sirene with her bags. The priestess is confused at first, but grateful, and the two head through the warehouse to a door that looks to lead to an office. Sirene gets her bags back as the ogre speaks a word of magic and previously unseen runes on the door glow. The door is then opened, and with a polite bidding farewell, Sirene heads through to enter the office.

Author: Sirene Date: Fri May 13 06:50:44 2016 Subject Briefing in Neraka (Part 1)

Sirene stands in the office, carrying packs and bags of supplies. While she had an idea that she would be transported, there is still some surprise and wonder in her eyes and she looks to Nestos. And the person with him and... -manners-. Sirene gives a polite bow, rising up again and just... watching. Watching Nestos for cues. The female already in the room, dressed in black leathers looks the priestess up and down. Nestos watches the interaction between the two before saying, "Eliza, this is Sirene, she will coming with us as well. Gather your sisters, and meet us tomorrow at noon." Eliza snorts then lightly picks up the amulet around Sirene's neck then lets it fall. "Its a pleasure," she says to the the priestess, then to Nestos she states flatly, "We will be there." With that, she makes no ceremony of her quick departure. Once she is out of the office, Nestos indicates the chair in front of the desk for you to rest. "Please, take a seat and set down your bags. You have traveled far." Sirene stiffens up as the amulet is touched, watching the woman carefully. But as she leaves and Nestos bids her sit, she relaxes and does so, leaving her bags near the seat. Both hands now playing with her amulet, she looks to Nestos, smiling softly and asking in Silvanesti, "Should I not bow to people?" Nestos smiles at the woman, "There is no realy need to, everyone knows who is in charge, no need to force a sign of respect. You either have it or you do not." The dark elf pulls a small leather patch from his robes and put a small amount of green leaves into an intricately carved pipe. He then lights it by placing his thumb over the bowl then lifting it. He takes a few puffs, letting the flames consume the leaves. "As for Eliza, you will get used to her. She lacks manners, but makes up for with her, and her sister's ability to kill." Sirene nods, relaxing a bit more. "I probably will still do it sometimes out of habit, but not -needing- to is nice, ok." She grins to Nestos. "And so I take it that she is somewhat similar to Zhellik in that regard?" While relaxed, she is still keeping ahold of her amulet, thumb circling over it. Nestos shrugs, then nods to the priestess, "I suppose, but we have a different agreement than Zhellik and I did...and she has much different motives." The dark elf takes several large puffs of from his pipe before continuing, "She and I have a very complicated relationship, but she does get things done. So, were you able to see your father before you left?" Sirene nods. "He was being a bit too sentimental with things, and it's touching, but kind of in the way. He did finally agree that I would be safer with you even if you're a finger-wiggler." She gives a sigh with a hint of a chuckle and a shake of her head. "Anyway, I believe he is going to talk with the Blue Highlord about the current state of the Red wing and we'll see what happens from there." "I figured he may jump to the red wing once the Emperor disappeared, and I cannot say he would be a bad fit," Nestos says as if it were something that was so obvious. He then takes out a small piece of paper and scribbles something on it with the pen on the desk. He then call to a man outside who promptly responds to the call. Nestos hands it over with an order it be delivered as quick as he can to a tailor. Nestos then turns his attention back to Sirene, "So, on to business, I have a ritual I will need to perform once we get to Icereach. I will need your assistance in it. Can you create a wall of fire to encircle a large area?" Sirene ponders that. In the past few months she has been learning what she can do, and she can do walls of fire, yes. Encircling areas, yes. Large, it depends... "How large? I can reliably create a room-sized circle fairly easily but bigger than that and I'll need to take extra care to be in the right mindset for it. But I suppose I'll have that warning to get into the mindset?"

Author: Sirene Date: Fri May 13 06:53:07 2016 Subject Briefing in Neraka (Part 2)

Nestos frowns slightly, "That would not be nearly big enough. I was hoping for at the least a quarter mile in diameter. I am sure you will be able to do it at the time, but I want you to set your mind to task on it right. Dig up whatever hate you need. Tomorrow we will travel to Icereach, to a place called the Burning Ice. I will give you more detail when we get there, of course. Then we will march on Icewall Castle, and if all goes right, take it in a night." Sirene takes a sharp breath in at that, then lets it out slowly. A quarter mile... But of -course- she can, what would be the point if she couldn't? Giving a slightly bitter smile and almost muttering, she speaks in Silvanesti, "If that Eliza woman touches my amulet again, you'll easily have your wall..." Nestos chuckles at the thought of those two coming to blows, "I am sure we will have to find another way, and trust me, you do not want to cross that woman. She holds grudges." The dark elf takes a few more puffs from his pipe, blowing the almost sweet smelling smoke from his nostrils. "Now, we will not be marching until tomorrow, will you be needing accomodations or do you have a place to stay in the city?" Sirene gives a chuckle back. "Yeah, that short encounter made her seem that way. I'll behave." She gives a grin. "And don't worry, there are rooms at the temple, and a night there should be more than enough to prepare for assisting in a ritual." "Good," Nestos says with a curt nod. He then proceeds to tap out the ash from his pipe on the side of the desk. "I suggest you get some sleep tonight. The next week will be grueling. Take only what you need for the night and I will make sure that your bags are brought to our departure point." He then pulls out another small piece of paper and jots something down with the pen, "This is where you will need to meet us. We leave at noon. We will leave without you if you are not on time." Nestos then slides the note across the desk to Sirene. Sirene gives a nod, taking the note and looking at it briefly before tucking it in to a pouch on her belt. And she doesn't need the stuff on her belt per se, but it's easier to bring than leave, and has enough that she needs. Beyond that, she stands and selects one of the smaller bags from what she brought, slinging it over her shoulder. With another nod to Nestos, she offers him a "Thank you. I will be there."

Author: Sirene Date: Fri Jul 15 18:51:40 2016 Subject Continuing Series of Arrangements (Part 1)

Sirene has finished shooing off the midwives after her daily check-up. Shes doing just -fine-. The babys fine. And if Nestos wants to talk to her, he can talk to her himself.. And now she works on caring for a burn of hers. Sargonnas made it quite clear that what happened in the ritual was not alright, and she agrees. But the burn is nothing for the midwives to worry over, she can dress that herself. As she applies some salve, she traces her fingers over the shape, her holy symbol burned into her skin. Sirene finishes dressing the wound, then gets dressed in her regular priestess robes. Not getting her winter clothes on yet, the tent is plenty warm. And with Nestos sent for, she waits on her cot. It does not take long for Nestos to arrive, almost as if he were expecting the summons. His voice is heard outside the tent commanding someone to wait outside. He then ducks into the tent, and as he pulls down the hood of his snow white cloak, it is evident that the nights rest did nothing heal the toll the ritual took on him. He is much more pale then when they came to the reach, and his skin looks stretched over his skin. His eyes are slightly sunken, and overall it looks like he has half joined the world of the undead. The dark elf still gives the priestess a warm smile, "It is good to hear you and the babe are doing well. How are you feeling in general?" Sirene returns a smile, though not as warm. She crosses her ankles and speaks in Silvanesti. "I am feeling quite well, actually. Last night I had some lack of focus, but I feel much better on that front. Also! I wanted to thank you for the generous gift of that coat, it was very kind of you." She stands, heading to her luggage where the cloak is placed. "I am no longer in need of it, so would like to return it. Let it be of use to someone else in our small group." The elfs smile turns a wry grin as he accepts the cloak back and tucks it into his satchel, then responds in Silvanesti, "I will do so, and I am glad you resolved your lack of focus." He looks back up to the priestess, the warmth now gone, replaced by a look of business. "I do regret having to go about the ritual the way I did. It was nothing personal, but if I had told you, or any cleric for that matter, you would not have gone through with it." Sirene sits back down on the cot, crossing her ankles again. "Well yes, but you know the reason for that. Do you make it a habit of angering the gods?" She looks him over, her eyes flaring with the anger they both knew was there for just a moment, before she calmly asks, "So, we march on the castle now, yes?" She is still a tool for you to use for now. Point her at the target. "You mistake my intentions. I do not make it a point to anger the gods, but I also do not fear their wrath. And it is for that reason, most clerics would not agree, they fear their patron," Nestos says with a shrug, and in a nonchalant tone. "It is an understandable feeling, but an unnecessary one. Kinthalas has invested in you, and would not just throw you away because you used your power for what you want. If he did, he is more foolish than I would expect." The dark elf tucks his hands in the pockets of his robes, and takes a seat on a trunk, "Despite what you may think, I did not bring you along to trick you into helping me with the ritual. You have power in your own right, Sargonnas or no. I do not collect disposable agents." He leans back and stretches, his hands still in his pockets. "And yes, we will be moving out today to begin our march on Icewall castle."

Author: Sirene Date: Fri Jul 15 19:00:14 2016 Subject Continuing Series of Arrangements (Part 2)

Sirene listens. Still trying to figure out what kind of person would pull a stunt like that. And his words are logical, as always. But what kind of logic would justify it? And "It was what I wanted, up to a certain point. I want to help take Icewall Castle, I want to march -with- you. I do not want to be used and then cut out of the deal. What happens when we get to the castle, will I still be part of things, or do I become disposable once that part is done?" The dark elf gives Sirene a broad grin, almost predatory, "You are the only one that can make you disposable. As long as you are willing to work with me, you will always find a place here. You do not have an end date as far as I am concerned." He nods and then adds, "And I will not have you go against Kinthalas again, unless he moves against me." Sirene understands this very quickly. And perhaps should be fearful? But why would she be that? She is -very- willing to work with the dark elf here. She even gives him a half bow in acknowledgement, along with a warm smile. "I believe that this arrangement will work well for what I wish to accomplish. I will help you here so long as I am needed and useful. Do understand that I hope to return to Sanction at -some- point, but that is far off." She considers, placing her hands in her lap. "I am still a representative of Kinthalas here amidst the Queen's empire. And, with your permission, I would like to show that a bit more. If that is alright, I won't be needing my winter gear, just my robes and armor." Nestos smiles, and the familiarity is back in it, "I am glad to hear that this arrangement works. Life is nothing if not just a series of arrangements. As for Sanction, when Icewall is taken and white wing is set up, I will be making frequent trips to both Sanction and Neraka, you are welcome to join." The dark elf pulls his hands from his pockets and sets them in his lap as he leans forward on the trunk, "And you are certainly welcome to show off who it is that grants you power. That is all the gods truly want anyway. I would just hope that you use your power for yourself, not just for him." Sirene gives a firm nod. "You know what I use this power for. Other goals are secondary to that, and it just so happens to align with what He wants. So long as we are setting up the White Wing to be strong, my purposes are served here." She switches to speaking common. "Anyway, thank you for this talk. Im sure you have other items to attend to before we head out, as do I." "I just hope you realize goals other than that of others, including Kinthalas. I know you would like some vengeance for what was done to you in Silvanesti. I make sure that those that work with me loyally get what they want, and I help help you achieve that goal," Nestos says with a smile as he stands. He makes a flipping motion with his hand and a charred vallenwood staff appears in his grasp. "I do have some work to get done before we leave, but I would like to post a wight as a guard for you. Do you have a problem with that? And would you like someone to help you get things in order to travel?" Sirene shakes her head. "No problem there. And while I should be able to manage, if anyone is faster at packing their own things, I wouldnt object to the help." This is her life at current. She'll make the most of it. "Very well. I will send someone over to help you out, most are ready to go as it is, and I will post a wight outside with orders to follow your own," Nestos says as he turns to depart, leaning on his staff, "We will leave within two hours." With that, he ducks through the tent flaps and orders someone on the other side to follow him. Sirene gives him a final bow as he leaves, then goes about continuing her preparations. She does not have too much left to do, and only takes it easy for the babys sake.

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