The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a thread-bare book bound in cloth to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Dartanos' scribed in glowing white ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Dartanos's book..

Author: Dartanos Date: Sat May 23 16:01:36 2015 Subject Unfathomable Attraction to Power

Dartanos was born to an outcast's life. His father, disgraced by fallin in love with a human female, was ridiculed and tormented by his peers, and by extension, so was his half blooded son. Growing up, he has no friends, no one to talk to, mercilessly and ruthlessly excluded from everything on account of his human blood, considered by his fellow elves to be little more than an animal. His only solace, his only respite from the torment was in books, and on many days, one could find Dart, as his mother called him, curled up in a hiding spot with a book open in front of him. Upon reaching maturity, much faster than those around him had, he grew fed up with his lot, and kissing his mother and hugging his father goodbye, Dart left his home, determined to make something of himself in the world. Traveling from Qualinosti, Dartanos roamed across the countryside, often finding himself in librarys along the way. It was in one such remote library that Dart saw for the first time, one of the feared Wizards.story+ A middle aged woman, with scarlet robes, prominent cheek bones, and brilliantly lit eyes, she seemed lit from within by fire, a fire Dart found himself longing to have, a fire of confidence in one's self and abilities, a fire of not being at other's mercy. Drawn to the wizardess by a compulsion he couldn't understand, dart layed down his book and walked over to her, his movement catching her attention as he got close, and looking into her eyes, drawn into the wise and ageless quality in them, he brazenly asked her to teach him magic, to teach him to be like her. Laughing at dart, the wizardess demanded to know why she should. Dart's reply...I don't want to be at the mercy of the storm, but instead ride above it like a hawk on the wing. Satisfied with his answer, the woman reached out a hand, grasped dart's shoulder, whispered some words, and they both disappeared from the library and from the world. For one hundred years, all mention or record of one Dartanos Starleaf vanished from the continent, and no one except Dart could say where those years were spent. Indeed, nothing was heard from him until one winter evening, one hundred and one years later, Dartanos appeared on the steps of the Tower of High Sorcery in wayreath, clad in brilliant scarlet robes, a minuture red moon circling around his head, bathing his cowled features in a bloodlike aura, and knocked on the doors of the tower. I have come to take my test. he declared to the doors, and as they opened, he disappeared inside them, the darkness within swallowing him up.

Author: Dartanos Date: Sun Jun 7 15:23:51 2015 Subject A chance meeting, an uncertain future (part 1)

Teague hadn't perused these libraries in some time, and probably wouldn't again for just as long once he had gone again. It was never long, a visit from the masked man, and hardly ever occurred without fair reason. To be honest, he was on the prowl for anyone he might be able to shove towards the others in the form of an apprentice But it was never easy as picky as he was. Dartanos hear's quiet footsteps and looks up from the scroll he was studying. Glancing up, he sees a strange black robe in front of him, bearing steel about his robe. His eyes never leaving the masked man, he calmly rolls up his scroll before standing and bowing. Hello Master Magus. Anything i can help you find? I'm in here quite often, studying as much as i can. All knowledge is valuble' Teague had his attention briefly drift here and there, but it did manage to find pause upon Dartanos as he browsed books and possibilities. "Are you? How long have they had you grinding books up here?" The question is almost bored. Dartanos is briefly insulted at the magi's non-chalance, his ice blue eyes narrowing in anger, but he quickly manages to shrug it off. The powerful will have there fault's. Long enough to know that I will only ever know a small portion of what there is to know. It's what i do with what i know that matters. And who you know, of course. i don't believe i have the priviledge of knowing you, Sir....? i notice by your spurs, you're also a knight. Unprecedented, i believe. Teague has to ask, since he brought it up. "And what exactly do you plan on doing with it? Memorizing the locations of books...?" He pauses at the mention of the knighthood and lets out something of a scoff behind his mask, "Ah...No, I'm no knight. I'm just off a long ride." They were a knight's spurs...Just not his own. I'm memorizing something, but it's not locations. dartanos says, his eyes gleam in amusement, refusing to rise to the bait of this strange, powerful mage. He holds a respect for him, but doesn't fear him. I don't yet know what i'm going to do yet, i havent decided. I prefer to let the wind blow before i decide which way to angle my sails. I am open to suggestions however, if you deign to share any that is. Teague smirks behind the leather encasing his face, "Waiting on the wind? Tcht." He IS baiting the other, standing just a slight bit closer than is polite and demanding such familiar conversation without so much as offering his name. People showed their truer colors when they were pushed, either to annoyance or fear...Or beyond. I hardly know you. How would I know what you want? The better question is, perhaps, what do you -want-..? Teague does tend to enjoy that question. It's a wonder he hadn't popped it first, though this was relatively early in the conversation. The reaction is awaited with a casual patience that could seem mismatched with his exterior, considering him through the shadows of his hood. Have you even faced your Test yet? I would imagine you had best be deciding what that may be...Doubt is a powerful enemy in there and uncertainty is its blade... Dartanos grins to himself and whispers to himself, almost too soft to hear it. Power, respect, fear. Shifting slightly, he raises his cowled head and stares into the eyes of the mage before him. You're name would be a good start. After that, well I want to learn, and be a force in the world. Small things may bring small changes, but big things bring history. Dartanos says with conviction There is no doubt. Doubting leads to death, and that is not a place in my plans., smirking to himself, confident in his own abilities. Lust for power, respect, and control are his sins, and yet his lust is the very thing that drives him, that gives him his greatest focus and power. '"Power and control...Greatness and history-making? You sound rather bound for great things. But why is that important anyways? History is for the dead and those yet to be born."

Author: Dartanos Date: Sun Jun 7 15:29:57 2015 Subject A chance meeting, an uncertain future (part 2)

Dartanos stares at the mage for a second, his eyes growing opaque as he considers. Focusing again, he raises his hand and offers it to the magus. I am Dartanos StarLeaf, magus obviously, and sometimes mercenary. speaking softly, he says Its not that history itself is important. Its creating history, setting the worlds path, having the power and control to dictate other's lives. That is truly what matters. I seek to sail above the seas, not swim within, oblivious to the wider world around it as fish are.' Dartanos pauses, then almost as an afterthought, states History is written by the winners after all. Teague lifts a hand thinly wrapped in fine black leather, his grip firm and not entirely that of a scholar. "Call me Vaughn." The answer brings a bit of pause to him for a moment as he withdraws as quickly as he was to take the hand, "So it isn't power alone that you want, then. You want the freedom to maintain and direct it? A difficult task among all this dust and ink...Who is your Master?"' Dartanos lowers his hand, a silver flashing from his wrist as he does so. He felt those calluses, and knows their meaning. He had a few of his own. Magic does not always solve everything. Slowly, considering each word, he replies Right now, i would say magic is my master. I have yet to take the test, as you know, but i have also yet to be apprenticed. I don't plan on staying among all this 'dust and ink', as you put it, forever. I would have to say whoever posses the keys i need would gain my loyalty, for a time at least. Few live as long as a half-elf, except an elf. Teague holds a curious moment of consideration in the slow nod he gives, "I see...I would offer you my hand in that, from the conversation alone...But I don't know if you could keep up. Or if you have the stomach for it..." He does wonder, to be honest.Teague is not interested in wasting energy on what may still yet be only an attempt at producing a capable and living apprentice. "What would you say to that?" Dartanos narrows his eyes, his pride warring with his reason. "I would remind you of your earlier words, and say you don't know me. You have no idea what i am capable of or what i would....i mean can, do to attain my goals. He steps forward slightly, sensing a change within the mage, and whispers to him "One does not survive being a halfbreed by being weak, or soft. Dartanos steps forward slightly, sensing a change within the mage, and whispers to him "One does not survive being a halfbreed by being weak, or soft. He steps back, and offers his hand again. "It's your choice, but with or without your help, i will have my freedom. Teague can't help but smile, a wry gesture known only to him unless the other can catch it briefly in his eyes. "Don't remind me of what I've said when I have yet to contradict them with assumptions. I am asking, after all. My, but we're full of fire, aren't we?" Teague is just being catty now, in his own incredibly dry manner. Either he likes this one, or he's trying to goad him into a fight. Considering where they are...Well, Tea does tend to follow their rules MOST of the time while on the home ground. "I didn't presume you weak. But how far are you willing to go to get it, this freedom and power?" Dartanos catches the glimmer in the mage's eyes and relaxes slightly, his hand resting on his pouches, but not in a threatening manner. Grinning suddenly, he replies with a smirk "Well i won't kill my own mother if that's what you want, but anything else i think i can handle. Provided there's still a planet to stand on when we're done. Teague lets the mirth escape him as smoothly as it arrived, studying this half-blood with a slow roll of the shoulders. The ride had him sore but these walls had him restless. The latter, in his opinion, was far worse.

Author: Dartanos Date: Sun Jun 7 15:38:45 2015 Subject A chance meeting, an uncertain future (part 3)

Either this man didn't have a clue what he was saying, or he was a potential rival. Teague couldn't rule out even possibly an enemy in time. But that was the way of things, yes? "I intend to test that metal to the fullest extent. If you choose to let me. Take time to consider it if you wish, but I will not be staying long. I have business to attend. As for the world...We'll see how it goes. I'm far from a fortune teller." Dartanos replies to the goad with one of his own, "I didn't remind you of anything, i merely told you how i would answer your question. It must be the human side of me that give me my fire. grinning, he softens the harsh words by saying as well " I would say you have a fire as well, albeit hooded from veiw. As i said, with or without your help, i will have my freedom. I would also say i don't forget my friends. I need no time, I know my choice. Teague is intrigued. That almost never goes well. You should run, Dartanos. Run far and hard. He shifts, a questioning posture taking him as he gestures. Might as well go on and say it. "Let us hope not." "Friends" don't like to be forgotten. Dartanos smiles grimly, the warning in Vaugn's voice being heard. "I should think not. Well, one does say to keep your friends close. When do we leave, Master Vaugn?" And one's enemies closer, he thinks to himself. This one could be of great help, but tread carefully, he must. One wrong slip, and he'd have himself a powerful enemy. Sighing softly under his breath, he bow's to his master. Teague looks back to the many shelves stocked high with tomes as a few silent mages move among them, turning away entirely as he heads for the stairwell. "Rest up. I intend to get a look at this new Highmaster and be on my way. See to it that a suitable horse is arranged and waiting for you on my tab." Teague was tired and his patience with the scholars ran thin just by proximity. This place...It held some interesting memories. With any luck he would be gone before any of them had a chance to haunt him. Dartanos stared as his new master headed for the stairwell. Yes sir he whispered, and setting his shoulders, he took one last glance around the room, glad to be rid of the dust and ink. Heading to his room, he began packing the important items, leaving his junk here at the tower. Something told him he wouldn't be back for awhile, if at all..Dartanos was ready, no matter what the future held. On his own tab. ************************************************************** Teague and I rpd a meeting in the Library of the Tower of Wayreath. Above is the meeting, edited and revised.

Author: Dartanos Date: Sat Jun 20 18:30:24 2015 Subject Wandering Draconians, Spell hidden mind, unfortunate failure.

Rising from his desk, Dartanos rolled up the scroll he had written to master Vaughn, and with a word melted the wax seal and pressed his ring into it. Muttering a few more words, he magically sealed it to open to his master's hand alone. He called for his elemental, and then sighing, he glanced down at the perfect ruby on his desk, a hard stone to find, for it had no flaws and was the size of a fist, and was needed on such short notice. Should he survive this, his coffers would be sorely depleted, but that was a problem for another day. Todays problem was the reports he had gotten of bands of draconians wandering the countryside, and people disappearing, not even their corpses being seen again. Something smelled of foul magic, and Dartanos felt it necessary to investigate. Walking over to the inscribed circle in his study, he placed the ruby in the dead center of the circle, opened a dusty old tome he 'borrowed' from the conclave library. Not that anyone would miss it, he was certain of this. Flipping to the pages he needed, he started mutter the spell to prepare the ruby as a house of sorts. He felt his pet enter, but didnt glance up, needing all his attention for the spell he was casting. Wisely, his pet waited outside the circle quietly, secure in the knowledge that his master would instruct him when he was ready to. Red light coalesced within the circle, hiding the mage and his gem from sight, until, with a final phrase shouted, the light flared, and then was sucked into the ruby. Weakened from his casting, Dartanos stood for a moment to catch his breath, and then bent down and picked up his newly enchanted ruby, motioning his pet over as he did so. Walking over to his desk, he grabbed the sealed scroll and gave it to his pet. This is a letter for my master, explaining where I go and why. Should the worse happen, and I fail in my mission, you are to follow me, or my killer, to where ever they roost, and then take this to my master. Can you handle this? The elemental nodded, and with a wave of his hand, Dartanos dismissed him. I will need you in the morning, until then, begone. Thinking over his plan in his head, he absently played with the ruby in his hand. Should he fail to kill or capture these draconians, this ruby would, when the final words were spoken, seperate his mind from his body and keep it safe. It wouldnt prevent his death, but it would prevent him revealing secrets should he be captured, and while he was no fistandantilus, it would also allow him to posses anothers body, should it be placed in their mouth. His knowledge, his legacy, would live on somehow. Sighing again, he tucked the ruby into one of his numerous pouches and pulled out a velvet bound spellbook, opeing it to review his spells once more. The following morning, Dartanos and his elemental embarked on the wings of a spell, alighting in the last known location of the draconians. Upon arrival, he set up his camp and proceeded to open yet another dusty tome from the conclave library. Using the spells within, he summoned and charmed to his will an army of familiars and soldiers. Around dusk, finishing his work and rising from where he sat, he noticed a wagon travelling towards him, raising a cloud of dust as it traveled. While odd, it was too late for most to be out and travelling, he wasnt particularly worried. Hand stealing into his component pouches, he walked out into the middle of the road to await the wagon. Maybe they would have information for him. As they drew closer however, he noticed the strange humps and bulges in the clothes of those who drove the wagon. With a spell, his vision focused more clearly on them, and he noticed with excitement that it was his prey, coming to him. How fortuitious he thought to himself. Reveiwing the spells he had left, he pulled out an amber rod, and with words sent a lightning bolt careening into the wagon. Attack he commanded his army,

Author: Dartanos Date: Sat Jun 20 18:37:05 2015 Subject Wandering Draconians, Spell hidden mind, unfortunate failure (2)

And they rushed towards the draconians coming out of the wagon, fighting them with steel as he sent spell after spell towards them. Balls of fire, bolts of lightning, cones of frost, all rushed towards the wagon and the sivaks boldly fighting off most of the lowely soldiers. Was it any surprise that he failed to notice the draconian lurking in the trees behind him until it dropped down and struck. Luckily, his shield stopped the sword before it could hurt him, but Dartanos was impressed. They allowed him to waste his most potent spells of carnage on a distraction while they circled him. He had one spell left, aside from his mind sanctuary spell, and that one wouldnt cause any damage. He had lost this battle, and worst of all, failed what he had set out to accomplish, to capture a draconian and find out its plan. and have them take him to their base. Such a choice was not a choice at all. He had come this far, he might as well see it through.With a shout, he cast his last spell, and light flooded the field, blinding all those around him temporarily. It wouldnt give him much time, but hopefully it was enough. He summoned his elemental to his side, and said It is time. You know what to do, and do not be seen. Pulling the ruby out of a pouch, he uttered the words 'Parbilakar Kulit Tidur Dalam Kendala Mata' and felt the spell take affect. His elemetal swiftly scooped up the ruby as it fell from Dartanos's now inert body, and disappeared from sight, hiding among the etheral planes, watching as the draconians that still lived trussed up his master, stripped and gagged him, and threw him, their wounded, and their dead inside the wagon before moving on.

Author: Dartanos Date: Sat Jun 20 18:50:13 2015 Subject Master

Dear Master Vaugn. If you're reading this, then i failed to capture the draconians that have been wandering around the countryside, killing people and doing god only knows what to their corpses. Don't be too worried, i have a continguecy plan in place, having foreseen that such an occurance might happen. My elemental holds in his possession a brilliant ruby that has been enchanted to become a receptacle for my mind. While this may seem strange, should i be captured this will cause all torture to my body to be unsuccessful, as my mind shall no longer house my body. I found this spell, among others, in the books of the library, and i'm using it as a last resort. My pet will follow me, or my killers, should this be necessary, and should be able to lead you to their base, where you hopefully will choose to rescue my body or avenge my death. I'm doing this to try and find out exactly why draconians are stealing corpses, and what their plan is. Be warned, do not put this ruby into anyone's mouth. The way of the spell, my mind will return to whatever body the ruby touches when saliva hits it. I may not be Fistandantilus, but should i be killed, this will allow me to possess another's body, so long as they are humanoid. Ideally, i hope you will place this ruby into MY mouth, after you rescue my body, but as i am leaving my fate in my faith in you, it is your choice. Follow my pet, and he shall take you to where you need to be. And again, i apologize should i miss our appointment master, and i hope i am not deemed too much of a failure in your eyes, but i have a suspicion that these draconians are up to vile magic and world domination. I mean, draconians kill, but collect corpses? Your apprentice in life and death, May the gods of magic smile upon you. Dartanos StarLeaf

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