The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a leather bound tome to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Deacon' scribed in dull maroon ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Deacon's book..

Author: Deacon Date: Thu Aug 30 23:50:38 2007 Subject Darkening of a Soul, Part 1 Sodden branches whipped Deacon's face as he ran panting through the dismal forest causing him to wince but he kept up his pace regardless knowing full well that if he stopped now he was a dead man. His only chance was to get to the cave he knew lay ahead but in the driving maelstrom he wasn't sure how far he had to go . From behind he heard a loud snarl followed by a terrible ripping sound and a howl of pain which slowly failed to a gurgling death cry. He sped past the blasted stump of a long dead oak and it was another second before his exhausted brain registered the landmark. He tried to skid to a halt but too late and ran headlong into the cliff face which rose suddenly out of the rain in front of him. He managed to throw his arms up and slammed into the rock, rebounding from it backwards to lay sprawled and stunned for a moment in the mud. Precious seconds passed as Deacon lay there senseless he quickly shook his head and rose unsteadily to his feet. Looking about wildly he realised where he was and looked up to see the small ledge some twenty feet up. Without waiting to look for his persuers he ran at the cliff and jumped, planting one foot on a bulge of rock and using that to spring upwards. Stretching his tall frame fully he barely managed to get a solid hold and hauled himself upwards quickly towards the ledge and safety. Suddenly he heard a roar from below and as he finaly grabbed the lip of the ledge he knew at least one of his enemies had seen him. Claws scrabbled on rock a few feet below Deacon and in a panic he heaved himself over the edge and into the cave mouth. Tucking his shoulder down he tumbled and rolled to his feet, drawing his rapiers in one deft motion as he came to his feet. He knew he was going to die, if he was lucky he might take out one of them, but there had been too many and he feared that even Sho must have been overcome. The last he had seen his friend was when he had vanished beneath a swarm of the fell beasts which had ambushed them somehow. Sho had made them pay for a bit, and Deacon had slain two, but even they had been overcome at the last and Deacon had seen no other chaice than to flee. It had torn him to leave his comrade, the only friend he had ever known, to die horribly but to stay had meant certain death. Now it appeared it had mattered not for he was to be slain anyway. He should have stayed and died with Sho. Suddenly claws appeared at the ledge and a great head crested it. A lion's head, only large, with row upon row of razor sharp teeth mounted in a maw like a hawk dripped a smoking saliva as the beady little black eyes sighted their prey. The obscene roar let loose again and Deacon braced for it's rush. The fetid creature heaved itself onto the ledge and paused briefly before it sprang, seeming to gaze upon the tiny human before it and relish it's moment of victory with sadistic glee. Deacon lept forward with both rapiers at the lunge, their serrated dragonmetal edges gleeming with a scintillating ebony radiance which seemed to pulse excitedly as if sensing the impending bloodletting. Caught offguard by the unexpected attack the beast failed to react swiftly enough and although it slashed Deacon across the face with a clawed paw, sending him flying against rockface, it failed to stop the twin thrusts and both of the ranger's damned blades found their mark. One in each lung they quivered slightly, either from the beast's movements or of their own volition wasn't clear, and it clawed at them in a vain attempt to dislodge them. Deacon's head felt as though it was going to burst from the impact and as he slid down the rock to lay in a crumpled heap on the cave floor he saw a great white shape fly through the air to land upon his adversary's back. Then everything went black and Deacon drifted into oblivion gratefully. Author: Deacon Date: Fri Aug 31 00:32:55 2007 Subject Darkening of a Soul, Part 2 Eventually Deacon awoke and, although even the bleak grey light which filtered through the rain caused him to wince in pain, he carefuly moved his battered head and gazed about the cave. A few feet away lay the corpse of his foe, it's great beaked maw agape, the ridges of razor sharp teeth glinting evily in the dim light. Moving his head a bit more he caught sight of white fur only a foot away and as he moved to crawl towards it he almost yelled aloud as new pain made him suddenly aware that his arm was broken and possibly a leg as well. Gritting his teeth against it he pulled himself with his good arm towards the mound of white fur. Almost passing out from the pain he kep going until he reached the huge head and looked at the monstrous wolf's face. Slowly the eyes opened to gaze upon him and the huge ice blue eyes were full of agony and the knowledge that death was near. "Sho ... " whispered Deacon. He reached up and scratched the wolf around the ear and feelingsomething wet pulled his hand away and looked at it. His fingers were covered in blood, but not his own. Peering carefully at his old friend he saw at last the cause of Sho's suffering. A huge gash ran down the back of the wolf's head, deep enough to almost sever the spine and over two feet long. How it had ever managed to jump up the cliff and still be able to kill the last of the enemies was something Deacon would never know. Sho nuzzled him one last time with his nose, lay his head back down slowly, and while looking into the battered ranger's eyes his life fled his body and the wondrous blue eyes faded to grey. Deacon couldn't move. He stared into the lifeless eyes of his friend, his only friend and companion, the only creature in the world he had ever trusted or cared about. For a time he felt nothing then a wave of grief washed over him and he wept bitterly until his eyes ran dry. Then came the rage, beginning as an ember and as the memories flooded him it roared, becoming incandescent and focused like nothing he had ever felt before. Somewhere deep inside himself, at a level where he was barely aware of, part of Deacon raged against the universe and begged the gods, any god, to aid him this one time. He had never been reilgious or pious, he worshipped none and asked no god for anything, ever. He had lived his life by his own rules, made his way in the world with beholden to none. The only creature who had ever helped him now lay dead before him. Sho had saved his life more times that Deacon could count and now that small part of him offered a bargain to any god who listened. He would give his life if only they would restore Sho, let him roam free again and live a long happy span. Indeed, he would give his soul to have the great wolf at his side again. Nothing happened of course and Deacon lay his head beside his dead friend's, resting forehead to forehead, and decided that it would end here for the both of them then. Time vanished and he knew not if any had gone by at all when he became aware of something in the cave with them. It was a feeling of some sort, a dark feeling, at once vile and repulsive and yet comforting and seductive. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up and Deacon opened his eyes to peer abouth the gloom, angry that someone dared to interrupt his death. Not seeing anyone at first he decided he was just going mad as he slowly died but as he closed his eyes he caught a glimpse of a shadow at the cave mouth. Then the shadow came closer and Deacon's eyes widened in wonder and awe as a female figure clad in transparent black robes approached. He moved his good arm toward his rapier and she laughed, a sound like the music of the spheres which for some reason also sent a shiver down his spine. He let the blade alone. She nodded and, smiling, said "Very wise Deacon. Not that it would anger me really if you did strike. As powerful as those blades are they are not up to the task of harming me". Again she laughed that melodic note. Author: Deacon Date: Sat Sep 1 00:13:05 2007 Subject Darkening of a Soul, Part 3 Deacon tried to rise but failed patheticly and lay there staring at her. She had long black hair which flowed as if in a breeze, though no breeze wafted into the cave. Her eyes were darker than her hair but lit with an evil light, malicious and mischevious with the glint of a vast intellect. Through her transparent robes her very curvacious figure was easily visible and as she approached him and knelt at his side he had difficultty tearing his eyes from her body to gaze into her abyssal eyes. Reaching out she cupped his chin in her palm and lifted slightly, turning his head to either side, and gazed deeply into his eyes as if reading his soul. After a moment she nodded as if to herself, satisfied with what she had found. "Who are you ? ", Deacon asked weakly, his voice rasping from his parched throat. "What do want ? Leave us please, let me die in peace and join my friend again ... ". His voice failed him at the end of even that simple request and his head slumped to the ground again as darkness encroached upon his vision. "Oh, no you don't, not now. It cost me much to come here and I will not be denied. " she replied and touched his chest with a finger. Instantly pain seared through his body and Deacon's back arched as he screamed in agony. As intense as it was the pain vanished almost instantly, leaving him utterly exhausted but in no pain whatsoever. His body felt whole and healthy again, albeit drained of all energy. With a stronger but tired voice he asked her again, "Who are you ? ". She smiled darkly, her exotic countenace clouding slightly with malevolent mystery. "Guess. I'll give you a clue. Your request for a divine baragin a moment ago ? I heard it. I came to see if you were what I thought. It looks like you might be usefull, and you companion also. I am willing to strike that bargain with you if you still desire to have your lupine companion restored to you. " For a moment fear rose in Deacon as he realised this was no simple enchantress. He thought and, as the probable truth dawned on him, his fear was replaced by awe and his eyes widened in amazement. "No.... It cannot be.... Gods don't listen to the wishes of men... You cannot be her... " he stuttered. "Oh, we do, when it suits us, which is rarely. And yes, I can be and am 'her'. ", she replied and stood up. Raising her arms out wide she held her head high and her melodic laughter filled the cave and his mind. She began to glow with an unearthly blackness, profound and absolute yet brilliant and unending. Deacon lowered his head and bowed as best he could from where he lay, acknowledging her obvious status. "Who am I Deacon Vargas of Haligoth ? Can you speak my name ? " "Takhisis, Dark Lady, Queen of Dragonkind, Mistress of the Night. I know you now and beg your forgiveness for my rashness in doubting you at all. ", he answered. She smiled at him and nodded. "So Master Vargas, what will it be ? Death for you and your companion, eternal and unending ? Or will you strike the deal you begged for only a short time ago ? Your soul, and hence your loyalty, in exchange for that magnificent creature you call Sho being made whole and hale again to roam at your side until the end of your days ? ". Deacon didn't hesitate. "Aye, my Queen, and with enthusiasm. Sho is all I care about, the only thing in this life which means anything to me. Without him I am lost and my life is pointless. Aye, I'll strike the deal. Whatever you want, command me and it shall be so. Just grant me this boon, I beg thee. " he replied earnestly. "I like that in a man, decisive and true. Let it be so then. You shall serve me until the end, and Sho will serve thee as he always has. ". She looked then to the giant wolf and walked over to his head. Kneeling she place her hand on his forehead and whispered something in a language unknown to Deacon but which nevertheless made his spine tingle apprehensively. Author: Deacon Date: Sat Sep 1 00:46:00 2007 Subject Darkening of a Soul, Finis Deacon held his breath as Sho's eyes regained their ice blue colour and his great head turned slightly to gaze first at the Queen of Darkness who knelt beside him and then at his mortal friend. Instantly Deacon knew she had made good her word. This was his comrade, his friend without whom he knew not how to live, brought back from oblivion to walk again in the world of men. Deacon reached out and caressed the wolf's cheek. Sho nuzzled his hand and lay his head down. His eyes closed and his chest gently rose and fell in a regular rhythm. "Do not worry Deacon, your friend sleeps a natural sleep. His injuries were far worse than yours and he is exhausted beyond compare. He will sleep for at least a day or two I would think. If I were you I would get him something to eat and drink for he will be ravenous when he awakes. You may be friends but, in the end, he is still a wolf .... " she said and laughed again. She stood and looked upon the battered ranger. "The first thing I need you to do is to get healthy. Rest here until you can move again, then make your way to Tarsis. There is no hurry. The task I have in mind for you is one I have been working on for ages, quite litteraly. I don't expect it completed anytime soon, but it has been millenia since any progress was made. I am hoping you might be able to get things moving again. When you get there, look for a man called Drimian. He is a servant of mine and a powerful mage. He will fill you in on the details and give you some pointers on how to begin. You will report to him as you work but remember, you serve me not my pet mage. " Gathering every bit of energy he could summon he rose and knelt before her with head bowed respectfully. "As you wish my Queen, so shall it be. I thank you for this gift of life. I can never repay it fully, but I shall endeavour to do so nonetheless. " he answered. "Well, decisive, true and well spoken. You are indeed the kind of servant I seek and yet so rarely find. I think ours will be a fruitful relationship. Now, heal and make your way to Tarsis. There might not be any particular hurry, but time is finite - even for a god ! " she said and one final time her laughter rang through the cave. This time however as the sound faded so did she, leaving him laying in the shadows beside the gently sleeping wolf. Staggering over to Sho he lay himself down beside his friend and in seconds was fast asleep, his breathing quickly becoming the match for the wolf's, their chests rising and falling at precisely the same rate. Peacfully they slept, odd companions to be sure, but none more true could be found anywhere on Krynn. Each would die for the other without thought - and each had, only to be reborn by the darkest of oaths sworn for the purest of reasons. Their future together proved a long and dark tale, full of adventure and battle, victory and loss. That story shall also be told ... Author: Deacon Date: Mon Sep 3 14:10:21 2007 Subject A Hunt Revealed, Part 1 Looking up at the brilliant blue, cloudless sky Deacon judged it to be almost noon by the track of the sun. Looking again at the city in the distance he figured they still had another hour or so before they reached the gates. Reaching out he ruffled Sho's fur as the great wolf sat patiently beside him watching a squirrel scamper through the underbrush as Deacon watched the city for a while, trying to determine whether it was safe to bring his companion into the place. Not all cities welcomed such creatures, however well behaved they were, and Tarsis was one of the grand dames of Ansalon's cities - one which was ancient long before the Cataclysm. Traffic to and from the city seemed heavy and the ranger noticed many large war animals being led into and out of the city, great cats (he'd have to stear Sho clear of them), war dogs and even a few massive oliphants with towers perched on their backs. Before the Cataclysm had reshaped Krynn this city had been one of the largest trading centers with all the world's merchandise passing through her port. Now the port was dry, the coast now sitting some hundred miles to the south, but Tarsis was again a city of trade. Only now her stock was war and her commodity was death. Mercenaries controlled and patrolled her streets and it was they, not the merchant class, which breathed life into the old worn former capital of Kharolis. Eventually Deacon began to trek the final few miles, Sho moving at an easy pace beside him, and within the hour they arrived at the great southern gate, it's ancient stonework reaching high into the air above them. The guards querried them on their business and Deacon saw no reason to lie so he told them he sought a mage called Drimian and was informed that the mage owned a tower in the north end of town, near the main plaza, but that he would likely be at the Screaming Quasit - an inn favoured by the mages and intellectuals of Tarsis. He thanked them and entered the city, finding the streets wide and well maintained with public gardens visible and large shade trees along each side of the boulevards. The Quasit was easy enough to find and, after telling Sho to stay put out front, upon entering made his way to the bespectacled barkeep to enquire after Drimian. The old man looked him up and down disdainfully but nodded towards a table in the corner where a lone figure sat with flagon on the table and his nose burried in some huge tome. Deacon thanked the man, walked over to the table, and sat down opposite it's occupant. The book lowered slightly and brown eyes peered quizzicly at the ranger from beneath great bushy eyebrows. "Yes ? Can I help you young man ? ", he asked in a voice at once soft but with an edge of hardness to it. "Drimian the mage ? I was sent to find you and have traveled many miles to come here. Is there someplace we can talk in private ? " Deacon asked. "Yes, I am Drimian and no, I will not go anywhere with you until I know who you are, who sent you, and why. ". "Forgive me, my social skills are rusty. I don't spend much time amongst other people. I am Deacon Vargas and I was sent by our Dark Queen to find you. She said you would have information for me regarding some task she required me to undertake. " Drimian looked around quickly, then looked at Deacon again and whispered, "Do not make referance to Her in public in Tarsis. The city may be accomodating for the most part, but our Queen is poorly understood and most do not appreciate her gifts. Come, let us be off to my tower where we may speak freely. ". He closed his tome, picked up his flagon and rose from his seat. Leading the way he walked to the front door, Deacon following, and stepped outside only to stop abruptly at the sight Sho patiently waiting out front. Deacon smiled slightly at the mage's obvious surprise and stepped around him to pet his companion. Author: Deacon Date: Mon Sep 3 14:58:22 2007 Subject A Hunt Revealed, Part 2 "Don't fret about Sho Drimian, unless I order it or if I am in danger he won't attack. He's actually very friendly and loves attention. ". The mage didn't look particualarly reassured but nodded and, stepping carefuly around the wolf without taking his eyes off him, walked to the west down a wide street. The ranger and his friend followed and quickly they reached a gate set into a high wall, a squat round tower visible on the other side. The mage mumbled something and waved his hand in front of the gate, then motioned for Deacon to do the same. He did as instructed and felt a slight tingling on his palm. "The enchantment which seals this portal now recognises you. In future you may pass freely for our Queen has instructed me that you will reside here when your duties bring you to Tarsis. I generaly live alone but your company will be welcomed for I do like to talk to those who are not mages. People who are not intellectuals as such have a different perspective on things which can be refreshing. Your friend will have to stay outside the tower however in the courtyard. Don't worry for him though, it is safe with shade and a small pond from which he may drink. " Deacon nodded his understanding and the three passed into the courtyard before the tower. It was a pleasant setting with the ivy covered tower in the backround and large olive and fruit trees growing randomly about the space. Sho began to explore the yard as the two men entered the tower and once inside they made their way to a small but comfortable sitting room on the ground floor. Taking two glasses from a shelf Drimian poured them each some of the golden mead from his flagon and they sat themselves on the plush leather highbacked chairs to conduct their business. "Now we may speak openly of our affairs. ", said the mage in a relaxed tone. "The Dark Queen informed me of you imminent arrival and of the mission she wishes you to undertake. She also mentioned your friend but I must admit, I had no idea he would be so ... Big. " he said with a slight chuckle. Deacon laughed saoftly. "Yes, he does tend to surprise people. He is by far the largest wolf I have ever seen, and I have seen many in my travels. But have no fear, he is as tame as a household dog really, although when aroused he is as dangerous as a dragon. ". "I can well imagine it. Tell me, where did you find him ? Surely, he must be magical ? I mean to be so much larger, and apparently highly intelligent, is not natural to the species I am certain. " Drimian asked. "To be honest, I don't know when we first met. I remember none of my youth at all. My earliest memories start when I was maybe 15 I guess, and Sho has always been there. That was twenty years ago now maybe and Sho hasn't aged a day as far as I can tell. I guess there must be some sort of magic involved because, as you guessed, he is far more intelligent than a normal wolf, not to mention his prodigious size. " replied Deacon. Drimian pursed his lips and thought for a moment. "With your permission, and Sho's also of course, I would like to examine him. No magic, just a straightforward physical exam. I am something of a naturalist you see. If I had not pursued pure magical research I would have become a ranger such as you. As it is I try to focus my work on animals... Identifying, training, breeding, anatomy and such. I find them fascinating creatures, with pure motives and desires not confounded by greed and other more human qualities. " "Well, I have no problem with a simple examination. It is up to Sho really, but I don't think he will mind. ". Drimian clapped his hands together in satisfaction. "Excellent ! As much as I'd like to deal with Sho immediately, our duties require we attend to our Queen's affairs first. I'll start by asking you this, how is your knowledge of history ? Specificly, the origins of the races ? ", he asked. Author: Deacon Date: Mon Sep 3 15:29:09 2007 Subject A Hunt Revealed, Part 3 Now it was Deacon's turn to purse his lips as he thought for a moment. "My knowledge in that area is pretty basic I'm affraid. ", he replied. "That the Elves were the Firstborn and ... ", he began but stopped as Drimian raised his hand. Deacon raised an eyebrow and looked at the mage questioningly. "That is a common misunderstanding, intentionaly perpetuated by the Elven rulers. They know the truth but for some reason feel a certain prestige associated with the honourific 'Firstborn'. " Drimian said with a chuckle. "In truth it was not the Elves who were created first, but the Ogres. By the time the Elves awoke the Ogres already had a large, unified presence upon Krynn. ", he said. Deacon looked at him with astonishment and the mage continued, nodding to his erstwhile pupil. "It is true Deacon. Although physicly different than the Ogres we know now, it was indeed the Ogre race which our Queen created before any others walked upon Krynn. Those we see today are dull witted, savage brutes but at first they were not so. Once their race was highly intelligent and physicly gracefull, beautiful to behold and their knowledge of magic was unmatched by any save the gods themselves. To make a long story short, their empire eventualy collapsed under the weight of civil war and most of the species degenrated into the brainless brutes we know and love today. But not all Deacon. Some of the original line survived, their intellect and beauty unmarred. These were the traitors, the ones who caused the schism and strife. They in turn went into hiding for our Queen was wrathful at the havoc they had wrought amongst her children. She began to hunt them and at first was very successful in this, but then they learned how to disguise their form and began to live in secret among the other races. Eventualy the trail grew cold and as time marched on they became no more than a mythical people who we have come to call the Irda. ". Deacon took this in and blinked a few times as the truth sank home. "But the Irda are a myth Drimian. Maybe they existed at one time, but no more. None have ever been seen by men. " he said. Drimian smiled mysteriously. "You think so do you ? Please Deacon, follow me. There is something you must see. Proof that the Irda do indeed still exist. ". The mage stood and led the way toward the back of the tower and a stairwell which wrapped around and down into the structure's bowels. They descended for maybe thirty feet and stepped into a wide corridor which progressed into the distance, lit at intervals by magical smokeless torches. Doors could be seen along each wall and it was to one of these that the mage made his way. He touched the lock on the door and mumbled a word causing it to glow and then vanish. He pushed the door open and Deacon followed him into a dimly lit cell to where a figure, tall and emaciated, hung in glowing chains upon the wall. As the ranger looked at the figure his eyes widened and he caught his breath. The person was very tall, over eight feet for certain, with azure skin, white hair and indigo hued eyes which looked at them in misery. Drimian watched Deacon carefuly for his reaction but the ranger didn't notice, so startled was he by the prisoner. "The Dark Lady thought you might need proof of their existance so she had this one delivered. She's been playing with him for a few centuries I gather, trying to eek out information about his brethren, but his mind has held and he has yet to be broken. They are a tough breed. Even now to my eyes he appears to be no more than an average man, their skill at shapechange is so good, but you see something else don't you Deacon ", he querried. "You see a man ? " Deacon asked incredulously. "How can that be ? I see a creature out of myth, blue skin, white hair ... The eyes... " he said. Author: Deacon Date: Mon Sep 3 16:06:14 2007 Subject A Hunt Revealed, Finis Drimian nodded. "It is as our Queen thought then. You have some strange form of magesight it seems. Not like mine and other mages, but more than human sight for you can see through their charade and view them for what they truly are. " Deacon tore his gaze from the prisoner and looked at Drimian. "How can that be ? I am just a man like any other. How can I possibly have the ability to see them ? " he asked. The mage shrugged. "I know not but I suspect the answer lies in your past, probably something to do with your parents. You said yourself you don't recal your youth. Do you remember anything about your parents Deacon ? ". Shaking his head the ranger replied, "No, nothing. I think I found my childhood home once. Sho led me there. It was an old fallen down house in the forest outside of Haligoth. It was there I found these blades, ", he said, indicating the twin rapiers resting in their sheaths. "They were in a heavy ebony box, hidden beneath the floor. I assumed they were my father's. I can't explain how I know this, it's just a feeling I guess. ". Drimian stroked his chin thoughtfully and looked at Deacon. "A fine mystery you represent my friend. Between your past and Sho's nature I will be a very curious mage for a very long time I think. I love a good mystery I must admit. ", he said happily. "Come, let us return to the main floor. I will outline exactly what it is our Queen requires of you. I spend as little time as possible down here. I find it too damp and musty for my taste down here. " he said and began to lead the way back out. As he left the cell Deacon looked again at the Irda hanging on the wall. Just as he was about to look away the creature looked up sharply at him and caught his gaze with those deep indigo eyes, freezing Deacon in his tracks for an instant. The ranger felt something familliar in that gaze, and somewhere in the core of his being he felt recognition stir. The Irda opened his mouth slightly and whispered one word, so quietly that Deacon almost didn't hear it at all. "Thellerian ... " the Irda whispered, then Deacon was in the hall and following the mage back upstairs. Upon reseating themselves in the small study Drimian outlined what the Queen of Darkness required of Deacon. With his skills as a ranger and his unique vision his new task was to renew the age old hunt for the Irda and to slay them once found. Sho was to be his aid and protection for Takhisis had sensed the the wolf too had unusual characteristics that even Deacon knew naught of but which would be of great value. Drimian informed the ranger that information gleaned from the prisoner and other sources indicated that at least one, and maybe more, Irda lived in or near Palanthas and that city was to be his first destination. They continued to talk of the details for his trip and eventualy they went outside where Drimian gave Sho a thorough physical, measuring his paws, jaws, teeth and such while also making record of the wolf's weight and height. As night fell and the two men parted for some sleep, Deacon stayed in the courtyard with Sho, petting him absentmindedly and gazing at the two bright moons overhead. "Thellerian ... " Deacon whispered to himself. He wondered what it meant, and as he drifted off to sleep he had a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.

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