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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a leather bound tome with glowing glyphs to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Xandros' scribed in deep black ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Xandros's book..

Author: Xandros Date: Sun Nov 4 22:33:45 2012 Subject Arrival

Xandros es-Kormar was born on the island of Mithas, on the day of the great circus. During the bloodiest, most furious battle, it was decided that it was his time to enter the world. He emerged from his mother amidst screams and sprays of blood. His first breath was taken along with frenzied cheers and frothing mouths all around him. He first touched soil among myriad stomping hooves and the passionate cries of spectators and combatants alike. The entire clan had a hand in hoisting the new born high into the air proclaiming him alive, born of battle, and blessed by Sargas. During his formative years, he was tought the ways of battle, cunning, and wit, as all minotaur children are. He excelled at everything he put his hand or mind to, and managed to impress everyone around him. He made several close friends, and led them around as they grew together, causing mischief, and living through good times and bad. During this time, one of his clanmates, Nibar, grew jealous of him and plotted against him behind everyones back. Nibar found a group of travelling mercenaries looking for jobs, and gladly took the job he offered them. Only two nights later, the mercenaries managed to catch Xandros alone on the outskirts of a nearby wood. Xandros killed one of them before the other four took him down and beat him within an inch of his life. They would have killed him, but Nibar had been watching from within the treeline, and never asked for Xandros to be murdered, just tought a lesson. The mercenaries took one look at the corpse of their comrade, and as Xandros watched helplessly, they each drew daggers and began to stab his treacherous clanmate to death. Xandros' head swam from the beating, and his body was only now beginning to respond to his urgent commands to get up and lay waste to these men. But several of his bones were broken, and he had a massive headwound. Death would have taken many a lesser creature, but Xandros was strong, and refused to die in such a disgra ceful manner. He knew he could not save his clanmate, nor did he really want to. He did, however, need these men to die for what they had done. He clenched his jaw and summoned every bit of strength he had, and as he did, he heard a faint whisper. He dismissed it as a breeze in the grass at first, but it grew louder, though no more discernable. He couldn't make out any words, but he knew he heard a voice. A female voice, speaking to him. He shrugged it off once more and clenched dirt into his hands as he pushed himself up off the ground. He saw how much blood he'd lost and he swayed briefly on his feet, but he shook his head and found his composure within an instant. He threw his arms back, thrust his horned head out before him and let out an immense roar, which startled the mercenaries, who had at that point, assumed him dead and had been taking turns mutilating Nibar's corpse. They all turned as one, just in time to see Xandros's bulk of muscle, horns and teeth upon them. He impaled one with a horn and swiped at another with a massive backhand. They went down like ragdolls as the other two brandished their weapons, taking swipes at him, which he easily dodged. He waited for an opening and with uncanny quickness, reversed one of the mercenaries thrusts back and stuck him in the neck with his own knife. The man clutched at the wound as Xandros' hoofed foot slammed into his stomach, ridding him of all but one last man. The man looked around frantically, sweat beading on his brow as he began to see his doom stalking toward him with clenched fists. In a desperate attempt he threw his knife, but the hulk just dodged to one side and the thin blade sliced nothing but air. The man began to plead with Xandros, begging for his life and apologizing for everything going so wrong. Xandros heard nothing but the soft female whisper as he clenched the mans throat and crushed his windpipe. The man's eyes bulged momentarily before the battle-born minotaur's hand tightened it's grip, tugged and quickly jerked to the other side, causing his neck to pop loudly before his eyes rolled back into his head and he went limp. Xandros fell to his knees and let out another anguished roar. So much had happened so fast that he wasn't sure if he was awake, or dreaming. The frenzy began to wane as the whispering voice softened and gave way to a loud pounding in his head. The pain was starting to surface and he grit his teeth through it. His vision clouded and his mind screamed as his body gave out and everything went black. A woman came to him then, surrounded by darkness and dressed in glorious onyx armor, and he heard the whisper once more. He knew he was dreaming but it seemed like something more, the thought, however, wouldn't form and he couldn't make sense of anything. The whisper was still incoherent, but he knew someone was speaking to him, trying to tell him something, and he didn't know who this woman was. Perhaps his mind had made her up to put a face to the voice he now heard? Was this woman a manifestation of the gruesome battle that had just taken place? Nothing was certain except the darkness that began to creep in on the woman. The voice began to echo and fade as if it were receding into the distance, and as the darkness encompassed her form, so too did it encompass his mind, and he fell into oblivion once more. When he awoke, he was still lying in his own blood, right where he had passed out. He didn't know how much time had passed, but in a haze, he felt drawn into the woods. He wandered in, leaving his clan and his life behind. All he knew was there was a desperate need to put one foot in front of the other, and heed the wordless whispers in his mind. For countless days and nights, he just walked on until he passed out, only to awaken and once more resume his trek. Even when he was awake, he was only really conscious for bits and pieces of the journey. Most of the time, he wandered mindlessly, unable to pay heed to anything but the voice. He simply followed the whispering call to whatever unknown destination lay before him. Along the way, he found just enough food and water to sustain him, whether it was a day old carcass or some small game that had met it's unfortunate end right in his eventual path, and mere hours before he happened upon it. Somehow, he arrived at the gates of Palanthas. The sight of the massive city caused him to sober up a bit and he had enough sense left in his fog laden mind to tuck in his coinpurse, which was fairly full, and head for the nearest inn. He ate, managing to keep most of it down before the pounding in his head combined with the ceaseless whispers finally drove him to find his room, and sleep again. He awoke some time later, the whispers having ceased as far as he could tell, and made his way into the city proper to try to clear his mind and figure out what had driven him there so strangely.

Author: Xandros Date: Tue Nov 6 13:09:59 2012 Subject A Glimpse of Fate

After spending a few days in and out of fitful sleep, plagued with dark dreams that gnawed at his troubled mind, Xandros couldn't help but question his own sanity. He got out of the small bed that he barely remembered paying for, and paced around the small room, slowly. He stopped by the window and looked out at the city. It was beginning to dawn on him that he had simply watched his clanmate die, and despite his betrayal, he had avenged that death. Treacherous or not, Nibar was family. He grit his teeth at the memory, and vaguely recalled being filled with a rage and hate he had never known before, and he remembered how powerful it made him feel. He forced himself to remember the pain, the blood, the death. He stared out the window for a moment, before he heard a loud SNAP. He blinked and looked down at the source of the noise, and saw pieces of wood from the windowsill in his hands. He snorted and tossed them to the ground. He needed to remember what caused him to black out, and travel so far with no logical motivation to do so. He shook his head and grunted. "I must be losing my mind... The battle that night must have caused me to go berserk and my will was simply too weak to reign myself in. I need to get home to the clan and explain what happe..." The thought was unable to form before searing hot pain exploded in Xandros' head. His vision went blurry and his head swam. The whispers crept back in and he found himself lying on the floor, gripping his temples, and shaking. He tried to make them out, but just as he tried to focus on them, at the edge of his mind, they were gone. He exhaled and went limp, rolling onto his back, his arms spread wide. Uncontrollable rage coursed through his veins as he rolled over and stood up, the pain completely gone now. "WHO ARE YOU?! WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?!" He shouted, and as he did, he turned to look out the window once again, and saw a curious sight. There in the center of the broad cobblestone streets of Palanthas, walked a lady in exquisite armor, and beside her, walked a majestic blue dragon. The sight inspired much awe in Xandros. His rage ebbed, and his pain seemed to melt away. To see such a great and powerful beast travelling with a human, and a woman at that, was almost enough to make him forget everything else. His eyes were fixed on the pair as they made their way past the window. He never paid much attention to events outside his own clan, unless one of his elders told him otherwise, and he had heard a couple of rumors about dragons and humans coming together and fighting as one. But to see the two together was... It was almost indescribable. He barely noticed as the whispers crept upon him, and this time, the sound of them was different. The whispers seemed to wrap around his mind lovingly and embrace his every thought and feeling. He still could make out no words, though it sounded like someone speaking to him. It almost didn't matter as he watched the pair slowing down to speak with someone outside the inn. Something stirred in him and he shook his head, snapping out of whatever trance he was in. He quickly donned his clothing and headed downstairs and outside, though he couldn't say what drove him to do so, other than an inexplicable desire to get closer to this woman and the great dragon.

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