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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a large tome gilt in gold to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Xethan' scribed in earth-colored yellow ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Xethan's book..

Author: Xethan Date: Mon Oct 14 05:59:59 2013 Subject A Knight in the Tavern

"Hey Xethan, you coming?" , came the call as Xethan removed his helm and began the tireless ritual of removing his ancient armor. The armor given to him on his Oath Day and once worn by his namesake Lord Xethan Whitestar his grandfather. His fellow knights were off duty and heading into the town of Solanthus to find the nearest tavern and drink whatever they had on hand with their hard earned pay. Xethan preferred to spend time in prayer to Paladine which would allow him the piousness to call apoin his spirit to heal the sick and injured. Gern came up to Xethan and which is usual boyish charm said, "Xethan you and I need to find a tavern, perhaps that girl I saw you eyeing of last time will be there." I had other plans Gern, I was going to pray some and perhaps oil my sword. "Oh that can wait Xethan we have to go before the place fills up and we cant get a seat. "Oh alright Gern", said Xethan removing the under garments for his armor and slipping into a tunic and leggings. Come on my friend but this time lets not end up being chased out of the city by the watch. "I will not promise anything", came Gern's reply as the two ran out the gates of the Solamnic Keep. A while later the two tore through Solanthus and into the tavern it was a dive much like any other tavern. With a fire blazing at one end and tables arranged along a oak bar long soaked in the local brew. Gern and Xethan found a seat at one of the smaller tables and one of the tavern wenches came up. She was a pretty thing and tall with hair as black as obsidian and a slender long face, a small petit nose and eyes of wild green that seemed to invite trouble. "What will it be Sirs?" "Two frosty Ales Gywn", replied Gern tossing her a silver piece. Catching the coing Gywn sauntered of and gern elbowed Xethan in the ribs. "Ooof, leave it be Gern" said Xethan frowning but not taking his eyes of Gwyn leaving. "You know you want to court her Xethan whatever is the problem" "I am a Knight of the Solamnic Order not some Farmers bastard looking to bed the first wench he sees". "Well I might not know much but I do know she has an eye for you my friend" was all that Gern had to say. Xethan thought about it and knew he was attracted to her but he was unsure as he had not been with a woman and really was not sure what to say. Waiting for Gwyn to return Xethan could see the place was packing quickly and there were many different people in the Tavern of all types of background from lowly farhand to dockworkers to city officials and off duty guards. Gwyn returned and placed the ales in front of the pair. She smiled at Gern but turned to Xethan and grabbed his wrist and moved it aside and slid down and sat on his leg. "We Xethan what has a girl got to do to get noticed by you" You certainly make it hard for a girl said Gwyn. Smiling at him and enjoying the heat from him as his face began to turn bright red. "Uh uh, I am sorry to put you though such trouble" "Hahaha", Gern laughing out loud and enjoying his friend turn an even brighter shade of Red. "Well Xethan, I finish up in 3 hours and I expect you to walk me home" "Yes Maam", came Xethan's reply at a stammer. "I am no Maam, do I look like an old maid?", Gwyn putting her hands on her hips and turning out her legs to make sure Xethan knew her meaning. "Well no you certainly do not my dear" "Oh you", leaning over and giving a retrained peck on Xethan's cheek. "Something to tide you over til I finish", with a flick over her hips she sauntered off. "well Xethan it seems Gwyn has made the decision for you" "It does seem that way Gern", came Xethan's reply. As the two finished their ales and had another couple of rounds Xethan could not think of anything else other then Gwyn. As the hours flew past it was not long before Gwyn walked past and smiled. "Meet me out back in a few minutes while I get cleaned up" Xethan nearly jumped from the table as Gwyn walked off, Gern was still smiling as he walked a step behind. The two going out the front door and around the side of the taven into the back alley. It was dark but a torch by the backdoor to the tavern lit the street. "Gern you can head back if you like?" "It is fine, when she comes out I will go find trouble elsewhere" Just then a pair a couple of boys walked into the light it was the Oldas Twins. The pair that past as the local thugs, as Jenas Oldas was apprenticed to a local Blacksmith and Hilsat Oldas worked as a labourer. Both of them were average height and well seasoned with muscles that could inflict a lot of damage. "Not what is a couple of fancy harlots like yourself hanging out the back of the Tavern? Perhaps your looking for a John to tangle with?" said Jenas. "None of your business Jenas so how about you go tumble with Hilsat and show him the love everyone knows you have for each other", came the retort from Gern. Xethan knew this was not going to end well as Gern had a history with the pair and as Gern's friend he was their enemy by default. "Do you two mind, I am waiting for Gwyn and really can not be bothered with you." "Gwyn is mine Xethan and you pretty Solamnics best bugger off back to your toy castle before I thrash you", said Hilsat. "I will be with whoever I want to be Hilsat and that person is not you", Gwyn walking into the light as she came through the backdoor. "You will do as you're told wench", and with that Jenas threw a right fist at Xethan. Taking the blow to his cheek Xethan's head snapped back and his ears rang but this was not his first blow to the head. He threw a quick counter to Jenas' stomach. "Ooof", as Jenas' doubled over, sucking in his breath. "Yeeaaar", came the cry from Gern as he jumped Hilsat the two grappling and falling to the ground rolling around trying to get the upper hand. "You bastard son of a whore", Jenas threw another right and then a left hitting Xethan again in the same cheek and the other blow hitting his elbow. "Enough of this", Xethan threw a punch to Jenas' stomach and as he doubled over again he grabbed him by the ears and lifted his knee. CRACK was the sound of his thigh smashing Jenas in the face spraying his nose in all directions. The eyes in Jenas' head rolling back as he fell uncouncious to the ground. Xethan turned to the other two still rolling on the ground Gern was on the bottom trying to protect his face from Hilsat's punches. ----- To Be Continued -----

Author: Xethan Date: Mon Oct 14 06:04:23 2013 Subject A Knight in the Tavern

"ENOUGH!", roared Xethan which gave Hilsat pause and seeing his brother uncouncious on the ground stood up. "Get your brother and get out of here" Hilsat hoisted his brother over his shoulder. "This is not over bastard", came the reply from Hilsat as he carried his brother away. "Whatever, are you alright Gern?" "Yeah, I will live god I hate that bastard" "Be lucky he didn't have a sword or I might of been getting a box to carry you in", said Xethan. Gwyn came out the backdoor again carrying a club her employer kept behind the bar to keep the peace. Seeing the fight already over she came to Xethan and touched his cheek. "Oww! That is a bit sore Gwyn, I don't really feel much up to going for a walk now. Would you mind if we posponed til the day after next" "Not at all Xethan", came Gwyn's reply and she came him another kiss this one on his lips and left no mistake as to her intentions. She then turned and without another word went off into the night to her home. The pair walking as best they could Xethan rubbing his cheek and Gern feeling the bruises he knew he would have come morning. It took the pair much longer to walk back to the keep and as they entered instead of just the watch at the gate there was a mobilisation taking place. "Xethan there you are, we have reports of troops massing on the plains to the east and we as massing to find out if there is trouble. Your mace and shield is needed" "Yes milord I will ready at once", what ale still in his blood forgotten thoughts of a pretty woman with black hair forgotten. His training and knighthood was to be deployed and his honor and his life was required and he would do his duty.

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