The Great Library of Palanthas

Astinus' Office

Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands a massive tome lined with fake jewels to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Mariala' scribed in faded blue ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Mariala's book..

Author: Mariala Date: Thu Feb 25 13:58:25 2010 Subject Escape from boredom "Will you pay attention?" the headmaster snapped, slamming his fist on the wooden table in front of Mariala. She looked up from the doodling she was doing, her purple eyes barely acknowleding the man in front of her. "If only you teach something worth while," she said, a hint of boredom in her voice. Then man stared at her for a few minutes, then stormed to the front of the room, continuing to teach the young Silvanesti elves who still listened. Mariala returned to her doodling, only listening to what she wanted to from the droning voice. The sun was at it's zenith when the students were dismissed from the stuffy room. Mariala carried only her doodles out of the room, much to the anger and disappointment of the headmaster. "It's time to speak with her parents," he said quietly to himself. He sighed as he gathered what he could and made his way toward where Mariala lived. Mariala knew nothing of the headmaster's intentions as she wandered through the town. Elves from afar traded in the marketplace, yet she saw few of them. They were beneath her...they were not Silvanesti. Mariala settled herself on a bench in the middle of a flowered park. She withdrew her doodles, working on them as the headmaster knocked on the door to her home. He was welcomed into the building where he told Mariala's parents of the troubles in class. They were disappointed, yet not surprised and told the man that they would have a talk with their daughter. The man left with a nod. When the man was gone, Mariala's father turned to his wife. "The one who blocked her said this would happen. He said that some day it would be time to send for help from them. Perhaps this is the time," he said, a frown on his face. His wife nodded. They sent the letter that afternoon, hoping for a speedy return. Author: Mariala Date: Wed Mar 10 20:34:31 2010 Subject Shedding Light - learning unknown spells I walked from the room in the White Tower, a bit annoyed by the task set before me. Not knowing exactly what the creature was would not make my quest easy...and I could not count on the human, nor the other 'elf' to uphold their part. She grumbled as she slammed the door to the room she shared. Stomping to her sleeping area, she angrily grabbed what she thought she would need for her studies. With another slam of the door, she stomped to the nearby library. With forced smiles, she spoke politely to the librarian and was shown to a quiet, out of the way area of the library. When the librarian left, she rolled her eyes and started her research. Day passed into night, then dawn rolled around again when she shoved books from the table onto the floor. She walked quietly to the librarian's desk, politely asking for any information on the strange creature she had seen in the room. When the librarian returned and told her there was nothing, she nodded and returned to the corner, cursing in Silvanesti until she felt like she was hoarse. She quietly picked up all her things and left the library, going to a hidden area of nearby gardens. Once there, she threw her things to the ground and, with anger in her voice, she started blasting things nearby...burning bushes to cinders and blowing trees into small splinters. Once she grew tired of that she turned to the nearby rocks...throwing lightning bolts at them. She suddenly stopped her tyrade...looking toward the moon. With a laugh, she turned...almost running back to the library. She quietly went back to the corner, pulling other books from shelves, burying herself in her studies until she dropped to sleep with her head on book. She woke hours later when she fell off the chair and hit the floor. She rolled, dodging the book she was looking in as it followed her to the hardwood floor. Rubbing her shoulders and neck, she stood up, stretching to releave tense muscles. She picked up the book from the floor, starting to put it down when she stopped, quickly scanning the text the book fell open to. With a laugh, she sat down quickly and started making notes. The sun was at it's zenith when she exited the Library. Quickly, she walked to a forgotten laboratory in the base of one of the buildings. Once there, she quickly procured a staff and took it back to her rooms, closing the doors tightly as she attempted to do as High Archmage Kah'rihn had instructed...something to help with befriending the Disir mage. Author: Mariala Date: Tue Mar 16 02:16:58 2010 Subject Shedding Light - Beginning of travels (part 1) The task assigned to her by High Archmage Kah'rihn seemed easy enough. Take the staff she had infused with a spell with her and travel with a group of inferior people from the towers at Wayreth to Haven. seemed beneath her to move with them. They were, after all, NOT Silvanesti...therefore, she was their superior. How was she supposed to know how the fates would ally against her? It started innocent enough. Her task was to infuse the staff with yet more magic from points across the known world. Her basic thoughts were of disgust as she was told of the people she had to travel with...a band of hide travelers which included a dirty smelling human, a thieving kender, a hairy dwarf, a pyromaniac gnome, and a pathetic gully dwarf. It was almost too much for her, but she would have to swallow her pride and deal with the inhumanity and the insult. The trip started innocently enough. The human threatened to throw the gully dwarf into a nearby toilet. The kender was almost slaughtered by the dwarf for 'borrowing'. The gnome...well...the gnome had to be dunked in a nearby spring for trying to set himself on fire with some insane invention. It was all Mariala could do to ignore the ongoings of the inferior things as she carefully tied her pouches to the saddle of the horse she'd acquired. She mounted up, rolling her eyes as the rest of the 'group' decided to get themselves mounted up...taking valuable time from Mariala and her studies. Morning slipped slowly by, allowing Mariala time to study from one of the spellbooks that she had packed for the travels. She could not keep much of the knowledge in her mind as she seemed to continuously watch her companions, part of the time laughing to herself at their antics and part of the time shaking her head in disgust. When the decision was made to stop for a lunch break, Mariala slid to the ground and sat apart from them, eating while she read. "Oye...she's too good for us," the human man, a warrior by his boasting, commented to the dwarf. The Neidar merely nodded, looking toward the mage in the group. "True, but the halfling said for us to get her to Haven," he replied, glaring at the kender whose fingers were getting a little close to his robes. It didn't take much of a reminder to the kender when the dwarf drew his mace and held it up toward him. The kender sighed and walked off to pick on the gully dwarf who seemed to be trying to steal a leaf from a nearby tree. A loud BANG was heard from nearby and was soon followed by the gnome stumbling toward them. "IDON'TKNOWWHYITWON'TSTOPBLOWINGUPONME. IT'SALMOSTLIKEI'MCURSEDTOFAILATMYLIFEQUEST," the gnome yelled since his ears were still ringing from the explosion. As much as she tried, Mariala could not ignore the antics of them. She slammed the book cover shut, walking off into the forest for some peace and quiet. It wasn't too long until she realized that her walk was a bad idea. A rustle in the brush nearby brought Mariala face to face with a large ugly troll. It raised the club it was holding, releasing a guttural rebuke at her as it started to attack her. She was momentarily startled, but somehow managed to barely avoid the lumbering attack. She raised her hands, trying to remember something from her studies. The troll didn't wait that long, swinging the club again. She backed away again...tripping over her dress and landing on her butt in a puddle of mud. The icy watery mud was enough to break her silence and she screamed. Within moments, her traveling companions were with her, brandishing their weapons. She watched in a startled awe as they killed the troll, wiping their weapons clean and turning to stare at her. The human shook his head, looking down at her. "Too good to share a meal with us...guess we're too good to help you up," he said, walking away from her. The dwarf shook his head, extending a hand to her. "I should not do this, but Mishakal would be upset if I did not see if you were injured," he said with a frown. Mariala blushed fiercely. "I'm not injured," she said, bowing her head. The dwarf nodded, walking away and leaving her alone with the corpse of the troll. A bit later, Mariala made her way back to the group, taking a bag from her horse and again disappearing. Within moments she returned, wearing clean clothes. The human glared at her and called for them to mount up. Mariala sighed...apparently it was going to be a long time until dark...and an even longer time until she was in Haven. Author: Mariala Date: Tue Mar 16 17:36:20 2010 Subject Shedding Light - Beginning of travels (part 2) Strangely, the remainder of the trip through the forests toward Haven held little adventure...unless you count putting out a burning gnome on way too many occasions or retrieving a gully dwarf from wherever the kender had led him astray...unadventurous. Yet once the group got closer to Haven, things got slightly more interesting. There seemed to be roaving patrols of men looking for something or someone. The human, a Ergothian whose name Mariala found out was Skaldryk, steered the group away from such patrols and kept them on little used roads. Surprisingly, she had learned a bit about her traveling companions on the journey, though they said little to her. The gully dwarf, named Padr Arghest, was, she guessed, indebted to Skaldryk for saving his life from a large vine reality, Padr had stepped in a hunter's trap. The gnome and kender were strange companions. The little kender thief was called Diz Treefinder and the gnome ranger was Wanderrynd Firebringeranddestroyeroftrees. They were working together to try to solve the gnome's lifequest. Mariala did not understand it, but they were committed to find the reason that fire burned trees to the ground and didn't just leave them alone. The dwarf, a Neidar dwarf cleric called Hledge Slycap, was a bit of an enigma to her. He carried a beautiful mace carved from blue stone, and handled it with a grace and precision that amazed her. He spoke very little, but everyone, including the gully dwarf, listened to him and seemed to respect his intellect. Built on the ruins of an elven city, the most human city of Haven was now a place thriving with merchants and travelers, as well as a group of people calling themselves the "Seekers". Mariala saw little of other races as they skirted the outskirts of the bustling town. She started to ask questions about the people, town and soldiers, but was shushed by Hledge. Fuming a bit, she sat back and pulled a cloak farther over her head. The barn they stopped in front of was about a mile in the forest on the northern outskirts of Haven, partially hidden by large trees. Skaldryk spoke quietly with some people milling around. They led the group to the rear of the barn and waved for them to dismount. Mariala slid to the ground, stretching from the ride. She was immediately hurried into the dimly lit barn by a burly man, his hand tightly holding her upper arm. She was about to say something when her attention was distracted by movement in a darkened corner of the barn. Three shrouded figures calmly walked toward the group. When they were close enough, they stopped and threw back their hoods. Mariala snarled in what could be termed 'elven hatred' when the three newcomers were revealed as more elves. They regarded her with little interest, yet spoke warmly to Hledge. "So," the more slender of the elves said, looking at her with feigned interest. "This is the one who may be able to help." The dwarf nodded. "Mistress Kah'rihn assigned us to escort her," was his reply. One of the other elves, this one looking like the one who spoke, just shook her head. "Can we leave the pure blood snob at the bottom of the cavern?" she asked to her twin. He merely shook his head. She snarled a warning and stomped away, giving the third elf a chance to study Mariala. "Solinari must have been desperate when he gave his light to this one," she said, following the other elf. The first elf shrugged and waved them toward the dark corner. They sat there, watching each other until Skaldryk broke the conversation. "Malryx," he said, addressing the male Qualinosti elf. "Mistress Kah'rihn, did send you word of what needed to be done?" he asked, looking around. The elf nodded. "She sent word that a staffbearer bound to the ways of Solinari would need to be taken to the cave. She also said to make sure that we stayed with her the whole way...something about a problem that the follower of Solinari has," he stopped speaking, looking at Mariala. He turned to his sister and spoke quietly to her and the other elf. They both nodded. "The 'pure blood' does have a problem...and it's the same one that EVERY Silvanesti elf has," he stood up, walking around Mariala. "She thinks she is TOO good for us," the sister spoke up, tilting her head at Skaldryk. "They all do." Mariala started to stand up, but was quickly returned to her seat by the littlest elf...with an arrow notched in a bow and pointed directly at her. "Malryx, Nayala, and I didn't agree at first with what Mistress Kah'rihn had asked, but we agreed that it's time that a snotty pure blooded...hag...couldn't do us much harm. And it is by what we believe our chosen gods would want us to do, that we have agreed to assist Mistress Kah'rihn's apprentice," the elf said, lowering her weapon. Mariala stood up this time, ignoring the weapons around her. "I don't have to take this abuse," she said, walking away from the group. She was almost instantly flipped back around...face to face with the three elves. "Abuse," Malryx snarled. "Look around spoiled Silvanesti brat. Do you for one think that THIS is abuse? If that's the case...we can make it so," he said, his voice cold and hard. Author: Mariala Date: Tue Mar 16 23:36:09 2010 Subject Shedding Light - Traveling part 3 All the travelers knew was that sometime during the night the elves disappeared, then reappeared a bit later, effectively 'kidnapping' Mariala from her sleep. About an hour later, they returned, without the young mage, and slept. Outside, there was no sleep for Mariala. Effectively 'abusing' her, the elven trio had carried her from her slumber and deposited her in a large barrel of icy water. From there, with laughter, the closed the barrel firmly...a large stone on the lid to prevent her from escaping. Morning came and the elven trio woke to the surprise of the travelers. When asked about Mariala's whereabouts, they laughed and pointed to the barrel. Skaldryk laughed, rolling to the ground when he heard of what they had done. Hledge, on the other hand, seemed a bit annoyed. "You do realize that she could die in there? Surely a cleric of Chislev would not be that cruel to anyone..." he started before realizing that no sound came from the barrel. The Kagonesti known as Zole merely held up one hand. "There are far worse fates that we could have done to the Silvanesti than dunking her in water overnight. They have done worse to us in their rampages across the land," she said, turning and walking into the forest. Both of the Qualinesti elves nodded, but walked to the barrel and pushed the stone to the ground with a thud. Nodding, they turned and walked away from it, following Zole into the woods. Hledge carefully removed the lid from the barrel, fully expecting something aweful, and more than likely full of either fire or ice, to come barreling out the top. Instead, when he peered inside after a few moments, he was startled to see Mariala with her eyes closed, squatted in waist deep water, her skin a bluish tint. She barely looked up as sunlight flooded the top of the barrel. With help, Hledge gently lifted her from the frigid water. By now Skaldryk had stopped laughing and was squatting nearby as he stoked up a fire, his face showing some concern for the young mage. The elven trio was heard nearby, returning to camp. They too seemed to show concern as they noticed that the mage had yet to manage to stand on her own feet. It took what seemed like hours for Mariala to lose the blue tint to her skin...and for her teeth to finally stop chattering. Hledge had pulled the elven trio aside, giving them a stern talking to about their childish prank. When Mariala could look up at them, she did notice that they were a bit apologetic. They were unable to start the next leg of their travels until mid afternoon. Instead of the mirth from the earlier days, the travelers were subdued and quiet. Mariala rode slightly behind everyone, wrapped tightly in her cloak. Even with the hood pulled high over her head, she watched everyone with a careful stare. The small Kagonesti ranger called a stop as dusk began to fall. Skaldryk quickly pitched some tents and started a fire. But still, Mariala kept to herself, putting distance between herself and the rest of the group. She sat quietly on a log just out of everyone's way, studying from a covered book. It was Malryx that approached her, drawing her attention to the rest of the group. "It was not our intent to harm you that much, Apprentice Mariala," {s he said, his tone contrite. "Each of us has had our fair share of problems with Silvanesti elves and their behavior towards everyone else." He knelt down in front of her, trying to make eye contact with her. Instead, she ducked her head, stuffing the book back into a nearby pack. He stood when she did, stepping in front of her. She lifted her head for a mere moment, glaring at him. Yet when she made to step around him, he blocked her path. Her anger was like a flash of fury. One moment he was standing in front of her...the next he seemed to be floating in mid air. He had never even heard her speak. Effectively, she stepped around him and walked deeper into the forest. When she was out of range, the spell ended and dropped him to the ground. He got up, rubbing his ribs. "I guess it's going to take a bit for her forgiveness," he said, wincing as he returned to the fire. The following days passed with no incident. The trio of elves and the young mage effectively stayed away from each other, drawing no attention to the rift that seemed to want to tear the travelers apart. The night of the fourth day, Skaldryk called everyone to the fire. "We reach the borders of the Silvanesti lands tomorrow," he said, looking at each person. He noticed that Mariala seemed to perk up a bit at his words. "We will stop briefly for a meal, but we must reach the entrance to the cave by nightfall tomorrow night. There we will meet up with others that will take us to your first stop apprentice," he said, nodding at Mariala. She looked up at him and nodded. She could hardly sleep that night. "Home," she whispered before closing her eyes. When morning light hit her, Mariala was wide awake. She was up and waiting for the rest of them to finish their breakfast and mount up. They traveled fast, entering Mariala's homeland before noon. She was excited as she dismounted in front of her family's home. She entered the house alone. The others took offers from others who knew of their quest. It was a bit after noon when Mariala exited her parent's home, her eyes reddened. She said nothing to anyone when she joined them in mounting up. Her mother and father stepped out, mirroring her expression. Instead of waving to them, she pulled her hood over her face and looked away. They tried a few time to catch her attention, but she said nothing, riding onward. They arrived at their destination at the correct time. Skaldryk dismounted and held up one hand. "I will make sure that all is ready. Wait here," he said, walking into the entrance to the cave. He returned a few moments later, accompanied by two more elves. "These are our escorts, Tailonna and Joimer. They will be taking us through the cave to meet with the others we need to speak with," he said, motioning to each of them. It was an apparent surprise to the group that both elves had blue colored skin and gills. Author: Mariala Date: Sat Mar 20 02:22:14 2010 Subject 6-Shedding Light-Into the cave with the Sea Elves and back out It was quite a surprise, seeing the blue skinned elves. Yet for someone like was like something from a dream. She had only heard of the elves from the sea. Now she was actually able to see them. She followed them, staring at them openly. The water level rose slowly, drenching their clothing in the process. When they reached water that hit some of them in the chest, the sea elves pulled out strange looking shells, handing them to everyone. They smiled, nodding as Skaldryk wore his over his mouth and nose. Mariala followed everyone else's example. When they were all wearing shells, the sea elves dove under the water. They all dove under, following closely. Mariala glanced around, her face showing awe and surprise at the vast beauty under the water. And, instead of paying close attention to her direction, she got separated from the group. They didn't realize it until they had arrived at their destination. The sea elves sighed, heading back out into the open ocean to find her. Mariala was glad to see the sea elves. At the time she caught sight of them, she was attempting to cast magic missiles at the shark who had decided to make her his lunch...and she was doing fairly well for a surface dweller whose voice was fairly quiet behind the shell. The sea elves watched in some amusement, finally stepping in and killing the monster. Then, beckoning her to follow them, they swam back to the cave. She followed at a slower pace, still taking in her surroundings. The cave itself was spacious and large. Her heritage forgotten for a moment, Mariala gawked at the underwater treasures laid before her. She stumbled around a corner into a large room where her traveling group waited. She composed herself when she saw the large table in the front of the room. At the table sat four older sea elves. The looked her over, then began talking amongst themselves...the musical sound of the language seeming to flow over Mariala's head. A bit annoyed, she whispered, releasing a spell to help her understand languages. "...capable of handling what she must to be able to light the staff," one of them said. Another nodded. "Her mind is not open to what we can show her," another added. She continued to listen to the argument...each point made against her. With what courage she could summon, she stepped forward. "I was sent on this quest by my master. Please, allow me to's all I ask," she said humbly. The council of sea elves looked at her for a few moments. Finally they stood. "If it is the will of Kisla, then it will be done," one said, motioning for the younger elves to escort them deeper into the caves. The group settled in a room, falling asleep. Sometime during the night, Mariala was awakened by one of the elves that had escorted them into the underwater caves. He told her to bring with her the staff and to follow him. She followed him, stumbling from sleepiness. He led her into a small cave where the other young elf waited. She nodded at Mariala. "I am known as Tailonna. We are to take you to the Great Lights," she said, nodding. The male nodded. "I'm known as Joimer," he said, looking out of the cave. He looked at the other sea elf. "It is clear." The three elves made their way, slowly, from the cave toward a large glowing structure. As they approached, Mariala felt a pull from the pit of her stomach. The closer they got to the structure, the more brilliant the glow seemed to become. They stopped, standing close enough to touch the structure. "Take the staff out and touch it to the structure," Tailonna said quietly, turning to Joimer. "We will keep watch." Mariala started to say something, but Joimer motioned for her to hurry. She nodded, pulling the staff out and touching it to the structure. Energy seemed to flow into the staff and into Mariala. She barely heard the angry snarl from nearby, nor did she see the creature that barreled out of a cave. A large hobgoblin looking creature stalked the sea elves, frenzied at the sight of the land elf touching the structure. When the energy seemed to fill the staff completely, the glow seemed to fade. Mariala felt full of energy as she turned around to see the battle between the strange sea creature and the sea elves. With little concern for her own safety, she raised the staff...calling on it to send a large fireball toward the strange creature. The staff seemed to glow as it released the fireball at the enemy. The fireball itself seemed to engulf the creature, burning it up completely. When the ash cleared, the three elves looked around. Mariala shook her head. "What was that?" she asked. Tailonna grimaced as she wiped the creature's blood from her sword. "That was a Nabari. It's similar to what you land dwellers have called a hobgoblin," she said. Joimer merely smiled. "It looks like you can handle yourself fairly well," he commented as he raised his mace, offering a prayer to Abbuku. When he finished, the three of them returned to the caves. It was the equivalent of morning when the travelers woke. Mariala sat quietly near the door, holding the still glowing staff in her hands. The travel from the caves back to the surface was uneventful. Joimer and Tailonna waved a fond goodbye to them, thanking Mariala for the help in defeating the Nabari and returned to the sea. The group settled for the night around a campfire that Skaldryk built. Some of the group looked at the glowing staff with amazement and awe when finally Wanderrynd inched closer. "CanIborrowthatwhenyouaredone? Iwanttofindouthowitglows." Author: Mariala Date: Sat Mar 20 19:30:23 2010 Subject Shedding Light - Home of Hledge It seemed mournful...walking away from the beauty and wonders of the sea, but the group did as it was supposed to...escaping from the coastline near Silvanost into the trees then upward into the hills toward the lands of the Neidar. Hledge seemed to push his shaggy horse a bit faster as the group hit the foothills near his home. The ruins of an old dwelling stood near the base of the hill to which Hledge lead them. Mariala turned her head, seeming to hear something strange. Hledge motioned to Skaldryk to continue and dropped back beside her. "The sounds come from a thing called Bauvan. A battle was fought here many generations ago. The Bauvan are the ghosts of women who search the battlefield for their lost loves. I can remember sleeping at my home and learning to fall asleep to the sounds of them," Hledge said, explaining the mysterious sounds. Mariala looked closely at the dwarf, seeing the sorrow on his composed face. She nodded. "How many of your family were killed here?" she asked, her voice strangely showing compassion that she would not have shown years before. He looked at her, one hand pulling on his dark colored beard. "All of them," was the only response he gave before clucking to his mount and forcing it into a canter as he made for the front of the group. Mariala pulled her horse to a stop for moments, looking at the blasted remains of what was once a home. Silvery shadows seemed to flitter aroundappearing and disappearing before her eyes. She closed her eyes, allowing a few tears to drop onto her cheeks before she opened her eyes and kicked her horse into a canter to catch up with the group. The dwarven hall in front of where the group stopped was a masterpiece of work...silver and marble everywhere. The doors seemed to be of one uniform piece of shining silver with a large medallion of the sun prominent. When the doors opened the sun seemed to split in half. Skaldryk whistled in appreciation, his hand going to the collars of both Diz the Kender and Padr the Gully Dwarf. He pulled both of them close to him. "If either of you even think of touching anything...I will make sure that the dwarves replace your hands with silver claws," he said, hoping to make his point. "I would never. It all looks so..." Diz started, his hand darting toward a nearby silvery cup. Skaldryk slapped the kender's hand. Diz looked up in disbelief. "Don't touch it thief," Skaldryk said, glaring at Diz. The group was led to a large wing of rooms. Skaldryk removed everything of value from one room and shoved both Diz and Padr into it, locking the door behind them. "I just want to look," [xwas the response of Diz as he pounded on the door. "Me no touchie," was all that Padr sobbed as he too attempted to strike the door, but probably hit the wall from the "OUCH" that was heard. There was a warm fire in the room that Mariala was shown to. Tapestries of the moons of Krynn hung on every wall, seeming to stare at her as she explored and looked at everything. She first stopped in front of the tapestry depicting Solinari, brilliant and glowing in its white theme. She bowed her head deeply, giving herself moments to offer her thanks to the moon that she followed. When she moved on, she stopped in front of the red tinged tapestry that depicted the existence of Lunitari. Mariala had seen this strange moon, knowing that her own magical ability was less effective when red light seemed to fill the sky. She also knew that she had seen a few apprentices in the towers that seemed to relish the full red moon. Quickly, she bowed her head to the tapestry...acknowledging the possibility that another moon could carry the power that Solinari could. Resuming her walk, she stopped in front of the tapestry that depicted the Black moon. She had only heard rumors of the existence of Nuitari and, by all rights, was intreaged by the mere possibility of it. Yet, she knew that there were also apprentices and mages what walked around the towers of Wayreth with dark robes and seemed to gain power when the skies were dark to her. Again, she bowed her head...only this time giving the tapestry, and thought of darkness, a quick bob of her head before continuing on. A rap on the door gained her attention. She opened the door and accepted a note from a well dressed dwarven woman. 'What you seek in the land of the Neidar is from the glow of a Solamnic that no longer exists. Look for what you need at the battlegrounds of old. Ask the right question to the right person.' The note seemed rather vague in its meaning, but gave her a direction. Hledge was just getting ready for sleep when he was startled by a knock at his door. He opened it, surprised to see Mariala standing on the other side. He bowed his head. "What can I do for you, apprentice?" he asked. She blushed. "Forgive my intrusion, but this was delivered to me," she said, handing him the note. He took it, reading it. With a sigh, he motioned for her to enter. He closed the door behind her. "The battle that took place here..." he began. "My family were protectors of the land and friends to the Knights of Solamnia. One of their knights came here, seeing protection and healing when he was ambushed by followers of the dark ones. My family took him in, healing some of his vast wounds. I was away...learning from the clerics at the temples dedicated to Mishakal...when evil slaughtered everyone there." Hledge sighed. "They left no one alive...then just left. When others from the hill got there, there was no one left." Hledge shruged. "Wiped completely out..." he said with a tear slipping from his eyes. He sniffed once, then wiped his nose on his hand. "If the note says you go there...then lets go." Mariala nodded. They quietly walked through the halls, careful to not disturb anyone. Once they got outside and started walking toward the old battlefield, Hledge turned, pulling his mace from his side. "Something follows us," he said, pointing toward a moving shadow. Mariala nodded. She raised her hands, calling on a lightning bolt to strike near the shadow. Diz and Padr shreaked, throwing up their hands. "Me no die...Me no die," Padr cried, dropping to a bundle of cloth on the ground. Hledge roared with laughter. "I should have known that a kender could not be contained by dwarven locks." The strange quartet walked onward...after they convinced Padr that Mariala would not bar-b-que him. The battlefield loomed before them when Hledge turned toward a nearby tree. "Should have figured you three would be nearby," he said. The three elves carefully stepped out of the trees, lowering their weapons. Zole nodded at the dwarf. "Your buildings do us no good. And the trees sing mournful tunes. It's not good for sleep," she said, quietly. The Bauvan song seemed quiet and subdued when they reached the outskirts of the battlefield. The silvery figures were more prominent under the light of Solinari. Mariala squinted, looking for one of the ghost-like figures that was taller than the ghostly dwarven woman. Near the center of the ruins of the house the knight haunt stood...tall and majestic...bathed in a yellowish light. With quiet steps, Mariala left her traveling companions and approached the apparition. It looked at her through sightless eyes, its armor, sword, and shield held at though awaiting a battle. She lifted the Disir staff from her pack. It looked at the staff. After a bit it nodded. Touching the tip of its sword to the staff, the area soon became bathed in a brilliant blue-white light. When the light faded, the knight haunt simply raised its sword in a knightly salute before it faded from sight. Mariala turned toward Hledge, her face contorted in confusion. Diz was the one who broke the silence. "I guess it's task was finished," he said, his eyes glowing. To be continued Author: Mariala Date: Sat Mar 20 19:32:53 2010 Subject Shedding Light - Home of Hledge (continuation) He looked up at their entrance, smiling. "From the looks on your faces, I take it that the Lord Knight has finally ended his walk on this land." Mariala and Hledge looked at each other, then nodded at the old dwarf. He smiled. "Good. It's about time he finished what he remained here to." end Author: Mariala Date: Sat Mar 20 19:46:18 2010 Subject Shedding light - Home of Hledge (continuation) The walk back to the building was quiet. Once there, Hledge left Diz and Padr with Skaldryk and escorted Mariala through a maze of halls to an old chamber filled with books. Inside was a grey bearded man who was hunched over books. He looked up at their entrance, smiling. "From the looks on your faces, I take it that the Lord Knight has finally ended his walk on this land." Mariala and Hledge looked at each other, then nodded at the old dwarf. He smiled. "Good. It's about time he finished what he remained here to." Author: Mariala Date: Sun Mar 21 01:34:39 2010 Subject Shedding Light - Meeting up with the Disir Reeling from the fact that the knight haunt disappeared in front of them, Hledge and Mariala spent the next few days in the Neidar lands in a room with the old dwarf. He explained to them what the knight had probably been sent to do and why he was probably doomed to walk the worlduntil the Disir had been found and the quest had been started. When the group of nine finally left, both Hledge and Mariala felt that they had done what was necessary. Mariala even went so far as to send a note, as well as a copy of the note, to people she felt needed to know about what had happened. From the land of the Neidar, travels seemed to wind through plains and forest. The three elves that had joined the group led them toward the lands of the Qualinost. A strange euphoria seemed to drop over Malryx and Nayala when they entered a forest on the eight day of travels. Hledge laughed when Nayala lifted Padr up, setting him in a tree as they were setting up a camp that night. Mariala laughed quietly, ducking her head when Malryx turned and smiled at her. Camp that night was amusing. Poor Padr, Wanderrynd and Diz seemed to be destined for harassment no matter what they did. Padr ended up calling for Rar-Rar, his god, to help him when Zole took him up to the top of a tree. Diz fared little better, himself ending up stuffed in a hole in a tree for getting into Nayala's pack. And Wanderrynd...well the poor gnome got the shock of a lifetime when Mariala found him looking for the Disir staff and placed him alongside Padr in the top of the trees. All in all, it was rather amusing. Sleep came late to all of them...morning coming shortly after. They were all tired as they stumbled out of sleep and made their way deeper into Qualinosti lands. This let to trouble when a group of bandits set upon them. Shoving Mariala in the middle of the group, Skaldryk drew his sword to defend her. The others followed suit. Mariala realized at that time that her safety was a major concern. With a vow to Solinari, she raised her hands to help defend the group. She managed to get off a few spells when an arrow lodged itself in her left shoulder. She dropped to the ground, her fingers touching the shaft of the arrow. She pulled her hand away, looking in surprise at the blood on her fingers. Hledge and Nayala saw her collapse, both of them kneeling beside her. Nalaya yelled something to Malryx. Both clerics worked on removing the arrow while the others dealt with the bandits. When the last one had fallen, Skaldryk turned, looking at Hledge. The dwarf shook his head. Skaldryk cursed, striking at a dead body. Malryx seemed quicker, whistling for his own mount. He climbed up, Nayala lifting Mariala to him. He settled her in front of him, whistling again at the horse. They set off deeper into the forest, leaving the others behind. The last thing the young mage remembered seeing were trees flashing by her before sleep overtook her. Mariala woke surrounded by the smells of the forest. She slowly opened her eyes, looking around. Wooden walls and soft sheets were closest to her. Hledge sat in a chair nearby, snoring quietly. She turned her head. Immediately a soft elven voice was at her side. "Easy, apprentice." Mariala her head toward the voice. Nayala knelt there, smiling at her. "You gave us a scare. We couldn't get the arrow out during the fighting. Malryx brought you to our home and our mother took care of the arrow...and put you to sleep with herbs. You've been sleeping for more that 20 hours." Mariala started to sit up, but Nayala was there...helping her sit. "We are sorry. We should have been better prepared...but...there is no excuse to the fact that we were tired and not ready," the elven cleric said, bowing her head. Mariala shook her head. "It's not your fault. I should have been ready for anything," Mariala said quietly. "My thanks to you and your family for atching out for me." Nayala lifted her head, smiling broadly. "Malryx will be pleased you are ok. Mother, Hledge and I have already healed him and Skaldryk. They BOTH think it's their fault that you got hurt," Nayala said, leaning forward to pull the sheet down...peering at the wound. "I would say you can get up, but DON'T do anything with that arm until Mother looks at it." Mariala nodded. Mariala walked into the room, Nayala at her side. Her traveling companions looked up from what they were doing, meeting her with smiles. Padr ran up to her. "Rar-Rar save you. Me know he do," he said, dancing around her. Diz walked up to you...holding out her dagger. "You dropped this," he said blushing just a bit. Mariala took the dagger smiling at him. "And you made sure I didn't lose it?" she asked. He merely nodded. Zole approached her, nodding. "It came from behind us. None of us saw it," she said, turning and walking away. Mariala merely shook her head. The two warriors, human and Qualinost, sat where they were, their expressions mirroring each other. To them she smiled slightly. "It's neither of your faults," she said. "You could say that was the first REAL fight I've ever been in." Both warriors looked at her, their jaws dropping. Skaldryk was the first to shake his head. "I wish Mistress Kah'rihn had mentioned that to us." The greetings were interrupted when Nayala bowed deeply to an older elven woman. "How does the shoulder feel?" she asked, smiling. Mariala nodded. "It hurts, but...I thank you for taking care of me," she replied to the woman, her voice a bit shy sounding. The woman nodded, walking away. Malryx approached her, glancing at his sister. She laughed and walked away. He cleared his throat before speaking. "With Mistress Kah'rihn knowing how to fight, we assumed that you did too. I'm sorry that we didn't know that you did not know how to fight," he said, a sorrowful look on his face. Mariala shrugged. "I didn't tell you...I take responsibility for it too. I have never learned to fight," she said, quietly. He merely looked at her and smiled. "Maybe next time we travel...I can teach you," he said, wandering away. Nayala's mother approached Mariala a bit later. "Please follow me," was all she said. Mariala stood up, following the lady. She led Mariala to a room in which six Qualinesti elves sat. Closing the door behind them, she nodded. "High Archmage Kah'rihn has sent word that you have a quest to find the Disir creature." Mariala nodded at her. The lady smiled, continuing. "My son has seen the beast wandering around. I have asked him to take you near the creature so you might be able to see if the staff works...and so you can see for yourself what it looks like." Again Mariala nodded. The lady shook her head. "I don't agree with this since you were injured...and that injury is not healed, but I leave this up to you and him." Mariala looked at the lady. "I do agree, the staff does need to be tested. And I am in no condition to try it." She pulled out the staff, looking at it. Looking back up at the lady, she smiled. to be continued Author: Mariala Date: Sun Mar 21 01:37:02 2010 Subject Shedding Light - Meeting up with the Disir (part 2) "Malryx," Mariala said quietly as she exited the room. "Would you mind taking this to where you find the Disir creature?" she asked quietly. He looked at her, then bowed deeply. "I will, but you are NOT going." She laughed, nodding. With an anxious feeling, Mariala watched them leave. Her expression worried, she sat quietly near a window...watching for them to return. It seemed like forever until she saw the band walking slowly back. They carried something. She went to meet them, seeing that it was Padr that they carried. Hledge shook his head as she met up with them. "He thought he could grab something you might want. The creature just waved his hand and he flew into the wall...hard. There was nothing we could do," Hledge said, his voice saddened. Mariala nodded. Malryx grasped her arm as she started to follow the dwarf. "I think it works. It also started glowing and got warm when we got close to the Disir. I didn't pay too much attention to it. The gully was killed and we were dealing with that," Malryx whispered, handing the staff to her. Mariala nodded. "Would it have been any different had I not been injured? Could I have done anything to help?" she asked. Malryx just shook his head as he walked away. Author: Mariala Date: Sun Mar 21 18:15:55 2010 Subject Shedding Light - Knowing what is in the world They once rode out as nine, but now...with sorrow...they set out as eight. They set out from the lands of the Qualinesti elves a few days later. They had all said goodbye in their own ways to the Gully dwarf who had died trying to get some little something from the lair of the Disir creature. It seemed to hit Mariala harder since she had been unable to be there to attempt to save Padr. Instead she had been injured by an arrow and confined to stay near Malryx and Nayala's mother. It was almost surreal to see the childsized box that held Padr being lowered into a hole in the ground. Mariala stayed even after the others had retired back to the house. She just stared at the open hole, tears falling freely down her face. After a while, the strength seemed to sleep from her and she dropped to her knees. She looked at her hands, seeing the staff that had caused the death. She almost threw the staff into the hole...until she saw the white of the cuffs of the robe she wore. Fighting to her feet, she blindly stumbled back to the house. Ignoring the stares of everyone, she went to the room that had been set aside for her, shutting the door. Once inside, she threw the staff in a corner. She heard the door open and close...then arms wrap around her. "No one could have forseen this," the familiar voice of Nayala's mother said. "The little one thought of you first...and thought that you needed something from the trip...since you were unable to see what they did. Malryx said that he felt nothing. He also said that the little one succeeded and managed to grab something." Mariala felt her hand opened...something placed into it...then her fingers were wrapped around it. "Join us when you are ready, but take little are needed to finish what was started," she said, releasing her hold on Mariala and leaving the room with little sound. Mariala opened her eyes and cleared the tears. She opened her eyes, seeing a small shiny red stone. With a small smile, she closed her hand again. "Thank you Padr." The sun seemed to play hide and seek as they traveled back to Mariala's homeland. Little was said by the eight travelers, each of them keeping watch for anything that the Gods could throw at them. Mariala rode in the middle of the the orders of both Skaldryk and Malryx. The clerics, Hledge and Nayala, rode close to her. The others flanked out from there...protecting her. Even the kender, Diz, rode in a subdued silence. They entered the Silvananesti town this way. Greeting warmly by Mariala's parents, the group was taken into the large home. A Silvanesti servant laughed, making the joke that now they didn't have to worry about the dirt left behind from a gully dwarf. Malryx turned to the elf, hissing at the servant as he slammed him against a nearby wall. Skaldryk pulled the Qualinesti aside, shaking his head. Mariala followed turning her head toward the servant and shaking her head. Her childhood nurse was waiting for her when she entered her old rooms. Fussing over the improvised sling on her left arm, the nurse went to the vast closets and disappeared into them, returning moments later with something for her to wear. Mariala allowed the woman to help her change her clothes, looking at the new cloth with surprise. She could not remember ever seeing them before. Thinking nothing of this, she merely shook her head. She followed the nurse to her father's study. Once there, she entered...confused as to why she would have been summoned. Her parents warmly greeted her. "Well...we have good news for you," her father started, hugging her tightly. "We have arranged for your marriage to the grandson of the current speaker. He is pleased to know that you are undergoing training for your 'skills'," he said, his voice full of satisfaction. She pulled back from him in horror...which both he and her mother took for happiness. Mariala stepped back, putting distance between her and them. "No," she said, shaking her head. "But darling," her mother said, stepping forward. "When you are finished with your studies..." she started, but Mariala raised her hand. "My studies will never be finished. There is always something new to learn," she said. Her father shook his head. "But you will tire of it and come back..." he started. Mariala shook her head, turning toward the door. She raised her hand and splintered the door open with a lightning bolt. With one last glance at her parents she left the room and went to find her traveling group. The door slammed open on the single small room that the group had been given. They jumped up to see Mariala enter. "We are leaving now," she said, dropping a heavy pack to the floor by the door. Malryx nodded, seeing the anger in her face. They all stood and shouldered the packs that they hadn't bothered opening and followed her out of the doors. They were in the stables when servants approached them. "Your parents demand you return to them," they told Mariala. She ignored them, mounting up as the others did. The group reined the horses and left the area. Mariala heard the demands of her parents, but never looked back. They pulled their mounts to a stop under a large tree. Skaldryk stalked off into the woods, returning moments later with an armful of branches. With a smile, Mariala sent a single fireball into the middle of the wood, bursting it into flames. Malryx laughed. "I take it they pissed you off?" he asked. She looked at him, nodding. Hledge smiled. "Put it all behind you. You will be back at the Wayreth towers before too long...and if Mistress Kah'rihn isn't happy with your progress...come see me at the hill. I'll put you to work boiling water to help me," he said, a broad smile on his face. Mariala laughed, bringing a smile to everyone's face. That seemed to break the mood of the night...everyone sitting around the fire and talking about things. Morning dawned. The group left the camp, taking the group full circle as it made its way back to Wayreth. Days later, the towers loomed before the group. Mariala smiled, pulling the staff from her pack. It seemed to glow a bit more, and she dipped her head...remembering Padr. They entered the area surrounding the towers. And Mariala sent a notice to her Mistress. Author: Mariala Date: Sat Mar 27 01:53:13 2010 Subject The annoying black robe * Kah sits within the Hall of Mages during the late hours of the evening awaiting the arrival of my absent apprentice, hoping she would return with good tidings. * Kah ICs in Common 'I wonder what is taking her...' Looks up and watches the moons move about on the ceiling of the great chamber.' * Mariala stands quietly at the entrance to the Hall. She closes her eyes...then makes her way to the door. With a sigh, she knocks. * * Kah looks towards the door sharply and calls outs "Enter" * * Mariala opens the door and enters. "I take it you received my note?" * Kah ICs in Common 'That I did. I would like to thank you. That soul deserved to rest.' * Mariala nods. "But the other didn't deserve what he got." * * Kah sighs deeply, a sense of great lose carried on the sound. * You IC in Common 'I take it that you heard the news from Skaldryk?' Kah ICs in Common 'Yes Padr was a very loyal friend. It is a shame to hear of his passing.' * Mariala nods. "He was a pain in everyone's butt...yet he DID grow on me." * * Kah smiles gently at Mariala. * * Mariala smiles. "And Diz DID get him stuck in the tree." she says laughing. * Kah ICs in Common 'I am glad that your time outside these walls was not wasted.' * Xorn walks from the shadows in the corner, smiling, his ice blue eyes penetrating the two elf mages. * * Kah chuckles lightly as she remembers some other occassions that Diz had done something crazy to Padr and had everyone laughing merrily. * Xorn ICs in Common 'Always scutinizing what is not there. Why am I surprised.' * Kah stops laughing and turns to the new comer. * Kah says 'Ah welcome Xorn. I did not expect to be meeting you again so soon. Nor within this chamber.' * Mariala turns, looking at the interruption. She waits for mere moments and bows her head toward him. * * Xorn smiles at the huntress. "Of course you find goodness when none is present. That is your way after all." * Kah ICs in Common 'I see the ways of life. Nothing more, nothing less. So what brings you to this place, this night?' * Mariala merely watches as the newcomer banters with her Mistress. * Xorn ICs in Common 'A dark coma, vision from my God.' Xorn ICs in Common 'You would know mistress.' * Kah smiles at the black robed man. * Kah ICs in Common 'Good timing then. Please take a seat and represent your order. Gestures the man towards the seven dark chairs.' * Xorn walks to one of the seats in the hall and rests, relying heavily upon his staff, his demeanor dishevled, his look haggard. * Xorn ICs in Common 'As you wish my most...........tempting........liege.' Kah ICs in Common 'So what news do you bring?' * Mariala studies the dark robed man. She finally rolls her eyes and walks to stand behind her Mistress. * * Kah smiles at Mariala and gestures towards the ivory seat beside her. * * Xorn looks to the sweet elven girl present beside the huntress. "Isn't she..........just..........lovely Silver Moon? * Kah ICs in Common 'She is. But, enough with her looks lets hear what news you bring. Maybe it will help with what news my apprentice brought me' * Xorn smiles to the huntress, and twirls his own black hair before he answers. "I brought my source to you, and with great cost. Would the innocent elf maiden like me to prove it as well?" * Xorn ICs in Common 'Tell me sweety? What is the..........real truth worth?' * Mariala glares at the dark robed man. Shaking her head, she again rolls her eyes, yet remains silent, ignoring his remarks * Kah ICs in Common 'Enough games, I have business I need to take care of. What news have you brought?' Xorn ICs in Common 'The elf woman doesn't want to play. How sad does this makes my moon? ' Xorn ICs in Common 'As the lich said, the temple is near the ruins of what you call Zhaman.' Xorn ICs in Common 'I have found.........another.' Kah ICs in Common 'Another?' * Xorn turns and again looks at the newcomer, and smiles at her beauty. "Huntress, she is so.........lovely." The black mage smiles at the elf maiden, his ice blue eyes, seemingly torn. * Xorn ICs in Common 'Yes.......another. I willed by my God to help and I shall. Yes...........another. ' Kah ICs in Common 'Another lich? Another Temple? Another Disir?' * Mariala glares at the dark mage. Under her breath she whispers..."And you are a blubbering baffoon." She quickly raises her hand, hoping that no one heard her remark. * * Xorn stands and walks down the isle he was assinged, coming close to the two white robed elves. "Same temple, same problem, and same DISIR. And for that matter same advice you took from my "friend" sand woman. * Kah ICs in Common 'That still does not tell me what "another" is...' * Xorn wiggles his fingers into the young elfs face, as if giving her the evil eye, and he smiles to the white robed newcomer, his ice blue eyes, cold, but also.......kind. * Kah ICs in Common 'Have you been sniffing your potion powders?' * Mariala ignores the man. Instead she yawns...then chokes at her Mistress's question...covering it by acting like she was coughing. * Xorn ICs in Common 'A.......newcomer. He wishes to meet you, because I told him you would not the otheres.' continued in next story Author: Mariala Date: Sat Mar 27 01:59:06 2010 Subject Then annoying black robe (or...trying to understand a prophet) part 2 Xorn ICs in Common 'He comes from somewhere else.............kind of like me.' Xorn ICs in Common 'Will you live up to what you say?...............Will you be...........compromising white robe?' Kah ICs in Common 'I am always willing to weigh out a situation objectively and make compromises when nessicary.' Xorn ICs in Common 'Excellent my most lovely Kah'rihn. Will you give me a moment to.............disect your very lovely pledge? I promise only words of course.' * Xorn winks to the elf woman. * Kah ICs in Common 'Very well. Mariala, just be kind to the man. I can see he irritates you, but he will be a valuable aid in our quest.' * Mariala returns the man's wink by merely raising her eyebrow at him. " Annoys...definately." * Xorn ICs in Common 'And this does not have to be.........lovely.' * Xorn walks closer to the elf maiden, and sits in one of the chairs of the white robes next to her. He places his staff across his lapp, and looks to the sky above the tower. * * Mariala watches the man with a strange curiousity. * * Xorn smiles to her, giving the elf maiden a wink. "Your superior is...away.....You and I only exist in this time and place. Let us........get to know one another. Such chances are rare in the order of things." * You IC in Common 'That they are, but you are just a bit annoying. Why must you be so?' Xorn ICs in Common 'I never mean to be.......what do you call it.......annyoing. I only serve my purpose, and my God. And I do this in all things. But when an oppritunity strikes...........seize the........moonlight.' * Mariala shakes her head. "How does one "seize the moonlight"? It honestly is nothing that can be held or grasped." * * Xorn just smiles to the elf maiden, and slowly shakes his head. "Of course it can be grasped. Solinari leads you......does he not? Even though it is not tangable, you know his grasp? The lights of the moons, they direct us magi." * Xorn ICs in Common 'And you can seize that light, and take it into your own destiny.' * Mariala shrugs her shoulders. "I've never thought of following Solinari in those terms." * Xorn ICs in Common 'Those that serve Nuitari.......We KNOW when the time is right. You live your lives in contemplation, and always questioning everything.' * Xorn laughs up to the heavens. * You IC in Common 'But wouldn't it be better to ask questions instead of following something like a mindless moron?' * Xorn cackles to the heavens in glee. "Better to know the plan........than to be a puppet!" * You IC in Common 'But would you call someone who does things differently...a puppet? Would that not be better suited to call those who serve your moon..a puppet?' Xorn ICs in Common 'And I might add dear.............Mariala. *Xorn laughs at her mockingly* I was shown your recent...........problems. You who come from a rich noble home. You who travel in the Sand Mistresses name. And you hope to find........humilty' * Mariala glares at the man. "You know NOTHING about me." * * Xorn cackles with glee, once again looking up to the heavens and an invisble moon to the elf. "You who think you know suffering........or humility!" * You IC in Common 'I know what I know because of what has happened to me. I don't CLAIM to know anything more. ' Xorn ICs in Common 'Take my hand then, and forget about all of that. You are beautiful.........Take my hand...........and have a little peace. The other didn't die in vain you know.' You IC in Common 'I'm not taking your 'anything'. ' Xorn ICs in Common 'Your choice elf....princess... Soon your mistress will return.......and she WILL......take my hand.' You IC in Common 'At least I know SHE'S NOT a mindless puppet. Others I am not too sure of right now.' Xorn ICs in Common 'And you think I am..........How....................delicious' * Kah chuckles at that last comment from her apprentice as she returns. * Xorn ICs in Common 'I look forward to more...........disciussion' Kah ICs in Common 'Are you two playing nice?' * Xorn turns to the sand mistress and the head of the white robes, and bows to her. "I always play nice Huntress." * * Mariala turns toward her Mistress. "I'm...trying." * * Kah smiles gently to the two mages as she takes her seat once again. * Kah ICs in Common 'Now Xorn, you have had you fun. Now time for the information.' * Mariala looks toward the man. "Discussion...maybe another time. Right are the least of my worries." * to be continued Author: Mariala Date: Sat Mar 27 02:05:58 2010 Subject Then annoying black robe (or...trying to understand a prophet) part 3 * Xorn does not leave the seat he has taken, his staff still resting across his lap. He winks the the elf maiden, grinnign evilly, his ice blue eyes boring deep into her as she speaks. * Kah ICs in Common 'Xorn...' Xorn ICs in Common 'Yes Silver Lady?' Kah ICs in Common 'The information please?' Xorn slowly states 'I was given to help, and so I have...........I know someone.........' Xorn slowly states 'He can find out more............' Xorn slowly states 'And He wants.......very little in return...........' Kah ICs in Common 'Very little eh?' Kah ICs in Common 'What does he want in return for his aid?' * Xorn turns to Mariala, and wiggles his bottom to her, reprising her derision with.......lust * Xorn ICs in Common 'He is not of us master.' Kah ICs in Common 'What do you mean? Not one of us?' Xorn ICs in Common 'You already know his name. He spent time in the master's dungeon.' * Mariala rolls her eyes at the man. "What a waste." she says quietly. * Kah ICs in Common 'Recently?' Xorn again turns to Mariala and winks to her, his ice blue eyes boring holse into her pure elf soul. Xorn ICs in Common 'Evil is as evil does.............sweety!' * Xorn again turns to Mariala and winks to her, his ice blue eyes boring holse into her pure elf soul. * Kah ICs in Common 'Xorn, go set up a meeting between myself and your "ally" and I will be along shortly.' * Xorn turns back to Kah and whispers into her ear one word and one name. "Nestos" * * Kah nods to Xorn as he departs. * * Mariala watches with a bit of glee as the man leaves. * * Kah turns back to her apprentice as the black robe fades away from view as he walks from the chamber. * * Mariala composes her face as Kah turns toward her. * * Xorn smiles to the sandwoman after he drops the name, and then back to the elf woman. "You are so..........lovely. I cannot wait to see what the future brings." HE stands and walks out. * Kah ICs in Common 'Now, tell me of the staff.' You IC in Common 'What do you wish to know?' Kah ICs in Common 'May I see it?' * Mariala pulls the staff from her pouch. She holds it out. * You IC in Common 'The council of Sea Elves gave us direction to add to the staff.' * Kah takes the staff from her apprentice and focuses upon it's magic, calling forth its properties. * * Kah nods to Mariala as she hands her the staff back. * Kah ICs in Common 'You have done a fine job, but it feels as if the staff is incomplete.' You IC in Common 'More was added to it with help from the dwarves. I was unable to personally see to the addition in the lands of the Qualinesti.' You IC in Common 'But Malryx said it was done' Kah ICs in Common 'Yes you added to it with the sea elves, the dwarves, the solamnic spirit, and Malryx did complete the Qualinesti infusion...' You IC in Common 'The Qualinesti infusion was saddened by the loss of one of us.' Kah ICs in Common 'Yes...' You IC in Common 'What more do you want to know?' Kah ICs in Common 'In kendermore there is a creature there that glows during the Night of the Eye.' Kah ICs in Common 'Which is also the only time it is seen.' * Mariala nods. "What about this creature?" * Kah ICs in Common 'It will try to devour the entire region of kendermore this coming Night of the Eye.' Kah ICs in Common 'I know this may sound quite grusome for one of our order to do, but I must ask you to slay this beast and then make a paste from the blood and brain tissue to coat the staff in.' * Mariala nods. "This creature is necessary?" * Kah ICs in Common 'Unfortunately. If it was not the case, I would slay the best myself. But you must do it with the staff...' Kah ICs in Common 'The coating will be needed for the final task.' * Mariala nods again. "Then...I guess I need to contact Diz and see if he would mind helping." * Kah ICs in Common 'Yes especially since it affects him and his kind.' You IC in Common 'Then I will be off...with your permission.' Kah ICs in Common 'Of course, you have my leave.' * Mariala bows deeply, turning and walking away. * * Kah stays seated thinking awhile before heading back to her quarters to get some rest. * Author: Mariala Date: Thu Apr 1 15:04:43 2010 Subject Night of the Eye The Night of the Eye...a seemingly eerie time for mages. It seemed strange as Mariala followed behind Skaldryk and Diz, with the others of her group gathered around her. She felt the presence of the white moon pulling fiercely at her. Diz turned back to her. "You do know that it's a massive beast?" he asked. She nodded. "Mistress Kah'rihn mentioned it," Mariala said, nodding. Diz nodded. Kendermore seemed largely...chaotic. Kenderkin of all ages ran in and out of crowds...'borrowing' from each other, some of it enciting riotous fights between them. Diz laughed, sliding off his horse. He rushed forward, throwing his arms around another kender. The traveling group followed suit, sliding to the ground. Mariala stepped closer to Hledge. "Don't they get mad at each other for stealing?" she asked. Hledge just laughed. "Their society doesn't look at it as stealing. They are 'holding on to it' so no one loses it," he said. She looked at him with a strange expression. He laughed. "Keep your hand on that bag," he said, nodding toward the pouch at her side. They left late the next morning...after she spent most of the morning getting things back from the kender children who had borrowed them from her. They group rode the the last place where the creature had been seen. Sure enough, there was quite a few signs of the creature's passing. Mariala watched as Malryx, Nayala, and Zole slid from their horses, looking around them. Mariala glanced at Hledge, then slid to the ground. She walked over to the other elves. "What do you see?" she asked. Malryx looked up at her, a slight smile on his face. "We need to track which direction it went." She nodded. With a smile, she whispered some strange words, lifting off the ground. From her vantage point, she was able to see the destruction that the creature had created. With another word, she floated effortlessly to the ground. With a smirky smile at Malryx, she described what she had seen. With careful steps, the group tracked the creature, finally finding it in a grove of destroyed trees. It was a cross between a huge lizard and a groundhog. They approached it quietly...Skaldryk, Malryx and Zole in fhe front....Hledge and Diz closer...with Nayala and Mariala at the rear. Somehow the creature either smelled them or heard them and turned to attack. The battle was long and drawn out, but few injuries to anyone or anything except to the creature. In the end, it was a well crafted spell from Mariala's hand that dropped the creature to the ground. And it Mariala's hand that drained blood to take back to the Towers of the Mages. Author: Mariala Date: Sat Apr 17 01:32:18 2010 Subject After the trip + Kneeling in the center of the pentagram, the focus of the Altar of Solinari, Kah'rihn whispers a deep conversation with the White Moon as she awaits her apprentice. Mariala returns to the tower. She sighs as she dismounts, turning the reins over to a nearby groom. She smiles as she enters the grounds and makes her way to the White Tower. Kah smiles to herself as she hears the mundane clatter of hooves approaching the tower, a sure sign her apprentice had returned. Mariala climbs the stairs, pulling her robes closer around her. She winces as the cloth rubs against the raw burns on her neck. With a sigh, she bows deeply after she gets to the Altar room. You slowly state 'Mistress Kah'rihn...' Kah asks 'Mariala. *smiles up at the Silvanesti woman that entered all travelworn* How were your travels?' Mariala nods. "They were......eventful. The kender showed us a good time at Diz's wake and funeral." Kah says 'Yes, a funeral given by Kender is a facinating occurence.' Kah slowly states 'If only all peoples viewed death in such ways...' Mariala giggles. "I would definately say interesting. I think Hledge and Skaldryk wanted to kill Diz's brother. Malryx made sure I wasn't bothered," she finished with a blush spreading up her face. Kah nods sympatheticly. Mariala straightens her expression, carefully blanking it. "I recieved word that you sent for me in my absence. What may I do to assist you?" Kah says 'Yes. I found out some very interesting information while you were gone and wanted to share it with you.' +Standing Kah'rihn beckons for you to follow her as she heads and leads the young mage deep into the White Tower to a secluded library. Mariala nods. With a sigh, she follows you. Her eyes widen as she enters the library...her fingers itching to read the books. Kah walks over to a table laden with books of various sizes and colors and stops before an extremely large and ancient tome laying open upon the center. Mariala stands next to you. Her fingers twitch to touch the tome. Kah traces her finger along the text without touching before stopping at the paragraph she was looking for... Mariala leans closer...skimming over the text. Kah says 'The Exiled Scholar: There is legend told throughout the dwarven kingdoms of times before the Cataclysm. Times where beings of death and disease ran amock.' Mariala looks at the text, confused. She looks toward you then back at the text. Kah says 'In one such story it is told of a race of beings. A race dedicated and cursed by Morgion, the god of disease.' Mariala sighs, as she feels the weight of the staff. "The Disir..." she whispers Kah says 'The race is known amongst the Dwarvenkind as the Disir. They are a race of humanoid insects.' Kah looks towards you and speaks, "Yes, this tome is what we had sought this whole time..." Kah looks back to the tome and picks up reading. Mariala closes her eyes. Immediately the creatures come to her mind. She shutters, her face contorting with pain and anger. Kah says 'The Disir live in a society very closely resembling that of bees. As such they mostly comprise of Warrior Droids (males) and the workers (females).' You ask 'Is that much different to some of the races of modern races?' Kah says 'As such one female from each colony is chosen to become the queen, and will birth the next generation of it's species.' Kah slowly states 'It is very different in most races the individual has it's own mind, it's own morals, it's own goals...' Kah says 'In the Disir race, being an individual would lead to your demise. And quickly.' Mariala nods. "So this creature seeks to do what it wants...even if it deters anything we wished to do or learn." Kah says 'This creature has the capabilities to learn and function like many other humanoids, however they tend to follow their insectiod heritage stronger.' Mariala nods. Kah says 'But, let me finish reading and you will have a firmer grasp of our situation.' Kah looks back down at the book trying to find where she was before being interrupted. Kah slowly states 'ahh... stronger.. yes...' Kah slowly states 'Okay..' Kah says 'The Queen Disir gives birth to all Disir in the individual colony's hive and also directs the hive through very strict orders. Whenever a Disir does not comply with the norm they are recycled.' Mariala shakes her head. "Murdered...' she whispers. Kah says 'Now it leads into some things about the environs they inhabit, what kind of food they eat.... Kah'rihn scans through the book, flipping a few pages before stopping.' Kah says 'Ah yes, here we go.' (continued) Author: Mariala Date: Sat Apr 17 01:36:56 2010 Subject After the trip part 2 Continuation Kah says 'One year prior to the Cataclysm it is recorded of a strange occurence amongst the Disir people. Several hives who had on no prior happenings ever worked together, banded together and began to ravage the underground caverns of Krynn.' Kah says 'The destruction and bloodshed left behind them was horrifying and many dwarven kind began to build fortifications around their cities in hopes of repelling this force.' Kah says 'One day in the throne room of the High Thane of Thorbardin a great clatter and boom as the great metal doors blew open brought light onto the problem.' Kah says 'Three mages, all human had intruded on the ancient Hylar homeland. A beautiful woman with fiery hair and long red robes strode forth with two men flanking her.' Kah says 'The one on her right wore robes of the deepest black and the one on her left wore shining white robes. Both men hid their features beneath their robes from the dwarven king.' Kah says 'The woman was the only one to speak to the king that day and she spoke in sweet, soothing tones. She told the High Thane how a being of normal animalistic intelligence had prayed for the privledge to learn and become more.' Kah says 'And that her companions and herself were here to grant the being his wish. And bid the High Thane erect a temple devoted to the three moons in the center of the Disir lands.' Kah says 'The Thane heeded the woman's words and the temple was finished in less then a fort night. No dwarf ever saw a single sign of a Disir throughout the whole campaign.' Kah says 'As the temple was finished and the dwarves began their march home a strange light coming from the direction of the temple returned their gaze that way.' Kah says 'As their eyes focused upon the temple it was bathed in three beams of light. One white, one and uncanny form of black and lastly a deep crimson.' Kah says 'Where the lights collecsed they saw the form of a lone Disir limping into the temple. As the figure faded from view so did the light. With the light's fading the temple's foundation cracked and it sank below the sandy turf of the Disir lands.' Mariala slowly opens her eyes. She looks upward, quietly whispering a prayer toward the white moon. Kah looks up at you and says, "The only thing else it says is no other Dwarf has seen this lost temple since, but there have been reports of a Disir with a hint of a limp seen amongst the normal civilizations when things of magic disappear. Kah says 'So it seems the creature we saw in the vision is the one these mages, whom I believe to be the avatars of the moons, had the temple built for.' Kah says 'The same one recorded periodicly in association with missing relics of the moons.' Mariala looks down, blinking her eyes quickly to cover her emotions. She nods. "That is how it sounds." Kah slowly states 'I am truly sorry to have to give you that news. I know it is heard to know that you lost a friend to a beast that is nothing like we will encounter...' Mariala looks directly at you, her eyes seemingly blank to all emotion. After a few moments, she shrugs, looking back down at the tome. Kah says 'If you wish you may return here later on and look around. Digging around in her pouches Kah pulls out a pendant and hands it to Mariala.' Mariala looks at the pendant in her hands. With a sigh, she puts it in a pouch at her side. "I don't know what good it would do." Kah says 'With that pendant you will be able to see and enter this library. You never know what you will find in here. It is the High Archmage Library.' Kah says 'And I am sure that I don't need to warn you to be careful, some of these books are extremely dangerous.' Mariala shakes her head. "Then it's yours. I have no business here without you present." Mariala pulls out the pendant, holding it back out to you. Kah says 'It is ok. It has a timer spell on it. It will vanish after seven visits.' Kah says 'So I would visit it the first time to look around, then save the six remaining visits for when it really counts.' Kah says 'But we really must go now. We have business to attend to.' Mariala nods. With careful movements, her eyes seemingly focused somewhere else, she puts the pendant into her pouch. Mariala sighs. "That damned blackrobe and the traitor again..." she says under her breath. Kah smiles at her apprentice, knowing a few books have already caught the young mage's eye. Kah nods knowingly. Kah says 'Yes the black robe and his traitor. We must bring along one from the black order to aid in carrying back the relics. It was his request to have the renegade.' Kah says 'But the must be waiting patiently in Tarsis.' You ask 'Yet none of the neutrals have stepped forward to assist...are they all in hiding?' Kah slowly states 'It would seem so...' Kah says 'But let us be off. Taking a sparkling blue gemstone from a pouch on her waist she whispers a few words and a portals opens leading to the tavern in Tarsis.' Mariala masks her look of utter disgust and walks toward the portal Kah enters the portal after her apprentice and leads them to a table to await the others. Author: Mariala Date: Sun Apr 18 18:04:13 2010 Subject Relics from the past + Entering the Stormy Sea Inn, Kah'rihn notices that the two followers of Nuitari are not there yet and heads to the same large table she had used the last time there. She takes a seat and orders a bottle of the finest as a wench walks by. Kah pays the wench a single gold coin for the bottle of the Innkeeper's personal brew and pours herself a glass waiting for her companions to show. She looks up as her apprentice slowly enters to Inn looking about apprehensively. Mariala walks into the Inn. She looks around, her eyes scanning. Seeing what she's looking for, she walks to the table and sits down. Kah says 'Glad you made it, thought that dog would never stop chasing you.' Kah chuckles lightly as she hands a full glass of the liquor to Mariala. Kah takes a sip from her own glass and says, "So how did you escape that mangy mutt?." Mariala glares at Kah'rihn. "I have no clue what you were talking about. I didn't get to see the town last time we were here...remember. You whisked me here without a chance to see anything." Kah grins teasingly at the young elf maiden before speaking, "I am just teasing. Sit. Have a drink, it will relieve some tension. Mariala snorts. She looks toward the bar. With a bit of annoyance, she stands and walks to the bar to order her something to drink. Xorn materializes from the dark corner of the Inn, and walks towards the white robed huntress, a delicate smile upon his lips. He watches the elf walk towards the bar, and the smile becomes an even wider grin. Kah sighs and takes a drink as Mariala walks to the bar forgetting the drink her Mistress had placed before her, what a waste of alchohol. Xorn asks 'Did someone mention.............tension?' Kah looks up at the black robed man and shakes her head at the comment he makes upon entering. Kah says 'Welcome Xorn. Take a seat, I'm sure your friend will be along shortly. And Mariala won't be long at the counter.' Mariala gets her drink and returns to the table. She merely glances at Xorn before sitting in a seat and siping at her own drink Nestos enters the door and walks to the table, leaning heavily on his staff, his hood pulled low. As he sits he states, "Greetings". Kah nods towards the renegade, a well hidden grimace on her face. Kah says 'Welcome Nestos. Glad you could make it once more.' Mariala merely looks at Nestos. The look on her face seems void of emotion. Instead, she stands and returns to the bar for more drink. Nestos slowly states 'Oh, mistress, I know you are not, but I am glad you could do my the gratitude of lying. *Nestos smiles wryly.*' Kah smiles at the renegade with sincere warmth. Xorn rests on a chair across from Kah'rhin. His grin remains as he watches Mariala, wander back to the bar for another drink, but he remains silent as the others greet one another. Kah says 'On different circumstances Nestos you would be fine company, at least we don't have to worry bout the unpleasantness of combat as well.' Mariala returns to the table. She sits elegantly back in her chair. When she takes a drink, she grimaces and shutters. Nestos says 'I do dislike combat. I prefer to stay out if it as much as possible.' Kah says 'Combat is a grand way to exercize one's prowess. I just find the taking of life to be unhealthy.' Kah grats 'You say 'Combat is a grand way to exercize one's prowess. I just find the taking of life to be unhealthy.'' Nestos says 'And that is where we differ.' Kah smiles happily. Kah says 'So enough small talk. Let's get down to business.' Xorn nods to the end of small talk, and the grin on his face becomes a somber and serious expression. Kah asks 'First, Mariala would you please inform our friends here about our most recent discovery?' Mariala looks up. "What discovery would that be? The fact that the creature is creation of Morgion...or that the temple was created by the dwarves after they were visited by three from each order." Kah says 'I think they have deduced the fact that Disir are a creation of Morgion on their own, so please tell about the dwarven crafted temple.' You say 'Or the fact that the creature that inhabits the temple is alone...outcast from even his own kind' Mariala closes her eyes...a look of concentration crossing her face. After a while, she opens her eyes You say 'According to the tome, the temple was supposedly blessed by the light of the Dieties of Magic. The dwarves built it in the middle of Disiri lands. After it was done there was a light of the three colors, then the creature entered' You say 'the temple and it sank into the ground.' Nestos pulls a pipe out from his satchel and lights the green herb inside, taking several big puffs and inhaling and leans back in his chair, listening. You say 'The temple has not been seen, yet the creature is seen when items disappear.' Nestos grins, under his cowl, at the mention of the relics. Mariala tips back the mug in her hand, emptying the liquid. She gasps as she swallows, then sits the mug on the table Xorn asks 'So in a way it is a renegade to it's own people. Perhaps this is good for us. Maybe it has given up its previous diet. *Xorn pauses a moment before continuing* And it is collecting what kind of items. What has vanished?' Kah says 'Take it a little slower Mariala, where we will be heading you will need your wits. Even if we are being welcomed by the home's master, doesn't mean the travels will be safe.' Mariala snorts. "I drank this the entire time I was in Kendermore..." she whispers. Kah says 'Items belonging to the Moons. Those crafted by our kind. Turning to Mariala, Kah'rihn asks, "What are you drinking anyway?"' Mariala smiles slightly. "Hledge called it 'Guyll fyr'." Kah says 'Never heard of it.' Mariala looks at Kah'rihn. "Common language calls it Wildfire." Kah shrugs helplessly. Kah says 'Still never heard of it.' Xorn says 'It's vile. It tastes like gall and it burns going down, but it does the trick. ' Xorn grins evilly. Mariala looks at the mug in her hand. "It helps forget." Kah asks 'Now that you all have been informed on the new conditions of our mission I think we can proceed, unless either of you have something to add that might make our travels a little easier?' Nestos says 'There are still those sickly, pitifully sad dwarves to speak with.' Kah says 'Yes, lets go visit them' Kah stands ready to leave for the dwarves. Nestos rises slowly with the use of his staff and looks to Kah, "A downside to the test," he says, with a smile, as he looks to his leg. Xorn stands, following Kah'rhin's lead, his expression becoming one of anticipation. "Well Nestos, we are off on the grand adventure you were looking for." Kah reaches for her full glass and brings it to her lips, tipping the glass and downing the drink in one swallow. Nestos says 'I do like adventures.' Nestos grins evilly. Mariala stands. In a fit of annoyance...she kicks the chair out of the way. The group walks out of the Inn and makes their way along the harbor, down a side street and into the older parts of the city. Kah stops as she approaches the place she had last entered and spoke with the dwarven folk inflicted with a strange disease. + Spotting a well hidden and very old grate, decaying in time, the deep crimson of rust, Kah'rihn squats down taking hold of the flaky bars and pulls on them. Kah asks 'Everyone ready for this?' Mariala sighs. "Such a ... you have brought us." Xorn says 'I have prepared several spells for emergencies. If we come across the walking dead I am prepared.' Kah says 'Yes a grand town, ravaged by time and the gods.' Mariala glares at Xorn. With a shake of her head, she turns it and ignores him. Kah says 'Then we shall continue.' Continued Author: Mariala Date: Sun Apr 18 18:19:50 2010 Subject Relics from the past - part 2 Xorn looks around at the sick and dying, coldly. His expression is one of certainty, not pity. He remains at the back of the group, his eyes constantly scanning, as if on guard. Nestos stands takes up a place in a dark corner, his hood still pulled low. Kah says 'Good meeting Elder Hotforge. I apologize for the extended postponment of my promised visit.' Hotforge says 'It is fine young one. At my age time has no meaning. A day is like a minute from my point of view. I am just glad you kept to your word.' Hotforge says 'I see you have brought your friends with you as well.' Hotforge looks over the other mages accompanying the High Archmage with a look of hope and wonder. Kah says 'Yes. As I explained on my last visit, we are looking for a temple that is rumored to be close by to this location.' Hotforge says 'Ahh, yes. You speak of the house of the corrupted moon, as it is spoke of amongst my people. We are a forgotten lot in the bloodlines of our kind, and being cast out as such we are privy to sights not normally granted our breathren.' Kah nods at the aged dwarf, waiting for him to continue. Mariala looks around her. She merely shakes her head and whispers one word in dwarven "Antarax" Nestos says 'Morgion does know how to make them efficiently.' Hotforge says 'There is a tunnel connected to those we inhabit. A creature guards it's enterance. A thing of monsterous size and skill.' Hotforge says 'It protects that tunnel with such ferocity and many of our young have perished trying to get by it in hopes of seeing what's beyong.' Kah asks 'Would you mind showing us the way to this tunnel, Elder Hotforge?' Hotforge tugs on his beard with his wrinkled, stubby left hand, thinking on the question before coughing to clear his throat and speak once more. Hotforge says 'I don't feel to well in my old age and my sight has been failing me as of late. I think one of my trusted advisors can help lead you where you need to go.' Hotforge says 'A little further down this tunnel a dwarf with white hair is there. His name is Delver. Tell him I request that he takes you to the enterance to the House of the Corrupted Moons.' Xorn remains silent while the sand mage and the dwarven leader converse. He watches the sick and dying people mill about, as they cough and weeze, and rolls his eyes with a bit of digust. Then he returns to scanning for lurking dangers. Kah says 'Thank you great elder. We will seek out this dwarf and relay your request to him.' Nestos watches Kah converse with dwawrve from his dark corner and fiddles with the components in his pouches. Hotforge slowly states 'Good now be gone I need to get some rest...' Hotforge says 'But, please if you can... try and find the... *exhaustion slowly starts to take hold of the elder* .. cause of our bane... and.... The elder passes out leaning against the cavern wall.' Kah kneels down next to the dwarf and whispers to him, "Don't worry dear friend, we will do what we can to help you and your people." Xorn walks close to Nestos and whispers into his ear. "If you live in a dank molded dungeon, you shouldn't have to wonder really." Kah stands and says to the group "Let's get moving while we can have a chance at saving these people." Kah says 'Greetings Delver.' Delver questioningly hisses 'Oi, How ye know me name lass?' Nestos chuckles politely. Kah says 'The elder told me to come to you.' Delver asks 'What does dat ol' fool want wit meh?' Kah says 'He wants you to take my companions and myself to the enterance to the House of the Corrupted Moons.' Nestos pulls out something from a pouch and chants as he walks to up behind the group. After finishing the chant, he seems to lean less heavily on his staff. Mariala sighs, leaning against a 'clean' part of the wall. She shakes her head, getting a bored expression on her face. Delver exclaims 'Tha BLOODY fool!!! I am a' engineer not a bleedin' tour guide!' Kah smiles at the fuming dwarf, his red face making a comical contrast to the pure white of his hair and features. Delver slowly states 'Very well, le's go...' Xorn grins at Mariala obviously thinking the same thing she is, and again whispers into Nestos' ear. "Now.......I like this one. " Kah says 'Lead on, master engineer. A slight giggle bubbles in her chest making it jiggle slightly.' Nestos grins, "An anxy little elf." Delver exclaims 'OI!!! Now ev'n eef ye are laufin in ma expense, wit ay jeegle like dat dair you can laugh all ye like!' Kah says 'I'll laugh all you like once I have completed my mission, just lead the way quietly please.' Delver slowly states 'Fine lass, this'a way...' Delver walks off down the eastern tunnel looking cowed. Delver says 'This be as far as I go. You are on ye own now. Delver turns and rushes off down the tunnel, back the way we came.' + As the dwarf led the group through the various tunnels and caverns, Xorn continually studies the environment, his concentration fierce, as if committing the way to memory in every detail. Kah says 'Are you ready for this everyone? Mariala you should take point and ready the staff. The two of you.." She turns towards the dark mages, "Stand back and let her do her thing."' Nestos turns to Xorn, "A pretty creature." He then chants and sprinkles a dust over himself. A Disir scholar begins to stand its segmented legs shaking as it slowly raises itself to a complete upright position, the dull grey, tattered cloak tied about it's neck waving in some unseen wind gust. Mariala drops her pack to the ground with a thud. She unfastens the white robes and drops them to the ground, revealing dark blue leggings and a blue colored top. With her eyes never leaving the creature she picks up the staff and steps forward. A Disir scholar turns it's attention to the woman who just changed colors miraculously before it's eye. The glowing blue orb focuses on Mariala and the staff she wields. Mariala takes a deep breath, then starts whispering...the words not magical, but a mixture of dwarven, elven and something unrecognizable. A Disir scholar takes a step towards the blue colored woman it's long swordlike arms reaching out towards her. Mariala shifts slightly, raising the staff in front of her as she pivots to the balls of her feet. A Disir scholar shies back a little as the blue woman brandishes the staff before her and takes a more focused stance. Xorn watches from behind, watching the creature come close to Mariala, his expression one of not really caring if the elf succeeds or fails. It is merely inteterest. Mariala notices the movement of the creature. "You..." she whispers, the word seeming strained and focused. The staff itself seems to glow a reddish green in color. Kah looks back at the dark mages, their quiet causing her to feel uneasy. Nestos grins at the High Archmage from under his cowl. A Disir scholar crosses its arms in front of it's eye at the bright harsh light of the staff. A high pitched wail escapes it's throat as its expandable jaw opens in pain, baring numerous sharp, curved teeth. Mariala ignores everything around her, focusing on the staff and the movement of the creature before her. Her face takes on even more concentration as she forces the staff to dim. A Disir scholar slowly drops to the floor it's legs folding underneath it as the light dims. A faint rasp of it's steady breathing is all that is heard above the drum of the staff's magic. Mariala slowly and calculated steps back and squats in front of the creature. "Can you understand me?" Xorn beings to scan the space, and as he does so, his eyes begin to sofly glow a pale greenish color. His gaze wafts back and forth, as he stands silently behind the white robes and the confrontation with the Disir. It is obvious he is looking for something.' Nestos asks 'Seeing anything?' A Disir scholar looks up at the blue woman glowing in the pale green light of the staff, it's mouth moving awkwardly. "I dooo...." continued Author: Mariala Date: Sun Apr 18 18:27:30 2010 Subject Relics from the past - part 3 Xorn silently shakes his head at Nestos, answering his question without words. And as the creature speaks in it's crude common, he turns his attention back to Mariala and the progress being made. Mariala without breaking her focus on the creature, she shifts into the common tongue. "Mistress...what do you need to know?" Kah says 'I need to know the location of the Relics he has been safeguarding for our masters.' Mariala nods slightly, her eyes slanting. She dips her chin. "Where are the items that have the power of the moons?" A Disir scholar says 'The Moons have been kind to me all these years. They told me many, many years ago some of their children would come for my charges and here you are.' You ask 'Why would we come? Did they tell you this?' A Disir scholar slowly and creakily returns to it's feet. Mariala slowly stands. "Can you take me to them?" A Disir scholar says 'It was my duty to safeguard these items from the hands of mortals while man hide from the gods. One day when the children of the moons came, I would be released from my duty and granted the freedom to go into the world and learn.' A Disir scholar beckons with it's bladelike hand to follow as it heads down a dim corridar that hadn't been there before. Mariala looks down the corridor. She nods. "Will you take me to them?" Xorn begins to scan again, the putrid green glow in his eyes, just a little brighter now. At the opening of the secret corridor, He gasps, all of the hair on his arms standing on end. This time he silently nods at Nestos, and grins an almost unnaturally wide grin.' + Following the Disir down the dark corridor Kah'rihn and the others enter an eerily lit temple of ancient dwarven make. Carved frescos depicting the gods of magic lined the walls which were made from black, red and white marble. Nestos grins evilly at Xorn. A Disir scholar says 'Dark ones you may retrieve your master's relic down that hall." The Disir points towards a dark hall made of pitch black marble.' Mariala looks at the creature again. She focuses on the staff again...this time causing the light to dim more, leaving a shadow on her face. "Your own...they don't know what you they?" A Disir scholar says 'Mistresses you may retrieve the relics of Solinari down that way." It points towards the white marbled hall.' A Disir scholar says 'No Mistress. My kind does not wish to have one such as I apart of their society. I would hold up their progress.' Mariala nods. "Would you keep that of the red for yours?" A Disir scholar slowly states 'No Mistress, I intend to retrieve them while the rest of you gather the others. Then I was hoping to return to the tower with you...' Xorn says 'They should go with us back to the Conclave. Since the Red robes would not participate, nor even bothered to care. They should be divided. ' Mariala sighs. "Shut up Xorn. You know NOT what you speak of." Kah asks 'They will be returned to the Conclave, and you are welcome to come along... Creature?' Mariala bows deeply, taking her gaze from the creature. She remains that way... Nestos looks to the others, "I would like, at the least, a relic of...each moon." You say 'All will not understand your speech...friend.' A Disir scholar looks towards the woman with white patches of fur growing on her body, "Thank you Mistress, and you may call me Drsllg." Mariala stands, turning to glare at Nestos. Mariala takes a step closer Xorn glares at Mariala. a very menacing look, but he holds his tongue, swallowing several times. At Nestos' request he nods. "I speak for the Ungod, and he has declared you have a right to one of his. The others, you will have to take that up with them' Kah says 'Nestos, unfortunately these relics, being from the time before the Cataclysm would not be able to be touched by those other then the followers of said moon. You will have to be content with one of Nuitari's trinkets.' Mariala stands. She turns to Kah. "Others won't be able to understand it's language in the Towers, Mistress." Nestos says 'I am sure you would find that I can touch any. Though I recieve my powers from Nuitari, I have recieved the blessings from all three of the moons.' Kah says 'As it may be Nestos, you will have to be content with one of your Master's possessions. It is more then I am allowed to warrant you.' Nestos says 'I would not want to get you in trouble than. I will have to be content with one for now it seems.' Kah turns to Mariala with an understanding smile on her face, "One of our first tasks will be to teach it proper speech in the common tongue, or teach it how to cast translate and understand tongues, mayhaps." Xorn says 'Ah who cares. It's fended for itself for three hundred years. I've heard enough. ' Xorn turns towards the black hall, and gestures for Nestos to follow. Kah says 'Well, if you are getting a little impatient you are more then welcome to go retrieve you prizes black robe.' Mariala shakes her head. Instead she reaches inside a pouch pulling out a piece of stick. She holds it out to the creature. "Try this friend Drsllg." A Disir scholar reaches for the small piece of wood. As the tip of the swordlike appendage touches the stick it begins to slowly glow starting with the same green as the staff then fading to black, then red, and finally white. Nestos says 'Thank you, High Archmage. *Nestos bows mockingly before walking down the black hall*' Mariala focuses on the staff in her hand. The light goes out. Mariala bends and lays the stick down. "Can you still understand me?" A Disir scholar says 'Th..thank you Mistress... I seem to be able to talk more freely now, and i dont seem to have the same irritation in my jaws when i try to pronounce the words The Disir's words echo throughout the minds of those in attendance.' A Disir scholar says 'I shall go retrieve the relics of Lunitari and await your return. The Disir scuttles off down the red marble hall.' Mariala bends and picks up the staff. She looks at the black hall with a sigh and heads down the white marble hallway. Kah says 'Let's go gather our blessings and start back home. This has been a tiring affair.' Kah heads down the white marble hall with Mariala and they return shortly. The Disir was waiting for them and shortly after they arrived so did the dark mages. With a word a gate opens which Mariala and the Disir step through and are deposited in the tower. Kah turns to the two dark mages. "So long and thank you for your companionship in this. Farewell." She turns and steps through the portal and it closes behind her. Nestos says 'It has been a pleasure. Next time you have an adventure let me know. I would love to profit off it again.' Xorn asks 'Shall we repose to one of your many doors?' Nestos says 'I believe that would be a good idea.' Xorn places his hand upon Nestos' shoulder, and invokes the darkness around them. Swirling into the ether, they are gone to parts unkown. FIN Author: Mariala Date: Sun Aug 29 11:53:44 2010 Subject Returning to the world This place was definately a far cry from the life she was born to, far from the servants that waited for every command, far from the posh luxury she knew. Yet, this was right where she wanted to be. The four bare walls and the mud floor seemed to help her ease the frustrations and thoughts running through her head. This all started when the her instructor found a quest for her. At first, Mariala was sent with a group of people she soon learned to trust with her life. There wasn't a Silvanesti elf among them, but, after a while, she saw them for who they were, not what she thought they were. In that quest, one of her friends laid down his life and that, now that she looked back on her years, was the start of her change. You could say that her change shifted more when her instructor made deals with the outcast and the other one in order to find something. Yet is was Mariala's work that allowed them to succeed. The young Silvanesti befriended something that no one else could. The creature still spoke to Mariala when the young elf decided to return to the place of instruction. She seemed torn in the crossroads of her life. Part of her was drawn by the way she was taught as she grew older. Part of her wanted the adventure and friendship she knew on her quest. Another part wanted to learn more from the strange creature she'd met and befriended. And there was still the strong annoyance at those who did not follow the light of Solinari, but that was just something she had to deal with. This day seemed to start like the other ones that Solinari had blessed her with since she'd walked out of the Towers that long ago afternoon. She rose with the sunlight blinding her. She stumbled from her bedroll and walked out into the brilliantly lit morning. The sea invited her for her daily swim, and she enjoyed it. It was when she returned to her little home on the beach that things seemed different. A scroll sat in the doorway. She picked it up and broke the seal. The creature she had met and befriended had had help in writing to her. It told her of the things that were going on in the Towers and asked her to return. With a silent curse, Mariala packed up her bag and opened the gateway that returned her to the Glyph. From there, she quickly made her way to quarters in the White Tower and sent a message to her friend in the Red Tower. It wasn't long before she met up with the creature and they made their way to a secluded place in order to talk. Author: Mariala Date: Thu Oct 28 03:25:10 2010 Subject Times change Pain was her friend. Pain showed her that life wasn't a meaningless, endless cycle of events that had little to no meaning. Pain showed her that there was things worth waking in the morning, things that she could explore and learn. She had to laugh a little. Pain was indeed her close personal friend. The sky seemed noticeably different to her. That was the first major thing that Mariala noticed when she stepped to the window high in the black tower. Instead of the brilliant white light that was Solinari greeting her from the stary sky, there was another light that called to her. The black shape known as Nuitari now sang to her, bathing her in the light of her newly found calling. She turned toward the center of the room, the rustling of movement catching her ears. Her true Master sat on a low back couch, a sly, knowing smile on his human face as he as he watched her. She merely smiled back at him, crossing the room to sit at his feet, her face turned up as she shyly smiled at her newly found lover. A servant scurried around, picking up the ruined remains of her former life. Pieces of destroyed silk and satin in pale lavender, pale blue, white and gold lay on the ground, discarded in piles of unwanted memories. Amongst the destruction lay also the prize of the former follower of Solinari, the cream colored leather belt that help her spell components, ruined beyond repair, the pouches ripped open and spilling their contents on the dark blue rug. Mariala turned her elven head slightly, regarding the servant with a yawn, her dark purple eyes seemingly bored with inactivity. She turned her attention back to Falkore. "Revenge is a well deserved treat," she seemed to purr. Falkore merely nodded, a hand lightly caressing her hair. Another servant moves quietly nearby, laying sooty colored clothing on a large pillow. Mariala waits until he's finished before she slowly stands and picks up a new dress. With a sly smile, she slips the sooty fabric over her head and lets the heavy fabric fall in ripples to the floor. With a childlike laugh, she lifts the hem slightly, allowing it to swish around her legs. She returns to her seat at Falkore's feet. "Teach me. I'm yours."

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