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Dominating the center of this room is a massive birch desk. Legend claims this desk has supported the thousands of volumes of history Astinus has recorded. A large pot of ink, a container of sharpened quills, and a candelabra complete the desks decorations. Small windows line the room, allowing light to trickle in and gently illuminate the entire room. A comfortable couch rests against the west wall. Tapestries hang on the walls between the windows. Shelves line the walls, filled with tomes of the more recent records of heroes and villians upon the face of Krynn.

The librarian notices you aren't reading anything... Astinus hands an elegant book bound in elf-skin to an Aesthetic standing by you. You note the spine bears the word 'Noskire' scribed in unearthly blue ink. As you glance down at the page you read..

From the pages of Noskire's book..

Author: Noskire Date: Tue Apr 27 18:13:56 2010 Subject A drunken story of Noskire. The large minotuar was sitting at a bar in palanthas, he had already drunk enough to fell two men and he was once again going over the events leading to this very moment wondering where he went wrong.... Ten years ago It was the first time he was allowed to practice with the war hammer, he was finally brawny enough that the weaponmaster deemed him fit to use it (he was born a discolored ruint after all), and he was filled with nervousness. He was already a failure with the sword and flail and he knew if he couldn't show an aptitude in this he would be relgated to a blacksmith or worse. As he hefted the mighty weapon he tested the balance using two hands and the using one. He found it was was more natural feeling in just one hand. The he picked up the small, for his kind, shield in his off hand and turned to face the master. As usual the master looked on with contempt. After he squared off facing the master they ran through some quick simple drills, blocking swinging with both the blunt edge and the spike, he realized with excitement that it felt natural and he was picking it up with ease. After a couple of months of progress he once again stood before the master, this time both held easy smiles and they began to spar. A quick duel emerged the hammers singing, shield smaching and Noskire ducked and spun with the ease of a warrior twice his age. As they locked hammers Noskire felt an energy running though his body, and stepped backwards throwing down his hammer. He raised his hands and sparks were flying off of them, he reached towards his new found friend in a panic and the energy discharged in a roar blasting the master twenty feet backwards and leaving a scorch pattern on his chest. Seven years ago Ever since he discovered he had magic he worked on perfecting it, learning to master it. All the while he hid it from the others, worried they would consider him an outcast and to a minotaur that moved from being a runt to being a respected young warrior that meant something. He was practicing his aim with a series of small magic bolts, when he heard a scream come from behind him. As he turned so did the bolts, they went straight towards the screaming creature. Noskire watched in shock as the bolts struck a young minotaur full in the face, caving it in completely blinding her. The screams continued louder then ever, and Noskire knew he had to do something before the other found out he used magic, and even worse used it against one of their own. He drew a breath and conjured a bolt of lightning and threw it at the girl, she couldn't have been more then 4 or 5 years old and the bolt of lightning wracked her body destroying it. She lay gasping for breath as Noskire watched, this was the first time he had killed anything with magic. He acted fast, conjuring a cloak of invisibility around himself and skulked a short distance away, as the last breaths escaped the girl thoat he dispelled the cloak and starting running towards the girl a concerned look on his face. He arrived at the scene out of breath and his war hammer unslung, hoping to be the one to discover the body he was disapointed when his younger brother was there first. 'Mikhal what has happened?' He asks loudly, trying to make himself appear important and innocent. Before his brother could respond another Minotaur walked up, the same weaponmaster that Noskire had scorched two years ago. The weaponmaster looked at the corpse and then towards Noskire. He instantly closed his mouth and took a step back, wondering if the master was going to betray the trust he had thus far given. He said nothing then but noskire could tell there was something afoot and turned and walked away. later that evening the weaponmaster found noskire at a clearing not far from where the girl had died. 'Noskire, you must leave the tribal lands.' He declared fiercely. Noskire gaped and looked at the master, 'It... It was..' He tried to explain that it was an accident but the words would just not come out. 'You must leave, They already know' but the words wouldn't come out. 'You must leave.' The master said befor walking away. Author: Noskire Date: Tue Apr 27 18:21:58 2010 Subject A drunken story of Noskire... Continued Two years ago Noskire looked at the fort, and then back towards his companions. He Was surrouned by a couple of the meanest and hardest mercenaries he had ever scene and these past five years he had worked with them all. Ever since he left his tribes he had wandered and fought in the dirtiest wars, as if he was hoping they would end his shameful life. But he had survived growing more and more proficient in both might and magic. And what was worse is that he was no longer any different then any of the other men in the troop, his heart was black and his soul was twisted into a cruel being. The fort before him stood as the last bastion of righteousness in the lands claimed by the lord that hired the troop, and there were only a handful of defenders. Those defenders looked at the two dozen men and scoffed softly thinking that it was a pittance of the army Lord Exlornianiono commanded. And one among them was even insulted that such a small force came before them to tear their vision of freedom away. When Noskire stepped forth and shouted a challenge for all the men willing to come forth and fight him, and if they won the group would go away and leave the fort in peace. The men cheered and sent forth two dozen men, after all the stupid minotaur hadn't declared that they would fight one on one and two dozen men against a young minotaur was an easy bet. ... All Noskire remembered of that day was blood and streaks of lightning. That was the day he had given up fighting for money, and he could barely remember why. But if you were to look on the fort now you would see only a blackened ruin because magic had run free destroying everything in sight, fire and lightning stiking nearly everyone including his own friends. From that day forth he wandered the lands looking for someone to teach him enough of the art to control his magic and enable him to lead the life of a warrior. Author: Noskire Date: Thu May 13 05:17:04 2010 Subject Noskire's Mercenary Beginnings Noskire walked up to the encampment nervously, it was only two weeks since he had fled from his villeage and already he had heard grumbling along the roadside during his trek. He hoped this mercenary troop wouldn't turn him away like the minotaur one had. But he had high hopes from everything he had heard this troop were cutthroats and thieves... perfect for an outcast like him. As he turned the last corner before the opening in the earthworks he was challenged by a wizened old man. "Declare yourself!" The man thundered in a surprising strong voice. Noskire frowned and started to push past the man angrily, 'this all the security they can afford?' He thought contemptously. But as he pushed against the man he was surprised to see himself moving to accommodate the others position. The old man uttered a word and gestured towards Noskire and suddenly he hung in the air motionless. Well not quite motionless because he was kicking and struggling agaist the mans will. As the two struggled the old man slid back a step and Noskire was given a slight reprieve. Apperantly the old man didn't count on Noskire's access to the power of magi, and Noskire took advantage of it. He uttered gestured and grunted sennding a small flurry of magic missiles at the man. The missiles impacted a full foot in front of the man but with enough force to drive the man back. With his concentration broken with surprise, Noskire was able to break free from the holding spell, as soon as the minotaurs hit the ground he twisted his fingers and faded out of sight. He dodged to the right and charged the man who had finally regained his composure, as Noskire neared him he flung out a silver link and uttered a command. Noskire bounced against the shield of armor that seemingly appeared out of thin air. As he hit the ground he was surrounded by a ring of steel, some held in the hands of very annoyed looking mercenaries some sticking up from the groung in the form of daggers and steel crossbow bolts. He slowly raised his hands, careful to show no aggression or violent ideas. "He attacked me." He said in a bid to save his life, being a young minotaur he was only five feet tall with maybe six inch horns and he knew if it came to a fight he would be dead wothin moments. One man smiled thinly and looked towards the old man who nodded with a slight smile. " in that case we won't kill you.. yet at least. State your business." He said in a low tone that nonetheless carried the twenty feet between them. "Who are you to demand such from me?!" Noskire said hotly, trying to appear less concerned with the situation the he was. "Take me to someone with power to make the most important decision that this troop has ever been priviliged to make." "I am Skrivl leader of the Deathsender Company and if you do not answer me I will have you put down like the mad cow you are." The man said viciously, obviously in no mood to deal with an up start. "Ah well..." Noskire said uncertainly, "I wish to join your troop." He finished simply. Skrivl laughed loudly, bordering on rudely, "well why didn't you say so?" He said when he had controll of his vooice again. "You must best one of my men in a fight and then you will win a spot in the company." He turned and looked at the old man, "Trenchard see to it for me will you? I have some other business to attend to." The man nodded, and the years started to drop off of him like leaves in the winter. Moments later a young elf stood in front of the gathering and smiled at Noskire's obvious confusion. "Very well then child what is your name?" Noskire scowled unhappy that he was left in the hands of an elf. "Noskire." He replied curtly. Trenchard chuckled softly to himself, almost as if he could feel the resentment boiling within the minotaur. "Well then..." he pauses and say something quietly to one of the men standing nearby who imediately turns and jogs into the camp. "Since you have some magical talent, however rudimentary it may be, you will face my apprentice in combat." Trenchard says simply. He waves a hand and two chairs appear before him. "Come sit while we wait." He say genially before sitting in one of the chairs. Noskire scowls again, this time not even trying to hide it, but he moves to sit down next to the elf. He begins to swing his hammer uo to sheath it but before it moves more then a couple of inches it is hit by three different swords stopping it cold. Noskire blinks rapidly, 'he sure does that a lot...' Trenchard thought to himself. Without moving a muscle Noskire sends a bolt of lightning through his hammer blasting the three men to the ground where they lay twitching for a few lomg moments. Noskire smiled slightly baring his canines and continued the swing sheathing his hammer. "My apologies," he said as he lowered himself into the chair. "Will it be long until your apprentice comes?" "He should be here shortly." Trenchard replied. "Now tell me, where did you learn your magics? It has been a very long time since we saw one of you with them." "Magic is not something my poeple are comfortable with..." Noskire said quietly "thus I had no teacher." He hung his head slightly, "though my weapons master showed me a few gestures he'd seen other mages use...." "That is-" Trenchard began to say but was cut off by a mature humans voice. "What do we have here, did one of the cows learn a trick or two?" The new comer sneered. He was tall and thin as a rail with oily black hair that hung in thin strips. He was dressed in a black mages robe that resembled nothing more then a farmers dress with pockets sown around the waist. He carried a short walking stick that gleamed with magick. <To be continued...> Author: Noskire Date: Thu May 13 05:36:32 2010 Subject Noskire's Mercenary Beginnings Noskire raised an eyebrow at the man and curled his lips in contemptous anger. He was already halfway out of the chair before trenchard spoke, "Trellis this is Noskire..." The elf stopped in mid sentence as he noticed the minotaur in question was racing hotly towards Trellis. He smiled slightly in anticipation and spoke quickly. "And he will duel you for entrance to the company." He barely finished speaking before Trellis fanned his hands in front of himself sending a stream of fired towards Noskire. Noskire grabbed the small buckler off of his right elbow and raised it in front of the stream of fire. Trellis gasped in shock as the buckler glowed blue and started to steam but the chill of ice covered it long enough to plow into Trellis and send him flying. Trellis used the momentum and cast a spell that caused him to fly. He flew twenty feet from the force of the blow and then zoomed straight up invoking one of his rings to fade from sight. As Noskire searched the skies for the man, Trellis began an incantation to turn the weather foul, he spoke in a low hurried voice. Noskires ear twitched as the wind picked up and the skies darkened. He smiled slightly because the wind was now carrying the humans voice to him, he turned in a full circle and then another quarter until he found the area the noise was coming from. He let out a roar and sent a flurry of missiles to the area most flew harmlessly past but two stroke the shield Trellis had erected to protect himself. Trellis frowned but continued his incantation needing the weather to turn just a little bit worse for his next spell. He was almost done and if he could finish the incantion this cow would never walk again. Noskire began throwing bolts of lighting at Trellis, over and over they smashed into the shield battring Trellis around the sky. Trellis however kept his composure, after all his flying speel would keep him from running into the ground, and finished the incantation. The sky was black and sheets of rain slammed into the ground with strong winds whipping through the area. With a sigh Trenchard waved a wand and strong shield snapped up around the men left out in the elements and then with another gesture a shield shimmered above the encampment, he was obviously a powerful caster. The shield before Trellis shattered rocking him backwards and he scowled as he quickly set another shield, and then a set of translucent armor about himself. He grimaces and thinks to himself, 'This cow is more formdidable then i would have believed.' He then began a quick incantation, as he chanted Noskire tested the shield, which began to weaken considerably. Noskire smiled and began to pump out the lightning bolts faster, he could sense growing power behind the storm and he didn't really want to find out what it boded. He got into a rhythm that allowed him to throw a bolt and on the downside shoot a short flurry of missiles that harrassed Trellis. Trellis cursed as his incantation slipped and a small portion of the energy he had gathered ran through his body. He wasted no time in casting a short spell turning his skin to stone just in case the shielding spells crumbled completely. He moved onto the previous incantation this time not hurrying along quite as much to make sure he didn't slip again. Noskire began to sag under the strain of casting so much and decided to switch gears, he looked around for something he could use against the mage in the sky. He didn't find anything that resembled a weapon but he spotted a small circle of metal and remembered the spell Trenchard had used to make an armored shield and smiled slightly. He walked over and picked it up and attempted to mimic the words Trenchard had used. After a couple of failed attempts he managed to duplicate the spell, conjuring a set of armor about him. Trenchard noticed and smiled then cackled knowing he could use the minotaur if he survived the fight. Noskire started to cast some other minor shielding spells, nothing like the powerful shields that Trellis and Trenchard cast, but these would protect the caster from fire or burning. Trellis finished the incantation, sending bolts of lightning down from the skies to strike the ground around Noskire. Some of the bolts were close enough to raise the hair all over Noskire's body making him puff up in a strangely menacing manner. Trellis smiled for this was only the first of 10 or 15 volleys of lightning, and already the ground was being turned into a charred piece of ash. He decided that it was time to unleash some of his own personal magic and he started to unleash spires of hardened mud that thrust up from the ground around Noskire randomly. Noskire begins to jump and dodge around the spires cursing in frustration, one of his curses is cut off as a bolt of lightning struck him in the shoulder sending him flying into the side of a spire. As he bounced off the spire Noskire tumbled and came up on his feet in time to catch a bolt of lightning. His gauntlets begin to burn, though the fireproofing spell he cast held up, and he quickly juggled the bolt before throwing it at Trellis. Unbelievably another lightning bolt almost striking the spire next to Noskire but he grabbed it and flung it towards Trellis as well. Both bolts flew true and the first was so powerful it shattered the shield in front of Trellis and the second cracked the stone skin sending Trellis slamming into the earth. Trellis was stunned from the fall, and maybe more stunned by the fact that Noskire was able to redirect the bolts. He slowly began to gather himself up when he was struck by another bolt of lightning, slamming him into the ground. He looked up and saw a dark figure approaching as his vision began to blur in pain. Noskire smiled thinly, thanking the gods that being a minotaur allowed him to take more punishment then the human mage. He approached the mage on the ground and swung his hammer, striking the mage in the temple hard enough to knock him out cleanly. Blood began to trickle out of Trellis's ears, and more lightning struck the ground around the two mages. And then the last volley began.. And this time both mages were in a position of peril and the volley was targeted to a small location. Noskire leaned over and covered Trellis with his body cursing that the armor spell he cast had already been shattered. Two bolts converged in the air and combined to land with even more force on Noskire, driving him down against the human and causing him to spasm. Noskire slowly braced himself feeling another bolt coming and prepared himself to take the punishment, he didn't want the puny human to die because that might bring the wrath of the entire company down on him. He turned his head and was surprised to see a strong shield in place around him and Trellis. Trenchard appeared in a black mist and waved a hand. A rod appeared in the air in front of Trenchard and he grabbed it, he said a command word and the staff glowed green. The green light expanded and suddenly the day was clear again and the spire receded into the ground. "I'd say you've earned a spot in the company, and if you desire you will be my apprentice." He chuckled darkly, "I didn't actaully expect you to survive the duel... He is in the last stages of apprenticeship." Noskire looked up at Trenchard through blurry eyes and smiles his lips curling up seemingly of their own accord, spasming slightly. He stood slowly and faced Trenchard, 'I'm in.. Teach me everything you know and I will serve the company well." He said in a quiet voice, weak from the abuse he had taken. Trenchard smiles and raised his hand uttering a single word. "Sleep." As he spoke the command a blue light washed over Noskire and he slumped to the ground.

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