The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Acaydon.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Acaydon' scribed in rich orange ink.

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Wed Nov  5 02:29:46 2008
Subject     The hatred within...

I do not know where to begin to combat these accusations  I hardly
believe I even have to defend my actions against this man.  What makes
this common thug an expert on priesthood? What could he possibly begin
to understand of the complexities of prayer? I've come from a long line
of worship in my family. I am not inherently evil by nature, I thought I
had put this behind me, after forgiving such a vicious and completely 
unwarranted attack not so long ago. I had thought a dwarf could make
an honestly living as a masonry worker. That a dwarf could worship out
in the open, free of persecution.  Anyone with the slightest of knowledge
on this subject would've known I was going over some prayers to call
out a healing for the blind.  I was praying to cure the sickness of a beggar
I'd found in the darker alleyways on my travels through the fair city of
Palanthas.  I cannot begin to wonder what hatred has overcome this being.
Perhaps he doesn't like hill dwarves, this is the second time in not so many
days that he's attacked completely unprovoked. As he came upon me, my
prayers caught in my throat as I was about to offer a greeting. Yet again my
miss guided trust and forgiveness was thrown in my face, yet again my good
name thrown into the mud for no reason.  And as for that artifact that was
stolen from my belongings, I had come across a curious fellow that goes by
the name of Brim, he'd been fortunate enough in his travels to obtain a pair
of these curious items. Knowing of my priestly talents and that I'd also done
a fair bit of travel, he asked my opinion on what they could mean. I fear I
may never be able to return the item he entrusted me to study.  Again I ask
for none of this, a peaceful priest, offering words of prayer for the sickly, 
out in the open, freely praying for the good of all, in a beautifully built city.
It saddens me what these dire times can bring upon even one of a holy order
such as mine. So I first, offer an apology to Brim for losing his most curious
of items, and secondly I ask again for forgiveness to this miss guided man
who seems so filled with hate, I will pray for you.

Signed with a surprisingly elegant script: Acaydon RavenClaw

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Thu Nov  6 04:03:04 2008
Subject     Blood on the road to Solace

after reports of violence in the area around Solace, I was contacted to
conduct an investigation on the murders. I found that all the people slain
were on the roads in and out of Solace, in fact, right along the trade routes.
This was a curious coincidence as they were also all of dwarven heritage.
Upon cooperation with the local authorities, as I was acting on their behalf,
albeit independently, I was able to examine the corpses of the massacre.
After looking over the casualties it only confirmed my earlier suspicions
that the two were connected. The area of attacks were right along the two
main caravan roads. Most of the victims seemed to be related, and indeed
of the same band even. They were mostly mountain dwarves, which I admit
left a foul taste in my mouth and grime on my hands I could not wash off for
several days after the incident.  I came to a quick, and in my opinion, natural
conclusion that these deaths were caused by two warring factions of mountain
dwarf caravans. Apparently these two clans were in a heated race to establish
a new route to the city of Solace, they stopped at nothing to out do the other
and this did result in quite a few deaths. Not that the world would miss a few
petty mountain dwarves, good ridden I say, and may the world be better off
for it.  In the end it was nothing of major concern and I alerted the watch of
my findings, they concluded much the same to my satisfaction.

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Wed Nov 12 02:50:05 2008
Subject     Faith lost... (part 1)

You can feel the heart beating rhythmically beneath you. You hang from a
finely crafted chain swaying comfortably as you generally do when the
priest walks about.  Gently a hand reaches up to clasp you tightly beneath
his robes. His touch is firm but pleasant as it brings you closer to
communion with your creator.  You feel the energies surge within you as he
chants a quick prayer and begins moving again, releasing you to your
swaying once again.

It is dark when you are finally hung upon your well worn peg near the small
cot in the cramped room, a pang of loneliness over comes you as you wait
for the cold night to pass and the sun to rise again, heralding a new day
and morning prayer, your favorite part of the day.

Morning comes quickly and afore mentioned prayers warm your insides, it
fades quickly as you are placed around his neck causing him to flinch with
your cold, tender caress. His shrugs it off and dons his robes, hiding the
daylight from you, allowing you peace and comfort in the darkness once

It started out just like any other day, a walk around the monastery and
even a walk to the market, nothing unusual. Then it happened, a quick jerk,
a rough tumble, the priest stumbled out of the way of an out of control
horse and cart. Was he alright? It didn't matter; you felt a falling
sensation, something not unlike being taken off for the evening. However it
was still light, and then...

There was a metallic sound as you hit the cobble stones hard, splashed into
a puddle and sunk slowly into the mud. The dirt and grime was repulsive,
dark and dirty, cold and wet. You tried to protest but it was inevitable,
you were lost, alone and afraid.

*                           *                             *

The priest was pacing frantically as he met the dark figure in the
courtyard. "What do you need from me to find the medallion?", the
priest pleas helplessly.

Acaydon says, "If I can just examine another like it and perhaps your
living quarters that should be enough, along with another personal item I
should be able to locate it relatively quickly for you."

The priest quickly escorts the man to his quarters and explains the
situation, handing over a similar medallion borrowed from another priest
along with some other personal affects.

*                           *                             *

The warmth of a hand surrounds you as you emerge from the murky waters of a
long settled puddle. With great care it wipes you off, paying particular
care to your gem encrusted etchings. You feel joy at being found, but
instant dread as you gaze upon the being holding you up. Before you can
gather your surroundings you're quickly stuffed into a small pouch hidden
from view once again.

Before long there is another violent jerk and you become beaten and
scratched by the many coins in the pouch as you fall to the ground once
again. You are quickly lifted and rushed off again by what sounds like a
pair of small running feet. Instantly you feel a small flight before you
can gather your wits and you slam once again into the ground gathering even
more nicks and cuts. With another quick fall and a splash you begin quickly
becoming wet once again. At the same time, a feeling of movement roughly
rushes you along to a louder, splashing sound. Yet again another fall and a
loud 'KURPLUNK' sound as you land hard on the bottom of what you can only
guess to be a deep pool of water.

*                           *                             *

Acaydon quickly recites a few prayers and prepares a spell he adapted using
some of the materials and information gathered at the monastery. Once the
spell is cast he is urged to move east towards the sewer entrance. After
several attempts, yielding various other trinkets and amulets he was
confident this was the one he was searching for.

(to be continued)

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Wed Nov 12 02:53:09 2008
Subject     Faith lost... (part 2)

As he approached the entrance the gentle pull of the spell grew stronger.
He wandered through some tunnels and eventually came to a vast network of
pools and tunnels in the sewers below Neraka.  After an hour of searching
he found a pool where water was rushing in from a grate about eye level.
The lay of the tunnel network gave him hope as he waded into the pool,
first feeling around with his feet for what he was searching for. Then,
after he found something hopeful, he dove down and quickly grabbed it from
the bottom.

*                           *                             *

The darkness wasn't so bad, but the sense of hopelessness and of an
eternity of loneliness was bitter. The sense of abandonment, and it was
suddenly much colder among your fairly inadequate company of mixed coins. 
Suddenly in the silence and stillness there was movement and a rush of
watery currents came over you. Hope at last, something has come to save

The snake slithered out one small pipe, brushing up past the pouch pushing
it further into the corner before moving into another small pipe across the
way. Never considering the value of what it had just inadvertently brushed
up against in its quest for another meal of slimy fish.

The time passed much slower after that initial burst of hope, until finally
it happened again, only it was different, there were several currents as if
someone was walking near you, and then it did happen. You were being lifted
up out of the water. Finally, someone has come for you. You can feel their
power, an instant connection to your creator, but it was different some
how, similar, but ultimately not the same intimate touch of your own
*                           *                             *
He came up quickly, coughing up some water and muttering all the while
about his distaste for sewers and water in general. Spitting out some
particularly foul stuff he looked down into his hand to find a small pouch.
To his surprise and utter delight the amulet was there, as well as a
sizeable amount of copper and even a gold piece.

With a quick snap of his fingers and a prayer to his own deity, Acaydon was
back in the courtyard before the monastery. He quickly found the priest and
just as quickly collected his reward before departing to check on his manor
in the very same city. Shortly after he departed for Palanthas without
another word or even a look back.

Acaydon RavenClaw

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sat Nov 15 01:55:21 2008
Subject     Goods for Travel

There I was, looking over some papers and requests for various jobs in the
main quarters of the complex. I found nothing of interest and decided to do
some much needed prayer instead for guidance I've long been in need of.
Part way through this prayer session a servant dropped a newly delivered
request on my desk.  It looked authentic and had an interesting seal upon
the outside in a red colored wax.

Curiousity got the better of me and my prayer session ended prematurely, I
picked up the note and broke the seal. After skimming the note, nothing of
too great an importance, I did finally respond with an accord.

It was a simple matter and the pay was more than ample, I agreed sending a
message off right away, knowing it would get there much faster than myself.
I had a few things to pick up along the way to the meeting place anyway. In
just a few days time I traveled from the complex to Gerighelm, to Palanthas
to meet my perspective buyer. I had a few things in stock he was looking
for. After a quick meet and greet we walked along for a while and I brought
him to my storage facility with the items he was looking to acquire.

It was a simple trade, item for coin. Just the way I like them. Quick,
descrete and fast. Before I could count my blessings I was on my way back
to the complex to again resume my much needed prayers.
Acaydon RavenClaw

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sun Nov 16 19:39:21 2008
Subject     Whispers in Tantallon (part 1)

He strikes a pensive pose as he contemplates the most recent news from his
network. After a moment of consideration he nods to himself, producing a
wicked smile on his face. Walking over to his newly acquired desk, of fine
oak, he gathers up a parchment and some scribing materials. Just before
sitting down to write a clever note, he calls for a messenger and takes a
seat at the desk to write what was on his mind, all the while keeping that
delightfully wicked smile upon his otherwise cherubic face.

As he was penning the last of the note, feeling quite content with his
choice of wording on the note, he read it over just once more before
sealing it. That process itself took considerable time as he looked over
the many signets he would use. Finally after a long pause he chose one with
just the right history. Not too subtle, no direct ties, just the right
amount of influence, it was perfect. He sealed the letter just as the
messenger announced himself and approached the desk. Without permission,
the dark figure made note to himself absently, though that didn't matter,
not today, not with such promising news unfolding.

"This must be delivered to the local authorities in Tantallon, be
discrete, and be quick," the dark figure said with a wave of his hand.

"Oh yes sir, right away sir,"the some-what nervous messenger said with
a too gracious bow. He paused for only a moment before turning on his way
and running out the door.

The figure at the desk began writing another note, casually he called out
to the curtain behind him and to the back, out of sight. "Make sure he
delivers it then slay him just outside the city. Make it look like theft
gone murder."

*               *               *

Two days later the messenger arrived, making quite good time so he thought
at the city of Tantallon. He was quick to scout out the local authorities
and quickly found a barracks with the symbol of the Solamnic Knights
hanging on high. With a nervous step he scanned the area for immediate
threats and tried to casually walk toward the barracks. He was stopped with
a quick "Halt!" and two guards appeared promptly from the entrance.

"State your business," one gruff fellow said.

(continued on part 2)

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sun Nov 16 19:45:03 2008
Subject     Whispers in Tantallon (part 2)

After a moment of fumbling the messenger produced a letter and handed it
over with great care to show the markings in the wax seal. He stated it was
urgent and made a big fuss about having orders to deliver it directly to
the captain of the guard. After a few moments of deliberation and upon
further inspection of the signet stamped a guard gave a quick nod to one
back in the doorway and within a few moments an obviously higher ranking
officer did appear. That was more than enough for the almost trembling
young messenger and he quickly handed the note over before giving a bow and
explaining yet again the important of it. He ran off without another word,
stumbling once and turning the corner of a building to quite chuckles from
the guards.

The higher ranking officer was not a captain, was nothing more than the
lead watch of the men on duty. He just happened to be dressed in his more
formal uniform for the day, having had some other business with a noble
family earlier in the day. He unceremoniously tore open the note and began
reading it before he gave a quick gasp and looked around quickly for the
messenger that had left. Finding no one, he gave a curt nod to the other
men around him and dashed into the barracks.

The real captain of the barracks took his time reading over the letter,
carefully inspecting the script and the signet symbol stamped again at the
lower left corner near the elegant signature. A signature he knew
surprisingly well. With a great sigh he rose from his desk and paced around
the room a bit as he gave his orders.

"It seems our original suspicions are true on the attacks that have been
taking place recently. It is just as we suspected. A band of thugs at work.
It looks like it is a small group, so we should be able to deal with them
swiftly. Take four and investigate this further to be sure,"  with a nod
he turned and walked back to his desk to inspect the letter again. 

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Mon Nov 17 16:26:04 2008
Subject     An Audience Requested

 He was sitting at his desk, as he'd been doing more and more lately,
shuffling through reports, he gave a sigh as he stumbled across a pile he'd
completely over looked. Just as he was about to look through those reports a
courier came rushing in, unannounced he noticed. It must be urgent for such

Some what annoyed he responds, "A knock would be prudent next time."

The messenger bows and begs forgiveness but indeed exclaims his urgency,
"Word from Neraka sir, there's been attacks, the manor has sustained some
heavy damage to the outer wall. They are requesting your presence at once."

Slamming his fists on the table in frustrations Acaydon gets up quickly and
rushes around the desk, "I don't have time for this, not now." he sighs
angrily. "Gather some men we've got to make a trek to Neraka."

The servant left in a rush and Acaydon sat back down in his newly furnished
chair to think on the situation at hand. Before long, and well before the
preparations were in order for the journey he was in fine spirits once
again. Once the courier arrived he gave the order to move out at once, a
slight spring in his step.

Once in Neraka, Acaydon didn't go directly to his manor as the company
expected. Instead he made a more direct route to the local headquarters of
the Dragonarmy. This was unexpected but upon arrival it became clear.

Acaydon spoke privately with the guards, showing them various symbols and
documents and even slipping them a small bribe to ensure the message was
delivered to the Baroness. With a quick wink to his new friends he turned
about with a wide grin on his face.

Upon returning to his band and giving the order to move out, he turned to
his advisor and said, "I've just requested an audience with the Baroness
personally, it was too sensitive to send a messenger for these delicate
matters. Let us check on the manor while we wait for her reply. She is quite
busy I hear, but we shall see..." 

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Fri Nov 21 00:41:18 2008
Subject     A Quick Coin

 Acaydon writes in his logs:

During my travels I came across a couple curious fellows, one was looking
for a lost item. Upon his rather simple request I was able to use magical
influence to guide him to his lost dagger. It was a trivial matter but the
pay was well worth the inconvenience it caused in my travels through the
Solamnic Plains on my way to Palanthas.

While staying in Palanthas I was contacted by another fellow, not quite as
curious just in need of a good sword. As luck would have it I'd just picked
up a fine sword in a game of dice (yes, the game was rigged) and was more
than willing to part with it for a price, naturally. After hefting the
magnificent sword he was so impressed he rushed right out to slay some
beasts. Just before doing so he handed me quite a bit more coin to my
delight and asked for my blessings. It was a simple matter of well rehearsed
prayer before he was on his way. Woe to whatever beast he was to slay that

Acaydon pulls a lever in his desk and a small compartment slides out, where
he places a small pouch of coins before resetting the drawer back in place.
He says to himself, "I'll have to deposit that tomorrow morning but that
should hold for now."

Acaydon RavenClaw 

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sat Nov 29 20:34:55 2008
Subject     Field Report

Field Report:

The battle is well in hand, we've decimated the villages surrounding
Thelgaard Keep and have begun a full on assault. I must applaud the
efficiency of these brute force attacks at first it seemed a siege would be
in order to harrow their formidable defenses. I sorely underestimated the
sheer strength of will the Dragonarmy exudes in its wake. It is inevitable;
we will take this keep for our own. 

I've laid waste to a few pockets of resistance with my band, securing the
outer perimeter after completing a circuit inside the keep itself. It is
much easier to move with a small band in the chaos of battle for scouting
purposes. They've got a few white robes on the walls, I was fortunate enough
to eliminate the captain of the guard upon the eastern wall on my short
excursion into the keep itself.

Everything outside the walls seems quite secure considering my own efforts
and the complete destruction of any meager resistance from the villages. I
did have to reprimand a few young upstarts to restore the chain of command,
nothing serious but they won't be causing any further trouble amongst the

Acaydon RavenClaw 

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Thu Dec 11 04:52:28 2008
Subject     Knife of Dracart: A Merchant Caravan

 After a rush through his manor Acaydon ended up in his private quarters.
The road was rough and the travel quick and far too light, not the way he
usually would do things. Apparently haste is of the utmost importance in
this most recent turn of events. He sat down at his desk in a comfortable
chair and pulled out the message given to him as he recalled the
conversation just two short days ago at the camp just back from the battle
lines of the current campaign. It was an audience with the head of the camp
regarding a message delivered earlier that same day. There was hardly a
conversation just the pleasantries and the message was handed over to him.
He left within an hour of reading the message.

Hastily written on some elegantly decorated parchment:

We are in need of council in Neraka. We have received word of an important
matter regarding a lost artifact. We need to utilize some of your other
talents in this matter. Come at once. 

Upon returning to the city he was summarily greeted at his manor shortly
after arriving with an armed escort and was lead toward the temple. A brief
and rather uninformative meeting had him on his way to his manor once again,
muttering all the while about wasting time and pointless meetings and the
need for couriers and urgency and a dozen other things causing him agitation
at the moment, to prepare a small contingent of wagons for the road.

The concept was quite simple after a bit of thought, which he'd gotten
plenty of on his walk back to his manor. He figured it all out quite nicely
and had a plan set by the time he reached the front gates. He sent servants
scurrying across the courtyard to send word to the appropriate people he'd
be taking with him.

Shortly after arriving home he had a detailed route planned out and had
already dispatched several agents to various target locations. They would
naturally arrive weeks before him and have gathered any pertinent
information on this mysterious artifact. That is if there was an artifact to
be had, and if there was any information floating about in the taverns and
on the darker streets of the cities.

The route was simple enough starting from Neraka he'd head north and west
eventually arriving in Palanthas. It was the perfect cover for gathering
intelligence on this delicate matter. His long history with merchants and
caravans would aid him well as he conducted this faux expedition. That in
its self would be quite profitable from his past experiences with such
dealings, let alone any profit to be gained from information gathered for
the Dragonarmy agency which he was currently heavily involved with at the
moment. 'Ahh but they do pay well.' He thought to himself.

Acaydon RavenClaw 

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sat Dec 13 02:58:35 2008
Subject     Knife of Dracart: Profit from the Naive

 The wagon rolled along the road coming from Telvan at a steady pace
bumping and thumping along. Acaydon sat at the head of the second wagon, the
most secure place of the three wagons in tow. He was a bit distracted at
first but before long he realized the driver next to him was talking to him
not the horses this time. "So that last town wasn't bad eh?" the driver said

Acaydon looked curiously at the driver, a bit suspiciously at first before
stating the obvious, "Aye, we sold quite a few of those trinkets didn't
we?"he said with a wink and a nod. "We've got plenty o' stock left to sell
that's fer sure. We'll make quite a good profit whether we find th' damn
thing're not I say." 

The driver smiled wickedly, "We'll be in Kalaman before nightfall for sure."
That evening Acaydon met secretly with his informant located in Kalaman. It
was much the same, however, which didn't surprise him in the least.

"So no word of the artifact then?" Acadyon asked quietly after glancing
around the dimly lit tavern common room. The fire had all but gone out and
the figure across the table from him was cloaked and hunched over.

"Nothing, there has been increased activity, but that doesn't confirm
anything we don't already know. The docks have been swarmed by new comers in
search of the great knife and there have been countless fights and brawls in
the taverns around the city. It is much the same in other cities I would
imagine. They are all false trails so far I fear. Word has come of some
activity in Gerighelm and Lemish. I've even heard a few stories from as far
off as Palanthas." the shadowy figure said softly.

Acaydon took a great swallow of the now warm ale wondering how he'd let it
get to that state in the first place, before he shrugged and offered, "Aye,
much the same, world has gone mad I say, and over what? An imagined knife.
Th' durned fools I say." he slurred a little more than usual with the ale
thick in his blood and his agitation showing clear on his face. "Guess we'll
stick to th' plan then and sell these durned things, the whole lot of 'em
eh? We'll make good for sure th' durned fools!"

The wagons were set up in a semi-circle right near the docks almost herding
the crowd in a narrow passage right past. Mixed into the crowd were a few
pick pockets he always kept on hand with a caravan such as this. No harm
taking from both ends was it then? A select few merchants wore elegant and
fine robes, and they were the true success of this grand scheme. Each was
loaded with a fine array of 'magical' daggers; all enchanted with minor
spells of little importance or significance. The usual reports of what the
dagger was capable of and some other less dramatic spells thrown on for good
measure. Each dagger was fairly unique in stature so as not to confuse it
with other false replicas. 

It was a rather ingenious plan he'd concocted shortly after the original
meeting with the louts back in Neraka. He preferred dealing with intelligent
beings whenever possible and he'd heard little from the Baroness of late.
That thought reminded him at the moment, she was well past due to intrude
with some obscure orders again. 'Oh but it was worth it most days' He
thought to himself as he often did.

This wild goose chase wasn't working out so poorly after all, he'd made a
small fortune peddling these counterfeit daggers with his little operation
and the general intelligence reports coming from the informants were
actually drawing a pretty clear point of reference as to where the dagger
might have been or likely still is. True, these were all stories, lies and
rumors, but that is often the case with outlandish rumors floating about and
a craze that captures the pathetic beings too dim to realize it's all a
hoax. At least Saragonnas could appreciate his efforts to feed the flames of
this ridiculous endeavor for the hunt of some imaginary knife. Acaydon gave
a soft chuckle to himself as he considered that it may all have been planned
by Sargonnas himself. How sweet that would be if it were true.

Acaydon RavenClaw 

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Thu Jun 11 23:54:37 2009
Subject     Captured

 The wagon rumbled along steadily on the god forsaken piece of road.
Grumbling to himself about the things he'd do to whoever commissioned such a
stretch of garbage, the wagon sudden came to a halt. Now what, he thought to
himself and climbed up to the hatch before the driver seat and pulled the
hatch open violently. 

"I don't recall giving the order to break camp!" he shouted through the

A quarrel sliced through the air just nicking his ear and the limp form of
the driver tumbled off the side of the wagon. Acaydon backed up cursing
wildly for the delay. He flew to the door uttering a prayer of defense and
kicked it open, roaring all the while at the no doubt petty highway men
attempting to rob him. He shouted orders to his men behind in another wagon
and out to the flanks but heard nothing. He swung around the door and was
just about to launch into an attack when he realized he was the only one
still standing. Cursing his luck he ducked back behind the wagon, but not
before the forward advance noticed him and yelled out his position. He
quickly went through a spell of invisibility and stepped clear form his
original position. The pathetic fools were befuddled at what had happened to
their victim behind the wagon. Acaydon took a moment then to scrutinize the
group, a rather large contingent of men, most well armored, disciplined,
organized. This was not a chance meeting, this was definitely planned
carefully. Upon that realization Acaydon began to slip back into the woods
away from the scene, carefully backing up, slowly so he wouldn't make any
noise, he didn't even notice the ring of men circling behind him, or the
fact that he was no longer invisible. With a loud crack and a sharp pain in
the back of his head, the world grew dark and strangely peaceful

Waking with a splitting head ache, Acaydon found himself in a cell, quickly
surmising he was in a dungeon of some sort. It was dark and he had to let
his eyes focus, his mind was swirling. It took several moments to focus and
he instinctually surveyed the cell and the exit, noting two guards, dwarven
guards. He sniffed the air, noticing a bit of sulfur in the air. 

A gruff voice spoke into the cell, giving a laugh before unlocking the door
and shuffling into the cell. The guard was carrying a torch and it stung the
prisoner's eyes. "Get up scum!" the guard said with a swift kick. Acaydon
growled something about the guard's mother, earning himself another kick
right in the face this time. After a minor scuffle and the help of two
additional guards the prisoner was escorted to a room even deeper in the
mines for questioning. 

(To be continued)

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Thu Jun 11 23:59:50 2009
Subject     Rescue?

He wasn't sure how long he'd been working this pathetic excuse of a mine.
Surprised to be alive after what had happened with the attack on the wagon,
what was that several months ago now? It'd been so long he couldn't keep the
days straight any longer. These wretched dwarven scum hadn't seen it fit to
slay him, he was much too valuable as a slave apparently, one with intimate
knowledge of how to work a hammer and pick. The whip marks were more than
convincing the first three times he'd gone through the ordeal of refusing to
work. After that it came back to him quickly. The days of youth in the
village, working with the occasional smithy; it was natural for just about
every dwarf. This group of hylar scum would pay. He'd already convinced a
couple his guards to have a game of chance from time to time; the louts did
love to gamble. That was definitely a way in, he just had to wait for the

Finally, one day, the old mining camp was just about obliterated by a
marauding band of goblin-kin. They were beaten back quite quickly but the
casualties were immense to the hylar scum. Within a week they were
completely overrun by a small contingent of the Dragonarmy hordes looking
for supplies. With incredible luck, there were a few commanders in the group
that had recognized him from previous encounters. With not so great luck
however, he was not greeted well, having been thought a deserter he was
summarily thrown in chains. Considering the usual treatment of deserters he
had high hopes, most never even got to see a set of shackles. After some
time in the chains, there were some heated discussions among the chief
commanders and as Sargonnas was his own witness the very commander he had
healed from the brink of death came over to him. With as warm a smile as
he'd seen in ages he gave Acaydon a meager apology on how things were
supposed to be done and some other jumbled phrases muttered far too softly
for anyone to hear, and just like that he released the shackles to drop to
the floor.

Acaydon quickly saluted and resumed my original 'position' in command as a
priest in the service of these ingrates. The meal he shared with them
allowed Acaydon to express his intimate knowledge of this network of mines,
proving his use ten-fold when he was able to detail a map and give estimates
of how valuable the captured mine was. Things were looking up until he
finally asked what month is was and realized he'd been in that hole for
quite some time. A minor set back to be sure, but no real worries, having
placed several competent personnel in place to run my facilities just in
case. He was in complete confidence he would return home to find everything
as it was before my departure those many months past. 

Upon reaching his manor in Neraka, oh how nice it was to see the city again.
And realize the comforts it had once provided him. He was certainly excited
to be home and -nearly- forgot to send a courier off to the Baroness for a
debriefing request.

Acaydon RavenClaw 

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sun Jun 14 14:57:37 2009
Subject     New Blood

 Sitting in his office reading over some recent reports, Acaydon began to
consider the organization a little further. He had been gone a while, and it
was good to be back for sure, but something was missing. He had taken full
count of the current members; it was far less than before his capture in the
mines. Those vermin would pay in time to be sure he thought with a clenched
fist, damn hylar!

He hadn't heard word from his associates in the Dragonarmy, the Baroness
must be on holiday or some other such nonsense, he thought to himself. She
was probably prancing around with her dragon pet showing off to the
loyalists. Oh well, a matter for another day he supposed, shuffling some
other papers on the desk. He was thinking more about the current task of
finding some new blood when a knock came to the door.

With a sigh he called out, "You may enter but be quick about it."

The messenger came in, bowed, approached and left the letter on his desk
before turning and rushing out. He looked over the seal, looked up at the
messenger noting his hasty retreat, so hard to find good help he thought. He
almost called the man back for to berate him on the proper edicate of
delivering a simple message but thought better of it. He tore open the note
and surmised from the scrawling letters it was from an associate in another
band of business men working within the complex. Honest folk, he muttered to
himself. The letter detailed some contact information and a name. He would
have to follow up with this promising recruit in due time to be sure. He
arranged for a small sack of gold to be delivered off to his associate as a
finder's fee of sorts and to ensure the information would keep flowing as
needed between the two groups. More so from them he noted to himself with a
satisfied, smug grin. 

Things were in motion once again, he'd send out some feelers and look for
any promising new blood in the area. He did have to replace the caravan, he
took some good men with him, highly priced men he thought to himself, who
failed him. At least he didn't have to shell out any further coin, serves
them right for dying he chuckled to himself.

In a better mood he decided to take a stroll out of the compound and walk
around the woods, feeling particularly well off considering the recent turn
of evens and he was still in good spirits over his recent encounter with
that troublesome knight in Palanthas. Yes, things were coming together just
as before. It wouldn't be long now. 

Acaydon RavenClaw

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sun Jun 21 19:59:47 2009
Subject     Account Logs

 A request for a particularly valuable sword enchanted with thunder was
put in with a sizeable finders fee upfront was written on a note in a stack
of papers on the newly polished desk. This request was a simple matter of
finding the captain of the guard in Garnet and having a quite chat with him.
I was able to convince him to hand the valued sword over to me as a favor to
a good friend. It was short work to drop the sword off and collect the other
half of the fee before heading back around to the head quarters. 

On the way to my main office I ran into a courier with a curious message
about a particularly interesting Minotaur recruit I had met with once
before. I decided to personally visit this fellow again and personally go
over a few things about the close-nit band he was about to join. I went over
a typical contract and other such information he would need to know about
the organization. Shortly after that meeting he was sent along his way with
his first contract in hand and a good idea of what was expected. He
undoubtedly had no idea he was being followed by another higher ranking
member of the organization. It was always good to keep tabs on the new

After that brief meeting it was a relatively quiet day until later in the
evening when I got a curious request delivered by a curious little creature,
at first I was going to fry it with a bolt of lightning but I noticed the
scroll tied to its foot before loosing the deadly bolt. The creature landed
awkwardly as such a creature might and I quickly took the note and read it.
Apparently a known mageling was in need of some healing not too far from my
current position, I had just arrived at the manor after spending much of my
day near the Solace headquarters and was about to retire when the creature
approached. So without much effort I decided to stop in and greet the young
wizard and offer some minor healing, for a price naturally. Soon after that
I returned home for my evening meal, of which I was looking forward to after
such a tiresome day of hard travel. 

Acaydon RavenClaw

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sun Jun 28 17:59:15 2009
Subject     Unexpected Contacts

 "Finally, some decent work", he muttered to himself after reading the
most recent contract to arrive on his desk. He'd given several lesser ones
out to some of the other members in the band lately since it had been slow
but this one looked promising. He read over the contract again to be sure of
its origins.

With the Dragonarmy lying low as of late and that goblin contact that had
fallen through, the work was hard pickings. A few simple item retrievals and
some basic healing was all that was to be had of late.

He was beside himself with such an extravagant request before him. He would
oversee this one personally he decided right there, no need to send an
underling and risk the chance of a foul up. He made some hasty preparations,
as the note detailed an underlying urgency and was off to Solace.

Upon arriving, he quickly met with the fellow, a man dressed in black robes,
which was typical of one of his stature, and they began to go over some
details of the adventure. It would require some blessings and clerical work
to be sure as it did involve some undead in this little excursion. The mage
had already gathered some forces together and was well prepared, he didn't
say as it was understood what was to be done by myself and of course he
already knew his own roll. With another addition to the party, another mage
to be sure, we were off to seek some local contacts.

It was a bit rough going at first once we finally got into the manor over
run with undead but we managed to clear out some of the foul creatures on
our first foray of scouting and we quickly returned to town to collect
ourselves and plan a second more focused attack. I had no idea what the
mages were looking for and with the purse they'd given upfront I had no need
to ask such foolish questions.

The encounter went out without a hitch, we had to spend some time in the
building and we killed quite a few of the undead vermin, some of our guides
did perish but that was of little consequence to me personally. After a few
days we'd came as far as we were going to go in this expedition and having
been paid for my services I quickly returned to Neraka and some other
business that had come about since my departure.

I have no doubt the man in the black robe will seek out my services in the
future, that was made clear with the second pouch given, containing quite a
bit more than the agreed upon price for the original services requested. I
considered it an extended, open ended contract at that point and gave a
sincere nod before heading out.

Acaydon RavenClaw 

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sun Sep  6 15:13:47 2009
Subject     Quick Coin

It was a boring morning going over some paper work when I got a message
from someone requesting an escort. It seemed simple enough and I knew the
area well enough to pretend. A matter of a few quick spells took me ahead of
the 'already on the road' fellow to be met. I quickly found his desired
location and summoned him without much warning. He was a bit startled to be
walking down a completely different path but once that wore off he was more
than happy to continue. I gave him a courtosy protective spell incase there
was any hidden danger and was off. After some time and his little excursion
was over I met him at Palanthas where he gave me a nominal fee for my

Always one to help I am, where coin is involved that is. It was a simple
request, from a simple fellow with a bit of coin to be had. All and all an
easy job, just the way I like them. 
Acaydon RavenClaw

Author:    Acaydon        
Date:      Sat Feb 27 18:11:12 2010
Subject     Escort to Skullcap

'Journal entry 4457 - Skullcap'

"Alright listen up, if we're going in there we do it my way." the surly
dwarf barked out the order gruffly. He had no time for insolence going into
a place like this. He though back to the beginning, when he was first
approached for this job. He had spent time in this desolate place before and
had plenty of experience dealing with the undead monsters inhabiting it. He
had also made contact with several of his scouts who had recently visited
the location as well. After some reconnaissance and a little legwork the
dwarf had all the information he needed for the expedition.

He had just come to an agreed upon location just south of the pathetic
dwarven stronghold, these louts were worse than goblins at making a
respectable defense. He hated most dwarves with a passion. As usual most of
the party he was to accompany was late and he had to use powerful magic to
summon the group and speed up this hopefully profitable journey. Within a
few hours the party had set off into the mountains to find the entrance to
this all but abandoned area. To his surprise even the mage kept up with his
pace. There, thankfully, was little talking along the way which was a
blessing in itself. Once they arrived at a deep decent along the rocky
mountainside he began to direct the group on how to precede...

So again he stated, "Alright listen up" he barked out the orders detailing
the general layout and what to do if you got separated from the group and
just general instructions. He was hired to keep the group alive and intended
on doing so from the start. The pack was made up of a weak mage, a
disgraceful looking warrior and some annoy kender fellow by the name of
Daksarai or something. It wasn't long before the kender landed himself in a
spot of trouble, naturally. It was on the climb down the cliff face, no easy
task in and of itself, however, at the bottom lurked a dragon lair. Usually
the dragon was quite harmless if you could slip past unnoticed. Which was
what made the climb down so tricky, it had to be done in complete darkness.
So, to his surprise the mage made it without any incident and the warrior
was reasonably adept with the climb as well. Of course Acaydon, the
escorting dwarf had no trouble what-so-ever. And then came the kender. After
much encouragement he did manage to join the group some time later but he
had a run in with the beast and had to flee for his life (a rather
satisfying twist to the journey) down some hole in the underground.

After a quick regrouping they ventured into the tunnels beyond and with
little effort located some of the creatures they were searching for. It was
a long expedition and resulted in quite a bit of combat. It took a long time
to train the fools into a presentable group but eventually after some harsh
words they began functioning with ease. Time passed quickly as they searched
for the weakling kender and soon they came to a location where magical
summons worked once again. Acaydon quickly used the spell to bring the
kender to safety.

(the journal entry was cut short, ending here) 

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