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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Arkail.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Arkail' scribed in vibrant yellow ink.

Author:    Arkail         
Date:      Wed Dec  2 16:14:59 2020
Subject     The Ruins

"Help! Helllpppp!!!" cried the Neidar woman as she burst out of the Inn. Arkail's hand instinctively moved to the pommel of his sword. "HELP! MY CHILD HAS BEEN TAKEN!" she screamed through her tears as she stumbled out and fell on her knees. Hearing the woman's plea Arkail rushed over to help, kneeling in the muddy street he lowered himself offering an outstretched hand. "Madam, please, allow me to help you up! I can be of assistance to you." he pleaded with the woman. The woman, still hysterical, looked up through her tears. "They've taken my boy! Those monsters in the swamp!". Helping the woman to her feet and out of the muddy street he began to inquire about the situation. He was able to gather that the woman came from Moldoon's Inn where she worked as a tavern maid. She went on, trying to tell the story of a terrible ruin in the middle of the swamps. "Dark magic there creatures not living." she muttered as she sobbed. Arkail assured her that he would do everything in his power to save her child. "My honor is my life madam. I pledge to you on my life, that I will find your child and bring him home to you." he said it with all the strength and pride that he could muster. But in his heart, he knew this would be a difficult mission, but he had to move quickly and decisively in the face of danger to save the innocent. Arkail needed information... but who would know about this place? (To be continued..)

Author: Arkail Date: Fri Dec 4 16:23:13 2020 Subject The Ruins 2

Arkail had spent the entire day inquiring about the ruins in the swamp. All he could gather was that the townspeople were terrified because they believed evil magic was possessing the ruins. There were abundant tales of spirits and walking corpses. No one dared approach the swamps to the east of the village of Hillhome. It was going to be difficult without investigating this for himself thought Arkail. Why would someone, or something, take this child? He needed help. He inquired at the local Inn's and Temples to recruit warriors, but it was nearly impossible. He did not have the money to pay anyone and the locals were too afraid. "What would my father do?" he thought to himself. It was time, he would approach the swamp, scout the situation, and find the child. He could wait no longer. Arkail was no fool, he was terrified also, but the Oath and the Measure would guide his path. He would not cower in the face of the enemy. He would recover the child as his honor demanded. Arkail gathered provisions at a shop near the eastern edge of town. He reached for his coin purse and the shop owner insisted that he need not pay. "Thank you, kind sir." Arkail smiled at the dwarf. "No need for all that now son. You'll need all the help you can get going to the ruins!" the shop keeper patted Arkails hand. "I believe you're right, sir." he nodded as he turned to exit the shop. As he turned to leave, he stumbled into a rather quiet elvish looking fellow. "My apologies, sir." said Arkail. "No, excuse me for overhearing your conversation, did you say you were going to some ruins in the swamp?" the man inquired. "Indeed. There is a child believed to have been stolen and taken to these ruins. The townspeople are terrified of the place. It is my duty to help them." Arkail bowed his head before moving to exit. "Wait!" shouted the man. "I'll join you, I'm somewhat of an adventurer myself you see. I am heading to the ruins also. They have got a name you know. Skullcap." Arkail was confused, "How do you know of this place? And why would you help me?" he asked. "Oh, well, you seem like you are just coming into your prime and I am a well-seasoned traveler. Plus, I have heard tell of magical items in this place. Apparently, it once belonged to a powerful mage." the man said. "Well, I could use the help." Arkail looked at the man cautiously. "Very good!" the man clapped his hands together. "We'll leave at once." the man exclaimed and headed for the door. "But I don't even know your name or where you came from!" Arkail said as the man brushed past heading for the door. (To be continued...)

Author: Arkail Date: Tue Jan 26 11:47:19 2021 Subject The Ruins 3

As they exited the shop Arkail immediately realized his mistake. A group of several armed men stood in the street. The unnamed man Arkail had been talking to turned and smirked. "What is the meaning of this?" scowled Arkail. The man mockingly bowed towards Arkail. "You're looking for the child, no?" smirked the man. "We were planning to use him for bait to draw the dead away, but you seem like you might be a much heartier meal." The man lunged for Arkail unsheathing two daggers from his sleeves trying to get the element of surprise. Arkail dodged the man while skillfully reaching for his weapon. The armed group closed in around him. Arkail's keen eyes quickly taking in the situation unfurled the whip he was holding in one hand and reached for his mace with the other. "What kind of monsters are you? A defenseless child?!" he shouted at the approaching scoundrels. The sheer though of such evil enraged Arkail. He had never felt such hatred towards another living creature. The blood boiled within him, Arkail felt like he could explode. One of the kidnappers lunged towards Arkail swinging his blade. Arkail sidestepped and the world faded to black. Arkail became something else, almost inhuman, a wild look in his eyes. The next thing he knew he was lying on a cot in the Inn. The child's mother was leaning over him cleaning him with a warm cloth. He was still dazed but shot up looking alarmed as if still under attack. "What happened, where am I? Where are those fiends?!" he shouted. The mother had tears in her eyes but smiling she said, "They're gone. You fought like a man possessed by the old gods! You saved my child!" "Saved? I do not understand. How did I get here?" Arkail was extremely unnerved. The dwarven woman looked confused, "They attacked you and you killed most of them in the street. The remaining ones fled leaving my child behind. You saved him!" She smiled at Arkail and threw her arms around his waist. "I owe you my life, sir!" Still not sure what had happened, he relaxed and laid his hand upon her head. "I am so thankful that your son is home." He smiled. "I'd like to rest for a bit if that's ok?" he said to the woman. She nodded and with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face she looked back as she left the room, eternally grateful. Arkail lied back down on the cot, relieved the child was safe, but still trying to recall what had happened, all he could remember was the rage before the darkness took hold. He needed to return to the Keep. to speak with Lord Demilon and learn what had happened to him. But for now, rest.

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