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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aros.

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Author:    Aros           
Date:      Sun May 27 21:12:59 2007
Subject     Hero of Solace: An unlikely friendship

Prowling along the treetop streets of solace, Aros was again wandering the night
without a place to sleep.  Alone, tired, and vaguely misplaced some may call its
lost, but kenderkin are never lost Aros was searching got even a bird's nest
large enough for him to sleep in.  So far, his search had been fruitless, but he
was still hoping However, as he approached the corner overlooking Crystallmir
Lake, he froze.  Something was not right.  The wildlife, previously loud and
raucous, had become deathly silent, sac for the occasional stifled trill of a
bird.  Crouching in the shadows, Aros snuck as only kenderkin and elvenkin can. 
As he rounded the corner, he saw a shadow detach itself from a wakk, and heard
the metallic rasp of a sword being drawn.  Thinking rapidly, Aros grabbed a
small object from his pouches before stashing them in an empty barrel.  He then
watched as two red eyes scanned the darkness, seemingly looking for him. 
Holding up the special lantern given to him to him by his adoptive mom, Miranda,
Aros was able to see a human sized figure outlined by a pulsing red aura and he
gasped softly.  The figure whirled, and, knowing he was caught, Aros stood and
moved into the moonlight.  The figure only chucked at the small kender

"Who are you, evil being?!"  Aros exclaimed, bravery showing in the face of
adversity.  The figure reached up and pulled down its cowl.  "I am Ayasana uth
Matar, Baroness of Uth Matar, and loyal Ronin of Takhisis.  You are disturbing
me.  Leave now, and i will not kill you."  Fire flaring in his eyes, Aros
defiantly stood in front of the lady, unafraid and unwilling to let her
slaughter innocents, for surely that must be what she is here to do!

"Brave fool, i did not wish to do this.  But you leave me no choice.  If anyone
finds out that i am standed here, they will hunt me down" Ayasana whispers as
she pulls back her cloak.  In her hand is a dark blade, gleaming softly in the
moonlight.  The blade whispers softly to those who choose to listen, a
whispering voice that weaves its way into Aros s head.  Pulling free his
weapons, dragon teeth daggers belonging to the DemonsBane family for
generations, Aros shifts slightly, readying to fight.

Aysana lungesm barely missing Aros's slight form as his spins out of the way. 
"Too slow" he taunts then ducks and rolls as the katansa whistles in the air
above his head.  Dodging easily out of the range of the katana, he pauses. 
Feinting at her, drawing her focus away from his left hand, Aros chucks a small
object at her, hitting her across the temple and knocking her unconscious just
as her stab peirces his side.  Eyes rolling up into her head, Ayasana feints.

"Ouch, that must have hurt" he mumbles as he limps weakly over to his pack.
Grabbing his spare shirt, he uses his dagger to slice it into strips, binding
his wound.  He then hobbles over to inspect her.  Squatting down next to her, he
notices blook on her cloak.  Removing her cloak, he is shocked to see that she
is badly hurt, and not because of him.  Muttering softly, he uses his water and
his shirt to clean and bind her wounds, flushing in embarrasment as he wraps her
head where he struck her.  He then notices a small object at her elbow, the
object he threw at her.  It is a small elf holding a golden harp, an object
given to him when he entered Branchala's service.  Whispering a small prayer to
his patron gof, Aros settles down near Ayasana to sleep for the night.

A gron of pain awoke Aros, and he turned to see Ayasana struggling to rise, a
grimace on her face.  Quickly, he hurried over and restrained her.  "You have a
concussion, and many grievous wounds.  Dont move, please."  Scowling at him when
she saw who he was, she none the less followed his instructions and lay back

Author:    Aros           
Date:      Sun May 27 22:54:50 2007
Subject     Hero of Solace: an unlikely friendship cont.

Starting a fire, he cooked a small packet of meat he had found in her pack, and
handed her half for breakfast.  "I'm sorry I don't have more, but this is the
best we have."  Smiling, he helped her cut up and eat her portion.  He also
pulled the cloak around her tighter, both to keep her warm and to keep her
stationary.  Munching on his food, he pelts her with a barrage of questions. 
"So, how did you end up out here?  My name is Aros by the way.  How did you get
hurt so badly?"  Aros talked on and on, but he also listened as Ayasana told him
her story, saying she was adventuring, intent on punishing the elves for their
refusal to side with the dark Queen, and was ambushed.  She had managed to get
away, but not before being severely wounded, and was hiding both from the Elves
and from the citizens of Solace, for she was widely known as a follower of the
Dark Queen.  She had thought he was a Solace town guard, patrolling the
treetops.  "How are you planning on getting out of here?"  Aros asked her.  "My
faithful companion, Starfire, is on her way here" she replied.  Later that
night, as Ayasana slept, a scream rang through the night air, startling Aros
into jumping up, just in time to be buffeted by strong winds.  Looking up, he
saw a giant blue dragon landing in a clearing, her head reaching up past the
treetops.  Aros ran back to his packs, and pulled out his weapons, intent on
protecting Ayasana, but really preparing to die fighting.  Dodging a huge claw,
much like his daggers, he rolls out of the way, rolling past Ayasana. Knowing he
is about to die, Aros threw his daggers with deadly accuracy at the dragon's
eyes, hoping to blind the beast.  However, a pitch black sword swept down the
daggers, and Aros gaped opened mouth as Ayasana picked up the daggers she just
deflected.  The blue dragon, seemingly smirking, opened its mouth to blast its
lighting, and Aros sighed and closed his eyes.

"STOP STARFIRE!!"  Ayasana yelled.  Surprised, the great dragon closed her
mouth, and lowered her head, curling her neck around Ayasana protectively. "Come
here Aros" " Warily, Aros slowly walked towards the massive dragon, until he was
within touching distance.  "Starfire, this is Aros.  He saved my life" Ayasana
sayed with an ironic smile.  "Heyla Starfire nice to meet you" Aros smiled, and
bowed to Starfire.  "Well Aros, I have to go know.  If you ever need my help,
just call for me."  As she started to mount, she stopped, then walked over to
Aros and handed him a dragon scale.  "Just think of my name while holding this,
and I'll know where you are and I'll come at full speed.  Also, you can make it
look like you chased us away if you want."  She winked and smirked, and then
mounted Starfire, wincing at her wounds.  Aros handed up her pack, then blushed
again as Ayasana, smiling, leaned down and kissed his cheek.  "Goodbye Aros" she
whispered, and then Starfire lifted off.  "Bye Ayasana" he whispered before
shouting 'Yeah, that's right, flee before I kill you, you evil creatures!"

Hence, Aros became the Hero of Solace, defending the town from an evil blue
dragon and her rider.  And everywhere he walks, Aros carries around his neck a
shimmering blue scale, in place of a small statue.  Where is that statue? Well,
if Ayasana ever looks in her cloak pocket, she will find a small statue of an
elf holding a golden harp, attacked to a platinum chain, along with a note

Friends are made, Friends are lost, but True Friends last forever, no matter who
your soul belongs to.  

Author:    Aros           
Date:      Mon May 28 18:20:51 2007
Subject     gods equipment

Well, dont ask me how, but somehow, Solinari's stuff ended up in my possesion. 
I think he dropped them or gave them to me for safekeeping.  But then Solinari
got mad, i dont know why, and just started blasting spells left and right.  I
hid in the casket, i mean, come on, he was trying to kill someone.  Who, i
couldnt see, i think he was a bit crazy.  Well, after about five minutes, i
looked out of the casket, and almost had my head Burnt off!. So of course, i
ducked down and waited for the old man to finish his tantrum.  When all the
Smoke cleared, Solinari was standing exhausted in the middle of a circle of
destruction.  He just blew up Caergoth.  Then he vanished.  And when i looked,
not only had he taken his stuff back, which was all good, he is welcome for me
holding it, but he also stole my stuff! That old man is a theif.  I know, maybe
i just dropped it, or asked him to hold it, but when i looked for it, it was no
where to be found.

Moral of the story: Solinari is crazy, and if a god forgets his gear, let it be.
 Let them find it on their own, otherwise krynn will lose another town.

Aros Demonsbane: Hero of Solace

Author:    Aros           
Date:      Sat May 15 00:32:09 2010
Subject     Aros Aurumos: Balance and Knowledge

A hundred years ago, under the light of Lunitari, Aros Aurumos was born is a quiet glade near the outskirts of an elven encampment. His father, Areis, was slain shortly after his birth during an ogre attack, leaving his mother, Argentia, to raise Aros alone. However, the elven community banded together to help one of their own, and as an event, Aros's childhood was mainly uneventful. Always a curious child, Aros questioned everything. This caused no end of trouble for his mother, for he would always question her commands, but excited his tutors, and led to him excelling in his studies, particularily those magical in nature. At the age of thirty, Aros was placed in a class for young mages, and began to delve deeper into the mystical arts. His tutor was pleased at his quick mastery of spells, cantrips, and the like, however Aros was not. The magic came easily to him, much easier than those around, but he could not understand their philosiphy, their belief to always use their skills for the forces of good In his mind, the magic was to be used to benefit those most needing it, whether 'good' or 'evil'. Magic had no eyes, could not see anything. Neither should those that wield it. He understood the need for good and evil, but above all he saw his skills as the weight that balanced the scale. He voiced his opinion one day to his mother, asking her why all elven mages were forced to worship Solinari, even if their beliefs did not follow the precepts of Solinari. Her answer did not satisfy him, but he let the matter drop and focused on his studies.However, never again did he whisper a prayer to Solinari. Instead, his prayers, and the source of his magic, came from the god whose veiws he found comfort and reason in: Lunitari Twenty years later, Aros, tired of hiding his beliefs and desiring more knowledge, decided that he had learned all that he could among his people. For fourty years, he wandered the face of krynn, popping up here and there, always learning, always searching for something new. Along his travels he met many people, some good, some evil, but many seeking to find their place in this world. His skills grew as he did, and he gained a wisdom not found in elves his age, leading many to seek his guidance. He gave advice to some, but to others he gave nothing, always seeking to maintain the delicate balance of power in this world. Then one day Aros disappeared for seemingly no reason, coincidentally after a meeting with two magi at a local pub in palanthas. For ten years, he hid from the world's sight, communicating with only his closest friends via a spell he learned from a shadow mage, one that let others hear your thoughts, and vice versa. No one knows where he went, or what he did, but for ten years the counsel of Aros was lost, and gradually his name was forgotten. Then early one morning, Aros appeared in front of the gates of the Tower of High Sorcery. Shrouded in mist, and clad in a red and gold robe, he knocked on the gates, eager enter and learn the secrets contained within. "The world will once again know my name." he vowed as he waited patiently waited at the gates of the mysterious tower of the magi. "Yes, I will once again balance the scales of the world..."

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