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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Ashton.

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Astinus gently places a pamphlet on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Ashton' scribed in deep green ink.

Author:  Ashton
Date    Sat Dec 22 23:11:20 2001

Subject  Welcome to Krynn, please check your luggage

Walking through the hallway, Ashton sees a doorway ahead, the arches of which
are inscribed with runes and nods to himself This is where that Thayvian's
room must be.. Raising his holy symbol of Torm, a gauntlet, to his lips and
kissing it he says a quick prayer for protection and draws his great sword and
screams FOR TORM! and charges into the door with his shoulder.

His world erupts into light. Light that screams in his ears songs of
violence. Sound that threaten to blind him with thier color, and above all, a
tearing away that almost crushes him

He is still screaming his war cry when vision returns and he sees himself in a
wooded glade, three goblins looking at him in fear, weapons clasped to thier
chests. Under his feet he feels rocks and dirt...he looks down and realizes he
is naked. His armor, clothes, boots, pouches, all gone. Risking a glance above
his head where, just a moment ago his sword was, he sees nothing but empty
air. Then Ashton looks back to the goblins, recovered from the shock and
advancing. Torm protect me and give me strength the young paladin murmers
before reaching down and grabing a large tree branch.

From his left emerges a fourth player in this confusion. This one a human with
armor and sword. Leave him be. the man warns. When they decide to attack
him instead, he obliges and wounds the leg of the first, which Ashton kills
with his log, and drives his sword into the gut of the second. The third runs
before he follows his friends examples.

Well met sir, and thank you for the aid, but forgive me if I dont shake
hands, being naked and all. My name is Ashton. You? The warrior cleans the
blood from his blade and sheaths it saying Mandro. here, wear this and
tosses Ashton his cloak.

Wrapping himself, Ashton looks around and asks Would you mind telling me
where I am? Last I knew I was in a mages tower with my friends and then I was
here naked.

Mage huh? That explains much with thier weird ways. You are on the east side
of Palanthas

Palanthas? I have never heard of it. Is it a small farm village? Palanthas
is the greatest town on Krynn the warrior says, amazed at Ashtons ignorance.

Krynn..You say taht as if it was a separate world, not a country. Where is
this krynn? On the east side of Aber-Toril? Or has that wizard flung me to
another continent. Am I in Rashaman..I have heard of it before..

Picking up some dirt the warrior looks back at the paladin. This is
Krynn..this world is Krynn.

Ashton looks shocked and murmers a prayer to Torm Another world....Have you
ever heard of one named Torm the True?

Mandro shakes his head. I have never heard of the man or a name like that

Now it is Ashtons turn to gape. Torm is a god...not a have
never..shaking his head in disbelief Stuck on a strange world with no
guidance from Torm.. Could you take me to this palanthas...maybe I can find a
mage to send me back..

Yes..I can take you there, it is a great city with everything that a person
could want. You should find a mage there.

Ashton begins the walk towards the City of Palanthas and his new life on

Author:  Ashton
Date    Sun Dec 23 16:00:59 2001

Subject  Adjusting to life on Krynn

Ashton handed a small pouch to the smith, laying it in his black soot covered
hands. Thank you Master Smith. You did a marvellous job of it, better than
my last one, truth be told! The young man said as he tied a loop onto the
newly forged symbol of an upraised gauntlet, Torm's holy symbol. In the
pouch you will find a little extra, for being so swift and precise. Ashton
shot the man a quick grin.

Twer nothin' really.. The smith said, his voice a tinged with embarrasment
at such high praise Jus' a little hammerin', coulda been done by anyone who
knew enough to not smash his own thumbs

The paladin smiled at such humbleness Perhaps, but it wouldnt be near this
good. Nontheless, you will see me again, I seem to be needing a new set of
armor and now I know just the fellow to make it for me. Nodding his thanks
and a goodbye, Ashton stepped out of the mans smithy, leaving him there with
his mouth agape. I aint made no armor before...

Out in the street again, Ashton scanned around for a second before heading
down the street. It had been month since his arrival, which thinking about
always brought him a chuckle. Magically appearing infront of 3 goblins, warcry
on his lips, and no clothes on his back would make anyone laugh in retrospect.
He hadnt been idle in his with his time either. He had spent the first few
days with Mandro, who was so kind as to buy him a pair of rough pants, a
shirt, and boots and show him around the City a little before leaving. He
still got lost occasionally, Mandro was right when he said Palanthas was huge,
it could probably rival Waterdeep for size. But with such a large city there
was plenty to keep a soul busy. Every morning he would get up, pray to Torm
and go through the rituals, though he still wasnt blessed with spells. Then he
would go and wash his face and fix his hair, which would be sticking up from
sleep like it did every morning. After a large breakfast he would go to work
driving the wagon around Palanthas and delivering cloth to the various
clothing shops, bags of flour to the kitches, and iron to the farriers. That
was actually how he had met the smith who made the Holy Symbol for him. He had
a shipment of iron ore for the man, which would be made into fancy gates for a
local nobel, which Ashton would also deliver. That was pretty much his day
until around 4 or so in the evening and he enjoyed it. Then he would take the
wagon back to his bosses shop and hand him the chest full of payments for the

It never occured to the young man that if he simply ran off with the chest he
would have enough gold and steel to buy his armor, sword, and a rather nice
house. Such a thing was below thought and shame Ashton if he had even thought
of it. Men who would do acts like that were honorless dogs.

But the evenings were his to do with as he pleased. Normally he would spend
them roaving the city asking for information about mages. However of late he
had done this less and less and spent more and more time in prayer to his god
and trying to figure out how he could get enough money to buy a sword and
armor to replace what he had lost. So far all he had managed to do was procur
himself a small dagger, the blade was barely the length of his hand, and his
holy symbol.

As he walked along, something intruded upon his thoughts. He stopped and
thought for a second trying to figure out what had interrupted him. Then down
the alley to his right, he heard a muffled scream.

(To be continued)

Author:  Ashton
Date    Sun Dec 23 16:50:45 2001

Subject  Honorless dogs

Ashton looked around to see if there was anyone around, for he had noticed
that you could often find knights or guards roaming the street. This time
there was nothing in sight though. Uttering a quick prayer to Torm the paladin
set his hand on his dagger and walked down the alleyway Hello? Is someone
hurt here? As he came around a corner he saw a young woman being accosted by
a thug. A righteous fury boiled up inside of the paladin. Leave her be cur,
and I will ask the magistrate to be lenient with you. Touch her again and face
my wrath. The voice that normally held a soft almost musical quality was now
sounded like a sword being drawn.

The thug spun around a knowing smile replacing the worry that was one his
face. Lenient? Ya really think that you'll be takin' me to the magistrate?
Yer wrong misstah, dead wrong The womans shriek was all the warning Ashton
had, it was barely enough. He stepped to the right just as a sword, aimed at
his back, went through his left shoulder instead. Face contorted with pain,
the paladin saw the thug infront of him pull a dagger with each hand and
spring at him, ready to deliver the death blow.

Gritting his teeth, the young man lurched forward, pulling the sword from his
shoulder and spun to the side and backed away. He had two thugs infront of
him, working thier way to his sides trying to flank him. This isnt good I
have to keep them from getting on my sides. Ashton thought. Pulling his
dagger with his right arm he charged the man with the sword, desparate to keep
them from flanking him. Ashton stabbed at the mans stomach in a feint, and the
man obliged and parried with his sword. Screaming to block the pain, the
paladins left hook caught the man in the jaw and stunned him enough to drop
the sword which the paladin immeadiatly scooped up, favoring it over a knife.
Ashton whirled around, sword leading, to face the knife weilding thug just as
he danced to the side, cutting the paladins cheek with a misplaced blow. He
felt the warm blood stream down his face and gave a quick slash at the mans
stomach, making him jump back. Quick as he could, Ashton spun back around and
slammed the pommel of his sword into the disarmed thugs head, knocking him
unconscious, then spun back to face the knife weilder again.

This time the thug attacked, leading with his left blade which the paladin
side stepped. I dont want to have to kill you dog. Put down the knives and
just come with me. The thug just sneered and answered by kicking a cloud of
dirt at Ashton. He closed his eyes to keep them clear of dust and rolled to
his left, hoping the thug always led with his left blade. As he came out of
his roll he saw the thug charging him. Just as the thug drew near, the paladin
took a half step left, dropped to his knee and drew his sword in an arc.
Ashton didnt need to see the blade hit home. The sudden resistance in his
swing told him as surely as the twin thuds of knives hitting the ground.

Shaking his head in wonder, Ashton wiped the sword blade on the dead thugs
clothing and walked over to the woman who was crying, her bodice torn down.
Taking off his shirt and handing it to her he said Its not very
clean..bloody as it is, but it will cover you. Turning his back as the woman
pulled on his stained shirt he walked over to the unconscious thug and hefted
him onto his good shoulder. Would you like to come to the magistrate with me
to give testimony? The woman simply nodded and they walked toward the

Author:  Ashton
Date    Fri Jan  4 13:44:59 2002

Subject  My history

Ashton was born in the Year of the Bitter Water, 1354, to a local lord and
noble near Ashabenford in the region of Mistledale. His father, Vincent, had
been a Paladin of Torm and won his nobility and land during a battle with a
small drow army who had made plans for the resettlement of abandoned elven
forests of Cormanthyr. Ashton's mother, Julie, was the perfect Lady of the
Manor, and kept the servants busy and children fed. Ashton lead a perfectly
happy childhood with many friends and few worries. When he was 12 he was sent
to one of his fathers friend's manor near Shadowdale and began his training as
the mans squire. Raolin too, was a paladin of Torm, and was a firm believer in
the obediance part of Torms teachings. So, when Ashton arrived, Raolin
dismissed many of his grooms, servants, and landkeepers, and thus was Ashtons
day full. He would do much of the household work, "to give him character and
teach him the value of work" and then they would train. The training was
anything from chess or draughts to practicing with weapons to reciting the
dogma of Torm.

However, 5 years later it all paid off and Ashton was sent to the Church of
Torm to truly become the paladin he had always longed to be. A short year
later, he was out in the world, burning with desire to do Torms bidding, and
he found it with a small adventuring party. They were in a local tavern when
they heard of a keep that had, until recently, been abandonned. Now, there
were reports of a man with deep red robes and a tattooed head seen in the area
as well as a sudden rise in the undead population. It was too great of a
chance. A wizard, possibly a Red Wizard of Thay, was out and about and they
were going to do something about it.

It all went well for the most part, until Ashton and the mage split off from
the cleric and barbarian to explore a side hallway, and then the Ashton left
the mage studying the walls to roam further down the hallway.

(For the rest of the story, read my first story on the board, "Welcome to
Krynn, please check your luggage")

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