The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Astea.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a concise treatise on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Astea' scribed in earth-colored maroon ink.

Author:  Astea
Date    Sat Dec 15 23:35:04 2001

Subject  The Return of the Palemoon Daughter

Astea slowly walks into what are now the ruins of Palanthas. A look of pure
worry appears on her face wondering what happened to the city. Smoke still
rises from a part of town where the damage has yet to be controlled.

"What in the name of Mishakal happened here..." she says with a worried look
on her face. "What foul manner is this that my home has been laid in ruins!"

She rushes into the town, her robes flailing in various directions as tears
slowly form on her face. She stops suddenly, now reaching the Imperial Square.

Slowly, she breathes, taking control over her emotions once again. She turns
to her home of the Holy Order, which lay untouched outside.

A peaceful look crossing her face, she manages to build up the energy to enter
the place of sanctuary. The place she called "home". The door creaks open as
if it hadn't been used for ages. Cobwebs line the halls in various spots.

Walking down the hallway, her shoes echoing off the flagstone, she gets the
chills and continues to where her former leader once lived. The door to
Julien's room was now boarded up. The handle removed and the door sealed by
wooden planks that lay guarding tresspassers. Tears start to dwell in the
young ladies eyes as she turns again to see the Holy Order's white robes room.
Hoping it has been maintained, she rushes in to find that only two of the
seats have placeholders, one of which belonged to her. A sad expression
appears on her face.

"What am I to do now...The city lay in ruins and my home is no better. All is
..." she starts, but swallows her words at the marking that is left in the
other seat. Realizing it is a long time friend of hers, Kilandara, she becomes

"Perhaps all isn't lost. Perhap there is still hope." she says, letting out a
short sigh of relief. She exits the room slowly and heads back to town where
her abilities are most likely needed....

Author:  Astea
Date    Mon Dec 17 12:23:24 2001

Subject  The Studies of a Devoted Palemoon

Astea sat in the Great Library of Palanthas thinking to herself, a history
book opened in front of her. Her eyes were glued to another book which sat on
the shelf, a book entitled "The History of Palanthas and It's Famous
Citizens". Without even realizing she had done it, the book was now set in
place to where the previous book was, it's pages turned to the tale of the
devoted Revered Daughter, Crysania. She started to read the old, somewhat
tattered pages, noticing little about what she was truly looking for.

"This is not helping me..." she said with an annoyed sigh as she gently pushed
the book away. She started to walk around wondering where else to look. With
another sigh of annoyance, she walked right out of the library and back onto
the streets of Palanthas. Not too far away, she noticed a small child picking
through the trash. A look of worry filled her face knowing that half the city
is probably in poverty. She strolled over to the child and bent down, her hand
filled with a few silver pieces.

"Here you go, child." she handed him the pieces. The child looked up at her
with such appreciation that it almost brought a tear to her eye. Then the
child ran off.

She started to head back to the Temple of the Holy Order, but then decided to
go to her dear goddess' temple, The Temple of Mishakal, not located too far
away. She entered slowly feeling the warmth that her Goddess provided as her
worries subsided. She knew in time that Mishakal would answer her prayers.
Soon she would find out why she was really brought back to Palanthas and what
fate had in store for her.

Author:  Astea
Date    Fri Dec 21 18:44:01 2001

Subject  A Stroll in "Central Park"

Astea walked down the street, looking around at the battered buildings, ruined
shops, weapons lieing in the road, and various other war remains in the broken
down part of Palanthas. A tear fell from her eye, sadness still in her heart.

"Who could do such a...a horrible thing..." she managed to word out as she
walked further down the street. A corpse crossed her path making her stop dead
in her tracks. She kneeled down beside it, checked it's body for serious
wounds then shook her head as another tear left her face.

She got up and walked further down the street to where, surprisingly, the park
still was. The grass was more withered and dry than it's normal look, but it
was still there none the less. She walked over to a small tree that rested
near a pond. The pond was dead. The stillness made her shudder in fear for she
knew that it would take a lot of efforts from the Holy Order for life to
return to such a desolate place.

"We will succeed. I know we can..." She whispered under her breath making
it sound like it already happened. She knew it hadn't happened yet, but she
put so much faith in her words, her face had already cheered up a bit.

Walking away from the ruined part of the city, her face with a slight smile,
she headed for Mishakal's temple for her daily prayer. The temple looked
normal, as usual. Younger priests of the Goddess were maintaining order within
the temple and caring for some of the wounded who had escaped to it. She
stopped by one to examine him, only to find a large gash in the man's leg.

"Oh my! Let me help you!" she gasped in disbelief that he had yet to be

She moved her hands over the mans wounds and muttered an incantation as her
hands let out a slight blue glow. The wound closed a little and the bleeding
stopped as the man passed out of exhaustion and blood loss. She sighed and
frowned knowing her efforts were little, but was happy to just know that her
efforts were making a difference, seeing the man sleep in some comfort.

Author:  Astea
Date    Sun Dec 23 12:09:34 2001

Subject  Another Day in the Life of a Priestess

Astea roamed the streets, her hair fluttering in the wind, her mind set on the
continuous project to recover Palanthas. It seemed like her efforts were
paying off because little by little, spots of new building structures and
people selling new wares were appearing all over the city. Peace had been
restored and she was thankful.

She walked slowly, admiring the surroundings making sure to take in the
splendor and beauty that nature had to offer. She had missed travelling
through here while away on that silly quest.

"It must of been silly. To find myself back here in Palanthas where my
friends are in the end, only to have gained some knowledge of the outside
world." She let out a small chuckle and smiled as she continued to her

The temple was in site. "Almost there." she said with a grin on her face.

Suddenly, she stopped, hearing a faint cry in the background. It was uncertain
as to what kind of cry, but she knew it was there. She looked down an alley to
her side to find a few thieves ambushing a citizen. A look of worry filled her
face a bit knowing that the person would not be able to defend herself. She
walked over gently as the bandits turned, now aware of her presence. Astea
gasped a little shocked that they heard her. She gulped as they drew their
daggers and started on her with a cruel look in her face. The citizen had
escaped, which is what mattered at the moment. Then, her attention focused
back on the task at hand, the ever-so-close bandits. She looked a bit worried
as they reached her finally.

Suddenly, WACK! She found herself on the ground having been pushed from behind
by a third bandit that had surprised her sudenly. She got up wondering if what
she did was a bad idea. She tried to recall anything that would help her and a
familiar face popped into her mind. That was her former mentor, Julien, former
leader of the Holy Order. She didn't know then why, but when she had recovered
her senses, she saw that the bandits were looking dazed, as if a spell had
been cast on them. She looked down to see a small, faint glow from her hands
as she realized it was really her that had cast it. What, she couldn't think
of, but she had casted something. As the baffled bandits walked off, she
thought to herself, "What did I just do? I...I can't remember
anything...". She started to walk out of the alley and stumbled a bit, weak
from the encounter.

Leaving the alley, she turned to see a faint shadow which vanished quickly.
Pondering the events one more time, she shook it off and headed back to her

Author:  Astea
Date    Fri Dec 28 23:50:22 2001

Subject  The Palemoon Saga Continues...

Astea sat in the small Library that was encased within the Holy Order temple.

Her eyes stared at a book while her mind travelled into endless thought. She
began to doze off, not realizing that she was so tired. Her head hit the book
and she fell asleep, still lost in though.

She awoke to find herself in her goddess' temple, a giant statue erect of the
Light Bearer herself right in front of her. She stared at it wondering when it
had gotten there. She had never noticed it before. She turned at the sound of
some footsteps to find herself in a completely different room, although she
wasn't sure as to where.

"Magic?" She thought to herself wondering what sent her here. "I don't
see how though. I thought only that of the light ways was allowed in such a
holy pla..." she cut herself short as she felt the aura of her goddess leave

She could no longer feel the warmth that she usually left within her. It was
as if something had been ripped from her. She turned once more to find herself
in another stange place. "What is happening!?" she screamed, baffled by
the events. The sound echoed off the walls as the room grew emptier. Nothing
but blackness was left.

A small sob was heard suddenly. A tear hit the floor with a small chime. She
looked down to find that it was she who was crying. Everything went pitch

Suddenly, the faint voice of Mishakal was heard. "Everything will be fine,
my child. You are s..a..f..e..." the voice trailed off as glimpses of things
to come filled her vision once again. Then, she woke up and found everything
as it was, the book still opened and herself in the small library.

(OOC: It's one of my worst stories..but I needed to RP something...I was in
the mood.)

Author:  Astea
Date    Sun Dec 30 18:09:25 2001

Subject  The Saga of a Palemoon and the Faith She Has...

Astea stood in a small room, her hair down to the ground, her white gown
flowing gently as it brushed across the ground when she walked. She stood in
front of a mirror, adjusting her hair to make it fit for bed. When the blue
ribbon was in place and secure, she walked away and headed to bed.

She drifted slowly away and knew a dream was due. Right on scedule, she found
herself standing in a rather dismal field. The plants were a dull shade of
green, the leaves were all fallen onto the ground, fairly dead having been
there awhile.

The sun was no where as the clouds blocked it off. She stood there in the
center of the field. No one in sight, no where to go.

She startd to walk towards a tree. Not just any tree, but a tall apple tree
that loomed over the rest of the area. It might have been because it stood on
a hill, but it seemed to have a more defining reason. She sat down next to it
wondering what was in store and why she was here to begin with.

A leaf fell from the tree and rested gently on her shoulder, suddenly filled
with a greener glow. It almost seemed as though it had been given a new life.

She stared at the tree for a second, then touched it as her thoughts wondered
why it had happened.

She touched the tree gently as a glow surrounded it and it lit up with new

She jumped, afraid of what happened, but knew it had some meaning of good and

It didn't last. As soon as the tree was full of life, it vanished, along with
the surroundings. Everything was gone. Black existed. "Not again..." she
thought having had this dream before. But, there was a more gentle feeling, as
though the darkness was intentional. A giant face appeared, but it was half
beast, half human. She jumped, wondering who it was. It began to talk as she
backed away into more nothingness. Ntohing happened. Silence. She blinked and
it vanished and she was back in the field.

Suddenly, she awoke, sweat on her forehead and her heart beating fast. She
looked straight ahead wondering what was causing these series of dreams.

A small voice was in her head. "Believe in yourself. Believe. All will be
fine. It" the voice echoed and vanished. The voice
was new, but the feeling was the same as before. She laid down and turned her
head too see a glowing sword resting against the wall of her room. She jumped
back up, afraid, then walked over to it. On the sword, the words "Faith"
were incribed...

(To Be Continued...)

Author:  Astea
Date    Fri Jan  4 22:16:18 2002

Subject  The Saga of a Palemoon and Her Ways...

'Astea sat at the altar in the Temple of Mishakal, her mind wondering about
plenty of things. One thing in particular had gotten to her. How did a sword
arrive in her room so suddenly and what was the meaning behind it? She started
to slowly drift away when an altar boy stopped by her and started to ask her
about the teachings of Mishakal. She gave him a descent response, one that fit
the boy very nicely, then stood up and exited the temple hoping answers would
reveal themselves shortly.

'Walking down the road, she noticed all her surroundings as usual. Odd.
Nothing ever seemed boring or old to her. Things were always changing. Down
the street, a new house was being constructed and at the opposite end, one was
being torn down. Kids were playing in the street while grown talked of things
that they were going to do or had done already. She smiled knowing peace,
prosperity and happiness were returning to her beautiful home.

'She continued to walk, her robes touching the ground gently, yet remaining
clean, her hair lightly blowing in the breeze. Suddenly, her shoulder was
forced backward as a man came running past her. He shouted in an angry voice
at her, "Get out of my way, wench!"

and hurried off down the street. Curious as to his anger and to his hurry, she
followed him carefully.

'They arrived at a small bar where the man had entered a few minutes before
her arrival. She could hear inside the angry shouts of the crowd and the
cheering for a bar brawl on the inside. Without even thinking, she moved
closer and closer until the doors swung open and a man came flying out. It was
the same man from before! She looked at him curiously, then with sympathy for
the poor man. His clothes had been ripped and torn, his arms were now cut and
dirt was all over him. He got up, brushed himself off a bit then shouted a few
vulgar words into the building. He noticed her just before he started to leave
and shouted at her too. "Wench..."

'She sighed guessing the man had just been either drunk and ran out of money
or had a score to settle with someone inside. Either way, she felt bad and
watched him leave, her eyes some-what watery from the sorrow. She turned back
to the bar, then looked down the street where she was going to go.

'As she walked the streets of Palanthas, a voice kept resounding in her head.
"It'll be ok...Everything will be fine...Just believe in yourself..." She
thought as she walked and the new sword that had recently become a welcome
object of hers (rare for a cleric) began to get a sudden glow. She unsheathed
it and looked at it, it's blade scaring her but it's warmth and secure feeling
making her feel more comfortable. She looked at the words one more time and
suddenly realized why she had it. She finally discovered something out that
had been plaguing her for hours. She had finally realized that it was not who
had left it to her, but more of the fact that IT had left itself to her. She
smiled warmly as it glowed brighter, then she sheathed it and walked away
happy that a part of the puzzle had been set into place.

Author:  Astea
Date    Sat Jan 19 23:28:34 2002

Subject  Faith of a Devoted Revered Daughter

''Astea sat in the Temple of Mishakal reciting her daily prayers and
practicing her daily rituals when a messenger of the Holy Order stumbled into
the room, out of breath. She turned to catch him just as he fell at her feet.

"Are you Alright?" She asked, a bit puzzled by the look on his face. The
messenger kept breathing heavily as he handed her a small notice. She took it
slowly as she moved the man into a more comfortable position.

It was a letter from Kilandara, requesting her presence in the Holy Order
Temple. She wondered what her fellow prisestess could want as she got up,
payed her dues to the messenger, sent one last prayer to Mishakal and left the
temple for the Holy Order.

Upon arrival, she noticed Kilandara sitting in her usual chair, only she had a
dismayed look on her face. She wondered what could be wrong, or what she had
done, or anything that could give her some clues as to why Kilandara had such
a look. She soon found out.

"I'm taking a leave of absence..." she said, hesitantly. Astea just
stared, her mind racing with sad thoughts. What could have made her decide
such a thing? "But, Why?", she finally managed to ask.

"I...I don't want to hurt you...or anyone else. I'm afraid I can't control
it anymore..." Kilandara said, with such sorrow that she started to cry,
softly. Astea looked at her, eyes filled with sorrow as the tears welled up as
well. "You can't leave! We need you hear! You are our leader..." she
started to raise her voice in hopes that it would change her mind.

"I...I can't. I do not want to hurt you, or anyone else. My mind is made up.
I'm sorry." The discussion continued for awhile longer, each of them
declaring reasons for why the other shouldn't take their actions.

The end result was fate, so it seemed. Kilandara would leave. Astea cried
heavily as she started to leave the temple. "Please...don't cry. Habbakuk
will guide me. Please be well..." Kilandara spoke, then after a long pause,
turned to leave once more. Astea sat, upset, saddened, and even angry. Why was
she just walking up and leaving? She has been fighting it for so long. Why
quit now? None of it made any sense...

She thought some more, then found herself crying uncontrollably, alone, in the
temple of the Holy Order.

Her thoughts had changed to more prayer and godly related ones. She turned to
the statue of Paladine, leader of the Light robes and bowed her head.
"Paladine," she whispered, "if you are listening, hear my prayers as the
leader of the light. Guide Kilandara with all your power. Please protect her
and keep her safe so that one day she can return to us. Please..." she
hushed and kept her head bowed in a moment of silence.

A sudden chime rang, scaring her. She jumped back as her sword swept out from
her robe and floated upright in front of the statue. The incribed words
"Faith" began to glow with such brightness that she was forced to shield
her eyes. When the brightness vanished, she saw an image hovering near the
sword, an unfamiliar one to her. It smiled at her, bowed it's head, then
vanished as the sword floated gently to a resting position on the alter. She
watched it all, wathcing the sword to the last second of it's animation. She
crawled over to it slowly, unsure what to think, then picked it up again and
replaced it to her belt. She smiled as a warmth from it that never was there
before embraced her. She looked up at Paladine as she finally discovered the
reason for the sword and it's purpose for her.

(Sorry bout the Color Bleed...I ddint catch that when I wrote it...)

Author:  Astea
Date    Tue Jan 22 15:10:16 2002

Subject  A Travelling Priestess

Astea walked towards the Southeastern gate of Palanthas, her mind wandering in
thought. "Another war.

Why here? Why now..." sho thought to herself, fearing that this time, she
will have to help with more than just Palanthas. She was on her way to her new
destination now, Vingaard Keep, where her orders were to train the Acolyte
Dekar and defend the city. She did not know what she was going to do, or even
if she was going to make the journey. All she knew was that Mishakal had
wanted this, as did the clan, so she must try.

She stepped through the gate, an odd feeling of sadness filling her. It was
her first time outside of Palanthas since her return a few months ago. It was
wierd to have to leave it again. She smiled, then turned to meet the road
ahead of her. "I must concentrate on the task at hand..." she kept
thinking, hoping these thoughts alone would get her through. Maybe they would.
She could only pray for such a thing.

The road was rough and well worn. She knew which direction to head, but she
herself had never been to Vingaard.

That made things difficult for her, and she hoped she could find it. It had
been three days since her departure and all she had managed to travel into was
the Solamnic Planes. "Now lets see..." she said, looking at her map, "If
I go northeast of here, I should arrive at Vingaard Keep." She looked up in
the direction and saw a small keep off in the distance. Perhaps that was it?
She would soon find out.

She kept walking up the trail, as she came close to the mountains. She had
sensed something different. Her surroundings were awkward, and not because it
was her first time there. Something had come through here, but what, she
couldn't tell. It almost seemed like an army. The ground was well worn as new
earth had been turned over to make way for the coming army. She looked in the
direction of the mountains, then back the way she came only to realize that
the army had passed her and was most likely not to return. She wasn't sure
what to make of it, so she kept going.

Her arrival at the keep was one of great joy. She had finally arrived and she
was glad. The keep stood in front of her, it's walls high enough and well
guarded. Perhaps, this would turn out ok. She could only hope.

Only one task stood in her way. Where was her Acolyte...

(To Be Continued)

Author:  Astea
Date    Sat Jan 26 09:47:29 2002

Subject  A Travelling Priestess During the War

Astea sat in Vingaard Keep, waiting for Dekar's arrival while listening to the
captain of the guards explained to her the position or the war. She had heard
of the fall of the High Clerist Tower, knowing that a lot of her fellow
priests and priestesses were stationed there. She thought that taking an
offensive position in the war would result in this. She had never liked war.

The captain had finished his discussion and she left him in his tower. She
wasn't sure what to do now. She hadn't heard anything about Dekar, and now she
knew that other clerics were in danger, as well as other innocent lives. She
knew that where she was now, she could do nothing.

Maybe that was what was getting to her. She was confined.

That was it! She WAS confined, and she never realized it. And that was her
solution! She stood up in haste, went to the captain of the guards, left a
note for Dekar, and then headed back to Palanthas to begin her new idea. She
knew what she was doing might upset Larukon, but she felt it would be better
when it came down to it. Her skills would be put to better use.

After several days of travelling, she had arrived at her new destination,
Palanthas. She started quickly to Mishakal's Temple, knowing that she might
get more help there, than the Holy Order, because the Holy Order had been
stationed everywhere. That being the case, she quickly managed to arrive at
the temple. She was right, she would find lots of help here, as soon as she
could speak with the High Priest of the temple.

"Greetings to thee, High Priest." she said gently, curtseying to him. He
nodded his head in greeting. "Greetings to thee as well, Revered Daughter.
What can I do for you?". Her hope was all in him now. "I am going on a
journey around Krynn, assisting those who might have more need for my
services. I know this question comes at a bad time, with the war coming ever
so close to Palanthas, but I would ask if I could have some of the Acolytes
accompany me." she sputtered out, unsure of his reaction. He merely smiled
and nodded. She was overjoyed. Who would have thought he would have agreed to
it!? They said their goodbyes, wished eachother well in their endeavors, and
she left his office in search of her new companions.

By the time she was ready to leave, she had managed to find 3 acolytes, 1 male
and 2 female, to accompany her. They were very new to the temple, having been
accepted just a few days ago, so this would give her a chance to train them as
well. She knew this would be a good experience.

After all their preperations were complete, she led them to the southeastern
gate of Palanthas and started her journey. Eventually, she would come across
someone who would demand assistance.

She knew her efforts were not in vain, and would have the most benefits in the
war. She did not know where, or how, but all she could tell is that she would

Author:  Astea
Date    Tue Jan 29 16:33:11 2002

Subject  Astea's Travel Log: Day 1

Dear Journal,

We have spent days on the road. Our travels have taken us southwards, past
the Moria and the Sands of Sorrow into the quiet plains outside of Tarsis.
Atleast, they were quiet. The ground is streaked with sign of rescent war
actions and the smell of death and ill magiks has filled the air. I am fear
that we have stumbled into what was once a major part in the war. Perhaps,
this was the purpose I left my post. I knew Larukon wouldn't mind though, so
all was well. Perhaps, this was a better place to be?

We reached the city gates, my fellow clerics well travel worn and exhausted
beyond belief. The false food of the holy magiks has sustained us enough to
where we are. Our rations were low and our clothes were wearing down to rags.
My clothes weren't much better, but atleast I had acquired the skills of
sewing in Vingaard while living with a nurse of the army. The acolytes, on the
other hand, are getting restless and very worn.

But, we reached the gates. The city lay in near ruins. The gates weren't
exactly there, to my surprise. We entered the town hoping to find more living
objects than lifeless. Some wounded soldiers lay in the roads, a few tents
housing some more soldiers were on the side of the road. No cleric was in
site. This ... is a bad sign. Perhaps the commander of the army could provide
me with answers as to what was going on. I would soon find out.

The man I was sent to see was a mage of the Light Conclave. His name was
Kestren, and he seemed like a nice man. He had spoken to me about the fact
that no clerics had been sent to aid him in his efforts to preserve the city.
I knew that my services were needed and I would have felt awful if I were to
leave. I immediately sent the acolytes to aid those wounded, and I soon found
myself walking with the general to the tent were the more seriously wounded
lay. I do hope that we can accomplish something, that we can make a

Author:  Astea
Date    Thu Jan 31 12:08:29 2002

Subject  The Repairing of Tarsis

Astea sat in a small tent, her 3 acolytes by her side. "How are things so
far?" she asked. The acolytes told her of their assignments and how much
they had repaired most of the army. The seriously wounded had been saved, for
now. Those with minor injuries were fully recovered. "Good. I will need you
guys to keep tending to the minor injured. I will take care of those that are
severely wounded." She spoke with a sagely attitude.

She knew she could handle it, but it would drain her. She sent them off to
their duties and sent herself to the tent of the seriously wounded.

Upon arrival, she noticed that the soldiers were moaning in pain. She sighed
and frowned wondering what beastly magiks could have caused such horrible
wounds. Her attempts at fully repairing some of the injuries have been in
vain, but she did manage to keep all of them alive. That was in her favor.

She walked over to one of the soldiers who had been struck in the leg and had
been bleeding profusely. His wound was now a large scar on his leg, but
something still troubled him. She began her healing process by leaning over
the soldier, extending her hand over his forehead as the soldier fell asleep
slowly. The calm spell took effect immediately and she knew that it would last
for a few hours, giving her time to work on him.

She looked at the man and his rashes curiously, wondering how she could heal
them. It was not a plague nor a poison. That made it difficult for her magic
to assist him. She hadn't tried one spell, fearing for her own safety, having
never attempted it before.

She looked over him again, knowing that it would take her energy away, but she
must try it. It was her duty.

She slowly moved her hands over the rash and concentrated. Her hands turned a
reddish color as she began to utter a small prayer to Mishakal, summoning
the power within. Her skin turned a pale color and she almost fell, but caught
herself in time to finish the prayer. She sighed heavily and removed her
hands, her energy drained completely. She leaned against the wall, the mans
rashes healed. Never again, she hoped, would she have to use that spell.
Removing such a disease from a person always drained a lot from her. It was
one of her weaknesses to the priesthood. She smiled suddenly, realizing that
the man was ok as he woke up and smiled at her.

Author:  Astea
Date    Mon Feb 18 00:44:20 2002

Subject  The Priestess and her Dutiest

Astea sat in a large tent in Tarsis. The tent had been rescently put up for
her and her acolytes, being the only healers in the city. She had asked for it
knowing she would probably stay there and aid with the war efforts. Things
seemed to be improving. Soldiers were getting better and recovering from the
strange illnesses that had been caused by the magiks of the previous battles.
She was very pleased that things were going well. Soon, it would be time to
move on and continue with her war efforts to save those in need. But for now,
this would do.

She was lonely though. The acolytes were usually by themselves, practicing
their arts on the wounded. She looked at her empty desk then thought of
something. She summoned an errand boy to get her some paper, a quill, and some
ink. She would write the Holy Order and the Temple of Mishakal of her efforts
and news. It would be a nice thing to hear from them. It had been so long
since contact with them.

She started to write in very fine, blue lettering. It read:

"Dear Holy Order, It has been awhile since I last contacted anyone. I am now
in Tarsis and things are going fine. I have found a place to settle down for a
bit. The war has spread all over Krynn and hit Tarsis bad. Men were injured by
strange magiks that I can't comprehend. The dark arts were used as well. I am
led to believe this because the scent of magic fills the air and I can sense
darkness in it's auroma. 'Tis not a good sign to hear that mages have stumbled
into the war knowing their destructive force. Kestren, the leader of the
Conclaves Holy Order has informed me of their position in the war, and I am
going to go with him when he departs Tarsis. I feel he made need the aid of
clerics in his efforts to preserve truth and justice.

I do hope all is well on your side of Krynn and I pray for your safety. Please
stay well till my return.


She signed the letter, rolled it up and sealed it with the symbol of Mishakal.

She summoned the servant boy again and told him to immediately send the letter
as soon as possible. She smiled knowing that things would be fine knowing she
would hear from them soon, if the couriers were still maintaining order in the
mail department.

She smiled and stood up and turned to hear her name being called by one of
the acolytes. She rushed outta of the tent to the acolytes beckoning, all her
thoughts of the Holy Order vanishing as her mind filled with a new
task...Restoring the camp to it's full glory.

Author:  Astea
Date    Sat Jun 22 21:55:46 2002

Subject  The Return - Part 1

Krynn once more. Solinari was barely visible behind an ugly rain cloud that
had loomed over Krynn for the day. Rain hit the roof with a certain music that
it almost seemed enchanted.

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drip. Drop. One after another it slowly hit the window with
a sort of chime sound that startled her.

Astea turned back to her desk. Her room was well kept. A bed sat in the corner
of the room, next to another window. The bed was well kept, each layer of
blanketing was well kept. One pillow rested at the head of the bed. Across
from it is a small dresser filled with clothes and robes. Next to the dresser
is a desk, where she sat, a book opened to a fresh page. A quill and ink vile
sat next to it with a small candle in the other corner.

She dipped the quill into the ink and began to write. The journal entry was
one of many she planned to write about her return to Palanthas and the Holy
Order, the adventures she took, and of the war. It had been awhile since she
had last written, but a new entry was due.

"Time has passed so much, I've forgotten many things. The Holy Order has
changed so much. Acolytes fill the hallways and certain friends of mine have
begun to investigate the inner workings of the opposite magiks that I am
opposed to. It frightens me. All has been well kept, however. According to a
long time friend, Larukon, the Order has been maintained and has even
flourished in my absence. No word from Kilandara, but I have heard that she
has left us for another land and wishes not to return. I fear that this news
isn't true, but I have no way of confirming it. Only time will tell.

As for news in Palanthas, I met a a strange man today by the name of Sorian.
He delivered a package and declared it as a gift from the Kiri Monks. It was
an interesting gift that I was honored to recieve, however I know not of its
use. I know his intentions were good though."

She looked up, set the quill down and left the book open. She stared out the
window once more and smiled, glad to be back once more. Finally, she rose to
her feet and left her room for the hallway of the Order.

Author:  Astea
Date    Sun Aug 25 10:03:52 2002

Subject  A Troubling Message...

Astea sat staring out her window at the city of Palanthas, it's streets filled
with innocent people. A dark shadow had fallen over the city and the light had
escaped through the gates. All had seemed lost.

She frowned and turned her head, her faith failing her as it seemed the dark
gods had decided it was time to take the city. She grasped her pendant,
inscribed with the holy symbol of the Light Bringer, herself and shook her
head, a small tear hitting the table in front of her.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

She looked up hastily, wiping the tears from her face and staring at her door.
Her voice did not utter a word.

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock*

Again it sounded. "Please, you may enter." she finally said. A small altar
boy from the Holy Order entered the room, his white robes filling the room
with a little light. In his hand was a rolled up piece of paper. "This came
for you, Daughter of Mishakal." With that, he nodded his head and left the

Astea stared at the rolled up parchment for a second. It was a very nice paper
with the seal of the Solamnic Knights. She opened it slowly and began to read
it in her head. Her eyes darted with each word and soon another tear fell and
landed on the paper. "Perhaps there is hope left in this city..." she
said, smiling and rewrapping the parchment back up. She tucked it within her
robes and stood up quickly and ran out of the room, a smile filling her face.

Author:  Astea
Date    Fri Sep 13 21:38:48 2002

Subject  Holy Order Journal Entry

Astea sat in her room within the Temple of the Holy Order, a sky blue journal
with the insignia of Mishakal etched on the cover, resting on the desk. With a
quill in her hand, having been freshly inked, she starts to write in the
journal on a fresh sheet of paper.

Day of Soldai, 2nd the Month of Hiddumont      The day has been a long and
hard one, but it has shone well in our favour. The Holy Order has met at last
and we have discussed some more of what will become the new and better Holy
Order. We have decided that it would be best that Cathas lead us in or
endeavors and I fully trust him and his judgement. The gods have smiled
greatly for I have been chosen to lead those of my faith and pass on the will
of Mishakal. I am honored by this, yet something troubles me. I have doubts as
to the order and it's progression and balance. The Dark Robes have declined in
number to the favour of the White Robes, but the balance has been destroyed. I
do not know how this will effect the order, whether the Light will prevail or
the Darkness will. I do understand the meaning of balance. We shall see.

She sighed, then stared at her writing realizing that she had just written a
bunch of words that were horrible. She could not understand why she had
written them. After staring for a few seconds, she set the quill back in the
vial of ink, closed the book gently, leaving the cloth seperator hanging from
the book to preserve the next page for another entry, and rose from the chair
to exit the room.

Author:  Astea
Date    Tue Dec 17 20:25:58 2002

SubjectEnter Mishakal's Daughter

Closing her eyes while on the deck of the ship, she smiled as the wind rushed
her hair back passed her face. Her hands were clasped on the railing, making
sure to hold her firmly to the ships planks as the waves thrashed the edge of
the boat making the journey long and cruel. Looking out she could see land. It
would be only an hour or two before she reached Solace and she could head to
Arnigat to assist the others.

Without noticing him, the captain smiled as he stood next to her, gazing at
the land as well knowing that they would land soon and that his men could
rest. It had been several days since they departed from the Lord City and in
those days they had gone through a storm and a very cold front. They had made
it through with minimal losses. Mishakal had truly blessed the passage. The
Captain turned to Astea and smiled, finally grabbing her attention. "You
look rather tense. Where ya headed?" She simply smiled and tried to hide her
uptightness. "I was sent by the Holy Order to help with some trouble south
of Solace..."

The captain nodded and looked back out to the sea. "It will only be a matter
of hours before you finally get there." He smiled again and walked off
towards his cabin to make the trip safer and shorter. She turned her attention
back to the scenery knowing that all she could do was hope that by her coming
eveything would be at least a little better.

After several hours, she finally arrived on shore, at the docks just outside
of Solace. She smiled, gave her farewells to the crew and the passengers she
had gotten to met and took off. Lately, she was feeling a lot better about her
problems. It seemed as though everything was making sense. On top of that,

was beginning to have a certain aura to it, one that Astea had not seen since
the day she received the blessed weapon. Perhaps it was a good thing and that
her problems of the past were merely that. Also, the dream of the fleeting
man. Perhaps he was leading her here. She didn't know how to put the dreams
and the resonating sword together just yet, but it did not matter. She was now
at Solace and it was only a matter of time before reaching Arnigat.

Travelling further south she ran into a stable where she purchased herself a
steed to hasten her travel. It was a majestical animal with a long mane. It
was white and when it was fully bridled it looked like it could have been fit
for a very important Solamnic Knight. She was happy to have found such an
animal. Continuing down the rough path towards the town she enjoyed the
scenery. She managed stop only once, for a brief moment to feed her horse in a
small stream. It had been some time since she last visited Solace. There
hadn't been a reason to. But now, with things as they were, there was an
excellent reason to travel. Things would be better. "The Healing Hand is
always a nice touch to a town in such a dismal state", she thought as she
continued closer to the town. "I should be there by nightfall if I'm lucky.
I do hope things are okay. It has been a long journey and I would like to rest
before I tend to the matters that brought me here." With that, she smiled
and continued down the path, reaching the fallen city by nightfall....

Author:  Astea
Date    Sun Dec 29 22:36:01 2002

SubjectA Rough Encounter

The day had just begun and the sun was shining brightly in the sky. It was an
ominous sun, one filled with bad omens. Finishing healing one of the wounded
locals, Astea turned to notice some ruckus outside. "What could possibly be
going on outside...". Walking outside the tent she looked up to see a large
beast moving away. Gasping, she stopped a passing townsmember to ask what was
going on. Discovering that Lady Kilandara was investigating the event, Astea
knew it was time to announce her arrival in the town to the priestess.

Travelling toward the walls of the town, a knight stopped her and greeted her
kindly, announcing that he was Derdus, a Solamnic Knight aiding Kilandara and
her crew in their endeavors. Smiling, he led her to Kilandara as the beast and
it's master flew off in the opposite direction. Astea smiled and spoke softly
to the Kilandara, the sun having made it seem like it might not have been her.
"Kilandara?" She turned to look and noticed it was Astea. A look of
shocked filled her face. "So, Cathas sent you?"

After a long discussion on what was going on with the heathens and their march
towards the Lord City, they decided it was best for Astea to stay at town and
help rebuild while the others went to North Keep to investigate some more.
Without realizing just what happened, Kilandara was struck by an arrow that
was hurled from the surrounding woods. Grimacing in agony and gripping her
sword she rose as Astea started to pray letting a shield surround the two of
them. Not sure what to make of it, Kilandara watched the forest for any signs
to reveal the attacker while Astea uttered a prayer that removed the pain from
the wound on Kilandara's shoulder.

Right after the healing occured, another arrow whizzed from the forests aimed
at Astea, but the shield faded away as the arrow made a chiming noise and shot
off in another direction. Angered, Kilandara sent an earthquake to the forest
causing the assassin to lose his footing and reveal himself. As Astea put up
another shield for the two of them, Kilandara ran into the forest after the
scout. Not long after, Astea followed, the shield raised to protect from
futher attacks. The attacker, now hidden well again, leaped at her trying
wound Kil only to find nothing but air. Now exposed Kilandara and Astea both
swung fiercely, however missing. Astea, not sure what to do sent a another
prayer towards the scout, slowing his movement while Kilandara put up her own

The fight was long and painful. After another miss, Astea lost her balance as
a dagger struck her leg. Wincing in agony, she fell to the ground as blood
gushed from the wound. Tears fell from her eyes. Kilandara looked over to make
sure her comrade was alright, but knew the attacker would strike again. Astea,
enraged and in horrible pain let out a cry as her eyes turned red. Pointing
her hand at the man, she uttered one final prayer as the man suddenly let out
a scream. The harm spell had done its job. Kilandara and the man wrestled for
a little while, the scout soon losing his ability to match weapons. She gave
him a chance to surrender, only to have himself pummeled again as his attempt
to sweep her missed. She landed on him hard and he gasped for air, finally
surrendering. She rose, kicked him, as blood spilled from his mouth, and moved

Meanwhile, Astea rest against a tree tending to her wound. Finally having
removed the dagger, a long and painful process, she uttered a cure spell which
lasted forever. A weak spell tending to a nasty wound was hard enough, but her
lack of fighting had put her out of shape. It was difficult indeed. Looking
over, she saw that Kilandara had finally subdued the attacked and confused
him. All was peaceful again, for now atleast.

Kilandara rushed  back to the village with the prisoner and locked him away.
Astea sat in the woods for a moment or two, then got her energy up enough to
rise and leave the awful area. Limping and using faith as a walking stick, she
head out for town. Meeting Kilandara half way, they went to her tent where
Astea bandaged the two of them up enough for the night. It had been a long and
painful day. Tomorrow would only bring more problems with the interogation of
the attacker. It would become clear as to his plans, but until then, all they
could do is relax and hope their own wounds would heal.

(GREAT RP! GREAT FIGHT! OH YEAH! I had a blast on my first IC fight. Thanks
Kil, Maj, Derd, and whoever else was involved. I loved it much!)

Author:  Astea
Date    Sun Jan 26 20:15:25 2003

Subject   The Return of the Revered Daughter

Looking out at the town, Astea noticed that her work was almost done. There
wasn't much more she could do to help. Smiling, rather relieved at how things
turned out in the end, she returned to her tent in order to start packing up,
ready to return home to the Lord City. "I do hope things have been going
well with Cathas. And Kilandara...I have heard rumors of what has happened to
her..." she stopped in her tracks, thinking of their relationship. She
wished that she hadn't done what she had done, but perhaps it was for the
best. Either way, she was happy to be heading home.

After everything had been packed, she left her tent in order to make sure her
services were no longer required. She stopped by the mayors to check on the
prisoner who had been left unattended for some time.

Everything seemed in order. It was at last time to leave. Returning one last
time to her tent, she gathered her things, mounted her horse and headed to the
port in Solace, hoping that the next boat would leave by the time she got
there. On her way to the outskirts of Arnigat a young child stopped her to
thank her for her assistance and gave her a small flower she had recently
picked. Astea smiled and told the girl that she would return later to check on
the town and make sure things were going well. Hopefully the attacks would not
reach the town again.

Astea finally reached the port after a days worth of travel. A boat was just
being prepared which meant that she could leave within the hour. Rather
excited, she dismounted her horse and sent her things with a sailor to get
packed on board. While she waited, a small altar boy came rushing up to her.
He looked liked a child from the Temple of Zivilyn, but she wasn't sure.
Either way, the boy was out of breath and had a disturbing look on his face.
"Lady Astea, I presume? You wear the robes of Mishakal, you must be her.

I have a pressing message for you from the Holy Order. The heathens have been
on the move and they are heading towards the north...." Without much more of
a word, Astea nodded, accepted the written message, and sent the  boy on his
way. Turning to the captain, she told him of her urgent business and her need
to return to the Lord City. The captain nodded, told her that he would send
her off as soon as possible and proceeded to load his ship. With that, she
boarded the ship and waited to leave. Her return was due, but she was certain
that there would be no time for her to rest. The temples were in danger, and
her duties had only just begun.

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