The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Aziyomo.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn folio on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Aziyomo' scribed in unearthly orange ink.

Author:  Aziyomo
Date    Thu Feb 21 07:45:21 2002

Subject  Aziyomo Miama Marigati

  Aziyomo... a strange name to most, but it suited him fine, he thought, how
little he cared that most people thought he was different, just because his
looks and even his name.  Screw the bastards as far as he was concerned and
that's how he kept his outlook.  There was only one person he really truly
cared for within the city, her name was Lyriel Shadre, a woman he met in the
street about to be mugged... up until he intervened, sending the thug on his
ass with a kick to the stomach, he let him have a chance to get away with his
life while he had the chance, but the thug didn't take it, he rathered the
hard way around, throwing dirt Aziyomo's eyes and wielding a shiv, ready to
attack, the woman managed to push Aziyomo out of the way before the shiv could
hurt him, and soon as he had his sight back he quickly disposed of the vermin,
cleaving a leg from his body and offering him the mercy again if he'd crawl
away, in which he did finally.  Aziyomo's katana fused with the spirit of his
father or so he was told was the strongest blade Aziyomo could ever hope to
keep in his possession, and little did he know this cleric would someday
become more to him.

  Originally Aziyomo did not come from Palanthas, he immigrated with his
mother at the age of 16, he had been trained by his father and many other
strange fighters in a small village on Sancrist Isle, where he was born.

Sadly his father did not make it to see him move, he died of some strange
disease cast wind, someone had mentioned something about a Morgion, Aziyomo
knew nothing of what or who that was.  And the spirit of his passing father
was supposed to be melded into the blade his father once wielded when he did
pass on.  The blade was handed to Aziyomo to help him protect his mother the
dyin wishes of his father toward him, that he would take his place and defend
"the honor".  Aziyomo didn't care, he loved his mother and he would give his
life if need be.  It was a mere two years in Palanthas when things became
complicated, no more could him and his mother provide the funds of money
needed to pay the nobles they were renting a home from, and no more did his
mother have the will to work. Although Aziyomo was still rather young, his
parents did not bare child until they were older, Aziyomo knew he would not be
able to afford the rent money for the house and knew his mother could not

  The very liken of dilemmas is what made him search, all around, he even
met up with the supposed Thieve's Guild a couple times, mostly ending in bad
conclusions, bar fights, belongings taken, gambling causing worse debt, the
likes of that, but the thieves were not the only ones around the city.  He
kept looking, searching for a way to care for his mother, it lead him to the
sewers eventually, in which he had met up with many people down there, strange
people, most of which he did not care for the names of, many of which he had
seen somewhere before, sometime he did not remember.  It was strange, but even
though he looked a lot different than most of the citizenship of Palanthas he
was not unwelcome into their 'society'.  They were not exactly misfits, but
they had rituals in the name of a supposed god Aziyomo had previously never
heard of, his name Sirrion, the eternal flame.  The organization had promised
Aziyomo enough money to provide his mother for the next while had he joined
them in this "brotherhood" as they called it, giving homage to Sirrion above
all other gods.  They held many various rituals within this society most of
which was ununderstandable to Aziyomo's experience, he usually held the dirty
work, a couple assassinations here and there, some gathering of things, and
even stealing for the brotherhood, he did not care for the intent of
everything he was doing, but he had to save his mother.


Author:  Aziyomo
Date    Thu Feb 21 07:46:39 2002

Subject  Aziyomo Miama Marigati 2

  Unfortunately as in every deal in life, things did not work as originally
planned, Aziyomo involved in the work to make the money for his mother by
doing the work for this brotherhood had kept him too busy to keep an active
eye on his mother, and when he finally returned home with the money, hoping to
see his mother be happy with the money he had made for them.  He shook in
shock as he cross the threshold into the house in which he did live for those
two years... there was a putrid smell unlike he had smelled before.  Nothing
was right about the scene!  He raced through the house and dropped the bag of
gold, as well as his jaw when he saw it; his mother, dead, covered by swarms
of flies, making the very putrid smell within the house, HE LET HIS MOTHER DIE
so he thought, he raced out of the house, not thinking twice about the money
he had left on the floor.

  The loss of his mother was a heavy blow, he was responsible no less, and
now completely alone in a city he did not fit into, completely alone other
than the Brotherhood of the Flame in which he was a mercenary for, and
eventually the woman he would love, though that had not happened just yet. He
was nothing to anyone, nothing more than another beggar, except a beggar who
had the skill of his father, and also the sword of his father, but no use for
neither, he decided he would stick with the brotherhood because of this and
only because of this, he figured his mother would want it, considering it is
how he had made the money which was supposed to save her beforehand.  He
followed their orders almost to the word, as best he could, not wanting to err
for then he would be completely outcast in the city, in which case to honor
himself he figured he would need only land on his blade through his stomach,
as an offering to the divine.

  After meeting with that woman, the beautiful half-elf, his world changed,
of course this was months after he rejoined as a full member of the
Brotherhood and either way, he could not keep his mind off her.  His first
meeting was very short, other than the time it took to dispose of that thug. 
They exchanged few words other than her thanks to him, and their names, and
that she was a cleric training to become of the Holy Order of the Stars,
something else he had never heard of.... truly a strange place indeed.  He had
hoped he would meet her some day in a more leisurous manner than he had the
first day he met her, of course he had met many other women in the streets,
but something about her stoof out, he was not much for common whores, though
if he ever turned desperate he knew he could head toward the Rusty Rutter or
another of the many bars around Palanthas to pick up a whore.  Though, he did
find this act rather against his honor.  Though he didn't know where and that
it would happen, eventually he did get his dream chance with that woman, the
one he had saved the belongings of.

  But of course with every passage, there is a time for everything, this
time is not the time for that story, just yet.

Aziyomo Miama Marigati, of the Brotherhood of the Flame

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