The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Brim.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Brim' scribed in dull yellow ink.

Author:  Brim
Date    Thu Sep 26 15:21:43 2002

Subject  happey wanderings in kalaman

...Dreaming happily about a tree so big that he could climb in it all day with
out touching the same branch twice, Brim is haveing the time of his

...*Waking with a mumble... Looking around and rubbing the sleepies
out his eyes.

Brim looks up and hears a voice ...."Brim sir Brim" he hears "I have a
message for you sir Brim."

.Brim wakes and sits up looking at the person sleepily, "Really whos it
from, is it from a tree farmer by chance".

The messanger smiles and hands him a piece of folded parchment, saying "Good
day Brim" he turns and leaves as quikly as he had come.

..Looking down at the paper he was given, He opens it and reads it aloud
making sure its real and that hes awake.

.It informs him that his presencein Sir REk's office is needed "ASAP".

Brim looks around and smiles "Well first let me get a drink, then i'll get
right over there" he says before drinking a few sips out a skin. He wipes
his mouth and stands up, twisting his pants around to the right position.

"Ah i should get going, could be important you never know" Walking happily
he makes his way to Rek's office. Meeting Colvalk along the way he finds out
they are both headed to the same place and smiles.

..Getting to the office Brim is cheerful and awake by now. They enter the
office together and are greeted by Rek there behind his desk.

.After a short sort of speach Brim then understands why he is there with
Covalk and is happy to help in any way possible it seems he will be going with
them both to Kalaman to take care of some buiness as Rek put it anyway.

..Getting very excited over the whole thing *Giggles* great indeed he
thought to himself. With that Rek asked if they were both ready and with a
"yuppers". They set out together to the Imperial square in palanthas,
.Arriving at the square Brim watchs them land and seeing them so up close Brim
got so over joyed by the whole thing he wasted no time running over to a big
silver and began climbing up on to it and with a little help from Rek he got
up and ready Rubbing his delicate fingers happily across the smooth scales, He
then grasped on to the straps hanging from the mount on the dragon and held on
tight as could.

..Before Rek had already leaped into the air and the others were leaping up to
follow. Brim watched the ground and the city of Palanthas get smaller and
smaller as they flew higher and higher in to the air.

.Looking around he saw that Covalk was looking pretty rigd and stern, but it
all was a blur cause Brims eyes were watering so much he couldn't see that
clearly. Feeling the wind against his face Brim opened his mouth only for it
to be blown open ..really wide from all the wind hiting him in the face. After
not being able to breath for a little he closed his mouth with a chomping
sound.*Chomp* Looking out in front of his dragon, .he thought he seen
Rek looking back at him and could have sworn he heard him  say sumthing but he
thought he better just wait till they reached there destination before he
asked him what he might have said.

But out past Rek, brim could see the land laid out before him it was the
hugest map he had ever seen and really wanted to get his pen out but
remembered he didnt have any paper *sighing* to himself, ..Brim left
loose with one hand and held on tight with the other as he rubbed some of the
water out of his eyes to get a better view of everything.

.Looking out now, after he had rubbed his eyes and grabed hold of the other
strap with his loose hand again. He could see the vingaard moutnians as they
should be seen. Fling high and fast he watched them go under him, water
does when your in a boat. Looking down he seen many nooks and crannies he was
telling himself to go look at. If he was ever in that area, making mental
notes ofcourse cause he didnt have any paper.

.He now could see in the far distance, a city by the sea and figured that it
was Kalaman. His tummy got all gindy inside he could just imagine the new and
wonderful things he was to find there.

Author:  Brim
Date    Thu Sep 26 15:45:18 2002

Subject  continued

...Thinking of happy things the rest of the flight to the city. When they all
came over top the city and after a few circles above, they all decended lower
and lower till they all touched down in a park within the city walls.

..After touching down Brim leaped off his dragon and ran passed Covalk and
jump on to Rek hugging him happily "That was the bestest thing yet Rek, heck
I could see Kendermore from up there".

Rek smiled down at him "Well do it again some other time. I promise."
"But now we must get to business.' Looking around at all the people, Brim
turned to watched Rek and Covlak gather their things. They all walked into the
city and toward a palace of great marvel. Wandering how many rooms there were.
Brim followed them into the palace.

..There Rek turned to him and Covalk "I have a few things to discuss with
the citys head official here, yous may find your quarters and look around
as i do so."

Looking now at Brim himself "And you my friend must promise me youll stay
out of trouble till i am done with this" Smiling up to Rek "But
ofcourse, now how would I get into trouble its troubles fault it finds
me." ."But I will do my best to hide from trouble till you are done"
With a big smile Rek nodded to Brim and turned to enter a door and then close
it behind him.

..Looking up to Covalk, Brim smiled "Well im going to find some paper at a
nearby store I'll be fine Covalk dont you worry". And with that Brim set out
into the city.

.Intenet on finding a good place for some good paper to start a new page in
his book of life. Cheerfully he walked out the palace and on to the streets of
kalaman.....(continued later:)

Author:  Brim
Date    Sat Jan 11 18:23:21 2003

Subject   Brims return to palanthas from Kalaman

ooc ive been away now im back (deal with it)



after many months on the trailzz from kalaman to palanthas brim has returned
to the knights keep with in the city of palanthas along with him has come a
sted he had found on his way through the vingaard mountians and a wagon full
to the brim with his findings along the way he has many new tales  to tell any
one interested in listening and many new things to trade.


Along his way he has mapped out all the routes inwhich he traveld here by for
the time he will be spending much time in the keep preparing for his next
journey around the globe to gather info and map out uncharted areas for the
knight hood and also to wander as he see fit


till he departs palanthas once again he will be talking to teldor over matters
he has need to talk to him about and also he will be in the keeps map room
going over the routes inwhich he will betraveling on in the days ahead


(ooc) this is the carsh version of what im going to do there will be folow ups
along the next few days

you will be seeing activity from me and well if i dont get to involved with
hanging out with you all im sorry i have things on my mind to unlesh apon the
world of krynn


not carsh    ===    crash

Brim HappyTrailzzz your happy hopping wandering map maker

Author:  Brim
Date    Sun Jan 19 01:33:40 2003

Subject   A long awaited arrival

...Entering the southeast gates of Palanthas upon a steed pulling a wagon,
Brim smiled as the lights of the city lanterns shown down on him.

It was a rainy night but that still did not put a stop to Brims smile as he
looked on ward down garnet way. They made their way west and then north on
Steel towards the Solamnic Keep.

Arriving this late at night Brim wandered who would be awake to greet him as
he returned. They came to the gates of the keep where a weathered knight was
the first to welcome Brim back and opened the gates to let them pass.

Into the keep they went Brim happily settled Massy (the steed) into the
stables for the night.

The stable boy said he would personally groom the steed and have him back to
his greatness in the morning. Soaking wet now Brim grabbed a few things from
the wagon and headed in doors.

Upon entering the keep warmth creeped into his small body and lighten his
step. Making his way to the eastern part of the castle where the map room was
Brim came across few in the halls this evening.

All nodded or waved that he did come across though. Once he entered the room
he laid his things and bed roll out in a corner not to be in the way of any
who might enter.

(Not that anyone really came here) Resting on the floor on his commfie
blanket Brim stared into the stars. Slowly he drifted off into sleep...


He had already drifted so he didnt see the constellation of Branchala gleamed
a little brighter just then

Author:  Brim
Date    Sun Jan 19 02:00:44 2003

Subject   The arrival is fully known

...Waking up in the morning light Brim sat up and looked around as hebrushed
the little crunchies out from the corners of his eyes with his fingertips.

Yawning and then standing Brim gathered his things and wandered out into the
hallway.The smell of breakfast hitting him hard in the stomach.

Grinning from ear to ear as he thought of all the good food he had missed so
much he made his way towards the dinning hall.

Where he was sure he would eat his full and meet many of his knightly friends.
As always it was a crowded event at breakfast but orderly. (Of course) after
many hugs and lots of smiles (a few frowns)

Brim was able to find food and seating. His plate was toppled with things
falling off onto the table as he sat down. Looking around he heard some low
remarks *giggling* at him as he ate like he hadnt eaten in weeks.

Breakfast went by with laughs and smiles. Leaving the dinning hall Brim walked
down the outer hall way leading to the common room were he saw Master Teldor
talking with a few knights. Brim ran to his friend and hugged him as always.

Teldor dismissed the knights and grabbed Brim in a huge bear hug and greeted
him "My friend I was wandering when I would see you again.(Nodding) I
heard you had entered the keep late last night.

You must come and talk with me Im sure you have many things you want to tell
me. Let us go and talk in my office." Brim smiled happily as Teldor set him

Looking up to Teldor Brim nodded as he held his tummy as it hurt so bad from
being stuffed from breakfast and the hug didnt help the matter.

The morning went by quickly and afternoon was upon them when Teldor said they
would have more time to talk later,

and that he had things to attend to. Teldor told Brim to take the day off and
enjoy himself out side the keep.

With that they parted and brim dropped a few things off in his wagon as he
checked on Massy and then headed out into the streets of Palanthas.


Brim headed first to the temple of Branchala, (dang-Skippy) there
he gave thanks for his happy trailzzz and recited a new song he had learned on
the trail from Kalaman to Palanthas.

With that done and his heart filled with joy Brim headed out into the streets
once again this time he was looking to find any thing new and wondrous at many
of the shops in Palanthas.

Brim wondered all day and evening came on with a sigh (a relief to the
shop owners)

Brim new where he was going to eat to night and that was the "Gossies
BarNGrill" (an inside joke between Kalanon and Brim)

Here he was welcomed by Sam himself and was told that Aliesha would be with
him shortly and that his favorite seat by the window was ready for him.

(As if Sam new he would be here tonight) Brim settled in and after a
short time Aliesha came by with his favorite diner (liver and
onions) and a slurpy.

Afterwards he went to talk to Nettie and hear about the gossip in Palanthas.
He sat and listened all the while his eyes got heavy.

Brim fell asleep at the bar on a stool and Sam was always happy to see Brim
enjoyed his time here at the inn. He then carried him up stairs to an empty
room and laid him down to sleep the night away.

Author:  Brim
Date    Sun Jan 19 02:05:52 2003

Subject   The Great Idea

...In the morning Brim came down and thanked Sam and Nettie for the good food
and stories last night and that he would be heading out now and would see them
later tonight or sometime later this week.

On his way out a poster hanging on the wall caught his eye while reading about
a faire being in the city this week, an idea popped into his mind.

And he hurried out the door with an idea brewing in his head and the first
person he was going to talk about this idea to was Cathas... (If he was in
Palanthas that was?)


Brim headed towards the temple of Paladine in North-Western Palanthas...

thoughts rushing through his little head and with the idea getting bigger and
bigger with every corner he passed he had to get to Cathas soon or he thought
his head was going to explode.

Arriving at the temple word was sent to Cathas that Master Brim was here to
see him and a little while after an Acolyte came to lead him to Cathas.

Once there he hugged Cathas with a huge sigh of relief and then started
blurting out every idea he had had in the past half-hour all at once. Cathas
just smiled as he nodded to the Acolyte that they were ok here, and that he
could leave.

The Acolyte nodded and hopped Cathas new what he was doing as he closed the
door to the room, the door only muffled Brims voice but it soon quieted down
as brim ran out of breath.


...(To be cont.)

Author:  Brim
Date    Wed Jan 22 10:08:18 2003

Subject   Hey, was i really there???

...Brim's breathing faltered,his footing became weak. there was a thumping
sound, and then a bright flash....


...Brim sat on top of his wagon looking ahead down the road. Massy was in
front doing a good job at staying on the path and Brim whistled alittle tune.
The path was narrow do to the mountianous region.

A little ahead of them was a village begining to take shape, the road became
more used as they entered the village. Out from the left a man came into view,
waving to Brim.

"Hey there Brim, was your trailzzz happy." Looking at the man not truely
knowing him, (or did he and just not know it) smileing back to the man
as they road by.

"Yuppers there have been nice to me as always." Nodding to Brim as he
waved again."I shall see you in the inn later this evening then Brim, enjoy

And with that the man went back to his buisness. Thinking alittle clearer now
Brim wandered who the man was but that thought soon left his head and a new
one came as they neared the local inn of the village.

Where am I?, I'd better ask the inn keeper he said to himself mentally.Stoping
along the side of the inn, Brim jumped down out the wagon.

He then grabbed to odd shape peices of wood out of the wagon and placed them
on either side of the rear wheel. Now that  that was taken care of Brim headed
into the inn.

Entering the inn Brim felt as if he had been here many times before, but he
didnt have much more time to think as he was bombarded with hello's. Before
him in the inn where a few seated at the bar and ofcourse the keeper behind

Most waved and the keeper said "Hello Brim How go's, your usual I suppose."
Brim only nodded as he walk to the bar and took a seat at an empty stool.

The keeper brought over a sweet smeeling drink to Brim and said "There you
go Master Brim" Smileing he added "You never can sit in the same place
twice, can you." He said with a wink.

Smileing back "Nope I always like new things." The keeper went back to
doing some things behind the bar as Brim drank some of his drink.

Looking up from his glass and then around the room Brim noticed a bright and
colorful poster hanging on the wall just beside him.

Since it had gotten his attention he decided to go and take a better look. He
put his glass down and stepped down from the stool.

A strap from a pouch snagged on the back of the stool and his foot missed the
bottom rung of the stool,

Brim fall forward towards the floor.... Another bright flash ...

A laughing came from the darkness that followed ...and then Brim could hear
his name being called ......

Author:    Brim

Subject Under way
Date  Tue Apr 26 00:28:11 2005

After spending the past few days organizing his wagon. The whole mission to
supply Palanthas after hearing of the strange events that seemed to be
growing in the numbers of reports.

From all over the mainland. Finally satisfied with the arrangement in the
wagon Brim looks over a few other things. He has a double supply of sea
shells from Lemon bay.

Last time he was in Caergoth the children there swarmed him so fast he
couldn't even believe it himself. When he had left town he only had 16
wholes, 7 halves, a few chunks and a couple other things he wasn't even sure
were shells.

" Oh thats fine brim, leave it be. You best get your (lick) already
overstuffed stash (lick) and that old steed of yours (drool) off to the
harbor." Olef said all this while licking on a loli pop he had found stuck on
the inside of a pouch flap, near the back of the wagon. Brim stood up from
the crouching position he was in.

The jingling sounds that came from his pouches, gave a good insight on the
amount of things he was carrying in them. He was ready, but just alittle lost
in thought for a few seconds.

His attention finally returned to Olef and they both nodded to each other.

"Yes indeedy, I say its time to get moving. Lets get this show back on the
road Massy." Brim spoke loudly to make sure the massive steed  heard him.
Some time back Massy had the unfortunate luck of coming across a hornets

While the steed was foraging around a pile of wood near a building in Hylo
that was under construction. The attack had been a short but fierce one, and
the steed had been stung numerous times around in and around his ears.

The swelling had hurt his hearing a bit. But other then that the steed was in
good condition, just a bit more of a pain to get moving.

"OK Olef, I'll be seeing you in Kendermore in a few months. You better be
there too, I need you for that position we agreed upon for you." Olef laughed
and the loli pop disappeared into a fold of his robes.

Olef wasn't of the cloth so to say but he liked them robes none the less.
They were of good quality and fit him nice. He was a great guy to have as a
informational gatherer of intelligence.

Well the fact he could see and understand the future some how was a good
thing also. The time was running late but Brim was always on time. (Least he
always saw it like that) "Yuppers, See you there" Olef said as he waved to
his friend Brim. Brim was already seated and yelling taunts to the slumbering
giant of a horse. The wagon broke free from its two month resting spot

Brim looked back in time to see Olef with what looked like a loli pop, stuck
in his hair. Olef was having a fine time and Brim thought he would leave him

Brim turned his attention back to the adventure at hand. The wagon rocked and
bucked along with the clattering sounds. It made its way down the streets.
Taking in a few sights  of the city as he made his way through Hylo.

Figuring it would be at least a year till he returned to the city. Brim waved
to a few Kenderkin as he left the residential area and entered the harbor.
With the harbor having a grand dock system, Brim easily found the route open
and clear. Up this way, down that way, and around a land locked ship here and
there. He finally made it to the ship he was bound for.

The sailors moved around the docks with ease, cheerful as ever. Always in a
good mood when they knew of a departure from land was on the schedule.

Brim approached the ships boarding plank and was saluted and announced by the
Officer of the Day. After which he made his way aboard the vessel bound for

Author:     Brim

Subject  On Way
Date  Fri Apr 29 16:46:46 2005

Once aboard the ship Brim settled below in his quarters. He had made it there
fast enough to point and laugh at massy getting loaded by crain.

Brim let a few taunts fly at his old friend, while watching him through a
port hole. After which he returned to un packing his many pouches into many
of the already over stuffed cabin drawers.

A few hours later Brim made way to the deck. Not one to miss a sun set,
especially while out at sea. The bow of the ship was stunning.

A huge replica (Well what Kender believed to be the true form of branchala)
of the god Branchala was Carved out of one huge tree and made the bow

Breifly inspecting it, Brim kneeled and smiled to the statue. Saying to
himself in a cheerful voice "Thank you for the time well spent in Hylo. Was a
good time, very merry. Please watch over my fellow kender where ever they
might be.

We both know they don't stay in one place long. Oh Yeahbefore I forget, could
you please maybe let Massy know things will be ok this trip.

He is getting a bit old and well so am I, but well for as long as we have
been together I need him on his toes for this trip.

Things seem alittle funny to me about what I have been hearing as far as
whats going on on the mainland. I thank you once more for a safe passage, I
know you always smile down on me." Brim stood, looked to the statue and
smiled, nodding once and turned. He had to go check on a few things in the
captians cabin.


Gazing over a few maps laid out across the desk in the small cluttered cabin.
Brim picked up the dice and rolled them. The captian and him were playing a
few hands while the waiting for the cook to arrive with lunch.

"yeah yeah, you know it!" Brim exclaimed "Ok thats it, here you go" The
captian handed Brim a silk hanky "That is are deal, the hanky for the pebble"
Brim nodded and handed the pebble over and a pencil.

"There you might need a new pencil too." Giggling at Brim, the captian took
the pencil and pebble. Both items found homes fast and the captian took the
dice from Brim also. He then turned to the desk and rolled the maps up.

After which he put them away in the cabin closet and sat down on a high
backed chair by the desk.

Brim was over by the windows looking out at the ocean. The captian was about
to ask Brim a question, but a clattering sound of dishes could be heard out
side the cabins door.

In walked the cook, bouncing along. The cook twirled once and stopped in
front of the desk.

Brim snickerd "Just like a twistedknot. Its in the blood I think." Brim
walked to the desk and sat across from the captian, on the other side in a
low backed chair. The cook had left as fast as he had come.

The two ate and discussed the route planned for the voyage.

A few hours had passed, they both had a good idea of how things should go.
They agreed to talk more later, Brim left the cabin.


Some time later Brim was below the main loading bay, in the ships main hold.
Massy was there nosing around, eating some fresh grass brought on board just
for him.

"Is that enough? I told them thati wanted them to make it just like a meadow.

And! Well they did a great job I think." Brim looked over the amount of grass
they had brought on board.

They had basically just took a hunk of earth. Bout a foot thick and in a
circle like shape. 20 foot by 20 foot, its just like his own meadow.

Brim was very happy and well Massy was content. The two just enjoyed each
others company, while rocking with the big ship. Brim sat in the grassy area,
semi stretched out.

His packs making a good back support. The day had gone on smooth so far Brim
thought to himself. His last sight was Massy looking over at him, his ears
perked up. He drifted off into slumber land.

Author:     Brim

Subject  Lost and found
Date  Tue May  3 15:41:07 2005

Brim awoke in darkness, alittle stiff but refreshed none the less. He
stretched a little from his sitting position. He had to lean to one side to
get footing to stand. His pouches on his back made a great support for

But it weighed him down backwards, so standng was a sort of project
sometimes. Once he got standing tho, he could move freely and suprisingly
fast too.

"Hey Massy who blew all the dang lanterns out on us?" Nothing but silence
surrounded Brim.

A breeze with a musty smell floating with it filled Brims nostrols. "Hey you
old fart, where you at?" Turning round and round Brim felt it, knew it, but
didn't understand it.

He wasn't on a ship, out at sea anymore, that was one thing he was sure of.

He gathered his bearings while finding flint and stone. He thought of what
light might bring to his vision, and then there was light. The room around
him was completly lit now, every last bit of darkness left his vision.

Not one spot of the entire room had a hint of shadow. Brim was totally amazed
at this. He stood for a few minutes, looking over the huge (cavernous) room.

"WOW" was the only word to escape past his lips. The sight of the room was
enough to hold any Kenders gaze.

There seemed to be no enterance or exit for the room itself. But who would
wanna leave here, Brim thought to himself. The entire room had items stacked,
racked and piled every where.

Brims eyes were very big now, he stood there in that same spot turning round
and round. Looking over every thing he could glimpse from his vantage point.

"Well now, what do we have here." Brim broke from his daze and walked over to
a heap of clothing...


After many hours of rumaging through piles of things, crawling into and out
of stacks of items. He sat in a some what clean area on the floor looking
over a few things more closely.

It had been years since he had seen anything of the sorts. He was looking at
an item he held in his hand, he sworer that he had had this very item at one
point in his life.

The item was a crystal ball, all the colors in the world swirling within it.
He gazed within for hours it seemed. His attetntion was broken when a
coughing sound was heard.

The memory was still clear, it was the god Hiddukel himself standing before
little Brim once again. Standing up from his sitting position, the ball
finding a home quickly.

"Now what, you want me to lose my vision for you I suppose" Grinning ear to
ear Brim said this to Hiddukel.

"Now wait a second you little runt, that was entirely Rellics on doing. He
looked into the magma, I didn't force him to do anything of the sorts." The
god shook his finger at the Kender. Brim reached out and grabbed hold of the
waving finger. He held tight, Hiddukel smiled and shook the Kender back and
forth in the air.

"You tricked him, and you shall not have a chance to do so to me." Brim said
this while gripping on the finger of the god.

With a laugh the kender fell from the air with a thud sound following his
body hitting the ground. With the air knocked out of his little lungs, Birm
scrambled to his feet.

A pebble in his left hand and a dagger in his right. Looking around he saw no
sign of the god that once stood in front of him. "You need to relax my little
friend, we don't need you hurting yourself now do we."

The voice filled his head as he searched the room for Hiddukel. He ran to and
fro. Leaping piles of items and climbing to the tops of others. He searched
for a while then figured Hiddukle had had his fun and left.

A little winded from the whole thing sat down and reached into a pocket to
get his water flask. He pulled out a double faced coin instead tho. "Aha see
I knew you had it you little thief"

The coins face spoke as Birm looked it over. "How dare you, I am no thief.
You must have forgotten it on the ship. When you, Rellic and I last spoke."

Being utterly discusted with the coin and Hiddukel now, he launched the coin
into the air. The coin flew away from him and landed some where on the other
side of a mound of items.


Author:     Brim

Subject  Lost and found (2)
Date  Tue May  3 15:41:48 2005

"Now now my friend, you should just be merry. I mean look at all this stuff
here. Every thing a kender could possibly fit in a pouch is here. All for the
pickin, just look at all this stuff."s

The voice was from behind Brim. He turned to see the god sitting just alittle
behind him, spinning a coin on the back of his hand. Brim sighed and remained
where he sat.

He just spun his frame around and faced Hiddukel. "Ok what have you come to
talk to me of all the people on krynn about..."

Author:   Regina

Subject  Personal
Date  Sat Jun  4 10:45:49 2005

A woman's cry of pain could be heard through out the house.  Foot steps and
pans banging together could also be heard.


The crys of a new born baby broke the silence.  Along with another cry from
the new mother.  More footsteps could be heard.  A set of them came down the
stairs and ran through the house towards the front door.  That is where the
father stopped and held the baby up for all of the group gathered out side to
see.  "I have a daughter" He said, as a cheer went up from the crowd.

"Her name is Regina Illiano" Another cheer ripped through the crowd...

Regina lived an average childhood.  She was raised in a family not rich in
money, but wealthy in love.  In an ordinary house, in a simple town.  Her
early years were full of family gatherings, playing with friends and public
schooling.  One to step up and play sports with the boys her age.  She was
strong in will and sound in heart.  Of all the children she played with, she
was the most trusted by all the parents.  Not one to waver and was sometimes
harsh when speaking the truth.  But she always kept the balance, never to let
ones anger decide on an action.

In her fifteenth year a mage stopped by the house and visited with her
parents.  He spoke highly of Regina, even tho they had never met.  He
explained that she had magical talents.  He proposed an idea and asked for
their understanding.

When Regina had come home that day from school her parents sat her down in
the living room of the house.  There they explained their talk with the mage
earlier that day.  Regina smiled and listened to her parents go on about the
matter.  Her parents got to the part of the mage returning for her the day
after her sixteenth birthday.  They expected some thing else rather then her
smiling and saying "I know, I have always known some how" The parents both
gasped in astonishment.  "He said you would say that and that's when we would
better understand."

The remainder of her fifteenth year went by with ease and her sixteenth
birthday came and went.  The following morning the family was having
breakfast.  Not a single tear was in the eye of any one.  Their was a cheer
full exchange of chit chat around the table.  Once Regina had finished her
breakfast and washed up, she turned to her parents and said "Its time mother
and father" Then she left the room.  They smiled to each other and there was
a knock at the front door.  Regina returned with a back pack in one hand and
a coat in the other.  The family walked together to the front door.  The mage
was on the front porch, where Regina had been displayed the day she had come
into this world.  They all greeted each other and Regina said her goodbyes. 
The two left the house behind them and the parents returned inside to the
table to finish their breakfasts.

The mage and child traveled for the next few days.  Some on horse back,
others upon ship.  Crossing the New Sea was a grand experience for Regina.

Having read much about it in books, only slightly caught the true glory of
it.  The passing through Solace was also a memory she would cherish her
entire life.  After leaving Solace behind them and entering the forest of
Wayreth, is when the total overwhelming sensation of what laid ahead of her
fully struck her.

In the Tower of Wayreth she would be taught the ways of the magic of Krynn.

She was given a room of her own and since then has read even more books.

More of her time is spent among the seemingly endless halls of the Conclaves
library then any where else in the entire tower.  She has yet to be assigned
a teacher and has not been tested yet.  She has been left to continue her
studies and not questioned nor delayed in any way.

Author:    Regina

Subject  What I think, shall be. For it already is.

Date  Mon Jun  6 07:36:02 2005

(After she was lead by the mage to have her talk with the representatives
of each robe and the decision of her to continue her studies.  Until the
time she chooses master.)  

Regina rests on the bed within her new quarters, thinking of what was within
these towers.  Her attention is drawn to the small door, for there is a
knock.  She answers it to see it is a mage.  There to give a tour.  This was
this mages task to see that she was shown around her new home.  After a few
hours the two ended up back at her quarters and they parted ways.  Regina
returned to her bed to lay down.  Todays events were very exciting for her.

Her mind raced with thoughts, she had seen the expanse of the towers now.

With her able to wander them freely now, she was really able to see the
possibilities.  From with in these towers she will be able to fully

Regina awoke to find that there was sunlight beaming in from a window.  A
window that was not there the night before.  This seemed alittle strange
except she did recall she had looked upon the wall and felt a window would
go good there.  Regina placed her feet on the ground, feeling the warmth
immediatly.  Needing no shoes, she stood and gathered her few belongings.  A
book, some pencils she had recieved in the library and a shoulder bag given
to her by the mage that had lead her here.  

She leaves her room behind and heads to the library.  She passed through the
halls at ease, her surroundings seemed fitting.  The library lay beyond the
gardens, passing through them filled her nose with many scents.  They were
refreshing to the some what musty smell of her living quarters.  Once in the
library she found an empty desk and put her few things down upon it.  She
then did as she always did and that was walk aimlessly amoung the rows and
rows of books.  Until a book would want read.  That is how she would explain
it.  A feeling flowed through her, from the book which she gets.  But she
may pass the book many times on her walks.  Only for it to call out once.

Some times she has a few books, but most of the time it is just one.  The
books she reads are of a wide varity of subjects.  History, anatomy,
biographies, geography, spell components and many more.  Then back to the
desk she goes.  To read from cover to cover, some times more then once.  But
always the whole thing, never to miss a single written word.  She will then
put the books back exactly the way she found them.  From book to book she
wonders.  The day becomes night, but that is out side not in.  Regina reads
on untill she feels all the books are read, that need to be read this day.

Tired, but not exhausted.  Her mind at ease, she heads back to her quarters.

There she rests on her bed.  Only sleeping a few hours, to awake to the
smell of tea.  Her nose does not lie, for there is tea at her desk.  She now
has a desk in her room.  Small but still a desk...  And tea...  

Author:    Regina

Subject  New direction
Date  Fri Jun 17 13:40:03 2005

Regina sat content at her new desk.  The desk itself was made of wood
only.  It was polished to a gleaming luster of a mirror finish.  The chair
the same, a perfect match.  She sat there sipping at her tea, the kind her
mother made.  Her bag rested on the desk, with all her belongings with in.

She looked up through the window enjoying the sunlight and the sound of the
birds outside.  Her time thus far was spent enjoying the morning with in her
quarters.  She soon felt hunger aches and decided to venture to the kitchen.

Once done with her tea, she gathered her few belongings and left her room.

She made her way to the kitchen with in the tower, there as she entered felt
the eyes of another on her.  But once in the kitchen there was no one to be
found.  After her brief stay in the kitchen she decided it was time to head
to the library.  There see would continue her studies.  Delve into the past,
her heart and mind set on understanding.  The library of the Tower of
Wayreth is one of the true wonders of Krynn.  

(Book excerpt)

The library of the Tower of Wayreth is one of the true wonders of Krynn.  It
comprises five floors, and the scent of the mages lies lightly on the rooms,
for now the perfumes of ink and parchments old and new rule.  Here are
scrolls and books which contain all the marvels of magic known to the
conclave, tomes rich with spell craft, so great is the collection that mages
come here to study from all the world over.  Seldom does a wizard come here
questing for some spell, some history, some little bit of lore feared long
forgotten, and go away unrewarded.  Yes, it is hard to breathe in here, for
it is as though all the books and scrolls and parchments have stolen all the
air from the room.  Why that is I can not say though I can offer a guess: A
wise woman once said that when a man has died, it is only his body that
decays.  His spirit lives on yet in memory, the remembrances of his kin and
friends, and in the pages of books he has penned.  It might be that, after
all, these books are living beings, breathing and listening and waiting.  

Regina awoke, noticing she had drifted off into sleep while reading again.

She raised her head and looked around the room, then went back to reading.

A couple weeks had passed and Regina had of course spent pretty much all of
her time in the library.  She did meet a lot of new and different people on
her short walks to and from the library.  She would stop from time to time
to discuss some things.  Mainly things she had read in books at the library.

She in a sense had made some friends, though her true friends could be found
on the shelves of the library.  There the over whelming, almost insisting
force compelled her to the reading of the books.  The feeling that reached
out and touched her was like no other feeling she had ever felt.  But it did
not scare her, she embraced it.  Going on the third week of being here, she
had tripled her books read in her life so far.  

One night before bed she decided to go to Solace the next day.  She had read
much about the history of the city and also spoke about it with a few other
apprentices.  One had given her directions on how to get there from the
tower.  There she hoped to meet a kender, she had read about some in the
books she had read.  She was hoping to meet one in person.  

Author:    Brim

Subject  It wasn't even lost you ninny, you mailed it.

Date  Fri Jun 17 15:47:54 2005

After a great deal of chit chat with Hiddukel and a lot of questions, the
matter at hand had been resolved.  Apparently Hiddukel needed a person to
look for a few more things he just couldn't get to him self.  That's where
Brim came in to the picture.  The room went black once more after Hiddukel
just got plain ol' hot headed from Brims constant questions.  Brim woke on
board a ship in the hold, upon the grass where Massy munched to his hearts
content.  Massy did a double take towards Brim as if he had just appeared
there.  Brim didn't take notice, he just sat there for a few moments going
over his dream.  Or was it a dream, he wasn't really sure about it all.

After all he didn't go any place and the whole thing just seemed to weird to
believe even for a kender.  He stood, walked to Massy and patted the steed
on the side, smiling a bit, yawned then stretched and made his way to the
deck.  He needed fresh air that's all it was.  Things would be better after
some fresh air.  Once on the deck the fresh salt air woke him up immediately
and the pains of hunger hit him hard.  Gaining a few apples from a pouch.

Brim ate a few bites and walked around on deck taking in the view of the
ocean.  After a brief wondering on the deck Brim stopped by the captains
quarters and spoke alittle with him about the time remaining on this voyage.

"Just a few hours and we should see the shores of Solamnia.  Then just a
few hours after that we should reach the port of Caergoth.  Then you can
pick up the supplies you spoke of and we will head to Abanasinia as
planned."   With that said, Brim returned below deck to hang with Massy
for the time being and go through a few pouches, to get things in order of

The time was at hand, he heard the look out in the crows nest bellow the
words "Land Ho" Massy cheered up a bit, knowing land would be soon
coming.  Little did he know, Brim didn't plan on staying long enough in
Caergoth to unload him.  Brim didn't tell the big guy and was sure to get a
quick bite on his shoulder once it was all over and they were setting off to
Abanasinia.  The time passed as the crew got things in order for the coming
port.  Brim just wondered around looking important, and all that good stuff,
while every one got things in order.  With in a few hours they saw port and
within an hour they made port.  Once docked Brim went to the small village
that was part of the port, he spent a few hours wondering the shops on the
docks.  He even stopped by to see Myrell, but she wasn't home, must be out
on an adventure of some sorts Brim thought to him self.  He left her house
and headed past all the shops to follow the main road into the city of
Cargoth.  After a brief stop and chat with a few Solamnic Knights posted at
the gates, Brim made his way to Lord Cedrick's office.  Where his packages
were to be picked up on schedule.  Lord Cedrick welcomed Brim, as the small
kender made his way into his office.  "Hello there Cedrick, long time no
see" said Brim with a wave and a smile.  "Yes my little friend, it has
been some time.  Last we saw each other you were just a young kender on a
mapping journey.  How have your trails been my friend.  I hear fairly well,
since you have been elected king of the kender nations I hear.  That alone
is a story to tell."   Cedrick knew it was to come and might as well get
it out the way now.  Brim nodded, smiling ear to ear "Yes and oh what a
tale it is, it all started..."   Time went by and before he knew it, Brim
was just getting to the end by the time night fall just started to creep its
way into the landscape surrounding the keep within Caergoth.  Before Brim
left he gave Cedrick a package and instructions on when and where to deliver
it, lord Cedrick said he understood and would make sure that things were
taken care of.  The two said their good byes and Brim departed.  He got back
to the ship in time for dinner, and things slowed down after that, with a
full tummy Brim slept well.  

He woke in the morning in time to watch the sun rise.  The ship was made
ready and they departed the port of Caergoth bound for Abanasinia.  

Only a days sail from the coast of Abanasinia now.  Brim walked along on the
deck of the ship looking out at sea.  Eventually finding himself once again
in front of the figurehead on the bow of the ship.  There he sat down cross
legged looking over the figurehead closely.  After a short time of doing
this a man approaches Brim and asks what he is doing.  Brim replies
"Nothing much, just looking over the details in the carving of the
figurehead and having a conversation with Branchala."   The man nods in
agreement with Brim as he sits down next to him.  They chat for a few hours.

The man explains how he had gained passage from Caergoth to Abanasinia and
went on the explain about his findings on his travels.  He also informs Brim
about a Temple of Branchala in Kendermore and some stories even Brim had not
heard of Branchala.  Brim thanks him for his insight on the temple and says
he will make sure he looks for it next time in Kendermore.  The two part
ways, Brim needing to check on Massy and the man said he needed to talk to
the captain.  Once below deck he hangs out with Massy for a bit, falling a
sleep by his side as usual.  When the boat makes port along the coast a
little north of North Keep.  Brim wakes hearing the ships crew shouting
commands back and forth, readying the ship for port.  After they are docked,
things get unloaded from the ship.  Massy and the wagon touch ground as Brim
speaks to the captain about a few things.  At which time he ask the captain
about the man he had spoke with earlier that day, The captain looks bit
bewildered about Brims comments and explains that he knew of no one by the
description, Brim smiles and shrugs it off.  He says his good byes and jumps
into the wagon seat.  Brim and Massy leave the coast behind them, making way
to solace.  

Author:    Brim

Subject  Mysterious sparkling thing in the distance.

Date  Sat Jun 18 10:42:07 2005

The trip to Solace was simple enough, They slept once out on the open
plains.  Reaching Solace the next afternoon.  Brim leaves Massy in the care
of the stable owner and makes his way to the Inn of the Last Home.  After
entering and finding a seat he orders some lunch.  Brim finds some enjoyment
in stacking jelly beans found in a side pocket, on top of one another seeing
how high he can go.  While he waits for the food to arrive.  But in no time
he is chatting with a fellow traveler about different cheeses found around
the world.  A few stories and a couple hours later, Opa arrives and greets
Brim whole heatedly, then sits to chat with his old friend.  They talk long
into the night.  They discuss all sorts of things, local news, world news,
even the prices of cheese.  It was getting late and the two knew they had
time to talk more tomorrow.  The two said their fare wells for the evening,
leaving the inn behind them.  Brim slept under the stars in his wagon that

Waking early in the morning, Brim had an urge to go explore a bit.  It had
been a long time since he was last in Solace.  He took to the trees, there
he wondered the hanging walk ways.  At some point he stops, seeing a
mysterious sparkling thing in the distance, a good walk to the south he
figured.  It was a little away from the south eastern edge of Crystalmir
Lake.  At this point Brim is approached by a young female, she asks what he
is doing.  Brim explains about what he sees, and that he is about to go
looking for the mysterious sparkling thing in the distance.  He asks if she
would like to come along.  "Tika said you might be up for an adventure." 
 Brim laughed, going on to explain how he had known her name.  Now that
they knew each other they left the trees behind them and headed in the
direction Brim swore the mysterious sparkling thing would be.  With in an
hour Brim pointed out that this had to be close and that they should both
start looking for it.  While Regina looks here and there, Brim finds a hole
on a steep sloping hill.  He looks into it and starts shouting he has found
the mysterious sparkling thing.  He starts pulling stones and dirt away from
the hole.  The hole becomes bigger and soon Regina is helping him.  The hole
eventually opens to a large entrance way.  By the looks of it it was once a
cave mouth.  Upon entering the cave it opens to a much larger cavern.  They
explore deeper and they see that they are inside what only could be the foot
section of a large statue built long ago and now forgotten.  Brim finds that
there are ladders leading up the wall and further up he sees light shining
through an opening in the ceiling.  After following the ladders up they both
end up out side again.  They see they are standing out side where the knee
should be.  After looking at the view they witness from their vantage point.

Regina points out that there is a rope tied to a rock.  The rope leads to an

Brim excited now by the amazing find, climbs the rope and reaches the
airship to find it is in great shape.  Regina joins him on the deck of the
ship.  They explore every where and Brim finds a chair, which has to be the
helm.  There were all sorts of levers and pulleys and buttons even a set of
goggles.  He begins to act like he is flying and dodging dragons in flight
when Regina appears beside him.  He then says its her turn and stands up
motioning to her to sit down.  Regina does so and Brim wonders off a bit
looking out into the sky.  Brim starts telling a story, rather a few
different stories at one time while Regina sits on the chair some what
curious about the levers, buttons and pulleys.  Brim is standing by the
railing when all of a sudden the ship moves, throwing him of balance.  He
hits the deck, arms and legs flailing about.  Once he gains his balance
again he runs to Regina who is stunned her self that she actually got the
ship moving.  Brim shouts "Do it again, do it again."   Regina admits
its not hard, but that they should be careful.  After speaking with Brim for
awhile and flying the ship a little.  Regina and Brim come up with a great
idea to fly to Kendermore.  Regina not one to pass up a good adventure
either, decides to go.  Brim pulls dozens of maps from his map pouches.  He
sprawls them all over the deck, showing Regina where they are and how to get
to Kendermore.  After some more practice they set off towards Kendermore.  

Author:    Regina

Subject  Meeting others
Date  Sat Jun 18 15:43:56 2005

The following day she left the confines of the tower behind.  She
followed the directions she had received from an apprentice the day before.

Solace was a city that fascinated her.  The brief stay she had had there
when she passed through it on her way to Wayreth was just enough tease to
gain her curiosity.  Now she would be able to fully explore, being that this
was her personal time.  With in a few hours the city among the trees came it
to view.  She made her way under the city, the path ways cris crossed every
which way through out the enormous Vallenwoods.  The hanging walk ways and
the houses built around the trees and on the thick branches were an amazing
site to see.  Her eyes darted back and forth, taking in every thing she
could possible see.  As her walk continues she sees a huge building, with a
long spiraling stair case built around the massive tree trunk of one
Vallenwoods.  She knew right then that it had to be the famous Inn of the
Last Home.  As she approached the stair case, she marveled at its
craftsmanship.  She decided right then she would stay here for the night and
enjoy the warmth of the inn, as so many in the books she had read did.  The
walk up was not a long one.  Being a young women it was quite easy.  She had
seen an older man walking down and figured she fared better then they would

She arrived at the top of the stairs to see the entrance way to the inn.

The structure was a grand site indeed.  She could smell the spiced potatoes,
spoke highly of in many tales.  As soon as she entered the building, along
with the scent of ale and candles.  She seated her self at a table by a
window.  All the while looking around the impressive room.  The window by
her table had an excellent view of the city through the branches.  She sat
staring out the window and with in a few minutes a woman approached, she
introduced her self as Tika and asked if she could bring her anything to
drink.  Regina smiled and explained that she had just arrived to solace for
the first time.  Tika sat down at the table and exchanged some small talk
with Regina.  

Seeing she was young and traveling alone, Tika suggested to stay here the
night.  She told Regina she could have a friends price and that she would
talk to Otik.  Regina thanked Tika, at which time Tika left Regina.  Regina
continued looking at every thing in the inn, gazing out the window from time
to time also.  Meanwhile the inn slowly attracted its daily patrons, most of
them regulars.  She figured any how, seeing that most of them knew each
other.  Tika had arrived once more, this time she had a tray with her.  On
the tray was an assortment of fruits and vegetables, also nuts and bread
with butter in a side dish.  Along with a small pot of tea.  She also
pointed out the corn chips, she said they were new.  Tika went on to explain
they were made of ground corn that was then rolled like a dough into a
sausage type shape.  Then thinly sliced and then baked till crisp then
lightly salted.  Regina tried one and was pleased with the crunchiness.

Tika said she would be busy the rest of the night but if Regina needed her,
to just shout for her when she was near and she would stop by when she
could.  The time passed and the inn filled, Regina sat enjoying some small
talk with a few patrons.  Talking about traveling conditions, weather, and
local news.  She also listened to others talking, with out drawing to much
attention to her self by doing so.  

By this time there were numerous small groups gathered through out the main
room.  That's when the kender entered, some people stopped talking or
lowered their voices.  Some others spoke saying hello and others paid no
attention to the little guy.  Regina paid close attention the the kender,
being the first she had ever seen.  She watched as he made his way through
the crowed inn, stopping once to hand something back to some one.  He sat
down and Tika was there to give him a hug and tickling him as she took her
bar rag back from him.  They spoke for a brief time as Regina watched.  Tika
left him and Regina noticed what looked like an elf but had some human
features, come to Brims side.  He made a move to grab the kender, only the
kender slipped through his grasp.  Sliding to the floor.  The two men
grabbed each other in an embrace, sitting after wards.  They sat there
conversing with each other, and Regina watched them along with all the
others in the inn.  Nibbling here and there on the assortment of food and
drink brought to her by Tika.  

Author:    Regina

Subject  (continued)
Date  Sat Jun 18 15:51:59 2005

Tika passed by, and then again, this time Regina shouted and Tika nodded.

A short time later Tika returned, and asked how she was doing.  Regina
replied good and asked her who the kender was over there.  Tika laughed and
said "That kender over there is Brim HappyTraizzz.  He is chatting with
Opa.  Brim has been in town a couple days on adventure, but he would say
business.  Oh before I forget here's your room key."   She handed Regina a
key "I must get back to work" Tika smiled and Regina waved, smiling as
she watched Tika fade back into the crowd.  Regina sat watching Brim and
Opa, when she could.  Intrigued about what they could be talking about.  She
finished up her tea and berries everything else had been eaten.  Feeling the
tug of sleep upon her, she gathered her things and headed up stairs.  Her
room was easy to find.  Her day was not overly exhausting, just very
exciting.  She was tired and very happy to be here.  The overall feeling of
the city environment was good.  She placed her few belongings under her bed
and laid down, sleep came quickly.  

Waking to the sunlight filtering into her room and the aroma of breakfast
being made below was welcomed.  Sitting up on the bed she gathers her
things.  Tidied up a bit and went down stairs into the main room of the inn.

Tika was there, she smiled and waved to Regina.  Motioning her to come over
to a table near the bar.  There they both talked a bit over breakfast.  Tika
told her of the local gossip.  How some things where going in the city and a
few more things about Brim.  Regina took it all in and even spoke a little
more personally about her self with Tika.  The two girls enjoyed each others
time together, Tika cleaned up and Regina thanked her for her hospitality.

She then brought forth some coin and Tika told her the amount needed.  When
Regina paid, Tika handed half the amount back.  Smiled and said stop by some
shops in Solace.  Saying she was sure she can find something she would like.

Regina agreed, then left the inn.  Once out side Regina look every which
way, deciding that she would like to explore the hanging walk ways.  She
ventured here and there while walking along, taking in the scenic views.  

As she came around one tree though, she seen a kender hanging from a
railing.  He looked as if he was trying to look at something closer.  She
approached the kender, to see that it was none other then Brim.  At which
time he noticed her too, he lept back over the railing, quite excited.

"Hello there, my name is Brim HappyTrailzzz and you are Regina, very nice
to meet you in person."   This caught Regina off guard and was about to
ask how he knew who she was.  Giggling a bit Brim then said "I had
breakfast with Tika this morning, shes very good for gossip" Regina
blushed slightly.  "But of course, yes she is.  May I ask what you are
doing."   Brim immediately weaved a story that some how jumped from
breakfast to him chasing a lizard around the back of his wagon.  To finding
a mysterious sparkling thing out in the distance.  Some where near the
south-east corner of Crystalmir Lake he explained.  Thats what he was doing
here.  Trying to get a closer look and a good idea of where it might be, so
he could go find it.  He asked her if she would wanna come along with him.

Being swept up with in a kenders tale Regina agreed happily to go along with

Brim lead the way and Regina followed close behind.  He soon showed her
another way to get down from the trees.  "the up and down box" is what
he called it.  Once on the forest floor they set out in the direction Brim
pointed.  They made it to the shore of the lake in no time.  Once there,
they followed it south.  With in no time they reached the area where Brim
insisted the mysterious sparkling thing had to be.  Brim started searching,
under leaves, in the tree branches, lifting rocks and even checking his own
pockets.  After some time Regina thought that maybe they were in the wrong
place.  Brim was a bit away from her now.  Looking around Regina saw that
there was a sort of cliff face which protruded out the steep hill.  Which
was part of long rolling hills which stretched in either direction from
where she stood.  Just then she heard Brim shouting as if he had found
something.  She ran to his side to find him looking in a hole.  He was
pulling rocks and dirt by the hand fulls away from the hole, enlarging it.

He spoke of how he had seen it, it was in the hole.  Regina soon was helping
in a matter of minutes the hole became larger.  After some time it slowly
took the shape of a preexisting cave entrance.  Brim was straighting him
self, when he pulled a glowing orb of light attached to a stick which he
called his "glow stick" together they entered the cave.  

Author:    Regina

Subject  Now there is some thing you don't find every day
Date  Sat Jun 18 15:59:10 2005

The tunnel turned into a big cavern.  There was a lot of dirt, dust and
cobwebs.  But for the most part they had easy walking.  Regina followed
close behind Brim.  They left one cavern to enter another.  There they seen
light filtering down from high above.  Regina got her bearings and noted
that the cavern looked like the inside of a huge foot, of a once massive
statue.  Brim had already found some ladders and was testing the strength of
one by climbing up onto a few rungs and jumping up and down on them.  He
headed up the first of the few ladders and Regina followed.  They were soon
out side once again.  On top of a crumbled section of the once huge statue.

The rest of it seemed to go gone.  They could see for miles around.  Notices
a rope just then and gets Brims attention.  Pointing out that its connected
to a...  Brim screamed "An airship, how I always wanted one" 

It was Regina's first time to see one, even hear of one.  Brim was already
climbing the rope that lead to the deck of the airship.  By the time Regina
was on board Brim was no where to be seen.  After a short inspection she
found a ladder leading down into the lower levels.  She figured he was down
there and went down also.  She found a room with floating barrels and
another filled with all sorts of shiny metals, coins, armor, rocks and so
on.  But no Brim.  As she left that room though, she heard Brim above on the
main deck.  Knowing that, she decided to check the rest of the ship out.

She found that every thing seemed in good condition just really dusty.  She
headed back to the main deck.  There she found Brim in a chair acting like
he was flying and dodging dragons in flight.  Regina laughed at the thought.

Brim noticed her there and then stood up saying "Your turn, your turn." 
 He motioned her to sit in the chair.  She did so happily.  Brim then
started relating a past experience of his to her while walking around on the
deck.  While he did this she looked over the pulleys and buttons and levers.

She brushed some dust off here and there and found actual directions were
written on some parts explaining how to use them.  Studying them a bit she
grabbed the controls and started following the directions and with a sudden
out of the world cracking sound.  

The ship moved, it lifted straight up in the air.  She heard Brim scream as
he was flung to the deck.  Once Brim had regained his balance he ran to
Regina shouting over the wind.  "wowy zowy you did it."   They flew
through the air as Brim held tight to the chair arm where Regina sat.  The
two laughing as they dived out of the sky, headed straight for the trees
above Solace.  Pulling a few levers the ship leveled out and they headed
south-east.  Regina slowed the ship down to a stop, at that time Brim was
going nuts, shouting still even though they had stopped.  He went on about
how great it would be to go to Kendermore with the ship and that was where
he was headed any how.  "Why don't you come?"   he asked.  After a short
discussion about the travel.  Regina decided to go to Kendermore with Brim.

Brim then pulled forth many maps and they went over them, figuring the best
route of travel.  Once it was figured on, Regina took the controls once
again.  Making their way over the Khoralis Mountian range.  Then out across
the plains of dust.  As night fell upon them, Regina suggested to sleep.

Brim agreed and Regina stopped the ship and let it float where it was, bout
a hundred feet off the ground.  In the middle of nothingness.  The two
rested on deck stretched out across blankets found in a pouch Brim carried.

Staring up at the stars that night, Regina faded into slumber land listening
to Brim tell a Tale of Two Cities...  Something like that any way.  

Author:    Rebound

Subject  Preparations, planning, getting ready and waiting.

Date  Sat Jun 18 20:19:42 2005

Rebound sat at the kitchen table in his families house on Straight Street
in Kendermore.  During breakfast he was retelling one of his stories from
last years adventures with his cousin Brim.  Of course the entire story,
even the part about the flying napkin was true.  After finishing up and
helping his mother gather the dish's.  Rebound set off for the town hall.

He had a bunch of earlier morning auditions for next weeks celebrations.

This entire week was going to be a very busy one for Rebound.  He was Brim's
right leg cargo pocket some would say.  Rebound was planning on Brim
arriving some time today.  At least that was when Brim said he would be
back.  "One week before the start of the Great Goodlund Hunt" was what
Brim had told Rebound.  

The morning and afternoon goes as planned.  Many groups of entertainers came
from all over to auditions for a chance to entertain at the event.  It was a
week long celebration, commemorating the great Goodlund hunt that took place
a many hundred years ago.  Least that's how the story goes any way.  After
many hours picking through jugglers, painters, comedians, singers, poets
bards, magicians, dancers, tight rope walkers, fire blowers.  The list goes
on and on.  Rebound and some of the others present for the voting, even some
of the entertainers them selves.  The numbers get tallied and the winners
are picked.  Tomorrow they will tell those who won.  

Author:    Rebound

Subject  "Whoa"
Date  Sat Jun 18 20:35:40 2005

Rebound then left the hall for the park out back.  There he spent some
time in the shade watching some young kenderkin play tag among the trees
while writing up a good clean list of things his cousin Brim would need in
formed about.  The list covered local happenings, national news, and all
matters concerning the up coming celebration.  With the list looking good
and Rebound some what hungry, he was about to leave the park and head back
to his house.  But as he gathered his things he heard shouts and laughter
from what could only be a large group of kender.  Just then a shadow fell
over him from above.  ""Whoa"" 

Looking up he saw an air ship flying over head.  Excitement gripped him as
he saw a rope fall from it's edge, hitting the ground with a thud.  Rebound
made his way to the rope, just as kender from all angles converged on the
park.  Looking up Rebound knew right then who was descending on the rope.

The colorful pouches hanging from the kender was all he needed to see to
know it was Brim.  "Brim, where did you find this?"   His shout was
covered up by all the other kender shouting things also.  Rebound noticed
another descending behind Brim, a young woman by the looks of it.  Brim
reached the ground and Rebound was there to greet him, along with every
other kender that was there.  Brim talked a bit with Rebound and also a few
other kender.  Relating his past few days of events.  Brim smiling from ear
to ear now turned to the young woman noticing that the crowd seemed to be
some what over bearing on her.  He lightly pulled her along with him as he
made his way to a side entrance of the town hall.  Rebound stayed close and
they all entered the building.  

The door shut and the noise level dropped enough so they could hear each
other.  Brim hugged Rebound and then Rebound informed Brim in a matter of
minutes about current local and national events.  About the price of cheese,
some misplaced table cloths and the list of confirmed entertainment for the
celebration next week.  Brim then related the events of his journey from
Hylo to Caergoth, then solace and finding the air ship.  He then introduced
Regina to Rebound, Regina was trying her hardest to stay with them both as
they went through their mass information exchange.  "Brim, I think the
crowd is getting bigger.  You might wanna address them."   Rebound pointed
to the double doors which lead to the audience hall.  Brim agreed that was a
good idea.  He walked to the doors and could hear the voices of what could
only be hundreds of kender on the other side.  He turned and smiled to them
both, then opened the doors.  

The room went silent for the most part as the three entered the room.  Then
all at once the room filled with the sounds of chattering kender.  Brim
spoke loud and clear.  Telling them of up coming things in the city.  He
then called Rebound forward, at which time he read off the list of
entertainment to be held during the week of the Great Goodlund Hunt
celebration.  After Rebound was finished Brim then walked forward again with
Regina at his side and shouted "This is Regina Illiano every one, say
hello" Regina blushed and the crowd erupted as an almost simultaneous
hello was said from all the kender that had heard.  Brim then lead them back
into the office closing the double doors behind them.  

Rebound then went over the final preparations needed to be handled.  The big
the was missing were the ceremonial table cloths.  They were apparently seen
last at last years event.  Brim remembered then that he had dropped them off
by the tailors in Palanthas for a much needed "Fixer upper" With that
said Brim asked if Regina would mind flying Rebound to Palanthas to get
them, Rebound was of course ready at that very moment.  But Regina asked if
she could get some dinner and some sleep.  Brim agreed with her, and Rebound
settled down a bit and suggested his house.  They left the town hall behind
them as they walked into the city.  The city streets were empty as all the
citizens were at the town hall discussing things to come at next weeks

They arrived at Rebounds house and to his surprise there was an inn next to
his house.  Brim and Regina decided to stay there.  Rebound said bye for now
and that he would see them in the morning.  Rebound entered his house to
find no one was home.  He ate a small diner, then headed to his bedroom.

There he went to sleep with a new adventure playing out in his dreams that

Author:    Regina

Subject  Moving on
Date  Sat Jun 18 21:00:36 2005

In the morning Regina woke to the sound of birds flying around.  Looking
around she noticed a few had even made a nest in some out of the place spots
around the deck area.  She saw Brim was already awake too, he was over by a
railing looking out in the distance.  "Regina" he said "The sun is so
beautiful in the morning.  The sight of it and the warmth that fills my
being, is such a powerful feeling that I have always when I look upon it as
it rises.  You wanna eat I have some things I found" he returned to the
blankets.  There he pulled forth a few items to munch on, sharing with
Regina.  She ate and talked with Brim about some things going on in
Kendermore over the next weeks.  

She listened and smiled.  Thinking of how her life has been so far.  Looking
through memories, thinking of the times spent reading.  She enjoyed life so
much.  Brims brief statement about the sun in the mornings really dawned a
light on some of her own questions in her life.  After breakfast, Brim asked
for her to show him how to maneuver the ship.  It only took a quick lesson,
she had him sit on her lap while she worked the controls.  Brim said he had
it down, so Regina left him go.  She walked to a railing along the port side
of the ship, there she viewed the world much differently then she had ever
in her life.  Out on the horizon was a forest like none she had ever seen.

Brim shouted "Silventesti."   Regina smiled back over her shoulder to
Brim then looked back to the forest slowly but surely getting closer.  

With in a few hours, they were over the forested lands of the Silvenesti
elves.  Regina looked down over the land, beautiful she thought to her self.

Brim slowed and slightly turned the ship to a north-eastern direction now.

Regina knew, from the maps that the Bay of Balifor must then only be a few
more hours away.  With any luck they would be in Kendermore by night fall.

Regina decided to take a more closer look through out the ship.  She let
Brim know this and headed down below deck.  

Down below Regina explored every where she could, finding many weird and
funny things.  The ship was marvelous.  The detail and craftsmanship was
remarkable, there was a strong feeling of powerful magic too.  In the very
bottom level of the ship there was the most amazing sight.  A huge glowing
ball of writhing multi-colored energy hovers near the bottom.  There is a
small walkway surrounding it which is where one would be standing if they
are looking at it now.  It hums softly and gives off no signs of heat, cold
or any thing to make standing here uncomfortable.  Regina leaves it alone
and finds her way back top side.  

Author:    Regina

Subject  Arriving
Date  Sat Jun 18 21:07:44 2005

Brim informs her that they have reached the Bay of Balifor and that she
should take the controls so Brim can give her good directions to Kendermore.

After a short bit of Brim yelling directions they crossed over into Goodlund
air space.  With Regina at the controls the ship maneuvered its way into
Kendermore air space then.  Brim lead them over the city.  Regina could hear
kender but couldn't see them, the noise was getting louder by the minute.

Brim yelled some more directions and they floated over a huge building.

Brim Yelled slow down and then "Stop".  They had made it and by the
sounds of it every one knew they were there.  

"Ok lets get down there, with this turn out its a great time to tell every
one about next weeks events."   Brim ran to the side of the ship and
tossed down a rope.  Then slipped over the side himself.  Regina followed
closely behind him, they both slide down to the ground below.  Met by a few
hundred shouting and singing kender.  Regina had thought it would be nice to
meet some kender, here she could meet as many as she wanted.  Brim talked to
a few kender and then shouted to every one to meet in the town hall, he had
something to tell every one.  Brim reached out and grabbed Regina's hand and
tugged a little.  Leading her to a side door of the building where they
entered and closed the door behind them.  

Inside she listened as a kender caught Brim up on local events and also the
price of cheese.  After which Brim then related his past week or so of
events to the kender.  Then Brim introduced the kender as his cousin Rebound
MatterofFactly.  Both kender talked a bit more about a few other things
needing attention.  Then Brim lead them both out through some double doors.

In the other room the noise was growing and as they entered it slightly
dropped, but after they saw it was Brim.  They all went back to talking
again.  The volume was loud and Regina's heart was pounding now from all the
excitement.  Brim addresses the entire room with a short speech and then had
Rebound read off a list of events scheduled for the Great Goodlund Hunt next
week.  After that Brim lead them both back into the office and closed the
doors.  There Brim talked with Rebound some more and Regina over hears that
there were some table cloths in Palanthas needing to be picked up.  That is
when Brim asked her to go with Rebound to Palanthas to retrieve them and
also stop by Solace on the way back to get his wagon and steed, Massy.  

She agreed but said sleep and a good dinner would be the best choice of
action now.  With that said they all left the town hall behind them and
entered a empty city.  Once they reached his cousins house, Brim noticed the
inn next door and suggested to Regina that they should stay there.  Rebound
was ok with it and said good night to them both.  Regina and Brim entered
the inn and found no one was there, Brim commented on paying tomorrow.  They
then found some food in the kitchen and afterwards went up stairs to sleep
the night away.  Regina being as tired as she was found a room and said good
night to Brim.  Not long after entering the room and laying down, she was
sound asleep.  

Author:    Brim

Subject  Momma said their be days like this
Date  Sat Jun 18 22:22:05 2005

Their journey takes them over the Kharolis Mountain range.  Then head out
across the plains of dust.  By then night had fallen on the land, both
agreeing that stopping for the night would be the best choice.  At this time
the ship stops.  They bed down on the the deck.  While laying and staring at
the stars Brim tells of his latest story on the ship he crossed the New Sea
not three days ago.  About the strange man he had spoken to aboard the ship.

He spoke of a temple built in Branchalas honor in Kendermore.  With this
airship they should be able to see it from this height.  Regina listens for
a bit, but eventually slips into sleep.  Brim continues telling the story
and he himself slips off into slumber.  

Brim wakes in the morning as the sun rises and Regina soon wakes too.  They
eat a small breakfast, Brim had had some jerky and a few apples in a pouch
and he shared them.  Once their humble breakfast was over brim asked Regina
to show him how the ships controls worked.  Regina sat in the chair with
Brim in her lap.  She showed him how every thing worked.  One made the ship
rise and lower, another turned the ship left and right and another tilted
the ship forward and backward.  Brim was really excited by now, Regina left
him at the chair and explored below deck.  While he continued on with their
journey to Kendermore.  Brim must of had the ship running at full speed.

The Plains of Dust flew by faster then flying dust.  Soon the forests of
Silvenesti rolled out before them.  Looking over a few maps Brim decided a
north-east direction would lead them straight to Goodlund.  With in a few
hours after reaching the edge of the Silvenesti forests the Bay of Balifor
was on the horizon, Goodlund was on the other side.  

As the sun made its way across the sky, they made great time and soon the
forests of Goodlund could be seen.  Regina was on deck at the railing in the
front of the ship.  Looking over a map in her hand.  She yelled to brim that
Kendermore had to only be an hour a way.  Sure enough with in the hour Brim
was standing on the chair looking ahead.  He yelled "Kendermore HO!  "
Laughing a bit after making that comment he asked Regina to take the
controls and he would give her directions on where to stop the ship.  As
Brim made it to the railing the ship passed into Kendermore air space, he
yelled back directions and told her to slow down a bit, as they made their
way over the city kender seeing the airship started to shout.  More kender
came out of buildings or stopped doing whatever they were doing and soon
there was a huge group a kender following the ship.  Brim waved and shouted
things to the kender below as more gathered below.  Singing could be heard
from below, Brim saw even some kender danced in the streets as they followed
the ship.  Brim seen the town hall now and shouted directions for Regina.

She did well and they soon loomed over the town hall.  Brim yelled back
"stop" as they came over the park that was behind the town hall.  

Once stopped, Brim explained that he would need to stop by the town hall and
then he would have to find his cousin Rebound.  Regina nodded, not really
understanding what he was talking about.  Brim threw the rope over the edge
of the ship and began his descent into the growing crowd of kender below.

Once he made it to the ground Rebound was there to greet him.  Regina soon
joins Brim on the ground and Brim some how gets most of the kender to quiet
down.  He relates his past few days of adventures and how they came to find
the airship and getting here.  At this time he introduces Regina to every
one.  He then announces that he will be making a speech in a little while in
the town hall.  At that time he motions to Regina and Rebound to follow him.

They make their way to the town hall and enter a side door into an office.

Once in side Rebound informs Brim of current local and national news, along
with a few other details about cheese prices and some thing about misplaced
table cloths.  He then goes over a the list of confirmed events to be held
during the Great Goodlund Hunt.  Which was to begin in a week and also the
main reason Brim was in such a hurry to return to Kendermore.  The noise of
kender shouting and singing was growing louder and louder in the other room.

After Brim related a few more details about his travels from Hylo to here.

He says he must go out and talk to every one.  

Author:    Brim

Subject  Hear ye, Hear ye
Date  Sat Jun 18 22:31:31 2005

Brim turned to the double doors, remembering all the kings he had seen
walk through them very doors to announce the up coming celebration next
week.  Now he was the one that was going to announce it to every one.  The
feeling was very exciting and Brim was ready.  He reached out and opened the
doors.  The noise swept over them like a wave rolling in on the beach.

Regina actually stepped a step back.  Brim noticed this and grabbed her
hand.  "This will be fun come on" Brim stepped through the doors, the
entire room got silent except for a few laughing babies and some chit chat
from a few gnomes that some how got in the mix thinking some new invention
was to be unveiled.  A kender spoke loud enough for every one to here
"It's just Brim you silly head" a few other kender laughed and the rooms
volume went up again.  Brim, Regina and Rebound stood out side the door in
front of the huge group of kender that came to attend the meeting.  There
was talk among the kender of the games to be held this year, a few other
could be heard talking of the food, still others talked of the color of
their flip flops.  Brim turned and told Regina and Rebound "This shouldn't
take long" He turned back to the crowd and shouted "Hello every one and
thanks for coming, first off I would like to say its great to be back in
Kendermore and its good to see you all.  I would like to announce that one
week from today the Great Goodlund Hunt celebration will begin" a cheer
ripped through the crowd.  "I hope you will all enjoy this years events
and much as the past events.  I would like to have Rebound now speak."  
Brim motioned for Rebound to step forward, he did so.  

Rebound flipped through a few pages and found the one he was looking for.

Speaking loud so every one could hear.  He went over the entire list of
confirmed entertainment.  After each event read off the list kender would
immediately talk with each other in excitement.  While others would ask for
it to be repeated, because they had missed what was said.  When this would
happen it wasn't uncommon for another kender to tell who had asked,
something totally different then what was originally said.  So a lot of
things got changed.  If you were to ask any kender about the events, they
would all state a different list.  At the end of the list Rebound, Brim and
Regina returned to the office.  Closing the double doors behind them.  Once
inside rebound went over a few important tasks that still needed to be taken
care of.  The matter of the table cloths was brought up again and Brim
remembered he had left them in Palanthas at the tailors for a much needed
"Fixer upper".  He then asked if Rebound and Regina would mind going to
get them with the airship.  Also adding, if they would please stop by Solace
and grab Massy and his wagon.  After a short discussion about it, they all
agreed that would be fine.  The also decided it would be good to get some
dinner and sleep before they set out tomorrow for Palanthas.  Regina also
asked about seeing the great library there once they got to Palanthas.

Rebound said he would make sure she had time to see it while they were in

They left the town hall behind them as they entered the now empty streets of
Kendermore.  They were headed to Rebounds house.  When they arrived Rebound
was shocked to see an inn was next to his house.  He explained that when he
had left the house this morning the inn was not there.  Brim said "Well,
Regina and I will stay here tonight.  This place better be here tomorrow
cause I am sleeping here.  But wouldn't it be neat to go to sleep here and
wake up some where different tomorrow."   Giggling to himself, Brim said
good night to Rebound.  Regina and Brim then entered the inn.  Once inside
they found no one was there.  They must be at the town hall.  They found
some food in the kitchen and made a few sandwiches and then decided to
retire for the evening.  They headed up stairs, both finding a room for them
selves.  Saying good night to each other they closed their doors.  Brim
smiled to himself, happily thinking of what tomorrow would bring.  He went
through a collection of hair ties on the bed and slipped into slumber land.

Author:    Regina

Subject  Where the heck?
Date  Sun Jun 19 17:34:04 2005

The next morning Regina awakes with her face flat on the bed.  She sits
up and stretches, and goes over the past few days of events in her head.

Mentally accepting all the strange, fun and exciting events.  After feeling
things were in order she left the room to find Brim.  She found that he was
not in the room he had gone in and thought he must be downstairs.  Going
down stairs is when things got a little strange.  The main room of the inn
last night was nothing more then a basic living room now.  Nothing was as it
had looked last night.  She quickly left the house.  Once out side the city
was back to normal as far as having people around now.  Kender were every
where.  She looked up the street one way then the other.  She had no idea
where she was.  Looking in the sky though she could see the airship easily.

She decided that would be the best place to find Brim and started off in
that direction.  It took her some time to get there though.  Do to the fact
that each street did its own thing, changing directions when ever and
stopping altogether some times.  

Finally arriving at the park, she saw that Rebound was there, along with a
few other kender.  They were working on hoisting a box with the ropes help,
up and into the ship.  As Regina neared them rebound saw her.  "Well good
morning, we are all set once we get this loaded onto the ship.  You have
every thing you need for the trip?  Brim spoke with me this morning.  He
went over all the details of are trip."   Regina nodded to Rebound as she
watched a few kender on the ship start hoisting the box up into the air.

"That's great Rebound.  What's in the box?"   Rebound was shouting a few
things to the kender on the ship, then turned back to Regina "There are
some much needed supplies in the box for the city of Palanthas.  Some
toothbrushes, bunch of towels, a few candles and of course a lot of medical
Herbs" Rebound said this all the while smiling and puffing out his little
chest.  "Well you ready to go?"   he motioned to the rope "I am just
thrilled that we have an airship" he said as they walked towards the rope.

Rebound started up the rope first with Regina following.  Climbing up was a
bit harder but she managed.  Once on deck she saw that there were a lot of
kender onboard.  Some were lined up along the railings pointing to things in
the distance while chatting with others.  Some were busy climbing on things
or jumping off things.  Rebound turned and saw Regina's face "Don't worry
I'll keep them out of your way.  You do your thing, Brim said you know what
your doing" he smiled and walked away.  Shouting to kender here and there.

Author:    Regina

Subject  New sights
Date  Sun Jun 19 17:36:36 2005

Regina sat down at the helm and readied her self for the task at hand.

Relaxing a bit as she rested her hands on the controls.  She closed her eyes
and thought about the route in her head, visualizing it.  A feeling flowed
through her at this time.  A feeling she felt in the library, as she would
walk the rows of books.  She opened her eyes and saw she was in Palanthas
floating above the Great Library.  It was so intense that she shut her eyes
again.  The feeling passed and she opened her eyes again.  This time she saw
Rebound staring at her "You ok?"   he asked.  "Yes I'm fine.  I, I was
just getting ready.  Thinking about the route of travel" Rebound nodded,
puling out a map.  "Here Brim said this is for you.  I almost forgot" he
giggled and handed it to her.  Regina thanked him and shouted to any one
listening.  "OK, every one hold on" she moved a few levers and pressed a
button and the ship moved.  

After getting the ship turned a bit she gently moved the ship forward.

Moving slowly over the city.  Rebound shouted to a few kender who were
climbing on some things.  Then he went below deck.  Regina heard him
shouting a few more times.  Things quieted down a bit and Regina
concentrated on the ship now.  

Hours passed by as Regina kept the ship moving forward.  They passed over
regions of the world that she would probable never see again.  The route
took them over the country of Balifor.  Then into the Khalkist Mountains
they went.  The mountains had a strange aura feeling of anger.  The lands
seemed hushed too.  Kender on the ship even seemed strangely quiet.  Some
still pointed to things chatting with others.  But for the most part a lot
of them just stared out into the distance.  The mountain range was massive,
stretching north and south as far as the eye could see.  The sight was truly

The mountains slowly changed into forested lands.  With farms peeking out
here and there.  A few villages could be seen also.  Regina tried to stay
away from them, not wanting to draw to much attention.  Darkness crept
across the land.  Nighttime was a totally different experience, viewing it
from the air ship.  Rebound had appeared on deck again and Regina informed
him of stopping.  Rebound understood and went around talking to kender
explaining how things were going.  Regina stopped the ship over an open area
of plains.  From her calculations they were some where over Throt.  Feeling
this was good a place as any she left the helm.  Sleeping on deck didn't
seem like a good idea, with all the chatter from the kender.  So she went
below and found a corner away from every one.  To sleep the night away.  

Author:    Regina

Subject  ???
Date  Sun Jun 19 17:43:40 2005

She woke in a bed, in a small room.  Looking around she saw the mage who
had lead her to the tower in Wayreth.  He was sitting in a chair, he smiled
and stood.  She did the same, getting out of bed to find she was dressed and
her bag was handed to her by the mage.  She took the bag and slung it over
her shoulder.  He motioned to the door and walked towards it.  They left,
walking out into a hallway she knew right then they were in the great
library.  Scribes walked past, busy on errands she guessed.  They did not
pay any attention to her or the mage.  They continued down the hall, which
lead to a room with rows and rows of shelves full of books.  The mage
stopped and turned to face her.  Their eyes met, she felt the same feeling
as she felt from the books that called to her to read them.  Right then she
heard some one behind her cough.  She turned around, locking eyes with
another man.  He looked her up and down, not saying one word.  The mans face
had no emotion.  Feeling a little awkward by the mans gaze.  Regina turned
to look back at the mage.  He was gone.  She looked back to the man then she
woke.  Below deck in a room, on the airship.  

She heard noises, chatter from kender above.  Along with the sound of what
she could only guess to.  But it sounded like heavy things hitting the
ground.  She gathered her self together and went topside to the main deck.

There she witnessed kender tossing rocks over the railing.  Upon reaching
the railing and looking over she saw that the sounds were coming from the
rocks hitting the rough hides of goblins.  She gasped now realizing that a
few kender including Rebound were trying to get the rope.  To climb back
onto the airship.  "What's going on, what has happen?  Where did the
goblins come from" A puzzled look, from a few kender told her she wasn't
going to get any answers from them.  They continued throwing things, not
just rocks.  They had rubies, coins of different sizes and even fruits.  

Looking down she saw that most of the goblins near the rope had been knocked
out and Rebound and the few kender with him were now headed up the rope.  As
the last kender grabbed the rope and made their way up.  A goblin was hot on
its tail.  It caught up to the kender, grabbing hold of their foot.  Trying
to pull them lose from the rope.  A feeling of rage flowed through Regina.

Hatred she had never felt before.  "NO" she shouted and in that instant
she thought of hurting the goblin that was wrestling with the kender.  Anger
ripped through her and in an instant the goblin screamed a terrible scream.

Aahhhhhh!!!   His whole body shook.  The goblin lost grips and fell from
the rope towards the ground.  Its body twisting and contorting.  Blood burst
from his eyes and mouth.  The body hit the ground hard.  It was a mess,
totally ravaged.  As if it had been crushed by a huge weight of some sorts.

Regina fell to her knees.  

Author:    Regina

Subject  Aftermath
Date  Sun Jun 19 17:47:06 2005

All the kender made it to the deck safely.  Rebound came to Regina's
side.  Looking into his eyes Regina felt kindness and concern for her.

"Are you ok, what did you just do to that goblin?"   Regina nodded
saying she was fine, just a bit weak.  With Rebound's help she stood.  She
walked to the chair and sat down.  A few kender cheered for her, shouting a
few things like "Thank you" and "That was amazing" Regina sat there
thinking about what had just happen.  Feeling the pain of sorrow for killing
something.  "Did I do that to the goblin" she thought to her self.  She
did and she knew it, but didn't understand it.  Rebound pulled forth a flask
of water then and handed it to her.  "Drink some, you look pale" Regina
did.  Feeling the coolness of the water.  It was refreshing and her body
relaxed a bit.  Handing the flask back she spoke to Rebound.  Saying how she
had felt anger towards the goblin and that some how she had done that
horrible thing to it.  Rebound listened and comforted Regina as she spoke.

Her body slowly became more relaxed and she smiled now at Rebound.  "But
you're safe now.  I am happy to see that" Rebound giggled saying "Thank

After a small feast with the kender.  In celebration of Regina saving
Telltale's life.  Regina went back to the chair and got the ship back on
course.  The forested areas turned to the wide expanse of plains known as
the Solamnic Plains.  The Vingaard Mountains were on the horizon by noon.

Rebound said they should be in Palanthas by dusk.  He also told her that
Brim had said the best place to stop the ship in Palanthas would be over the
park behind the Great Library.  Rebound said once they were over Palanthas
he would direct her on where to go.  

As the sun started to set they came upon the spectacular view of Palanthas.

Looking at its wheel shape seen from their height, was a sight to see.

Rebound shouted to kender to get out of the way.  He needed to see where he
was at.  He shouted directions to Regina and she moved the ship over the
city.  Rebound pointed while hopping up and down "Over there, over
there" with a few more shouts Rebound shouted "Here" and Regina slowed
the ship down to a stop.  

Author:    Regina

Subject  Making a scene
Date  Sun Jun 19 17:52:32 2005

Shouts of concern could be heard from people in the city.  Some were
scared others were mystified.  Rebound went over some things with the kender
on board explaining how he and Regina were going into town to get the things
they came for.  But as this was being said kender were already leaving the
ship.  A rope fell from the ship and kender came crawling down.  A few
screams were heard from citizens and a few knights were ready to battle.

Standing tall and proud in their armor.  But the sight of kender only
brought shouts of swear words and laughter.  

Regina and Rebound touched ground and headed to the back entrance of the
library.  They we met by a few members of the library.  "Who are you and
what right do you have in coming here.  I was not informed about this.  You
may not enter and you must leave, take your flying mob of terrible kender
with you."   Rebound was about to say something but just them another
spoke.  "Betrem" The man who had spoken harshly to Regina and Rebound
now turned, and as he did his face changed from one of anger to one of
shock.  "Yes master" The man he spoke to was the man Regina had seen in
her dream and their eyes locked once again.  His gaze then went back to the
one called Betrem.  "You have no right for saying some of the things you
had just said.  I knew they would be here and you shall give this young
woman respect for she has over come much worse things then your haggling to
be stopped at the door by you.  As for the kender he has other things to
tend to."   

He looked now to Rebound and said "Go do what you must little one.  Regina
shall be here awaiting your return" Rebounds face lit up a bit now.  He
gave a quick glance to Betrem, sticking out his tongue.  Rebound hugged
Regina and left, walking through a crowd that had gathered.  A shout of
"Give me that" was heard.  "I will be in my office, please show her to
a guest room after stopping by the kitchen.  I'm sure a good meal would be
good for the weary traveler.  After you have shown her to her room, come to
my office" With that he turned and entered the library.  Leaving Betrem
here to tell the crowd all is well and that thing's are under control.  

Betrem treated Regina better after that.  Even smiled a bit, exchanging
small talk with her as they went to the kitchen.  There, Regina ate some
fruits and had some very good soup.  Then was shown to her room.  The room
where she had just been the night before in her dream.

Author:    Regina

Subject  Great Library
Date  Sun Jun 19 17:55:18 2005

She woke, the chair was empty.  Standing, she slung her bag and left the
room.  She walked down the same hall she had two nights before.  As she
entered the room full of rows of shelved books once more, there Betrem was
talking to a scribe.  He saw her and approached.  "Astinus has asked me to
give you a tour of the library.  He will not be able to see you today for he
is very busy.  I will be guiding you.  Please do not touch anything and
follow me if you are ready" 

Betrem started the tour from where they stood.  Then slowly he went on to
cover every aspect of the library.  He spoke of the departments.  Storage
and retrieval, art, preparations, treasury, maintenance and supply,
research, communications, records and publications.  For each one he covered
their sub departments.  Detailing how each one worked.  Soon Regina's
stomach was rumbling and Betrem knew this.  He led her to the kitchen once
more.  There they spoke over lunch about a she had just learned.  Betrem was
very happy to discuss all matters of the library.  After lunch Betrem
received word that the kender, Rebound was waiting out side near the
airship.  Betrem told Regina this and explained the tour was over and that
her friend awaited her.  He led her out side to Rebound.  Were he said his
fare wells and smiled upon Regina before leaving.  

Once on board the air ship again, Regina took note that the number of kender
onboard had dropped.  From what she could see more then half of them were
gone.  Rebound explained that many had wondered off into the city and that
they didn't have time to find them.  Regina understood and focused on the
new task at hand.  Getting to Solace from Palanthas.  After studying the map
she decided straight south would suffice.  Taking the controls as she sat in
the chair, she maneuvered the air ship.  Heading south, leaving the Great
Library behind for now.  

Stopping once for sleep over the New Sea.  She figured it was best, since
last time goblins were a threat.  They soon saw solace and Regina spoke with
Rebound a bit explaining she was going to stop the ship where her and Brim
had originally found it.  So that they wouldn't have a mob of unhappy and
scared citizens like in Palanthas.  Rebound agreed and Regina searched the
area and found where they had started with Brim days ago.  Once the ship was
stopped every one left the ship behind them as they made their way to Solace
to get Massy and Brims wagon.  

Author:    Rebound

Subject  Oh goody goody an air ship
Date  Sun Jun 19 18:42:49 2005

Waking early as usual, Rebound gathered a few things needed for the trip
today.  Once he felt he was ready he made his way to the park.  Once there
he found that many kender were already aboard, involved in many things.

Many were below decks by the sound of it to.  Rebound went below to also
find a Gnome checking out the apparent power source of the air ship.  He
said he was studying it to figure out its uses and how it works.  Rebound
didn't think anything of it and went back to loading the ship with the
supplies Brim had readied for them.  The supplies were for the citizens of
Palanthas.  Brim had explained that because of some things going on in the
world he felt that some needed supplies for them was a good thing to do.  

Rebound met with Regina while loading the last crate onto the ship and spoke
with her briefly about some things Brim had gone over with him earlier that
morning.  Once that was all settled and the crate was on board they both
boarded the ship.  Rebound went around trying to maintain the kender that
were now all over the ship.  While Regina got the ship in route to
Palanthas.  Figuring Regina had thing under control he went below deck.

There he explored the rooms with detail.  He found many things a kender
found interesting.  The room with the floating barrels was very
entertaining.  For a few hours he was in there climbing on them, jumping
from one another.  Finding many shiny things along the way.  

In another room he found many shiny things.  There was another room that had
many weapons and armor in it.  He exchanged a few things for items he had on
him.  Picking and choosing between butter knives and spatulas.  Finding a
new hat and even a new set of reading glasses.  His old one having glass in
them that made reading hard, these new ones had no glass which made reading
a lot easier.  

He went back topside as the sun was setting and spoke with Regina a bit.

She explained how it would be good to stop and sleep.  Rebound agreed and
Regina went below to sleep.  Rebound then wondered the main deck for awhile
before falling asleep near the railing where he had been counting stars.  

Author:    Rebound

Subject  All in a days work
Date  Sun Jun 19 18:50:00 2005

Rebound woke with his tummy making really funny sounds.  He was hungry
and searched through a few pouches finding nothing.  He stood and looked
down on the ground below.  He saw many fruit trees and berry bushes.

Thinking well there is food.  He told a few other kender to come with him
and help gather food.  They did so and they left the ship.  Thinking sliding
down the rope was just the best thing in the world.  A few even climbed up
to do it a few more times.  

Gathering was going good till one kender shouted he had found a goblin and
that the goblin was very upset.  Apparently the goblins didn't want to share
the fruits.  Rebound thought this was just plain selfish and proceeded to
knock one out with a rock he flung with his hoopak at ones head.  "You
meanie, there is plenty of fruit to share" This just enraged the other
goblins further and now it seemed more we appearing.  Rebound shouted to the
kender that it was time to leave.  "And no, you goblins can't come along.

You don't wanna share; well we don't want to either.  No ship for you"
with that rebound ducked a grasping hand from a goblin.  Quickly spinning
out the way, bringing around his hoopak to smash its kneecap.  The goblin
fell grasping his knee now.  Rolling around on the ground.  "To the air
ship every one" all the kender handled their current goblins quickly and
ran.  Some skipping along tossing some last minute taunts towards the

They made their way up the rope, kender from the deck were tossing rocks and
fruits down on the goblins below.  As Rebound made it to the railing he
heard Regina scream "NO" he looked to her and then down to what she was
looking at.  A goblin had a hold of a kenders foot on the rope.  But just
then the goblin screamed very loudly and fell from the rope.  He body hit
the ground completely destroyed.  It was a bloody pile of goblin ooze.

Regina had slumped over from the event.  Rebound went to her side and helped
her up.  After sitting in the chair and drinking some water Rebound had
given her.  Regina explained what had happen.  "You're a very powerful
mage" Regina just looked at him and smirked.  "I am not a mage,
Rebound" Rebound just shrugged.  All the kender on deck had a small feast.

Rebound spun a short story about the event.  The group had a merry time.  

Afterwards Regina got the ship under way again.  Rebound wondered the deck
taking in the views from the railing.  A few hours passed and he was still
writing notes down in a journal he had.  Making lists of places he sees.

For later additions to Brims maps of course.  With in a few hours the
Vingaard Mountains loomed on the horizon, he told Regina by dusk they should
be upon Palanthas.  Regina nodded in agreement and kept the ship on course.

As dusk came upon the land, the view of Palanthas came in sight.  Rebound
cleared a few kender away from the railing to make room for him self.  He
then directed Regina over the city and to the library.  Once they stopped he
explained to every one on deck to wait here and her and Regina would return
shortly.  Feeling he had got his point a cross Regina and Rebound left the
ship via rope.  

Once on the ground they made their way to the doors of the library were a
very angry and fat man met them.  He proceeded to tell hem they were not
welcome and Rebound got all flustered.  He was about to say some things back
to the fat man.  But another man from behind the group spoke first, he
stated that they were welcomed and even told Rebound to go tend to his
matters in the city.  Rebound was just amazed the man knew his name.  It
made him feel special.  He hugged Regina and said he would return soon.  

Author:    Rebound

Subject  Give me that!!!
Date  Sun Jun 19 18:52:45 2005

Rebound made his way through the crowd that had gathered at the library.

He knew where the tailor shop was so he headed towards the merchant
district.  It took him hours to finally make it to the shop.  He had to stop
by every vendor he saw.  Taking notes on every thing sold.  And writing them
all down in his journal.  By the time he made it to the tailors shop it was
closed.  Rebound didn't really notice till he had to pick the lock and found
no one was there.  Looking around he found that there was hundred of bags
full of things.  Not knowing which one was which he decided to eat some food
and then start looking.  He found a comfy spot and pulled forth a few
pastries that he had found laying near a fountain earlier.  After eating
though sleep over took him and rebound slept the night away on a pile of

He woke to a very angry shopkeeper.  "What are you doing here you little
rat" Rebound went on to explain after looking at him self to make sure.

That he wasn't a rat and in fact was a kender.  He was here to pick up some
tablecloths his uncle Brim had dropped off for a much needed "Fixer
upper" The shopkeeper didn't pay much attention to this as he was to busy
screaming.  "Get out" Rebound was very displeased at the shopkeeper for
being so rude.  So he decided to do what he had planned before falling
asleep.  He started looking through all the different bags.  This enraged
the shopkeeper more, and now the shopkeeper chased after Rebound as he
searched through bags.  "Ah-ha" he found them.  Grabbing the bag he ran out
the shop.  Leaving while saying "Thank you, I'll tell Brim you were happy
to be of service" Rebound made his way through the crowded morning streets
to the library.  

Author:    Rebound

Subject  Hey! Did you hear that?
Date  Sun Jun 19 18:57:59 2005

He reached the library to find they wouldn't let him enter and that they
had sent a message for his friend Regina.  Rebound was a little displeased
by this.  So he went to the ship and dropped the bag off below deck.  He was
about to go back down to the ground, but saw the crate Brim had sent along.

He looked around for some kender to help.  "Hey Telltale, help me push
this crate over the side" Telltale and Rebound got the crate moving, a few
feet later it slipped over the side.  A loud cracking sound could be heard a
moment later.  "Thanks for the help" He then returned to the ground
below the ship.  Regina was there, looking over the pile of wood, candles,
towels and herbs.  Rebound looked at Betrem and said "Much needed
supplies, Brim said to drop them off here.  He said you would know what to
do with them" They boarded the ship.  Regina explained a few details of
what had happen while she was in the library.  Rebound then related a few
things from his altercation with the shopkeeper.  Regina then maneuvered the
ship towards the south and left Palanthas behind them.  

The day went by and night was upon them once more.  Regina explained that
stopping over the New Sea was a good idea, at least there goblins and
anything else would not be able to pose a threat.  Rebound agreed.  And once
morning came they left the New Sea behind them.  The ship soon was over the
forested lands near Solace.  Regina spoke with Rebound about stopping the
ship where her and Brim had originally found it.  So they wouldn't draw
attention to them selves and cause panic.  Rebound understood.  Regina found
the area where her and Brim found the air ship and stopped.  They gathered
their few things and headed to Solace.  

Author:    Brim

Subject  "Psst" Over here
Date  Sun Jun 19 19:38:56 2005

He woke bright and cheery.  Gathered his hair ties and crept in on
Regina.  She was still sleeping, he figured he would let her be.  He left
the inn and headed to town hall.  There he met up with a few other kender
from the council.  They were balancing hunks of cheese on their chins and
Brim joined in.  Loving a good cheese balance in the morning like any kender
would.  After wards they all sat and talked about the prices of cheese while
they ate cheese.  

Rebound showed up at some point and Brim sat and had a talk with him.  He
gave details about things him and Regina would take care of while gone.

"Now when you get in Palanthas stop the ship over the library that way
Regina doesn't have to go far to see it.  You need to go to the tailors.

Get the tablecloths, they should be done.  Oh yeah, I had a crate with some
supplies packed, don't forget to load it.  You need to drop it off in
Palanthas.  It has some needed supplies for the citizens there.  I would
just drop it at the library they are good folk there and would make sure it
gets to those who need it.  Now when you get to Solace tell Massy I am sorry
bout all this" Brim then explained he had a few errands to run.  He said
the crate was out by the air ship.  He said good bye to Rebound and left the
council room.  

Brim wondered around Kendermore the entire day, stopping here and there,
greeting old friends and making new ones.  Just having a ball, Isn't life
grand he thought to himself.  Later in the day he ended up in a section of
town know as Temple Town.  That is when the story told to him by the man on
the ship struck him.  "Where the heck would you hide a temple" He said
while looking around the area.  He looked every where while walking through
the streets.  Kenderkin were every where, he ended up playing tag with a
few.  "You little rascal you" he said when one came running out a bush
and latched on his leg.  He gripped the kender by his shirt collar and
hefted him up over his head on to his shoulders.  "Do me a favor, while
your up there look around for a temple."   

The kender laughed.  "You silly head.  I know where a temple is.  Go down
that way" The kender pointed.  Brim not one to question directions set off
in that direction.  After a short walk the kender then told Brim to set him
down and asked him to follow him.  They crawled through some bushes and low
and behold a door came into view.  The bushes were grown around the entire
building.  "No wonder I couldn't see it.  How you find this place little
one?"   The kender laughed and said "All kenderkin come here to feed
Gobby.  You wanna meet Gobby?"   Brim nodded, a bit excited.  He followed
the little kender in side the temple.  

Author:    Brim

Subject  Wow, you really are stuck.

Date  Thu Jun 30 12:31:45 2005

Once inside the lighting wasn't very good but Brim made quick work of
clearing away vines and low hanging branches from around the windows.  The
inside was musty smelling but soon after opening the windows and the three
doors, a breeze blew through bringing in new scents.  Brim had found it, the
temple told to him by the mysterious man on board the ship from Caergoth.  

Afterwards the young kenderkin took Brim up stairs and that is where Gobby
was.  Brim was amazed that the goblin was so friendly.  They spoke for some
time, the kenderkin beamed up at Brim the whole while.  Gobby explained how
he had become trapped here many years ago.  It seems he was befriended by a
kender long ago and was hidden here from Istarian troops.  Many kender would
visit, bringing him food and to play with him.  Over time he grew to big to
leave.  Also over time less and less kender came to visit him.  But
kenderkin always seemed to find him.  This is how he has survived over all
these years.  

Brim spoke with Gobby about things out side.  Time went by and eventually
the young kenderkin fell asleep next to Brim.  Gobby shared some grapes
brought to him just yesterday, while Brim shared some cheese found in a
pouch from earlier that day.  Into the night they spoke, about all matters a
goblin stuck in a building would have to talk about.  Soon all three were
sound asleep.  The goblin snored while the young kenderkin dreamed of a new
firefly collection.  Neither noticed Brim fade out of sight in the room...

Author:    Brim

Subject  Now that is nifty
Date  Sun Jul  3 22:38:15 2005

Brim was looking at Gobby talking to him one second and then the next
thing he knew his eye lids slowly closed.  Dream land awaited him...  

But to his surprise the next thing he saw was a two faced coin spinning in
the darkness.  Light filled the room, the same room he had shared with
Hiddukel a week before.  Brim moaned at the sight of the coin once again.

Soon a human form took shape, the coin spinning in its palm.  They spoke
briefly, Brim explained that everything was in order and that all things he
had spoken to him about had been obtained.  The talk they had only lasted
for a few minutes and then the human form faded away, the coin following.  

Brim sat there among all the piles of items stacked around the room.  A
feeling flowed over him.  Brim's attention was drawn to, what else, but
something shiny.  Curiosity got the best of him as he say a gleaming short
sword.  One that was a perfect size for his small being.  It laid upon a
chest, light glinting off it.  Light danced across the blade from hilt to
tip.  If any one would have look into Brim's eye at that time, they could
have seen the sparkle of the sword there.  Brim reached out and wrapped his
fingers around the hilt.  As soon as he had touched it, the full emotional
impact rushed through Brim's body.  The feeling of complete understanding on
how to handle certain matters filled his thoughts.  He knew deep down inside
what he was to do.  Everything went black...  

Brim awoke once again in the room with Gobby.  When Brim turned over he
startled Gobby.  He seemed a little bewildered as to where Brim had came
from.  Brim sat up to see the surprised expression.  He smiled and told him
he had not gone any where that he had just woke up.  Gobby shrugged and Brim
and him spoke for some time.  

Once again in the streets of Temple Town, he of course ran across his young
kenderkin friend from the other day.  He said his good mornings to the young
one as he made his way past.  All of Ansalon was in his embrace, in his
thoughts.  He knew that Ansalon needed every bit of him and he would go to
every extreme to succeed.  His heart raced, all of his senses intensified,
the feelings flowing through his mind, body and soul at this time were so
extreme you could visually see sweat beading on his brow.  His small frame
lightly shaking as he made his way through Temple Town.  

Author:    Rebound

Subject  I should have known, Gnomes are tricky little buggers.

Date  Mon Jul  4 09:03:29 2005

The trip to Solace wasn't long and the sun still hung high in the sky.

The wagon was were it was left with Massy there, of course.  Being a little
disgruntle at first, but changing after Rebound informed Massy of the
current events and that now they were back for him and that Brim waited for
him in Kendermore.  Massy cheered up after this and was happy to pull the
wagon free of its muddy grip.  Regina joined Rebound on the wagon after she
had paid the stable keep and had explained what had happened.  The stable
keep waved as the wagon headed south, away from the Inn of the Last Home and
Solace all together.  

Once again their trip was brief and they were back to the cave where the
airship laid above.  After a quick discussion with Regina, it was decided
that she should pull the airship from where it was docked out above the
wagon and Massy.  Since there was a pretty big clearing among the trees,
they would be able to easily load up the wagon and Massy at one time with
the ship's loading and unloading pulley system.  

Rebound could hear muffled shouts of what he swore could only be Regina's
voice echoing back through the cave's mouth to where he sat on the wagon.

Not truly knowing what the situation might be, Rebound told Massy to wait
there while he went and checked on what the big deal was.  He made his
through the cave easily and was upon the airship in no time.  

He found that the deck was empty but heard more muffled shouts from Regina
below deck.  He found her in the very bottom of the ship where the once,
huge, magnificently glowing ball had once been.  Regina was there and now he
could hear what she was saying.  She was actually screaming about the note
she was reading.  It seems that the gnome Rebound had spoken to when he had
boarded the ship in Kendermore had removed the power source and had taken it
to Sancrist to study it.  To find out its true purpose and that it is
rightfully now the property of Mt.  Nevermind Laboratories Inc.  

After briefly speaking with Regina, calmed down some.  Rebound read the
letter and laughed.  Shrugging, he looked at Regina and said, "Well, we'd
better get going cause it's a long way to Kendermore and we've got to get
this wagon and these table clothes there."   Regina looked to Rebound a
bit flush in the face now but then smiled and said, "It was a fun time,
though, wasn't it?  But right after the Great Goodlund Hunt, I suggest was
go to Sancrist and have a talk with this gnome.  I'm sure Brim would agree."
 Rebound nodded in agreement and the two left the ship behind to rejoin
Massy, who was still out front of the cave wondering what was going on and
where the airship was.  

Rebound updated Massy once again on current events, but this time Massy's
temper flared.  As Rebound went to climb up the side of the wagon to take
his seat next to Regina, Massy kicked up a clod of mud with his rear hoof
which hit Rebound smack-dab in the side of the head, knocking him from the
side of the wagon.  After standing and brushing himself off, he waved his
finger at Massy saying, "You'd best relax, cause you've got a lot of
walking ahead of you, and I don't need any trouble from you.  We've got to
get to Kendermore as quickly as possible."   Once he resumed his position
next to Regina, she spoke up saying.   "You know what, Rebound?  I bet if
we go to the Tower of Wayreth, the mages there would be glad to assist you.

I have read many books that spoke of the spells some mages can perform, and
teleporting was one of them."   Rebound's ears perked up at the same time
Massy's did.  Massy knew, as did Rebound, that they were going to teleport.

Massy snorted knowing that this was going to be a stressed out event, but
Rebound was, as always, happy to try something knew.  

Leaving Solace behind, they entered the woods south upon the haven road.

The forest slowly closed in and became denser as time went by.  While they
were speaking to each other over current matters, Rebound making a comment
about cheese prices, which boggled Regina at one point.  When she turned to
look ahead of the wagon, pointing out the gates of Wayreth.  Rebound looked
ahead now also, at the gates of the tower he had heard so much of.  At the
gate stood a figure robed in black...  

Author:    Regina

Subject  Returning to Wayreth
Date  Mon Jul  4 13:20:01 2005

The walk to Solace seemed to take a long time compared to flying.  Regina
wondered what would become of the air ship once they returned to Kendermore.

Once at the stables she spoke with the stable man, explaining what was going
on.  After paying the man, she joined Rebound on the wagon.  Together they
made their way back to the air ship.  

Back at the cave Rebound told Regina that she should go get the air ship.

Fly it out over them where they could pull up the wagon and Massy with the
loading and unloading pulley system.  Regina made her way through the cave,
and back onto the deck of the air ship.  Taking a seat at the helm, she
began to pull the appropriate levels and such.  But nothing happen.  After
trying a few more times she decided to go below and check on the power

Climbing down the ladder into the bottom section of the ship she knew some
thing was wrong right away.  The entire thing was gone.  She let fly a few
insults to who ever had taken it.  If they were around they would have heard
her.  Inspecting the room farther produced a note.  It was written by a
Gnome she figured, every word ran together.  She spouted off a few more
insults towards gnomes.  At this point Rebound appeared, wondering what all
the yelling was about.  Regina explained and showed him the note.  Rebound
laughed and explained that when they left Kendermore he had met a gnome down
here.  But thought nothing of it.  Rebound then went on to say that they
better get moving, they needed to get to Kendermore fast.  

Once back at the wagon Regina giggled a bit as Massy had a little fun with
Rebound.  Flinging mud at him with great accuracy, knocking him from the
wagon.  At this time she thought of a great idea.  She explained to Rebound
that if they were to go to Wayreth.  The mages there could surely help them
with a faster means of travel.  Rebound agreed with this and shouted to
Massy to start moving.  

After a short time on the road to Haven.  Regina looked ahead of the wagon
to see that Wayreth had found then.  The gate stood open and there before
them stood a black robed figure.  "Malsvir" Regina said.  

Author:   Brim

Subject  First
Date  Tue Jul 12 02:52:02 2005

Walking along temple street Brim saw to his north one of the elders
council chambers of Temple Town.  He decided there was good enough a place
to start then any other.  Once inside he made his presence known by walking
straight through the doors and finding an open chair among the other seated
kender there.  

Already discussing important matters that had to deal with the price of
cheese in Kendermore.  It seemed their imports and exports were dropping for
some reason.  Matters at hand also dealt with the some what strange reports
from kender and other travelers from abroad.  Some spoke of strange beast
walking the lands that have not been heard of nor seen in thousands of

Some of the members spoke of trade line patrolling to be done.  Also
messengers should be sent to all the known traders that the two kender
nations dealt with, asking for replies on current conditions from each.

Until replies would be received that matter was to be concluded.  The
reports of new and unheard of beasts was talked over a bit more.  Which even
sparked a group of kender there to leave, with plans of gathering supplies
and more companions to venture out with them, to greet the so called beasts
in an effort to see if any were actually just friends of theirs.  The group
left the chambers and now only a few kender remained.  

Three to be exact and a human, which stood looking out one of the two
windows which, found in the small chambers.  Brim continued on about a sword
he had found only for the conversation to change quite quickly by Brim
himself.  The topic changed over to him asking if any one would like to say
the daily tale of the Red Dragon of Kendermore story.  Which was a mandatory
law to be told once a day to all the kender in kendermore.  (not that it
really mattered, Brim just really wanted to hear it again, cause he had an

Author:   Brim

Subject  A little between first and second
Date  Tue Jul 12 14:10:59 2005

Looking around the room Brim noticed one kender making what seemed to be
a candle out of wax.  By the looks of it the wax was just gotten from near
by and fresh.  Because the kender was swatting at a bee which came from the
same very hive the kender had gotten the wax.  

Just then the human turned from the window he had been looking out and spoke
"I know of the story us humans know" He smiled "Which would you like
to hear" Brims ears perked up a bit.  (imagine that) "Well I would love
to hear your human version you speak of, always good to hear a new tale." 
 The human smiled at Brim and looked over the others in the room.  

"Well the way I heard it was, that after the dragon armies had left
Goodlund.  A dragon had stayed in the Goodlund area, some say living among
the old goblin catacombs.  Which travel to all corners of the country.  Lots
of raiding parties, not all just of kender.  Went to try and kill this
beast, he always seemed to just disappear as they would corner him.  Then
reappear easily some where else.  When he flew he was easier to site."  

All the others in the room sat listening to the human talk.  Their eyes
lighting up over the new twists in the story they loved so much.  Every
telling had new things added and that is what the kender loved about this

"Those of the near by village of gateway tho, devised a plan.  I am here
actually for that very purpose to find out how that had happen.  But the
story goes that they had trapped it under the town and since then it is
true.  The dragon has not been seen nor heard of since."   

One of the kender muttered something bout not finishing a story when
starting one.  The other kender giggled at the muttering one, Brim stood and
walked to the human.  Extending his small hand.  The human looked down to
the young looking but mature kender.  Grasping his hand in his and shock.

"Names Brim HappyTrailzzz, glad to help you find out what you seek.  I
would tell you myself, but I feel that you should hear it from and elder
kender, and one from gateway itself"" 

The humans eyes opened a little bigger at that statement.  Brim motioned to
him to follow and said his fare wells to the kender remaining in the council
chamber.  Brim lead the man through Temple Town a short distance.  Finding a
small cave the two traversed through to the other side finding the selves in
Gate Way.  

Author:   Brim

Subject  Simple enough
Date  Wed Jul 20 01:30:00 2005

Sitting on a rocky outcrop, Brim surveyed the land below him from the
vantage point.  Pencil in one hand map in the other.  Adding a few new
labels here and there to point out the new trail he had just ventured on a
little ago.  Which lead to this outcrop of rock.  After finishing his labels
Brim sat cross legged enjoying the view for some time.  

A Solamnic Squire walked along a trail, some where below the outcrop where
Brim had been.  He didn't know this but he did know that from his last
conversation with a traveler on a road a few miles before had told him Brim
was last seen headed in the direction.  The squire was slightly out of
breath from the journey up the steep mountain trail.  His breathing became
heavy and he decided to rest a bit before continuing.  

"Hello there my names Brim HappyTrailzzz.  What's yours?"   Brim had
silently come up behind the squire and was seated right behind him.  The
squire could have leapt right out his armor if it wasn't so well strapped.

On his feet now, the squire turned around gasping for air.  The look on his
face showed his surprise.  Brim stood also, taking a quick look around the
area were they both were.  "You ok there buddy.  You hear something, maybe
something we should be wary of?"   At this time the squires face went from
a surprised look to a confusion one.  Speech seemed to take some effort, but
the squire finally was able.  "I have been sent to find you, I bring news
from Lord Master Justice Fylas MarCameron of the Solaminc Knights.  You
stated you were Brim HappyTrailzzz, correct?"   Brims ears perked up a bit
at the news.  

"Yuppers, that be who I am.  What's the news you bring?  Hope its good
news and not bad news.  Good news is much more good then bad.  Seems bad
news does not travel that good.  So you must have good news, cause you seem
to be traveling good."   From the squires facial expressions it seemed he
was now even more confused then before.  

"You are Brim?  I have here a letter for you.  Please read it now, I'll
await your reply."   The squire pulled forth a letter and handed it over
to Brim.  Who had taken a seat once again on the bolder where he had been
sitting, behind the squire.  Breaking the seal on the letter and opening it.

Brim sat for a few moments fingering the edge while the squire remained
standing.  Brims eyes followed the text from top to bottom, then bottom to
top.  After a few moments Brim replied to the awaiting squire.  "Seems my
services are requested in Palanthas.  Good thing we aren't but a few days
travel from here."   Brim stood and straightend a few pouches.  "Lets
get to it my friend.  Tis a good day for a walk across the Solamnic Plains.

Clear skies too, couldn't ask for a better day" With that said he started
back down the trail from which he had ventured up only this morning.  

The squire stood for a few moments watching the kender head down the steep
trail.  "That's it?  We are headed to Palanthas, you and me together?"  
Brim continued walking but looked back over his shoulder at the still
stationary squire.  "Yeah silly that's it, now come on.  I have matters to
attend to."   The squire shrugged and began walking.  It didn't take him
long before he was along side the happy go lucky kender with all his
jingling pouches.  

Author:   Brim

Subject  Simple enough
Date  Wed Jul 20 01:30:00 2005

Sitting on a rocky outcrop, Brim surveyed the land below him from the
vantage point.  Pencil in one hand map in the other.  Adding a few new
labels here and there to point out the new trail he had just ventured on a
little ago.  Which lead to this outcrop of rock.  After finishing his labels
Brim sat cross legged enjoying the view for some time.  

A Solamnic Squire walked along a trail, some where below the outcrop where
Brim had been.  He didn't know this but he did know that from his last
conversation with a traveler on a road a few miles before had told him Brim
was last seen headed in the direction.  The squire was slightly out of
breath from the journey up the steep mountain trail.  His breathing became
heavy and he decided to rest a bit before continuing.  

"Hello there my names Brim HappyTrailzzz.  What's yours?"   Brim had
silently come up behind the squire and was seated right behind him.  The
squire could have leapt right out his armor if it wasn't so well strapped.

On his feet now, the squire turned around gasping for air.  The look on his
face showed his surprise.  Brim stood also, taking a quick look around the
area were they both were.  "You ok there buddy.  You hear something, maybe
something we should be wary of?"   At this time the squires face went from
a surprised look to a confusion one.  Speech seemed to take some effort, but
the squire finally was able.  "I have been sent to find you, I bring news
from Lord Master Justice Fylas MarCameron of the Solaminc Knights.  You
stated you were Brim HappyTrailzzz, correct?"   Brims ears perked up a bit
at the news.  

"Yuppers, that be who I am.  What's the news you bring?  Hope its good
news and not bad news.  Good news is much more good then bad.  Seems bad
news does not travel that good.  So you must have good news, cause you seem
to be traveling good."   From the squires facial expressions it seemed he
was now even more confused then before.  

"You are Brim?  I have here a letter for you.  Please read it now, I'll
await your reply."   The squire pulled forth a letter and handed it over
to Brim.  Who had taken a seat once again on the bolder where he had been
sitting, behind the squire.  Breaking the seal on the letter and opening it.

Brim sat for a few moments fingering the edge while the squire remained
standing.  Brims eyes followed the text from top to bottom, then bottom to
top.  After a few moments Brim replied to the awaiting squire.  "Seems my
services are requested in Palanthas.  Good thing we aren't but a few days
travel from here."   Brim stood and straightend a few pouches.  "Lets
get to it my friend.  Tis a good day for a walk across the Solamnic Plains.

Clear skies too, couldn't ask for a better day" With that said he started
back down the trail from which he had ventured up only this morning.  

The squire stood for a few moments watching the kender head down the steep
trail.  "That's it?  We are headed to Palanthas, you and me together?"  
Brim continued walking but looked back over his shoulder at the still
stationary squire.  "Yeah silly that's it, now come on.  I have matters to
attend to."   The squire shrugged and began walking.  It didn't take him
long before he was along side the happy go lucky kender with all his
jingling pouches.  

Author:     Brim

Subject  Second, not third.

Date  Wed Jul 20 07:18:16 2005

In Gateway Brim lead the way to the elders house where the human could
hear the parts of the true story of the red dragon that had once ravaged the
country sides of Goodlund.  

Once there, Brim left the human after informing the elder kender why he had
brought him there.  Brim headed back to Temple town.  Walking along Brim
noticed a small wedding going on in a nearby clearing.  

He stopped and watched as two kender joined hands while stating their vows
to each other.  A feeling of joy passed over him as the two kissed.  

"Tis always a good thing to see."   He said as he left the wedding
gathering behind him.  Brim found him self out side a school shortly
afterward and decided to stop and visit the children with in.  

Once in side Brims presence was known quickly as a lot of the kenderkin
immediatly saw him and shouted "Uncle Brim."   This of course stopped
the teachers current lecture on how cheese was made.  

Walking to the front of the classroom Brim spoke a little with the teacher.

Afterwards the teacher seated them selves among the young kenderkin.  

At this time Brim began to tell the story of the Great Goodlund Hunt for the
enjoyment of the classroom.  

Author:   Regina

Subject  Returning all to where they should be.

Date  Wed Jul 20 07:55:57 2005

Once meeting with Malsvir at the gates Regina informed him of what had
transpired over the past few days and asked him for assistance with Rebound,
Massy and the wagon.  After a short talk, Malsvir understood and was happy
to help.  But stated that just Rebound, Massy and the wagon would be going
to kendermore.  Regina would be staying here.  Regina understood this and
accepted it, even while Rebound contested it.  Eventually Rebound accepted
it also.  All the while Massy was getting a little more and more hesitant
about what he knew was going to happen.  Malsvir whooshed them all to a
shine room with in a tower.  There, light of Lunitari bathed the platform on
which the altar rested.  Inside of a pentagram, the group stood.  Malsvir
motioned for Regina to follow him out side the pentagram.  Leaving rebound
the wagon and Massy inside.  Malsvir began to speak the strange words of
magic, while Regina said her fair wells to Rebound and Massy.  The area with
in the pentagram began to glow.  There was an amazing display of light and
then all at once the area flashed and they were gone.  

Author:   Brim

Subject  You even know what your looking for?
Date  Sat Aug  6 13:41:09 2005

Sitting at a temple in Neraka (Really?)  Brim is sitting on the floor
going over a few items just aquired from the sewers below the city.  Not
payig much attentions as to where he was sitting.  A mans voice could be
heard though, from behind.  "Hey there, could you please get of my rug?" 
 Turning around Brim takes notice to the tall male human speaking to him.

"Oops, sorry there didn't mean anything by it, it's a very nice rug you
got there tho."   Standing up now Brim introduces him self to the human,
which had grab the blanket already.  "My name is Nephrin, I guess it's
nice to meet you."   He said with a slight grin.  

Brim continued asking him questions till the Nephrin explained he was in
need of some directions.  At this point Brim was more then happy to assist
him in these matters.  Pouches flipped open, scroll of all different sizes
falling out here and there onto the ground.  After a short time of looking
through the pile which had grown to a few dozen on the floor.  Brim happy
held up a map and waved to Nephrin to come look it over with him.  

With in a few moments Nephrin had a better understanding of where he needed
to go.  Thanking Brim before leaving, Nephrin left Brim to his maps.  Brim
sat there for a while thinking of all the times he had given directions to
travelers all across Krynn.  A grand smile crept cross Brim's face as an
idea passed through his brain.  Gathering all his maps and scrolls up, he
organized himself and left the temple behind.  Making his way to the ferry,
south of the city.  There he gained passage to Palanthas.  

Author:   Brim

Subject  meetings along the trail
Date  Thu Oct  6 14:46:29 2005

While out and about, (well actually on the trail headed through the
nerakan forest) doing nothing at all.  Brim made his way through a very
poorly light section of the nerakan forest.  The trail was barely visible
but with his years of trail knowledge he made his way easily.  

The sun was still high in the sky when he broke through some thick
underbrush and into a small clearing.  "now least i can take a small break
some where were the sun is" brim said allowed.  Taking a quick look around
once more, brim then took a seat on the ground beneath him, taking out a few
items, he began unwraping a small chunk of goat cheese, afterwards he pulled
forth a flask of lemon aid.  (just made this morning by his cousin Toplot
before leaving goodlund.  

A short time passed while brim enjoyed himself, all the while listening to
the bird chirping and small animals running to and fro among the underbrush.

The sun still bright in the clear sky.  

Among the sounds of the forest brim heard some that were not of the forest,
they could only be of something not of the forest, most likely a human or
something brim thought to himself, he listened as the sounds of breaking
twigs and leaves rustling.  They came nearer and nearer, brim just sat there
enjoying his small meal the whole time, 

to brims left the high grass parted and a goblin shaman came through, not
noticing brim right away tho, just them brim stood and smiled, " hello
there, you having a fine day in the forest" brim asked, while looking over
the goblin, 

the goblin now noticed brim and imediatly stopped and looked the kender
over.  He checked a pouch and then grinned.  "yes i was till i came across
you that is, now please stay back and ill pass by easily enough" 

brim frowned while putting what was left of his food away in a side pouch
and taking one last sip from the flask before returning that also to a
different pouch " well now i see your as polite to strangers as your stench
is to my nose.  No worries tho, pass by if you would like."  The goblin
seemed to take offense to the stench remark and was about to open his mouth
and say something but brim continued on with another spat of taunts and
remarks of his own.  

"well since your such a ninny, i wont take the time to tell you my name is
Brim Happytrailzzz.  And if massy and my wagon were here you would be in
luck to have one of the best kender on all of ansalon to trade with.  I bet
I would have something you would love to aquire, but since massy and my
wagon arent here, i would just have to prolly trade steel for any wares you
might have for trade.  

The goblin shut his mouth and thought a bit to himself, then replied.  "Look
you little runt, I dont need to trade anything with a kender as yourself, i
have everything i need for my travels, but since you did say you do have
steel to trade, i might just have something you may want" 

brims face returned to a smiling and cheerful one at the mention of trading
" well sure thing, but lets see what you got."  The goblin pulled forth a
small pouch and emptied it in his hand, there were dozens of colored pills
"brim looked over them and asked "so what are they" the goblin explained
that they were each different magical pills having their own magical
properties, after choosing a few (borrowing a few too) the goblin stated his
price and brim happily paid it, " well you have a good day i have to get
going, needed at a gathering to the east."  The goblin took leave checking
his pouches once more.  Brim didnt really take notice cause he was so
intrigued by the pills...  

Author:    Brim           
Date:      Wed Jan 24 07:22:49 2007
Subject     Where to begin....

Reaching his hand into the trail worn pack, Brim pulled forth his mapping
book.  A book bought so long ago, in a town so far away.  That great day
Brim set foot on that boat in Flotsam, beginning his venture out into the

Since then its pages have been graced by the lights of candle, sun, fire,
and even the moon.  Sketching terrain, shading in stone work, even little
notes that only he truly understood the meanings for.  Never one to forget
an item, nor a friend met on the many trails he has wandered over these many
years.  These maps are a testament to all those that have come before and
all those which he left behind.  More hours then the kender could even
recount (I admit, I myself can't count) have been spent drawing in this

Once again though, his mind toiled with thoughts a new.  A map by which
drawn by these hands will begin to take shape once more upon these pages. 
This book held so dear to him, giving him strength when he needed it and
giving hope to those lost also indeed.  Thoughts of secret passages and
wonderfully shiny things found, lead to thoughts of misplaced items and even
lost loves.  Shaking his head a bit, a smile creeping across his lips.  He
raised his gaze from the page and looked out the doorway which lead to
Imperial Square.  Once again he has returned to the fair city of

"For which am I the keeper of the maps, or the mapper of the keeps?"  
With a chuckle and a sigh of relief, he lowered his gaze once more to the
page. Upon the new crisp page his hand lays, to begin anew yet another map
and what shall this one bring he thought.  More to gain or loss...

Author:    Brim           
Date:      Thu Feb  1 13:32:42 2007
Subject     Continuation.. (Going some where with it)

Oh, I lost my mind on a road way back when.  When exactly, I'll never
know nor where I even began.  Following the trail which may or may not
ever have an end.  But I continue on through the shifting sand...

The following day was as any normal kenders day would be like.  After
he circled the entire city from outside the walls.  Figuring in land
marks of importance.  (Both by the locals and from a kenders point of
interest.)  He took measurements of anything and everything he could. 
He paced streets numerous times, cause every time he would miscount
gave him another reason to check out the wares on each chart just one
more time.

That day turned into the next and thus late on the second evening the
map began to take shape on the paper.  All the main historical
buildings seemed labeled correctly.  The roads and alleys were also
clearly visible and all the main gates were in place.  Feeling that
everything was in order, he signed his name and put a hand print on
it, his trademark of course.

After which he made his way to the Smilin Mig, where he rented a room
and spent the night.  Once morning came he departed the city and
ventured south along the Knights High Road.  Bound for the plains.

Author:    Brim           
Date:      Sun Apr  8 20:42:06 2007
Subject     Some time a while ago...

 (oocly if you ever read any of my stories, their all strange and more
then half are dreams, thus I continue...)   

Long ago in a land not far from the back of the barn in the forest beyond
the kenders favorite gathering spot near Caergoth Brim fancied a very sly
and beautiful kender named Miranda.  After making his intensions clear as
any respectable kender would of course.  (Yeah right, hey wanna see
something shiny follow me) Their trails lead far and wide, full of more
items then most kender can ever carry.  Twas not so long ago Brim thought as
his mind flipped through all the glorious mental pictures of those times. 
None ever seeming more then a day old, but he knew better then that.  (He
just didn't like to admit it, that's all)

It had been many years on the roads that crisscross the lands.  Many tales
started and ended the same way, with the love he set forth with on the trail
so long ago.  Her eyes still held his gaze as the first time.  Her smile
held him in a daze as always.  Her hair smelled of forests scents and her
touch made him twitch in delight.  Nothing ever seemed wrong in the world
with her by his side.  For years they traveled together to and fro.  Never
apart longer then needed.  (Well maybe some times :P Need my time with the
boys you know)

-Time slipped by and life went on.  Thus is the time at hand today, waking
to the sound of his wife asking a question about which clothes to dress
Blimmer in today.  Brim awoke and looked around.  "I think the blue ones are
fine."   He said as he rolled over trying to slip back into the dream he was
just in.  But that was not to be, just then his eyes were pulled open by
little fingers.  "Daddy!"   His eyes being held open now by Tousletop. 
"Huh?"   He said with a grin.  "Wats the deel little tool?"   (His nickname
for the little rascal) "Wak up wak up!"   Tousletop squealed "Timy for
breakfast, pwease get up and make us your specual eggers and potoes.  Pwease
daddy pwease!"   He was still holding Brims eyes open and they were really
starting to burn from the dirt on his little fingers.  

Brim lurched his head back trying to pry his eyes from Tousletops eager
little fingers.  "Yeah yeah sure, let me" Right then the back of his head
hit the table nearest him.  -THUD- "Dang it dats gonna leave a mark I
betcha" Rubbing his head he stood up and looked down to tool.  "Aight im up,
where is your mom?"   Brim looked around the room still a bit disoriented
from banging his head.  "Mommies outside chasing Blimmer, he doesn't wanna
get dressed again."   Tousletop said with his hands on his hips.  "You know
him, he liks ta ba naker all da timer."   Brim just nodded as he walked
across the room towards the door.  Looking out side he saw Miranda chasing
after Blimmer with his bloomers in hand.  

He looked back down to Tousletop and smiled.  "Well letz head to the kitch
and get to cookin, might be a while till she catches him."   Reaching down
he ruffled the rascals hair a bit before walking out side.  They headed to
the kitch together.  (Kitch for all you numnuters, is the kitchen, aka fire
pit, or any other place you go to cook)-

Days like that were normal with kids that is, before them life was just a
trail full of items borrowed from others or found.  But now with kenderkin,
life was totally new and even more exciting, cause they weren't borrowed, we
actually owned them.  

(The years went on and the little nutters grew up seemingly faster then we
had ever thought back when we first had them.)   

(oocly like we did the thing a while back, yes yes, and thus got pregnant,
that's where kids come from you know, and well then the birth happen, and
well we're kender and this is a fantasy world so deal with it, these things
just happen.)   

Author:    Brim           
Date:      Fri Feb  8 15:15:56 2008
Subject     Just a small part of many to come...

The wild, excentric, but yet oddly totally believable, misadventures of a
strange kender named Brim HappyTrailzzz and his stubborn but overly eager
and completely lovable (Though he denies it) friend Donkey. 

(Told from a 16th point of view)

Today in the life of Brim and Donkey...

They arrived in the Port of Caergoth early on the morning of Day of Ground
Day, 18th the Month of Harvestfete. 

Brim and Donkey set forth from the docks and into the hustle and bustle of
the port. Their first stop was a bar just off the dock, The Severed Head 2.
Immediatly after entering the establishment they find them selves caught up
in a game of craps up stairs in a room full of sailors. 

Heard above the shouts of the craps players and others in the room. "Donkey
needs a new harness" Brim shouted as he tossed the dice against the back
wall of the room. 

"Winner yet again, Brim!" The dealers shouted. Grumbles and growls from the
losers were cut short by the cheers of the winners. Even donkey snorted in
approval. "I would like to get that harness now if you don't mind Santos!"
Brim yelled across to the sailor he had betted on the other side of circle,
as he reached down to gather his winnings. Santos grumbled a bit as he made
his way through the crowd towards Brim. 

Once arriving he said in a lowered voice "Aight, well it's not here, we'll
have to go to the ship I work on and get it." Brim raised an eyebrow at the
statement. "Ye better not be yanking my rigging." Brim laughed out loud.
"Get it, rigging." He said with a smile at the sailor. The sailor just
nodded with a frown, waved his hand to follow and turned and made his way
through the crowd. 

Just as Brim turned to wave to Donkey that it was time to go. There was a
loud voice which demanded attention from every one. "All those here are
under arrest for gambling and all other ungodly things that might be going
on up here. You are to stop what you are doing and remain where you are by
order of Lord Cedrick." Just then Brim realized who they were, Knights of

Author:    Brim           
Date:      Mon Feb 11 18:03:20 2008
Subject     Another small part to something bigger (I swear!)

The wild, excentric, but yet oddly totally believable, misadventures of a
strange kender named Brim HappyTrailzzz and his stubborn but overly eager
and completely lovable (Though he denies it) friend Donkey. 

(Told from the second story) 

Today in the life of Brim and Donkey... 

Brim looked around the room real fast, getting a good look at every one and
thing in the room before looking back to Donkey. (Who infact was lounging in
a net hammock about ten feet from him.) "Donkey!" Brim whispered in a very
loud voice. Loud enough that some one repeated in the room else where.

All around the room the people shrank into the shadows or behind things. If
they weren't already being confronted by the knights. 

Brim quickly ran a few feet then leaped forward to cover the remainder of
the distance between him and Donkey. Just as he got close enough to Donkey
he pulled his small dagger out from his boot and began cutting the hammock.
Just as the weight of Donkey helped snap the last few ropes holding him in
it. With more then a THUD, Donkey crashed to the floor. 

*Sounds of cracking wood and floor boards splintering*

Being that it was a wood floor a really old wood floor at that. It was no
surprise to Brim at all that Donkey and he were not staying on the second
floor much longer. But it was a total Surprise to Donkey though. (Donkeys
eyes said it all) 

And it was of course a total surprise to those patrons on the level below.
Brim and Donkey came crashing through and just before they both came
crashing down through a table below the patrons sitting there dove away in
all directions. 

*Sounds of Donkey and Brim destroying a table. Followed by glasses and
chairs breaking then coughing as a huge cloud of dust filled the room.*

There was a small span of silence as every one gathered their self together.
Then heavy booted foot steps could be heard from above and then more joined
in. A few shouts and grunts, then a few orders were yelled out and the heavy
booted foot steps made a thunderous noise as they came down the wooden steps
from above. 

"Just what the heck is going on around here?" One patron said as he coughed
from the dust which still hung thick in the room. "I don't have the
slightest idea." Another said. 

There was a low groan from some where with in the cloud. And quick paced
foot steps followed by a whistle. Just as the first knights boots hit the
bottom step. "Sir, The ceiling collapsed" He Yelled back up the steps. "We
can't see anything down here, due to the cloud of dust which has filled the

"Well get some men and open up the windows and doors down below!" Some one
answered from above. With a wave of his hand through the dust filled away in
front of him the knight took the final step down and onto the floor. With
his other he waved behind him for the others to follow as he cautiously made
his way towards the front door. 

It took at least an hour for the knights and all others inside the building
at the time to get the place aired out and things back in some what of an

Some knights were still questioning a few people. One person was telling his
side of the story before the strange accident happen. "Yes! I am telling you
right before every thing happen I swear I heard some one say "Donkey"... 

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