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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Castiel.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Castiel' scribed in light yellow ink.

Author:    Castiel        
Date:      Tue Aug 31 13:09:21 2010
Subject     Castiel Animadeus: Descent into Fate

 No one knows who birthed this child, no one knows where he came from.
Found by a lowly farmer in his fields, the only clue to his birth was a
poem, sewn into the child's blanket, and a pendant, glowing blue in the pale
moon light. The poem read:

*Born under a convergance of moons three*

*Icy locks grip a cursed head*

*Chained lightning shall be his key*

*To find his home, to find his dread*

*Castiel Animadeus, beware thy tree*

The farmer was unable to raise this child, so the child became the son of
the village itself. Spending one week here, one week there, Castiel was
shipped from family to family, all taking turns to help raise and care for
this child. His childhood was rather uneventful otherwise though, and the
child grew, learning lessons from each family, forever wondering about his
past. Until his fourteenth birthday.

During the night, a loud screeching was heard throughout the village, and
Castiel was found to be gone, snatched in the night. No one knows who
snatched him, no one knows where he went. He went as mysteriously as he
came. Weeks went by, and no one of that tiny village ever saw or heard from
Castiel again. Eventually, the child was forgotten, just another memory lost
in the passage of time. 

Castiel turned up two years later, miles and miles away from that little
village of his childhood. Where he was, he did not remember. He knew how to
fight, how to kill, how to spread misery, but he could not remember who
taught him or why. The face within his mind was nondescript and plain,
unrememberable, unimportant. It was as if some force had wanted him left in
the dark, floundering within his confusion. He joined a mercenary company,
and quickly rose through the ranks. Although only 16, Castiel exhibted a
mastery of the sword and shield, and was nigh undefeatable. Rushing in where
others feared to tread, he could single handedly turn the tide of a battle,
and armies rushed to employ his company. Castiel became a rich and powerful
young man, but, just as his power grew with each battle, so to did his curse
become stronger. With each kill, the blue pendant at his throat grew
brighter, and to any mage looking at it, magically stronger. And with each
kill, Castiel's mind grew a little more warped, more bloodthirsty, more
evil. Castiel didn't notice, but those around him did. One in particular, a
cleric of mishakal, incidentally the unit's healer, grew concerned about the
change is Castiel. But out of respect, or mayhap fear, the cleric chose not
to broach the subject.

One day, during a particularly bloodly battle on the continent of Taladas,
the powers of the pendant reached their capacity. Castiel's mind was broken,
his dread inheritance unlocked. The blood around him danced as caged
lightning was released, and icy winds swept the fields. Scores died as his
magical powers and his dervish sword sung their song, thousands more ran,
only to be cut down by the fires springing forth from his lips. Only one
dared to face the wrath of the broken young man, only one dared to face the
godlike flames. Undaunted by the pain and death being reaped around him, he
fought through the gales of madness, wrapped in the armor of his goddess.
For hours they battled, locked within a magical combat, neither able to
breach the other's defense, neither allowing the other to triumph.
Eventually however, the blood around the pair began to disappear, used up
like fuel to feed the fires that swirled around the fields. Slowly, Castiel
began to falter, the icy winds slowed and died, and the fires flickered out
of existance. Step after painful step, the cleric was able to subdue the
madman, coming ever closer, until finally, after the sun had set, he was
able to lay his hands on Castiel. Blue light flared, warred, and the
lightning returned to its golden cage once more. Castiel's mind was healed,
but unbeknownst to all, healed flawed. When the light faded, the cleric and
Castiel were sprawled on the ground, exhausted from their ordeal. Within
minutes, all had returned to normal, the only reminders of the madman
Castiel had been being the scores of dead lying on the burnt and frozen
field, and a gleaming blue infinity symbol branded on Castiel's right

After waking, Castiel was branded a traitor by his mercenary company and the
army they worked for, and forever barred from the continent of Taladas on
pain of death. Unsure what to do, Castiel had talked with the cleric who
save his life, his mind, his soul. Unable to tell him much, other than that
the pendant that was his birthright, that was fused around his neck, was a
powerful amulet fed by blood and violence, but one whose power would be his
downfall, his dread. However, the cleric advised him to seek out the leader
of the Holy order of the Stars, who might be able to help him unlock more of
the secrets buried within his mind, and shed some light onto the mysterious
pendant that bore caged lightning.....

To be Continued..... 

Author:    Castiel        
Date:      Mon Sep 20 08:53:27 2010
Subject     Faith and Trust, Turns in Fate

 Trudging slowly down the road, Castiel glance back at the now deserted
campsite, double checking that everything was properly taken care of. One
week ago he had sent a missive to the High Priestess of the Holy Order of
the Stars, Kiyohime CrystalWind, and for a week he had camped outside the
entrance to the Blue Tower, waiting for a response. He knew that he had been
being watched, both magically and mundanely, for at times he would catch a
glimpse of a fighter in the woods, or sense the energies around him being
disturbed by scrying. For a week he ate sparsely, not hunting for fear of
irritating the clerics in the tower above. Finally however, Castiel's
missive was answered. Waking up as the sun kissed the horizon, Castiel was
startled to see a blue cloud of energy manifesting itself front of him. But,
as he reached for his sword, a spell of peace descended over him. Then, as
quickly as it manifested, the spirit was gone, leaving in it's place a note
with a simple phrase. 'If you can enter the Arch, I will see you. Kiyohime
Crystalwind'. And hence, Castiel was headed for the entrance to the Blue
Crystal Tower, a arch of blue crystal, one that few can enter. He was headed
towards his future, and answers to his questions. He was headed towards a
fate unknown...

Upon reaching the Arch, Castiel paused. Looking up, he could just barely see
a shimmering veil that descended from the top of the Arch. Praying quietly
under his breath, he slowly took a step forward. Passing under the Arch felt
like passing through water, sluggish, almost as if the Arch was not sure if
it should let this paladin pass. The pendant at his neck burned hotly,
seemingly furious at the spell of peace that was the Arch. Thoughts of blood
and death sprung unbidden into his flawed mind, as his anger mysteriously
rose. Cursing, Castiel took another deep breath, and forced his head clear
of these thoughts that were not his own. Squaring his shoulders, Castiel
stepped forward, and enter the Blue Crystal tower. Glancing around, he was
astounded by the majesty of this tower, complex in its simplicity. Seemingly
out of no where, a voice reverberated, saying I await at the top of the
tower. Come, young one, and we shall talk. Sighing, Castiel began to ascend
the crystal stairs, trying not to glance over the sides at the ground below.
Upon reaching the third floor, a voice again reverberated throughout the
tower, Enter the door on your left young man. As he approached the door, it
slowly swung open, to reveal the High Priestess of the Holy Order of the
Stars, the prophetess of Mishakal, Kiyohime CrystalWind.

Castiel felt his breath catch as he stared at this beautiful priestess
before him. With hair like silvery rain, and a complexion like that of a
lovely peach, Kiyohime was one of the most beautiful women he had ever met.
Clad modestly in a light blue robe denoting her as a follower of mishakal,
she sat regally behind a plain desk, radiating peace and humble power. Her
eyes, slanted and golden, with cat's eye pupils, stared at him, seemingly
seeing through him with but a single glance. Her surprise was evident on her
delicate face, and as she beckoned for Castiel to sit, she said, Welcome
Castiel, to my humble chambers. Be at peace.

Thank you for seeing me, high priestess. I appreciate you taking time out of
your presumably busy schedule to meet with me Castiel said, as his eyes
flickered between the priestess and her guard.

Blinking in surprise, Kiyohime said, Forgive me for being blunt, but You are
human. How odd, not many humans seek Quenesti'Pah.

I apologize if my letter left much to question, but I did not feel it wise
or safe to leave too many details where prying eyes could see them. Are we
in private quarters here?

Still surprised, Kiyohime slowly replies, We are as private as formality
will allow, my gaurd is with me always, if that is acceptable...

 I seek you only in great need, High Priestess. What I have come to discuss
with you is a matter of great importance. And I would rather he not be here,
for his sake only. What I have to say is disturbing. However, I shall turn
over my weapons to him, if need be.

No, that is not necessary, just, he has to be here, a formality you see,
proper ettiquette and all....

Nodding, Castiel begins to remove his weapons, handing them to the guard
behind the priestess. None the less, i'm sure he would feel more comfortable
with me being unarmed.

Would you mean us harm, young paladin? Kiyohime asks as she begins to chant
softly, surrounding herself in a fiery white aura.

Not intentionally, m'lady. But I fear that what is inside me, it is

In this Tower, your affliction has no sway, you are safe here, for the
moment. So, tell me what it is you wish to learn?

Author:    Castiel        
Date:      Mon Sep 20 09:06:35 2010
Subject     Faith and Trust, Turns in Fate: Part 2


Pulling at the burning pendent at his neck, Castiel begins to tell Kiyohime
his reason for this visit. It is this pendant, my birthright, and my curse.
Once before it held sway over my mind, granting powers great enough to rival
a gods. A friend was able to save me, a priest of mishakal, but only at an
extreme cost to himself. It is a cost that I would not see any other pay.

This priest....he....he still lives? she asks hesitantly.

Slowly, as if remembering a painful memory, Castiel replies Yes, but for
better or worse, i know not...

Pulling out a pen and paper from a desk drawer, The priestess asks His
name?, and waits patiently for Castiel's answer.

I am not quite sure, honestly. I worked with the man in a mercernary company
for some time, he was our healer you see, but i never learned his true name.
The men and I called him Darius, but whether or no that was his real name, I
know not... I think he wanted his true name unknown for the same reason many
others of us did...We joined a mercenary company to leave our old lives
behind...but a true priest he was, this glowing scar on my cheek is remnants
from our battle at my most insane.

Quickly writting this down, Kiyohime then brushes the name with the feather,
whisking small sparkles away. It is being looked into now she says, as she
leans forward to examine the mark. Castiel shivers as her delicate fingers
brush against his cheek. He must have been in quite a hurry, to leave such a

No, M'lady. The battle lasted for many hours. It was an intense and extreme
magical struggle. This mark is due to the sheer power he had to use to even
withstand me until the blood ran out. He did tell me that this pendant is
fueled by blood, as are my more magical powers. The more I kill, the more
blood I spill, whether rightously or not, the stronger it becomes. And when
the power breaks, It uses any and all surrounding blood as a powersource,
growing stronger with each drop, but, when the blood is used up, the powers
fail. Shuddering at the memories of the apocolyptic battle on the plains of
Taladas, he continues speaking as tears flow down his cheeks. I do not know
who my parents are, why this pendant is fused to my soul, or what they
intended as my purpose. I came here to try and shed some light on that,
seeing as how he told me you are the strongest cleric of light in the known
world, and a follower of beloved mishakal...

Her silver laughter rang through the room like tinkling ice I don't know
about that, however, I do serve our Lady directly, and can perhaps find
answers from Her guidence. Also, perhaps you, as well, could learn from Her,
as we search for your answer ?

Any light you can offer would be helpful. And I wish I could, but I do not
know the first thing about faith, or even learning. All I know, my prowess
with weaponry, is all a distant and muddled memory, taught to me by someone
who wished that I not remember. I was hoping maybe you could see into my
memories, and help unlock the secrets that they hold...

And that I will, however, some locks take time, as the Kender say. And in
that time, we would be more than happy to illuminate the faith of Mishakal
to you, the training could well serve you

Worriedly, Castiel slowly answers, I would not like to harm you, and I am
worried that I will if I stay with this order m'lady. Every drop, even in a
rightous name, or for a good cause, fuels my madness. And I would not see
someone as beautiful as you harmed by me or my maladiction...

Looking confused for a second, Kiyohime suddenly smiles, and her silvery
laughter again rings out. My dear lad, I would not be doing the training! We
have a militant Order here, one that trains with the sword as well as the
soul. And as I spoke of before, you will find the Tower more than able to,
lay at rest, your rage. Trust in our Lady.

Really? I thought that holy order was a bunch of weak-armed clerics, no
offense m'lady. And I do not trust easily, especially when I have lived and
seen my 'rage' first hand. You were not there, you do not know. As he says
this, the guard at Kiyohime's back glares icily at Castiel, and begins to
step forward. Kiyohime however, waves the guard back as Castiel continues to
speak. I still wake up in the middle of the night, screaming in pain as my
body writhes from the terrors. Thousands died by my blade that day,
thousands more died in the icy inferno that I conjured. You can not know the
horror of it all. Tears fall like a waterfall down Castiels' cheeks, and he
again shudders at the memories he bears. The pendant at his neck however,
begins to throb lightly, as if pleased with it's past handiwork.

I would say you haven't met Sir Malar yet, yes? Kiyohime asks.

No, I have not had the honor. Even so m'lady, I doubt there is any force
within this tower that could calm my rage. It took one of your clerics his
entire might to hold me to a stale mate, and he was losing ground until the
blood ran dry. He was lucky...

Lines of concern crease her perfect face as kiyohime asks, Have you had any
inclination to those thoughts since you entered the Crystal gates?

Yes, i have. I feel the power within my chest thudding angrily, as if some
outside force seeks to contain it, and it is not happy.

You say one 'cleric' used his entire might. This is a Temple filled with
Mishakal's most trianed and experienced priesthood. The Tower itself blessed
by Her. Trust in us, that we can tame your demons.

Trust does not come easily to me m'lady...

Do I cause you fear, young paladin?

I cannot answer that m'lady, for I fear I do not know my own heart. I am
tainted by this power, and it darkens my perceptions...even the seemingly
innocent seem harmful in my eyes now.

Nodding slowly, impressed at his honest answer, Kiyohime says, Then, what DO
you fear?

What i do fear, however, is that my last 'rage' was merely a test. I feel as
if this power, this darkness within, is a fledgeling, and it was merely
spreading it's wings and testing the air. I fear that the next time, it will
not be so easy to tame...I fear myself, and the harm that I carry within. I
do not seek to harm any, but I fear that what I wish no longer matters to
this sentientce within. And, I fear that I am not worthy to be a priest or
paladin of the blessed Mishakal...

So, you would surrender to this...entity within? Or do you wish to defeat

I wish that it was not there to begin with! Castiel exclaims vehemetly.

Sighing with patience, sighing for this young man burdened with more than
most can bear, and impressed with his fortitude, Kiyohime states: I offer
you friendship, and comradery, and, help, teaching, to understand yourself,
and your affliction. You may take it, or, you may continue your battle
alone. It is your choice, but it is one you must make now, and deal with
whatever consequences arise.

Castiel closes his eyes, and thinks deeply. His turmoil is evident on his
face as he slowly says I will take you offer m'lady, but in return I want
you to promise me one thing...

And what may that be?

Pain flashes across his marred features as he begs, That if I ever lose
control again, within these halls or not, and it is within your power, that
you remove me from this world, so that no one else will EVER be harmed by me

I will do what I am guided to do, you will have to trust in that. I know
it's not the answer you seek, but it is all I have to give.

I think...............I think that it will be hard, painful even. But I
think that you are one to be trusted, one who can help....Castiel kneels
down, and bows his head reverently.  I am at you're mercy, and I seek
guidance from you and your holy priestess Mishakal. Please, allow me to
serve you as you shield, as Your high Priestess's shield, to protect her and
the weak from harm. 

Author:    Castiel        
Date:      Mon Sep 20 09:10:03 2010
Subject     Faith and Trust, Turns in Fate: Part 3

Continued from part 2.....

Help me to contain the beast within, and mayhap, defeat it. I beg this of
you, as Castiel Animadeus, a humble mortal, and your newest follower...

The path is not as easy as one would imagine, our Knighthood rivals the
Solamnics of old. You will find Sir Malar an unbending taskmaster. And your
soul will be trained as well. I hope you are ready. Kiyohime warns.

I must have faith in my OWN strength...and believe that I am strong enough
to survive this training. For if I am not, then I will never conquer the
evil within, and that is an option I refuse to allow.... Wiping the tears
from his face, Castiel stares up into the pools of liquid that are the high
priestess's eyes. Deep within the cats' eye pupils, he can see a blue light,
burning brightly, and it brings him strength, knowing that he need not walk
this cursed path alone.

Nodding approvingly, Kiyohime bows, and kisses Castiel's forehead gently. We
accept thee, squire Castiel Animadeus, now of Our Blue Lady, Quensti'Pah,
Mishakal. Rise, and be welcomed as our own.

Rising, new found strength filling his limbs, Castiel smiles.Thank you
m'lady Kiyohime. I only hope that I can prove myself worthy to be the shield
of Mishakal, your shield...

The Guard behind the High Priestess steps forward, and hands back Castiel's
weapons. You'll have your work cut out for you, I'll show you where you'll
stay, and where the kitcehn is, you seem a few stone light to me. he says

Indeed, I have not eaten much since I awoke from my rage. I find that my
stomach is weaker, less able to hold food...Food holds less importance to me
now... I draw my strength from my desire to defeat this cursed birthright.
And I did not wish to hunt, and offend thee at this tower.

The guard nods, and with a wink adds, Don't worry about that, best food in
all the lands, the Prophetess over there brought her cooks with her from
elfland, grinning wide at Kiyohime's embarassment.

Elven cooks.......mishakal save me, i might have walked into a trap Castiel
says jokingly.

Laughing loudly, sounding like gravel tumbling down a mountainside, the
guard winks and says Didn't say the cooks were elves, just that she brought
them, gullies all they are!

Groaning as he's led away, Castiel mutters Oh god, that's even worse. I fear
I will die after all, of food poisoning... And with that, Castiel left the
Prophet's chambers, to begin his new role as a Paladin of The Holy Order of
the Stars, and travel once more down the roads of fate...... 

Author:    Castiel        
Date:      Thu Apr 30 18:45:31 2015
Subject     Castiel Flamevoll: Rebirth in Light

Castiel Flamevoll was born in a small village outside the outskirts of Neraka. Born an only child to impoverished parents, Castiel was taught early on the necessity and value of hard work. Rising early every morning, he would help his father on their farm, pulling out rocks, tilling the earth, planting seeds, and pulling weeds, back breaking labor for one so young, while every evening he would stay up late and dream of a better life. This routine repeated itself every day for 10 long years, until one morning castiel awoke earlier than his father, kissed his parents goodbye, and set off to find his fortune. Muscles strengthened and lean from years of hard work, he carried what little coins he had managed to save up over 10 years, his hopes and dreams of a wealthy life swirling around his head. He made it to neraka, and bought himself a sword. Nothing fancy, but serviceable and sturdy, and the neidar who sold him the sword also threw in a few lessons in the basics of handling such a weapon, free of charge. Newly armed and instructed, and backed by the innocence and foolhardiness of youth, Castiel figured himself a burgeoning swordsman, and found himself drawn into a mercenary guild, fighting in various skirmishes and civil wars among petty lords, growing better and better as a swordsman, and getting rapidly promoted through the ranks. His grasp of tactics, his ability to learn quickly, and his willingness to be innovative and quick thinking earned him his own command, and a reputation as a fair commander who rarely loses. However, his command was short lived, done in by treachery and deceit. On one contract, Castiel was paid to fight the forces of a small lord who's property his hirer desired. However the petty lord who hired his services decided to double cross Castiel's band, coming to a separate settlement with this other lord, who, for a small tithe each year, would be allowed to remain on said property, and no waste funds and lives in a war. The mercenaries on both sides were captured and sold to slavers, Castiel among them. Beaten and treated poorly, branded upon his cheek, and made to fight in pit games for the pleasure of others, the young man saw 3 more years pass as a captive, never once forgetting the taste of freedom, and longing for release from his torment. Nightly he prayed silently into the light of Solinari, offering his soul and sword for any help regaining his freedom and chance at life. Daily he despaired at ever getting released, for his prayers were never answered. Until one day, seemingly by chance, an old man teetered into his cell, the guards who watched him seemingly oblivious to his presence, and sat down heavily at the door of castiel's cell. Young man, he began, I have been sent here at the behest of my goddess. She has seen your plight, has heard your prayers, and has decided to be benevolent. She will get you free, allow you to continue your life outside of this cell, but for this she requires recompense. She requires your solemn vow to never again be a mercenary for hire, and your devotion, to her and her cause. Pledge yourself to my mistress, be her right arm of justice, and defend those who cannot defend themselves. For this, you shall have your freedom again. What say you? the old man finished as he looked up, looking castiel straight in the eyes, his deep gaze pinning the young man to the wall. Do not pledge lightly, for my mistress has ways of punishing those who do not honor their vows. Anything, castiel exclaimed, Any vow I must take I would take, for a chance at freedom. Tell me the words I must swear by, and to whom I need swear, and I will do so immediately. The old man motioned for castiel to come forth and kneel, and taking his hands, bowed his head and prayed, castiel repeating the words he says. Mishakal, lady of good, hear the words of thy newest disciple. I do hereby pledge that I shall be thy arm of justice in this world, to defend the weak and the good,

Author: Castiel Date: Thu Apr 30 18:47:21 2015 Subject Castiel Flamevoll: Continued

Bowed his head and prayed, castiel repeating the words he says. Mishakal, lady of good, hear the words of thy newest disciple. I do hereby pledge that I shall be thy arm of justice in this world, to defend the weak and the good, to spread peace and thy love where ever I go, and if need be, to lay down my life in your name. For my freedom, and for love of thee, this I do swear. As they finished, a hazy blue light emanated from the old man. My job here is done young man, it is up to you to carry forth Mishakal's light, and live for the both of us. With those words, the blue glow intensified, and the room spun to castiel's weakened vision. The last sight he saw before passing out from vertigo, was the old man laying crumpled in his cell, as if they had switch places, and the guards advancing towards the cell. Later, when castiel awoke, he found himself clothed, food at his bedside, and armor befitting the newest paladin of Mishakal stacked neatly on a chair. Bowing his head and praying for the soul of the old man who helped him, Castiel rose and dressed himself, ready to start his new life.

Author: Castiel Date: Sun May 3 15:42:12 2015 Subject Castiel FlameVoll Burying the past: A new Beginning

Drearily, Castiel raises his head and stares around at the darkening forest, searching for signs of life. Before her untimely death at the hands of disease, his mother had finally revealed to him the story of how she, an elf, came to love and marry a human, and pleaded for him to reclaim his lost heritage. Thus he was now lost deep in the forest, searching for the small village of kagonesti his mother left. The chill wind still manages to numb his body, despite the warm silk-spun cloak drawn tightly around his armor, leading to slower reactions and fatigued thinking. Thus, Castiel did not see the sentry appear, drawing his bow upon the young paladin, until harsh words rang out into the twilight. Shak the sentry uttered, his arrow aimed unerringly at castiel's heart, Ikuno gangarog te apun do shalindi Startled, Castiel stopped, and raised his head, seeing for the first time the danger before him. Praying to his goddess, he raises his hands, showing his peaceful intent. Despite his inability to understand the words, their meaning is clear, and he allows himself to be disarmed and tied up as two more sentries materialize out of the darkened forest, noting their pointed ears and painted faces as they efficiently render him helpless, to their knowledge anyway. Faith in his goddess, and his mother's last words, allow castiel to pretend to be helpless so as to not cause problems. Pulling back his cloak hood, his captors exclaim in surprise at his own pointed ears, tinted eyes, and trimmed beard. Chattering quickly amongst themselves, the kagonesti seeming reach a decision, and start moving deeper into the heart of the forest, forcing castiel to follow by means of a rope tied about his wrists. Smiling, Castiel allows himself to be led forward and closes his eyes, praying to Mishakal and rehearsing his words in his head as he prepares for the meeting before him. Several hours later, his captors reach a clearing in the woods, broken in the center by sparkling blue stream, its deep waters crystal clear fast moving. Fish can be seen just below the water, and several kagonesti women kneel at it's banks, string and stick in hand in their attempt to catch themselves some. Feeling parched after such a long walk, Castiel looks longingly at the stream, but his captors have other ideas. Hurrying him past tents and huts made from natural materials, they lead him through the village, coming to stop in front of a hut larger then the rest, but one that somehow seems to blend into the forest behind it. Knocking on the doorframe, they shout something in their language, and at an answering phrase, push castiel into the hut, one sentry leading him, and the other two posting themselves at the doors exit, just outside. Bright lights inside blind him for a second, but as his eyes adjust, he sees an old Kagonesti male sitted on pillows, one woman at his side, and another young male on his other. Disregarding the warrior beside him, Castiel kneels in front of the elder, bows his head, and prays quietly, a blue glow surrounding him as his bonds break free, seemingly of their own accord. A gasp issues forth from the warrior, the woman, and the young male, but the elder just smiles slightly, reconigzing the powers of a goddess blessed paladin, and relaxes. Finishing his prayer, castiel raises his eyes, and says his mother's last words, Shalafi, Avrethe. Quisalas Valthonis. I am the son of your lost daughter, and I have returned unto thee. At these words, the kagonesti elder gaped in astonishment, and then orders everyone to leave the tent, except castiel. When everyone had left, the woman casting one last, disbelieving glance in at castiel, the elder rose, walked over to castiel, and bade him to rise. Looking into his eyes, he asked. Who are you, to be speaking those words to me? Where did you learn them? I am the son of Aurora Leafcrown, your daughter, and Darkin Flamevoll, her human husband. I am Castiel Flamevoll, paladin of Mishakal,

Author: Castiel Date: Sun May 3 15:42:33 2015 Subject Castiel FlameVoll: a new beginning cont.

Defender of justice and peace. I am Castiel Half-breed, and I have come to claim the name Leafcrown, at my mother's behest. I am your grandson. With each word, a blue aura pulsed brighter, laying truth to his words, bathing the hut with peaceful radiance. With shock plain on his face, the elder Leafcrown sat heavily upon the mats. Where is your mother child, he asked, the pain of memories etched on his time worn face. The last I saw of her, she was captured in a raid of our village, 30 years ago. I remember her screams as she was dragged away, I remember struggling futilely to reach her side as they bore her away, and I remember the pain of thinking she was lost forever. The elder broke down, shedding tears that outsiders never see. Gently, Castiel hugs the elder, whispering words of comfort in his ear. My mother was sent to a slave auction, where my father purchased her and set her free, unwilling to see such a beautiful woman suffer under the hands of anyone else. She, in return, gave my father her love, and they lived on a farm outside of neraka for the rest of her life. They had me, and each other, and she was happy. She died recently, of a withering disease that no healer could cure, but before she left this world, she told me of her past, and of her biggest regret: never letting her father know that she yet lived, and lived well. She bade me to find thee, and give you her message and her love, and asked for me to be allowed to bear the name of Leafcrown. I do not seek your place in this tribe, honored grandfather. I merely seek my name and to honor my mother's dying wish. (To be Continued)

Author: Castiel Date: Tue May 5 23:18:26 2015 Subject Bad Mojo

So one day I was wandering around the three moons camp, dithering about which evil city to go to and bring Mishakal's justice, I decided upon lemish, and proceded to call down holy blessings upon mine and my follower's weapons, and in the process, i accidentally found out that clerical magic and portal magic do not mix very well, and somehow i ended up with the portal in my aura. Needless to say, i was very unhappy. I decided to try another portal, and the same result continued to happen. I could note seem to enter a portal, they instead traveled with me. I continued to get more and more irate at the inability to travel through a portal and ended up leaving the camp in a huff, taking a more mundane means of travel back home, to palanthas. Upon arriving home, i immediately went to see the quest master, to seek a means to make some extra cash. It seemed if i could not take a portal, i would lose alot of cash hiring ships to bear me across the globe. Upon leaving, i asked for the blessing from the Highest Priest in palanthas at the time, as i always do. As i was leaving, i noticed the portals, which had stuck with me thru-out my travels, were dropping from my aura as i walked along, strewing across the ground as if coins from a slit purse. Better off without them, accursed things.

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