The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Claloc.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a metal bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Claloc' scribed in dark yellow ink.

Author:           Claloc
Date    Tue Mar 28 16:19:08 2006
Subject   Bad Day

On the forrest floor of Zhan, I patiently scouted and scowered for herbs
and weeds, spell components are not easy to come by....

Glancing quickly at the sky it had turned, already you could hear the
thunder in the distance....Running to the edge of the forrest I peered
out at the skyline, Lightning tearing across the sky... the weather was
going to force me to stay in solace....

Thinking to myself "I hate solace, If that town burned to the ground it
would be the day I dance on the ashes..."

Moving into solace ducking under roof overhangs and trees, which gave
little to no cover at all, little kids running and crying home. You can
hear parents and Commoners shouting everywhere....

Thinking this surely must be a big one to get a response out of the
common folk like this....

Moving towards the entrance of the inn, a lightning bolt lashed into the
top of a tree, breaking it in-half about three quarters of the way up...
the branch fell smashing through the walking boards and ropes much to my

Causing five to ten people to fall to the forrest floor... you could
wait what seemed like an eternity and hear the soft thud of bone and
flesh meeting soil...

Moving back away from the falling limbs and debris... The Inn's entrance
was right there! Making a quick decision, I situated my polearm and
component bags... Making a mad dash for it I lunged forward casting
myself over the gaping hole that was just created....

Landing my boots firmly on the only part of the wooden walkway that was
still left, I slowly inched my way to the entrance... finally getting
inside out of the hidious weather.

Standing to the side of the doorway, I watched the people flood in,
almost as if the water itself had turned to people...

With a glassy stare I peered out the door, the weather getting ever
stronger.... Was the Inn going to hold?

Author:           Claloc
Date    Wed Apr 19 18:37:53 2006
Subject   Rejection.

Standing in front of Ralmus, High Archmage of the Black Robes, I
requested to be discharged of the robes. Feeling nothing but resent and
remorse while wearing those robes, I had to get free.

Wearing a Black Robe had its values, but they were few. I had a Deity
who respected me once, One that cared to see progression, not self

Remembering the days before I put on the robes, the help and acceptance
that lie'd there in. I made a choice, a bad one, and joined the
conclave... to avoid being branded a Renegade, while here I am... Asking
for the very thing I feared.

Ralmus glared down at me, making a second feel like an eternity.

"What is it this that you seek young mage? Can the Conclave not help you
in acquiring it?" Ralmus asked.

"I do not know what I seek Archmage, But I do know that I must leave the
Robes to do it." I replied, sweat rolling off my face as my head was

"I followed the teachings of Takhisis as a child. Im going back, to look
for things my father might have left for me, or didn't leave for me."

Thinking of things long ago, before they were lost, It brang calm to my
voice. I felt as if a burden had been lifted, As if Takhisis herself was
there, giving me confidence.

Ralmus snorted, kicked me hard in the nose, it brought tears to my
eyes... this is what Ive been waiting for.

Putting his knee hard in the middle of my back, he put a black bag over
my face, it smelled of sweat and body oder. I felt something hard and
cold hit the back of my neck, I blacked out.

I came to with the black bag over my face, only highlighted by the sun,
it looked like one giant flaming eye burning a hole through the hood.

My armor was taken as was my weapon... It was hot extremely hot. I sat
up and pulled the hood off my drenched face, It was sore... I think I
took a couple of shots while I was out.

Nothing but sand dunes as far as you could see, the wind wipped the sand
across the dry plain, while the sun cooked their feet.

I checked for my spell component bag, hoping to transport out of this
desert, I was gone. I stood up, pulled off a cloak and threw it over my
head, started walking.

One sun later, I woke up to the rising sun, It already had begun to heat
everything to an unbearable point. My throat was dry, it felt like sand
had poured into it during the nite, my lips burned like acid has touched

A bright white light flashed before me, I thought it was Takhisis coming
to take me. A tall mage, a woman at that stepped through.... Helped me
up and started to move into the portal. I blacked out while trying to

It was dark, I was dreaming it seemed but I could hear voices, "Is he
going to make it through the night?" one said. "If he has any fight left
in him it will take all he has, he has to want to." replied another
voice, a womans voice. Was it the same woman as before, I couldn't
think, had she said anything to me... It all seemed so surreal.

" Its important that he does, We have a task at hand. One that only He
may be able to do."

(ooc: Just a starter story to a line of stories that are to come. Ive
been requested to write them, and happy to do so. Just new to it so if
its lame ect. eat me. Atleast im trying.)

Claloc Shevlar, Son of Xarien Shevlar. Nightlord of Thorn.


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