The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Codex.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a metal bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Codex' scribed in deep blue ink.

Author:  Codex
Date    Sat May  4 22:36:18 2002

Subject  Quest of the lost Soul.. The begining

Sitting on a grassy knoll under the shade cast down by Khalkist Mountains,
Codex looked over the small city of Jelek. His eyes scan the town below for
moment, searching. A bright blue flash shimmers for a moment, then another, in
the forest surrounding the city. 'Uthayn and Orak, watch over Jelek.. The
city should be safe...', he says, looking over his shoulder.

Behind him, the bright shimmer of green catches the light, as Kistmaro, a jade
dragon of Zhan, snakes his head down. 'The Emerald is a wise one and will
keep watch over Neraka with the help of the others. Intuylo is quite capable
of handling the city affairs, while the twin topaz' see to the defenses.'

Moving to stand up, Codex looks one last time on Jelek. Turning his gaze
northward, he stops for a moment. Far off in the distance, darkness hangs over
the land. From here it seems merely a black speck on the horizon. Dargaard...
Shaking his gaze, refusing to relive the memories, he whips about, moving
closer to the jade. 'Yes, you are right.

The land will be fine in their hands until we return.' Placing his hand on
the cold, solid hide of the dragon, 'Take your elven form, Kistmaro. We
shall head out at sunset, and though we the journey we take is most important,
we are in no rush.'

Kistmaro snorts in obvious disapproval, ' You know full well I dislike
polymorphing. I cannot show power and install fear into others as a mortal.'
Snaking his head and away, the dragon snorts again, the heat of his breath
turning the leaves of the nearest tree upwards in rebutal.

'Yes I know, my friend. But I request it. We shall walk, for I must ponder
over what it is that must be done. And surely you would agree that we shall
find a more friendly reception, if you walk beside me as an equal.' Codes
turns his head upward, catching the dragons gaze  as it turns its head abck
towards him. 'Even if we arent. We both have spent our years upon this land,
in solitude. We shall begin our trek side by side.'

Kistmaro snorts again, yet giving in, he nods slightly. For years he stood
alone among the gem dragons, respected as a warrior and leader, yet left to
his own because of his views and  quick to temper attitude. This one, this
half-elf, is the first to have walked the same path as he. The two hold each
other in the largest of respects, knowing the others internal struggle with
his soul... or lack there of.

Gathering his pack and double checking everything, Codex nods and stands up,
looking eye to eye with Kistmaro. Long black hair whips wildly in the wind as
a pair of the darkest green eyes stare back at him. His features are rough and
rigid, yet a softness can be seen as he looks upon the half-elf whom has
earned his trust. and proven his worth faithfully.

Slinging the pack over his back, Codex places his hand on the elf's shoulder.

'Come then my friend... a journey unlike no other waits us.. A journey of
the lost soul..  A story...  A  story.. of my life.'

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Thu May 10 22:37:18 2007
Subject     "Waken to the rising sun, my child.."

The last remnants of Solinari's glow crept across the valley, casting its
silver hues upon the forest floor.  Morning's dew, freshly fallen,
collecting upon each thirsting blade of grass, aiding each decaying leaf
with its natural progression, radiating each ray of moonlight.  A soft wind,
collecting the less hindered leaves, blows across the landscape.  Movement
stirs beneath a large gnarled and disfigured birch tree.  The mound of dead
foilage at the tree's base shifts, and begins to rise upward.  The breeze
intensifies, scattering the rising mound into the wind.  In its place, a
man, rising to his full height, finally comes to stand..  And slowly...  His
eyes open.  

Amber eyes look out across the valley, roaming it's surface.  When at last
they are satisfied that no threat is to be found, he turns full circle.  He
bows in respect to the cursed and dying birch.  "I thank you again for your
shelter, and for the insight woven into my dreams.  Much you have told and
taught me this night, and for that..  I am greatful.  " He turns once more
to look upon the valley, and the slowly lightening sky above.  Grabbing his
pack from the hearth in which he had slept, he slings his pack and begins
his trek down into the valley before him.  

 He felt it once more.  The breathing of the land.  The whispers of the
trees on the wind.  Some welcomed his return, some did not.  It was no more
than he had already expected, nor was it the first time.  A cursed life will
bring about it's own accord.  

The forest, regardless of its feeling, showed him respect none the less. 
Though he looked no more than of a man in his middles years..  The land knew
different.  It could see past the rugidly handsome good looks.  Past the
long wavy black hair, the eyes of entrancing amber, the lean muscles.  It
knew his past...  And it remembered.  He stooped low on for a moment, over a
dark black spot upon the forest's floor.  His gaze moved from the spot, back
to the twisted birch upon the hill that had given him shelter.  "One day.. 
I will be able to right those wrongs that you have been forced to endure at
my hand, ..  "

Codex returned to his journey.  His mind adrift, so much to do.  Only once
more along his walk did he delay.  He gazed upon the entrance to a cave. 
Sealed shut, by an emerald wall.  Nodding his head in acknowledgement, he
moved on.  Finally he came to stand before a set of twin pillars.  Lingering
upon their beauty, memories set aflow, stories long forgotten, and yet never
lost to him, he sighed in relief.  Placing his hand upon the cool stone, he
said, "At last, ...  I am home..  " 

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Sat May 12 05:39:46 2007
Subject     'The land lightens, to the dawning..'

Landing lightly on dirt path, Codex turns and thanks the gryphon for
delivering him safely.  The gryphon takes to skies once more, a fresh meal,
its new mission.  As the beast disappears over the treetops, Codex turns and
makes his way for the city gates.  

He walks slowly, deep in his on thoughts.  His return had been more welcomed
than he had imagined it would be.  For seven years he had slept.  His path
for knowledge had run dry.  Codex had tried almost everything he knew.  He
gave way to both gods that had turn his soul asunder.  Chislev would not
answer his prayers.  Oh yes, nature would speak to him, but she, herself,
had turned him aside.  The dark lord, Chemosh, only laughed.  Taunting him
mercilessly with what could be..  But Codex knew all to well what truly
would be.  No..  That life was behind him.  It was in that time that Codex
gave way to his exhaustion.  Taking up a stretch of hearth beneath the birch
tree that so long ago he had cursed, he closed his eyes and told the world
it was time for his rest.  

Codex entered through the city gates, and passing the guards made his way
for a small park and one of its empty benches.  He seats himself under the
shade of a tall yet young oak tree, and sinks deeper into his memories...  

Seven years of sleep, but far from peaceful.  Dreams of nature's beauty. 
Nightmares of tortures cruelty.  God versus Goddess waged war over him.  At
times, literally on him.  His body the battlefield.  His soul the prize.  At
last the battle gave way..  Suddenly..  To a still browness.  He walked his
dreams in wonder.  He expected blackness..  Or even more so the toal
grayness of the abyss.  Yet over time, the landscape formed, and refolded
upon itself, until at last some distinction was made.  And finally, when he
realized that he looked, at what he guessed to be the inside of an amazingly
large tree..  He heard a voice.  

"Your story is known to me, Codex, for all I know and know, I, all.  Entrust
unto me, for I have encompassed you.  Your journey shall me to encompass me.
I cannot promise you, the undoing of what you have wrought.  Nor can I cure
you of the demons that have cursed your life.  But trust only in me, and
your life may be fulfilled.  And at last..  Complete.  "

Codex stands and walks over to the small pond nearby.  Looking into its
reflection, he gazes upon his own image.  A body encased in his tribalistic
tattoos.  The ram upon his shoulder seems to dance with each ripple of the
water's surface.  Though he can not see his back, he knows the birch
imprinted there is rippling as if wind was truly able to catch it's leaves. 
He leans closer, and it is there.  Within the reflection of his eyes.  His
amber eyes...  Nodding, he stands.  Taking his leave of the park, Codex
returns to the city street.  He is resolved.  His path is laid, and he must
follow it through.  He has returned to his brethren, his fellow Wildrunners,
his roots.  Now he seeks out more.  An understanding of what he is to
become.  Knowledge of how to control it.  Mastery of its use.  

Finally he comes to stand at the gates of building.  Here, at last, his path
will widen, and his choices will come full circle.  He looks up, gazing over
the Temple of the Stars, and takes his next step on his long journey.  

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Mon May 14 04:43:35 2007
Subject     "Life begins anew, as daylight breaks.."

Message had been sent to the Wildrunner that Codex would be staying in
Palanthas for a while.  His exceptence into the Order of Balance had went
smoothly and now all the neccesseties had been completed.  Now he stood
within a small bedroom provided to him.  His clothes had been placed upon
the dresser for him by one of the understudies.  His eyes moved from the
newly sewn robes, to the closet door, where the gear that he had worn here
was hung.  He was again of two minds, of about which to wear.  He decided to
improvise, and moved toward his gear...  

The members of the temple gave him a wide birth as he passed.  Each
whispering disgustedly as the sight of his appearance.  "How could he...  "
and "Shameful..  ", seemed to be common themes.  When at last he stepped out
into the courtyard and found the priest with whom we was to study, he
smirked.  A gentle breeze took hold of his robes.  Moving through the long
slits he had made several times from waistline to hem.  His arms flexed and
relaxed, his robes now sleeveless, and also collarless.  The priest merely
smiled, 'And here I was thinking you were wishing to delve into the arts of
the pray and divination.  Not a tailor's kit and fashion.  ' ..  Hours
turned to days, days tunred to week.  Progress was being made, that much was
known.  He had been able once again to commune with his new found advisor as
he had during his sleep.  Once again the great tree had enveloped him, and
granted him some wisdom of what was to be done.  Hours of meditation.  Days
of fasting.  He felt as though he was once again on vigil in Zhan.  It was
in these times, that his memories would flood down upon him, like waves
crashing against the rocky shore.  Threatening to bring the stone tumbling
down under its frothing mass.  A dream, from his resting sleep, creeped back
into his mind..  

He was in the forest surrounding Qualinost.  He could see the Tower of the
Sun jutting out above the treetops.  Movement from behind made him wheel
about.  Walking from behind a tree, stood a woman of natural beauty.  Long,
flowing curls of earth brown hair did little to hide her elven ears.  Her
face was soft and smooth, her body lean and supple.  Eyes, the color of
jade, looked pleadingly upon him.  He tried to move, yet it was as if he was
rooted in place.  She reached out a slender hand to him.  He reached for
her, but she was far out of his range.  Stepping closer, she spoke at last,
'All I am, I give to you, Codex.  Embrace me as yours..  ' The crash of
crashing foilage broke her off.  She turned and screamed.  Three elves,
presumably guardmens from their attire, appeared from behind another tree. 
The rushed upon her.  Grabbing ahold of her, they carried her off to his
right.  He followed them with his eyes, his legs still locked in place. 
They disppearred behind another tree and never appeared again.  His heart
was heavy, emotion ran over him like never before.  He begged and pleaded,
yet no word escaped his mouth.  Distraught, he lowered his head, only to
hear more footfalls.  A man approached.  Dressed in noblemen's clothes, the
man unsheathed his sword.  His sword rose as he walked closer.  "In what
world is a half breed fit for my daughter's hand, " he said.  The sword
stopped in it peak, hovering a few feet above Codex's head.  "Mariam is
forever lost to you, bastard child.  In this life..  And the next" The sword
flashed in the sunlight, and as he prepared himself for the end, he awoke.. 

Codex sat there for an eternity.  It had been so real.  His mind raced over
the dream.  Something inside his mind was fighting against him.  Hiding the
truth.  Then he remembered.  The ceremony of becoming.  The appearance of
the Goddess.  But more importanly, her spouse, and fellow god.  Zivilyn. 
His mind sunk in on one thing.  The book which never left his hand.  And it
struck him at last.  
                      Palanthas Library
Candles snuffed out, as the doors to his chambers slammed shut behind him.

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Fri May 18 06:34:44 2007
Subject     "Light revives that which darkness forgot.."

Standing upon the southeastern tower of Qualinost, Codex nods to the
guards.  He makes his way into the parapet, closing the door behind him.  He
moves to the window, Solinari's light bathing the room in it's silver glow. 
Seatting himself on the shift cot, he withdraws a red book from his robes. 
He looks at its cover and smiles, knowing that miles away in Palanthas,
Astinus is writing his story.  Putting to page, Codex's theft of one of his
prized novels.  He turns the page and begins to read..  

 Page 126 'Mariam turned the corner, leaving the ballroom behind.  She
bounded into him.  A young half-breed servant to the royal house. 
Half-human, half-kagonesti, he was handsome by means of both traits.  She
held beauty by all Qualinost standards.  Their eyes met, and both knew... 

Codex continued reading, hastily flipping through pages..  

 Page 201 'Mariam's father, Meqryst, hold the sword high above his head. 
Codex froze in place, the spell holding him, kneeled "Mariam is forever lost
to you, bastard child.  In this life..  And the next.  " The sword flashes
in the sunlight as it begins it's descent.  Codex readies himself for death,
and is startled back to reality as the sword brushes his hand..  Having
fallen to the ground.  He looks up.  The tip of a rapier, protrudes from
Mewqryst's chest.  Codex stands, the spell lifted, and looks over the
shoulder of his would be killer.  Mariam looks him in the eye, pleading,
shocked, yet all of her love is known to him.  Knees hit the ground, and the
body slumps forward as she releases her grasp.  He reaches for her, but
fails.  She is being dragged away by the guards from which she had just
escaped.  He watches in horror as someone grabs of hold of him.  He wathces
in disbelief as they are drug apart."  

 Page 214 The Speaker stands from his seat among the council.  "Codex
Ji'jin, you are hereby sent forth from this land.  It is my judgement,
though no banishment is placed upon you, you are to walk among the forest
for 100 years.  " Codex hangs his head, but he is relieved.  One hundred
years.  Their love would stand this test.  "Mariam Llastron, your crime
stands as murder.  As our people hold dear all life, you have taken that of
another.  And as such, have called forfeit to your own.  You shall be cast
forth into the White Rage River, that Mother Nature shall wash of all sins
before excepting you into her bossom.  " Codex cried out in rage, but no one
listened.  Mariam was escorted out of the tower but her last words were
given to her love.  "I love you, Codex..  "

Codex shut the book after page 216.  His emotion gave way to exhaustion. 
Exhaustion gave way to sleep..  

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Mon May 21 04:48:50 2007
Subject     "Warmth flows over the cold valley.."

Gentle bubbling mixing with crashing waves, creates a symphony worthy of
a royal gala.  Here on the peak of the cliff where the branches of the White
Rage River meet far below, Codex stands.  He gazes downward, pondering for a
mere moment.  No.  He knows that to survive the five hundred foot plummet
would be impossible.  His amber eyes, fill with a look all to unfamiliar to
him.  Sorrow.  Something he hasnt known for far too long.  

'Mariam..  I can only say how sorry I am to you.  I'll be honest..  I had
forgetten.  I let myself push you away.  The mere memory of you, haunted me
for years after.  I never knew how to deal with it.  I loved you, more than
life itself.  I would have given anything to take your place.  And at last,
I thought it was time to join you.  It was then in that moment, that I stood
before the cliffs of Zhan, that I was whisked away by the mother of the
land.  In her arms, I was reborn, My mind cleared of it's past, nature was
to be my newest love....  ' Codex lowered himself to the ground, dangling
his legs over the cliff.  Looking to his left, he holds his hand, palm down,
above a small patch of rock free earth.  As his eyes close, four small
shoots spring forth from the ground.  Quickly they rise to the rbight sky,
taking form.  Leaves begin to unfold, buds begins to take shape from each
tip.  Four different colors blossom into beautiful roses.  As they finally
form, Codex reaches down and picks the bunch from the earth.  He looks back
to the gorge below...  And drops the flowers into the wind.  

'For you...  , ' he loweres his head 'I will not recant what came next.. 
Most of which, I care not remember.  Even though I can not forget any of it.
I will not ask for your forgiveness, in the life that lead after.  I beg
only that you remember what we felt for each other, and know that it shaped
me to be the who I am.  And that alone has in turn helped to shape the world
in a tumbling effect.  It is for that reason that I have come to remember
you.  And to let you know..  '

Codex moves from his position.  On his knees, he places both hands on the
edge of the cliff, and begins a inaudible prayer.  Down the cliff side, the
rock begins to shimmer and reshape.  Rough edge gives way to smooth surface.
Protrusions move forth.  Dips and valleys slink back into the rock. 
Finally, after several long minutes, Codex removes his hands and stands.  A
eagle screeches from below to his right.  He watches as it soars past the
reshapen rock.  The eagle loosk at it, then rises to the cliffside.  It
passes Codex, giving him a nod as it soars into the sky.  

..  I will always love and honor you.  

Codex turns to leave.  Far below the peak, the cliff shows his work.  Now
forever etched in memory, a large stone statue of Mariam, in all her
resplindid beauty, stands recessed into the cliffs wall.  Her arms forever
open.  Welcoming all in need.  Waiting..  For her lover's embrace.  

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Tue May 29 06:17:20 2007
Subject     "The world warms to the day, life begins again.."

Codex shucked his makeshift robes, tossing them over the dresser.  He was
back in his quarters in the Temple of the Stars in Palanthas.  His departure
from Qualinost was a welcome one.  More to himself, then to the army there. 
The meeting with Raina and the Lady Ayasana, had been interesting, to say
the least.  Aya's smug demeanor, and quick witted sarcasm, reminded all to
much of himself.  He had been able to restrain his anger at being pulled
away on a useless errand.  Raina had seen to that.  Still..  Maybe some good
would come of it.  Maybe a soul sould be saved..  

 He slumped down into the warm water of his bath.  Closing his eyes, he
leaned back and rested.  Tiredness over took him.  Once again the dreams
played through his mind.  He tossed in his sleep, the water of the bath
splashing over the edge.  The sound triggered a change in his dreams...  

 He was falling.  No.  That wasn't right.  He was floating.  Floating
through a long, dark, tight tunnel.  When at last the tunnel expanded, the
colors changed.  Dark browns collided with earth greens.  The world before
him began to take shape.  Forming...  Birthing.  The land grew, breathing
with life like a new born child.  A voice played into his head.  "Forgot, my
child.. , " a woman's voice calmed him.  "Let the worries of your past life
be lost.  Shed yourself of the troubles and doubts.  Breath anew the world. 
Take into yourself, Mother Nature.  Open your eyes once more, and behold
your love, the land.  For she will return your love unfettered.  Embrace
unto you, the warmth of the sun, the softness of the earth, the gentleness
of the breeze, the companionship of its natural inhabitants.  Be reborn,
Codex.  Take the first step upon your path.  A Wildrunner.  Our child.  My
appointed.  Awaken, my runner..  "

His head snapped up.  The water was now cold.  He stood, grabbing his robes.
Redressing, he darts for the temple alters.  Standing in the foyer, He turns
his head.  He nods to the acolytes as they exit the Alter of Zivilyn.  He
brethren in prayer give him berth so that he may enter, yet he merely
declines.  He turns to his left, and enters the Alter of Chislev.  

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Thu May 31 07:14:39 2007
Subject     "A change in the winds..."

Standing at the entrace to the Alter of Chislev, Codex stops in his
tracks.  Something whispers in the back of his mind.  Something is calling,
challenging his advise.  Anger.  Pure malice.  He closes his mind to the
voice.  Slamming shut the mental door, and all others, he makes his way to
into the alter.  The room is lush in foiliage.  A indoor garden.  A single
window in the domed ceiling lets light pour within.  In the center of the
room stands a statue.  A beautiful woman, resplendent in a flowing gown of
woven vines, stands with hand outstrechted, palm upwards, seeking the rain. 
He looks upon the statue from a distance, and turning he shuts the doors.  

He walks across the room, and steps within inches, face to face with the
marble eyes of the statue.  Unblinking she looked back at him.  And for
that..  He grew angry.  "Why?  WHY!?! , " he screamed.  "Your chosen!  HA! 
Oh yes, I took what was offered.  I did as you asked.  I took your band of
rabble, for that is what they were.  I taught them.  I trained them.  I
split them, and yet made them stronger for their diversity.  All for what? 
To be cast aside.  To be shunned.  You interceded yourself once within my
life.  Your hand guided me from my path of distraught, and turned my soul
from wanton death.  And yet you could not change what was to come?  A life
of torment!  "

Codex turns his back on the statue, crossing the room, he comes to stand
before a small birdbath.  He looks down into its water at his own image. 
His thoughts race, but movement by his reflections shoulder causes him to
stir.  He jolts to the left, spinning about.  The statue stands before him
now, alive.  Its outstretched, that was poised a moment before over his
shoulder, now slowly lowers.  The eyes have changed.  Human.  Or something
close to it.  They are they deepest shade of green.  And they are sad.  The
head of the statue lowers.  It speaks.  "Codex.  Sit my child, and I shall
tell you that which I took from you.  That which not even Astinus has
pinned.  " Codex sits upon a mossed rock, and looks to the statue.  "After
some years of service to the Wildrunner, you found something which you did
not believe would be possible ever again.  Love.  Or at least, a longing for
love.  Her name, was Tsari.  She was a beauty worthy of poetry.  Yet...  She
would come to befall her own fate.  One which you were unable to stop. 
Seeking power, with no where else to turn, she bartered her soul, to the
Dark Lord of the Undead.  Chemosh.  Angry, heart-broken, and uncomprehending
you turned to me.  There was nothing I could do for her, yet you would not
hear of it.  You fought for her.  You sought every avenue of recourse you
could find.  None were of use.  At least, in a disheveled form of yourself,
you too gave yourself over to him.  'My soul..  For her hand' were your
words.  My eyes filled with sorrow.  _My_ heart broke with the loss.  YOu
must see, Codex.  The choice..  Was yours and yours alone.  I begged you.  I
pleaded.  I offered you all that I could.  And, as is written in many a
story, the heart won.  Your choice was made to stand by Tsari's side,
regardless of her place at the Dark Lord's side.  "

Codex was on his knee on the floor, his face buried in his hands.  He
searched his brain for the memory.  He could not grasp it.  It was hidden
from him it seemed.  The statue stepped closer, and place its hand upon his
shoulder.  His mind calmed immediately, and the voice of his god spoke to
him.  "If you so wish it..  Follow me into the past..  "

Codex awoke to a darkened room.  The statue had retaken its place.  Once
again lifeliess.  The dream had shown him the truth of what he had been
told.  He slowly rose to his feet, gathering himself.  He looked to the
statue once more.  Nodding he left the room, returning to his quarters.  

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Sat Jun  2 06:49:17 2007
Subject     "Life takes up the breeze, reveling in it.."

The dreams had not stopped.  Days had past since the statue had revealed
his past.  Nights withered away in tortured sleep.  Flashes of the past. 
Horrors unspeakable.  Mother Nature had told him of what he had become.  His
guide, his god, the Tree of Wisdom..  Had shown him.  

Dressed once more in his make-shift robes, he walked the corriders of the
Temple.  He stopped in the spacious auditorium.  He looked to his left,
seeing the open altar room of Chislev.  The statue still unmoving, basking
in the sun's light.  He turned his eyes, looking to the right, slightly
behind him.  A dark room.  He can hear an oddly familiar chanting coming
from the room.  The smell of death, seems to linger near it's door.  He
stares into it's darkness.  Something pulls at his chest, ever so slightly. 
Something is calling to him.  Or rather..  To a former part of himself.  He
strains, yet finally he breaks his gaze.  Shaking his head, he turns and
enters the altar of Zivilyn.   

"When at last your are at full peace, it is possible for understanding from
the World Tree's view, " the priest states.  He circles around the altar and
Codex.  "Our devoted, exists in all spaces and times.  Wisdom is his power. 
To exist as such, is to obtain wisdom from when and where it is most needed.
" The priest turns to a mantle, lighting two unique incense candles.  Both
made of oak bark, from a fallen tree.  He moves and seats himself in front
of Codex.  "Imagine your self, a large oak.  Your branches swaying in the
world's breath.  Your roots digging deep into the earth's soil, seeking
water.  Your leaves turning skyward to the sun's feeding hand.  Your bark
giving comfort and solace to the land's creatures.  "

Codex opens his eyes to his mind.  Surrounding him are a multitude of
yarn-like strings.  All seem to jumble around him.  All lead away in various
directions.  Up.  Down.  Left.  Right.  Forward.  Behind him.  He reaches
out and takes the line leading directly forward away from him.  As he pulls
it, The world explodes in color.  He sees himself, kneeling in the altar of
Zivilyn.  He is looking upon the present.  The now.  He releases the line,
the world turn dark again, save for the lines, as the string returns to
taut.  He grabs a line to the left, pulling.  He sees himself standing upon
the cliffs in Qualinesti.  His moment of retrospect to Mariam.  He releases
the line.  Again the world is dark.  He reaches behind him, and grabs a
line.  The world changes again...  The scene unfolds.  Codex is standing
upon the floor of a forest.  He is not his true self.  The man before him is
hideous.  He is nothing more than a Skeleton.  He is arguing with a group
of...  Wildrunners.  A battle in ensues.  The scene unfolds in a hurry, yet
is hard to follow.  At last the combantants have parted and breath deeply. 
The skeletal Codex reaches down, turning the earth, scarring it into
blackness.  The runners, prepare for battle again, yet in an instance the
skeleton disappears.  He releases the string instantly.  His mind shutters. 
His eyes open once more to the present time.  

The priest helps Codex to his feet.  Once he is steadied, the priest places
a medallion in his hand.  Codex looks up to him.  "Welcome...  To the
priesthood, my brethren.  " Codex takes the medallion, looking down at the
silver emblem of the World Tree.  He nods to the priest, and turning, makes
his way slowly back to his quarters.  

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Sat Jan 24 04:02:58 2009
Subject     The sun shineth down at return to life

Stepping out onto the balcony, Codex overlooked the forest of Qualinesti.
Years had passed since last he stood upon this very spot. Yet looking down
over the city, he saw little change. Far below Faelri waved up to him, then
headed into the tower entrance. Codex turned his gaze south toward the
gorge. The water levels had returned to normal He knew without seeing it,
the statue of Mariam was still standing guard and waiting for him. Closing
his eyes for a moment, he shared his thoughts with her spirit. Turning he
headed back into his office and sat down at his desk.

Codex took quill to parchment. The knock at the door hardly paused his
writing. The door opened, a well built Qualinesti, in dark green attire,
entered bowing low. 'Close the door already, Faelri, ' he said while
continuing his letter. Faerli shoot the door hastily, the excitement plain
on his face. Signing his name to the letter, Codex placed his quill back
within the ink bottle. Looking over his shoulder, 'Well?'

Faelri took a step forward, 'How was your trip, brother?'

'Fine, fine, ' Codex stood up from his desk and moved to the window. 'I'm
sure my wellfare during my trip is not the primary question on your mind,
fellow Runner.'

Faelri smiled. 'Even after so long it still feels like your reading my mind.
No sir, I came to ask whats on the minds of all our fellow Wildrunners, as
well as the elven nations. How goes the fortifications in Ergonesti?'

Codex looked out the window. Three years. A long, hard fought war. It had
taken some time to completely unify the southern island together as a whole.
After the war had ended, Codex had returned immediately, he work had to be
finished. The elven nations had finally come together. They had even banded
together with the islands inhabitants to remove the Marauder threat
completely. City had been built, or rebuilt. 'All is ready, Faelri. Ergoth
has been cleared of its threats. The elves has banded together under the new
banner. Ergonesti is flourishing. The humans have been aiding in the ship
building. A small fleet shall be ready within the year to begin the move of
any that wish to go.'

Faelri look ecstatic, 'Truly a great day has finally come..'

Codex walked back to the desk, and rolled up the letter he had just pinned.
Taking up a slab of wax, he set it to the flame of a nearby candle. When it
had melted, he smeared some over the letter, sealing it. He reached into his
pocket and withdrew a bright, new ring. Stamping the ring into the wax, he
placed his mark upon the seal. He crossed the room to Faelri. Codex handed
him both the ring and the letter. 'See that this letter makes it to Snefru,
brother. The Wildrunners will wish to know of my return. The ring is yours
to keep.' Codex walked to the door, grabbing his pack. 'I am headed for
Palanthas for a while. I must return to the Holy Order.' Codex left the room
quietly, leaving Faelri standing in the middle of the room entranced with
the ring in his hands. He turned it over in his hand, staring at the
engraving. The elf that had made the ring had taken delicate care in
emblazoning the Ergonesti symbol of Unity. 

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Fri Jan 30 20:13:28 2009
Subject     A cloud rolls in, turning day to night

Codex stepped out his room, adjusting his make shit robes. He pulled the
door shut and turned, heading for the Hall of Stars. The passing clerics
still giving him a wide berth. Codex had no care for what that thought of
his outfit. It suited his purposes well. The slits allowed for movement, the
lack of sleeves for made climbing easier. He was still a Wildrunner first
and foremost. Rounding the corner he stood in the hall and looked around. He
glanced to the temples of neutrality. For a week now he had fasted at the
altar fo Zivilyn. Yesterday he had spent inside the temple of Chislev,
recalling memories of his former days. Today.. today would be a test. Codex
moved forward toward the darker side of the hall and came to stand in front
one particular temple's doors. He looked to the dark onyx ring upon his
right hand. Nodding, he crossed the threshold and was plunged into

The pressure of the room was ominous. Codex walked to the front of the
temple, coming to stand before the large marble goats head mounted on the
wall. The smell of rot filled his nose, threatening to turnhis stomach. He
disregarded it completely. He looked to the head, as he heard the voice. 'At
long last, you have returned, my disciple..' The voice hestitated for a
moment, 'You are tainted to me Codex. The Tree of Wisdom.., ' a cold
laughter filled the room. 'Zivilyn is a twit. Lost within his on self,
indecisive to any course of action. Power, action! That is what I have given
you before Codex. And so it could be yours again.' The voice purred these
words in allurement.

Codex shook his head slightly as he spoke. 'I come not now ot side by your
side, m'lord. I am here only to uncover the truth and find what I must.'

'I care not for your petty need for remorse, insolent whelp. My greatest
General, now nothing more than a bum in search of crumbs. You have become a
disgrace of what you were for me, Codex.' The voice emphasized with disgust
in its tone.

Codex looked into the eyes of the marble carving defiantly. 'Tell me, Lord
of Undeath. Tell me of.. Corpeus.'

Steam billowed forth from the nostrils of the carving. Codex instinctively
lifted his arm to his face. The candles upon the alter blazed brightly for a
moment, then the room was snuffed of its light.

Codex looked about himself. Slowly his surroundings became clearer. He was
watching his life unfold before him again. He watched quietly, even as he
knew those before him could neither see nor hear him.

Upon the cliffs overlooking Zhan, the skeleton stood over an elf, sword
pointed its throat. The elf was pleading, 'I'm sorry, Codex. I've been
searching for you for some time now. I knew you would return here,
eventually. Don't you remember? We used to come here together as runners.'
The skeleton sheathed his sword, moving past the kneeling elf to stand
before the twisted birch tree that he had cursed the year before. 'I've come
to find you, ' the elf was saying, 'to join you. I have watched what you
have become, and I desire that which you have. Power.'

Codex turned to the elf. 'You understand the price you will pay?' 'And I pay
it, ' the elf said as he came to stand before the skeleton' 'So be it.' The
skeleton stepped before and placed his palm upon the elf's chest. The elf
screamed as his body twisted and contorted. The forest below screamed in
retort, a call of pain of loss for another of its beloved.

The skeleton merely laughed.

Codex awoke to the present upon the floor of the Hall of Stars. Brethern of
different gods stood over him, asking him questions. He shrugged them off,
standing. His mind was awash with turmoil. Pushing through the small crowd,
he made for his room.  

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Sat Feb 14 07:35:34 2009
Subject     A fresh breeze.. a meeting (Part 1)

Codex pushes yet another book violently off the table before him, sending
it sliding across the floor. He pulls a large volume from one of the many
stacks and begins thumbing through it in disgust. Murmuring to himself
quietly, he reads through the pages hastily. Codex grabs his quill,
scratching a few short notes before slamming the book shut and setting it on
top of the pile of books by his feet. So engrossed and obsessed ove the
finding what he sought, he pays no attention to his surroundings, nor the
fact that he is no longer alone.

An elven priestess stood a few yards away from him. She had stopped short,
looking down her nose at the disheveled man before her mistreating the
sacred tomes of the Order.'I beg your pardon, do you treat everyone's
property thusly?, ' she says as she reaches to pick up the battered book.
The priestess sighs heavily, "Beating the pages will not make them succumb
to your wishes"

Again, Codex thought. The acoloytes of the Temple library had pestered him
repeatedly. Without looking from his notes, Codex says iritatedly, 'I've
told you already I will return them to their place, now go back to your
studies, acolyte.' Codex grabs yet another book, and returns to his

The priestess crossed her arms across her chest, 'Acolyte? I see, and do you
have any other wishes, master?, ' adding sarcastically.

'I said you may..' Codex's words hung as he looked up from his notes in
anger. He quickly looked over the priestess before him. She's wearing a
white surcoat bearing a small emblem of 7 silver stars in a circle around a
dark blue infinity symbol, over a sky blue gown .A prophetess, leader among
her order. The symbol claims her a devout of Mishakal, the goddess of
healing.A voluminous dark blue cloak, with a large hood, is around her
shoulders. Her silvery hair, and large, almond shaped eyes, black with
violet irises, and fair complexion, mark her as Silvanesti.

'Prophetess, my apologies., ' Codex states as he rises to stand, and bows
hastily. 'My apologies madam, the acolytes have pestered by studies thusly.
I had assumed they had returned.'

The Prophetess smirked slightly at the recognition," Apologies accepted, of
course. You seem bent on knowledge you hold I suppose.. these books seem to
be lacking what I seek. So, what exactly are you researching?, ' she asked
as she thumbed through a few of the open books, taking a seat.

Codex grimaced. He pondered the question. Looking at the priestess across
from him, he decided he could use whatever aid he could get at this point.
'Well.., ' pondering the correct words to use, 'Right now.. Im researching
an adequate means of... turning undead, for lack of a better term'

'Turning? As in repulsing, or driving away, ' the priestess asked.

Codex shoke his head. 'I suppose Turning one back from being an undead would
be more appropraite. But mostly, a means of saving one's soul.'

She sits back in the chair, eyes bemused, 'Saving one's ...soul? You own? Or
do you mean, resurrecting a life?"

Codex expression saddens slightly. 'No, not mine nor one that I own.. one
that I owe it to, would be more precise. Years ago, ma'am I did an horrid
act.. one which I seek to right.. by not so much as resurrecting a former
friend, but by setting him free.'

The Prophetess leans forward, resting her elbows on the table, steepling her
finger-tips in front of her."Bringing someone back from the dead...back to
life, even the gods would be hard pressed to accomplish that..." 

Codex sat back and snorted. 'The seems we can never escape the
games in which they play. I know my task may seem impossible, but I myself
and living proof that it is possible. Though I will admit, ' he states as he
leans forward, 'My circumstances were... unique.'

She looks him over in disbelief. 'Were you really dead, though? Once Chemosh
holds your soul, He isn't likely to relinquish it. That is the first
problem. That the body decays soon after, is the next'

'Oh, dear Prophetess, you speak merely of death.' Codex reaches into his
makeshift robes and withdraw a small red book from the inside pocket,
placing it on the table. 'It is but a passing over the river on the journey.
I speak of undeath.. immortality twisted in the meanest form of treachery.'
Codex slides the book across the table.

'I took it that the Ferry only runs in one direction, though. And to become
undead, I think, requires one to be," unalive" as well, ' she points out

He catches her gaze. 'Ah but you have hit a point.. and yet missed

(to be cont.) 

Author:    Codex          
Date:      Sat Feb 14 07:42:58 2009
Subject     A fresh breeze.. a meeting (Part 2)

The priestess looks at the book curiously, opening it to the first few
pages. 'How did you come by this? I am sure it is missed.'

'The book is mine, or rather of me, granted leave from the Great Library
from Astinus. Though I will admit.. the aesthetics gave some grief over its

'And I took it Astinus was loathe to lend out such things.' she mutters,
still reading a few passages here and there.'

'Actually.. less so than you would believe.. I seem to think he knows my
purpose, and would not stand in my way.' Codex watches as Kiyohime reads on,
only guessing at what atrocities she may be reading.

She grimaces slightly, 'He would not stand in anyone's way, but, disrupt his
orderly way of doing things.., ' she trails off as a certain passage garners
her attention.

'As you may see.. some things are not what they always seem.'

The Prophetess looks up from the book, 'You should not be so free with
allowing such details be known, ' pointing to the page, '..some of this
could be interpreted against you, should the wrong person view it'

'I know all too well, Priestess.. All too well. Which is why I have come
here to the Temple. The Tree of Wisdom has taken me unto him and shown me
the path that I must take. It is by his will and my need that I seek to
right such wrongs. My life has been a cursed existance thus far. Plagued to
be pulled as a rope between two gods til now.'

The priestess sits back, contemplating the man, and his life story, so
brutally honest before her in the pages of his life. She closes her eyes
briefly, then motions to an awaiting priestess, who leans down to receive
whispered instructions. 

Codex sits back as the priestess approaches. 'Regardless.. it is for such
that I scour these books, to no avail it would seem.' Codex sighs lightly.
The Silvanesti before him was a hard woman to read. Would she be able to
help, he was unsure. but somehow he knew he would be alright. 'Perhaps I
should just begin my journey. Maybe i can find some information in

The Prophetess closes the book, sliding it back to him, as the attendant
runs off to her errand. 'She will return with a certain set of scrolls,
which you would not find in a common search, they are not really hidden, but
more or less, misplaced.You may find them interesting, and helpful. And will
aid you in finding more information.' She stands, turning away, 'Read them
well, then find me, and we will discuss further, what you may need.'

Codex stands as she is turned to leave. 'My thanks to you Prophetess.., ' he
ponders for a moment, '.. I'm sorry ma'am, I didnt catch your name.'

She stops at the library door. 'I am Kiyohime, Kiyohime Crystalwind, Servant
of Mishakal, and Prophetess of the Holy Order of Light.'

'Codex Ji'jin. Wildrunner, and devout of Zivilyn. I shall contact you when I
have read through the scrolls, Kiyohime.' He leans down and picks up a few
of the scattered books, before returning to his seat and reading once more.

Kiyohime walks away, in thought, 'Codex Ji'jin, we know of you, ' she adds
whimsically to herself, 'Study well, Codex, you have much to discover in the
coming days' 

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