The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Coria.

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The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

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Astinus gently places a tattered paperback on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Coria' scribed in rich green ink.

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Sat May 30 07:11:17 2009
Subject     What If?

Coria had heard rumors that the Gods of Kyrnn had returned. She was not
sure she could believe them either. But every thought of doubt was lined
with thoughts of 'What if...?' She heard stories as a young child of how
faithfully her mother prayed each day and the belssings the gods had given
to them all. She could even remember a few of the prayers herself from those
same stories. But dare she try them? Would she be called out as a heratic
and a loon. 'What if.....?' Coria waited till her family slept and for the
sun to peak over the orchards. She quietly and quickly crept from bed and
out in to the moring sunlight. 'What if.....?' She walked briskly through
town toward a small home. She entered as silently as possible and glanced
around. Every one was still asleep which caused her to sigh for relief. She
crept up the stairs and went to the far end of the hall. Standing at the
open door, Coria studied the young man there. His face was pale and thin.
Beads of sweat fromed on his brow dispite the cool room. She walked in and
sat next to the ill man. He had been ill for some time and Coria missed
every thing about him. It pained her to see her best friend dying. No doctor
had been able to help him. And the healers were all said to be frauds. 'What
if.....?' She shook her head to herself and almost laughed out loud. 'Stop
thinking with your head a minute. If it does not work, no one will know the
difference and atleast you can stop asking What if....' She thought to her
self as she made her final discission Coria leand over the unconscious
figure in the bed and put all her concentratino in to the first prayer she
had ever prayed. She prayed with everything in her heart, that the gods heal
her friend, and bring hope to the small village in which they lived. She
prayed to Zivilyn, in the same way and conviction her mother had so proudly
spoke of. She put all her hopes in to that one prayer. Coria sat up as she
finished her prayer and gasped, her friend was pulsing with a faint golden
light. The light lasted only a moment and her friend still slept. She looked
on him noticing though that even though he still slept, color had returned
to his skin and his fever was gone. She reached down and kissed him on the
cheek and left quickly from the home. She would check in later properly with
the family. But as she walked home she knew it was no longer a question of
'what if', but 'what now?' 

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Thu Jun 11 19:48:23 2009
Subject     Childish Heartbreak

Coria stood at her window looking down at the street. A crowd had
gathered at the home down the street. News flooded through the village
quickly of a young elven mans recovery from near death illness. Coria felt
happier then any about it all. There was no doubt in her head that the gods
had in fact returned after what she had seen. It was what the gods had done,
through her, that her closest friend was now well. She would visit again in
the morning and let the family have the day to celebrate. 

The next day during the morning meal with her family, Coria ate quietly. Her
mother and father were talking to each other mostly. When she heard mention
of the young man she caught herself listening more carefully. She continued
to eat with out looking up. 

"Now that Orodreth has gotten over this sickness his father is already set
continue with plans to have the young man married." This caused her to drop
her fork and look up. They both seemd to be staring at her. She smiled at
them shyly. 

"Well now," Her father said to her, "You should be happy about that. I
suppose you are going to visit him this afternoon also?" Her father winked
at her as she blushed deeply. "I suppose I should go and meet with Eledhwen
to work out any details of course. I will do that this afternoon". 

Coria was not sure she was really hearing all of this or dreaming it? She
was going to marry Orodreth. She had loved him secretly for so long. As soon
as she could she left to visit with him. 

Orodreths Mother answered the door and greeted her warmly. As she was lead
to the sitting room, Coria realized they had other company. She recognized
another of their friends Tari, the girls father and her mother. 

"Oh, I am sorry I did not realize you had other company." Coria found
herself blushing a second time that day. She turned to go when Orodreth
stopped her. 

"Coria, please dont go we have wonderful news." Her mouth went dry and her
stomace twisted suddenly. She dreaded his next words. "Tari and I are to be

She heard him say something about them wanting to share the good news with a
dear friend but she did not stay to hear much else. She nodded to them and
excused herself. "Congratulations, but I am still intruding." She then began
running home. 

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Wed Jun 17 18:51:28 2009
Subject     To Palanthas

Coria packed quickly what few belongings she felt she should keep with
her. She had decided after the shock of her friends announcement that she
had to leave. No one would believe her if she mentioned the miracle of her
prayer. She also could not believe how childish she had been to think she
had loved the young man. 

She left before the son rose. Knowing it was a risk she headed for the city
of Palanthas. She felt something pulling her there. Had it been the gods
will that she should not stay. Perhaps it was those same gods who had given
her a reason no longer to stay.

Coria pulled the reins tight. Her horse turned and she looked over the dark
village for the last time. She spurred the horse back on to the road. Maybe
she would be back someday. 

As she traveled on she thought back hoping her note explained enough to her
father. She hoped that her mother would not be angry for long. Her last hope
is that her family would be spared from any embarrassment from her leaving.
All these hopes yet, something in her told her she was doing what was right.

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Thu Jun 18 18:14:37 2009
Subject     Introductions in Palanthas

Her first day in Palanthas, Coria felt lost and intimidated by everything
around her. She found herself glancing around the street and back at the map
she had purchased. Nothing seemed to match the piece of parchment no matter
where she looked. She glanced again at the map with a sigh and shoved it in
her pack. Resigned to find help else where she began to scan the faces of
the crowd passing along the busy street. 

She noticed a gully dwarf scratching itself and walked quickly to the other
side of the street.  "Disgusting little things."  She muttered under her
breath. Reaching the other side of the street was not much better. A poor
dirty street urchin sat there begging for coin. Coria quickened her pace.
Once she had put some distance between herself and the unpleasant stretch of
the street behind her, she looked again at the passing faces. 

A man caught her eye walking toward her direction . As he walked, his armor
seemed to shine in the bright sun. He stopped and talked to a man for a
moment and then with a nod he continues down the street. He had a friendly
demeanor. What was better, was that he was clean. 

She approached him with both a caution and shyness that was usually unlike
herself. One could never tell, clean did not always mean safe. He noticed
her then and smiled at her. 

 "Do you need any help Miss?" She studied his face a moment more still
unsure of him. She sighed. She could talk to this man or stay lost in the
city for what seemed an eternity. He smiled at her again.  "Miss?"  

 "I am sorry, yes. I am lost"  

He nodded at her and smiled again He looked around the street  "What are you
looking for?  

She shook her head and almost laughed at herself. She realized she had no
idea what it was she was looking for.  "Anything honestly...its my first day
in town and well Its a new experience for me."  She stepped closer to him as
he crowds seemed to get thicker around her.  "There are many people of
different, well..., um cultures here."  

He looked at her studying her face.  " "Aye. You are...a Silvanesti?" The
question was asked gently. 

Feeling her pride surface, she spoke before she could hold her tongue.  "Of
course I am. I am surprised a human could tell the difference though.  After
a moment silence. She too k time to rethink what she had said.  I am sorry
that may have come across impolite and wrong."  

 "Its fine. I am a Knight of Solamnia and I have trained my self to be able
to pick out each race by looks alone. It is an insult to call one another,
if that makes sense"  It did no make sense but she would not insult someone
willing to help again and simply nodded. 

 "I suppose that our up bringing gives us a sense of racial pride. I will
have to remind myself I am no longer in Silvanost though." 

His smile grew and again he nodded.  "May i be one of the first to Welcome
you to Palanthas then, Milady...?"

 "You sir are not as ignorant as I believed humans to be, I would gladly be
welcomed by you."  She returned his smile gracefully. 

 "I am Lord Railen Revon. I welcome you humbly to our fair Lord City." 

 "Thank you sir, I am Coria"  

 "Well met Milady Coria."  

With the introductions made, Railen took her to a place called the imperial
square. He assured her chances of finding what ever it was she was looking
for would be better there, She smiled and let him lead the way. 

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Sat Jun 20 16:47:50 2009
Subject     small planning

Railen and Coria spent the day talking as he showed her through the city.
Thinking back she was glad she had confided in him what had brought her to
Palanthas. The human knight may be able to help her find what is was she was
looking for. If only she knew what that was exactly. He had taken care of
her accommodations in the Inn and again she was thankful for his help. 

As she sat down for her evening meal, Coria over heard bits and pieces of
talk regarding the temples in the city. It was then the thought of visiting
a few of the temples became clear. She quickly finished eating and went to
her room. 

Pulling out her map of the city, she took her quill to it marking what was
now familiar with Railens help. She was able to locate a few of these
temples then and marked those also. She would start out in the morning and
try to spend some time at each one. 

Her plans set, she went to bed early. She slept peacefully for the first
time in what seemed a very long time. When morning came she dressed and
headed toward the places she had marked on her map. 

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Wed Jul  1 03:34:27 2009
Subject     Bedside Manner.

The pale elven features on Corias face remained furrowed with worry as
she sat at Railens bed side. She kept her hands in her lap, afraid to touch
him again. After being brought to the Solamnic Keep, she had not left his
side. She was going to remain there as long as she was permitted. She was
told it was for her own safety to be there until the crowds had died down.
She felt she had no choice to do as told. She was happy for the reason to be
close to the knight as well. 

By now, rumors were well spread of the elven woman who prays to absent gods.
To most she would be seen as a heathen with great dramatic effects. As much
as this terrified her, Coria knew that the will of the gods must truly be
working around her. She felt completely alone in her faith. She had already
left her home for her new faith, and she would still continue to act upon
it. She could do little more then to pray for continued guidance in the
matter. She only wished that it would not remain as difficult to do so. 

As she sat, Railen stirred, bringing her from her deep thoughts. Her hand
left her lap quickly and she placed it comforting upon his arm. She was not
sure how long they had been sitting there. She looked around to see if any
others were near by. She assumed the other knights were still in giving
report of all that had happened. She took Railens and in hers and noticed
that more color had returned to his face. Any doubts she had that she had
helped, faded then. But could more be done for him? 

He again slept calmly but this time she continued to hold his hand. Even if
it was not helping him, the gesture was helping her to keep her thoughts
focused. She glanced out in to the hall from her chair. She wondered if all
reports took so long to give and what all had really happened that was not
told to her. The warmth of his hand seemed to help take her mind off of her
own fear of public ridicule. 

A few moments later he again stirred and began mumbling. Details of his
struggle with the big ogre seemed to escape his dreams and form barely
audible words. His body shook and sweat began to pour over his face. She
stood and leaned over him. Reaching for a cloth nearby, she wiped his brow.
His shaking body calmed. 

She sat again as his eyes opened. He looked at her and smiled. 

 "Coria?"  His speech was like a harsh whisper but music to her ears. He
fell back in to a fitful sleep once again, leaving her to her thoughts.
Surprised that his health had much improved in just a days time, Coria found
herself more confounded by by her quick concern for him. She had always felt
compassion for others. This seemed to be something more. She found herself
praying once again, in hopes that her newest friend would continue to heal. 

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Sun Jul  5 17:59:29 2009
Subject     Rest

Coria found her self beginning to pace in the guest room where she had
finally found some rest. The last week had been a wonderful learning
experience, but had left her feeling exhausted and drained. She needed to
learn to handle her gifts more efficiently if she was going to help others
as well. 

Railen was healed now, and as much as she enjoyed his company, she wanted to
leave the keep. She was beginning to feel as restless as he had. If he had
only remained in bed. She could not really blame him for his choice though.
In fact if she thought about it, she would have done the same in his place.
Even so, she would not let her pride admit that to him 

She felt an almost mourning like feeling when she thought about her little
cottage. Newly purchased, and yet she had not even spent a whole evening
there. She reflected on her plans for the little home and smiled as she
mentally plotted out what the garden should look like. The thought seemed to
relax her some and she finally sat. 

As she sat with her eyes closed and day dreaming, she sighed softly. A
sudden chuckle sounded from the door. She looked that way and found Railen
watching her. She stood and smiled back at him. She must have looked very
silly there. 

"Good morning, Railen. I see that you are ready for that walk." This she
thought to herself, would be a pleasant distraction to her thoughts. She
took his arm with a graceful nod and they headed out of the room together. 

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Thu Jul  9 21:55:18 2009
Subject     [FWD] Written to Beshar Aelthar, of Shoole village in Silvanesti

[FWD Note] - [195] Coria: Written to Beshar Aelthar, of Shoole village in Silvanesti

[FWD Date] - Thu Jul  9 21:53:19 2009

[FWD To  ] - to [Original to:] segwarides

[FWD List] - story

My dear father, It is my hope that this letter finds you, mother and
grandmother well. I will start by apologizing for leaving Shoole as quickly
as I departed. I hope as well that in time you will understand the reasons
that I have left. I am finding many of my own questions have answers in the
city of Palanthas. I have bought myself a small cottage close to the sea,
and it reminds me of home in many ways. I would like very much if the three
of you would come and see me here. Here I feel even grandmother could find
help with some of her illness. There is so much that I would love to share
about my new life with you that I can scarcely put it all in writing. If you
will agree to come and visit I am sure to that you may be able to find new
contacts to keep your trade business open. Palanthas seems to be a thriving
city with many opportunities. Please pass on my apologies on to Orodreth and
Tari. I should have at least attended their the ceremony and supported my
two dearest friends before I left. Again I hope that you will forgive the
childish way in which I ran away. I know I was right to leave, but I should
have handled the situation much better. I hope to hear from you soon. Please
accept my invitation to visit. I await word from you all. 
With my fondest love, 
  ___                         ___,       _      _                 
 / (_)           o           /   |      | |    | |                
|      __   ,_       __,    |    |   _  | |_|_ | |     __,   ,_   
|     /  \_/  |  |  /  |    |    |  |/  |/  |  |/ \   /  |  /  |  
 \___/\__/    |_/|_/\_/|_/   \__/\_/|__/|__/|_/|   |_/\_/|_/   |_/

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Tue Aug 25 15:36:21 2009
Subject     Last prayer for Coria

Coria walked along Steel Street, heading toward the southern part of
Palanthas. She wore a smile on her face after leaving from the jewelry shop.
She tucked the small trinket she had in to her satchel. Her smile grew as
she thought of Railens reaction to the small gem. She would wait no longer
and walked a little more quickly. 

In her hurry to meet with Railen, Coria did not notice the men following
her. Nor did she notice as they came up near her. It was not until the five
men surrounded her that she realized they were there. She nodded politely to
the small group. 

 "Can I help you gentlemen?"

 "Aye. We seen what you did to help that knight and we was wondering if you
can help a friend of ours." One of the men spoke. She glanced over them all
with concern. She could not read their faces and uneasy feeling settled over
her. All of them were human and much taller then herself. "Please miss, he
is dreadfull sick". 

After another moment of hesitation she nodded slowly. The unease was still
there, but she could not refuse to help if she was needed. She was lead
through the streets to a small house. She looked around feeling lost and not
even sure of what area of the city she was in. 

"Hes right this way."  

Coria was lead to a small dark room. The men seemed to shuffle in around
her. She gave a nervous swallow. "I will need some light and to be alone
with your friend, there are too many of you in here." 

She heard laughter errupt from each of them. Something told her to get out
of there. She quickly turned and moved for the door only to find it blocked.
"Looky here the witch wants to run away".The men moved closer toward her.
She began to pray as a dagger was thrust in to her chest. 

Author:    Coria          
Date:      Wed Jan  6 20:39:49 2010
Subject     test

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