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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Dakamar.

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Astinus gently places a worn folio on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Dakamar' scribed in blue ink.

Author:  Dakamar
Date    Thu Dec  6 17:38:00 2001

Subject  Mother and fathers meeting

(ooc: I plan on wrighting storys from early childhood to the time right befor 
I take my test in the tower...It might take a while...But I think it would be
easyer to make a test for me if you knew more about me...) (ooc: First off I
will start with a little information about customs, village i lived
in...mother and father.....things I do in my spare time...)

I lived in a small village in the middle of the sea near Palanthas...As we
heard from people who went up there..

The village name is Naskina My father's name is Terious...Tery for
short.....My mother's name is Yeana From what they have told me of themselfs
(which is not very much...We do not reviel very much about ourselfs..Custom) 
they met at a ruin in the middle of the sea...A shipreck I beleve.

My mother was swiming around looking for things to get and sell, for things
from up there brought high prices down in Naskina...

My father was there with a band of mages hunting down sea dragons...There had
been a big infestation there lately and they where atempting to kill them

They had recived reports of a sea dragon lurking near there, so they went to
investigate....As it turns out the reports where very true....

My mother had found something, some all metal thing, aparently some type of
small spear....It was about 5 inches long, and had 5 prongs at the end....She
was just testing it out by taking a few swoshing actions with it when she
heard a loud rumbl (cont) rumble behind her.

As she slowly turned around she saw the most frightening thing that she had
ever saw in her life...Even as she tells me this story now and again tears
still come to her eyes As she turned around she saw a very large very slimy
black colored sea dragon.  A greater black agenst(sp) the inky blackness of
the water.

She saw the dragon suck in a large amount of wather though it's gills,
prepairing to fire it's deadly steam.

Just as the dragon started to boil the dark waters with steam my father and
his band of mages saw what was happening...The others cought in dragonfear and
my father being as use to it (as much anyone can be) dashed in Right befor the
dragon-steam hit my mother he took out a small piece of red-green seaweed and
uttered the strongest shielding spell known to any of them...Said to block the
user and anyone around them from anything.  Creating an impermiable shiel
(cont) shield between the caster and things outside of the spell.

As the dragonsteam went around the shield it shrieked in anger, breaking the
enchantment on the other mages.  Hearing the dragon shriek in anger they swam
up to help my father destroy it As I have heard the battle was VERY
gruesom As mages shot every thing they could think of at the dragon he kept
knocking them out...And when the dragon finaly fell down dead only 3 people
where left alive..

My mother, my father, and my fathers best friend, Nalidain.

To be continued....*grin*


Author:  Dakamar
Date    Thu Dec  6 20:26:08 2001

Subject  My parents wedding (being part two of the 'Dakamar's History' series)

picking up where we left off last time *smile*

As they stood there, Terious, my father, Yeana, my mother, and Nalidain, my
fathers best friend, looking at the dragons corpse, my mother trying to heal
them being a small-time cleric they lookded around themselfs Seeing nothing
but corpses for yards all around them, floating here and there they started to
swim very slowly home Yeana getting a good look at my father for the first
time relized he was staring at her, with alook of pure happyness and love on
his face.

As they swam back Nalidain muttered to himself 'Thoes two will be maried
someday...No matter that she is a cleric of good and he is a black robe mage
like myself'


(about 5-10)

Bolth of their parents protested their marage.  Yeana's mother said 'But
your a white robe cleric for Solinaris sake!....Take after your mother
dear...Go out and find a nice little white robe cleric and marry him...Not


While Terious's father said 'Son don't do this...She is a wimpy white robe
cleric!  Marry someone like yourself...Go find a little evil black robe
mage...Or even a clerc if thats the thing nowadays...'

But heedless of their parents warnings the marage took place 2 months

The wedding was beutaful.  Ribbons of seaweed dangled from every archway. 
Right after they where wed Terious' father apeared next to his son.  He put
his hand on my fathers sholder and said 'Son I warned you ABOUT THIS!  I
told you not to do this!  I am very sorry to have to do this to my own son but
if I cannot control you YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO CONTROL YOU SON!!' and with
the end of his curse he took the small jewl t (cont) that was there wedding
gifts to eachother and shoved it into his neck, falling over bleeding to

That is where I shall leave off on this step of my history...hope you enjoyed


Author:  Dakamar
Date    Sun May  5 10:31:46 2002

Subject  Palanthas

The fleets where ready, loaded to the brim with the armies of Zeboim.  And
they where headed right for the Lordcity of Palanthas.

As they neared the city two figures could be seen at the front of the lead

Chanting they conjured up a hugh cloud of mist that covered the entire city. 
The guard saw them and sounded the alarm before the mist was to thick to see.

Shouting orders the two figures sent a fleet of shapeshifted Dargonesti
Warriors to the city to silence the alarm.  The knights assembled and where
ready for battle.

As the fleets closed in a lone figure could be seen standing at the front.  He
was chanting strang words in the language of magic.  As they fleets neared the
harbor of Palanthas they suddenly dissapeared!  The slimy mage had cast a
spell of mass Invisibility

thats all for now...That was baisicily what happend during the RP but in more
story format...

more to come...soon...

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