The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Danelle.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Danelle' scribed in burnt black ink.

Author:  Danelle
Date    Mon Dec 30 05:55:31 2002

Subject  Danelle

"Your father was a bastard. He thought by raping me he could make up for all
the elven woman raped by human men. He said Paladine would bless him for
it...Remember that Danelle. Never forget it"

My mother told me the story almost daily for most of my life. How, as a young 
priestess of Takhisis her father had attacked her and raped her. How I was
thrust upon her, a sign of the false purity of the people of 'good'.

"It is your fault I am not High Priestess Danelle..yours. But I don't blame
you. I blame HIM. He made you and ruined both you and I in a single night.
Never forget it"

Another phrase I have heard endlessly over the years. I lived in Sanction all
my life, inside the temple grounds where I could be used in my mother's
sermons against the heinous gods of Light.

But if Arianelle was my birth mother, Takhisis was my spiritual mother. It was
she who taught me that women weren't just vessels for new life, weren't just
toys for men..Women could be powerful, and that knowledge drove me.

From an early my mother knew I had magical talent and that I would walk a path
different to hers. I could tell this comforted her, I reminded her too much of
my father. But I was too busy reading tomes to care anymore..

My mother still lectured me daily..But after having her ideas on elves and men
in general ingrained into my very core, I didn't need to listen anymore. I
know all her talks by rote.

Around my 19th birthday was when I felt the first kiss of the blade. Whenever
I think about I cringe...I don't know why she felt the need to do it, I had
completely rejected my elven heritage. I thought of myself as human.

"Danelle. This WILL hurt. But if you are to become a human woman, you must
look like a human. Your father won't be able to stain your soul any longer.
Hold still Danelle, you musn't move"...And then...the pain, the white-hot

Over the next year she had to repeat the procedure a number of times..It was
as if the elf in me wouldn't give up. Eventually though, she managed to
transform the graceful points of my ears into mere scar tissue, and
effectively, I was a human.

It was around this time I left. I didn't leave Sanction..I just went my own
way, still learning my art, but with no direction. That is, until I met a
grey-robed mage playing Khas......

Author:  Danelle
Date    Wed Jan 15 18:04:24 2003

Subject  A magical lesson, The storm over Storm's Keep

Aurel was sitting quietly in his large study, a thick, vellum-bound spellbook
in front of him. A quiet knock on the door interrupts his train of thought
'Come in, Come in.'. Danelle enters, bowing as she reaches the desk.

'Greetings Master', she says to Aurel, who looks up and returns the bow. 
'Greetings Apprentice. Today you will be learning a spell to control the
weather. Come with me.' Aurel and Danelle make their way to the walls of
Storm's Keep.

Once there, Aurel turns to his apprentice. 'Do you know the components
necessary for the spell?' Danelle nods, and replies with 'Incense, myrrh
and pine. and some wood.'

'And do you have these components with you?'he asks. 'No I don't Master.
I didn't know we would be practising this spell, I have them in my room
though,' Danelle replies meekly.

Aurel nods, then proceeds to take the components neeeded for the spell from
his backpack, handing them to Danelle. 'Can you do the rest?' he asks,
looking at the components.

'I can set the spell up, but I don't know the incantation yet, I didn't look
that far into the spell, since it more ritualistic than the others I am
dealing  with'. Aurel motions to the items.

Danelle begins setting the components up. First she empties a pitcher of water
into a glass bowl, then pours a scoop of the earth from around Storm's Keep
into it, turning it brown and gritty.

She then takes a handful of the myrrh/pine incense and puts it in a metal
censer, lighting it with a simple cantrip. Moving away from it, she says to
Aurel 'I believe that is correct'

Aurel nods, before telling her the incantation, and where to inflect and not.
Danelle repeats the incantations, nodding to herself as she does. She then
sits by the setup.

As she begans stirring the earth-water mixture, she speaks the incantation,
hesitantly adding 'tempestas movere' to the end of the spell, hoping she
wouldn't be reprimanded for it.

After a minute or so, the cloudy skies began to blacken, and the water below
them begins churning. Rain pours from the blackness, drenching them both. '
Well done Apprentice, good wo..'

Aurel is interrupted by a boom and suddenly lightning flashes across the sky,
illuminating the area briefly in a blue glow. The sea below them thunders,
waves crashing violently against the walls of the keep.

The rain turns to piercing sleet, turning the world a dirty grey, except for
the flashes of lightning. Danelle watches with a triumphant gleam in her eyes
and a wide, slight mad smile.

Back under the cover of the keep, Aurel asks 'What was that you added on to
the spell?' Danelle looks at him nervously, before replying 'It was part
of the flooding waters spell Im reading about. I thought it might strengthen

Aurel nods, half to himself 'I don't worry about what other Master's
apprentices are doing, but if one of my apprentices attempts a spell way
beyond their capabilities there will be

serious punishment. You could harm yourself and others. There is nothing
wrong with reading them, or learning them but do not attempt any without my

Danelle winces slightly 'Yes Master, I will make sure I dont do that.'
Aurel looks out at the storm, 'That will be all Apprentice, return to your
studies, I need to go and clean that up' he says, saluting her.

Danelle hurriedly makes her way back to her study, before Aurel has a chance
to dispel the storm. She looks at the window, the triumphant gleam back in her
eyes as she views her creation. I did that...'

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