The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Darcon.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Darcon' scribed in unearthly yellow ink.

Author:    Darcon         
Date:      Thu Aug 14 20:37:48 2008
Subject     Darcon's Background

Darcon was born in the outskirts of Solace to Justane and Catrina
De'Orion. They were simple people who made their living off the land.
Darcon's older brother Darious, born 5 years prior, had already left the
home to squire under a local knight. That left the family of 3 to get along
without the strapping boy. Justane was sad to see his son go but knew that
it was for his own good. He didn't want the boy to grow up and be a slave to
the land as he had. He knew that his was an honorable trade, but also knew
that his line would never make an impact upon the world being simple
farmers. He wanted more for both of his sons. 

Darcon was raised to know the value of a hard days work. His father taught
him that there must be a delicate balance to the land in order for it to be
prosperous and plentiful. He taught him to accept the life and death of all
things as their life or death contributes to that balance.

Darcon wasn't as strong or tall as Darious had been but what he lacked
physically he gained mentally. Justane recognized this and began making
plans for Darcon's education. When he was 5 Darcon was enrolled in the local
school. He took to it well and enjoyed learning all he could from his
teacher. He constantly questioned everything making sure that he knew every
detail of what he was learning. Though his teacher was sometimes annoyed at
the constant scrutiny, she tried her best to offer up any knowledge of the
subjects to Darcon. She recognized that the other kids would just do what
was needed to make it through while Darcon paid every attention to the
slightest detail. She enjoyed this change of pace and considered it the
challenge of her profession.

On occasion an older gentleman would visit the school. He always wore the
same red velvet robe that was lined in silver and black. His name was Jenner
and turned out to be the local mage. He would visit the school in the hopes
of finding a new apprentice to aid in his research at his nearby tower. On
one such occasion, Darcon was sitting in the school yard reading a book
about the relationship of elements while the other kids were playing. Jenner
had arrived earlier that day and was keeping an eye on the kids while the
teacher attended to some other errands. Jenner spied Darcon sitting alone
with his face buried in a book. Upon walking toward the boy he took note of
its title.

"What is your name boy?" Jenner asked in a low but kind voice. 

Darcon did not look up from his book. "I am Darcon De'Orion master Jenner."
he replied. 

"I know your father well. I buy the area's finest produce from him. What is
it that you are reading?" 

"I am studying the relationship of the elements Master. I wish to understand
not only how things grow, but why they grow. This will help me to understand
the balance between all things." 

"Well then, I shall leave you to your studies Darcon." Jenner stated and
then turned to walk away. The teacher returned shortly after and Jenner took
his leave of the school. 

When school let out Darcon gathered his belongings and walk to his home. He
expected that his father would be out in the fields tending to the crops and
his mother would be busy preparing tonight's supper. When he got home we was
surprised to find the neither was the case. His father and mother both were
engaged in conversation with Master Jenner.

His father spied him first. "Welcome home my son. I trust that your studies
went well today. Master Jenner, your mother and I were just discussing you."
Justane stated bluntly. "It seems that he has taken interest in your

Master Jenner stepped forward. "Darcon, do you remember our conversation

Darcon set his books down on the kitchen table. "Yes, I remember Master
Jenner. I was reading about the elements to better understand the balance."

Jenner smiled and continued. "Darcon, I wish to teach you. I have devoted my
life to the balance and can help you to understand it as well. If you decide
to be my student you will live with me at my tower. Your duties will include
helping me with my research in any way I deem fit. In return, I will be your
teacher in more things then just the balance. I shall teach you of magic as

Jenner's face turned solemn. He knelt down and put his hands on Darcon's
shoulders. "I live far from here Darcon. You must understand that if you do
come, you will seldom see your family. You will devote yourself to your
duties and studies." 

"I understand Master Jenner." Darcon replied and turned to his parents.
"What do you think?"

Justane spoke. "Darcon your mother and I love you very much. You make us
proud to be your parents and we thank the gods for you. We have discussed
this before on several occasions and have always wanted the best for you. We
believe that you should take this opportunity."

Darcon turned to his mother. "Mother, I love you. I will miss you very
much." He turned back to his father. "I have made my decision. I will go
with Master Jenner."

Jenner clapped his hands together. "It is settled then. Tonight you will
pack your things and say your goodbyes. We shall leave for the tower on the

Darcon did just that. 

Several years passed by. All the while Darcon was schooled in the magic
arts. Jenner was quite pleased with his new apprentice. He found that
teaching Darcon was easy, and having the extra help around the tower was a
relief to his aging body. Occasionally they would travel back into town and
Darcon would be allowed to visit with his parents. The visits were always
pleasant. He would stay the night and Jenner would be there in the morning
to begin the journey back. 

When he turned 17 years old Jenner came to him. "Darcon, the time has come
at last. You must depart tomorrow. You are to seek out the Conclave and
submit yourself for testing. It is time to see if you are ready to uphold
the balance. I must remain here and continue my work, but I have faith in
you and the balance. I have no doubt that you shall succeed. After that you
may do as you choose. I have done my best in your training, but there is
nothing more that you can learn from me. Tonight you will pack your things.
I will provide all that you need for your journey."

"Master, I am grateful to you. You have been like a father to me as well as
my teacher. I will do as you ask. After I am tested, and if I survive I will
seek out a new teacher. I promise that I will return to visit whenever I
can." Darcon moved across the room and hugged his teacher. Jenner retired
for the night and Darcon did as he was told and packed his things.

In the morning Jenner was waiting in the courtyard when Darcon emerged from
the tower with his belongings. He had horse already hitched to a cart packed
with provisions. He handed a small belt pouch with some money to Darcon and
helped him to stow his belongings in the cart. Darcon climbed up into the
driver seat of the cart. Looking down at his master he says, "Farewell
Master Jenner. I shall return as soon as I am able to."

"Safe journey to you my friend," replied Jenner, "May the gods grant you
good fortune."

Darcon urged his horse on and began his journey to Palanthas. 

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