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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Daridar.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Daridar' scribed in vibrant red ink.

Author:    Daridar        
Date:      Mon May  4 17:42:17 2020
Subject     A Beginning

I was losing it. My grip on reality seemed to be slowly fading away. At least that's what I thought. After months of seemingly endless study and work I had finally produced something. I didn't think I had but the scorch mark showed clearly. It wasn't much - just a single bolt of energy, but it was something. I wanted to jump. To shout. But instead I crumpled. I was exhausted. Eight hours of study followed by practice for months on end does that to a person. Still, it had paid off. As I sat on the floor my mind wandered to the future. I saw how powerful I would eventually become. The place I would eventually take. I laid back to daydream on it and was soon asleep on the grass. The next morning I was awoken by my teacher Hespelin. He was thankfully the first one there every morning and most mornings found me passed out in the grass. "Sleeping outside again, eh?" he said merrily. His general light hearted attitude disgusted me, but he was a good teacher. "I produced a missile" I said. "Really?" he replied warily. "It took months, but yes, I was finally able to do it. I'm on my way towards taking the test" I said. He nodded. He knew what I wanted deep down and it frightened him. Power was something he didn't understand. The need for it anyway. Unfortunately, it was here we were at odds and the reason it was finally time for me to move on from his tutelage. I scared him and he seemed pathetic in this regard to me. "You're not quite ready you know." "I do; however, it's time for me to find a master of the Order." He sighed and nodded. "I know."

Author: Daridar Date: Thu May 7 13:30:05 2020 Subject A Beginning: Part 2

Daridar had journeyed far. He bought passage out of Palanthas to the Taman Busuk region. Where the Dark Lady's army went, so went mages who shared his views on the world. The journey was arduous. He lost more weight from his skeletally think frame then he could really afford. He continued to exhaust himself in study. His practice had become strictly noncombat. He couldn't afford to burn the ship to ashes. Instead he practiced cantrips, protective magic, and other simple spells. By the time they'd reached their final destination he'd gone through all of his spell components three times over. He searched for the cheapest accommodations he could find. He then allowed himself two full days rest before journeying back out into the city. He started by refilling his spell component stores. This was where he really spent his money. It was why he was sleeping on a barely padded mattress in a room with 7 strangers. It was also why he was so thin. He inquired at the shop about practicing mages in the area. Someone overheard him. "You're looking to apprentice?" the man said. "Yes. I went as far as I could with my former teacher. I need someone who can teach me offensive as well as well as defensive magic. I need to progress beyond the simpler work he taught. I need someone who understands the need to continue to progress. Someone who understands what magic really exists for." The man tilted his head to the side in consideration. "Follow me." We walked for perhaps a mile until we left the city. I started to become wary until we turned down a path leading to a large house. "My home." We walked around back and he simply said "show me." I reached into my spell pouch and began to concentrate. I raised my hand and two bolts of energy flew from my fingers. He nodded. "Very well." He tried to hide a sly smile. "You can stay in my extra room." He led me into the house and showed me to my room. "We begin tomorrow. By the way, I am Tareth." I gave a slight bow. "Daridar."

Author: Daridar Date: Mon May 11 10:30:04 2020 Subject Progression

Months more had passed. I'd become something between a houseboy and a study. I cooked, cleaned, and organized Master Tareth's library. I was also taught many spells - all more advanced then what Hespelin had been willing to teach. Every moment I wasn't doing chores I was studying or practicing. Tareth aided me in ways that Hespelin wouldn't. He encouraged combat oriented magic and demonstrated the results on wandering fauna. Every day was a grueling struggle, but I began to see results. I was able to target my spells more accurately. My enchantments were stronger. My missiles more powerful. At one point I even set a passing deer ablaze - burning it to ashes within seconds. After eight months of such work I received a simple message from Tareth. "You are ready." We continued our work as travel preparations were made. We booked passage on a ship to Alsip. We set in stores of spell components and food. After another month we set sail. There would be many stops alone the way, but within the next four months we'd reach Wayreth. Then the real work would happen. The following months went by quickly. More training and study made the days fly by. I learned new spells. Mastered others. I kept our room perfectly cleaned and organized. It was the only way Tareth would have it. By the time they reached Alsip the journey had wearied both Tareth and himself. We rested at an inn in Alsip for the next several days before renting a cart. My practical lessons were over at this point. I spent my time strictly studying and was instructed. The journey went by as quickly as the trip on the ship seemed to. Once at the edge of the forest we had to ditch the cart and move forward just leading the horses. It was lucky that Tareth was there to escort him through the maze that the forest seemed to be. They finally saw the Tower in the near distance. This was it. He was there.

Author: Daridar Date: Mon May 18 16:25:53 2020 Subject The Results

The test was unlike anything he had expected. Not that his years of study hadn't prepared him. He was certainly ready. That said, he was shaken by it. He didn't find it particularly hard. That wasn't the right word. Damaging? That seemed about right. His head wasn't the same. He wasn't the same. Still, he passed and without any real issue except for an intense pain the like that he'd never felt before in his life. Nothing that seemed permanent or scarring. He still had all his limbs. Tareth congratulated Daridar quietly. They weren't celebratory people. Still, Daridar found later that his component stores had been restored and expanded. A fitting gift as he had just run out of most of his most important ones and found new and different ones in addition to those he always gathered. "What now?" asked Tareth. They hadn't discussed it. For that matter, Daridar hadn't known until after he'd taken the test. He'd been contemplating what to do when the time came but had yet to make up his mind. The test showed him what he was going to need to do if he wanted to achieve his goals. He was going to need to put in further time in study. "I'm going to stay here and study. There is so much I'm going to need to learn. This is the only place I can start." Tareth nodded. "I figured as much. It's what I did in my younger days. Just remember that there is only so much magic that is to be learned without outside help." They spent the next several hours in conversation. Afterwards they both returned to their rooms. Daridar went to sleep with visions that had changed from a year ago. Visions of power, yes, but also visions of violence and great acts performed. Three hours later he would wake up screaming.

Author: Daridar Date: Sun May 24 00:54:27 2020 Subject Time Well Spent

My months in the tower had been fruitful but difficult. I'd spent nearly a year there. The first six months were full of study but no practical work. I awoke every night screaming and sometimes it happened multiple times in one night. Six months to the day from my test and the nightmares finally stopped. I was able to practice as well as study after that. Each day was basically the same. Wake. Eat. Study. Eat. Sleep. It then became the same thing but with practice and one day a week to gather components for practicing my spells. The monotany was actually quite nice. I was exhausted but in a more familiar way. I knew at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later) my practical work would drain me further due to the more advanced spells I began to work on. Six months quickly turned into a year. I hadn't seen Tareth in all this time. Then 2 weeks before the anniversary of my Test he arrived. "Have you spent your time well?" were the first words out of his mouth. I told him my schedule. I told him the spells I had mastered. The advanced magic that I'd accomplished. Again, his words were straight forward, "show me." We went outside. I showed him first how my combat spells had improved. Multiple missiles flew from each finger hitting true to my target. I proceeded into more advanced enchantments. More advanced combat magic. I spent nearly an hour and 30 minutes demonstrating different spells. At the end I slumped and looked up at him. He was obviously impressed but hid it quickly. "Good. You're ready to proceed." I continued in the tower for the next two years. In that time I saw Tareth twice more. Each time he tested me I seemed to impress more. The second time he arrived he carried with him two spellbooks which he gave to me. "These are unlike what you'll find in the tower" he said. "They contain extremely powerful and extremely dark magic. They are for you alone. This should be your focus in the coming years. It will take you several to master them. I don't plan on coming back to the tower for several years either. Work on mastering these until I return." I nodded and opened the first book. Complicated. More than I expected. I bowed low. Tareth smiled slightly and nodded. He left the room. I dove directly into the spellbook. The next two years were devoted to the first book. Dark magic was an understatement. Some spells required living sacrifices. Others dead. I held of practicing the practical part of these spells for last. I studied and practiced the rest of the material. I only left my room for meals, to practice, and to gather spell components. Finally, the time came.

Author: Daridar Date: Sun Jul 19 19:15:04 2020 Subject Testing the Waters

Daridar left the tower in search of the most dear spell component. He thought the nearest town would do. He rode out of the tower before jumping off to lede the horse through the forest. He made good time and soon enough emerged from the forest and was outside the town. His plan was straight forward. Find someone to take him to the cemetery. Preferably someone easily manipulated. He would sacrifice the mark from there. If the spell worked properly he would be able to raise a small army of undead and use them to loot and pillage the town. A simple test of his power and the mastery of the spell with a little bonus. He found a perfect mark quickly enough. The man was drunk. Really drunk for the middle of the day. He was leaning against the side of the tavern. "Spare some copper?" he asked. "I can spare some gold if you'll show me to the cemetery" Daridar replied. The drunk raised his eyebrow. "The cemetery? Just outside town?" Daridar nodded in response. "Why do you want to go to the cemetery?" "Does it matter?" Daridar shook a pouch from inside his robe. "Twenty gold." The drunk moved quickly and smiled. "Alright then. Let's go." They moved quickly out of town. If he had studied well and mastered the spell the town would soon be overrun with his undead minions (it was a small town, granted, but it would still make for a good show). The drunk stared greedily at Daridar as he counted out 20 gold. As the man turned to walk away Daridar smashed him in the back of the head with his staff. It was time.

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