The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Daxter.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a large tome gilt in gold on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Daxter' scribed in black ink.

Author:    Daxter         
Date:      Fri Apr 30 06:38:10 2010
Subject     The Will of Morgion

If it had not been for Morgion's will, then Daxter would have died long
ago. Morgion had taken Daxter through many tough situations, most of which
were life threatening. Although, today was the day that Daxter thought he
was asking too much of his god.

"Please, Morgion, give me the strength to smite those in my way and to bring
a plague over the land,"  prayed Daxter. Today Daxter would defeat the
dreaded black dragon that had been terrorizing his nearby village, only
being a young Templar, he did not think he could do it by himself. 

Later, when Daxter was face to face with the black dragon, fear engulfed
him, he ran like hell. When Daxter got back to his temple, he stripped
himself of all ranks he had previously earned, and all skills he had
learned, only to learn them again, but this time better. 

He would also trust in his god more than he had on the day of the black

Author:    Daxter         
Date:      Sun May  9 05:57:42 2010
Subject     Captured!!! HELP ME!!!

After Daxter's experience with Azumi in the streets of Palanthas, Daxter
was chased down by a group of angry Dragonarmy guards. This is where this
story begins.

Azumi was heading west towards the Crystal Tower, her silhouette
disappearing over the horizon. Now it was Daxter's time to shine, for a
group of what looked like 10 draconian Dragonarmy guards were hot on his
tail. Instead of running away like Aros had told him to do earlier, Daxter
stayed and fought the guards. This is what Daxter lived for, the taste of
battle. Daxter stood his ground when the guards ran at him, the first two he
downed at a distance with a simple harm spell, and then the next one he
cleaved with his massive sword. One by one his opponents fell to their doom.
To face Daxter was to dance with the devil.

When all Daxter's enemies were downed, he telepathically told Aros, "See old
friend, once again I was right. It is better to confront a fight head on,
then to let it stab you in the back." Daxter chuckled and headed the
opposite direction he had sent Azumi. 


Daxter had business to attend to, and it wasn't going to be pretty. He had a
day's ride ahead of him to Neraka, the Dragonarmy stronghold. It was
practically a death sentence for one to go in there, if you weren't on good
terms with the Dragonarmy, but for Daxter, he did not know fear, either that
or he ignored it. Daxter does not fear death; in fact he welcomes it, if it
means a brand new journey. 

Daxter purpose in Neraka was to do exactly what he had done in Palanthas,
bring the people on his side. I rebellion in the heart of the Dragonarmy
would cripple them. It was the one way that Ansalon could ever hope to rid
themselves of the wretched clan. 

Daxter worked his way into Neraka without being caught. He watched for any
opportunity to present himself, or to save a citizen from harm. Later that
night, in the comfort of an inn in Neraka, Daxter was captured by some
Dragonarmy guards! Tells Aros telepathically, "Old friend once again I was
proven wrong. Please help me, I have been captured by the enemy. I am in
Neraka! HELP!!!" 

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