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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Doog.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Doog' scribed in deep green ink.

Author:    Doog           
Date:      Mon Nov 23 20:42:47 2015
Subject     Lets Ship Some Dudes

Targaard usually woke up quickly. By nature a morning person, he usually ran before breakfast. Today, it was like rising from the murky depths of the lake. And the first sensation he was aware of was that he was not alone. He was in his own bed and spooned behind him was another body. His eyes snapped open and memory came flooding back. Lanfer. Amazing fucking sex with Lanfer. He smiled and relaxed. He could feel the other man's breath on his neck and it was slow and even. Sleeping. Targaard had had sex before, but he had never woken up in bed with someone the next day. It felt good. The first sensation that Lanfer registered was that he was warm and comfortable and that he wasn't in his own bed. Given the time that it had taken him to actually call the bed he slept in at Palanthas Pit "his" bed, that was quite an admission. But mostly he was warm and comfortable. As he began to surface he noticed that he was holding someone who was providing much of the warmth. He sighed and involuntarily pulled that body closer and tried to slide back down into sleep again. Targaard gasped at the sensation of Lanfer pulling him against his own body. He wasn't too surprised that he was hard instantly. Morning wood was an old joke for him anyway. He was teased about it in the dorms. He rubbed his ass back against the other man. When he felt the body push back against him, Lanfer suddenly was a lot more awake. Still a big groggy, his body decided for him and pushed back. His cock, well on its way to its usual morning state, hardened even more. "Aye," Targaard gasped as Lanfer's cock slid against his ass. He dug his toes into the mattress, pushing back against Lanfer's thrusts. When he heard the gasp, Lanfer woke up fully and answered the thrust. That single word had made it clear where he was and with whom. Moving his head, he pressed a kiss to the side of Targaard's neck and grabbed his hip. It didn't take long for the speed to pick up and Lanfer started to groan loudly. The feel of Lanfer's cock sliding along the crevice of his ass was making Targaard so hot he felt dizzy. His left arm under him, he used that hand to wrap around his own cock and his other hand he laid over Lanfer's hand on his hip. "Aye, Lanfer," he gasped, pushing in time with the other man. Noticing what Targaard was doing made him even hotter than before. Now truly speeding up, Lanfer started to urge Targaard on as well. "Da," he moaned in Targaard's ear. "Go on. Hurry." The encouragement was enough. Targaard rocked back into Lanfer and then thrust forward into his own hand, coming hard. Seeing Targaard come was enough for Lanfer to come as well, after a couple of hard thrusts. "Good morning," he finally managed to bring out. "Mmm, g'd morning," Targaard sighed, looking over his shoulder at the other man, grinning. "Hmm," Lanfer sighed. Those lips so close couldn't be ignored, so he raised himself up on one elbows and leaned over, pressing a kiss on them. "Is good vay to vake up," he said with a small smile. Targaard returned the kiss, rolling over to wrap his arms around Lanfer. When he drew back he was looking a little more tentative than usual. "Ah guess we fell ahsleep?" "Ve did," Lanfer nodded. "But vas good activity, yes?" After looking at Targaard, he finally said, "I vould not mind repeat. Not just of activity but of being vith you." "Ah dinnae usually fall ahsleep so early, though," he laughed. Lanfer chuckled. "Is good news," he nodded. He trailed his finger over the arm that was pressing him against Targaard. "Will have ta show ye," Targaard grinned. He shifted, stretching a bit and running his hand along the muscles of Lanfer's back. "Hmm," Lanfer hummed and arched his back. When Targaard's hand started to roam, he realised he never had gotten an answer to his question. With effort he rolled over to his other side so that he was facing Targaard now. "Vill ve be doing this more often? Or vas this convenient and vill it only be vun time?" It was important to know. Targaard's eyes widened and his face was serious. "More wuld be verra nice," he practically whispered, unsure what to say. "Yes it vould." Lanfer sighed, then tried again. "Vhat I vant to know is ... is ..," he bit his lip. "Vill this be more than great fuck?" He cringed at the words but didn't know how else to get a straight answer. Targaard felt his cheeks burn and his throat suddenly tight. He closed his eyes, taking a deep breath before looking back at the serious and open face of the other man. "Ye want ... more ... with me?" he asked, feeling shy suddenly. Lanfer saw the sudden shyness and smiled softly. "I vould like to try, yes," he nodded. "I do not do casual. And I vill admit that even before last night I had thought you handsome." He reached out and rubbed his thumb softly over Targaard's cheek. "But now ... I vant to try for more." With hope in his eyes he looked at the man he was sharing the bed with. Targaard never thought of himself as a man who blushed, but he did then. He was also shocked to realise he wanted this. Wanted more from Lanfer than a "great fuck." "Aye, more would be better," he smiled and leaned in kissing Lanfer. Getting what you hadn't realised you wanted until the previous night was a very sweet feeling, Lanfer thought, before he returned Targaard's kiss softly. Rolling over, he pulled Targaard on top of him and wrapped his arms around him, kissing him again, on his mouth, his cheeks, his forehead .... "Better, yes," he breathed and smiled at Targaard.

Author: Doog Date: Mon Nov 23 21:24:07 2015 Subject SHIP CITY USA.COM

The weather was gorgeous. Birds flew from tree to tree along the lake's edges, and picturesque mountain peaks framed a flawless blue sky. Smooth paddles dipped almost silently into the shimmering water, pushing it behind with terpsichorean swirls. Sargonnas and Zivilyn didn't speak much, instead choosing just to enjoy the experience. That is, until Sargonnas suggested cheerfully that Zivilyn turn around and paddle backwards for a while. As innocently as he might have been trying to sound, Zivilyn was immediately suspicious. He'd known Sargonnas far too long not to be able to sense... mischief. But, with the care and consciousness of his own center of gravity only a Immortal can manage, Zivilyn turned around anyway. There were reasons they'd been together so long, after all. "You're beautiful," Sargonnas commented matter-of-factly, staring into those big dark eyes. He lifted his paddle and plunged it slowly into the water once again, not breaking his gaze. "It is fortunate that you are of that opinion," said Zivilyn demurely. "I want breakfast." "You have already--" Zivilyn stopped. No way was Sargonnas talking about food, not with that gleam in his eye. "Sargonnas," he started again, gently. "We are in the middle of a public lake." "So?" Sargonnas's eyes sparkled. "It's Christmas morning, and it's early. Nobody's here. There's nothing but trees on the shore, and we're too far away anyway. I can bend down, and the canoe will hide what I'm doing." "It is incredibly difficult to engage in sexual intimacies in a canoe," Zivilyn attempted. "Many centuries ago, young members of the upper class on your world were encouraged to socialize with potential mates in canoes, where a chaperone was not required because illicit activity would result in an upending of the boat." "Zivilyn, you think I don't know what I'm doing?" Sargonnas grinned. "I'll be very careful. You just relax and enjoy this excellent weather." Only a Immortal would have to be talked into receiving fellatio, Sargonnas mused as he slowly edged his rear end off the canoe seat and into the belly of the boat. The canoe rocked alarmingly, but he froze for a few seconds and let the stillness of the water calm it. Zivilyn watched skeptically as Sargonnas inched forward on the base of the boat, but, miraculously, it didn't rock all that much anymore. Apparently, Sargonnas did know what he was doing... When Sargonnas had come near enough, Zivilyn opened his legs and let his husband crawl between them. Sargonnas rubbed his face against Zivilyn's thighs for a moment, like a cat, watching with satisfaction as a growing lump sprang into firmness beneath the Immortal's trousers. He pounced on it with his mouth and gummed it eagerly through the fabric. Yum-um. Time to let Mini-Zivilyn out to enjoy the sunlight. Sargonnas's fingers worked quickly, and before long, he had Zivilyn's penis out in the open. He licked and slurped the head a little bit and then opened his own fly to grasp his reaction. Zivilyn patted his head and ran his fingers through Sargonnas's wavy hair affectionately as Sargonnas sucked. The sun felt good on his face and shoulders, and Sargonnas's wet, energetic mouth pulled bursts of pleasure from him with every suckle. He leaned back slightly and pushed his hips towards Sargonnas's hungry mouth and fondling fingers. Sargonnas's lower body moved as well as he squeezed and teased his own organ with his other hand. The boat began to rock, but they were too swept up in their early-morning passion to be watchful. Sargonnas's busy tongue ran circles around the column of pulsing flesh protruding from Zivilyn's fly. They were both very close to orgasm, and with each jut of their hips, the boat swayed further and further from a safely resting position. Zivilyn came, and his cum spilled out across Sargonnas's lips. Aroused beyond his breaking point, Sargonnas came all over his own hand and fell with a shudder against Zivilyn's lap.

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