The Great Library of Palanthas

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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Elidor.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Elidor' scribed in faded purple ink.

Author:    Elidor         
Date:      Mon Mar 22 16:26:34 2021
Subject     Elidor's Story

Growing up in Solace seems like the perfect life for a kid. Its not if your me. My father was never identified to me or anyone else except of course my mother. He couldn't risk his reputation being decimated because of a half breed child. Who he actually is or what he does is a mystery? All I know is he is an elf. My mother used to receive donations of food and monies every other lunar cycle or so. That was until THAT day. I was a young teenager. They say she got the plague and was hauled off and our house burned down to mitigate spread. I hear they burned her too. I don't even remember the last time I saw her. I just came home, and it was all gone. A pile of ash and smoke. I don't even know that she HAD the plague! How does ONE person in a town that doesn't go anywhere other than the forest get the plague? I have my doubts. Everything but my mothers death was ok for me. I had nothing of value. I didn't even like solace. Growing up there was painful. Humans didn't trust me. Neither did the elves. I was a stranger in my own Solace. My mother is all I had. She was very loving. She was a florist. Never aspired to do more than raise me and plants. I loved and resented her for it. On one side it was great to be loved. On the other if she would do more maybe I wouldn't be just a half breed. Maybe people would see me for ME if we had wealth or fame. Anyway, none of that matters. Shes dead.

Author: Elidor Date: Mon Mar 22 16:31:28 2021 Subject Elidor's Story 2

I left Solace that night ironically in search of a new Solace. I was given a room at the inn of the last home and was to be handled by authorities the next day. Probably going to an orphanage somewhere. Nope. thats not for me. I slipped out my window and left for the Vallenwoods. I knew the Vallenwoods. At least I thought I did. I lived on the herbs and wildlife. I found an old Vallenwood tree stump and made it my house. It was far enough away from solace that i shouldn't be found. Except I was. Not immediately but after several lunar cycles. She followed the glow of the fire and the smell of wood burning in my makeshift house. Her name was Maya. She was a Qualinesti full blood. An outcast and renegade mage. She lived off of the land and she knew how to do it undetected. I imagine if I wasnt as young as i was she wouldn't have approached me, but she did. She was exactly what I needed. Maya showed me how to live off the land undetected. She had a series of Vallenwood stumps that the roots were hollowed creating a network we could move around the forest in. She was banished from Qaulinost. She never told me why. She just mentioned magic doesn't belong in towers but in trees or something like that. For somebody who didn't believe in the structured conclave she had a ton of their books! I read every book she had. I learned about the gods. The gods of magic and their moons. The practical applications of magic. I learned of the Conclave. I found a connection with Lunitari. Neutral. Like me. Neither human nor elf but both. I don't see life as good or bad it just is. We need both. Balance. Life AND death. And Most importantly I found Solace. It isnt a town where my mother was killed, and my house burned. It wasnt the place I grew up in and was tormented for not being human or elf enough. Solace was IN ME! After several years I was ready. I had learned what I could from Maya, but it wasn't enough. It was time. I donned my dusty robes, packed my novice spell books I got from Maya, tucked a dagger in my belt and I followed Lunitari as my guide and left the Vallenwood to find the CONCLAVE.

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