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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Felix.

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Astinus gently places a journal on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Felix' scribed in dark grey ink.

Author:  Felix
Date    Wed Dec  5 22:46:03 2001

Subject  To Retake Thornbardin Part X

The red light of Reorx's flame shines down on the two sleeping clerics.  One
cleric is taller than the other.  As the light breeze passes over him, you can
see a slight point to the cleric's ears showing him to be a half-elf.

The second, smaller cleric needs no sight to see what race he belongs too.

A sound like the sawing of the great trees of solace can be heard escaping his
lips, telling any would-be passerbyers that the second cleric is nothing else
but a dwarf.

Many times during the night, the half-elf tries to prod and move the annoying
dwarf into a quieter position, but finally just gives up and gives into sleep.

In time, the clerics fall into a sleep deeper than they have ever been in. 
The two clerics become bathed in the red light, yet neither wake.  The light
begins to collapse on itself rapidly and in one swift flash it is gone.

In its place, an axe drops to the ground, embedding it next to the sleeping
dwarf.  The two clerics sleep on, totally oblivious to their surroundings.

The morning light wakens the taller cleric.  He stretches and blinks the
remainder of sleep from his eyes.  As he eyes the sleeping dwarf, his mouth
shows a huge grin at the idea that just popped into his head.

Raising one foot behind him, the half-elf delivers a swift kick to the dwarf's
backside.  The sleeping dwarf jumps awake in pain and stands up rapidly
cursing the gods and the ground.

Turning towards the grinning cleric and massaging his backside, the dwarf
curses the half-elf also.

"Dammit Adon, why the hell did you do that?" gumbles Felix.

Adon just grins at the little dwarf. "I tried to wake you but you just
wouln't budge."

Felix looks carefully at Adon's face trying to find any hints of sarcasm.  But
the cleric of Gilean stands there looking completely serious.

Realizing that nothing will come of this, Felix throws his hands up in
frustration and turns around to get his pack.  Before he can take a single
one, he trips over the axe on the ground.

Felix squirms around trying to get a look at what he tripped over while trying
to pull free his mace from his pack.  Adon just shakes his head when he sees
the axe, all the while scanning around him trying to see who could have put
the axe there.

"Reorx's beard!!! Who the hell put an axe here?" Yells Felix, who finally
stands up and scans around him.  "Did ya see anyone last night?"

Adon just shakes his head, as puzzled as Felix about the mysterious axe.  He
steps close to the axe, but doesn't quite touch it.  He carefully begins to
examine it.

"If I didn't know better," Adon says after sometime, "I'd say that this
axe was made by your god."

Felix just snorts at Adon.  "And if I didn' know better I'd say the desert
sun fried yer noggin' a little too much there."

"No, Look!" Adon says. "These markings on the haft are the personal
marking's of Reorx.  And I bet."  With one steady hand, Adon lightly touches
the axe with one outstretched finger.

An arc of blue lightning races around the cleric and tosses him a few feet
away.  Cursing Adon stands up.  "Now these burns will never heal.  And YOU
shut up.  I was testing something." He yells to the laughing dwarf.

"Only a true follower of Reorx can wield the axe."

Felix stops his laughing long enough to look at the axe.  With one unsteady
hand, he grasps the axe.  Instantly flashes of knowledge enter his mind. 
Though a cleric, when he wields this axe, he is a master warrior.

His eyes glow with power as he realizes the gift bestowed upon him by his god.
 He grins evilly at his friend and says, "It's time to kill me some

Author:  Felix
Date    Sun Dec  9 23:59:41 2001

Subject  To Retake Thorbardin Part X (I'll figure out the spelling sometime)

The sun's yellow face just straddles the tops of the distant trees by the time
the two clerics reach Felix's village.  The shorter of the two shouldering an
axe not of mortal making.

As they reach the edge of the fairly large village, Felix stops for one final
yawn before stamping through town.  Shaking his head at the dwarf's laziness
Adon follows with a smirk on his face.

As he follows Felix through town, Adon takes mental note of the dwarven
village.  He notes that while he sees a few dwarven women and children about
he sees no men.

But as he continues walking, the sounds reaching his ears answer his own

Felix marches through his childhood home to the center of the village where
his own ears tell him that the men are preparing for war.  Rounding one final
house, Felix stares into an open square fill of men in various stages of

While not all are wearing heavy dwarven plate, all are wielding weapons that
could only come from dwarven forges.  Felix just grins as he surveys the sight
before him.

Some of the trainees recognize the cleric and like typical dwarves greet High
Priest with taunts and insults.  "Well," observes Adon after Felix greets
a few old friends, "I see your office holds prominence even in your own

"Bah!" Felix replies, jovial for the first time in many days, "If they
didn't greet me like that I'd be wondering about their loyalty to the Forger. 
That's the problem with all them other religionsto damn quiet and all that
bowing and stuff."

Adon just rolls his eyes at his uncultured friend.

"We call it reverence.  It'd do you a lot of good if you'd actually learn
it.  You seemed to do a decent enough job when you led the balance in the Holy
Order.  Well, at least for a dwarf that is."

Fortunately for Adon, Felix wasn't paying attention.  Instead, he had propped
the mysterious axe against a cart and was running over to a dwarf would
could've passed for a small human if he hadn't've been so stout also.

The two dwarfs begin to exchange blows until Felix is hit squarely in the jaw
and falls flat on his butt.

In a daze he is helped up by the dwarf he had just been fighting and walks
back to a wide-eyed Adon who just shakes his head and mutters something under
his breath about dwarfs and their many faults.

Felix just grins boyishly as he introduces Gronag to Adon.  Adon just nods
towards Gronag and jumps back in time, barely missing a swinging fist and
throwing Gronag off his balance.

Felix laughs at Adon's new expression of disdain before his eye is caught by
an old dwarf leading a group of younger dwarfs in movements.

.  Leaving Adon to fend for himself with the Caergothian Neidar, Felix picks
up his new axe and walks towards the older dwarf.

The older dwarf notes the cleric walking towards him.  As he recognizes the
symbol of High Priest, he begins to open his mouth to the priest but is beaten
by Felix.

"I knew we needed all the dwarfs we could get, but I didn't be thinkin' we
were callin' for recruits from the grave."  Felix tells the old dwarf with a

Ithamar, the old dwarf, just shakes his head before retaliating with his own
insult.(to be continued...).

Author:  Felix
Date    Sat May 11 18:47:00 2002

Subject  The liberation of Thorbardin

(The events of the this story and the others happened during the war and
before Asmodeus appeared on Krynn.  Real life was too busy for me to finish
this before.)

The beam of sunlight cuts through the narrow window.  It plays off the
floating mites of dust as it continues its path.

Unfortunately for the sleeping dwarf, the light's path was his tightly closed
eyelids.  The dwarf's eyelids close tighter, trying to shut out the light
without avail.

With a snort the dwarf curses, "Fine, fine, I'm up ya bloody sun.  Can't a
tired cleric have some damn sleep."

The dwarf turns his head and stares at the ceiling.  He wonders to himself why
he is even supposed to be up this early in the morning.  With a start he
remembers, "Bloody hell!! Today we be goin' ta war!!"

He jumps out of bed, and with a speed not often seen with his old frame, he
dresses and begins to arm himself.

After he equips his armor he turns towards the two weapons laying near his
bed.  He shakes his head as he once again takes note of the two god-forged
weapons laying before him.

Looking at both weapons, one would wonder why a cleric would even have them,
much less touch them.  For both are weapons not normally weilded by a cleric.

The first is an axe created by The Forger himself.  Upon a brief glace, the
first thing one is the runes adorning everything from the tip of the blade to
the nob on the handle.

When one holds the axe, though, they are engulfed by a power that can only
come from a god.

This power allows the one who holds the axe to wield it as if he had used it
his whole life.

The second weapon, though, always fills Felix's head with confusion everytime
he looks at it.

Looking at the blade, one can see hints of silver and gold entwined up and
down the hilt.  It's blade is of a metal not normally seen on krynn.

As Felix picks it up, the runes on the blade glow with an unatural light and
Felix is filled with a feeling that most dwarves never show unless they have
entered a room filled with either ale or gold, "love".

As quickly as he picks up the sword, he sheaths it to his back.  He shakes his
head as he releases the sword. "Damned if I know what good you'll do but
damned if I leave ya behind."

So, shouldering the two god-forged weapons, Felix whipsers a quick prayer to
Reorx, sighs, and walks out the door to address the waiting army....

(To be Cont'd.....I hope)

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