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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Felspar.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Felspar' scribed in earth-colored maroon ink.

Author:    Felspar        
Date:      Tue Sep  2 15:59:24 2014
Subject     How Felspar became a Dwarf

Felspar grew up a Dwarf, well in a bent-over kinda way. Abandoned shortly after his birth, the Dargonesti elf was crying in the hills where Nissah, a kindly Neidar dwarf mother, found him. Picking up the baby, she noticed the bluish skin and ears but, as soon as she held him, Felspar stopped crying and smiled up at her. That was that. Nissah lived in the same Neidar village all her life. Unmarried, she seemed the happiest when teaching the gaggle of young Dwarven lads and lasses. Secretly wanting a child of her own, finding Felspar all alone seemed to be a blessing of the gods. It turned out difficult for both Nissah and Felspar. As soon as the villagers spotted Nissah carrying a baby, they all rushed to see the baby. Then a loud gasp of horror was heard. Ew! an Elf and it has violet eyes. Get rid of it. It will grow up to be a magical demon and slay us all! But Nissah was determined, No, I refuse to abandon this baby. He is my son and I am calling him Felspar! Staring at everyone, she continued, He will grow up a Neidar dwarf, respectful of our ways. I vow Magic will never be his inheritance. The other villagers grumbled but just shook their heads as Nissah took her adopted son to his new home. The life of the adopted dwarf was hard and the other youth took great glee tormenting and teasing Felspar. To his chagrin, he continued to grow until he was at least a foot taller than everyone in the village. Nissah kept her promise, tudoring Felspar on the history and ways of the Neidar, including a fear of anything Magical. Ackward as a colt, his legs and arms too gangly for his frame, Felspar was never as graceful as his Dwarven cousins, and constantly bumped his head entering or leaving the huts of the village. Even their swords seemed very short and he seemed more at home using an onyx handle dagger that his mother gave him on his 13th birthday. One night, sitting in a room with Nissah, Felspar finally got up his nerve and blurted out, Why, mother, is Magic bad? I can almost feel something out there, but it isnt bad just different. Sighing softly, Son, we are here and live in our village. We dont use Magic, indeed, the elders remember the killing, the burning of Magic. Please dont even try it. Promise me. Unable to look away from his mothers eyes, he nodded, adding softly. Alright, mother, I promise not to use Magic. I am you son first and foremost. But then one day, a band of ogres found the village and began to burn it, killing some of the villagers. Felspar saw the smoke and ran back to the village. When he saw that his own hut was burning, a great anger filled him and he cried to the ogres. See if you like fire yourself. and flames shot out of his hands burning several of the raiders, causing the rest to run away. He found his mother, weak but alive. Felspar, I know that you meant well but you are now tainted - a Magic user and can no longer live here. Take what you need from our hut but go. She turned away, tears in her eyes, hoping that her son didnt notice. Poleaxed, Felspar gathers a few things and with one last look at his mother and village, left without another word.

Author: Felspar Date: Sat Sep 13 14:34:02 2014 Subject Felspar's training

Felspar was accepted into the Conclave without any fanfare. Indeed, the clan house was empty except for a few tudors. Slowly getting his bearings, the young Dargonesti elf heard the sound of metal striking metal coming from a nearly room. Knocking loudly, he yelled, Hello, may I come in? I am new here. Without waiting for an answer, Felspar entered the training room and stopped, mesmorized by the sight of an ancient tudor. Not taking his eyes off his opponent, Liam, the trainer, responded, just stash your stuff in the corner. You can have your lesson next. The young elf looked down at his rough clothing and just shrugged. Sitting on the floor, his eyes grew large as he could feel the energy released of an icy spell, followed by lightning. When the room returned to normal, Liam was standing, not even breathing hard. Nice combination there. Lets go meet our new clan mate. Soon Felspar was on the floor, holding his dagger like he was taught, facing a young mage. Liam whispered instructions to the human mage and suddenly, Felspar was sound asleep, followed by a spell of confusion. The young Mage grinned and helped the elf up when he recovered. Sorry about that. Those spells rarely land on anyone. You must be very new. Anyway, good luck here and if you need a partner, just look me up. Once they were alone, Felspar sighed with embarrassment. Master, I must confess that I spent most of my youth with Neidar dwarves and couldnt use Magic. I am not sure that being here in Conclave will work out. Sorry for bothering you. With a twinkle in his eye, Liam stopped Felspar from leaving. You may be just what we lack in the moment, a battlemage. I can sense Magic in you but your casting is so slow that any Mage will beat you time and time again. For now, concentrate on mastering the dagger, your balance is all wrong. Watching the tudor, Felspar slowly began to feel at ease, moving more gracefully across the floor. He was out of breath when Liam stopped the lesson. Felspar, I want you to just practice your attacks with the dagger. When I decide you are ready, I will add a few spells, just offensive ones and show you how to mix using melee attacks with Magic. Very few know how to do it well, they either rely too much on the strength of their arms or on Magic. Then Liam continued, I will be honest. The path to becoming a BattleMage is long and tedious. I know the nature of youth is to test your mettle on each other. Believe me, until you grow, you will lose more than you will win. Be gracious when you lose and try to learn from your mistakes. That is the only you will improve. And that is why you might see Felspar training night and day, hoping someday to Master his new skills and spells.

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