The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to the private room of Galadir.

A young Squire leads you into the private study of Lord Galadir Fortescue, Knight of Solamnia. As you cross the threshold, the Squire leaves you and a servant takes his stead ready to accommodate you.

The Study of Galadir

The study is marvelous in its simplicity. A stone fireplaces glistens and crackles helping to warm the room from the breeze drifting in from the enormous glass window that is open at most times. These together keep the room at a nice temperature and provide ample lighting conditions. Sounds not uncommon to a training ground drift up from below, and the view of the window shows the Bay of Branchala to the north as well as the diligent squires training below. There is a mahogany desk on the opposite side of the study, facing the window. On it rests a voluminous novel kept so immaculate that the title can be read from across the room: Measure of the Knighthood of Solamnia. To the side of the desk, against the wall, is a large bookcase containing mostly reports and battle records. An occasional mythical story sneaks in here and there, but only for his occasional relaxation periods. Two oak chairs with crimson cushioning face the desk with their backs to the window, obviously used during his few relaxing times. There also appears to be a second room with an enormous table containing troop movements on pinned down maps. Lining the walls of this room are suits of armor passed down from generation in the Fortescue Line. Overall the study is spacious and immaculate, providing comfort and versatility at the same time. The butler begs you to choose any record, report, or story and have a seat while he pours you a glass of wine...

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Galadir.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a thread-bare book bound in cloth on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Galadir' scribed in brilliant orange ink.

Author:  Galadir
Date    Sat Aug 28 18:08:25 2004

Subject  A faded parchment

An emissary from King Faldarin Sanifir, bearing a faded parchment and seal
of sword crossing flame on a mountain peak.

Most Esteemed Knights of Solamnia,

As requested per Galadir's petition to your esteemed ranks, in the following
documents contain our Family Lineage, and let my seal bear witness to the
truth of the below statements.

Galadir Sanifir, Youngest Prince of The Mountain Kingdom, has been sent
forthwith from our lands, as they fade into decay and rubble, amidst riots and
mutiny. The Sanifir Family has ruled the Mountains of Taladar for more than
400 years. King Galdrial Sanifir fled from the Plains of Solamnia during The
Cataclysm, north into unfamiliar lands and territories. It was there, that he
set up the new Kingdom known as The Mountain Kingdom, also known as 'Salanir
thos selc Maras' or, Honor of the Mountains. There, he and his people lived
and they eventually began to thrive.

After Galadrial's death, his eldest, Sandar, led his people even deeper into
the mountains, and from there, the People of the Mountain ruled, the lineage
carrying down from King Galadrial to the now, King Faldarin. After an unknown
evil entered 'Salanir thos selc Maras', the once brave and loyal people began
to turn against eachother, and then against their King. It was at that point,
that King Faldarin made the decision to send his youngest son to learn the
sword with the Knights of Solamnia. Even as this official document reaches the
hands of the esteemed Knights, King Faldarin and his eldest, stand with the
Palace guards, and the King's personal bodyguards, Salanir Guard, to face the
oncoming swarms of the ravaged, insane People of the Mountain Kingdom. Today
marks the day of the fall of 'Salanir thos selc Maras'.

I pray my youngest was delivered into your hands as safely as was this
document. He will be the last surviving heir of a deceased nation. He does not
yet know of what has befallen his land, so I beseech you to keep it so, until
the time comes when it can be withheld from him no longer.

Est Sularus Oth Mithas Salanir thos selc Maras

King Faldarin Sanifir, King of the People of the Mountain

Author:  Galadir
Date    Tue Sep 21 18:57:17 2004

Subject  RE: A Bounty Notice

Taking advantage of the break before his next shift, Galadir decided to hit up
a local tavern. As he approached the tavern, he noticed a dark fluttering
object nailed to the door frame.

As he strode up to the object, he bore witness to the bounty placed upon his
head. Angrily, he snatched up the paper and held it steady in front of him.
His eyes widened in surprise at the hefty sum, even as his hand unconsciously
reached for his ear. With a growl he crumpled the paper up and proceeded into
the tavern, where he located the owner of the tavern.

Sitting the owner down, he tossed the crumpled wad of paper to him. "Open
it." Galadir watched as the owner uncrumpled the paper, read it, and looked
up expressionless. "Since when do the people of Palanthas allow bounties
upon the heads of members of the Knighthood who protects them?"

The owner's expression still did not change as the man asked, "Do you know
where one could find this, Galadir?" Caught off guard, Galadir naively
responded, "I am he." The man's beady eyes lit up greedily and Galadir
watched calmly as the man proceeded to lean forward to reach down for his
boot, as he feigned a sneeze.

With a grim smirk upon his face, Galadir kicked the man's hand while it
reached for the boot, crushing the hand between foot and stool. The man let
out a yelp and scrambled up, out of the chair. With his other hand, he grabbed
out a knife. The beady eyed man lunged at Galadir. Galadir kicked off the
man's chest and as his chair tumbled over backwards, he rolled out, as the
man's knife reached overhead. Within an instant that he was up, Galadir had
his sword withdrawn and was fending off the owner, trying to defeat the man
without injuring him too severely.

He watched dejectedly as the owner crumpled when the hilt of his sword slammed
into the man's face. With a small sigh, he sheathed his sword, and as he bent
to pick up the paper still crumpled in the greedy man's hand, he heard a
whistling sound above him. As he spun around, he came face to face with a
greedy merchant, axe in hand. Kicking out, Galadir watched as the merchant
crumpled to the floor, grasping his knee and moaning. Clenching his fist even
tighter around the piece of paper, he strode out of the tavern, and back to
his quarters to get some rest before his next shift.

Upon arriving at his quarters, he took a tack, and tacked up the paper on the
wall next to his bunk. As he lay there, staring at the paper, he wondered what
he should do about it. As he wondered, another squire came to awake him for
his shift. With a mutter about not getting any rest, he got up and donned his
cloak, then headed out the door.

Author:  Galadir
Date    Tue Nov 16 20:23:54 2004

Subject  Rebellion Against Authority

Surveying my quarters, I looked upon them for the last time, disgusted. A few
objects in hand, cloak, letters, and money, I had been ordered to clean out my
part of the room. Well, perhaps not ordered anymore, asked is more
appropriate. With a quick turn, I left my quarters, undoubtedly to never see
them again. he "acting" Grand Master had attempted to put reins on me that
choked, and I rebelled.

Now, with stamped papers in hand, and several hundred steel pieces, I walked
towards the entrance. No, towards the exit.

The papers were mine, I had requested them. As I walked to the exit, I handed
the guard my papers for honorable discharge, if such a thing existed. he guard
did a double-take as he looked from the papers to me, and back again.
Apparently requested discharge wasn't very popular as his surprise turned to
contempt. With a sneer I grabbed my papers and stuffed them into my cloak. I
continued on, out the door and into the refreshing night air. Fortunately, the
Knights had been willing to let me keep my steed, although since I had been a
squire, I did not own a great war horse.

I decided to stay awhile in Palanthas, doing oddjobs here and there, earning a
living. The only trouble was avoiding the Solamnics, for I am sure they would
not neglect the opportunity to corner me and make sport of me, for I am
recuperating from an injury on the battlefield, and am not at my strongest
yet. That is a story for another time.

For now I shall keep to my wanderings, strengthing myself and hopefully
selling my sword to make a better living. Maybe then I shall encounter a
former Solamnic fellow, and vent my pent up animosity upon his body.

Until then, who knows?

-Signed in ink- (Unique eh?)

Galadir, The Mercenary Apprentice of Magic

Author:  Galadir
Date    Wed Apr 20 16:04:35 2005
Stamp   1114031075
Subject  A New Chapter

Sitting atop a barrel, the man glanced down from atop the building at the docks.
A spot he had spent weeks picking, he sighed in contentment. A perfect view of
the harbor and the ships entering as well as good sight for gazing at the Jewel
City of Palanthas. His scabbard across his lap, he withdrew the sword and gazed
at it as it glimmered in the light reflected from the sea. With a small series
of flicks of his wrist, the sword danced in front of him. All too suddenly he
sighed and sheathed it. Hopping from his barrel he danced through the building's
narrow walkways, down rotted ramps and over upturned crates and barrels to a
small, insignificant office at the unused end of the docks.
Sitting himself in a cozy armchair, he looked at the man across from him. Or
beast, rather, the hulking creature across from him could not be named a man.
Eyeing the beast up and down his gaze traveled from the minotaur's eyes, to his
snot, and down along his muscled arm to the hand that was stretched in front of
him. With a small spit on his hand, the man slapped palms with the minotaur and
shook. "Deal."
And so it was settled. His life as a Knight of Solamnia had long since ended.
He could not help but gaze at the fluttering banners one last time as he brought
that chapter of his life to a close. Soon, he would see Palanthas no more. Soon,
he thought, hopefully very soon. With a skip, hop, and a jump, he settled atop
his barrel in a crouch with his wide-brimmed hat pulled low. With a last glance
over his shoulder at the Jewel City he called home for a time, he refocused his
gaze on the sea. The page turned, a new chapter was just starting to be written...

Author:  Galadir
Date    Wed Aug 17 22:10:04 2005
Stamp   1124334604
Subject  Relinquished Relics

Life was definitely improving.  I'd been reinstated as a Knight of Solamnia,
albeit stripped of all previous rankings and honors.  Neither really bothered
me much.  After the Council decides I've suffered enough, they'll reconvene
and determine whether the punishments be lifted or not. Until then, I've
started my old duties; primarily patrolling the city and guarding the harbor. 
The Council seemed to figure that since I'd spent so much time there, that I'd
know how to pick out the smugglers.  It was about time for the graveyard
shift.  My shift.  Getting out of bed, I quickly slipped on my pants, shirt,
and breastplate.  Figuring I'd patrol lightly tell galadir * tell galadir *
armored, I grabbed only my sword and a dagger and tucked them into my
swordbelt.  Stuffing my feet into my boots, I tied them quickly, and threw on
my cloak as I left my quarters.

Fortunately I had gate duty tonight. Warming my legs up, I took the long route
to gate, letting the cool air wake me up. Arriving at the Western Gate, I
knocked on the guardhouse door. The door swung open at my touch, creating an
eerily foreboding feeling in the pit of my stomach. Loosing my sword a hand, I
slowly stepped into the guardhouse and looked around. Oddly enough, it was
empty. Completely void of all life. Looking around, I saw no signs of
violence; the chairs and table were all upright, and there was an open book on
the table. The strange thing was that there were two cloaks hanging from the
coat rack, and two swords on the weapons rack. Still wary, I fully entered the
room and closed the door behind me. For some reason, I was drawn to the open
book. There, opened to a specific page, was a picture of a magnificent sword.
With a platinum hilt, studded with rubies, and the blade seemed to be of the
sharpest, purest silver and steel. Not taking the time to read the article, my
eyes just sought the bolded words: Last Seen On The Isle of Sancrist. Gazing
in awe at the sword on the page before me, I barely noticed the two bodies
that had previously been hidden from view by the door. With a curse, I drew
out my sword, but found myself smothered in darkness and the sword no longer
in my grasp. Stumbling, I grabbed blindly for a chair and swung it by the legs
at the darkness around me. The chair flew from my hands without contact. With
another curse, I dashed blindly for where I thought the table was, and as I
reached it time around me seemed to slow. My legs felt like jelly and I lost
control of their movement. Grabbing hold of the book, I chucked it over my
shoulder. Lady Luck was on my side as the book connected and a loud grunt
issued forth from an unknown source. The darkness evaporated and I regained
control of my legs. Grabbing hold of the second chair, I turned and swung,
only to connect with a dark mist as my mysterious attacker also seemed to

With another curse, rather unKnightly, I grabbed my sword which was lying at
my feet. Brandishing it in front of me, I walked cautiously to the two bodies
and knelt down to check for pulses. Fortunately they were both still alive.
Whatever curse had been place upon them seemed to be wearing off. While
keeping my eyes on the door, I reached out and turned over the book. When it
hit the ground, it closed with a thud. To my surprise, one page flew out of
the closed book as if by magic. Turning it over, I saw the picture of the
sword, and the caption underneath. As the two guardsmen started to come
around, I folded up the page and put it in my pocket. Helping the guards to
their feet, the same words kept drifting in front of my eyes: The Isle of
Sancrist. After filing my report, I was going to do a little research and
perhaps purchase passage to a little island north of Ergoth.

Est Sularus Oth Mithas
My Honor is My Life
(To Be Continued)

Author:  Galadir
Date    Sun Aug 21 15:06:13 2005
Stamp   1124654773
Subject  Relinquised Relics: Conclusion

That report was a bit confusing. Not knowing the attacker nor finding anything
stolen I simply stated that he attacked a Knight and two guardsmen, which I
figured enough for jailtime. The guardsmen didn't seem to remember anything,
which was unfortunate to say the least. A warrant was put up for the mysterious
attacker's arrest, although no picture was put on the posters. The citizens of
Palanthas have been offered a reward for any information leading to the capture
of such a figure. I'd handed over investigation of the case to a more dedication
man, Sir Thalstain. Now I had time on my hands to bathe and change into a simple
outfit and head to the library with the picture in my pocket.
Approaching the Great Library of Palanthas, I knocked on the wooden doors and
was answered by a balding middle-aged man. After informing the man of my status
as a Knight of Solamnia, he agreed to let me search through the volumes of the
Library. I showed him the article and asked him where I could find information
on such an object, and he took a few moments to read the article over. After he
was done, he beckoned for me to follow, and he led me to a small section of the
Library in which there were two shelves of books. He pulled out a specific book
and handed it to me. Thanking him, I took it off into a quiet corner and delved
Hours later, I walked out of the library and set off towards the docks. There,
I purchased passage to Sancrist Isle to leave in the morning. The man I bought
passage with was a portly fellow with a receding hairline who owned the ship
but did not work it. It was a bit of a rip off, but I needed passage and he was
the only one heading that way anytime soon. I returned to my quarters to find a
man who looked as if he had just completed a three day journey without rest,
through every element the weather could throw at him. His hair was disheveled,
his boots and pants were completely covered in mud and dirt, and his face had a
layer of dirt to it that could be seen from the side. When he saw me, he handed
me a dispatch and gave me a brief outline of it. I was summoned to Vingaard
Keep with all haste. I would be filled in upon my arrival.
The sword I'd set my sights on earlier this week completely left my thoughts,
as I packed my saddlebags and headed towards the stables. I hadn't owned a good
horse since leaving the Knighthood the first time, so the stable boy lent me one
of the Knighthood's spares. The horse was a strong one, I could see it's leg
muscles rippling under it's skin. It was a chestnut color, with a light mane.
Quickly putting my saddle on it, I tied the straps and mounted the steed. With
a small salute to the stableboy, I was out of the stableyard, through the
courtyard, and out the front gates of the headquarters. Within moments I was
through the South Eastern Gate, and heading at full speed for the High Clerists
Tower. Once there, I would stop only to exchange for another horse, and continue
on until I reached Vingaard Keep. Whatever this summons was for, I knew it
couldn't be good.
Est Sularus Oth Mithas
My Honor is My Life

Author:          Galadir
Date    Mon Jun 26 14:18:30 2006
Subject  A Rare Sighting, Pk Activity

[  Half-Elf  ] * [ Conclave ] [Red] Masticore stole his grandma's wheelchair.
[   Human    ]   Dedriik the Woodsman
[   Human    ] * Necrid the Brother
[  Minotaur  ] * (VIOLENT) Grisov Blackfur, [ Blood ]
[  Nerakan   ] * (SLAIN)  [Holy Order] [Dark]  Torlith SuMMeR iS HeRe!!!
[            ] * (VIOLENT) (KILLER) Mordiar the Darkstalker
[            ] * [ Conclave ] [Red]  High Archmage Khyldes "KELLY CLARKSON!!!!"
[   Kender   ] * (SLAIN) [Holy Order] [Light]  Priestess Emla Thumbfingers [Spamming]
[   Taladan  ] * (VIOLENT) [ Solamnic ]  Grand Master Galadir would like to meet with Branchala
[   Kender   ]   Turnbuckle the Proud

Author:    Galadir        
Date:      Fri Dec 22 16:18:00 2006
Subject   Trial

Galadir sat at his desk, leaning back, feet kicked up.  He was taking a
mental break from all of the mind numbing paper work that cluttered his desk
daily.  Hands folded on his chest and eyes closed, he was about to doze off
when an abrupt knocking came at his door.  "Damnit Gildarth, you know this
is my busiest time of the day, and you know I am not to be interrupted."  

"Sir, it's urgent.  Othwerwise you know I would not have disturbed you
during your ritualistic napping."  

Grumbling about squire's knowing too much, Galadir replaced his feet on the
floor, sat forward, and beckoned the squire in, "Enter."  

The squire looked deathly ill as he entered and saluted the Grand Master. 
As he laid the official paperwork on Galadir's desk, he splurted out, "Sir,
the people are unhappy with Lord Godric's initial punishment.  They are
demanded a trial for treasonous acts against the Solamnic nation."  

"Since the documents are open, I assume you took the liberty to read them
yourself?  No, I don't want to hear your excuses.  Off with you, and send
Sir Railen this way."  

(To Be Continued)

Author:    Galadir        
Date:      Thu Jan  4 12:21:07 2007
Subject     Trial (Continued)

As the squire took off, Galadir leaned back in his chair and exhaled deeply.
This was a critical blow at a poor time. Exhaling again, he sat back and
waited for Sir Railen to arrive.
As Sir Railen entered, Galadir stood and returned his salute. "Please, have
a seat. The orders I am giving you are of the utmost importance." Proceeding
to take a seat himself, Galadir waited until the Knight was ready.
"As you may or may not already know, the populace of Solamnia is ill
content with the way Lord Godric's previous actions were dealt. They have
demanded a trial for Lord Godric, charged with treason. The trial will
commence, providing that we feel there is enough substantial evidence to
charge him. Therefore, I am assigning you, Sir Railen, by the Crown and the
Measure, with the task of investigating the events that transpired between
Lord Godric, two mariners, and two Knights of Takhisis. Rumor has it there
may have been a magic-user involved as well. You are to question as many
and all witnesses as possibles to try and put together the series of
actions that took place. You will have this by the next time Solinari is
full. Any further questions may be directed towards Lord Cormac. May
Habbakuk speed you, Kiri-Jolith guard you, and Paladine enlighten you."
Galadir stood and saluted the Knight before him, who immitated the action
before speaking, "Sir, I put the beliefs of the Knighthood before me as
I seek the truth and justice for Lord Godric."

Turning heel, Sir Railen left Galadir standing with the documents
in his hand, wondering where this all was going.

Author:    Galadir        
Date:      Thu Jun 14 08:27:52 2007
Subject     Shronius and Kaeptakus

It's really more of an honorary term for me, Knight.  I've since retired,
leaving the position of Lord Grand Master to some unfortunate soul, Aramynia
I believe.  If only she knew what lay ahead; my head throbs as the visions
of paper work crawl by at a snail's pace.  It was fun while it lasted, but
the grey streaks in my beard were beginning to distract me every time I
looked down.  Now I do what I enjoy, randomly roaming the streets of
Palanthas in search of crime.  My best days have the worst crimes, a lady
getting mugged, a kid stealing ice cream, some minotaurs trying to fight. 
Palanthas is rougher these days; it isn't the same old sandbox it used to

As I was steadfastedly wandering the streets, I heard cries coming from the
local hangout: Palanthas Dome.  Rushing towards the scene, I found a broken
hearted damsel, weeping as her lover broke her heart.  With a sigh, I
sheathed my sword and proceeded to woe the innocent woman.  My advances
seemed to be making quite an effect, until we were both knocked over by two
brawling citizens.  I was quite miffed, to say the least.  Being the
gentleman that I am, I assisted the lady to her feet and guided her to a
safe area.  When I returned, all hell broke loose.  

I drew my sword, hefted my shield, and saluted the two wrestling combatants.
I strode towards the fight and bashed the man in dark robes with my shield. 
He fell to the ground, stunned.  I turned to the other man who began
swinging at me violently.  I parried one attack with my shield, stepped in
and lunged at him.  I felt my sword pierce bare flesh and slide between
ribs.  He was down and out, and I was feeling good.  The old blood was
boiling with the frenzy of the fight.  The dust was shaking from my bones
and the joints were loosing up.  This was what I needed to get me jump
started.  It helped that I had a lovely damsel watching me vanquish her
offender as well.  I turned to the black cloaked man, but he had left.  As I
was returning to the woman's side, a drunken dwarf stumbled across my path,
rambling incoherently and blocking my way.  He felt the brunt of my shield
before his face hit the cobblestone.  Later, I decided I'd book him for
disturbing the public, but he'd been drug off somewhere and probably mugged.
His safety wasn't my prime concern at the moment.  

As for that pretty dame over on the bench...  

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