The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Hashmalum.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a private journal on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Hashmalum' scribed in grey ink.

Author:    Hashmalum      
Date:      Mon Nov 17 19:32:40 2008
Subject     A young apprentices journey.

With the task at hand being one of great expense, in energy and funds,
Hashmalum went to his room after his meeting with his master and began to
organize thoughts, prepare spells, and get money in order.

With the morning sun Hashmalum rose and began preparations. Getting heavy
cloaks and other things of such nature for the cold environment of the
icewall glaciers, memorizing fire spells because they will be of great use
when he goes up against a polar bear, and gathering food and other supplies
for the long and arduous journey. With the sun setting and the moons coming
out Hashmalum decided he would start his journey, entering the glyph of
transportation he quickly re-read his spell to walk the corridors of magic
and quickly executed the spell.

After a few moments he knew he was in the right spot for the wind
immediately sent chills down his back, putting on his cloaks and heavier
materials he set out to find his target, Ursa. He knew from what his master
told him that she was a great polar bear and from what he read about
icewall there was only one place a bear of her size could enter, exit, and
live in.

With this in mind Hashmalum stared around him, the first time in utter
amazement of the beauty of the place. While yes it was cold, very cold, the
snows around him that topped the glaciers looked like icing on a cake, the
glaciers themselves were a deep gorgeous blue that when looked at one
moment seemed you could see right through them, but the next they acted as
a beautiful silver mirror. After taking in the sights he looked around a
second time, spotting his destination which was the biggest glacier he set
forth upon it.

When the moons were high in the sky Hashmalum thought it best to make camp
for the night. Finding a small cave in one of the closest glaciers,
Hashmalum walked inside and began to survey the area he would be spending
the night. 'This will do nicely' Hashmalum thought to himself. It was a
nice small cave, big enough for him to lay down in and MAYBE a fire if he
was lucky. After some configuring and a small flap hanging over the
entrance Hashmalum had a fire and sit down near it studying his spells once

Morning came and Hashmalum rose again to continue on with his expedition,
he packed up his things, which were slightly damp from the fire being
inside of a glacier of course it melted a little on him throughout the
night, he set out again through the biting cold winds and eventually came
to the cavern where Ursa was.

Spying in on her slightly he saw that she was sleeping and thought maybe he
could sneak up on her. Hashmalum casted a small spell of flying so he could
move silently. Creeping up on the sleeping bear, the over-confident
apprentice drew his dagger thinking this would be easy, with the first
prick Ursa opened her eyes and with an ear shattering roar smacked the
young fool apprentice in the chest slamming him all the way against the far

Regaining his breath Hashmalum tried to stand with a great pain in his
chest where Ursa had smacked him. Taking a couple seconds to gain the
strength Hashmalum rises once again, knowing this would be harder than he
thought originally he gained his composure and started to cast a fireball
spell. During his casting Ursa heard him and turned then charged, the
worried apprentice tried to hasten his casting by a fraction of a second,
and that is the exact reason his spell failed, he mispronounced a symbol
and quickly realized his spell was not being cast so he ran to the left
fast, a move which Ursa did not notice, and he watched as Ursa slammed
herself into the side of the Glacier. With a sickening crushing sound the
glacier wall splintered slightly from the harsh impact, Ursa stood up like
nothing even happened and shook off the collision staring around for the
little pest she was chasing after.

Hashmalum noticed the blood dripping from Ursa's mouth. 'This is how I need
to do it, there is no way im going to kill her.' Hashmalum thought to
himself. Remembering a spell of invisibility that would help greatly with
his current task Hashmalum casts it upon himself and makes Ursa run into
the side of the wall many more times, walking behind her with the empty
vial to pick up as much blood as possible.

Finally filling the vial Hashmalum was happy with the work he had done and
quickly walked the corridors of magic back to the tower where he slept
soundly for quite some time, before getting up the following day ready to
report to his master.

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