The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Hendel.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a large book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Hendel' scribed in earth-colored orange ink.

Author:  Hendel
Date    Mon Jan 13 15:46:04 2003

Subject  Hendels Journey to Palanthas.

Hendel had already left Solace and went north east to Palanthas. While he was
walking he wondered why he wanted to get to Palanthas so badly. He couldn't
figure it out so he shrugged it off.

He saw the sun starting to set so he decided to make camp just off the road.
While there was light he gathered fire wood and filled his water Skin in a

Once he was done he looked across the stream to see two men also setting camp.
Hendel nodded and waved at them then went back to his own camp where the fire
was being unattended.

He unrolled his sleeping roll and started to widdle a sword. Once he was done
he made one of the Great Swords he had seen in the War of the Lances, but with
his own modifications. There was Lightning in the middle of the double eged
sword. And th

then had one side of the handle there was lighning in a little circle. On the
othere side there was his signature "ANAR".

Hendel was proud of his work and put his knife and the new sword he made which
was about 9inches long, into his pack.

When he woke up the next morning he saw the two men from the stream leave and
then packed his stuff up. When he was packing he noticed somethign was missing
but couldn't figure out what. He shrugged it off and kept walking.

(continued. i have to go i will finish it later)

Author:  Hendel
Date    Tue Jan 14 16:14:53 2003

Subject  Journey to Palanthas II

It was around noon and Hendel was eating his lunch when he was done he looked
in his pack and he realized what was stolen. He carving knife and his Journal.
He was so angry with himself he yelled and started off at a fast walk to

Hendel made his way to Tarisis and had a dinner then went to his room. He
couldn't believe that he lossed his knife and his Journal.

Before he went to sleep he asked the clerk, "do you know where I could get a
nice small knife and a journal or a blank book?"

The Clerk replied "Um just down the street actually... The store actually
has both the things your looking for. Its called Gitish" Hendel thanked the
clerk and then went down the word untill he found the store named "Gitish".

Hendel looked around untill he found a knife that was almost just like his.
Hendel thought that it did look like his but it must of been a newer version
because he has had his since he was in the Orfanage.

Hendel shrugged it off and asked the sales person if he had a Blank book to
write in. The Sales person nodded and bent behind the counter to pull out a
Journal that was blueish. Hendel brought the items and went back to the inn.

Once in his room again Hendel looked at the knife just to make sure that it
wasn't his and that those robbers didn't steal anything.he unscrewed it and
looked on the inside where if it was his had the signature "ANAR".... IT WAS
HIS! Hendel went

in a fury at this finding. Hendel took out the journal and undid the covering
layer where he also put his signature. Sure enough it was there. But none of
his long years of writing won't. By this time he was furious.

Hendel decided tomorrow morning he would go down there with everything he has
packed and his axe, to give that sales person a piece of his mind.

The next day he went down there and the whole building was gone. Everything,
like it was never there in the first place. Hendel was very disturbed at this
and couldn't get his mind off of it the whole time he was walking to

Another two days and Hendel had made it to Palanthas. He checked into an inn
there and made his home.

As you enter the door on the left there is a fire place with an old chair in
front of it. To the right of the fire place there was a desk where he put his
journal in one of the cabinets. He also put his cloths in there. In the right
corner was hi

a bed where he stuffed his pack under it. He went out to the common room and
ordered bread, cheese, and some wine. He sat down and started to think of what
happen the last 4 days.


Author:  Hendel
Date    Tue Jan 14 18:07:54 2003

Subject  First Journal Entry

Hi new journal... well i guess you aren't really new huh? Well i had an
intressting 4 days. the first two i lost and then recovered you and the knife.

the second two i lossed another very important thing. But i will explain that
letter. For now though i am laying in wait for a person i met once when i was
blinded folded. He said to me that we would meet in 7 days.

Only three more days untill he will get in touch with me. Although i do not
know what he looks like. Oops time for dinner

It is It is 21:30, Day of Ferramis, 25th the Month of Dark-Deep, and i must be

Hendel Anar.

Author:  Hendel
Date    Wed Jan 15 07:17:40 2003

Subject  Journal

It is 4:30, Day of Brenzik, 34th the Month of Dark-Deep. and the person I hope
to see has not found me yet, but i will wait on.

Instead of meeting that person i met some very nice people while i went to the
Great Libary in Palanthas. Hmmm.... His name was Astinus. He said to me that
he has been here since the beginning of Ansalon.

Now for me i don't think i believe him but when i looked into his eyes... they
looked older than most trees heh even Mountains here on Ansalon. Break fast is
almost ready

Hendel Anar.

Author:  Hendel
Date    Wed Feb 12 15:37:36 2003

Subject  Journal Entry

It is 5:00, Day of Ferramis, 4th the Month of Damp-Mood... and i am now just
getting back to you.

It seems a lot has happened. While i waited for the so called "Prince" i met a
few dwarves one of them was a Hylar (of course the greatest race) his name was

We go to talking about both of our pasts, i said more than i should have, but
it seemed that i could trust him. We had talked for hours apon hours when a
Dwarven boy very young whispered something to him.

i had asked him what that was about and he told me that he was in the clan
called 7 Kingdoms... I asked him what 7 Kingdoms was and he told me that it
was hundreds of dwarves and they are all very good friends.

I told him that i was waiting for someone, but a dwarven boy that had been
following him around came to Thrak and whispered another thing in his ear.
Thrak grinned and nodded,

Thrak had asked me if i wanted to join the clan. I was actually getting kinda
of impatient with this "Prince" so i took up the offer... He smiled and we got
all of our stuff and we walked to somewhere......

Hendel Anar

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