The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Hipnar.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a well written novel on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Hipnar' scribed in light green ink.

Author:  Hipnar
Date    Fri May 20 23:21:50 2005
Stamp   1116649310
Subject  A New Day

Heavy cloth pressing through tied wire: Hipnar stared at the bunk above him
that early morning.  He was restless and couldn't get much sleep... Partly
because of the excitement of yesterday, but mostly because of the two swollen
knobs on the sides of his head that were once his pointed ears. They kept him
from getting comfortable; every time he dozed off, his head rolled to one side
shocking him awake and sending a few minutes of agony his way.

Every now and again his mind drifted back to it.  The metal of the blade
grinding over the stone of the wall, becoming dull and jagged...  The eager
determination on the knight Ayasana's face and her cold fingers pinching his
ears...  Lady Thorn and the sight of Takhisis herself, all replaying in his
mind.  The bunk did feel good however; he was there, within those strong walls
with an equally strong sense of belonging. He quietly sat up, putting his feet
on the ground.  In doing so, one of his ear bandages fell to the floor with a
splat, sending a few droplets of blood around it.  He stood up and slowly
wandered out past the barracks and into the courtyard.  People were starting
to move about as daylight came, and Hipnar saw a trainer carrying swords and
spears in bundles to what looked like the armory.  He approached the large
racks of armor and weapons; his ears throbbing at the sight of a particularly
close fitting helm.  After taking in his surroundings a bit, he picked up a
decent sized mace and noticed its heft and balance.

It was time to practice and train...  It was the time to reach for new heights
of power, for now he was serving Her; serving Takhisis alongside these fine


Author:  Hipnar
Date    Thu May 26 23:29:28 2005
Stamp   1117168168
Subject  A Mind of Thoughts

Day by day Hipnar trained and studied within the walls of Storm's Keep,
knowing every lesson would serve him, and Her, soon enough.  His arms
adjusting to the heavy new maces and his mind twisting around the special
books of knowledge.  One ears was still swollen and red, probably infected
from the less-than-sterile procedure.

That day while gathering books for study he spotted Baroness Ayasana walking
across the courtyard, and she returned a glance.  After what had happened, he
was apprehensive about her, but to his fortune she later paid a visit to the
Skull barracks, where Hipnar was studying:

Ayasana walks in on the elf, tossing him a vial of something.

Ayasana says in Common 'There, elf, put some of that on those ears, it will
take the sting away'

Hipnar catches the vial as he twists in his bunk.

Hipnar says in Common 'The sting, yes... what is it?'

Ayasana says in Common 'Just some ointment we use for injuries after practice,
it numbs the pain. Not too much though, it has to last you.'

Hipnar says in Common 'Thank you.'

Ayasana leans against the wall, watching the elf.

Ayasana says in Common 'Have you met the other priests?'

Hipnar says in Common 'The one that tried to stop the bleeding, yes. *nod*'

Ayasana says in Common '...You study healing yet you have not healed your own
wounds yet?'

Hipnar says in Common 'No, I haven't. Takhisis wanted them off, so I leave
them to heal alone, without my aid.'

Hipnar looks down at the ointment in his hands, feeling the smooth vial.

Hipnar says in Common 'You inflicted the wounds for Takhisis.'

Ayasana chuckles at the elf,'The ceremony is done, the act committed. Either
heal yourself, or use that ointment. We aren't a continually cruel people,
suffer only when neccessary.'

Ayasana turns around, saying over her shoulder 'Otherwise be comfortable.'

Watching her leave, Hipnar put the vial by his side on the bed and thought
about what she had said. Her words creating vigorous new thoughts in his head.
"Ok... What was needed was taken and now it was time to look ahead, time to
look to the future.", he told himself.

He stood and put the vial in his pack and looked out the doorway. All around
him there were people working and training. He smiled at the sight. Later that
night he took action. Rubbing white powder over his ears and letting the words
"judicandus dies" slip from his lips, the tender bits of flesh rejoined along
the fault line; the redness turning to a healthier pink.


Author:  Hipnar
Date    Mon May 30 03:28:33 2005
Stamp   1117441713
Subject  Skull Interest

The two shouts came from behind a wooden door. "Damnit, you haven't learned it
yet?!  You are expected to have this down!  " "These must be all blessed
tonight!  " His interests raised, Hipnar knocked twice, solidly.  The lock
rattled and the door opened; a Skull priest looked out at the Elf before
hanging his head through the opening, resting his shoulders on the door and
frame. "Yes?  " asked the priest. After an abbreviated bow using his head and
shoulders, Hipnar spoke.  "Excuse me, I heard the sounds of a blessing and
thought I might be of help.  "

Looking the Elf for a moment, then glancing behind him into the room, the
priest swung the door open fully and gestured Hipnar in.  The door was shut
after he entered.  Huge racks of weapons were crowded into the room; swords of
various size, daggers, axes, maces...  All of fine quality waiting for their
blessing.  Two men were at opposite ends of the room performing the dark
blessings on the many tools of death.  Well, one was at least; the other had
his eyes trained at the pages of a textbook, trying to correct his failed
blessing. "Ah, the Elf.  So the Chatty Kathy was right.  " said the priest as
he peered at Hipnar. "Anyway, show me your spells. Can you bless objects?  "
asked the priest as he pointed to a rack of swords. Reaching up and touching
the the hilts mid-point and drawing his finger down the blade, they began to
glow softly one by one.  Taking a step further, he took a spot besides the
failing caster. "And I hear what you're doing wrong, friend.  Follow my
example, I can show you.  "

Hearing this, the priest nodded and turned to leave the room, closing the door
behind him and leaving the three alone.  After many blessings and many words
of assistance, Hipnar asked an obvious question that had been on his mind.
"Why so many blessing, so quickly...  What is happening?  "

The two looked at each other, then to Hipnar. "We don't know exactly, but alot
has been happening.  Blessings, divinations, summoning... Sacrifices; Skull is
in preparation.  We are even teaching a new round of abbots healing spells. 
For what?  We haven't been told.  The Knights know, we're sure, but for now
all we have are assignments.  " Hipnar considered the words and then nodded
softly, saying "Then let's finish these axes, then.  " As Hipnar reached down
for another axe, a low, thunderous -BOOOOM-!  Was heard echoing through the
halls.  The three looked up from their work and waited.  A few seconds later
the expected voice was heard, calling down the halls shouting "Accident.  All
is well!

Hipnar could only imagine the plans that were afoot.  


Author:           Hipnar
Date    Fri Oct 21 23:17:03 2005
Subject  A Leader Among Us

As thoughts of Goblins and Dwarves crossed his mind while the Baroness 
spoke, Hipnar traced the edge of a black steel crescent hanging from his 
neck.  "Little men ought to know not to back out of agreements..."   He 
thought to himself.  Quieting his mind to refocus on Ayasana in front of the 
gathered knights, Hipnar reached for the glass of water sitting near his 
hand as laughter, a chuckle, was heard from all around.  In an instant, 
blackness took over the room, leaving leaving Takhsis herself watching the 
Dropping his head and gaze at the sight, She walked closer with a smile on 
Her lips.  Looking around, She spoke.   "I wish to say that you are doing 
well, my servants...  But one amongst you has excelled" The female in dark 
armour stepped closer to the kneeling Ayasana.  Watching this, Hipnar knew 
what was at hand...  The time had come.  "To those present, let it be known 
that Ayasana Uth Matar, has been deemed worthy in my eyes,  and by my word, 
to lead the Knighthood, and as such, will demand respect from all, she is my 
voice, and my authority on Krynn" With this, after taking the words in, the 
knights remained silent...  All except a new recruit named Shao who offered 
himself eagerly in sacrifice to the Queen, who ignored him.  Hipnar reached 
for his crescent one again, this time flipping the cord over his head and 
placing the crescent on the floor in front of him.  Tipping his head to the 
ground in prayer, the crescent began to glow softy, then brightly, with 
blessings to the new Lady of Night, Ayasana.   
In a blinding phase of light, the Queen of Darkness left the knights, with a 
few choice orders spoken to all.   
*-----------------*------------------* A leader of knights takes her 
rightful place: Ayasana, Lady of Knight ______ Hipnar  

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