The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Hoberathis.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a beautiful hard bound book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Hoberathis' scribed in vibrant white ink.

Author:  Hoberathis
Date    Fri Dec  6 12:27:20 2002

Subject Hoberathis

Hoberathis, Hober to his close friends, was born in Silvanost to a moderately
wealthy noble family of little consequence.

Even as a child he had always had a knack for things arcane. Those strange
scrolls he had found in his teens had opened his eyes to the larger world, one
with actual possibility for improvement. He had always carried disdain for the
aloofness and self-proclaimed superiority of his fellow nobles, and this had
to be the way to change things.

As a young adult, Hober began to notice things about his usual cantrips, they
seemed to be straining to do more... but what? Then one day, as he was
attempting to make a simple arrow appear, a strange missile launched from his
fingers and struck a nearby tree, sizzling with energy.

How in the world... He thought, then recalled the scrolls of his youth that
had mesmorized him so.

Years later Hoberathis was traveling through the dark woods near Crystalmir
lake, on his usual mission. Find the vermin, root it out, and return the woods
to the pristine nature that they should be.

After wiping the blood from his traveling robe, he looked down upon the
smoldering corpse of the goblinoid kin, three small holes still smoking from
it's chest. "You should have taken my first offer and left" he smirked as
he prepared to go in search of the rest of it's ilk.

A chuckle sounded in the air behind his head. Startled, he lept to the side
and spun, the words of his favored spell upon his lips.

"HOLD there Hoberathis" A voice spoke from nowhere, or perhaps that

A dark man stepped from... nowhere and materialized in front of Hober.

"I know you... but I don't know you.. do I?" Hoberathis stammered,
slightly confused.

"You may know of me, and you one day will know your calling and truely see
me" the dark man concured. "As for now, the path you seek is through those
trees" he concluded, pointing to the north west.

"How would you know my path, what calling?" Hober questioned, but found
the mysterious man had vanished from view.

After wandering for many hours in the direction the man had given him, Hober
found himself helplessly lost in the forest. "This cannot be! I do NOT get
lost!" Hober grimaced with disgust.

Then, as if by magic, the way was clear. A small opening in the trees led to a
massive tower, it's abuttments dwarfing the forest with an arcane visage.

"How could I have missed that?" he thought, it has been right in front of

The rest is history, may Solinari guide your moves.

Hoberathis of the family Dalathan at your service.

Author:  Hoberathis
Date    Thu Dec 26 15:58:25 2002

Subject The forging of a new Magus

A dreary elf wanders down from the tower, head in hands.

"This cannot be... but how could it be..." he questions as the black folds
of his robe hug his frame in an uncomforting caress.

"Just because my instinct was to burn the damn goblinoid vile bastard
creation of some illgotten..." he pauses, for once listening to the voice of
his thoughts. "But..." he realizes that it's not always the goal, but the
realization of the methods which can pull the mage down his path.

His thoughts drift back to the days of his younger years. The screams of anger
as the dark shadowy forms rip the life from those dearest to him.

His struggle then the darkness as something sent a shock of white through his

Then there was the man in the woods, that day he had been persuing his goal of
eradicating the vile vermin goblinkind from the woods. The man had chuckled
and seemed to know more as Hober had looked down upon the still smoldering

"Fight fire with fire they say.." Hober had retorted. But the man knew
more, the method of ones art, is the path of ones art, and Hoberathis was now
walking the lonely path of that unseen moon, now visable to him.

A whisper in the back of his mind laced like spidersilk across his thoughts.
"Did I not tell you that you would come to know me, my young Hoberathis, you
are not alone anymore, seek the power and you shall have your just rewards."

With a shiver of uncertainty and mixed elation Hober set down the stairs
again. "My people..." he thought fleetingly "... will no longer welcome
me, but that is of no concern, the power will sustain."

On the eve before the Day of the World, 19th the Month of Summer Home,
Hoberathis successfully completed his Test, albeit with results somewhat
shocking for the now Magus. The robes of Darkess he now wears, black as night,
almost as black as his new nighttime vision, the hidden moon.

Author:  Hoberathis
Date    Mon Jan 28 15:58:25 2003

Subject The fall of a knight.

Hoberathis was making his daily patrol down Central Avenue in the
overtaken city of Sanction this day, when he happened upon a beaten-down
knight of great power. Leften rested there attempting to rub the soot
from his eyes, bleeding from numerous wounds, it was tempting to say the

But after recalling his last attempts upon the Lords well being, Hoberathis
thought better of the idea and was thankful that the Lord couldn't see
him. So, continuing down Central Avenue in search of a more equal foe he
went, scanning all about, perhaps today he would find one of those
damned so-called 'Thorn' knights, renegades to the Dark Bitch he

The name Rinz... Steelsomething... came to mind. That one, now he would
be a worthy, yet not a suicidal, opponent.

Ah yes, what were the words.... 'grraaasa'chusik Rinz!' he barked,
standing at the very ferry that could take one to the ever-hidden Storm

With a flash, Rinz Steelraze appeared before him looking somewhat
confused, definitely uncertain of the circumstances.

'Grzzzp' Hoberathis uttered as he quickly tossed a pinch of sand
into the air at the Knight's head.... The eyes of his opponent quickly
glazed over as the unnatural slumber took him deeply. 'And you are
mine...' whispered Hoberathis in a soft growl.

Quickly dragging the prone form down the avenue with a strength
magically enhanced, Hober ducked into alley here, and porch there to
avoid patrols. That tent should do nicely, as it is deserted, he quickly

After tying the flaps closed, and silencing the room to avoid detection,
Hoberathis began to go to work, first blinding the knight with a word
and a pinch of powder.

'Silence becomes you.' he grinned as the mans lips sealed against
thier will.

Finally it was done, the man was rendered impotent. With a word of magic
upon his lips Hoberathis sprayed the magical acid upon his foe, this one
shall not escape me.

Finally the Knight fell unconcious from the onslaught and Hoberathis
took the visable wealth from his prone body. 'Magic doesn't come
cheaply now you realize' he explained to his unconcious victim.

A word of magic and the plane shifted beneath Hoberathis' feet. Home
sweet home.

OOC: Rinz forgot to turn off nosumon. I had been scrying him to no
success, then decided to try a nice summon, lo and behold, my enemy was
before me. Surprise was on my side as he didn't immediately attack.
Sleep and full maladict and it was over. Diamonds and some coupons
looted, no items. 24 Hours protection to Rinz from Conclave.

Author:  Hoberathis
Date    Wed Feb 06 15:58:25 2003

Subject A long awaited Confrontation.

Hoberathis wandered the forest of Wayreth with a strange look upon his
face. A tingle in the back of his mind let him know that one of his
foe's was nearby. The presence... the longtime villian.. it must be
him.. And finally, I can face him!

With a whisper of magic, and a glance at the water basin, an image began
to take shape... For certain it was Lodanis, but that man next to him...
an old mercenary named Grifter? Lord knows Hoberathis hadn't seen the
likes of him in many a year. But where was the place? It seemed
familiar, the trees reminded him of the woods near Solace.

As he stepped out to the Glyph, Hoberathis raised his arms and uttered a
few words of power, then closing his eyes to envision his target, he
stepped forward into the rift.

Ahh, Solace, may your trees never burn.

Quickly scanning about the area, he noticed a faint aura towards the Inn
of the Last home. "I must be quiet about this or I'll never eat there
again" he muttered to himself. Quietly he crept in through the back, the
shrouds of magic hiding his form.

A toss of sand and a single word, but wait...!

Lodanis lept to his feet and struck at him with a burning fang! How
could he have seen me Hoberathis wondered as he fled the scene. Scanning
about, he noticed the man hadn't given chase, so he approached again.
SLASH, Damnit! I must be losing my touch, he thought as the pain of the
fang burned a few holes into his nice robes. One more time, he thought.
So Hoberathis came back... but this time it was Hober doing the

A lancing pain and shock registered upon Hoberathis face as the fang
stuck deeply into his shoulderblade! With a word of magic, Hoberathis
fled faster than the fabled Carter of old.

Finally after recouping his strength with healing magics, Hoberathis
returned, but this time through the dark caves of his hunting youth. The
goblin stronghold never even noticed him as he passed through them,
lucky for them.

He came upon the thief deep in the forest and tried for the third and
final time. Lodanis' eyes glazed over as he slumped to the floor. The
rest was history.

OOC: Finally caught Lodanis, got worked 3-4 times (lost count) before I
landed a sleep. The rest is history. Gave 5-6 qitems to him to help with
rotted items, nothing looted, not even money.

24 hours protection for Lodanis from myself and Conclave.

Author:  Hoberathis
Date    Wed Feb 06 15:58:25 2003

Subject Respect mah Authoritah!

Waking from a light sleep at the resting room in Wayreth, Hoberathis'
eyes came to light upon another mage of the Black Order, Arrisk was his
name. After seeing if the other mage needed assistance in gathering
provisions, Hoberathis smoothed out his rumpled robes. Doing this
caused the sigils of Highmaster to come into view and brought a hiss
from the human Taskmage.

Hoberathis had noted Arrisks move to secure power in the Order and
realized quickly that this mage might present a problem, both in power
and respect. The mage's lack of words or acquiescence had begun to
disturb Hoberathis, this... human was beginning to grate upon his nerves.

A few slightly underhanded comments about watching ones back were the
last straws for the Highmaster... 'Newly appointed or not, this will NOT
be acceptable, Nuitari guide me.' he thought in quick prayer.

With a quick glance to his Shalafi, the High Archmage Khyldes, he
questioned. Although not a pupil for many years, Hoberathis still
regarded his Shalafi with the utmost honor and bearing. As such, he oft
looked to him for a glimmer of advice. In this case, an almost
unperceptable drop in his Shalafi's eyes gave him his answer as quickly
as if he had spoken the words aloud. 'In any Order, such is not to be
tolerated, show him the way.'

He took himself from the tower, such was the law, and began to try and
ascertain the recently departed mage's whereabouts. 'Ahhhh, Neraka,
that city of the bitch...' he thought as the energies pulled his
thoughts towards that domain.

He stepped from the lifeless form of the hobgoblin he had appeared next
to with a dark chuckle. 'Two for one sale today I see, I recognize
that face...  Foolish Gnrak, you thought I would forget you?'

A quick surveil of the location found the human mage quickly and within
a short time it was over. The man, should he survive the traumatization,
would know respect, or die.

OOC: Arrisk was rude, and showed no respect towards me in the tower, all
the while Khyldes and myself were helping him to figure out equipment
and even donating it. Then after a couple tells with things like 'I'll
get you!' and such, I had taken enough. Taskmage Arrisk will not stand
in my way for control, nor will I tolerate insolence. Nothing was taken,
next time there will be tribute of all forms. 1 Hour protection Arrisk.

Wizard Hoberathis Dathalan, Highmaster of the Black Robes.

Author:  Hoberathis
Date    Wed Feb 23 15:58:25 2003

Subject Even fallen, still worthy, Konan the Minotaur.

After leaving the tower on this fine day, to study the possible
potential of carrion bug spittel in spell components, Hoberathis found
himself passing by a massive minotaur in the caves near Solace. Now
these caves had been known to house some of the ruffian thieves in thier
so called 'guild', so seeing other humanoids was of little notice.

But this minotaur... by the gods it was Konan, former leader of
Takhisis' armies and a being much at odds with Hoberathis's views, not
to mention a dire enemy.

Scanning about his person quickly, Hober tried to find the location of
the beast, but he had left as quickly as he had passed. So with a
grimace and a prayer, Hoberathis quickly decided upon his action, it may
cost him dignity, perhaps conciousness, or worse...

A quick passage of words and the image of the manbeast in his head and
Hoberathis was standing in front of the massive minotaur. Lord almighty,
he sure looked larger up close, Hoberathis thought, but before he could
even ponder upon more, the fight was on. Blast after blast of his
infernal acid spewed at the beast, but the damn thing kept messing up
his spell casting, shoulder after shoulder slammed into Hoberathis!

Realing back with some thought of his own skin, Hoberathis quickly
departed the plane to a quiet place. After a few moments, and the
healer's graceful touch, he was back at the minotaur to finish the fools
mission he had begun. After another drawn out battle it was finally
over, and the minotaur lay unconcious at his feet.

With a look of chagrine, Hoberathis realized that the Minotaur was down
upon his luck, apparently his grace with the Queen Bitch had fallen, for
the massive minotaur was no longer the visage of death that he had

No longer will you grace my thoughts noble beast....

OOC: Konan ran past me in Solace Thieves guild, so I went to solace,
scanned, nada. Then a few other places. Finally I said 'screw it' and
nutted up. C gate konan, c acid Konan and the rest is history. Although
I was VERY nearly history, sad. Konan had little equipment on, I was
decked as far as a mage can. And I still had to heal up. Grats to Konan,
the warrior class, Minotaurs and bash.

24 Hours protection to Konan from myself and all Conclave members,
revokable only upon aggressive action, any Conclave mage failing to
support this protection by breaking it will answer to myself.
(End service announcement).

After this point, the mud split, Jen/Chislev alt-revealed Hoberathis
as my player, Zivilyn, along with accusing him of cheating and other
half-baked lies. Anyway, the once proud mage retired, but had a good ride.

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