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Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Thu Dec  7 18:58:18 2006
Subject  Birth of a Phoenix Part I

The crowds gathered around, the Dark Knights Execution had been scheduled
for that afternoon.  The platform for his death was already erected, waiting
for the doomed man's footsteps.  The executioner is off to the side,
sharpening his weapon.  The Dark Knight paces his cell, asking his Dark
Queen's forgiveness for being caught, and praying for the strength to please
her in his last few moments.  As the clock strikes noon the Solamnic
Knight's come to fetch him.  He is lead to the platform and up the stairs. 
As he stands there, the Solamnic people mock him, jeering, and asking him
where is Queen was now.  He accepted this, then the Grand Master stepped
onto the platform, "You are charged with murder, and of being a follower of
the Dark Queen, do you deny these charges, " the Grand Master said.  "I do
not.  " the knigh stated.  "Very well, you have this last chance to repent,
do you take it, " the Grand Master continues.  "I will -never- repent of my
worship to the Dark Queen, your time is at an end old man, the Knights of
Takhisis will triumph, " he says.  Gathering his breath the Grand Master
announces, "You are hereby sentenced to death by decapitation.  May Paladine
forgive you.   THe Dark Knight spits at the mention of Takhisis' foe and
kneels.  The Grand Master draws his sword and in one swift movement severs
the Dark Knight's head from his body.  

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Fri Dec  8 13:58:56 2006
Subject  Birth of a Phoenix Part II

The Knight's body was dumped unceremoniously outside of the city.  His
head was in a bag attached to his back.  As the Knights turned back to the
gates a blue armored figure left the gates unseen by the Knights.  Looking
at the sad remains of a once proud Knight of Takhisis, he felt a great pity
well in his soul.  Looking down at the remains he softly murmers, "Are you
sure my lord, is this the one to replace me.  " Seeming to hear an answer he
knelt by the figure.  Gently he untied and lifted the bag that was tied
around his belt.  Cutting the strings he removed the knights head.  He put
the head by his neck, as it would have been in life.  Murmering words a blue
light wells from his finger tips.  It quickly surrounds the body of the dead
knight.  As if in a fire the body begins to burn, in a matter of seconds
nothing remains of the body except ashes.  Like a phoenix from its ashes, a
man rises naked from his.  

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Fri Dec  8 16:38:03 2006
Subject  Birth of a Phoenix Part III

As the man rose from the ashes, the armored man smiled.

"W-Where am I, " the now alive Knight asked.

The man replied, "You are outside the city that you were executed

"I'm alive, how, " the knight asked.

"Habbakuk has chosen you to be his next Phoenix, " the man stated

"Habbakuk, why, he is a good god, I follow Takhisis, Queen of
Darkness, " the knight says.

"Do you truly still worship the Dark Queen, " the man asked.  The
Knight opened is mouth and shut it again.  Wondering if he did still
believe in Takhisis.

"Was she there for you at your death, or after your death, " the
man poses a question.  Thinking back to his prayer and the last few
minutes of his life.

"I don't know, " he says.  The man says, "Habbakuk asks for your
service, and with his service comes a price, and a gift.  The gift is
unending life, at least while you hold position of this, " he shows
the Knight a blue feather, "The price is knowing that you will not
be able to die until your task is completed, and you have given a
Habbakuk a new Phoenix to replace yourself, " he finishes.  He gives
the feather to the Knight and begins to walk off.

"Wait,  the Knight cries, "What am I supposed to do, where am I
supposed to go.  "

The man says over his shoulder "Go to a temple of Habbakuk, they can
give armor that they have collected over the years, and show you your
path.  " 

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Tue Dec 12 16:05:04 2006
Subject  Birth of a Phoenix Part IV

The Knight had gone to the temple of Habbakuk.  However, he had taken
a slight detour before arrving.  A women had approached him while he
was walking towards the temple and had given him some food.

To stunned to protest he had gone with her and found himself telling
her his story.  He grinned sarcastically as he saw the shock and
disbelief register on her face.  She was a kind person however and led
him to the Temple.

He almost laughed out loud at the clerics antics.  They seemed stunned
beyond belief that the man who came in, practically naked except for a
cloak.  Their astonished faces soon took on a more serious note as
they spotted the feather.

They quickly went about their tasks after they fetched some armor and
blue ribbon.  He asked what the blue ribbon was for and the cleric
replied that he was to stitch it around the edges of his armor.

Hacing nothing else to do he did that and quickly changed into the
armor.  Then the clerics brough out a beautiful scimitar, they called
it "Kingfisher's Talon."  Grabbing the weapon he felt Habakkuks
blessing on it.

Swing it a few times, he was suprised to see that it fit into his
style of swordplay is if it was made for him.  Thanking the clerics he
asked directions to the temple of Paladine, he wished to visit that
women again.

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Sat Mar  3 10:15:40 2007
Subject     The Path of a Phoenix

Jahrun calmly walked out of Palanthas, his sword, The Kingfisher's Talon,
bounced loosly at his side.  He had received orders from his Patron Knight
and he was intent on carrying them out.  Walking in a southerly direction
Jahrun had time to reflect on what had happened since he had been taken to
the Temple of Habbakuk.  Jahrun had recently been named a Priest.  Jahrun
now felt a connection with Habbakuk.  He was able to heal minor wounds, and
could call down Habbakuk's blessing on those who were worthy.  As the day
turned to night and twilight came, Jahrun reached his destination, a small
cave in a mountain south of Palanthas.  As he entered the cave, a clamness
took hold of him.  Suddenly he knew exactly what he needed to do, as he
entered the cave he knelt down, and placed his sword reverently on a stone
that rose from the center of the sand covered floor.  A blue light suffused
the blade and from the blue jewel came a voice.  "Greetings my Phoenix," the
voice in the jewel said, the voice hollow, but strong and filled with
authority.  Jahrun's eyes widened as recognition came.  Falling to his knees
before the sword, "I am not worthy for you to speak to me, my Lord.  "
"Nonsense my Phoenix, you have followed me since the time you were born,
though you may not have known it at the time," the voice said. 
Understanding dawned on him, as he realized the reason he had never been
able to perform the feats that he could know.  Still kneeling he says,
"Thank you, my Lord, for visiting me so, you have eased the fears that have
haunted me."  The voice intoned, "Your are most welcome my Phoenix, now go
forth and finish your training."  The blue light that had infused the blade
faded and the gem grew cold.  Taking up the sword Jahrun prepared camp. 
With the dawn Jahrun woke and headed for Palanthas, he would return and
report to his Sponser.  

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Tue Apr 17 00:04:31 2007
Subject     A Phoenix's Grief

Jahrun enters the Temple of Habbakuk, his head bowed, and prayers on his
lips.  "Lord Habbakuk, show me what I need to know, let me remember why I
was in Solamnia, " Jahrun says, searching his heart for the answer that he
dreads.  No flashing lights come, not divine words come floating down from
the heavens, this is something Jahrun must realize.  As he continues his
searching, words lost in time, float back to him.  "Knight Jahrun, the Queen
has a mission for you.  " Jahrun winces as he begins to remember the
conversation, one sentence hanging in his mind, "The Dark Queen has a
mission for you, you are to seek out one who was once her's but is now a
Knight of Solamnia, seek out, Lanfear.  " Jahrun's heart sinks lower as he
remembers the last missive he sent, "I have found him, though I have been
found out somehow, here is where he is at.  " Tears stream down his face as
he confronts the cold reality.  Quickly standing, he turns and walks out the
temple, his foodsteps ringing on the floor as he walks, out of the keep.  

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Sat May 19 17:28:42 2007
Subject     A Phoenix's Grief; Part II

Jahrun waited for the day, in a cell, his head bowed as he sat there. 
Grief, pain, despair, but above all else, guilt flows through his head, the
mixture of feelings tearing him apart.  It was his fault that a man lie dead
in his grave, but thats not the part that disturbed him, the part that
caused so much turmoil, was that the man was a Solamnic Knight.  And then,
as if to put more onto his load, the Knight had been his Patron Knight's
beloved.  Grief twisted a cruel knife in his gut, despair clouded his mind
and vision.  Everything to him were in shades of grey, except for himself,
he was the black stain on the knighthood.  He continues to hold his head
low, then slowly, he raises his head back up, determination in his eyes. 
His Patron Knight may be defending him, but he was allowed a say as to the
charges, and what he said would be so damning that he would have to get a
guilty verdict.  Then, he would end his own life, plunging his soul to the
abyss, where it belonged.  Even now he thinks that he can feel the pull of
the Dark Queen's talons, as she twists him and deforms him from who he had
once been.  Back then, his grey eyes had shone with the fever of Habbakuk,
his sword delivering blows to the enemy.  But now, those grey eyes are
haunted, tunnels of pain that reflect the bleakness he feels.  But, it was
something he had done, and the past and future are forever intertwined. 
Just because he did the deed in another time, under another banner, does not
mean that he did not do the deed.  Jahrun is past forgiveness.   

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Tue May 29 19:58:25 2007
Subject     The Hunger of a Phoenix

Jahrun stood silent next to the grave of Sir Lanfer, as the last of the
three days he had been told to stand there drew to a close.  His stomach
writhed with hunger, but Jahrun didn't notice it.  Since he had been gifted
with the feather, small things like eating and drinking were more of a
habit, then an actual necessity.  His grey eyes wander over the horizon as
the sun sinks with a final burst of light and twilight comes over the city,
the stars twinkling in the heavens.  Jahrun's gaze lifts up towards the
skies, as he spots the constellation of the Dark Queen.  His eyes move
along, past Gilean, and past Paladine, before they rest on the Phoenix, the
constellation of Habbakuk.  In his mind Jahrun questions himself and his
beliefs.  Why was he still here, why had he been found not guilty of
bringing about Sir Lanfer's death.  A thought echos through his mind, maybe,
just maybe, he wasn't guilty.  A few moments later a man comes up to him and
says, "Come it is time for you to enter your servitude of the temples.  "
Jahrun nods once, before turning towards the Keep and the Temples, his head
still hung down, but his walk not as weary.  

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Sat Jun  2 13:49:44 2007
Subject     The Hunger of a Phoenix. II

Jahrun just did not get it, he was literally and totally at a lose for
what had happened to him earlier in the day.  It had started as usual, then,
Lady Aramynia had come and spoken with the High Priest of the temple. 
Shortly afterwards, Lady Aramynia told Jahrun to get his things and meet her
on the road, his time in the Temple of Habbakuk was over, and it was time
for him to serve in the Temple of Kiri-Jolith.  As they walked, they talked,
and stopped at a fountain briefly.  And here was the part that had Jahrun
confused, and his emotions twisted.  She forgave him, and trusted him enough
to tell him her life's story, all of it.  What was worse, was his own
growing fondness of Lady Aramynia.  He had led to the death of her
betrothed, and his growing fondness, was possibly more disturbing then how
she could forgive him so completely.  His head swam with the conflictions. 
Putting his head into his hands, he tried to organize his thoughts, he tried
to figure out what the hell was happening and what he should do.  Jahrun
thinks, hard and long, trying to figure the thing out.  His honor is
tarnished, beyond repair; his actions led to the death of her betrothed.  He
slowly comes to a realization, as much as he may care for her, and as much
as she forgives him, he can't let this go further, least they do something
they both regret.  Of course thats what he intends to do, but, what you
intend to do, and what happens is rarely if ever the same.  Still unable to
forgive himself, but slowly coming to the realization, that maybe just maybe
thats what he needs to do, in order to get a small portion of his honor,
Jahrun sits there.  An elderly priest comes up to him, old but still in full
battle armor the priest says, "Come, we have tasks that you must complete. 

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Mon Jun 18 17:23:34 2007
Subject     The Redemption of a Phoenix.

Jahrun was free of his punishment.  He had toiled for the past months in
the temples, toiled and thought.  His grey eyes are still haunted by the
deeds of the past, but in that there is always the realization that he has
been forgiven.  He looks around his room, the suit of armor that Aramynia
had given him, hanging next to his regular chainmail.  Sighing as he makes
his decision, he slips the chainmail on, he doesn't feel like dealing with
the plate mail.  Looking at the note that Aramynia had given him, he
crumples it, not believing its contents.  Looking around the room, he heads
out, his sword clasped at his side, and his feather in his hat.  Getting to
the stable master he says, "Get a horse ready, and make sure it can take me
to New Thalos.  " Shaking his head as he looks at the note one more time,
before stuffing it in his chainmail.  Long ride ahead of him.  

Author:    Jahrun         
Date:      Fri Jul  6 19:06:28 2007
Subject     The Imprisonment of a Phoenix

Jahrun had gone down to an old tavern, on the docks, to speak with some
contacts that he had there.  He did not come as a knight, he wore a heavy
cloak and no armor, his hood drawn up.  Everyone there, only knew him as the
priest, no name attatched to it, or what god he was a priest to.  He had
been drinking with an aquaintence by the name of the Lyndol, about a certain
thief that had been plaguing Palanthas.  While there..  He had a few too
many drinks, and some of the thief's own aquaintinces where evidently there,
and they waited till he had stumbled out of the tavern, on his way back to
the keep.  He didn't put up much of a feet, with no sword, and no armor, and
not wanting to reveal his identity so close to the tavern where he had his
contacts.  The footpads, beat him, until the thief that was plaguing
Palanthas arrived and took him.  As he regained conciousness, on the back of
a horse, all tied up, he looked towards the fading lights of Palanthas, and
a single whispered sentence came from his mouth, "Forgive me, Aramynia.  " 

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