The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kamodo.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a giant book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kamodo' scribed in brilliant blue ink.

Author:           Kamodo
Date    Wed May  3 00:30:32 2006
Subject  Information

A man, in shabby robes walks to every corner in the Lord city of Palanathas.
On each corner he speaks to everyone he meets.

He also puts up annoucments asking for help. The annoucment states that a man
is looking for his family. According to the man his grandfather was a Knight
of Solamnia, first name of Kam. His daughter, "Mary", married a man also of
the knighthood. He was killed six years ago in Southern Solamnia.

Solamnia. This is all the infomation the man has of his family. It goes on to
say, I have searched the lIbaries and have turned up no infomation.
Please help me.

Send word to Great Dome in care of Kamodo. The man continues his search,
knowing only that his mother was destroyed with his village of Tarrga five
years ago.

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

Astinus points to the massive wall of books behind him and bids you to make a selection.

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Astinus mentions 'We have had over 823 storytellers on Ansalon pen their epic stories here for all to read.'