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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kedrian.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a dirty book showing much wear on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kedrian' scribed in unearthly green ink.

Author:    Kedrian        
Date:      Sun Sep 17 09:08:05 2006
Subject  Along the trails

And so it began.  The young child lay in the arms of the midwife, her
young mother smiling up as she was being cleaned up.  The father hovered
near the doorway, his face lit brilliantly with a smile.  The little one
fussed and cried a bit.  The young mother took the child from the midwife. 
The child fussed a bit, then started eating.  

Time passed, and with it, the young child grew up.  She learned the ways of
the forest, as well as the ways of the cities.  From one parent, she learned
what is was to have her human heritage on display, and learned how to act
among other humans.  From the other parent, she learned what it was to be
elven, both in elven society and among other races on the world.  And among
what she learned, there was love, harmony, and honor.  

And still, time passed.  The young child, now a young woman, made the
decision to travel to see the world outside the place she grew up.  Her
parents, although not happy with her decision, helped her pack and bid her
on her way.  

And she traveled, seeking knowledge, gathering information, and meeting
those out there.  And her upbringing would not allow her to turn her face
from those around her, so she talked to them.  And she met minotaurs, elves,
humans, and small ones.  Those she met followed dieties she had only heard
of, those of the pathways of Good, of Neutrality, and of Evil.  And from
each of them, she learned just a little.  Her own chosen diety, she was safe
in her worship of.  

Her travels took her far beyond anything she had ever known.  And on her
travels, she heard stories of a noble group of people who resided deep in
forests.  She decided to seek these people out and ask to learn from them. 
Yet they were ellusive and cunning.  Her determination set, she traveled to
a place known as Solace and learned of the people whom she looked for.  And
she left word with travelers that she was searching for them, hoping that
word would make it to them of her interest.  

Author:    Kedrian        
Date:      Fri Oct 13 21:07:43 2006
Subject  An awakening

And there she stood, her eyes looking over the forest where so much blood
had been shed in the past.  And her way in life became more clear to her. 
Calling upon the God of Flame, her chosen diety, she crossed the forest and
stood before the Twin Pillars that stood as the watchtowers to her home. 
She entered them and saw that the home she once heard voices and sounds in
was strangely quiet.  She explored the empty caves and grew saddened by the
emptyness that met her.  

She cleaned out what debris that had been blown into the bare walkways and
repaired what she could before setting out through the forest to try to seek
the knowledge of what had happened to her family and friends, and to bring
others to join her in her journey.  

Author:    Kedrian        
Date:      Sun Oct 15 07:05:56 2006
Subject  Decisions

The tree top provided a good place for sitting, relaxing, and sorting out
one's thoughts.  And that was exactly what Kedrian did.  

She sat in the top of the large tree in the Wildrunner's Hall and looked
over the forest that she'd sworn to protect.  She had spent a week in the
forest surrounding the Hall, hoping that she would meet with Wildrunners who
had possibly been gone on their journey, but alas, this had not happened and
she returned to the Hall and performed domestic duties such as sweeping
weeks, and possibly years worth of dead leaves and such from the Hall,
making it clean and liveable.  Then one of the creatures that made the Hall
it's home told her that something lurked just outside the entrance.  She
carefully made her way outside, and came face to face with a minotaur. 
After a while, she brought him into the ranks of the Wildrunners and
continued with her cleaning.  

It was the on the third day after the minotaur's entrance into the
Wildrunners that she came across a room in the Hall that was set as a
memorial to Kith-Kanon.  She sat in that room and let her thoughts drift to
the past, thinking about what must have been while he had been alive.  And,
after a while, she explored more of that area and found the Caerns of the
Fallen, paying her respect to those no longer walking on the plane of the
living.  Remembering who she was and where she had come from, she explored
more and came across a long hallway that looked to have personal rooms.  She
explored them, learning the rich history of the people who had once lived
there, and were now lost.  

Suddenly, she was anxious for the minotaur to return to the Hall so that she
could speak with him about the Clan and to see what the two of them could do
to bring life back to the Wildrunner and restore them to their glory.  

Author:    Kedrian        
Date:      Tue Apr 10 03:04:29 2007
Subject     Mystery of the forest

The trees seemed to bend in the gently breeze.  Kedrian sat on a tree
limb near the top of a large tree near what she had considered her home for
a while.  Yet, there were whispers that traveled on the wind, calling to
her.  She closed her eyes, listening to the whispers.  They called for her
to follow them.  She makes the choice, climbing down from her perch and
following carefully.  

The voices seem to lead her deep into the forest.  The trees seem to get
closer together, fighting for space as they twist upward.  

The voices seem to sound from a darkened cave.  She continues inward,
walking carefully down the rocky path.  

The figure of a man sat in a dimly lit area of the cave.  His eyes seemed to
shine as she entered his view.  She started to stop, but he called to her. 
Feeling it seemingly safe, she entered the cave and sat on the ground beside
the man, looking up at him in wonder.  His hand touched her face and the dim
light seemed to fade.  

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