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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Khanon.

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Author:    Khanon         
Date:      Wed Jun  6 00:08:09 2007
Subject     The quest for knighthood

 Glancing down at the sword at his waist a sigh escaped his lips.  The
battered and plain hilt, the dull and dinged blade left little to be
desired.  Likely a pawnshop would only give him a few gold for such an
unworthy instrument of battle.  

Returning his attention to the task at hand he peered amongst the leaves at
the bugbear den before him and hoped that perhaps if he completed his task
the Knighthood would grant him a new blade to love.  Standing from his
crouched position he rose and approached the den faltering slightly on a
fallen limb along the way.  As he approached the bugbears heard the rustle
of leaves as he stumbled and began to shriek wildly.  

With a momentary frown at his own carelessness he drew the old blade from
its sheath and advanced more quickly.  

There were more than expected and the vermin began spilling out of the den
in preparation to defend against the intruder.  Khanon lifted his blade in a
high guard as the first two advanced on him rapidly and with a strong
downward slash dispatched the first.  The second was more agile causing
Khanon to drop to one knee and pull his blade in a backward arcing motion. 
The bugbear evaded easily and slashed at his forearm opening two bloody
slices on his forearm.  Switching the blade to his left hand and removing
his shield from his back simaltaneously he lunged forward and thrust the
broadsword through the beasts heart.  

Using his foot to hold the corpse still he tore the blade from it's bloody
capture and advanced into the den.  As he entered the den he lost track of
how many he slew and time seemed to stand still as he followed the motions
the weaponsmaster has taught him.  High guard, downward slash, thrust,
shield block and another corpse at his feet.  Although during the intensity
of the fight it felt as if time slowed and he had forever to calculate each
action the den was cleared within a half hours time.  Being sure he
completed his task he thoroughly checked each nook and cranny of the den and
only paused to remove a claw from one of the beasts.  

As he exited the den he wiped the blood clean from the proof of completion
of his task and began his trek back to town.  

Author:    Khanon         
Date:      Thu Jun 14 01:15:54 2007
Subject     The endlesss quest.

 The sun had risen only an hour prior and the traces of dew could still
be seen leeching into the green flora about the trail.  Khanon was sent on
another of many tasks to prove his worth to the Knighthood.  Although, he
did recognize the benefit of such tasks for what they were.  He was not only
demonstrating his abilities to his superiors but also on a quest to learn
more of himself.  That was why even though some Knights see these tasks as
menial, Khanon made sure he did his best on each.  He thought to himself,
"How does one become irritated when one can learn so much if the effort is

As he traveled he contemplated many views as to why this trip and th enext
task and the next are so beneficial to the growth of an individual.  As his
mind began to digress off to another topic he found himself surprised his
journey had gone so quickly.  Not fifty yards before him he saw the first of
many dens that he had orders to clear out.  

One one one these bugbears were no match for him however in large numbers
circumstances became unpredictable.  That was why he took the utmost caution
in approaching his first target and planning his course of attack.  

He advanced quickly from the south side and offered no warning.  These were
not creatures of reason nor honor and therefore not accorded the Knightly
etiquette so followed by the Brotherhood.  

Coming up behind his first target he slide his blade through its back and
out between the third and forth ribs on the opposing side.  The two
remaining creatures rushed at him as he yanked his blade from the dying
vermin and spun in a circle to decapitate one of the advancing pair.  He
drew a dagger with his off hand to parry a blow from the remaining assailant
but replaced it immediately after to focus his full attention to his blade. 

His body fell into actions of habit and he felt his mind seperate from the
actions he was performing.  The blade which so recently felt so foreign to
him now drew his mind to marvel at the beauty of the combination of
practicality and art in its design.  The light glinted this way and that off
of the blade as the blood splashed every few swings.  He thought to himself,
"does Lord Railen understand how much this gift means to me..?"  

Author:    Khanon         
Date:      Thu Jun 14 01:23:24 2007
Subject     The endless quest cont...

 His thoughts traveled back to the one thing his father had provided for
him and almost reached within his armor to touch it.  And so his mind
meandered and heart bounced around from sadness to respect and all around

Meanwhile the den had emptied of its inhabitants and at least a dozen
corpses lay about the site of battle.  Despite Khanon's detachment he had
been efficient and it was clearly a slaughter.  His mind slowly faded back
to connect with the bodly world and the mix of emotions he had been feeling
about Railen and his father turned to much darker feelings.  All about him
corpses bled and gurgled emitting the iron smell of blood and death.  It was
true that he loved battle and the many intricacies of sword play but that
much blood and loss of life was draining him.  

Attempting to remove himself from his inevitably depressing thought process
he headed out to do more of the same.  He would have to fill his time with
action more than thought and in this way perhaps exhaustion would keep his
mind from wondering.  For know the sanctuary of knowing he mourned the death
of even the most vile of creatures would have to be enough.  Who knows,
perhaps by completing this task for the Knighthood he saved lives.  

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