The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Khevin.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a leather bound tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Khevin' scribed in vibrant yellow ink.

Author:    Khevin         
Date:      Fri Apr 23 12:30:46 2010
Subject     Born from Fire

I awoke from the same dream once more. Sweat dripped from me despite the
cold of the bunk room I shared with the other acolytes. The same dream had
haunted me for 12 years now. Some would call it a nightmare but I still
thought of it as my right of passage.

I had been rescued from that fire I still dream of, it consumed my parents
and siblings and yet I had escaped any ill affect in the searing heat of the
burning building. That is of course unless you consider the lack of hair on
my body to be an ill affect.

From the way the darkness was receding I could tell it was almost time for
morning prayers and so started this day like I had every other for the last
12 years. Being the first to the bath house had its advantages and
disadvantages. No one had yet been to draw water from the well but the work
helped to focus my mind and the freezing cold water was a welcome relief to
my sweat soaked body.

This morning was different though. As I poured the water over me it seemed
to heat more quickly than normal as if I was a raging inferno and soon the
room was filled with hot steam and still I could not cool down. It was in
the growing light that I first saw the possible reason for this phenomenon.
Etched in the skin of my stomach and going up my chest were what appeared to
be flames tattooed in full colour and as I moved to see them better they
appeared alive and burning with an intense ferocity. 

Author:    Khevin         
Date:      Mon Jun 28 08:39:59 2010
Subject     A New Beginning

For the first time in my life I found the routine of the monastery to be
stifling. There was no room for spontaneity in the rigid regime that guided
our lives. During the morning prayers I felt the need to dance about wildly
and to sing the praise of Sirrion to the world but one look from Ghustav
almost doused that desire. I knew immediately that it was time for me to
move on and make my own mark in the world.

Packing was easy, as we had virtually no private possessions, choosing where
to go proved a lot more difficult. There were two obvious choices Palanthas
the Lord City or Neraka the Dark Queens capital. 

I decided to leave the where to chance, Sirrion would guide me to where I
was needed, and trying to second guess the whims of a god was pointless. It
turns out my decision was the right one. At the cross roads that led west to
Palanthas or south east to Neraka was caravan looking to hire guards. I
hoped the old lady in the carriage, who commanded the commander of the
guards to hire me, did so because she recognised my martial prowess and not
because of the tight leather pants I was wearing or the bulging muscles from
years of carrying water and doing other menial chores.

We set off south-east, towards Neraka I guessed but while speaking to the
other guards learned that we would not be going to the capital as the lady
had an estate outside the city. i hoped that on a day off Id be able to get
away to the city to explore it. 

Author:    Khevin         
Date:      Sat Oct 16 15:50:17 2010
Subject     Sibling Rivalry

"That's it you little..." ooof was all that followed and that was all I
needed to hear to know it was time to intervene.

Kicking down the door and doing a roll to end up between the two feuding
siblings was all I could muster before they started the next volley of
attacks. This time aimed at me.

"Stay out of it, you snivelling worm, " screamed Bernadette as I easily
parried her dagger thrust and brought the side of my hand down on her wrist
disarming her before turning to deal with the much greater threat.

Her silence is what alerted me to the danger and just in time I interrupted
her from casting who knows what spell at me. I quick jab to the solar plexus
was all it took but my instincts informed me there was an imminent attack
from her older sister again. 

Spinning and dropping into a crouch I grabbed the hand thrusting the dagger
and pulled her forward with her momentum over my out stretched leg there by
sending her sprawling most unlady like, much like the curses that sprang
from her lips.

Turning back to Berelise and seeing she had started to recover I moved
quickly to her side and put an arm lock on her, effectively stopping her
from casting again.

"You both know the rules of engagement, " I said calmly, "if you are to
attempt to kill each other there are to be no possible witnesses. Now both
of you are to report to the weapons training room where you will do an extra
two hours of dagger practice."

Bernadette stomped off wailing about how unfair it was that she would miss
supper again but I knew she wouldn't dare go to her mother to complain as
the punishment from her would be ten times worse.

Berelise on the other hand turned on her sickly sweet smile and said "You
won't always be around to save me from her you know."

To which I replied "It's not her I'm saving you from. Next time make sure
you really are alone when you entice her to try and kill you."

I knew then that it would not be much longer until there was only one heir
and headed off to pack my meagre belongings. By dawn I was many miles away
walking along the well used road to Tarsis. Maybe on my next stop I would
find what Sirrion had been guiding me to. 

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