The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kilandara.

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You note the spine bears the word 'Kilandara' scribed in burnt grey ink.

Author:  Kilandara
Date    Sun Dec 16 09:16:16 2001

Subject  The Taint

As a new day dawns, Kilandara finds herself more and more in the temple of
Habbakuk. Obviously, many clerics live in the temples of their deities, but
Kilandara must also run the Light Holy Order.

As she sits by the window, she looks out at the rising sun and starts to
wonder about her curse. She sits silently contemplating life, death, and what
she might be forced to do...

I cannot let myself succumb to the evil inside me...I cannot let it win.
She sighs and thinks of the matter of Kaelay. A lost one. I am saddened by
her departured...

She sighs and goes back to thinking about herself. I I pray that I
will not be like that myself...I cannot stand this any longer, but I must be
strong! For myself, my clan, and my friends. I CANNOT falter.

Yet she hesitates and starts to sob quietly, But I am so afraid...I...I
don't want any of my friends to be hurt. Habbakuk, please, give me strength
and courage so that I may...survive...this taint.

She quietly sits there, knowing there will be no answer. Regardless, she gets
to her feet and wipes her tears. The little black strand of hair manages to
get in the way of her face, which she immediately brushes it aside.

After regaining her composure, she puts her hood on and silently makes her way
out of the temple, heading in the direction of the Holy Order temple.

Even though it is only Astea and I, we can make a
She walks silently back to the Holy Order temple, trying to think of plans to
help Palanthas regain it's former glory.

Author:  Kilandara
Date    Fri Dec 21 18:33:50 2001

Subject  The Corruption begins

As Kilandara wanders the halls, she thinks of two things. First, is that the
rebuilding of Palanthas is coming out very well.

Second, she cannot stop thinking about the taint. Simply put, it is starting
to get worse. Whatever little control she has, is slowly vanishing...

As she walks the Hall, she looks at the acolytes walking around, doing
whatever work is needed. She cannot help to imagine what would happen if she
did lose it, and went to thinkg about how she knew Habbakuk would be there to
help her.

She is wrather depressed at the lack of faith that Kaelay showed, and hopes
that she will not be the same. No...I cannot be like that, I must continue
to show Habbakuk I care. I will not fall victim to Nuitari's torture...

She grumbles lightly and continues the stroll, ending up in the temple garden,
a place she frequently visits. She happily looks at the blooming flowers,
knowing she has helped grow some of them.

As she walks over to a flower, she suddenly feels a pain in her head. She puts
one hand to it in an attempt to hopefully help diminish it, but nothing

She puts another hand to her head as the pain inreases. No...this can't be
happening! As she loses herself in the pain, she starts to scream, at least
she thinks.

Her blond hair starts to lose it's color, fading to an onyx black. Her eyes
retain a gain eerie red glow and she can barely take the pain. The only
thought to flash through her mind is a plee for help from Habbakuk.

As the rather painful event finishes, she seems locked behind her own eyes. A
small laugh escapes what seem to be her lips. Her hair is completely black
now, except for one blond strand, and she has red eyes.

She cannot will her body and is trapped. However, she does not give up easily.
Concentrating all of her strength and placing faith in Habbakuk, she starts to

The person that appears doesn't seem to be rather surprised, but both are
going through intense pain. This time, a scream is easily heard escaping her
lips as the pain becomes obscene.

With one last scream, she returns to normal (except for her black wisp of
hair). Her hair regains it's color, and her eyes fade, returning to blow. She
collapses into a heap on the floor, her body not being able to take more.

An acolyte that had been watching all along gasps in fear. He looks on at this
rather startling event and rushes for help. Kilandara just lies there, wounded
in her mind and body, but not in her spirit.

She sees through blurry eyes as the acolytes rush to her aid and whispers
Habbakuk...tha...n..k. She completely blacks out.

Author:  Kilandara
Date    Sun Dec 23 10:36:09 2001

Subject  The Shimmer of Hope

It was just another day in Palanthas. Kilandara Brightstar was at the temple
of Habbakuk, performing daily prayers and the like and taking a break from
rebuilding Palanthas.

At least until the stranger arrived. His name was Chathiel Leafwatcher and he
was searching for his lost brother, whom he took to be dead.

Consolences were given, and he was assured that his brother would live on in
his heart if he only had hope. The search for the lost brother was underway in
Palanthas, although the two remained in the temple.

Chathiel sensed trouble in Kilandara, and she told him of her horrid tale.
Once finished, they both recited prayers to Habbakuk, praying for Chathiel's
brother and Kilandara's health.

Once they were finished, Chatiel brought about the truth. Asking for her to
hold out her hand, she complied and he took it. After saying a prayer to
Chislev and Habbakuk, she was given a small totem of Hope.

Needless to say, she was shocked. Faranthalel then revealed his true identity
and explained what it was. He then returned to his brothers and sisters,
leaving Kilandara alone and surprised in the temple.

She left it and ordered the search to finish. The rebuilding must continue.
Will this cure her of her taint? What role will Hope play when the time is

(ooc note) sorry if it's a bit short and blunt, but I basically summarized the
rp. Hope you like it.

Author:  Kilandara
Date    Wed Jan 23 04:22:12 2002

Subject  The Awakening

Kilandara slept fitfully that night in the Inn of Last Hope. She had just
arrived recently because she had left the Holy Order to protect them.

It was a rough journey and she was tired. After having a talk with Tarantel,
she was planning on going to Rockwilde, the remains of a city, to be alone
until her curse passed.

But during that night, she fell into a dreamless sleep. Even though it was
peaceful at first, she started tossing and turning in no time.

She woke up quickly and looked around, forgetting where she was. After
regaining her senses, she sees a glow coming from the footlocker at the foot
of her bed that Tarantel had put her equipment in.

She went over and quickly opened in and amazingly, a greatsword now layed in
there. The glow diminished and she looked at it with awe.

A voice whispered in her head, 'I am Hope!' She was rather surprised if
anything, but she soon remembered the totem that Faranthalel had given her.
After a moments thought, she took the greatsword and went over to Tarantel to
tell him that she was going to stay.

Author:  Kilandara
Date    Mon Jan 28 04:07:21 2002

Subject  The Purification Begins

It was another fitful night as Kilandara tossed and turned in her bed. She was
disrupted daily now by these nightmares which didn't let her sleep. But this
night it was different.

As she slept, a soft glow started to cover her Greatsword Hope. It seemed to
pulse with some forgotten magic as it shined. The glow itself awoke Kilandara
who could only watch the blade in awe.

As she watched, the sword did it's work. she felt optimistic, hopeful, and
more refreshed then ever. Her black hair started to glow red, then blue, then
finally, it started to fade back to blond.

She let out an audible gasp as the wisp of blac hair had slowly begun to
vanish. Almost immediately, she sat up and started to write a note to Tarantel
explaining that she had to back to Palanthas immediately.

When she was done, she ran out of her room and found Cerina. Please give
this to Tarantel and tell him to be absolutely optimistic, I wi...' At those
words, she vanished the note left in Cerina's hand.

After reappearing in the Holy Order temple she stood their stunned for a
second and immediately started to dispatch acolytes to find Astea and she sent
a small amount of clerics to Solace.

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