The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kilst.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn folio on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kilst' scribed in faded white ink.

Author:    Kilst          
Date:      Sun Jan 22 12:53:19 2017
Subject     Kilst's bio...

I grew up in Thorbardin... Ran with the local crew, and had a smoke or two... That's when I began my love affair with Miss Mary Jane, but that's another story... Anyhow, I learned most of the relevant thief skills from Korgg, and the old bunch, but I grew bored with having no life. So I became a ranger! Wandering out of Thorbardin to the Plains of Dust. Where I played hide 'n go seek with the nomads... They provided me with cannabis, I provided them with local dwarven lore and trinkets... Korgg taught me to backstab and sneak, the nomads taught me how to live... I used to shoot little wandering desert rodents with my bow, and cook em up under the sand... Too band I always just hacked them to pieces, and didn't skin them. Oh well... Anyways, this one weekend, I wandered all the way to the Tundra south of Tarsis, and ran into a frost dragon if you would believe... Snow is very much like sand, so I was able to get away no problem, but that big ass thing gave me a wanderlust... I had to really become a ranger, and kill one of those things eventually... So, I went to the elves in Qualinost... Master Laroshell was really understanding of my background, and he became my tutor... The most important thing he taught me was how to synthesize DiMethylTriptamine from every plant. But he did send me to Solace a lot... That's where I met with the Solace Thieves Guild, and tried their cannabis... Decent, but I'll go visit them today to see if they are worthy of trying the desert shit...

The Storytellers of Ansalon, The DragonLance MUD

Astinus points to the massive wall of books behind him and bids you to make a selection.

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Astinus sighs as he recants 'We saved 825 books from Ansalon from before the great Cataclysm through today.'