The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Kythlion.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a miniscule pocket book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Kythlion' scribed in vibrant orange ink.

Author:         Kythlion
Date    Fri Apr 28 22:08:07 2006
Subject  The Dark Path of Kythlion Ecorse

Born in the year 364 P.  C.  To a poor family of servants, Kythlion spent
most of his early years in poverty.  While his parents and older sibling
were away, working long hours for the rich merchants, Kythlion was tutored
by his stern and unforgiving grandfather in the ways of war and the art of
swordplay.  The grandfather was a hard and cruel man, and under his
tutelage, Kythlion became a most formidible swordsman by the age of sixteen.
However, recently new events have dramatically altered the course of his
life.  Just as Kythlion was preparing for the day's drills and exercises he
heard a scream from his grandfathers room.  Kythlion burst into his
grandfather's room to find a Solamnic Knight standing over his grandfather,
still grasping the longsword that impaled the old man's chest.  - Kythlion
drew forth his sword and cut down the Knight, who was also quite elderly. 
Just as his grandfather died, he whispered "I have trained you how to kill,
but not why.  Seek that answer in Takhisis."  .  At that, the old man was
dead and Kythlion set forth to learn the ways of Takhisis.  It has been a
year since he began his studies in the ways of Her Dark Majesty, the the
Order of the Lily.  Hardened by poverty and years of rigorous training and
now a devout follower of Takhisis, Kythlion dreams of one day joining the
elite Knights of Takhisis.  
Independence breeds chaos. Submit and be strong.
       All Hail Takhisis

Author:         Kythlion
Date    Mon Jun  5 22:06:13 2006
Subject  The Vision

Foreword It has been many moons since we last heard of the life and
times of Kythlion Ecorse.  The last tale was of the early years leading up
to Kythlion's induction into the elite Knights of the Lily.  The tale I
offer you now is about to unfold....  It was nightfall when Kythlion
returned to the Temple of Takhisis to report to his superiors.  Just before
entering the temple, a young page ran up and delivered a message stating
that the senior officers weren't to be expected until daybreak.  After
dismissing the page, Kythlion entered the temple and collapsed onto a nearby
pew.  Just as sleep was about to overtake him, Kythlion awoke to a start.  A
loud noise....  But from where.  Groggily he stumbled to the back of the
room where he found a trap door had slammed open, which seemed quite
impossible due to the fact that the trap door swings up.  Pondering what
could have caused this to occur, Kythlion stood dumbfounded for a few
moments and then decided to climb down the ladder and investigate further. 
No intruders were to be found, that was of little concern.  Looking around
himself, Kythlion beheld the most magnificent crypt ever created.  Ornate
carving cover the blacked platinum walls.  Rows of upright coffins proudly
display Knights of Her Dark Majesty in all their garb of war.  Just as
Kythlion turned to return to the temple above, a slow movement at the end of
the long hall caught his eye.  A large door cast of pure platinum slowly
swung open before Kythlion's eyes.  Kythlion unstrapped one of his axes
hastily and rushed down the meaning to strike down anyone meaning to defile
or loot the crypts.  As soon as Kythlion crossed the threshhold of the
doorway the axe dropped from his hand and he slowly slumped to the ground as
if in a trance.  It was the sight of the statue of the great Lord Ariakan,
founder of the knighthood.  In what seemed like a dream the vision began to
flood Kythlion's mind.  In the vision Kythlion found himself walking down a
path.  The very soil seemed to glitter in the moonlight.  On either side of
the path, large statues rose up, depicting things both beautiful and horrid
at once.  Looking up, Kythlion was awestruck at the sight of a Palace so
large it consumed the entire horizon.  As he drew closer, Chromatic Dragons
of every color began to come into view.  Circling high about the
breathtaking structures that made up the palace, the dragons appeared to be
dueling with one another in preparation for future battles.  Several squares
begin to come into view, forming at the intersection of the streets sprawing
out in front of the palace.  Filling these squares are countless ranks of
Humans, Demons, Dwarves and Minotaurs.  All of them standing shoulder to
shoulder, weapons in hand.  Looking skyward Kythlion is amazed to see that
the sky is all but blackened by the sheer number of dragons flying above. 
Suddenly the dragons part, and Kythlion sensed an omnipotent presence loo
king down upon him.  Suddenly Kythlion was bathed in a brilliant light that
filled every inch of his body and soul.  Kythlion was shown his death and
the role he was to play in the Knighthood.  After several moments of this
Kythlion began to realize that Her Dark Majesty, Takhisis had laid the path
shown before him long before he was born.  At the very moment he realized
this, Kythlion snapped awake.  Just as quick as it had taken him, the vision
was gone.  Slowly, Kythlion rose to his feet.  Snapping to attention, he
saluted the statue of Lord Ariakan.  Then slowly he made his exit, carefully
closing the blackened platinum door.  He then made his way back into the
temple to rest and meditate on what had been shown to him.  
         Independence breeds chaos, submit and be strong

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