The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to the private room of Leaflock.

An aesthetic leads you out back,
down a small tunnel to the sewers,
then finally back out to the docks by the bay...
where you spot a small Outrigger type fishing boat.
It quietly knocks against the dock awaiting its owner to return.

You climb aboard and notice a large book tied to the chart table.

The Voyages of Leaflock, the SHARK HUNTER!

Although the title seems a bit loud, the words bear further interest and you find yourself reading...

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Leaflock.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an enormous book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Leaflock' scribed in earth-colored maroon ink.

Author:    Leaflock       
Date:      Thu Mar 22 14:34:31 2007
Subject     A fish tail, er tale, well heck, a big shark, Hammerhead!

Leaflock adjusted the sail of his small boat and tied it down. The wind was
clipping along well in the Bay of Branchala and the debris of the wrecked
ships had mostly been cleared years ago. Every so often he had to tack back
and forth to avoid the mast of a sunken behemoth of a vessel and he would
ponder... if only he could breath underwater and see the Fascinating spectacle
beneath.. there would surely be countless shiny gems and coins he could trade
for things.. but alas, today it was time to catch that shark. No Mariner was
he, but only in the sense that he worked alone, afterall... who else would
work with a fishing Kenderkin of all creatures.

Nearing an atoll, Leaflock quickly noticed the birds circling above and
dropped the sail down. His Outrigger slowed instantly and came to a stand
still within a stone's throw of the circling gulls. He waited, no sense in
losing bait if there wasn't anything he wanted to catch.

The water erupted in the center of the birds, sending them into the air in a
mad dash for safety. A massive head of some bizarre shark a good ten feet out
of the water with a large Albatross being destroyed in it's gaping maw.

Hammerhead!!!! Oh gooodie! Those were supposed to be fake, well at least he
thought they were fake, or was that the sawheads... as he mused he caught
sight of a lone feather floating in the wind from the carnage. Ooh, nice! He
giggled as he quickly came up with his next scheme... how to catch that

After a few hours he finally convinced an Albatross to land on the long arm of
the Outrigger inside his snare. Hm, what to do. So he tied a nice little fish
to the leg of the albatross and bound its wings with a cord.

Sploosh, the bird bobbed in the waves at the end of his incredibly strong
Dargonesti fishing cord. A few minutes went by, then an hour, completely bored
Leaflock began to carve upon a small bit of driftwood trying to mimic the
shape of that massive Hammeread. Bit by bit the shape came closer as he


A massive grey shape in the explosion of water off the port side of the

With a glance, Leaflock quickly did the comparison.. that shark was nearly as
big as his outrigger... hundreds of pounds heavier than himself..

OH CRAP!!! He quickly realized that being pulled down into the depths wouldnt
be nearly as fun as it sounded... he lept from his post on the outrigger to
the main part of the boat and quickly wrapped the ever-disappearing line
around a tie post.


The craft lurched forward as the line snapped taunt, its driver apparently was
a very angry hammerhead shark with a belly full of trussed up albatross, its
passenger... a very happy kender who seemed to giggle uncontrollably as he
held on for dear life.


Finally, after an hour of the immense fun the boat slowed and came to a stop.
After what seemed like days and at least the weight of two dozen dragons...
the massive head emerged from the water and splashed weakly.

I'm trading you! Leaflock giggled and wrapped the cord around the behemoths
tail, dragging the beast slowly behind his waverunner on his way back to the
grand city of Palanthas. Oooh lordy, they would HAVE to believe him now!!!

I really did catch it too, over eight hundred pounds and the only shop in town
with enough money to buy it was Parlaks, imagine that.

Leaflock, the Shark Hunter!

Author:    Leaflock       
Date:      Thu Dec 11 17:18:03 2008
Subject     Knife of Dracart - An odd day.

(OOC: Leaving off from Deviant's Ending)


Leaflock slowly glanced upward without lifting his head at the blade
protruding from the tree barely a hairsbreadth from his topknot...

'Funny place to leave a knife', he mused as he turned his head up in a
strangely contorted pose to view the underside of the blade. He then had a
quick thought, as kender always do, and turned to thank his new friend for
the fine gift.

'Seeeek the mage...' 
a voice hissed softly in his ear as an image flashed in his head.

'Thank you... er... did you drop this knife?' his cheerful shout turned
into a whisper on it's own volition... hoping secretly that Deviant
wouldn't hear him, and the nearly comatose form of Khin wouldn't stir. 'Who
said that?' he wondered, and boggled at what mage, where, who?

He quickly forgot and returned his thoughts to the knife. 'They must have
wanted me to have it!' he brimmed with excitement as he realize that for
once... for once he might just be right and they really did want him to
have this fine specimen.

He quietly worked the blade back and forth in the tree until it slid free.
'Wow! It's warm! That will come in totally handy when I have to go out and
it's soo cold you know when your fingers hurt and you can't quite find that
right pick and that lock that was built with extra special care and love
won't quite pop open and you're standing outside of the Inn wondering why
the people keep glaring and ...' he rambled on bemused by the flighty

'Seeeek the mage...' 
a voice hissed softly in his ear as an image flashed in his head.

'What? You know, that's becoming kind of creepy, even for me and I like all
kinds of things and rarely even ever turn a frown at things even though
sometimes people aren't very nice and say mean things and don't even look
to see if it hurt my feelings or anything but that's ok because usually I
just forgive them or forget and.. what was I saying again?' the Kender
babbled as a sense of frustration and rage came to him from some unseen

Leaflock quickly made his way back to his favorite fishing hole, passing
the sailors and rarely even borrowing anything at all, really. His thoughts
often upon the nice knife, well not so really nice, it was actually kind of
a mean knife but nice make and weight if you know how knives go and all

'Seeeek the mage...' 
a voice hissed softly in his ear as an image flashed in his head.

As he passed a sailor he quietly slipped the knife into the poor lout's
rucksack and didnt' even trade a thing! He was amazed, but realized that
the knife would simply end up under a dock whispering that stupid phrase
over and over... 'Seeeek the mage' he giggled as the sailor looked at him
and quickly checked his own purse strings as he shied from the little

Ooh look! He grinned, the groupers are feeding! Fish on!

Leaflock, the Shark Hunter!

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