The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Maraxas.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Eyes hurt? Turn Color OFF!! (regular story dates)

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a worn tome on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Maraxas' scribed in unearthly green ink.

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Fri Apr  1 04:29:26 2005
Stamp   1112351366
Subject  Mettle Stronger Than Metal

Loyalty, Truth, Wisdom along with Courage in the midst of battle are just a
few of the qualities found in a true Solamnic Knight. Studying the books and
scriptures his father had from his days within the Knighthood, Maraxus had
become well versed in the histories invovling the Legendary Huma all the way
through the War of the Lance. Glorious re-tellings of Bravery and Heroism
continuously exhilirated Maraxus, he had re-read the histories time and time

After time had passed Maraxus had mastered the skill of using a blade and
memorized the teachings of the code. Yearning for Justice and Peace throughout
the lands of Krynn, Maraxus knew that he was well prepared to become a squire
within the Knights of Solamnia. Taking the short trip from his home to the
High Clerist Tower, his journey to becoming a had begun.

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Mon Apr  4 01:43:48 2005
Stamp   1112597028
Subject  Delivery of a Message

Maraxus' wooden sword was finally starting to chip away as he relentlessly
swung again and again at the sturdy wooden figure that stood in the corner of
the courtyard in the High Clerist Tower. Nicks and cuts from the wooden sword
covered the practice dummy, sweat dripped from Maraxus' brow, burning his
eyes. A man in brightly polished steel armor adorned with the symbol of the
crown stood behind him as he practiced. Delivering a few final blows he ceased
his attack upon the practice dummy and took a deep breath. Stabbing his sword
into the soft grass of the courtyard he breathed a little lighter as he turned
around, surprised to see that someone was watching him practice.

"I'm surprised to see someone who has yet to have a Patron train so
diligently. You're fervor has impressed me, not to mention quite a few of my
fellow knights."

"Thank you, Sir. I am very passionate about becoming a knight, I look forward
to the day I am assigned as a squire to one of the Knights."

"We are still sifting through a few more 'intricacies' of business, but we
will soon have you assigned to as a squire. Actually, Maraxus, I was here to
ask if you would like to deliver something to one of the outposts for me."

Maraxus looked at the knight in a sort of astonishment before saying, "Sir, I
would be honored to make a delivery for you."

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Mon Apr  4 02:13:42 2005
Stamp   1112598822
Subject  The Outpost

The delivery was to an outpost in the Plains of Solamnia, just northwest of
the region of Elkholm. Maraxus was happy to be travelling into that area, back
to where his home was. The knight that sent him on this delivery told him that
he should visit his home before he returned back to High Clerist Tower. He
would be happy to return to his home, almost 2 months had passed since he had
left, his family will enjoy his surprise visit. The journey to the outpost
would only take a couple of days, the knight gave him 2 weeks to deliver the
message, obviously knowing that Maraxus would want to visit his family.

The plains seemed to glow in the fading light of late spring, the tall grass
could be seen rustling as animals scurried about gathering their last bit of
food before the night set in. After pitching his tent, he pounded a post into
the ground and tightly wrapped the reins around it. After building a fire he
tied a leather feeding satchel around his steeds muzzle and turned in.

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Mon Apr  4 21:26:06 2005
Stamp   1112667966
Subject  The Edge of Elkholm

Upon reaching the outpost, Maraxus saw three knights standing inside a large
wooden watch tower overlooking the the plains and the border of Elkholm. A
stone building rested at the base of the watch tower, most likely a barracks
for the troops stationed at the outpost. Some of the stones of the building
had been overgrown with moss sprouting out of a few cracks here and there.
Regardless of the growth the building looked strong enough to withstand the
onslaught of a small army. As he continued to survey the encampment, he
noticed another two Solamnic guards walking from around the back of the
structure, apparently patrolling the area. There were also two gaurds standing
just outside the huge wooden door giving entrance to the building. The outpost
was obviously well gaurded, and it would be hard to make a surprise attack on
such a well patrolled and well prepared base. Maraxus dismounted his horse and
approached the knights standing before the door.

"Halt. State your name and your purpose."

"My name is Maraxus." He said as he retrieved a scroll from the saddle-pack on
his steed. "I am here to deliver a message from Sir Kirduns to Captain

The knights looked at one another and nodded in confirmation and one of the
pushed open the heavy wooden door giving Maraxus passage inside. "Captain
Durgis' office is in the back corner of the barracks." The door gaurd told him
as he pointed towards a room in the back. As Maraxus walked through the
barracks he noticed that there was accomodations for at least fifty or more
men, making such an outpost a pretty well protected one. Off-duty knights
wandered about the garrison unarmored, but every one of them still wore their
sword at their side, some of them were grouped together around a table playing
some game that involved a map and a number of small wooden figures.

The door to Captain Durgis' office was wide open, Maraxus knocked lightly as
he walked through the archway into the somewhat disheveled room. A cot sat
near a large mahogany desk, showing that Captain Durgis must also use this
room as a bedroom as well as his office of operations. He sat behind his desk
which was dominated by a large map with papers and various utensils of
measurement and writing scattered about. He looked up as Maraxus entered the
room with a smile across his weathered looking face, a long mustache curled
around the edge of his smile. Tiny scars covered his face showing that he had
fought and survived many battles in his time.

Well, you aren't one of my knights," he said as he rose from his chair looking
at the scroll the Maraxus held in his hand. "So you must be a new recruit or
you are delivering that scroll you are holding."

"I am delivering a message from Sir Kirduns from the High Clerist Tower,"
Maraxus said as he handed the scroll to Captain Durgis.

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Thu Apr  7 04:01:07 2005
Stamp   1112864467
Subject  Homecoming

Standing on a hill overlooking the Ter'Silis estate, Maraxus smiled down upon
his home. A large two story brick house with an open foyer lined with white
stone pillars, about twenty yards behind the house was a large pasture with a
barn and stables housing various animals. The estate rested within a valley
surrounded by rolling green hills, flowers sprouted up everywhere, flowers of
all different colors. The place was like a defintion of the garden of the
gods, absolutely beautiful.

Hoping to surprise his parents, Maraxus quietly walked around the back and led
his horse into the stables. Walking back around to the front, he knocked on
the giant oak door remembering just how hard he needed to knock so that it
could be heard throughout the house. The door pulled slowly open with a loud
creak, his mother stood behind it with a big smile on her face. Maraxus
stepped through the door encompassing his mother in a big hug, stepping all
the way through the door Maraxus smiled as he looked around.

"I'm glad to be back home, Mother, how have things been these past months?"

He continued to smile happily as turned back to look at his mother for
information on the family and how everything has been lately. As soon as he
looked at his mother, though, he knew something was wrong. There was a deep
sadness in his mother's eyes, she looked as though the only thing that had
made her smile in a long time was his return.

"What's wrong, Mother?"

"I'm so happy to see you Maraxus, but.....Maybe you should go say hello to
your brother first. He's missed you so much since you've been gone, we'll talk
after you've said hi to your brother."

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Mon Apr 11 22:07:18 2005
Stamp   1113275238
Subject  The Passing of the Blade

Maraxus brother was immensely happy to have seen him again, although there was
a certain sadness that was held within his eyes. He sensed something was wrong
just like he had when he spoke with his mother, but his brother would not say
what troubled him either. He stepped out of his brother's room and into the
hallway conjoining the rooms of each person in the family, the servants
quarters were on the opposite side of the manor. He saw his mother exiting the
room at the end of the hall, his parents room, wiping her face with a white
lace hankerchief.

"Was your brother happy to see you?" She asked as she stifled a smile.

"Yes, mother, he was happy to see me back."

"I told your father that you had come back, he's been waiting to speak with

Maraxus walked down the hall and through the door to his parents room, it was
just as he had remembered it before he had left. Paintings of the great Huma
hung here and there around the room, tapstries depicting histories as told by
many a great man hung on each wall of the room. A large bear skin rug laid
upon the floor at the foot of a huge canopy bed, on either side of the head of
the bed was a stone griffon. In the distant corner of the room stood a suit of
brightly polished armor, etched with bright red roses. The armor belonged to
his father when he was still serving as a Solamnic Knight. Maraxus moved to
the side of the bed, his mother closing the door to the room as she left. His
father laid in the bed covered by many delicately woven blankets, his face was
pale almost ghostly. He could see that his father was gravely ill.

"My son, I have been awaiting your return since the day I fell ill. Please,
don't say anything, listen to what I have to tell you. I have sensed a
darkness spreading throughout the land, you will feel it too as it's power
grows. The sword that sits on the mantle of the fireplace, it must be wielded
once more if this darkness is to be vanquished before it overruns the light.
Remove the blade from its sheath and let its divine blessing guide you on your
journeys... Goodbye my beloved son."

Breathing his last breath, his father closed his eyes and passed away from
this world. Tears welled up in Maraxus' eyes as he felt the essence of his
father's life fade away. Knowing well what he must do he stood from where he
was sitting on the edge of the bed, lightly kissed his father on the forehead
and walked from the room.

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Tue Apr 26 04:33:49 2005
Stamp   1114508029
Subject  Unsheathing Castanea

The sword rested upon the mantle, laying in slumber within its sheath. The
sheath had an intricate carving of the kingfisher in flight holding two roses
with two swords crossing behind it which was etched in the wood near the hilt
on either side. The sheath was made of dark rosewood that mingled with silver
linings and etchings. Silver rose vines weaved their way up to the tip of the
sheath gleaming with the sun glinting through the window on the opposite wall.
Maraxus grasped the hilt of the blade, it's holy radiance felt warm within his
palm. He pulled it down off the mantle clutching the hilt tightly with his
sword hand and holding the sheath in his off hand. Maraxus stood for a moment
admiring the the jewels placed within the pommel. The pommel was dominated by
a large aquamarine gem that was surrounded by tiny sapphires.

Maraxus pulled the blade out slightly from the sheath and was immediately
taken aback by the brilliance of the blade, the dimly lit room seemed to
explode with a vast light that reflected off the sword. Right above the hilt
there was a very elaborate engraving of a beautiful golden chestnut tree.
Along the edge of the blade were light blue etchings of some runic language.
They glowed with a strange light that differed from that of the reflective
light of the blade.

After having bid farewell to his family and saying his final good-byes to his
lifeless father, he slung the leather strap of the sword over his shoulder and
departed from his home once again.

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Tue May  3 01:32:09 2005
Stamp   1115101929
Subject  Presentation

After less than a week of travel, Maraxus had arrived back at the High
Clerist Tower.  Standing just down the path from the gates he could see the
guards that stood outside the gates, talking casually between themselves. 
Reaching down he lightly rubbed the neck of his steed before lightly
spurring it to move ahead.  When he arrived at the gates he nodded down at
the knights and continued through.  Although while he passed he noticed that
the guards were looking at him somewhat strangely.  Upon arriving in the
courtyard, Maraxus saw Sir Kirduns speaking with a couple of other knights. 
Maraxus dismounted his horse, still holding the reins, and walked over to
the group of knights leading his horse along behind him.  Sir Kirduns
immediately noticed him approaching and smiled at him as he finished his
conversation.  The other two knights nodded and walked away and Sir Kirduns
walked over to Maraxus.  "Maraxus, so good to see you back.  I was
actually just speaking with those other knights.  You fared well on your
journey I hope..."  "The roads were fair, I was able to make it to the
outpost, and deliver the message in good time.  After that I was able to
make it back to my home quite quickly..."  "Wait...  Would you mind
showing me that sword?"  Maraxus pulled the sword from his shoulder, and
held it out in front of him still sheathed, the light leather strap dangling
loosely in the air.  "By Paladine, it is what I thought it was... 
Maraxus, where did you get this blade??  "It was passed on to me by my
father, he passed away while I was at home.  This sword has been passed
through the Ter'Silis family for many many years."  

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Thu May  5 02:03:55 2005
Stamp   1115276635
Subject  An Epic Blade

Sir Kirduns looked blankly at Maraxus for a moment before a look of
realization and disbelief crossed over his face.

"Of course, I didn't even fully recognize your family name until now. It did
sound familiar at first, but I just dismissed it. The ancestric blade of the
Ter'Silis family: Castanea. I vaguely remember the chronicles written about
that sword and the knights of the Ter'Silis family that carried it."

"I was unaware that there were stories written about this sword, I only know
what my father had told to me about my ancestors that carried this blade. That
it's history dated back to the times before the Cataclysm..."

"The chronicles are housed within the Solamnic Library in Palanthas. You would
do good to go and read them. I remember in one of the chronicles that the
blade was blessed by the Kingpriest of Istar himself."

"Was it really?" Maraxus stared in amazement at the sword and pulled it out of
its sheath a couple of inches to re-examine the bright silver of the blade
itself. "I was never told about that."

Sir Kirduns smiled as he looked at the sword in Maraxus' hands. "Before I
forget about what I needed to speak to you about I'd like to inform you that
we have found a Patron Knight to take you as his Squire. You are to be
assigned to Lord Reno. Although he is not here at present so that I may
introduce you to him, he had to leave on an important errand for the
Knighthood. He should be back in less than two weeks. In the meantime I
suggest you make a trip to Palanthas to read the chronicles written on that
wonderful sword you hold in your hands."

Maraxus nodded lightly before pushing the blade back into its sheath and
pulling the leather strap back over his shoulder. "Thank you, Sir Kirduns, I
will take your advice and travel to palanthas until the time of of Lord Reno's

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Fri May  6 06:12:47 2005
Stamp   1115377967
Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

Arriving at the Solamnic Library in Palanthas, Maraxus entered to see walls
upon walls covered with bookshelves. The bookshelves in turn were filled
beyond their brims with books. Maraxus quickly began to browse through the
shelves for titles containing the name Ter'Silis or the name of his sword,
Castanea. While searching Maraxus saw titles containing many different names,
he even passed over books that contained the legendary names of Macfie,
Mertias, Whitestar, and Pathwarden. There were also many other names from days
long past, he kept moving until finally he passed over a book bearing the
title: Aldinar Ter'Silis. He pulled the book from the shelf and sat down at a
table and began reading.

---===  Aldinar Ter'Silis  ===--- <<>> The
knighthood had never been stronger in these times, led by Lord Krinsan, Knight
of the Rose, Lord Aldinar, Knight of the Sword, and Lord Harteph, Knight of
the Crown. The presence of evil across the lands of Krynn had only just began
to make itself more known. Small armies had began to gather north of the
plains of dust, near the southern coast of New Sea. The Solamnic Knights made
routine containment attacks upon these small army camps to make sure that they
did not move out of the area.

The Knight leading these attacks was Lord Aldinar, he led a group of
dragonriders through the area at given intervals. On the first month of
winter, Aldinar made one of his routine journey's to the south. He made the
journey at the beginning of every season. He took nine other dragonriders with
him to make a sweep of the area and monitor the armies activity. The weather
was not particularly kind this winter, the snow had begun falling in the last
month of fall and had continued to storm. Aldinar could barely see Sirrush,
his silver dragonmount, through snow that continued to fall. Looking behind
him as he soared through the air, the only riders he could see following
behind him were the 3 golds and 2 bronze. The silvers were invisible behind
the wall of falling white.

(To Be Continued)

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Sun May  8 01:37:07 2005
Stamp   1115534227
Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

Upon reaching the area where the small armies had been, Aldinar noticed that
the camps had been abandoned. Directing his dragonmount to fly lower for a
closer look at the camp he squinted as he looked around the camps.

"Sirrush, can you see anything within the camp?"

"I do not see anyone, and there are no fires burning anywhere in the camp."

Flying down, Sirrush landed in the center of the camp. Aldinar dismounted and
walked towards one of the tents. The flap blew violently in the snow covered
wind, Aldinar grabbed the flap and held it open as he walked in. There was
evidence of someone leaving in a rush, as though they were unprepared to
leave. Walking back out of the tent he could still barely see the footsteps
moving away from the tent. He followed them, they led towards the north-end of
the camp, as he walked he noticed that the amount of footprints was quickly
growing. As he reached the northside of the camp the only snow remaining on
the path was fresh fallen snow, no more than a days worth of snowfall. The
entire army that was camped here was headed north either towards the lands of
Thorbardin or to Silvanost.

Running back to Sirrush, Aldinar quickly climbed into the saddle and called to
his companions took back to the air and flew north. The Golds, Bronzes and
Silvers launched into the air behind him, stirring up a flurry of fresh fallen
snow with the powerful beats of their wings.

(To be continued)

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Fri May 13 00:46:40 2005
Stamp   1115963200
Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

Sirrush flew at high speeds, moving north following the direction of the
armies footprints. After about two hours, Aldinar could see the rear of the
army coming into sight. It was much larger than he had once anticipated.
Guiding Sirrush he moved off to the west, beckoning his companions to follow,
moving around to get a better look at the size of the army.

"We might want to move farther away if you wish to remain unseen, Aldinar.
From what I can see they have at least 5 white dragons with them."

"Slow down for a moment" Aldinar called the other dragonriders around him and
pointed at two of the silvers "You two, go back and inform Lord Krinsan and
Lord Harteph that this army is moving north towards Thorbardin. They are about
4 days march from the gates. If any reinforcements are sent they have to move
quickly, or else they may not show up before the battle is over."

The dragonriders nodded in confirmation, turned and flew away quickly
disappearing into the wall of snow. Aldinar called out to Sirrush and they
moved farther into the west before heading north again, towards Thorbardin.
Aldinar could still barely see the army as it moved north, it was much larger
than he had ever though it would grow to, there had to be at least three
possibly even four thousand soldiers within the army.

(To be continued)

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Tue May 17 01:15:28 2005
Stamp   1116310528
Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

Aldinar arrived at the gates of Thorbardin after a few hours, quickly
dismounting Sirrush he approached the gates dominating the southern side of
skullcap mountain. There was a pair of dwarves standing on either side of the
massive gates, they stepped in front of them as they saw Aldinar approaching,
they pulled their axes from their backs.

"State your name and business, warrior!"

"My name is Aldinar Ter'Silis, Lord Knight of the Solamnic order of the Sword.
I must speak with your king, it is of great urgence."

"What is of such great urgence that you must see the king, Lord Aldinar?"

"An army out of the south is marching towards Thorbardin. At least three
thousand strong and they are accompanied by dragons, I must get this
information to your King." One of the dwarves slowly nodded his head and
beckoned for Aldinar to follow him. The dwarf was moving exceedingly slow for
the importance of the information which Aldinar had, not to mention the
distance through the dwarven caverns that they had to traverse before reaching
the king's chambers. They walked past countless other passages before entering
the foyer of the immense great hall. Aldinar remembered how large it was, but
it seemed like it had grown larger since the last time he had visited. They
walked past towering pillars carved out of the mountain itself amazingly
designed, intricate in every detail. Aldinar had always seen the craftsmanship
of the dwarves was amazing, even the large scale projects were perfect down to
the smallest detail. Such over zealousness about ones work was rarely seen in
other races' works. They entered the great hall and the dwarf he was following
moved over towards one of the throne guards and spoke a few words in dwarven
and the throne guard nodded and walked out of the great hall. He must have
been going to get the king, Aldinar noticed that the throne was empty as he
walked in.

(To be continued)

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Fri May 20 02:02:14 2005
Stamp   1116572534
Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

After a few moments a dwarf dressed in brightly colored clothing with an
elaborate crown resting upon his head walked out following the throne guard
that had left before. He casually walked up to the throne and plopped himself
down, shifting slightly as though he were not comfortable enough in his royal

"What business have you with the Thane, Knight?"

"Sire, I come to inform you that there is an army, maybe 2 days march, making
their way towards the southern gate of Thorbardin. At my current estimation I
would say there is at least three thousand troops, possibly even four
thousand. I believe you should begin fortifying your defenses and preparing
your troops for a battle."

"Our defenses should be more than adequate as they are to take on a raggedy
group of three thousand men. They would never breach our great walls, it is

"I regret to inform you that they also bring dragons, Thane. My dragon spotted
at least five of them, there is most likely more than that."

"Dragons! HA! Not even dragons could breach our walls, the strength of the
dwarves is too much even for the dragons. I will increase the defenses to fend
off these unruly beasts, we will show them what dwarven might really is."

Aldinar nodded and bowed to the thane before turning to leave the great hall,
this time he traveled alone back through the passages towards the south gate.
He had to prepare for a difficult battle as he knew that as stubborn as the
dwarf was he would not supply a sufficient amount of troops to defend from
this attack. The thane would only be increasing the amount of soldiers on duty
to the amount needed to fend off the army, this battle could be taken care
quite easily if the thane would merely put out his army in full force rather
than holding back. The stubborn pride of the dwarves got on his last nerve,
frustrating Aldinar as he tried to think of a plan as he emerged from the
south gate.

(To be continued)

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Fri May 20 03:03:58 2005
Stamp   1116576238
Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

Aldinar and his troops had been given a room within the barracks of south gate
to rest, but come morning he awoke uncomfortably stiff. The dwarves were accustomed
to sleeping on much harder surfaces than had Aldinar. Taking a long stretch he
felt his bones popping and cracking, lightly relieving the stiff tension all over his
body. Having slept with his armor on, Aldinar only grabbed his sword belt and wrapped
it about himself. He walked through a couple of passageways so that he could go outside
and appraise the situation with how many troops the Thane had put out. 

The morning air was bitterly cold, though the snow had stopped falling overnight.
The sun was just creeping over the horizon, painting the sky with multiple different
hues of red, blue and yellow. The few distant clouds were tainted purple with the
coming of light, the red moon lunitari was just beginning to fade from sight. Aldinar
approached one of the dwarven guards to speak with him about the defenses.

"Excuse me, might you know about the increase in the defenses?"

"Aye, are you authorized for such information, lad?"

"Yes, I brought the information that has caused the increase in the defenses.
I merely need to know how many more troops your king has put on duty to deal with
this army that is approaching."

"The Thane has ordered an extra five hundred to stand the walls, another faction
of one thousand three hundred has been ordered to prepare for ground battle outside
the walls. Along with the two hundred that already manned the walls, of course they
will only be maintaining there posts."

Aldinar nodded thanking the dwarf as he turned and walked away, he knew the dwarf
would be doing exactly this. Downplaying the situation to make it seem like it 
would obviously be an easy battle. The dwarves still had the upper hand as long as
Aldinar and his fellow dragonriders didn't leave, but if the situation became more
crucial the dwarves would not be prepared for it.

(To be continued)

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Fri May 20 03:20:48 2005
Stamp   1116577248
Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

Aldinar headed over to where the dragons had been left for the night, finding
Sirrush he spoke with the dragon as he had done so many times when he needed
trustworthy council.

Something seems to be troubling you, Aldinar. Did the dwarf do exactly as you
suspected he would do?" Sirrush smiled smugly at his comment, knowing that it
was what was troubling Aldinar.

"He didn't put out enough troops, if something goes wrong or if there are more
troops than I had estimated then they will be in dire straits. There won't be
much that we can do to help them other than fight alongside them until the

"You are an honorable man, Aldinar. I know that the decision you make is the
right one, and for it you will be victorious whether the battle is won or
lost. I myself have seen you come out of more troubling events and it has made
you the man, the knight, that you are today."

Smiling slightly as he sighed deeply, Aldinar tried to flush out his
frustration as he listened to Sirrush. His dragon companion had always been
able to say what was necessary to make him feel that much better no matter
what he was into.

Care to take me for a fly-by of the enemy so that I can evaluate how much more
time "Care to take me for a fly-by of the enemy so that I can evaluate how
much more time we have to prepare ourselves?"

"It would be my pleasure, Aldinar."

Flying lightly south, Aldinar looked along the ground to try and see the
enemy. He could see much farther without the wall of snow blocking his view,
after about two hours of flight Aldinar could see the front of the army on the
horizon. Strange he thought to himself, because according to his estimation
yesterday they should have been quite a bit farther away than they were. A
sharp realization came across as Aldinar thought more about it. They were less
than half a days march away, looking back he could still see the hazy outline
of skullcap mountain.

"Sirrush turn around, we need to go back. They are much closer than I had
first anticipated. We have to begin preparing now."

(To be continued)

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Sat May 21 03:22:23 2005
Stamp   1116663743
Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

The final preperations had been made and Aldinar could see the army cresting a
distant hill to the south. He stood beside Sirrush just outside the gates,
tightening the straps on the dragonsaddle. His companions were already mounted
awaiting the enemies arrival, the look of anticipation covering their weather
beaten faces. This would not be an easy battle with the troops set out by the
thane, his stubborness still irritated Aldinar to this moment.

"I think we are ready now, Sirrush. All we have to do now is wait for them to

"I believe we are, Aldinar, but I see something that may trouble you.
Something I don't believe the dwarves will be completely prepared for..."

"What is it?"

"Our enemy is bringing machines of war...Catapults and ballistae..."

Aldinar peered out in the direction of the army, squinting harshly at the
distance between them. He could barely make out the shapes of a catapult or
two, although he could not see the ballistae he knew Sirrush must have seen
them or else he would not have mentioned them. The dwarves would not be ready
for this, there was no time to change the preparations. They would just have
to make do with the way they were set up, in an hour the battle would be upon

(To be continued)

Author:  Maraxus
Date    Tue May 24 03:07:04 2005
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Subject  Aldinar Ter'Silis

The army was composed of goblins, humans, and groups of minotaurs, amazing to
see that there weren't any draconians amidst them. Aldinar was correct with
his estimation of the size of the army before, they were at least three
thousand strong. The army seemed to be quite well organized, they formed
massive groups in standard battle formation. There were five white dragons
standing at the back of the field, mounted by minotaurs and humans.

Aldinar looked to his companions, pointing at a silver and gold, "Remember the
plan, you two go around the east side and attack their dragons." Pointing to
another gold and silver, "And you two go around the west side flank the
dragons once they have attacked." Looking to the two bronzes he nodded at
them, "Since the plan has to be changed, I want you two to try and take down
their catapults and ballistae." Smiling at the last dragon left, a younger
silver, "You're going to be staying at the front with me, we have to try and
keep them from reaching the gates. Try and keep the casualties as low as
possible here."

Aldinar looked back and saw the dwarven crossbowmen preparing for the first
wave of firing. The dwarven footsoldiers issued for the battled stood just
outside the closed southgate. Looking ba

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