The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Marcus.

A little gully dwarf runs by and says 'Wordwrap Off 65 80.'
The gully continues 'Want color back? Turn Color Back ON!!

Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a paper booklet on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Marcus' scribed in dull red ink.

Author:    Marcus         
Date:      Tue Mar  2 18:33:05 2010
Subject     Marcus 

Marcus's existence had been an isolated one; he had cut himself off from
the rest of the civilized world upon learning of the hostility that people
showed to those like him, and lived in the wilderness in order to protect
himself from the aggression that people in cities and villages displayed
upon learning of his 'talents.' From the time Marcus was young and orphan,
he had resided alone excepting his friend and mentor, Morkyba Ayuriano. He,
as well, possessed these abnormal abilities that people called "magic"...but
he was, at the time, stronger than Marcus. He could spew forth balls of fire
with a thought, turn himself invisible with a flick of his fingers, gather
the wind and call forth powerful beasts, and summon bolts of lightning from
the heavens above. Morkyba had told Maarcus that with time and perseverance,
he, too, would be able to do these things; he had told him that there had
been a time where many of the people of world had been "mages" and had used
this "magic" to shape and create the land that was today. However, just as
Marcus had reached the age that normal folk defined as early-adulthood,
Morkyba had passed away. In the final hours of his life, he had told him one
last story, about a land far across the Sea, where "magic" was considered
not a curse but an Art; people like Marcus and him were respected. With his
dying breath, Morkyba urged him to seek out this land. With nothing but his
shunned powers, the clothes on his back and the last words of a dying
friend, he traveled from the wilderness that he had called home all those
years, and upon reaching the coastal city of Palanthas, began inquiring
after a journey to look for that land. Such were the threads of his destiny
woven, for an adventure beyond his wildest dreams awaited him at the other
end of the Sea, an adventure that would entwine him in events much larger
than his mortal mind could possibly begin to imagine... at the exact moment
that Marcus passed through the city gates of Palanthas, the destiny set
events in motion for this young mage that surely will change the way he used
to see life 

Author:    Marcus         
Date:      Mon Apr 12 18:42:21 2010
Subject     Ladies go to heaven?

Marcus lounged there within the shadows in his dark clothes. His nose and
mouth were briefly lit by a struck of a sweet smell.

The streets in Palanthas were touched with a hint of a coming cold night,
leaves skittered in the gutter, disturbed by the unnamed things that
traveled there...

For a long time, though, the street had been empty, that's why this spot,
this perfect spot, was chosen. So when death came it would be lonely, swift
and silent.

It would go unremarked until the street sweepers came in the morning, sleepy
from a night of dreaming about better things and found the empty husk ready
for the grave.

Suddenly he heard it. Footsteps and the sweet smell grew in intensity. Dark
thoughts came to Marcus mind, his hands trembling a little with neither
excitement nor fear. He meditated on the clarity of the moment or perhaps
there was a thread of regret, or remorse, but perhaps not. 

The footsteps approached and finally Marcus could find out where that
delicious sweet smell came from. The lady perhaps felt the mist of the fog
enclose her and knew the menace in the shadow or this one would be the last
she'd ever see. Her eyes darted into every dark doorway looking for the
reaper who would gather her up in an icy embrace . Looking for the bright
spark, the bark of a dagger, the bite of death and the draining away of warm
life, of blood and hope and tomorrow. 

Her heart was slowly taken out from her chest...

"This is going to make my master very pleased"

Marcus grinned evilly...

Author:    Marcus         
Date:      Mon Apr 12 23:10:28 2010
Subject     A young woman's death wish.

Marcus put the lady's heart into a pouch to keep it fresh as he was
heading directly to his next victim. He surreptitiously glided past
buildings in the dark shadows without a sound, his black hood flaring in the
wind. He ran across the damp fields, splashing up puddles as he sprinted
through the villageHis eyes sharpened as if engaging a deep supernatural

With his back low and eyes sharp Marcus soon found himself on a dark alley
in the city of Caergoth where once again an evil feeling invaded his mind
and body, this time his hands were not trembling, the thought of slaying
again made him blushed of satisfaction. His black cape flapping behind him
as a soft breeze elevated it slightly. 

Marcus slipped out a dagger, gripping it tightly he stared directly to a
young woman who apparently couldn't find her way home and started into a run
and leapt up. The blade pointing directly in front of her. The young woman
turned round suddenly and gaspedBut it was too late the blade had already
sunk deep into her flesh. 

Blood oozed out and droplets splashed onto the planked floor the young woman
man tried to scream but the assassin grabbed his neck tightly and started to
utter words forcing the woman to convulse horrifically.

Suddenly thick red fluid gushed out of his mouth and the wound, his nerves
pumping and shaking. All of a sudden the woman's last breath softly seeped
from her mouth and she collapsed to the floor silently... 

Blood spattered hard against the wall behind him, his facial expression
turned to a bland grimace, his eyes blurring cold blue before the victim
fell to the floor in a heap. 

Marcus grinned with hatred as he stood up, his waxed boots echoing as he
strode away, a grim shadow covering his face. 

"The Mission was accomplishedI shall hurry to my master and deliver these
gifts to him" 

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