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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Mizarod.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places an elegant book bound in elf-skin on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Mizarod' scribed in dark black ink.

Author:    Mizarod        
Date:      Sat May  5 20:46:15 2007
Subject     A Knome

Once upon a time, many many years ago(well only 25 really, but to me who
is only 19 that is a really long time)...  Where was I......  Oh yes, many
many years ago a good looking kender (well according to everyone I've talked
too, they say he was very handsome and if he was just a little taller could
have passed for an elf, that is how good he looked)...  Oh yes, this good
looking kender had become restless like most of his kin do and he began to
wander the world, looking for things to amuse and awe him.  On his travels
some how he accumlated an over abundance of items that needed returning to
their rightful owners, and this became a life long quest for him.  But it
seemed the more he returned, the more he needed to return, he always
remembers seeing people with their items but he was always amazed that they
would just leave them laying around for anyone to take, so of course being
the nice guy he was(sniff sniff, I hate to say that this great kender who is
also my father, died, though I am sure he is now walking among the stars and
returning the gods lost items to them) what was I just saying....  Oh yes he
was a very nice guy, he always helped anyone he could and was very kind to
animals.  But he kept returning items as fast as he could, but he could not
keep up with all the items that all these very forgetfull people were
leaving around.  Most of these things were just small little trinkets that
someone would likely miss when they found out they were gone....  He did get
into a lot of trouble though some people had the nerve to call him a thief
and try to lock him up, this must have been because he was misunderstood as
he could not speak very well, and the people must have thought that he stole
them from him, but he never would have done that he was just trying to help.
Durring this time while my father was off wandering the world(his name, well
of course his name was dad or papi depending on my mood....  Oh you want to
know what his actual name was?  Well why didn't you just say so?  His name
was Touslefoot Thornbush I know, Thornbush is a very strange name, but it
does have a very good story behind it...  What you don't want to hear that
one right now?  Fine I will continue with the other) Now where was I when
you so rudely interputed my train of thought....  Oh yes I was about to
speak about my dear mother, did you know she is a gnome?  My mother whose
name before you interupt me again was Mellonaire
Lotuslillyarnationsprocletflyingmachine.  It was quite a name to try and
pronounce, and really I still have trouble to get it all out without
laughing, I always did end up with a good whack across the back of the head
when I laughed, speaking of that you had better not tell her that I was
laughing just now at her name.  Like most of the gnomes I had ever met, she
was a very good tinker, she really loves making things that pretend to fly,
though for some reason none of them have ever stayed in the air very
long(yes this is how my father passed, he was always wanting to fly and he
had finally convinced my mother to let him try out her newest creation.  It
was a peddle powered flying machine with moveable wings.  It really was
amazing and I and her still can not figure out why it did not work.  But
father was able to get it too take off, but then he went over a valley and
it the machine went straight down all the while we could hear my father
laughing untill we heard the big boom and then he was gone) Oh yes the
flying machines my mother have made are the most interesting things I have
seen, while besides the under water machines I have seen some of the othe
gnomes working on, those look like fun too.....  What?  You want to hear how
my father came to be at Mount Nevermind?  And how he and my mother got
married and had me?  You sure do have a lot of questions...  Are you sure
you are not part kender?  They like to ask questions and interupt people
too.  But because you asked nicely I will tell you.  Well like I had told
you before my father was wandering around the world, returning things to
people who had lost them, that was very kind of him.  When one day he had
found some sort of plans to make this strange machine, it was like a cart
but with no horses to pull it.  I really wish I could see one of those that
would be really cool, but I still have not seen one and noone can tell me
anything about them.  But he tried to make this himself but it never would
work, and he thought to himself that maybe it would be a good idea to go to
the best creators and go talk with the gnomes, and who knows maybe this plan
would be one of theirs that they had lost sometime.  So of course he
travelled to mount nevermind.  There were so many things for him to see
there that he did not know where to start.  And I guess one day he ran into
my mother and they must have had a spark because only a few short years
later I popped out.  I got to spend lots of time with my mother tinkering on
things and time with my father wandering, I got to learn so much from both
of them, and all the very interesting people I met when we were traveling. 
It was a very sad day when my father died, and it took a long time before my
mother started tinkering again, i was only 10 when this happened, so I
really was lost without my father, but between my mother and all the other
gnomes around I always had some new fun toy to take apart and figure out how
it worked.  It wasn't untill my mid teens that i began to feel restless, and
it wasn't that I did not like or enjoy myself with my mother, just I wanted
to see more of the world.  I had promised her though that I would keep on
trying to work on plans for a working flying machine, but I really wanted to
try and create that horseless carriage that my father found the plans for
but that dissapeared.  That was 3 years ago that I left, I do return every
now and then, but I like this wanderign around and talking to new people,
though most of them think it is crazy and impossible to make a horseless
carriage.  But one day I will succeed in making some plans that will work.  

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