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Stories of Ansalon from the view of Morguldon.

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Author:  Morguldon
Date    Sun Mar 24 20:20:16 2002

Subject  The beginning.....

It began some 45 years ago......

Within the mountain dwarf home of Thorbardin, Morguldon, newborn of the
Theiwar clan opened his eyes for the first time.

His wide eyes scanned the new world around him, they adjusted to the darkness
his race was accustomed to, and saw the many wide-eyed, pale faces that had
come to witness the birth of this child.

His newborn eyes looked about the room, and came across the form of his
mother, her wide eyes staring blankly off into the distance, her tongue
hanging from her mouth, and her naturally pale skin grew even more pale, for
his mother had not survive the birth of her child. Morguldon himself was seen
as blessed, for he too was not expected to survive the birth...It seemed the
gods had plans for this dwarven child.

Throughout his childhood, Morguldon was visited by many derro's, most who had
witnessed the birthing of him, and the dying of his mother. Many of them were
clerics of the dark queen Takhisis.

Not once did they ever try to teach him of her ways, nor interfere, with what
they thought, was the gods plans for this derro.

However, upon his 20th birthday, Morguldon began having dreams of the most
vivid kind, visions of glory and honor, and thousands of troops hailing a many
headed dragon as their goddess.

Cities, filled with citizens of many races (Many that Morguldon had never knew
existed) building temples in honor to the dragon-queen.

And in each dream, Morguldon stood triumphantly beside his queen. Perhaps, he
thought, this was his destiny. He told many of the derro about his dreams, and
visions, and they spoke to him of the glory of Takhisis, and the ways of honor
within her knighthood. And told him of how Takhisis chose those she deemed
worthy by using visions within a dream to show them their path in life. It was
then that Morguldon set out, to find those who held rank within the knights,
to let his loyalty be heard, and to raise a sword in the cause for the

Author:  Morguldon
Date    Tue Jul  2 00:26:28 2002

Subject  Letting out the sails......

A small, yet stocky figure stood upon the docks in Sanction, his blackened
leather breastplate shining in the sun.

The symbol of The Hawk engraved upon it.

Morguldon stood looking over the ships under his command, ready to cast out to

His stocky, yet short body shivered in a uncontrolable quaking fear....for his
ancestry held true in his blood...Morguldon HATED water!

A young man dressed in light armor, obviously a grunt within his troops walked
up the the Dark Dwarf, whom up until this moment was "zoned out" attempting to
conquer his fear

'General Morguldon, the ships are ready to set sail, they have been fully
loaded with supplies to last us up to a full year at sea'

Morguldon nodded his head in approval, and as the young man walked away, he
mumbled to himself,

'A year.....By Takhisis 5 heads! I hope it does not go that long!'

With that, Morguldon, checked the sharp blade of his sword, then ran his thumb
along the notched head of his mighty Axe, satisfying himself with the feeling
of it's gleaming edge.

He turned upon his heels, and headed towards the flag ship of his
fleet....walking upon shaky legs that as hard as he tried, could not cover up
too well Morguldon Boarded the ship, relishing his final footsteps upon solid

He called the command to set sail and head out from the docks.

Morguldon sat directly in the middle of the Deck, looking around him watching
everyone cast the ship out. His mind racing with thoughts of capsizing or
crashing into unseen obsticles while sailing....drowning always ran through
his mind with each disaster he could muster up in his brain.

Five ships total left the harbor that day, bearing the flags of Takhisis'
armies, as well as the Symbol of The Hawk....

'A year........' grumbled the dark dwarf wearily.....

'Let us hope not.....'

To be continued.......

Author:  Morguldon
Date    Sun Dec 15 20:14:13 2002

Subject  Morguldon's Fall

The stocky Dwarf entered the Training Camp of the Minions of Dark, his home.

Everything looked different, faces, tents, even some buildings had been added
to the MoD camp since he last saw the place.

For the past 6 months, Morguldon was on a mission of top security for the
Knights of Takhisis.

He succeeded in his task, and now was coming home to tell of his deeds.

However, his "homecoming" wasn't as he had thought....instead of being
welcomed back to his high position of General of the mercenary branch...He
found another had taken his place.

As he went straight towards the keep, where the high knights were housed, he
was stopped by a powerful Draconian.

Mia was what she was called. It was short for something, Morguldon could not
recall it however. Too many things were on his mind at the time.

'Morguldon Realgar, May I have a word with you?', she snarled through a
row of sharpened teeth.

Morguldon simply grunted, and stopped in his tracks. He knew all to well the
position this Draconian held. She was top dog, Number 1 bosslady to most of
those within KoT

To argue, or show insubordination would surely be regretted on his part.

'We of Takhisis' faithful, have deemed that you, Morguldon, have been gone
far too long to uphold your previous position.', she continued.

'We find it disheartening to handle this situation as such, but somethings
must be done to uphold the queen's reign!'

Morguldon kept his lips sealed. However within his mind reeled thoughts of
slaughter, and mayhem running through the camp, his blade and hammer the cause
of it....

However, he held his temper and listened on further....

'Furthermore, you have been chosen to become the new Camp Upkeep
administrator.', she said with a sly grin across her face.

And as she spoke these last words, a small weak little man strolled over, with
a broom, and a pale, handing it towards Morguldon.

Morguldon looked down at the small man, his hands were shaking, and his eyes
mirrored the fear he felt from standing mere inches from a being, albeit
small, capable of splitting him into more than a few parts.

A smile krept across Morguldon's gruff looking face. And the next instant, His
sword was in his hand, and hovered just to the side of the old man.

The sword had a streak of blood upon it, dripping from the sword itself.

As the old man pondered why there was already fresh blood on Morguldon's
blade, the top half of his torso slid off the bottom, and onto the ground,
where his last dying thought passed through his brain.

Morguldon wiped his blade clean, and sheathed it. The huge Draconian showed no
suprise upon her scaly face.

'I see you kept your training up while absent. Very good, Morguldon. Alas,
however, I will show you the honor of allowing you to leave of your own free
will for this action that has taken place before me.

 If you do not leave, however, we can make arrangements for you to be
"escorted" from this or dead, it does not matter.

You have served us well, and it is that very reason that I will give you the
opportunity to leave with your head still attached'

Morguldon growled deeply, and menacingly, but turned upon his heel, walking
out of the camp as quickly as possible, in case the Draconian changed her vile

With no bed to lie in, Morguldon had only one choice to make, one road to

He would return to the home of his ancestors. There, he knew his family would
welcome him home.

Story to be continued as things unfold later RP wise.

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