The Great Library of Palanthas

An Aesthetic shows you to a small reading room.

Stories of Ansalon from the view of Nevek.

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Astinus says 'Enter the main library here to view only the author list.'
Astinus gently places a small book on the table in front of you.
You note the spine bears the word 'Nevek' scribed in glowing purple ink.

Author:    Nevek          
Date:      Fri Dec 10 23:37:13 2010
Subject     background

Nevek awoke upon the shores of Palanthas, not knowing who or where he
was. He began to wander the streets of Palanthas. While walking the streets
he heard someone screaming. He decided to find the cause of the screaming as
he rounded the corner on to Ruby way he seen a woman in a long brown robe
being attacked, with disregard of his own well being he sprung to her aid.
He however knew nothing of fighting and was soon bested by the attacker but
had given enough time for the guards of Palanthas to arrive on the scene but
not before the thug could slip away into the night. The woman in the brown
robe said to Nevek "I would know the name of my rescuer". Nevek replied, "Im
sorry maam but I cannot remember my name". Standing there staring at Nevek
she noticed he had a gash upon his shoulder, she then decided it would be
best to take him inside the temple and have his wound tended to. Nevek awoke
the next morning to the sounds of battle; he began searching for the cause
of the disturbance. He finally came to a room full of men of different races
all learning to fight. So he began to watch. He watched from the door for
about ten minuets when a small raspy voice from behind him and said, "so are
we feeling better this morning", startled he turned quickly to find the
woman in the brown robe from the night before, A smile forming across his
face he, said "yes much better thank you". She asked him to come with her
while she went to worship at the altar. He agreed to do so. After which she
asked him where he lived and how he came to be in Palanthas. Nevek began to
explain how he awoke on the shore of the sea the day before not knowing whom
or where he was. After he finished explaining about his first day in the
wondrous city, he began to ask his own questions about what the place he was
in and, the fighters in the room she had found him earlier. She replied,
"They are the paladins in training". After a few moments, he asked, "What is
a paladin". She then explained to him what a paladin was. After she had
finished her explanation, he thought about it, then asked "Can anyone become
a paladin" she studied him for a few minutes and finally said that anyone
could attempt to become a paladin but only the truly faithful would succeed.
After another few minutes of contemplation, he said he would like to start
the training; she smiled and said ok but first we should find a suitable
name for you. He asked her how she just smiled stood and began to walk away
as she got to the door she paused and turned to face Nevek and said, "Are
you coming". Nearly knocking over the table as he stood he hurried to her
side, as she began to walk out the door and down the street. Finally coming
to a set of large building "we might be able to find you a name in here" she
said as she threw open the door to reveal the library. Nevek stared in pure
amazement as she entered she walked up to a man and began to speak with him.
Finally, the man approached Nevek and said hello Nevek how does this day
find you. After a moments pause, Nevek asks, "do you know me?" The man
quickly replied "I do not personally know you no". After another pause,
Nevek sharply asks "Then how do you know my name is Nevek"!? The man smiles
and replies "I am the recorder of history I know everything" as he starts
down an isle of books. He comes to a book plucking it form the shelf he
hands it to Nevek and points to a page and says, "Read this". Nevek begins
to read the page it tells of his first day in Palanthas how he awoke on the
shore and wondered the streets of the city, and how he had been bested by
the thug in front of Kiri-Joliths temple. The whole conversation between
Meria and himself. It had every little detail, and as he finished reading
the last line of the page, he came to a part that said he would start his
training to become the best paladin, ansalon had ever seen. Nevek sat down
in a chair and after a long pause said "then let it be from this day on I
shall be Nevek 
(to be continued)

Author:    Nevek          
Date:      Fri Dec 10 23:39:13 2010
Subject     history contiued

Humble paladin of the great Kiri". Over the next few months, Nevek
practiced long and hard. Rising every morning before all the other trainees
and even before the instructors and would continue to practice long after
everyone had gone to bed. Only stopping to eat meals twice a day. Months
came and went as did the years finally came the day of his big test to
become a true paladin of Kiri. He passed! As he knelt praying in front of
the altar. Meria approached him and gently laid her hand upon his shoulder.
He finished praying stood and faced her, with tears in her eyes she choked
as she asked him what he would do now that he had finished his training
Nevek firmly said I must go into the world and show them the true path. He
hug and kissed Meria on the cheek turned and headed for the door stopping
only to pick up a pack at end of the large room. As he began his journey
after traveling for a few weeks he soon realized not everything would be
handed to him as it was in the temple he soon ran out of money and food he
then decided he would have to find some work. He answered an ad that was
posted at the local tavern to be a bodyguard. As the days went on he came
across another ad requiring a bodyguard he went to accept the ad to find out
that it wasnt what it had seemed it was more permanent request. The man
explained that he would join the clan 

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